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Life and Crime( Cont.) (Page 6)

sunny8410M Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2007 at 12:17am | IP Logged
i am sorry but Pratham is only for a short period. The fourth character is AB that is Arpit Bajaj. But thanks for the comments. i will post the next part as soon as possible

monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 June 2007 at 1:07am | IP Logged
Clap great story dear
tulika_m Groupbie

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Posted: 04 June 2007 at 2:38am | IP Logged
hey its cool andsimply gr888888888888888888888 so please yaar cntinue with are doing a good job Smile
sunny8410M Goldie

Joined: 28 May 2007
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Posted: 04 June 2007 at 5:04am | IP Logged
thanks a lot so i am going to continue right Smile now
sunny8410M Goldie

Joined: 28 May 2007
Posts: 1115

Posted: 04 June 2007 at 7:45am | IP Logged

Pratham has reached at his destination that is Kalra's den and Kalra's men have all praises for him.
Kalra: What are u saying?
One: We are speaking the truth bhai. U were not there otherwise u too have praised him. He is really a gem. The way he escaped fooling that Shaurya Khanna and Deepika Ghosh was amazing.
Kalra: If that so, i will be very proud to say that now u r a part of our gang. We really need someone like u.
Pratham(totally glad): Thanks a lot. But i am sorry i failed in saving Raghu and all from CB.
Kalra: Oh don't worry. They were not important. They all were a burden.
Pratham: But bhai, i had told u earlier that someone amongst us is a police informer and the same person has informed the CB offficials about my position today.
Kalra: I know Pratham. But at that time i didn't beleive u but now u have proved your loyalty towards me. Now it's your job to find that person and bring him in front of me. After that i will decide what to do with him.
Pratham: Don't worry bhai. Now it's my headache to find him.

In CB office, Shaurya was still busy with the address dropped from Pratham's pocket.
Shaurya: It must be something, otherwise what it was doing in a pocket of man like Pratham. I have to find out.
Thinking this, he entered into Deepika's cabin and they all agreed to check that address.
After some time, they all were  at the particular address.They were about to get inside when they saw a car coming towards them and all of them hides behind a wall.
Mahi: Who are these people?
Deepika: We have to wait and watch.
They all were looking like goons having guns with all of them.
Shaurya: I think they are going for something wrong. Let's stop them.
He was about to getout when Deepika stops him.
Deepika: Not so early. First we have to understand the whole matter.
The goons enters into the house and Shaurya, Deepika and Mahi were trying to listen the voices coming from inside. With the help of that, they found out that there was a man inside the house who is none other than Hari, Mr. & Mrs. Grover;s servant who has been missing since the time of their death.
Hari: Kalra bhai has sent u to save me. I knew he will save me from police .
One of the goons: Bhai has sent us but not to save u.
Hari: What do u mean?
The same guy: You have done your work. Now u are useless for us and a big trouble if u got trapped by police or CB. And Kalra bhai does not like obstacles. So good bye.
Hari: Please leave me. I promise i will not tell anything to anyone.
G: I truly beleive u. Because u will not be able to tell anything to anyone.
Saying this, he was about to pull the trigger of his gun when the door behind them got banged and Shaurya enters inside with Mahi and Deepika.
Shaurya: Keep your guns down and Hands up all of u. Or we will shoot.
Everyone was stunned.
Shaurya(looking at Hari in anger): So u r Hari. We were searching for u from  a long time.
One of the goons tried to pick up the gun n Deepika shoots him right on his hand.
Deepika: U all have to come with us.
Deepika , Mahi and Shaurya moves from there with all of them.

Shaurya takes Hari and the leader of the goons named Kaka into the remand room n beats them terribly.
Shaurya: Now u have to tell me the address of Kalra and Pratham otherwise  be ready to die.
Hari: i am telling u the truth . I really don't know anything.
Shaurya(To Kaka):And u?
Kaka: i am not going to tell u anything.
Shaurya(fuming with anger)Ok then. U two are not of my use. (Taking out his knife and showing it to Hari): You know. i just hate backstabbers and i think peoples like u don't have any right to live.
Saying this, he scratched the vein of Hari's right hand  with his knife and blood starts flowing from it and Hari screams with pain and with the fear of death.
Shaurya: U know, as the time will pass , the flow of blood will increase and u will be dead sitting right here in front of me.
Saying this, he starts moving towards Kaka who was already terrified by hari's condition.
Shaurya: I think i hate u too. He was about to do the same with him when Kaka stops him with fear.
Kaka: Please stop.I will tell u everything i know.
Shaurya(with a killing smile on his face)That's like a good boy.
After sometime, Shaurya came out and enters into Deepika's cabin and found Mahi sitting there.
Shaurya: Deepika. Kaka has told me everything. Let's go and attack Kalra's den.
Deepika: That's all right Shaurya. But what have u done with Hari?
Shaurya(looking at Mahi): Oh u have already told her everything.
Deepika: don't look at her like this Shaurya. U know very well that i don't like such type of practices .
Shaurya: They were not ready to tell anything that's why  i was bound to do so.
Mahi: There were still other methods. U don't have to try to kill someone to know something.
Shaurya(totally frustrated): If that so, why don't u told me about those methods at that time. (To Deepika) Sorry Deepika, i know u know u don't like these methods but i don't find anything wrong in doing wrong with these criminals. If u find it worng, u can fire me from my job, i will not complain. But i can't sympathisize with criminals like Hari and Kaka.
Saying this, he was abbout to leave when deepika stops him.
Deepika: Where  r u going?
Shaurya: Kaka has told me about some important places of Kalra where he keeps his smuggling material and other stuff like ammunations and i am going to destroy those.
Before Deepika could say anything else, Shaurya has already left the cabin.
Mahi: Maam i think we should stop him otherwise he will be in danger.
Deepika:Let him go Mahi. He will not stop right now. But first we have to inform the commisioner about what we have found.

Meanwhile, Kalra comes to know about the arrest of Kaka with his gang.
Kalra: Oh god, these people can't do anything in the right manner . Now what should we do?
At the same time, a person enters and informs Kalra that Shaurya Khanna has destroyed his two godowns in Malad.
Kalra: Oh god, this Shaurya Khanna has become a pain in my neck. (To his goons)If u guys have full confidence on your manhood , just kill this Shaurya Khanna till evening. I want to see him dead. Now go.
The goons were about to leave when Pratham stops them.
Pratham: Bhai. I want to go with them.
Kalra: You? But why?
Pratham: You know he is in malad right now and the way he is destorying your godown , it is evident that Kaka has told him everything about u and your godowns. So he must be moving towards your third godown in Malad. I can handle him easily there.
Kalra; Oh yes, how could i forgot about u? Go there and bring me his deadbody.
Pratham: As u say bhai.
Saying this, he leaves from there with the goons.
Meanwhile, Deepika received a phone call in her cabin.
Deepika: Hello.
Arpit: Hello. Deepika. It's Arpit here. Just reach at the address  i am going to give u right now.
Saying this, he gives her the address.
Deepika: But......
Before she could ask anything from him, the phone gets disconnected.
Deepika: Mahi, we have to leave right now.
Saying this, they leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Shaurya has come out of the third godown destroying it completely and was moving towards his car when pratham reached there with his goons. Shaurya watched him and his eyes starts flashing with anger finding pratham there.
Pratham: Stop there Shaurya.
Shaurya: I knew very well that Kalra will sent u to stop me but today u too will not be able to escape from my hands.
Saying this, he took out his revolver and points it towards Pratham and the goons and the goons too took their positions  along with Pratham and firing starts from both sides.
Shaurya was firing non stop and the goons too were ready for him.
After sometime, Pratham looks at one of the goons with him carefully who was firing like hell. It was very difficult for Shaurya to shoot him as he was standing behind a tree.But Pratham finds much easier to shoot him
Pratham takes his aim and shoots from his revolver. The bullet makes it's way right into the goon's head and he falls down on the ground .
The rest of the two goons were stunned along with Shaurya and taking advantage of that Pratham shoots another fire and another goon falls down.
The last goon changed his direction and was about to shoot Pratham when the bullet form Shaurya's gun finds target in his heart and he too falls down.
Pratham looked at Shaurya and smiled whereas Shaurya was stunned and confused.
Pratham: Thanks for saving my life buddy.
Shaurya: Who are u? I was a little bit confused since we met for the first time. U looked like a gangster but i am a little bit confused when i got this from where u left.
Saying this, he took out the address he found from outside the Daredevil club.
Shaurya: I know very well that u have left it there intentionally because a person like u can't make a mistake like that.
Pratham again gives his cute smile .
Pratham; Even wiser persons make mistake sometimes Shaurya. But u r right . I have left it there intentionally so that u could find Hari and save him from Kalra's goons.
Shaurya : But who are u?
Pratham took out his ID card and showed it to Shaurya and Shaurya was stunned.
Pratham: ACP of Mumbai police. Arpit Bajaj.
At the same time. Deepika and Mahi reached there and took out their guns and points them on Pratham.
Deepika: U r underarrest Mr. Pratham. Shaurya, are u all right?
Shaurya: yes Deepika. I am fine. And please keep your gun down. He is our friend and not enemy.
Mahi: What are u saying Shaurya?
Arpit: He is right Miss Mahi. I am the person who has called u here.
Saying this, he shows them his ID Card and they both were stunned.
Shaurya: But what's all this Pratham Mittal and all?
Arpit: i will tell u everything, but first we have to leave this place as it is not safe anymore.
Saying this, they all leaves from there.

After sometime, they were sitting at a safe place.
Shaurya: Yes Arpit. Now tell us everything from the begining.
Arpit: yes sure. As u know very well that i am working on this Kalra case since a long time so i have planned to work against them by becoming one of them. That's why i have to do all this drama for becoming Pratham Mittal . After becoming Pratham Mittal , it was very easy for me to find out about Kalra's plans and to inform about them to police . But it was my badluck that Kalra had a little suspision on me and send me to Delhi along with his goons for some diffrent work with his goons and thatss why i failed in saving Mr & Mrs. Grover's life. I had informed my department about that but u know how Mumabi police works, that's why when i came to know about their death i decided to resign but commisioner sir reminded me of my mission and promised me that he will give this case to CB and that's why i stayed. But my problems had not ended. Kalra was still having doubt on me, that's why i played that game with u all and informed u about Pratham Mittal in the dare devil club. The police u saw there were actually my colleagues and it was all my plan that's why the bombs were duplicate. After that incident, i got full trust of Kalra and now it's much easier for me to work against him.
Mahi: Ok Mr. Arpit. But now what? I think we should get Kalra now.
Arpit: No, i have worked with Kalra and i know almost everything about him. That's why we have to wiat for tonight because tonight Kalra is going to have a big deal tonight. And we can catch him with all the proofs.
Shaurya: I think u r right Arpit. But what about u? What will u say to Kalra about our encounter.
Arpit: Don't worry about tht. Leave it to me.
Deepika: Ok then, we will wait for tonight.
Saying this, they all leaved from there.


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cute Aleesha Senior Member
cute Aleesha
cute Aleesha

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Posted: 04 June 2007 at 4:51pm | IP Logged
cool. this fanfic is quite different from others . i luved it. Clap
Do u update ur fanfic evryday or once in a week?
AKForever Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2007 at 6:14pm | IP Logged
great part Clap Clap
sunny8410M Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2007 at 6:32pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by cute Aleesha

cool. this fanfic is quite different from others . i luved it. Clap
Do u update ur fanfic evryday or once in a week?

thanks a lot for comments.SmileI update it in every two or three days

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