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Shabd-Mahi Love Story Part 30... Pg 23

vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Part 1

Shabd entered into the bed room at 10. He is in his white khadi cotton pajama-kurta suit. He just got married in the morning. And he came into the room to see his bride. It's their first night. He saw the whole room is decorated with flower garlands. The bed is cleanly tuck with nice sky blue with white shade printed bed sheet with matching pillows.  The whole room is filled with fragrance from incense.

 His heart is pounding to meet his beloved wife. His bride is standing at window watching seriously outside darkness.  After all he loved her at first sight and made things possible to marry her within a week. She wore dark pink and blue gagra with matching jewelry and hair tied into long braid filled with flowers.

He walked slowly to her and checked if anything interesting outside the window. He could see a clear sky with stars and trees in the backyard under bright moonlight. Everyone in neighourhood is sleeping and no see of any movement around there. He wondered and whispered in her ear "Kya dek rahi hai Mahi? Anything interesting that I can't see with my eyes?"

The bride turned with a jerk and stepped back and leaned to the wall. He surprised and walked to her "Kya hua? Are you alright?"

She pulled a knife up with her hand and showed at him with fearful eyes "Kareeb mat aana, maardaloongi"

"Ow ow Ow!!!! Cool down Mahi!! Yeh kya hai? What's all this? Knife in new bride's hand? Iska matlab kya hua? Dint you like this marriage? Don't you like me? Did you have anyone else in your life. Kuch baata saktey ho? May I ask the reason behind this?" Shabd shocked at her reaction and asked worriedly standing far from her putting his hands up.

Mahi filled her eyes with tears and chewing her lower lip without answering him. She doesn't look like taking any efforts to answer him either.

Shabd is still under shock for her behavior and thinking possible reasons behind her behavior. He took a step towards her putting his hands down "Mahi! Aaj humara naya life shuru honey wala hai and this is our first night. We should share our hobbies, likes, and dislikes, everything between us along with our lives. Mujhey batao aakhir baat kya hai? Why are you behaving so strange?"

Mahi dint answer him and still holding the knife up to her chest as ready to attack him when he reaches her. Shabd stood thinking how to get her out of the situation but couldn't find anything as she couldn't speak to her. She turned her face away from him. Shabd tried to console her again "Mahi! Kuch toh baat karo. Akhir Hua kya hai?"

Mahi turned to him "Yahan se chaley jaayiye. I don't want to talk to you. Leave me alone. Don't dare to touch me. If you try to reach me either I kill you or I kill myself." She is trembling with fear and tear filled eyes.

Shabd put his hands on his waist and sighed heavily. He couldn't figure out the reason behind her anguish. She looks like "Maa Kali" in the get up olding a kife in one hand and red eyes. He slowly walked towards bed and sat on it with head in his hands.

He is remembering his first meeting with Mahi and the events led to his marriage.

Brij Malhotra and Mohini had three daughters and one son.

First daughter, Raaji happily married with Veer Khurana, amateur business man in the town and eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Khurana.

Soni, the second daughter married a year ago to Jeet, second son of Khurana couple.

Third daughter Mahi is still in her higher secondary when Soni came for godh bharai rasam in her maayka.

Fourth is son, Prince who is still in his ninth grade.

Khurana family has two more daughters Veena and Jyoti who are happily married with a daughter each. Durga Khurana started liking her first daughter-in-law, Raaji for her smooth and polite nature. She gets annoyed several times with her second daughter-in-law for her innocence and confused nature. Jeet loved her in his older brother Veer's marriage and got approval for his love soon after Raaji's delivery of her first boy.

Shabd and his father Mr.Sareen are related to Durga as Sareen's mother is Durga's older sister. They are invited for Soni's godh bharai rasam as Veena came to know about Shabd's liking towards Mahi. Shabd went to Khurana's house for some business talks on his father request and met Mahi when Malhotra family came to invite Khurana's for godh bharai rasam.

Shabd got a cheer on his face when he is remembering the first meeting in detail.

At the same time Mahi is remembering the most 'ill fateful' event in her life as per her concern.

Mahi accompanied her parents while Mohini decided the date for Soni's function. After lunch, everyone settled in living room and relaxing with some chit-chat.

"Mohini jee! Aap ki Raaji toh lakhon mein ek hai. Uski haton sey bani huvi khana itna swadisth hota hai ki hum Latturam(cook) ko rasoi ghar mein aaney hi nahin detey. Khaash aap Soni ko bhi itna kaam sikha deti." Durga praised Raaji and expressed her dissatisfaction on Soni.

"Soni bachpan se hi bahar ki kaam mein expert rahi. Kahin pe bhi negotitations achisi karleti hai. Raaji samajhdar aur pura ghar akeli sambhal sakti hai. Aur raha Mahi, bus padhayi aur chatting ki alawa kuch nahin jaanti." Mohini proudly explained about her three daughters.

"Aur mein kahan raha?" one 14year old boy jumped into them all of sudden.

"Tumto humara prince hai, kuldeepak" Brij Malhotra dropped his hand on his head.

"Haan Prince!!! Kuldeepak!!!! Khaney ki alawa kuch jaanta hi nahin," Mahi knuckled on his head. Prince rubbed his head and walked away from there with grinned face.

"Tum kyon humesha uske peechey padhi rehti ho?" Raaji hugged Prince who went to her for support.

"Wo mujhsey jalti hai. Pappa ji humesha kehta hai na ki main ek big aadmi banjaaoon!!" Prince revealed the truth behind her fights with him.

"Nahin toh kya humesha uska hi tareef karta hai sab log. Meri padhayi ki aur meri wishes ki importance kissi ko bhi nahin hai." Mahi pouted her lips.  

Jeet smiled "Arey Mahi! I forgot to ask you. How are your studies? Are you going to take fashion designing as your main in further studies?"

Mahi still frowned and angrily looked at Jeet "Aap mujhse baat nahin karey toh acha hoga Jeejoo! Yeh sab aapki wajah se hua hai. Na aap Soni se shadi karti na aaj humey humari gharwalon ko itna mananey ki jaroorat nahin padti."

Soni interfered "Yeh kyon bhala? Jeet ne kya kiya?"

Mahi turned angrily to Soni "Fitteh muh tera!! Tum chup kar. Mumy papa ko mera padhai aur meri kwaaishon ki khayal nahin hai. Aaj Jeet Jijoo ney tumse shadi nahin karliya hota mein ussey shadi karkey meri mann ki kwaaish poori kii hoti."

Veer laughed "Koyi baat nahin Mahi! We bring a guy just like Jeet and get married to you. He will take care of you whatever you wanna be"

Mahi got annoyed "humari apni maa baap ko meri fikar nahin hai toh bahar waley kya karengey? Jeet toh meri tarah fashion desiging mein aur sangeet mein apna dil lagata hai. Har aadmi uski tarah sweet nahin hota."

Jeet laughed loudly and approached Mahi "Chalo, abb bhi maan leta hoon, 'haan' kardo abhi issi waqt tumsey bhi shadi kardoonga."

"Soni di ko kya karengey?" Mahi asked as if she is ready to marry Jeet now.

"What do you mean Mahi? Tum Jeet sey doosra shadi ke liye taiyyar ho?" Raaji asked surprisingly.

Jeet laughed "Kyon nahin Bhabhi? Soni ko bedroom par rakhoonga aur Mahi ko apney saat poora din."

Soni sighed "Shukre hai tum mujhey bedroom par rakhna chahta hai. I was worrying if you ask me to work with you and in the kitchen" Sheexpressed that doesn't know cooking.

Mahi hit her head "Fitteh mooh tera, tujhey yeh fikar hai ki tujhey kitchen pe kaam karna padega? Magar tujhey yeh worry nahin hai ki Jeet doosra shadi karega!!"

Soni confused for what wrong she said and shook head innocently "Haan! Who toh tumse hi shadi karega na? Tumtoh humara Mahi ho toh why should I worry?"

Everyone laughed for her innocence and Jeet lovingly pressed her to his chest with one hand.

While everyone is busy in talking and fooling among them, Sareen family entered. Durga is pleased to see them and warmly welcomed inside.

"Aayiyeh Jeejiya ji!" she introduced him and his son Shabd to everyone. "Yeh Shabd hai apna akela aulaad hai, aur uski apni cloth business hai"

Shabd's eyes locked at Mahi who is non-stop talking and teasing her two brothers-in-law. Veena's experienced eyes caught Shabd and took him to a corner while everyone busy in chatting.

"Kyon Shabd! Lagta hai ki apna dil kahin kho diya hai?" Shabd blushed and enquired about Mahi. "Veena Di! Agar humara shadi karwadiya toh I give you a great gift. Please, help me"

Veena agreed and made Mohini invite them too for Soni's godh bharai celebration at Malhotra house.

Mahi is shocked and fumed to know about the arrangements of her engagement after Soni's function.

"Mahi! Shabd bahut acha ladka hai. I know him for three years and he has good business and mujhey yakeen hai wo tumhey palkon par bithakar raaj karwayega."

"Fitteh mooh tera!! Tumhey kya ? Khud MS karkey achasa pati paakar sukh ho. What's the guarantee he allows me to study. Aur shadi sab ki barbaadi hai. I lose everything, my identity, my happiness, my likes and dislikes. I have to live for pati aur uski gharwaley. Mujhey yeh rista bilkul manjoor nahin hai. I'm not ready for marriage. Aur mera umar bhi kya hai? 18 years." Mahi filled her eyes with tears.

Raaji wiped her tears "Pagli! Ek na ek din har ladki apni identity pati ki identity se judwana padta hai. Usmein hi shuk hai aur satisfaction bhi. Tum ab samjhogi nahin. Shadi honey do kud samajh jaaogi. Har insaan ek jaisa nahin hota. But I know Shabd loves you and he makes you happy."

Mahi didn't agree with Raaji but she lost all options to escape from the circumstances.   Brij and Mohini also pleased with Shabd and his personality. They fixed the marriage within one week on Shabd's insistence.

Mahi is still upset with everything as her studies stopped in the middle and she felt all her dreams crashed down to drain. She started hating Shabd as she firmly believes him the cause for the ruin of her dreams about life..

Shabd and Mahi both sighed and came out of their past.

Shabd looked at Mahi who is still standing by scribbling on the floor with her right big toe. Mahi realized Shabd looking at her and frowned. She became stiff when he approached her and tighten her grip on the knife.

Shabd noticed it and smiled in his mind "Lagta hai issey baad mein accha sa deal karna hai". "Mahi! Go and sleep. I go out of the room and you can relax on the bed. Hum baad mein leisurely baat karengey."

He didn't wait for her response and walked into adjacent room closing door behind him. Mahi locked the door after confirming he really left her alone and cuddled herself on the bed cursing for her ill fate. Shabd sighed heavily hearing Mahi locking the door and rubbed his forehead for the disappointment in the precious night.


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banju Senior Member

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gr8 intro
please cont
angullgrl91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2007 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
very interesting story. cont soon.
goodkashish IF-Rockerz

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very nice. ple continue
ishu124 Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2007 at 11:53am | IP Logged
omg. that was soo good. continue sooon.
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2007 at 4:53pm | IP Logged
Part: 2

Shabd woke up and waiting for Mahi to open the lock of door. He felt sad remembering his first night. "Yeh kyon hua? Was she in love with someone? What would be the cause for sach behavior? Veena Di sey poochoon? Ya khud hi jaan ney ki koshish karoon? She is using knife as her weapon to keep me away from her. She is not even allowing me to talk to her." Shabd is in his thoughts and someone banged the door to wake up the newlywed couple.
"Shabd beta! Utho pooja ki time horahi hai. Mahi bitiya! Utho. Puja ki waqt ho rahi hai."
Shabd sighed "Yeh DM bhi na can't leave us alone anytime. Puja, Paath yeh sab ki kya jaroorat thi? Aur yeh Mahi bhi itni neend mein thi uthrahi nahin. "he annoyed for his locking up in the bonus room adjacent to his bedroom. He can't even knock the door as DM standing at other door.
He took steps impatiently thinking the ways to get out of the room. He heard bangles sound in the next room as Mahi got up to open the door. He relieved "Thank, God she woke up"
Mahi responded for the woman banging the door "Aayi Maa!" The woman looked like left the place as she felt happy for Mahi's response.
Shabd sighed relief and waited till Mahi opened the lock. Mahi lowered her eyes when Shabd wished "GoodMorning!!" She walked into the bathroom silently witout reciprocating and Shabd sighed as got ready to fix the room before opening the door.
Mahi got ready in blood red with dark green border banaras sari with matching jewelry and braided hair with flowers all over it. She put matching bangles on both hands and walked into the living room. Shabd and Mahi finished religiously the puja and took blessings from everyone.
Shabd noticed Mahi is angry and moody with her family too. Veena noticed Mahi's serious and reserved behavior but held her curiosity till everyone left for their places.
Raaji and Soni reminded Mahi about their friends' mehendi function and asked her to get ready at evening 6. Malhotra family took leave from Sareen, Shabd and DM praising for their hospitality.
Shabd wondered Mahi getting ready and excitingly asking DM if she could leave now. DM blessed her and gave permission to leave and advised to reach home before late. Mahi came down in her mango yellow chiffon with kundan work sari with simple matching jewelry and bangles, loose braided hair. Shabd and his father are discussing their business topics in the living room downstairs and impressed by Mahi's beauty.
Shabd forgot to blink his eyes from her and thinking if he could convince her for night. Sareen smiled himself for his son's admiration towards his new bride and walked into his room. Mahi smiled as informing about his departure and passed him towards exit. He stacked his eyes at her till she disappeared. He sighed and walked into his room upstairs.
Mahi came back into her room in no time and called Raaji "Raaji Di! Aap log chaley jayiye. I can't come now."
Raaji surprised for her call "Kya hua Mahi? Why do you change your mind so easily? I told you before to stay home as you just got married but you insisted to come with us and now you withdrawing from it? Kya hua? Any problem? Kyon Shabd ko chod kar aaney ki mann nahin kar raha hai?"
Mahi frowned at her teasing "Aap bhi na, Di! Aisa kuch nahin hai. Actually I forgot my purse in mama's house."
Raaji sighed "Bhuli nahin chodi bolo. Uss waqt bahut ghamand se kehrahi thi ki tumhey kisi ki paison ki jaroorat nahin? Abb samajh mein aya ki apna gussa khud ki dushman hi hota hai? Chalo mein ghaadi lekar aati hoon, Taiyyar raho" she hung up the phone. Mahi sighed relief and sat in the couch rubbing her palms impatiently.
Shabd is surprised for the phone conversation between two sisters and shook his head and slowly walked to Mahi. Mahi stopped rubbing her palms as noticing him besides her and stood lowering her head. Shabd settled his throat "Mahi! umm…mm.." he waited for a minute thinking how to say it out "Can you come with me a moment, please?" he politely asked and walked towards the wardrobe. She followed him confusingly.
Shabd opened the wall long wardrobe and opened the key for the drawer inside. There is a big size chest with bundles of money and jewelry. He showed them to her "Yeh sab humara hai" he pointed to both of them when he said "humara". Mahi shook her head as understood. He continued "You can use this for yourself for anything, shopping, gifts, anything….anything you want, as you want. Up to 10,000 you need not to tell me the accounts but make sure you maintain a record of the expenditure of more than that. That's also only for your purpose to know where money is going. You need not to tell me anything. If you need more than this you can ask me anytime, no hesitation. Okay!!"
Mahi surprised for his generosity and shook her head confusingly and hesitantly. Shabd called intercom to keep a car ready for Mahi to go out and turned to her "Mahi! We have 5 cars at home. You can ask for one anytime. Just call in intercom and they will keep a car ready for you at the door. You don't have to get a taxi, rickshaw or anything else. You can go anywhere anytime and keep one car with you all the time. Okay!!" Mahi again shook her head with same expressions and thought "okay!!" is his habit of saying at the end of every sentence?
Meanwhile a servant maid came at their door and told that Raaji ma'am is at the door for Mahi. Mahi felt relieved and looked at Shabd as if asking for his permission. Shabd smiled and shook his head as giving permission. Mahi twisted her lips lightly and passed him. He grabbed her wrist to stop her. Mahi got scared for his touch and looked at his hand and at him fearfully. Shabd realized his mistake and said "sorry! You forgot to take money you want. Gift nahin dogi tumhari friend ko?"
Mahi swallowed as she doesn't know how to react for him and stood hesitantly. Shabd sighed and took two bundles and grabbed a purse and gave to Mahi "enjoy your evening"
"Thanks" she murmured and walked downstairs. Raaji hugged Mahi and enquired about the purse with her eyes. Mahi answered her with her gestures. Shabd requested Raaji to go in his car and use until they finish their function. Raaji thanked him and bid bye to everyone and took Mahi out.
Mahi showed the money to Raaji and told what Shabd showed her. Raaji surprised "Hmm so now you believe you got good husband?"
Mahi sighed and hit her head "Fitteh muh tera!! Yeh money ka kya karoon main, Raaji Di? Aakhir wo mera padhaiyi par paani toh pher liya na"
Raaji smiled "Why don't you convince him to study you further?"
Mahi angrily looked at her and kept quite by watching outside. She is remembering their first night and thinking in her mind, "Padhayi ki barrein mein kya poochoon agar mein pehley hi usey dara diya toh? Bechara!! Kyon bechara kyon? Ussiki wajah sey hi mein yeh shadi karli. Ussey kaun poocha tha mujhey pasand karey? Aur itni jaldi shadi karkey maayka se lekey jaaye? He ruined my life, my studies, my dreams, meri khwaaishein, sab kuch" she got tears and let the anger out by blowing air out slowly without giving a chance to Raaji to notice it.
They bought something on the way with the money given by Shabd and headed to their friends' house for mehendi function.
At home, Veena called Shabd around 7 to enquire about Mahi's unpleasant mood.
"Dee! You should know better than me. Mujhey kya pata mujhey dekhtey hi wo rooth jarahi hai." Shabd innocently replied to Veena. Veena sighed and promised him to find out from Raaji as soon as possible so that he could go forward according to it.
Shabd waited for Mahi till 10. Mahi changed into night dress and walked out of bathroom. Shabd is pretending reading a book on the bed on purpose to see if Mahi behaves in the same manner as last night. Mahi looked at him and turned her face when she met her eyes with him. She leaned to the wall near bathroom tying her hands behind.
Shabd closed the book and sighed loudly to grab attention from Mahi and turned towards her resting his head in his left palm, raising hand up to elbow. Mahi swallowed at his sigh and stood still at the same place. Shabd jumped out of the bed and walked to Mahi. Mahi's heart started beating fast and she started praying all Gods whoever she knew to give courage to her to face him. He slowly stood in front of her and lifted his hand to turn her face to him. She immediately pulled knife from behind and pointed to him. Shabd startled and looked into her eyes. He noticed there is no similar intense of anger in her eyes as he saw last night.
"Hmm..Again knife?? Tum kudh ko kya samjhti ho Jhansi ki Rani? Aur koyi patriot leader? Or terrorist?" he sighed and rubbed his upper chin and stared into her eyes. She looked fearful and filled tears in her eyes. She lowered her eyes but kept the right hand up with knife pointing at him. He slowly removed the knife from her as she is not holding it tightly. She confusingly watched him. He took the knife in one hand and grabbed her right hand with another. He walked her to the bed. Mahi tried to free herself but Shabd tightened his grip. He placed the knife on side table and made Mahi to sit on the bed. She fierce fully looked at him reminding the deer in front of the crouching tiger. He kneeled down in front of her holding her two hands in her lap. She trying to avoid his looks and free her hands from his grip.
He laughed with sigh "Yeh kya hai Mahi? Dekho humdonon abb pati patni hai. Puri jindagi ek saat bitana hai. I want to know the reason behind your behavior. Agar tum kissi aur ladkey se pyar karti ho tho batado we will settle that in better possible way. But yeh knife lekar ghoomna, mujhey dhamki dena, mujhsey darna, yeh sab looks weird. Batao kya baat hai. Mujhsey kuch galati huvi thi? Tell me I will try to change it, rectify my mistakes."
Mahi twisted lips and chewed with tongue but didn't reply to him. Shabd stared silently into her eyes and settled on the floor in front of her with crossed legs "Unless you tell me I don't leave you alone Mahi! I want to know the…as early as possible…your behavior is killing me. I loved you at first sight when I saw you in maassi's house. I was in the cloud9 when I heard about your parents agreeing for the proposal. And I'm thinking you also like me but now what's all this?"
Shabd got irritated at her silence and shook her hands wildly and shouted at her "Common Da** it! What is the reason for this nonsense?"
Mahi frightened and dropped tears. Shabd's heart melted and loosened his grip. Mahi took advantage of the chance and ran into the bathroom. Shabd turned to her way and dropped his head in his right hand folding his knee up to place his right elbow on it.
He waited for Mahi to come out for a while and walked into the bonus room disappointedly. Mahi opened the bathroom door a little to peep into the room to check Shabd and slowly walked to lock the door of bonus room.
Shabd ran and grabbed her right wrist again before she locked the door. Mahi looked into his eyes with parted lips and fearful eyes.
He gave a wicked laugh, but spoke politely "Treat me as your friend Mahi! Main kuch nahin kahoonga even if I know about your past love or whatever the reason behind it. Please, I beg you". Mahi swallowed and wet her lips to open her mind.
She lowered her eyes and caressed her throat with left hand and released her hand. She walked to the bed and looked behind at startled and disappointed Shabd as if asking him to follow her. Shabd is pleased for her concern and walked behind her. She sat on the floor besides bed silently.
Shabd also sat beside her and took her palms in his caressing to sooth her pain. "Mujhey yeh shadi pasand nahin hai." Shabd expected the response but felt bad. He is still waiting for her to continue and caressing her palms. Mahi tried to pull her hand but he didn't allow. Mahi looked into his eyes and moved the looks at their hands. "I wanted to study further. Mujhey yeh shadi bilkul pasand nahin. Meri jindagi barbaad kardiya apney. You ruined my dreams. I didn't want to marry now. Mama papa bhi meri baat nahin suni thi. Yeh sab aapke wajah se huva tha. Puri duniya mein main hi mila aapko pyar karney ke liye? I hate you" She pulled her hand and covered her face and started sobbing.
Shabd is shocked for her innocent accuse and confused how to react. A big smile and relief came on his face as she doesn't hate him for someone else. He understood her mind and dropped his hand around her as consoling her. "I understand you Mahi! I didn't know about all this otherwise I would have waited till you finish your studies. Agar ab bhi tum padhna chahe toh I'll join you in a good college. I promise you I'll wait till you are ready for IT."
Mahi cried for some more time till her heart felt light and lifted her face up. Shabd turned her face to him and Mahi didn't meet his eyes. He stared at her for a while "Look at me, Mahi!"
She slowly looked into his eyes. Her eyes filled with tears again. Shabd shook his head sideways and wiped her tears "I promise! You can continue your studies. I'll wait for you, OKEY!" Mahi smiled for his habit again. Shabd looked at her confusingly and she blushed as she only secretly noticed his habit.
"Kya padhna chahti ho?" Shabd asked moving his thumb on her upper chin. She looked into his eyes and answered hesitantly "Fashion designing".
Shabd surprised with excitement and yelled "Sach? You like Fashion Designing? Wonderful!! I'll make arrangement first in the morning. OKEY!" Mahi giggled again and shook her head.
"Now go to bed and have a nice sleep. Goodnight" he squeezed her cheeks and got up to go into his bonus room. Mahi unbelievingly looked at his way and walked into bathroom to fresh. She kept the door open between two rooms trusting at his WORD and slept peacefully.

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gr8 part
goodkashish IF-Rockerz

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beautiful. ple continue soon....................

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