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mujse dosti karoge contest

sumiyyakhan Goldie

Sachin’s Biggest Fan Cnt. Winner 2 Place
Joined: 23 April 2005
Posts: 2023

Posted: 05 August 2005 at 10:32pm | IP Logged

i got a mail saying  a contest called mujse dosti karoge is starting today can someone please tell me where is it !!!!!!!!!Big smile

QT143 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 May 2005
Posts: 5274

Posted: 05 August 2005 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
me too!
Mrs.Brett Lee IF-Rockerz
Mrs.Brett Lee
Mrs.Brett Lee

Joined: 25 March 2005
Posts: 8779

Posted: 05 August 2005 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
I have no clue about it. Maybe some mods can give us clue.
OnlyHope IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 20 January 2005
Posts: 47736

Posted: 05 August 2005 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
I can't wait till it starts! But i got the email saying it starts on Sunday, Aug 7th
bRoWn_BeAuTy IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 June 2005
Posts: 11282

Posted: 06 August 2005 at 12:35am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=radz_2cool]I have no clue about it. but i would like to know about if somebody is willingto tell me
Chatoyant. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 May 2005
Posts: 6376

Posted: 06 August 2005 at 4:21am | IP Logged
yeah , can ne1 plz tell us when it is !!
greatmaratha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
Posts: 12566

Posted: 06 August 2005 at 4:39am | IP Logged
hey, i never got anything like that... whats this mail all about...
cutelovelygirl IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 May 2005
Posts: 4811

Posted: 06 August 2005 at 5:42am | IP Logged

even I got the mail in yahoo id abt the same

Here is the cpy of the mail

Kyonki hum Himmat Na Haare Baazi Jeet Gaye Hum ( Week of July 25th)
Himmat aka Courage! These days courage seems like an 'old-fashioned' idea. Most of us have lives that are sheltered, risk-free and cushy that we do not acknowledge the little bravery of the people around us that have led to breakthroughs and achievements "A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage. Every day sends to their graves obscure men whom timidity prevented from making a first effort."

So c'mon lets see how himmat has played a role this week in India Forums

The rains in Mumbai sure decided to test the himmat of the mumbaikars. Who of course, did not allow the rains or floods to get the better of them and the mumbaikar won the baazi against the fury of nature and lack of support of administration. Mumbai registered the highest rainfall in the last 100 years and broke the record highest rainfall in India of Cheerapunji with a record downpour of over 100 cm of rain. Pictures in the members lounge tell the story of how the rains virtually brought the buzzing Mumbai to a virtual standstill for over 3 days last week.

This week we welcome the new team of brave-hearts who are going to be continuing to keep this forum running smoothly. Lets congratulate the new mods lashforever, rakshal, Barbie, greatmaratha and jelly_1984 for JJKN GD, KYPH, Saarthi and Kaashish, the new coolbies Amreen1409 and Scorpian134 (Aji) for the Pakistani serials and the new viewbie Bluepink for Kaashish.

SarrkkarDon't forget to let us know if your favorite contender is winning the baazi at IF's new Fame Gurukul, Indian Idol, or Kaun Banega Crorepati 2 sections. Or be the first to start the discussions at Paalkhi or Rabba Ishq Na Hove .

Let us see how this himmat was translated by our favorite shows on IF.COM

This week IF members' prayers for IQ aka Angad were answered as he made a quick recovery from his illness, only to lose the baazi by getting stuck in the mumbai flood. Angad's courageous stance to make sure Kripa becomes a successful star is paying off. His constant challenge motivates Kripa and to destroy Angad's ego she takes part in the Talent hunt against undefeated Angad. KYPH IF fans are heart wrenched seeing Angad destroying his own career and are praying that Ekta will end their torment soon .

Against all odds, Jassi and Armaan are still together and over the moon as their wedding day draws closer. To mark the event join IF members as they try to recreate the onscreen chemistry to IFscreen magic by taking part in the Avatar and Wedding invitation contest Jassi is caught up with the celebrations that she is shocked to her from Father Rodericks that Purab is dying. Will Jassi be Purab;s himmat that Purab will be brought back from the clutches of death in JJKN .

While Abhay is in jail Mahi parties and makes life miserable for the Kapoors. Abhay does not loose himmat and fights his own case and wins the baazi leaving Mahi shocked. Mahi plays a sympathy card and manages to stay behind at the Kapoor house and if you thought she was transformed think again. But the twist that Kkusum kills Abhay has IF members wondering what else does Ekta have in store for them ?

In Kkavyanjali due to his mother;s brainwashing Kkavya is mad at Anjali but Anjali is not losing her himmat and is determined to expose the evils. The difference continues to grow between Kkavya and Anjali as they fight over Arpita and Vansh's marriage. But Anjali finally wins the baazi by convincing members of Nanda family that Vansh loves only money and not Arpita

Tumhari Disha saw Disha losing faith in herself and came close to signing Kanaka to Ved but in the nick of time love for DK and her himmat stopped from doing so thereby winning the baazi . Satvik showed signs of resistance to fall prey to Gargi's plans while Kanchan is suspicious of Pori,Gargi and Ved. Will Disha continue to work with himmat and challenge Sanya and Gargi is to be seen this week.

Kooki Singh aka Kareena seems to be winning the "bazi" against Lolo and Lovely. Koki tries to not lose her himmat as she continues along with her determination to help Tushaar and his parents from the trap that the Lovely and Lolo have laid. The duo partners in crime Koki and Pkji continue to pit mother and daughter against each other using the divide and rule philosophy.

In Kahiin To Hoga Akshat learns that Charu's accident was drama created by her and Swayam. All learn the news of the Akshat and Kashish engagement being false. When Swayam declares the R&G property for auction ,Akshat does not to loose Himmat and decides to win the baazi with revenge.

Although Karan gets to know about Mohini's fraud he is unable to expose her as she blackmails him about his meeting with Tanya. Saahil gets the Virani's to agree to Ganga joining office while Mihir and Tulsi are left pondering on who is the rightful heir to their empire. Kyunki members hope that the epitome of himmat Tulsi manages to show Harsh the photographs thereby exposing Mohini's antics.

Sia courageously convinces Saurabh to allow her parents Abhi and Simran to tie the knot but her baazi was not won as Astha revolts. After being convinced by Abhi that he really wants to marry Simran Astha agrees. To see if Abhi and Simran will finally get to have each other tune in to Astitva Ek Prem Kahani

Remix saw Sid blurt out the truth of Yuvi's dare to Ashi, sending all the remix members into high depression and taking Ashi away from Maurya High. Ranveer's pursuit of Arjun reveals a murky past. Sonya and Sumeet Ahuja lock horns and heads over Tia's 18th birthday party and Sumeet vows to keep Sonya away from Tia. The much touted boxing match between Ranveer and Arjun follows with some more heart-break for Ranveer with Tia favouring Arjun over Ranveer.

Sejpal overpowers Kaka once he learns that he is sent by Varun and tries to get close with Roma. Anjali learns about the drug over dose incident in the farmhouse and informs the PM about it. Oswal who is being interrogated by Varun tells them that there assasin is coming from SA which leave IF members wondering if Sejpal is that person. Varun informs Biwas about a traitor among them and when he gets back to continue his interrogation he finds Oswal dead and Tina being the only person who was in the room. Now its up to himmatwala Varun to uncover Tina;s mystery and track the real culprits before they win the baazi as the clock continues to tick by in Time Bomb 9/11 .

Miilee is sent back to the convent as Vishal Rastogi decides to choose mayor ship over her. Miilee announces "mein himmat nahin harungi" when Rahul challenges her . Millie knows that there is something missing and wants to get to the bottom of why she was kicked out from Rastogi household. Vishal wins the election and in the party he throws Mille makes an appearance to find the truth.

In Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka Vedhika loses himmat when she is unable to prove her identity as Dr Reshma her trump card in this baazi is in coma. This leads to no one believing her and is thrown out of the house by Dhruv . Her sister Neharika also has lost himmat as her pregnancy is known by Uma and tries to commit suicide. She is rescued by Rudra who in the strange turn of events is Viren;s son .

This week, Piya does not lose her himmat even after suffering a miscarriage and Anand loses his job. Inspite of Piya;s efforts during these trying times Anand confesses that he loves Ratna leaving Mohan and Sara shocked. When Ratna comes back to Mumbai Piya gets nightmares of Ratna and Anand taking her baby away from her and his constant preoccupation with Ratna makes Piya give Anand an ultimatum to not come near or touch her. This formed the theme of our discussion this week "Cheating signs" in the Kasshish forum.

Salil is celebrating his success on being able to throw Kumkum out of the Wadhwa household and also foils Renuka;s plans of informing Sumit. Kumkum watches Sumit tell Dhruv to not Kumkum know about their meeting She feels for Sumit and sends Dhruv to the Wadhwa household till 7. Due to his mother threatening Sumit does not return Dhruv. Will Kumkum's himmat get her son back or will Sumit win this baazi?

Star One bid final adieu to the Superstar Virgo this week with the happy union of Avi and Minu. Indu is enjoying the wilds of Scotland and Maya and Monisha come closer as Maya plays an Agony aunt to her daughter in law, Monisha, and seeks to find a solution to their sagging love life. Special Squad continues in its mission of not losing Himmat and winning all baazis amidst rising tensions between Deepika and Aryan. The Parekh family organise a fashion show with old ladies and cast displaying their sarees and start planning for a swimsuit show with the same members

In Yeh Meri Life Hai when Gautam does not decline to marrying Reema after knowing about her pregnancy , Reema's starts respecting Gautam and accepts his marriage proposal. Aakash realizes his mistake and informs Pooja he is ready to marry Reema to learn its too late for him to win the baazi. Raj Logani has been brought in to replace Rahil who still is recovering from the erruptions on his face and unfortunately for Raj IF members are not impressed and are petitioning for Rahil to come back.

Sarrkkar this week saw Krittika's himmat to leave her mother's home and joining opposition leader Bhagwat and his son Rishabh. She now lives with them. But Krittika showed himmat for all the wrong reasons. She is still blinded by her bua's evil tactics and believes latter completely. Krittika is planning to marry Rishabh and Priyamvada is shaken.

CID this week saw how Aditi placed her duty above personal life and had to forego her love when latter was a suspect first and then proved innocent. A girl to avenge Aniruddh's rejection committed the crime. Criminals in CID Special Bureau kidnapped Pratap's sister and Pratap was forced to help them decode a clue to treasure, hidden in a jungle. How CID SB team catches the criminal and finds Pratap sister forms the crux of the story.

As Komolika himmat harti nahi she keeps Anurag tensed. Prena tries to get cozy with Anurag but he feels awakward. Mahesh unable to see his Bhabi in another person;s is always flying off the handle.Kasak and Sneha miss their parents while we get to see Bajaj;s kids in Kasauti Zindagi Ke .

Koyal plays a great baazi this week in PKG . Cunningly playing both sides ,she alerts Rimjhim of Vicky's plan to abort Isha;s child while on the other hand planned for Isha to fall and hence miscarry.IF members were shocked when they learnt that Koyal is actually Megha, who has had cosmetic surgery.Meanwhile, Tanya showed her himmat by coming back to the house to reunite with Om

Inspite of having a close encounter with death Kshom does not loose his himmat and professes his unconditional love for Jia This time around Jia is convinced that Kshom is the right man for her and gets engaged to him. Shekhar however manages to bring differences between them . Watch Reth to see if Jia will continue to be will Kshom or will Shekhar win the baazi.

The GK-Bikram battle gets more serious and mean as both try to outwit each other, both using the same hired killer to target each other little realising that the hired killer is already a mole of Simran. Meantime, Simran does not loose her himmat in her endevour to win the baazi in K Street Pali Hill

This week's blog title 'Kyonki hum Himmat Na Haare Baazi Jeet Gaye Hum' is apt for Fame Gurukul . The natural calamity that struck Mumbai and Amit's departure has not dampened rest of the singers'spirit. This week Amit Jadhav, Shamit Tyagi and Anubhav Suman were in danger zone. Anubhav was voted in by Indian voters, Shamit got 100% votes from fellow gurukulites and Amit had to leave:(. After gala 5 now again Shamit is in danger zone along with Qazi and Gurpreet. Their fate will be decided next week.

Let's see which baazi were won by our IF.IN Members

General Discussion
Members are worried about loved ones and friends staying in Bombay because of the floods that affected the area. Our condolences and our prayers are w/ the people of Mumbai. Would you like to know what our members carry with them all the time? Guys can you win the guessing baazi and tell us what our IF girls carry in their bags???

Love & Friendship
Three new sticky topics have been introduced that captures a lot:- discussion topic of week, Love advice, and Heart touching Love story. Agar you need the himmat and advice to get romantic check out our new love story collection. Can a baby make a differce in a relationship and long distance relations are the hot topics. Also featured her is the ever famous topic do you have the himmat to propose?

Fashion and Beauty
Are you tired of your oily skin. Then check out the Face Saving recipes for oily skin thread. Is your hair falling like anything then himmat maat haro as we have covered some tips here. Pony Tailz and guys? C'mon and voice if u think these two go hand in hand.

Don;t be sure that you will an English baazi until you you have checked this section A beautiful message was posted about god and this world. Be sure to check it out in the What will god ask thread. If you are like me bored at work check out what the rest of the world does when they are bored.

If you have himmat only then enter as this week we talk about the Amytivlee horror? Also get enlightened with Thomas benedict in the A real life of experience of Thomas Benedcit thread.

We learned more about Newport News - Virginia,USA : The City of Newport News sits on a prime vantage point where the James River meets the Chesapeake Bay. This week's Destination of the week is TOGO, West Africa.. It's only a pencil-thin strip of land, but Togo receives rave reviews from travelers. While Lom and the beaches that surround it are the big draws for most vacationers, those who push on will be wowed by its unique village cultures and the vivacity of their markets and festivals. Make sure you check out the thread to know more TOGO Hey! doesn't that sound exciting!!

Food, Drinks & Recipes
Hmm, Almond cookies! Isn't your mouth watering just at the mention of it. Check out the Recipe of the week thread to know how you make it. Other recipes include fish kababs, pizza and many more. Be sure to check out the Food and recipes section for some mouth watering recipes.

After a one year gap from his album "Dhoom", composer Pritam has come back with another album, "Chocolate". Members discuss, which songs crack them up. Since Shreya Ghoshal won the bazi of Favorite I-F singer female, she will be discussed all week in the music sectionl! Lucky Ali seems to be favorite all this week!

Chit - Chat
Prince sunny finally has won the baazi and is getting married to Princess bas wedding at Vijay's farm house. Make sure you RSVP for this wedding of the century. We have our own little diary for IF and members are making the most use of it. And the good thing with this is, you get to read your friend's journals ;) Voting for your IF members carries on so don't delay and post your nominations this week!

Bollywood Celebs
Celebs didnt lose their himmat after the heavy rains in Mumbai. Actress Sameera Reddy had to sleep in her car and many others had to have their shootings cancelled, while Amir Khan was on the road for hours. However, they will all be back in action soon. After the famous MMS shots of Kareena, Riya Sen, and Mallika, it seems like Aishwarya and Preity Zinta are the next victims of it!

Take part aur jeet lo Baazi sab se

The countdown has begun for the IF's first own TELLY AWARDS which begins on August 8th 2005. Mark your calendars and make sure you vote nahi tho samne wale le jayenge baazi

Dosti sabse karne ki himmat rakhthe hain.... tho.. introducing the Mujshe Dosti Karoge Contest which begins August 5th 2005 .

Banner Contests are currently opened for the creative folks to show us the talent in Tumhari Disha, Reth and Astitva Sections. Also do not forget to vote for your favorite banners in Sarrkkar.

A special thanks to those who were our himmat in our journey through the forum
greatmaratha, sree, ides,cutereems, bas02, priyas, nishi1, sujalfan, bluepink, samy74 envious_eyes, hetal, deepanbh, jelly_1984 ,megha_desai

Priya and Sai

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hey guys mujhse dosti karoge?

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