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Update for Tumhari Disha - 13th Dec - To

disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 13 December 2004 at 10:57pm | IP Logged

Hi Buds!

Yesterday's episode was nice......but very little of DK was shown .......but the gud news is that a lot of interesting things are going to happen and now the prime focus of the show is going to be DK and Disha............& the Step-mom! Before posting the detailed update, the synopsis of yesterday's episode is that:

STEP-MOM HAS ARRIVED (I laughed for about 5 minutes continuously after seeing her, she resembled a street-side hooker more than a society type lady!)

DK'S BIOLOGICAL MOM IS ALIVE & LOST (That means they are going to show her in the future......probably she will be instrumental in getting Disha and DK back!)

DK IS A PIG-HEADED (but sexy nevertheless) ASS WHO REFUSES TO ACCEPT THAT HE IS HOPELESSLY IN LOVE (I don't think he will ever let Disha know of his true feelings )

SANYA AND TAJ ARE GOING TO BE IN REAL HOT WATER (When DK gets to know that they were the one who called the Step-mom to India!)

Anyway the episode begins with the marriage being formalized and Ranu taking blessings from the Bhosale Parivar and Anupam. Inder and Disha are standing in one end of the room and are speaking to each other very quietly.

Inder - Aisa kyon hua Disha ki sabki chahatein poori ho gayi, bus hum dono ki chahat hi adhoori reh gayi?

TRANSLATION - Why did it so happen that everyone's wishes got fulfilled and only we two were left without fulfilling our desires.

Disha - (Looking stunning in a burgundy coloured chiffon saree & mininum makeup) Is liye kyon ki hum khudgarz nahin ho paye Inder. Hum nain apni kushion ke aage, auron ki khushiya rakh di.

TRANSLATION - Because we could not be selfish Inder. We placed the happiness of others before our own.

Inder - Agar hum khudgarz hote, toh aaj Ranu ke bajaye tum meri patni hoti, tumhari maang main kisi aur ka nahin, mera sindoor bhara hota. (Gets a sad, forelone expression) Magar kya ye shaadi hamare dilon ko alag kar sakti hai Disha, kabhi bhi?

TRANSALATION - Maybe if we had been selfish, you would have been my wife today instead of Ranu. I would have filled your forehead with sindoor instead of someone else. But do you really think that marriage can separate us spiritually?

Disha - (With an extremely sad but firm expression on her face) Hum alag ho chuke hain Inder........hamesha ke liye. Ab hum dono ki shaadi ho chuki hai, maine toh apni alag zindagi shooru kar li hai, aaj se tumhain apne atit ko bhula kar, ek nayi shoorat karni hai, Ranu ke saat.

TRANSLATION - We are seperated now Inder, forever. Now we are both married to different people, I have started my new life with someone else, now you have to forget your past and start a new life with Ranu.

Just then Suhas who is getting a little anxious about Inder and Disha standing seperately and talking to each other in whispers, calls Disha very sweetly to come and stand with them (she is faking, obviously). In a lovely scene, Ranu walks towards Inder and Disha goes towards Suhas, and they both cross each other......symoblizing that Disha has now permanently walked out of Inder's life and Ranu has walked in his life now.

Poor Disha thinks, now that Inder and Ranu have got married, Suhas will probably change her attitude towards her. But Suhas is as usual vile and mean towards her and says that if Disha thinks that by getting Inder agreeing to marry Ranu, she has done a favour on the Bhosale family, she is very wrong. As a shattered Disha listens, Suhas says that Inder was always meant to be Ranu's and since Vijendra was generous enough to give the place that was meant to be Ranu's to Disha, it is only fair that Disha decided not to come b/w Inder and Ranu. Suhas says if ever in future Ranu gets to know about Disha and Inder, she will never forgive Disha (???) and tells Disha that it is her responsibility that Inder never tells the truth to Ranu ever. Disha is totally zapped and is unable to reply back. Just then Suhas in a very cruel manner asks if she has left her father alone and come. Disha is confused and assumes that Suhas is talking about Vijendra and says that she is never far away from her Baba & that he is the one who has given her moral support in her times of grief and distress. Suhas gets disgusted (she is assuming that Disha is talking about Dev) and tells Disha to go back where she had come from. Ranu tries to stop Disha and tells her to spend the evening with them, but Disha sees the hatred in Suhas's eyes and decides to go back home.

DK is waiting in his house for Disha to come back (as ususal looking RED HOT!). He is sitting in his Couch and Disha's face flashes across his eyes. He remembers when he first saw her picture, he remembers her laughing merrily, he remembers her cute smile and then he remembers her face during the shoot. The look that Disha had on her face, with her eyes downcast and her face still & frightened, he remembes the look in her eyes and gets all restless. He gets up in an agitated manner and walks around in his room with a frustrated grunt (If I were to compare him, I would say he resembled a Caged Tiger, who is deseprate to break free from his bondage, but is not able to). His thouts speak:

DK to himself - (In a frustrated, desperate voice and the same expressions) Yeh kya ho gaya hai mujhe. Main kyon Disha ka intezaar kar raha hoon, subah se? Mujhe kya farak padta hai woh kahan jaati hai, kis se milti hai, kab aati hai? Main kyon uske liye pareshaan ho rahan hoon.
(With a resigned look on his face) Waise bhi woh is ghar main kuch hi dino ke liye hai, phir toh woh chali hi jaayegi (gets a "I can't do anything about her leaving, can I? type of a look) Nahin, mujhe uska intezaar nahin karna chahiye. Woh kya sochegi mere liye, ki main uska intezaar kyon kar raha hoon? (Gets an expression like a child who knows that he is wrong but is not willing to accept it) Nahin, main nahin kaoonga uska intezaar, jab chahe aajaye......mujhe bata ke toh nahin gayi thi, khud gayi thi, khud hi aayegi.
Gets a "I have to get out of here before I go crazy talking to myself! type of a look) Dk then calls up Sanya who is elated at hearing his voice, then very involuntarily & half-heartedly asks Sanya what is she doing tonight, he tells her to stay at home, he is dropping over for a couple of drinks. Sanya is very happy and tells him that she will be waiting for him to come. Sanya meanwhile is at her home with Taj and tells him that DK is coming over. Taj gives her a congratulatory look and says that he should move out before Boss comes in. Taj then gives a warning look at Sanya and tells her that DK Sir is an exceptionally sharp peson and that he should never come to know of what they have both done. He then says in a tight voice that if DK even got a hint of what they have both done, there would be no place on Earth for them to hide from his wrath. Sanya assures him that everything will be alright and that she won't let anything out of her mouth.

In the next scene, Dev is waiting in the lawns of DK's house for Disha to come back. Just then Disha arrives with a weary expression on her face, as if she has lost everything, but yet she greets Dev cheerfully and says that the marriage ceremony went very well. Dev is a little saddened to see Disha's face which tell all, but then he too cheerfully asks her about the details of the ceremony. Disha happily prattles about how happy everyone was and that Ranu looked very beautiful in a Saree. Dev asks her what did she gift her sister, Disha gets a sad expression in her beautiful eyes and says that she wanted to gift her something with her own hard-earned money and not someone elses. She says that if she had been working, she would have saved something and gifted Ranu something really nice. Disha then gets a forelone look in her eyes and says that she gave away her Managalsutra to Ranu, as that was the only thing which she owned. Dev is shocked to hear it but does not say anything.

Just then a Black Merc enters the Porch and the Step-Mom comes out looking hilarious in a stupid "Sadhna cut" with brown fringes all over her face and a nose ring. She is supposed to be dressed like a society lady but looked quite comical to me. The best part was that the lady is wearing Sun-Glasses at 10 in the night!!! But when she takes off her glasses, she looks quite watchable, atleast. Step-mom greets Dev and and gives a sexy, evil smile & asks him how is he. Dev is stunned for a moment and is unable to react. He just keeps staring at her with a "Hello, where did she drop from?" Disha is also zapped and keeps staring at the Step-mom with a "Now who on earth is this?" sort of a look on her face. The Step-mom smiles very falsely and looks at Disha with a very condensing look on her face and speaks in a very "Oh So you are the one" type of a voice & introduces herself as "Gargi" (nice name, btw)......then as Disha looks with a shocked expression, she says that she is DK's "Chotti Maa". Disha looks at Dev with a questioning glance, but Dev is so flabbergasted that he is unable to speak anything. Gargi then smiles very snootily and tells Disha that by lieu of being DK's mom, she is Disha's mother-in-law and by custom, isn't Disha supposed to touch her feet. Disha who is still zapped recovers and very respectfully touches Gargi's feet while Dev has a "Oh God, don't do this" type of a look, buts its too late. Gargi says that she is very happy that the illustrious Sehgal Family now has a new addition after such a long time. She tells Disha that Dushyant being the only heir to the family, she has thought that his marriage would be a grand affair but he did not even bother to inform his mother about it. Disha has a "Oh God, This family is full of weirdo's" type of a look on her face & she is obviously very confused and stunned and doesn't know what to reply back to Gargi. The Step-mom then smiles and tells Disha that she is no longer alone and that she is really happy with Disha's entrace to the family. Disha smiles back again with a confused expression. Gargi says that she has invited some friends over tomorrow for Lunch and that she would like Disha to be introduced to them, so she should join her. Disha says that she will be very happy to do so. Gargi then tells Disha in a partly warning note and partly "Join my team" type of a voice that as long as Disha knows to be friends with Gargi, they will always be a team and that Disha will never face any problems with anyone. Disha doesn't know what to say. Then Gargi gives a strange look at Disha and asks her "Bahut Pyaar karti ho naa, Dushyant se?" Disha gets totally red in her face and is highly embarrased, she just lowers her eyes and says politely that it is very late and that Gargi should now take some rest. Disha grips the Pallu of her Saree and rushes inside the house. Gargi gets a twisted smile on her face and asks Dev "Dushyant ne is ladki se shaadi kar li"? Kya dekha isme. Yeh toh bilkul bhi Dushyant ke type ki nahin lagti. Zaroor koi kahanni hai iske peeche. Tumhain kuch pata hai, is baare main, Dev?" Dev is now dying to get away from Gargi and somehow tries to brush off her questions. Gargi gets a "I will ferrett every secret out of this marriage, just wait & watch"

Disha and Dev are in her room and Disha asks Dev what is the whole thing about. Dev now has the most worried expression on his face and requests Disha not to ask anything regarding the Sehgal family. Disha persists and requests Dev to atleast tell her something. Dev gets a pained expression on his face and says that he has seen such injustice melted out in this house, that his soul shivers even when he thinks about it. As Disha looks on with a stunned expression, Dev tells Disha that DK's biological mother was the Senior Mr. Sehgal's first wife, he married Gargi and brought her home. DK's mom could not bear the humiliation and left oneday. Disha asks where is she now, Dev says that noone knows. Dev then looks at Disha and says with great emotion that DK has gone through such pain and hatred in his growing years, that anyone with his kind of past would have probably committed suicide by now, but DK rose above all this and made a remarkable life for himself without any support from his father. It is a pity that the struggles that he underwent have made him so cold and emotionless and full of bitterness. Disha for the first time gets a soft, tender, caring look in her eyes when she hears this. Dev then says that just when he thought that things were beginning to improve, this lady has dropped in from nowhere and looking at the happiness in her eyes, he is very sure that she is upto something and tells Disha to stay away from her. Dev says that DK hates the very sight of this woman and if he ever sees Disha with her, all hell will break lose. Disha still has the sad look (I think it was meant for DK, after hearing about his past) in her eyes and nods in agreement.

Just then DK enters his house and is shocked at seeing Gargi, then asks her very coldly with hatred spewing in his eyes and voice " Aap yahan kyon aayi hain?" Gargi smiles very sweetly and tells him that how could she not come when she heard that her "Sonny" has got himself a bride. DK very tightly tells her not to call him her son. Gargi is least affected and says that she wanted to have a look at her son's new bride and she has to say that Disha is not just very beautiful, but extremely cultured and sweet too. DK has a stone cold expression on his face and repeats the same question about why has she come here once again. Gargi is unmoved by DK's cold reaction to her and says that by lieu of being the senior Mrs. Sehgal and also DK's step-mom, she has a right to visit him anytime she feels like, that is why she dropped in. Gargi then says that she wants to spend a lot of time with her Bahu.

DK still has the cold and painful look in his eyes and with great hatred in his voice tells Gargi that Disha is his wife but not Gargi's Bahu and never, ever to address Disha in that way again. DK then turns and gives a "Don't mess with me, lady" type of a look and tells Gargi that as long as she stays out of his way, she can stay at his house, but warns her not to interfere in his matters. Gargi smiles back with a "We'll see, sonny boy, we'll see" and goes to her room.

Disha who is standing behind a pillar has a unbelieving expression on her face after listening to the Mother Son conversation!
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Ninelives IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2004 at 1:33am | IP Logged
what horrible make up that new lady had....aa la ramola sikand in K street pali hill & kahin kissi roz...i think evil ladies in all serials have the same look ....it is sickening
aparnag Newbie

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Posted: 14 December 2004 at 1:57am | IP Logged
gr8 update thanx
sree IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2004 at 3:23am | IP Logged
its very sickening to see kruthika desai in such horrible makeup. actually horrible is not the word,something worse than that she looks.
Bobby Newbie

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Posted: 14 December 2004 at 7:50am | IP Logged


Thanks for taking your time to do the updates. I enjoy reading your updates ahead in advance because I am in the US.





anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2004 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Thanks Disha..

I think now the love story will begin, since the step mom has arrived. I hope suhas learns a lesson. She is being so mean to Disha...poor disha. I think Disha should reply back to her nicely so that she can shut her mouth for what she has done...but knowing disha's charachter...i doubt if that is going to happen...

Edited by smisha - 14 December 2004 at 8:13am
Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2004 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Thanks Disha for Disha update.Lovely.
Seeta Senior Member

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Posted: 14 December 2004 at 12:01pm | IP Logged

krithika desai's make up is equally horrible in YMLH. I dont know why she does her make up in this fashion.


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