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O Bewafaa/ Zeb-Kripa KYPH...End Part,pg50 (Page 6)

pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 June 2007 at 11:52pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by sweetmittal

good part but iam really confused about the zeb. he should atleast listen to kripa what she has to say. please bring them together soon. will u right. not write now but might in the future. or bring kanan for nishant. Confused Confused Confused

Dont worry---my story always has a happy ending! Big smile



Chocolate_luver IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 June 2007 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
FAB PART!!! Clap Clap ... uhh angad can be a real idiot somtimes LOL LOL ..aww i feel sorry for kripa Cry ....the kids are probably twins right Tongue ...good she challenging him too Clap Big smile Tongue ..continue soonn Smile
sidra01 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 June 2007 at 3:11am | IP Logged
awsome anagads an idiot kripas so innocent well now i wanna know how she plays the same gamme LOL it would be fun to see angads face when he knows about the truth
insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2007 at 4:35am | IP Logged
awwww kripa is jealous....sweeet....awsome prt
pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 June 2007 at 5:12pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Chocolate_luver

FAB PART!!! Clap Clap ... uhh angad can be a real idiot somtimes LOL LOL ..aww i feel sorry for kripa Cry ....the kids are probably twins right Tongue ...good she challenging him too Clap Big smile Tongue ..continue soonn Smile

Thanks, Chocolate! I know Angad is so pig-headed sometimes...all men are like that actually LOL

The kids arent twins----Prateek is 4, Sur is 3 Embarrassed

Kripa is fighting him back....playing his own game.



pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 June 2007 at 5:14pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by armaghan0

awsome anagads an idiot kripas so innocent well now i wanna know how she plays the same gamme LOL it would be fun to see angads face when he knows about the truth

Kripa innocent but Angad misunderstanding her....she will try to prove that hes Angad Wink


pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 June 2007 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
Thanks everybody! Big smile

Kill Me not
With the arrows of your Hate
For I am already dead
From Your Love.

Part 4

Kripa dressed to kill that evening! She wore a sparkly light blue salwar suit with golden jewelry on her neck, ears and wrists. She let her arm-length hair remain open, sleek and shining like silk. She lined her eyes with kajal and put blue eyeshadow on her eyelids, giving her eyes a seductive look. (Imagine Kripa in seeney mein dil song) She even put mascara on her eyelashes, something she rarely did. Then looked at her reflection in the mirror with satisfaction. She was ready to face Angad/Zeb now.

She took Nishant's arm and walked into the Polynesian Restaurant at 7 P.M. Zeb was waiting for them at their reserved table. His eyes lighted up with a strange look when he saw Kripa leaning on Nishant's arm, looking so gorgeous and carefree. He checked her out from top to bottom, a sardonic smile twisted his lips. Kripa looked at him with astonishment….Oh God, hum dono ki soch bilkul ek jaisi hai. He was wearing a dark blue suit with a light blue shiny silk shirt, open at the neck without tie. He looked dashing and handsome with his hair gelled back to look darker and sleek. They secretly admired each other through their eyelashes, with sidelong glances.

Zeb greeted them pleasantly and ordered drinks….but this time she was ready for him. Before he could order, she asked the waiter for sangria. He looked at her with a jerk, his eyes glinting with humor and something else. She looked back at him steadily, their eyes battling it out. Nishant ordered single malt whisky and Zeb had Vodka on the Rocks. They had seafood starters for appetizers, prawn balls, Coconut shrimp and clam strips in soy sauce.

Kripa slowly sipped her sangria, looking at him through her eyelashes. She picked up pieces of fruits from the wine with a long toothpick and ate them slowly, rolling them in her mouth. He looked at her, his nostrils flared sensuously, jaw clenched, as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat, then looked away. She smiled secretly to herself…. both remembering the last time she had sangria.

Suddenly a woman approached their table, exclaiming loudly: Oh Zeb Darling! I am so sorry! My flight was late…..and this Dubai traffic….u know how it is! She kissed Zeb loudly on his cheek and sat in the chair next to him.

Kripa braced herself as she checked out this new woman in Zeb's life. She was tall and tanned, with an attractive face but slightly sleazy-looking….at least that's what Kripa felt. She was in her late twenties, her hair glossy and her clothes formal ….a black skirt suit with a white shirt. Zeb intoduced Nishant and Kripa to his girlfriend Sheetal. She was an air-hostess with GulfAir who met Zeb whenever she was in town, flying daily between Mumbai and Dubai.

Sheetal greeted Nishant and Kripa, curiously surveying Kripa with a slightly hostile glance. She didn't like what she saw. She clamped her hand possessively on Zeb's arm : Zeb Darling! Mere liye ek wine order kar do na"
Zeb kissed her on the cheek: Of course, Darling! Abhi order karta hoon….he looked sideways at Kripa's furious expression and smiled slightly, calling the waiter to place the order.

Kripa cursed Zeb and Sheetal under her breath: Darling ki bachchi, main abhi dikhati hoon tujhey….
She quietly tipped her glass of sangria on the table as Sheetal was sitting directly opposite her. Sheetal was so busy cootchie-cooing with Zeb that she didn't notice the wine slowly travelling in a red river down to her side and then dripping down on her skirt. It was only when she felt the wetness of the wine on her skin that she gasped and then gave a little shriek. Kripa was looking innocently in the other direction, munching on a prawn ball.

Sheetal looked furiously at her….Kripa turned with a start and exclaimed in shock:
OHH, Sheetal, I am SO SORRY, shayad haath lagney se gir gaya tha….mainey dekha hi nahin" she batted her eyelashes innocently at her and Zeb. He looked with wicked amusement dancing in his eyes, as he smiled mockingly and told Sheetal: Koi baat nahin, Darling! Go to the restroom and wash it off with water. Its dark color anyways so no harm done. Right, Mrs. Saxena? He winked at her. Kripa flushed and looked away from his wicked eyes.

Sheetal got up, shooting venomous looks at Kripa and rushed off to the restroom. Nishant apologized to Zeb on Kripa's behalf. Zeb smiled at him and said:   Relax, Nishant! Accidents can happen….it was just an accident, wasn't it? He grinned at Kripa again, enjoying her discomfort under his warm gaze.
Kripa said through her teeth: Of course it was".. but she felt a great satisfaction at sending Darling to the restroom.

By the time Sheetal got back, dinner had been served and they ate quietly without much conversation, in a rather awkward silence. But Zeb and Kripa constantly studied each other with stealing glances whenever the other wasn't looking. A few times, they caught each other's eyes and gazed for a few moments, their eyes locked in a heated battle, then she looked away again.

After dinner, Sheetal dragged Zeb to the dance floor: Come On, Darling, lets go dance"
Soft music was playing near the dance floor where a few couples were waltzing. Kripa's heart sank as she saw him take THAT woman in his arms just as he had once held her and danced a waltz. She closed her eyes in misery, unable to watch that sight. Finally she couldn't stand it anymore. She turned to Nishant who was studying the dancing couples and said: Chaliye Nishant, hum bhi dance kartey hain"
Nishant was quite taken aback, Kripa had never danced with him before at any party and he wasn't really into dancing, being rather a reserved and shy type of guy. Then he thought: Shayad wo Zeb aur Sheetal ko company dena chahti hai"

He got up and walked with Kripa to the dance floor. Zeb looked surprised to see them there, he hadnt thought Nishant could dance. But it turned out Nishant was quite an adequate dancer as he held Kripa and waltzed comfortably. Zeb and Sheetal were dancing quite close. Kripa moved closer to Nishant, he was taken aback and held himself stiffly. But she held onto him tightly. Zeb's teeth clenched as he looked at her in Nishant's arms, dancing so close to him and his hand on her back. He lost all interest in his own dance, studying Nishant and Kripa intently as if trying to check their comfort level.

Kripa stole a glance at his tight expression and smiled with satisfaction: Yeh toh buss shuruaat hai, Angad, tum mujhey jalaogey toh main bhi tumhey jalaakar raakh kar doongi….aakhir yeh sab toh mainey tumsey hi seekha hai, shaitaan banna…' She laughed internally at her minor victory over him.

Zeb was totally distant from Sheetal and barely paid any attention to her constant chatter! Sheetal soon realized his attention was fixed on the other pair: Toh mera andaza sahi tha, Zeb is interested in his partner's wife" she thought furiously. She suddenly pulled out of his arm and wanted to go back to the table for dessert. Nishant and Kripa continued dancing. Zeb's eyes kept on following them as dessert was served to him and Sheetal as he ignored her efforts to feed him pieces of her vanilla pudding. Finally Sheetal angrily said: Tum uss Mrs. Saxena ko kuchh zyada hi dekh rahey ho, akhir kya khaas hai usmein?
Zeb protested at once: No Darling, main toh hairaan ho raha hoon ke Mr. Saxena ko dance kaisey aata hai, hes such a stiff-neck type, I never knew he could dance."

Sheetal knew he was lying but didn't pursue the matter. If he had the hots for a married mother of two, then he must be crazy. She would have to look for a new murga if this continued. But she couldnt give up the high life so easily. Zeb treated her at the best restaurants and gave her expensive gifts but asked for very little in return, unlike some other men she had been with. He was just satisfied with her company and friendhsip!

Kripa and Nishant returned to the table after half an hour of dancing. Nishant looked very pleased and relaxed. Kripa still clung to his arm and said : I am very tired, Nishant, can we go home now"
Nishant blushed a little and said : Of course, Kripa! Sorry Zeb, shes tired and wants to retire for the night! U guys enjoy the rest of the night! Thanks, Zeb, for your hospitality! Goodnight, both of you!"
He went out with Kripa still clinging to his arm as Zeb looked on with a murderous expression on his face. He didn't even want to imagine what they might do when they got back to their Suite! He took a long gulp of his vodka, glaring at their departing backs.

If Looks could Kill, Nishant would fall dead before he reached the door.

Sheetal ran a finger up his arm and said: Chalo na Darling, hum bhi retire kartey hain. Tumhara bhi toh Suite hai uss hotel mein" she wanted to cement their relationship before he slipped away from her fingers!
Zeb turned away from her and called the waiter to bring their check, then told her briskly: Mera driver tumhey tumharey hotel tak pahuncha dega. I have an early morning meeting tomorrow, have to get a good night's sleep. Bye, Sheetal! Take Care! he gave her a cold kiss on her cheek and walked out, calling a cab to Crowne Plaza Hotel.
Sheetal looked after him with anger and disappointment!

In their car, Kripa sat far away from Nishant, staring pensively at the city lights. Nishant studied her curiously from time to time but didn't bother or question her strange behavior at the restaurant. Over the years he had learned to give her space and respect her privacy and he knew how morose and depressed she got sometimes thinking about her past.
He put a hand on hers: Are u okay, Kripa?
She smiled and patted his hand affectionately: Yes, I am okay, buss thodi si tired hoon"
Nishant said: Kal subah hum bachchon ko lekar Wadi Water Park jaayengey"
Kripa looked happily at him: That's a great idea! Bachchey bahut enjoy karengey. Kitney bajey jaana hai?
" Dus bajey ready ho jaana"

That night Kripa put her arms around her sleeping children and cried silently into her pillow although she had promised herself not to cry. Well, at least she hadnt cried in front of Angad. It ripped her apart to see Angad with another woman….she wondered what they were doing at this time. She wished she could walk up to his door, bang on it or break it open and kill both of them.

Eight doors down the hallway, Zeb lay in his lonely bed, tossing and turning, tortured by the image of Nishant's hand on Kripa's waist, her head on his chest! He gritted his teeth as he thought of their retirement to the Suite….he wished he could go and tear down her door and carry her away from that Goddamn Nishant!

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------


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*mad* IF-Rockerz

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they both cn do tht.......
break down hotel doors
then they both cn go to the same jail..LOL

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