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O Bewafaa/ Zeb-Kripa KYPH...End Part,pg50

pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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O Bewafaa!
Part 1

This is a continuation of my first fan-fic "Teri Baahon Mein".

Heres the link to the original story for those who didnt get to read it yet:

Where we left off, Angad went to jail for 4 years for attacking Prithvi with iron rod, and Kripa discovered she was pregnant with Angad's child and left for Rishikesh with her Dadi, unable to meet Angad as he was transfered to Cochin jail!
The story continues 5 yrs later....... 5 year leap like in Ektas shows! LOL

Forget Me not

Forget the stars, Forget the Moon
Forget our love in the Afternoon
But Forget me Not, My Love
Forget Me Not!

Forget the Joy, Forget the Tears
Forget the Months, Forget the Years
But Forget me Not, My Love
Forget Me Not!

That I forget YOU could never BE!
And I wont Let YOU forget ME!



DUBAI……CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL, a multi-storied 5-star hotel in Dubai with views of the Gulf and of Burj Al Arab, the most famous landmark in Dubai!

Kripa stood at the window of their 32nd Floor Suite, looking out at the sparkling, blue waters of the Gulf and the beautiful City of Dubai spread out below her.  She was pensive, sad, lost in her own thoughts!

This was the City of THEIR Dreams! Hers and Angad's! Kitney khwaab dekhey the hum dono ne…..Angad would get a good job, then he would marry her, bring her here and they would set up their little nest here in Dubai! She would wait for him in their little flat, he would return from work, take her in his arms and make tender love to her. She would cook his favorite dishes for him and they would feed each other……Tears of pain rolled down her eyes unchecked, blurring the city views….it had been FIVE Long years and the tears still flowed as if it was yesterday!

It seemed as if the whole Ocean had submerged her heart and threatened to drown her everyday in its depths:
  KAHAN HO TUM, ANGAD? She whispered to herself : " Kyun tum Jail se chhootney ke baad mere paas wapas nahin aaye? Kahan Kho gaye ho Tum? Mainey tumhey kitna dhoonda….. She closed her eyes and bit her lips as the pain washed over her again in waves, tears streaming down her cheeks now…….

MAMA……MAMA……Four little feet ran up to her and four little hands clutched at her sari-clad knees!
She quickly wiped her tears and kneeled down to greet her two angels!
Prateek, 4 years old, slightly chubby, handsome and charming like his Dad and Little Sur, 3 years old, a little frail yet pretty like her mother ….both kids clung to her neck!
Prateek touched his mother's wet cheeks:  Mama, aap Ro rahi ho? He asked with concern. He was her little protector now in lieu of his father!
Sur echoed Prateek:  Mama Aap ro ree Oh? (lisping slightly)
Kripa shook her head : Nahin Mama nahin ro rahi……wo aankh mein kuchh chala gaya tha isliye"
Prateek knew his mama was lying…he had seen her cry like that countless times. He took out a Cadbury's Bar from his pocket ( He had an endless supply of candy bars thanks to Nishant who indulged him inspite of Kripa's protests)….he took out the candy bar, opened it and took a bite out of it and offered the rest to his Mama, trying to cheer her up with the age-old medicine:  Yeh Lo Mama. Chocolate!
Kripa smiled tearfully and bit the candy her son so lovingly offered to her.
Not one to be left behind, Sur shoved the cute, stuffed Raggedy-Ann doll she was holding into her mother's hands: Mama, Dolly!
Kripa hugged both her children tightly, burying her face in their silky hair, breathing in their baby smells, feeling comforted in their embrace.

Her two kids were her lifesavers, her little angels who had saved her from becoming insane with grief in the last 5 years!
Mamaaa, ufffff, lag raha hai…..Prateek protested as she was sqeezing them too tightly….she let them go, then picked up both in each arm and carried them to the Living room of their 32nd floor Suite.
Maria, the children's Nanny, came in with a large tray that had been delivered by the Hotel's Room Service: Madam, Lunch is ready!
Kripa and the Nanny sat down to feed the children Macaroni and Cheese with Chicken Nuggets on the side, followed by Green Jello with tiny fruits.
Prateek had a hearty appettite like his dad and didn't need to be fed, Mac n Cheese and Nuggets were his favorites so he ate quickly all by himself.
But Sur was a fussy eater….Kripa and Maria both struggled to feed her, while entertaining her with stories of Cinderella and Snow White.

Kripa's mobile started ringing: She picked it up, gestured to Maria to continue feeding Sur and got up to talk on the phone: Haan Nishant, bachchein ab lunch kar rahein hain…..Nahin mujhey aaj shopping nahin jaana…kal chali jaaoongi….haan, Shaam ko Party mein pehenney ke liye kapdey hain mere paas….haan, aap fikr mat keejiye….I will be ready at 6 sharp!

Nishant was throwing a party that evening in the Banquet Hall downstairs on the second floor, to celebrate his company's successful bid for the biggest contract ever that his company had bagged! Immediately after landing in Dubai that morning, Nishant had rushed to the meeting and signed the agreement that made his contract with Kismet Industries official and final! He wanted to impress the Chairman of Kismet with his hospitality that night. The party was supposed to start at 7 but as hosts, Kripa and Nishant would have to go down earlier to double-check the arrangements and greet early arrivals. Many big-wigs of Dubai had been invited to the party including Chairmen and CEOs of other companies that were involved in this big Construction Project coming up in Dubai!
Kripa put her kids down for an after-lunch nap in the main bedroom while she unpacked their clothes and toiletries with Maria's help.

Outside in the hallway of 32nd Floor:

The door to the Scenic Elevator opened and a tall, imposing, bearded man in a grey business suit stepped out, followed by his assistant/secretary Neeraj Sharma, an anxious, eager-looking young man.
 Neeraj clucked nervously: 
Sir, you are returning to your Suite, Sir? What should I do about the afternoon meeting with Mittal Steel, Sir?
The tall man said : Cancel it! Reschedule it for tomorrow morning at 10….. He ordered imperiously.
Neeraj continued: And Sir, Sheetal Madam called? What should I say to her if she calls again?
" Tell her I will meet her for Lunch tomorrow at the Polynesian Restaurant!"
He walked briskly down the plush-carpeted hallway, then suddenly stopped in front of a door, Suite no. 3241, he looked at the door with a strange smile on his full, firm lips, then walked past the door to his own Suite which was 6 doors down on the opposite side….No. 3250.

Evening 7 P.M.

The Banquet Hall was lavishly decorated, sparkling wine glasses and expensive silverware set out on gorgeous white tables, with beautiful flower centerpieces. Huge chandeliers hung down from the high, domed roof which went up 8 stories high. Kripa and Nishant stood at the door greeting arrivals and conversing with earlier arrivals who were just circulating before the actual banquet started after an hour.

Kripa was wearing a gorgeous black chiffon sari, embroidered all over with golden threads and a Gold Kundan set. Her long hair was pinned up in a twist, a French chignon. She looked beautiful and elegant! In the last 5 years, she had matured into a lovely woman but her eyes were deep pools of sadness which never smiled although her lips did.

Nishant was a tall, slender man in his early 30s, slightly fussy in his mannerisms but gentlemanly and courteous. He was fretting slightly : Abhi tak Mr. Cruz kyun nahin aaye? I hope hes not late for the speeches, hes the Guest of Honor at this party.
Kripa had heard countless times about Mr. Cruz from Nishant….ZEB CRUZ, the amazing Chairman of Kismet Industries, Dubai-based millionaire and owner of a major Construction Company.
Nishant was quite impressed with his new business associate. Zeb's style and business acumen had quite blown him away. He was delighted that Zeb had accepted his tender for the Project although his bid wasn't exactly the lowest as he estimated.

It was almost eight and Nishant was getting really antsy and worried ….looking anxiuosly at the door and at his watch. Kripa had turned away from the door and was deep in conversation with Mrs. Advani, a businesswoman from Mumbai whose company was supplying labor for the Project.
Nishant called her from the back: Kripa, come here and meet Mr. Zeb… Zeb, this is my wife,.Kripa!
Kripa turned around and saw a tall man's broad back in a dark suit… looked horribly familiar…..the tall man turned slowly…..her breath stuck in her throat as she gasped inaudibly!

 The face that she had yearned to see for the last 5 years….he looked older and leaner….his hair was a lighter brown, waving softly over his broad forehead, a light beard barely covered those sensual lips, light brown eyes glinted at her with a strange light in them! All noises in the banquet hall faded as she stared into those eyes, eyes that had once looked at her with Love, tenderness, Desire!

The years seemed to rush backwards past her, and she was in Goa again, in his arms, laughing at his wicked jokes!
Those lips that had kissed her so much twisted in a mocking smile…..he extended his hand to her: HELLO. MRS. SAXENA! Nice to FINALLY meet you! his deep voice resonated forcefully!

She stared in a daze at his hand, the same big, calloused hand that had once held her gently, caressed her, made love to her!
She looked up at his eyes again, eyes that were challenging her to take his hand just like the first time they had met……she felt a buzzing in her ears, everything faded around her, Angad….she whispered faintly….Angad…..her lips barely moved!

 Angad was here before her….she was hallucinating, she was dreaming!
The Buzzing in her ears grew louder as if a dozen propellers were spinning there, she swayed slightly and felt the ground rush upwards to meet her as she collapsed and knew no more! She knew not that two strong arms caught her expertly before her body could touch the ground!

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------


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nycdesiqt IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 June 2007 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
this is gooood!!!!! Tongue
i love it!! Big smile

kripa has two kids?!?!?! why did kripa marry someone else!!! Cry Cry what happened? why didn't angad meet her after he was released from jail!! ahhhhh!! so many questions runnning through my headd!!!! i am so confused!! Confused
hope all this clears up as the story progresses Confused

good work! Clap
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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awesome start!! do continue soon!!
*mad* IF-Rockerz

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wht is he upto
he disappeared whn he got out of jail Confused
nw he is bck with a different name

hw come kripa got 2 kids instead of 1?????????
where is misty????

sweetmittal Senior Member

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Posted: 01 June 2007 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
hey great twist but tell me why did u get her married to nishant. and don;t tell me that sur was their daughter. that was so sad. but i knew one thing that kripa and angad will unite together. am i write. Wink Wink Wink
Chocolate_luver IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 June 2007 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
omgshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!, toooo goooodddd, awww she married someone else Cry Cry .......... awesomee!!!! Clap Clap , continue soon Big smile
pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 June 2007 at 10:56pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by desiqt8806

this is gooood!!!!! Tongue
i love it!! Big smile

kripa has two kids?!?!?! why did kripa marry someone else!!! Cry Cry what happened? why didn't angad meet her after he was released from jail!! ahhhhh!! so many questions runnning through my headd!!!! i am so confused!! Confused
hope all this clears up as the story progresses Confused

good work! Clap

Thanks desiqt! Embarrassed

You will get all ur answers as the story progresses! Wink

Kripa is Mrs. Saxena now! Cry Lekin Zeb aa gaya---for how long can she remain Mrs. Saxena? WinkBig smile



pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 June 2007 at 10:56pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by erier101

awesome start!! do continue soon!!

Thanks, erier! Tongue


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