Kkusum Update 13th December by MISBAH

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Posted: 13 December 2004 at 10:10am | IP Logged

Warning : This Update is for Personal Reading only. No Copying Please.

Hi, This is Khaja Misbahuddin updating Kkusum for 13 Dec, 2004


Kshitij sees the wardboy's brother talking to someone on phone, and runs towards him. Seeing Kshitij running after him, he runs into the hospital. He runs into hall, and finds a wardboy with a stretcher in the way. He jumps over it, and runs away. Kshitij also jumps over that stretcher, and runs behind him.


Kkusum is getting down the stairs when she sees the servant still decorating the house, and she asks him to do it quick coz the wedding procession will be arriving any moment. Sarala comes to Kkusum, and asks her about Kali. Sarala asks her if anyone has seen Kali and if she is ready. Kkusum tells her that she will just go and have a look if Kali is ready or not. Nikita tells Kkusum that she will go and look for Kali, and leaves.


The wardboy's brother gets into the morgue, and Kshitij also follows him into the morgue. Kshitij hesitantly removes the cloth from one dead body, and finds it to be a woman. He then covers her, and slowly moves ahead. Bvecause of the bad smell, Kshitij covers his nose with one hand, and slowly moves ahead. Kshitij is about to remove the cloth from another dead body, when the wardboy's brother who is lying in a bed, which is  behind to the one beside which Kshitij is standing, gets up, pushes him from the back and runs outside. Kshitij falls on the dead body, gets up and runs after him.


At the Kapoor house, Nitin is standing with a person. He asks Nitin as to where is Abhay. Nitin tells him that Abhay is busy in some office work, and that he has some foreign clients to deal with. Nitin tells him that Abhay tried to re-schedule the meeting, but it didn't work out, and so he had to be at the office, and that Abhay will be there soon.


The wardboy's brother runs outside the hospital, and he gets into some under-construction building. Kshitij runs after him, and he also goes into the place. Kshitij goes into the place, and moves ahead cautiously. The man is standing behind a pillar. Kshitij slowly goes past the pillar, and doesn't find him there. Kshitij turns back and is searching for him, when he suddenly hears foot steps of him running. Kshitij runs in the direction of the foot steps, and follows him.


Kali is in her room infront of the dressing table, and dressing her hair. Nikita comes there, and asks her as to why she is not ready yet. Nikital tells Kali to get read soon as the wedding procession may come any moment. Nikita turns back to leave saying that she will send Kali's friends so that they will help her. Nikita finds some clothes of Kali on her bed, and wonders about something. She asks Kali if she went out. Kali is worried, and tells her that she didn't go outside. Nikita tells her that seeing her clothes there, she asked so. Nikita then goes outside.


The wardboy's brother is hiding behind a wall, and slowly looks past the wall, when he finds Kshitij there. Kshitij sees him, and grabs him. Kshitij slaps him 3 times, and asks him as to why did Kali give him the money. He tells Kshitij that Kali gave the money to his brother to change the reports. Kshitij asks him as to wht reports he is talking about. He tells Kshitij that they were her pregnancy reports. He tells Kshitij that Kali goes around telling to the whole world that she is pregnant but she is not. Kshitij is shocked. Kshitij figures out that Kali might have lied inorder to get Garv. Kshitij thinks to himself that today Kumud's happiness will be taken away from her forever, and he decides that he will not let it happen coz he cant see Kumud sad.


The wedding procession arrives, and Garv is in his fully decorated car. Kumud is in her room and hears the sound and looks through her window, and cries. Garv also looks up, and sees Kumud.


Kshitij calls Garv, and he lifts his phone. Kshitij tells Garv that Kali is not pregnant, and that Kali lied to him about it. Garv says that he is unable to hear anything. Kshitij asks Garv to stop this wedding. Garv again says that he is unable to hear anything. Garv's friend sitting beside him takes the phone, and switches it off. Kshitij is frustrated coz Garv didn't hear anything.


Kshitij gets into his car, and speeds away. He calls Kapoor house. The land line is ringing. Kapil is talking on phone to someone. Kshitij is frustrated as no-one lifts the phone. Just when, Kapil is abut to lift the phone, Kshitij cuts it.


Garv comes inside and is made to sit with his friends around him. Garv is lost in thoughts, when one lady sitting beside him says that there is still time for his bride to come. Garv sees Kkusum talking to a servant, and he gets up and moves towards her. Garv goes upto her and tells her that he wants to talk to her. Kkusum tells him that she will just come, and leaves. Garv is disappointed.


Kshitij is driving fast, and a child is standing in the middle of the road. Kshitij, in order to save the kid, turns his car and it collides with the stairs of some high building, and he falls out of the car, and is injured with blood all over his face.


Kumud is in her room, and crying. She lies down on the bed and thinks of some moments with Garv. She thinks of the scene where Garv and Kumud are both half lying on the bed, and looking into their eyes, and are having a competition where whoever blinks first loses. Kumud tells Garv that he is going to lose, and he blinks. Kumud tells him that he lost coz he blinked. Garv, at first refuses to believe, but later asks her to give him one more chance. They start looking into each other's eyes again. Kumud tells Garv that she dusnt mind even if he blinks the eye, and asks him to never move his eyes away from her. Garv tells her that he will never do that. Kumud cries imagining that scene. ( God knows when that scene happened……)


Kshitij gets up, supported by the people gathered there, and asks them about any public booth there. They show him the way.


Kali is in her room, and crying seeing Mahi's photo. Arundhati comes there with a dress, and tells Kali that she should not cry on such day, and asks her to wear this dress. Kkusum comes there with a dress in her hand, and asks Kali to wear it. Arundhati tells Kkusum that Kali will wear the dress brought  by her, and not Kkusum. Sarala comes there, and tells Arundhati that the dress Kkusum brought for Kali was actually kept by Mahi for Kali's weding. Arundhati then tells Kali that she shud wear a dress selected by her mother, and leaves. Kkusum comes to Kali and tells her that she will make her ready with her own hands. Kkusum makes Kali wear all the dress, and Kumud is shown cryng in her room. The scene is shown in such a way that when Kali is shown wearing some ornaments, Kumud is shown as she is not having them ( like when Kali is shown wearing bangles, Kumud's hands are shown without bangles, and when Kali wears her rings, Kumud removes her ring……)


Kshitij is about to go to the booth to call Kapoor house, when his conscience stops him. ( We actually see two Kshitij's speaking to each other..one real one and one his conscience ). His conscience tells Kshitij that if he wants Kumud to be his, this is a good chance and he can have her forever. His conscience asks Kshitij as to what is the purpose of living without Kumud. Kshitij tells his conscience that he will not do that, and he tells his conscience that he loves Kumud and he always wants her to be happy. Kshitij tells that Kumud loves Garv, and Garv is her happiness. Kshitij tells that he is only her friend, a friend who can only be with her, and never be hers. The conscience disappears.


Kshitij goes to the booth, and calls Kapoor house. The servant lifts the phone, and tells him that he is unable to understand anything. Kshitij tells him to call anyone from the house, and the servant keeps the phone aside, and is about to call someone when Kapil takes him away saying that there are so many works to be done. Sarala comes there, picks up the phone, but Kshitij cuts the phone. He calls again, and this time Arundhati lifts it. He tells her that he is Kshitij, and that Kali is not pregnant. Arundhati is shocked. Kshitij tells her that Kali lied to Garv, and asks her to stop the wedding. She tells him that nothing can be done now, and that it is too late. Kshitij tells her that Garv will be mad at Kali if comes to know later, and asks her to somehow stop the wedding coz it will spoil three lives. Arundhati pretends as if the line is unclear, and she puts down the phone, even though she could hear Kshitij. She cuts the phone. Kshitij puts the phone down, and falls down coz he is unable to stand.


Kumud is in her room, and is crying. Tere Naa Song in the background. Kkusum sees her, and hugs her. They both cry.


Kkusum is in her room crying, when Sarala comes there. She tells Kkusum that she can understand what Kkusum and Kumud are going through. She tells Kkusum that even though Kumud is crying today, she knows that Kumud will definitely see happiness in the coming days. Sarala asks Kkusum as to what will happen if she breaks down like this. Kkusum tells her that she is completely broken down, and that she has no more strength left in her to bear all this. She tells her that she cant do anything for her daughter. She tells Sarala that she is struck in a tangle of relation and duty. She tells Sarala that if she tries to be Kumuds's mother, she does injustice to Kali and if she tries to be Kali's mother, she does injustice to Kumud. Kkusum asks Sarala if GOD has written all the sadness in her's and her daughter's lives. She tells Sarala that she never lived happily, and now even her daughter is going through the same things. Sarala tells Kkusum not to worry, and tells her that Kali is waiting for her mother, and asks her to come with her. Kkusum and Sarala come outside.


Kshitij manages to come upto the road, and asks for lift. But no-one gives him a lift. Three cars go past him, but none stops.


Garv and Kali are sitting on the pedestal. The preist asks for Kali's father coz he has to do the kanyadaan. Arundhati tells that since Abhay is not here, Nitin and Sarala should do the job. Kali tells that she will wait for Abhay. Kali has tears in her eyes. Kkusum asks Kali not to be stubborn, and that Arundhati is right. Sarala tells that Kkusum will do it coz Mahi did it for Kumud, and so it is Kkusum's right. Garv is shocked. Kkusum moves forward, takes Kali's hand and keeps it on Garv's hand. Arundhati thinks to herself that it is better if the marriage finishes before Kshitij arrives there.


Please comment. Waiting for ur reply.





flora Senior Member

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Posted: 13 December 2004 at 10:21am | IP Logged
I hope they get married....let Kali live with the mess she createdAngry
sweetsunset08 Groupbie

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Posted: 13 December 2004 at 11:30am | IP Logged

oh no!!! typical ekta scene...kali and garv will be on the last phera and done with the shaadi when shitij will come in to try and stop the wedding all bloody...

why didn't he just call abhay i think that would've been the most effective. i feel bad for kumudCry

i hope even though the shaadi will already have taken place, shitij still tells the truth to everyone


p.s. thanks misbah...i don't even bother watching the show anymore...your updates are sufficient Wink

misbahuddinka Newbie

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Posted: 13 December 2004 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

hey manisha,

well, i take out sm time to help ppl like u and so i include all the details i can..well, if ekta comes to knw tht coz of my updates, ppl r stopping watching the show, then she'd ban me frm updating...lolzz  LOLLOL


sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2004 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
thanks a lot Misbah...your updates are so detailed that Manisha is right we don't need to see this show...you can pictures everything so well..thanks!

jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 December 2004 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
MISBAH, thanks for the update.

I hope Kshitij doesn't make it and dumb and dumber get
HUMM IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2004 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Hey MISBAH, thanks for the update.
Its a very good update!Clap
Gr8 job!ClapClapClap
shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 December 2004 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
Thx for the great update!!

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