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Bhalobasha/ Love # 1, KYPH/AK...Pt 78/pg 156

pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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This is the story of Angad Khanna and Kripa Bose.
 The Punjabi Sher and  The Bengali Tigress!
Both are strong-willed, obstinate and proud!
But they have different ideologies?.one is a practical realist, the other a Romantic Idealist!
Both are parents' Only Child!

Let the sparks fly, the battles begin!


Song by Rabindranath Tagore:

Shokhi Bhabona Kaharey Boley  (Friend, what is the meaning of Feelings/Emotions?)
Shokhi Jatona Kaharey Boley  (Friend, what is the meaning of Suffering?)
Tomra Jey bolo dibosho Rojoni   ( What all of you talk about all day and all night)
Bhalobasha Bhalobasha    (LOVE LOVE)

Shokhi Bhalobasha karey koy?   (Friend, what is this thing called LOVE?)
Shey kee kebolee Jatonamoy ?   (Is it only painful ?)
Shey ki kebolee chokher Jol?   (Is it only Tears?)
Shey ki keboli Dukher shaash?   (Is it only sighs of Sorrow?)
Lokey tobey korey Kee shukhero torey  emoni dukher Aash?  (For what happiness do people then wish for such Pain and Suffering?)

************************************************************ ************

A cloudy, dreary morning in February in Kolkata! The sun is trying to rise and show its face through the clouds.

The Operation Theatre in Emergency Ward of Calcutta Hospital, Alipore.
A young woman lies in the OT, unconscious and bleeding,  as doctors operate on her to save her life.

The waiting Room of the Ward:

A young man sits with his head in his hands, crying silently.

The girl's parents are crying in another corner, holding on to each other for support! The young man's family is talking to them in low tones, trying to give them courage and moral support.

After an hour, one of the 3 surgeons emerges out of the OT and walks solemnly to the waiting room.

He talks in low tone to the girl's parents:  Severe Head Trauma?..A lot of blood loss, we have stitched her up but we cant say anything till she recovers consciousness. The next 48 hours are going to be Crucial for her. If she recovers consciousness, then she will be alright but if she doesn't??then she might slip into a coma.

The girl's mother started sobbing loudly at the Surgeon's Diagnosis!

The young man, who had only heard parts of the doctor's words, rushes out of the room and stands in front of the OT. He looks at the door with a desperate face, tears streaming down his face:

He screams out in his mind as he bangs his fist and head against the nearby wall:


------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------


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namelesssr Senior Member

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Starting with Rabindra Sangeet ! Wow !!!
pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Part 1

Flashback Begins:   6 months earlier!

Its a hot, muggy morning in early August. Monsoons had arrived in Kolkata but instead of bringing relief from the scorching heat of summer, it had made the air humid and oppressive.

A quiet, residential street in New Alipur, an upper middle-class neighbourhood in South Kolkata.
Two and three-storied houses flank the sides of the tree-lined avenue, quite wide by Kolkata standards.
There are a few apartment buildings, mostly not higher than 5 stories.

Kripa Bose, 20 years old, a 2nd year History student of Lady Brabourne College, came out of the gates of Bose Lodge, a big, 2-storied old mansion built in the early 20th century. It was the oldest house in the neighbourhood and everybody around knew the Bose family as it was one of the oldest families in New Alipur.

Kripa's Father ShurjoShekhor belonged to the illustrious old lineage of the famous Boses of Bokulbagan. His grandfather had moved to South Kolkata in the 1920s and built this house with money he earned from exporting jewellery to the Royal family of Nepal!

Shurjo himself worked as a manager in State Bank of India and spent most of his salary maintaining and repairing his ancestral home which needed frequent TLC due to age and wear and tear resulting from Kolkata's humid atmosphere. Its red walls were covered with moss and creepers and the pillars supporting the car-porch in front of the driveway had peeling walls. It was the only house in the area with a well-sized garden which Shurjo himself maintained with his loving hands and with the help of an old Maali (gardener) who came in once a week!

Kripa was the only child of Shurjo and his wife Gayatri who belonged to the Ghosh family of Shyambajar.

She was a petite, pretty, fair-skinned girl with long black hair reaching her elbows, which she mostly plaited or pinned in a bun on hot days like these. This morning, she was wearing a cool, crisp white chikon salwar-kameez with a red bandhni dupatta, with her hair tied up in a bun and a thin gold bangle on her slim wrist.

She wore little makeup as her lovely skin had a natural glow and her naturally pink lips didn't need lipstick. A big leather satchel with her college notebooks hung on her shoulder and she held a large metal box in her hand as she walked briskly to the house next door which was a new, modern 3-storied house.

The house next door had a nameplate that read : KHANNA HOUSE. The Khannas had moved to that house 3 years ago. The family consisted of Debjani Khanna (Debjani Chatterjee before her marriage) and her 2 sons, Dilip and Divyendu (Debu) Khanna with their wives Naina and Shibani. Her only daughter Damini was married in the Chaudhury family of Bhowanipur and had a daughter Anita, 21 and a son, Manek.
Dilip had one son, Angad, 25, who was studying Law in U.K. for the last 4 years. Divyendu and Shibani had a 10 year old daughter, Harshini.

Dilip had a thriving legal practice, mainly dealing with property cases and inheritence settlements, but they also handled criminal cases as and when needed. He had an office on the ground floor of his house and a posh Legal office in Camac Street too.

Soon after the Khannas moved in, Debjani discovered that Gayatri Bose next door was the daughter of her childhood friend Saudamini from Shyambajar! She opened her house and heart to the family next door and the two families got very close in the last 3 years! Debjani became very fond of 17 year-old Kripa who started visiting them daily, as her Dida (as she called Debjani) wanted her to come everyday for Morning Puja and sometimes even in evenings when she didn't have too much college work. Harshini was very fond of her Kripa Didi too, she loved to get her hair done by Kripa Di and chatted with her non-stop about her school friends and favorite TV shows.

Kripa rang the bell at the big house next door. Bishwanath, an old man-servant who had worked for the Khanna family for 15 years, opened the door.

Kripa asked him with a smile: Bishuda, Dida kahan hain?
Bishuda: Kripa Di, aap aa gayi? Badi Maa toh kabsey aapki prateeksha kar rahi hain, Thakur Ghar (Puja Ghar) mein….
Kripa said ruefully: Haan, aaj thoda uthney mein der ho gayi….she handed over the stainless-steel dabba to Bishuda….yeh leejiye, Maa ne Paatishapta (crepes filled with sweet coconut-khoya mix) banaye hain…yeh sabko nashta mein de dena…

She left her satchel near the door and ran up the wide stairs to the lavish Puja room on the 2nd Floor. The smell of burning incense and fragrant flowers filled the entire floor. Debjani Khanna, stately and still beautiful in her 70s, sat in a crisp white sari in front of myriad Gods and Goddesses, on a colorful rug spread on the marble floor. She was arranging prashad and fresh flowers on silver and bronze platters for dedicating to the Gods.

She looked up as Kripa entered breathlessly: Aa gayi Beti? Chal jaldi kar….yeh malaa zara bana de mere Krishna Thakur ke liye.

Kripa apologized: Sorry, Dida, aaj main der se uthi, kal raat ko itna padhai baaki tha, next week mere exams hain na?
Dadi: Arey, kuchh bhi toh nahin hua, yeh toh ghar ki puja hai, ismein der kiss baat ki---buss dekhna ke tu college mein bhi late na ho jaye….le ab yeh phool le aur mala bana apney Krishan ke liye…..mujhey toh sui ya dhaga kuchh bhi nahin dikhta….

.She handed over the needle and thread to Kripa who started making a small garland for the statue of Krishna on the pedestal. She took the fresh orange and golden marigolds and pierced the needle through each flower quickly and expertly, making several more garlands, for the photos of Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi as well.

Dida was very pleased with her handiwork. She patted Kripa's cheeks affectionately said: Tere bina toh mera Pooja hi nahin hota…..mera din adhoora reh jaata hai.

Kripa laughed : Main shadi karkey chali jaaoongi toh aap kya karengey ? Aapko toh bahu laana padega…apney potey ke liye. Phir wo hi aapko help karegi puja mein…

Dida didn't say anything, she just smiled and thought to herself: Potey ke liye bahu toh mainey chun liya hai, ab buss pota wapas aa jaye toh main apney sapney poori kar loon"

A little later, Naina and Shivani also joined them in the Puja Room. Naina had been busy in the kitchen supervsing breakfast for the men of the family who were going to work and Shivani had been busy preparing Harshini for her school bus. They sat down behind Debjani and greeted Kripa pleasantly.

Naina thanked her: Kripa, Gayatri se kehna paatishapta bahut achhi baney hain….mainey ek try kee hai, bahut tasty hain…"
Naina loved sweets although she had diabetes.
Dida scolded her: Nainaa, tumhey subah subah mithai nahin khaana chahiye, sugar badh jayegi"
Naina was still in awe of her zabardast saas, she said ruefully: Sorry Maa, nashta mein aur nahin khaoongi!

Dilip had met Naina in college and married her as soon as he graduated Law College. She was from a very rich Punjabi family. Debjani was a little disappointed as she had wanted to choose a Bengali girl for Dilip but when she saw how much her son loved Naina, she had welcomed her with open arms. Naina had proved to be a good wife, mother and bahu through the years. But for her second son, Debu, she had chosen a Bengali girl Shibani, who wasn't as good as Naina but still she respected her saas and never dared to go against her.

Soon the men of the house also joined the ladies in the Puja room. They were dressed for work so they didn't sit on the auspicious rug, but a little further back.
Dida started the Puja with chants and mantras from her little chalisa. She read the Gayatri Mantra as well as she was a Brahmin by birth. She offered prayers to all the Gods and Goddesses on the large pedestal, ringing her little bell and spraying Holy Gangaajal from her little bronze glass.

After the Arati, she requested Kripa to sing the devotional songs that she sang everyday. Kripa had music training from the age of 7 as most Bengali girls do. She was an accomplished Classical singer who also sang Rabindra Sangeet, Bhajans and even occasional Hindi songs and ghazals at the Local Durga and Saraswati Puja celebrations.
Kripa complied at once to Dida's wishes. She sang this beautiful bhajan:

Payoji Mainey Raam Ratan dhan Payo….    (5th song from top---Lata)

After the prayers were over, everybody took prashad from Dida and left the puja room! Kripa was rushing to go to college. She would have to catch the Mini-bus to Park Circus where her college was located. Naina and Dida wouldn't let her go without eating.
Naina: Nahin Kripa, tu nashta kiye bina kahin nahin jayegi, main jaanti hoon Puja ki wajeh se tu subah ko kuchh nahin khaati"
Kripa protested: Lekin Chachi, aaj main sachmuch late ho gayi hoon, bus miss kar doongi….please aaj nahin!

But Naina forced Kripa to stop in the big dining-room on the second floor and have Puri-sabzi and halwa that had been made for breakfast. Kripa somehow gulped down 2 puris and 3 spoons of halwa and rushed out with her satchel, yelling goodbye to Dida, Naina and Shibani: Bye Dida, Bye Kakima and Chachi."
She called Naina Chachi and Shibani Kakima (Chachi in Bengali) and she called Dilip Chachu and Debu Kaku.

Kripa ran to the main road just around the corner and got the bus just in time.

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------


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Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 27 June 2007 at 8:32am | IP Logged
amazing start
Kaj! IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2007 at 9:10am | IP Logged
hye palludi, gr8 start. im hooked already loli wonder how her meeting with angad will be when hes back from UK
insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2007 at 10:53am | IP Logged
wow terrific cont do dhamakay ek saaaaath
nerdybrody Groupbie

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Posted: 27 June 2007 at 11:21am | IP Logged
i'm a silent reader...usually comment once in a while. can't help today when i read ur story specially the intro. the song was fabulous and one of my favourite. the setting reminded me shortochondro's stories. it's great
sweetmittal Senior Member

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Posted: 27 June 2007 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
hey di i am so happy that u start the new ff.but it means the other one will end right well i am gonna miss it but i get to read some love parts. but di i have a question i saw one ff of urs teru bahoon mein is it the old one or the new one. please let me know ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much


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