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Hi fan fiction readers

Ok another short 8 piece story!! and seriously this is going to be the last one!!..then my bhoot will visit this place once in a while!!Smile..me gone!!

Please no moaning and PM's as i have been in PM hell for the last week!!CryCry

This one too will be very different and i hope you guys are not getting bored of my writing and stories!!

This week has really been an eyeopener for me!! learn alot about his place!!

I am hoping to finish all off my three storys by the end of June 2007...then it's going to be back to my SRK and Hritrik obsession... of cause i have my man to keep me entertained!! (batman)Wink... I have to make sure he uploads my ipod with romantic tunes as i can't write other wise!! *Big Sigh*Embarrassed..

Pillowtalk i here u say!!! well a romantic tale will be post soon be ready!!

yours truely


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Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

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Pillowtalk by Kat

Part 1

Hearing the familiar ring she reached over towards the bedside table moaning as she picked up the mobile phone…. "helllo"

"Hi it's me!" still half asleep pulled up the covers and snuggled in the warmth of the covers.

"me who?"

"Shiv! Are you awake?"


"Gauri get up yaar I have to talk to you!" she slowly opened her eyes and looked over towards the clock! And closed them again this time annoyed.

"Yaar it's 2am…friggin hell Shiv I have a maths exam in the morning and you call me at this hour?"

"I am in love!" she let out a sigh and turned over still asleep.

"Sounds nice ..why don't you email me the details! Ok good night!"

"But's its only early here in London and I can't sleep have to tell someone!"

"Shiv I can't keep up with your love life anymore!..just email me!" now she was now awake and annoyed.

"What ?"

"Yeah well two weeks ago you told me the same thing Neha or Sneha I can't remember!" Every month it was the same she though looking at the clock.

"Oh I emailed you last week telling you she got obsessive and was freaking me out telling what to eat and wear…dame I was getting nightmares seriously!! So I dumped her!"

"Sorry I forgot..ok good night email me yaar let me sleep and dream about this maths exam which I have to pass!"

"Come on yaar! Listen I meet her at a party today her name is Ipshita… She so sweet and her eyes It was love at first sight …"

"Shiv lovely as it sound email me! Now good night!" every month it was the same story how he fell in love at first sight and when they got serious he would dump them seriously you would think he had nothing better to do!

"ok you free in the afternoon right as I will be at uni at that time so I instant message you like always!"

"yeah cool goodnight!!" she closed her eyes

"Sweet dream chipkile!"

"Shut up you Bandar! Good night!" she smile remembering her childhood with him and placed the phone on the bedside table and turned to get some sleep.

"Oye Aashta what was that for!" she moaned as the pillow hit her on the face.

"For waking me up! Can't that boyfriend of your call you in the morning?"

"Hey I have told you before he is not my boyfriend but my best friend and lives in London and it's still evening there.."

"Yeah yeah… you grew up together and he left with the family to go to London when you were 8years old and you have never met since but talk on the phone everyday email each other…sound like a boyfriend more then a friend!"

"Aashta go to sleep!" she rolled her eyes and turned over I hate living in this hostel she though pulling up the covers

"Thanks to you boyfriend I can't sleep…does he not now it's exam time here!"

"Aashta shut up and go to sleep!"

Gauri smiled as she log onto the computer in the library as he was online as usual.

Shiv69 : how was the exam?Smile

Kolkatta_girl: I think I did ok! Hope I get the mark so I can do my MBAEmbarrassed

Shiv69: Hey you will get it and then you can study here!Wink

Kolkatta_girl: Yeah hope so. So new girlfriend?Smile

Shiv69: Yeeaahhh really babe!Heart

She rolled her eyes and shock her head.

Shiv69: I think she the one…I have a feeling! Can't explain?Hug

Kolkatta_girl: sure it's not flu?LOLLOL

Shiv69: chipkile u serious have never been in love and would not know!! I pity the poor man stuck with you seriously!!Confused

Kolkatta_girl: oye Bandar! You have no idea what I get up to here I have admires here!Embarrassed

Shiv69: like who?Shocked

She looked around the library and saw Anupam and smiled.

Kolkatta_girl: there this guy asking me for a date all the time his name is Anupam!Day Dreaming

Shiv69: Anu wot? Sounds gay!Dead

Kolkatta_girl: No way the most attractive guy at college!! Dreamy and sexy!!Embarrassed

Shiv69: Yeah as if!! Poor guy has not seen you yet!!LOL

Kolkatta_girl: hey you not seen me either I'm not that cubby girl anymore!!AngryAngry

Shiv69: Moto!! LOL… poor guy would be penniless if he took you out on a date as you eat for the entire kolkatta massive! LOLLOL

Kolkatta_girl: Hey!! AngryAngry when u see me you will be speechless!WinkEmbarrassed

Shiv69: As if! Ok gtg next lesson will call you when I have been out with Ipshita for our first official date!..oh btw mum and dad are coming to India soon…I will talk later!! Cya

Kolkatta_girl: Wot when?Shocked

Shiv69: offline

She smiled as she walked into the dorm when her mobile rang……

Aastha took hold of Gauri as she cried not knowing what had upset her so much.

"Baba's not well and I have to go! Kaaya said it serious this time he had another heat attack!"

"Ok listen! I will get the train ticket and you get your stuff together and speak to Mrs Saxena she will help you with the college and stuff…….


Part 2

Feeling numb she just held onto Kaaya for comfort as they just stared at Baba as he lay in bed. It had been a week now and his condition was still the same he was all they had and she glanced over at Kaaya how just held her for dear life.

"Kaaya why don't you go home and get some rest."

"Di I can't go home as the house is empty and suffocates me," her voice quivered as she spoke.

"Why don't you both go home!" they turned to see Mahen and Nihkila enter the room.

Seeing them they got up and hugged them as they looked over at Baba.

"Baba he's…"

"We know we spoken to the doctors as soon as we arrived" Mahen walked over towards Alok and looked at him.

"Come on yaar you can leave me just yet we have a chess game to finish…Nikhila I think he is scared to lose" he said looking at him.

Gauri smiled as she remember the unfinished game sitting in the study left all those years ago. Baba took great pride ensuring the game was clean and ready for Mahen when he got back.

"So when I am dieing you come to see me Mahen" Baba whispered tearfully at Mahen.

Mahen took hold of his friends hand and looked over at the girls in tears.

"You die! not before we finish our game… I will final bet you then you can die"

"No chance! so your back to loose again!" they chucked as they looked at each other.

"See girls he just acting we will have him out of her in no time…Nikhila why don't you take the girls home I will stay her with Alok we have some catching up to do"……

"Gauri Shiv sent you this!" Gauri looked at the ipaq in her hand.

"He's been worried sick when Aashta told him about Alok Ji! He was unable to call you and was really concerned.. We told him that once we arrived we will make sure you call him! With his MBA finals he was unable to come…"

"I know he very busy revising and preparing at this time… I actually fasted for him to past!" Nikhila looked at her and smiled.

"Why don't you call him! Kaaya beta let me show you to your room in the haveli!"

"Hi Shiv!"

"I am not talking to you!…."

"Ok I will call you later" she said tearfully

"Oye Chipkali don't even think about putting the phone down!" he sounded very upset.

"You crying!…stop nodding you fool. Tell me how is baba?"

"He serious this time!"

"Nah! He will be ok I promise just a minor set back…you should have called me!"

"It just was crazy the hospital and Kaaya..I.."

"Ok stop making excuses!…Ok now listen careful I have sent u an ipaq and it has the capability to call and email me! So now you can not make any excuse…do you know how worried I was I not eaten properly for days think about you and Baba!" she smiled as she wiped her tears.

"Shiv you not eat not possible! You love your aloo partha's and .."

"Ok now with mom there who going to cook for me as now no one make them like she does so fast food and Shaayla aunties cooking for me until they come back."

"When are they going back…"

"Not until Baba is well and dad finish off some deal!"

"Oh I though you would come with the family…"

"No can do! As I will be helping Darksh Uncle in the office after the exams are finished…Have you eaten muto?"

"Yeah! stop calling me names you bandar!" she smiled

"Cool you sound much better now!…Ok I have to go to my next lesson call you later…oh by the way I sent you Ipshita picture tell me what you thing! Seriously chipkali she is the one…. Bye!"

She turned on the ipaq and looked at Ipshita picture.. She was really beautiful and Gauri smiled thinking how they would look together as Shiv never sent a picture of any one before as she went into the bedroom to rest……

"Baba your looking much better!" she said looking at him in the hospital as he sat up.

" I actually feel much better as Mahen I took away some of my stress!"


"Yes after your exams both you and Kaaya will be moving to London!"

"But Baba?"

"No arguing as we have agreed I will be coming of cause once the rista is completed!"

"Rista?" she looked at him as he smiled happily

"yeah your going to marry Shiv and Kaaya will marry Vivan!"

"What baba? but…"

"No buts as we have agreed to everything…"

She sat in the bedroom and looked at Ipshita picture in the iqap…Shiv really likes her I going to have to tell him about there plan and we going to have to sort this mess out some how……


Part 3


She looked over at baba as he was fast sleep his health was getting better and he looked as if the stress and worry was now over. She thought about what he said about her wedding to Shiv and was still unsure why they had made there decision baba knew he was only a friend and never thought about him in such away.. But did Shiv feel something else for her.. The question played her mind all day….

"Gauri! Kaaya! Bacha sit down I want to ask you something!" they looked at each other nervously as they sat down looking at the worried look on badi ma's face.

"See Vivaan is happy to marry you Kaaya and I want to know if you are happy with this relationship I do not want you to feel forced by the decision both Shayla and Vivaan are happy with this rista."

Gauri looked at Kaaya as she blushed and smiled.

"What baba has decided I am happy with!" Gauri stared at Nihila as a big smile spread across her face.

"Gauri what about you? Are you happy with your rista with Shiv?" now how was she going to respond to that as she only saw him as a friend….

"Gauri beta we have not told Shiv yet about the rista and have approached you first.. You know Shiv better then anyone and know how to handle him…he talks to you everyday and we know how much he care and loves you…"

"As a friend badima!" she looked at the look on Nikhila's face as she stopped.

"I see him as a friends and…"

"I think there is more to it Gauri both of you are constantly on the phone to each other, emailing chatting and we know he can't cope without talking to you the bond you share is more then friendship…"

"No it's friendship!"

"ok why don't you take sometime to think it over and you can tell me before Mahen and I head back to London next week." Gauri looked at her confused to what did she want as a response.

"Badi ma?"

"your worried about all those girls he see that it!" she said

Gauri stared at her and shock her head.


"because he tells you everything right! …well all now what he is looking for and that is you…face it in every relationship he is looking for the love and support which you offer…and we know you are what he needs!" Gauri stared at Nikhila as she left the room.

"Come on didi you know each other so well but what the problem?" Kaya asked

"I have never looked or felt that way about him!" she replied getting up.

"Well didi it's about time you started too…………

Gauri lay wake in bed as she could not sleep when suddenly he phone rang looking at the time she knew it was him.

"Gauri! You up?" he asked

"Yeah Shiv! How are you?"

"Ipshita is great seriously Gauri I think she maybe the one" she felt a pain in her heart but smiled as she was happy for him.

"We went to my favourite restaurant and we just talked about everything …it was as if she knew me like you do!"

"That nice…tell me Shiv honesty what do you look for in a person…who you ant to share your life with?"

There was a long pause…..

"You seeing someone?" she could feel his voice quiver and smiled

"Yeah kind of ..but …"

"What is his name?" he asked


"That Anupam guy right!"

"Yes!" she lied


"So tell me what do you look for Shiv? I have never been out with anyone before?"

"Make sure he is not after one thing and…"

"One thing?"

"Uh…some guys just use girls…"

"You're not like that are you Shiv?"

"No! I stay in my limit!"

"Ok! Good so tell me?"

"Well personally I like them to be honesty, sincere and share a good sense of humour can't stand shy girls as they are to much hard work."

"So I should be a chatterbox then?"

"No just be yourself! He will like you!"

"Ok! So you're going to tell ipshita how you feel about her?"

"No I will wait go out with her for a few more times to make my mind up!"

"Ok! I am going to be busy for the next few months as my exams will start and will not be online much…and…"


"Well you have Ipshita and your friends…and I will be…"

"With Anupam!"

"Yeah kind of he's helping me with my Maths and Sociology…."

"Ok but you will email me and talk on the phone right?"

"Yeah when I get time!" her heart raced and she could feel the tears in her eyes.

"Bye Shiv!"

"Bye Gauri!….the line was dead.

As she turned over in her bed she closed her eyes as a lone ear escaped her eyes.. "I am sorry Shiv but if you want to live a happy life with the person you love, I have to be no where in the equation….."


Part 4

She looked at them as she explained why she could not marry Shiv.

"Look Beta if this is how you fell then we will accept your decision!" She smiled at baba as he placed his hand on her head.

"I guess I can't get you to change your mind?" they turned to see Nikhila look at them not happy by the news.

"No badi ma!" ………

Gauri was back at hostel and it had been 2 weeks and she had so much assignments to get out of the way. As the college had allowed her to catch up but the pressure was on…She need to get the marks to get her MBA that was what she was aiming towards. As she stared at the monitor a message appeared on screen….. "Shiv69 Says hello!" not the panic set in as she was avoiding replying to his emails and msm request. Message popped on the screen again. "chip kali!" a smiled formed on her lips as she clicked the box.

Kolkatta_girl: Hi Shiv

Shiv69: Avoiding me??????OuchOuchCry

Kolkatta_girl: No working my butt off catching up with the assignments plus exams not far awayCry

Shiv69: I thought u were avoiding me even my emails.Cry

Kolkatta_girl: no I got too much on!Ouch

Kolkatta_girl: nothing like that yaar.Embarrassed

Shiv69: K. how are things?Tongue

Kolkatta_girl: baba fine u

Shiv69: everyone is excited about kaaya and Vivaan here they all in wedding modeParty

Kolkatta_girl: well baba is the sameLOL

Kolkatta_girl: Kaaya is happy! LOL

Shiv69: So is vivaan! He not stop smiling since mom and dad came back

Kolkatta_girl: awee how cuteEmbarrassed

Shiv69: huh how anupam?

She froze as she looked at the screen.

Kolkatta_girl: busy too

Shiv69: oh I thought he was helping you out?Confused

Kolkatta_girl; he is but he got exams too..so studying hard

Kolkatta_girl: How ipshita?Smile

Shiv69: Since I finished my MBA and working now. I am trying to find time to see her more.Wink

Kolkatta_girl: you sound busy too

Shiv69: So much to learn about the family business. Plus dad laying on the complicated project on me..I kind of hoping I don't disappoint them.Confused

Kolkatta_girl: You wouldn't Shiv! No matter what they will support you as they love u. u can never disappoint them.Wink

Shiv69: I don't know lately both of them are not in a good mood when I go out with ipshitaConfused

She looked and the sentence and sighed.

Kolkatta_girl: maybe if you explained how you felt about her they would

Shiv69: I don't know what I am feeling?? Confused

Kolkatta_girl: only u can answer that one Shiv

Shiv69: I know but I'm still getting to know her more

Kolkatta_girl: explain that to badi ma she will understand

Shiv69: yeah ur right.Smile

Kolkatta_girl: K I have to go as I have to finish off the assignments I have pending.Dead

Shiv69: can I call u????later Wink

Kolkatta_girl: Shiv

Shiv69: not hear your voice??? Yaar I miss U!!!CryCryCry

She felt a pain in her heart as she missed the sound of his soft gentle husky voice too…..

Kolkatta_girl: I really

Shiv69: Come on I need to aleast have a humanly converstaion with u!!Not cyber one!!EmbarrassedOuchCry

Kolkatta_girl: Ok on Sunday around 9pm India time.

Shiv69: Cool Sunday I'm going out with ipshita and will call u before I leave the house.Thumbs UpCoolClap

Kolkatta_girl: Ok have funLOL

Shiv: cya

Kolkatta_girl: Bandar!!Wink

Shi69: I let u off this time but will not spare u on Sunday!

Kolkatta_girl: ha ha I will WIN!LOL

Shiv: Ok will seeEmbarrassed

Kolkatta_girl: bye

Shiv69: bye xxx

As she stared at the last message xxx he never done that before? She thought signing out.

The week was final over and it was Sunday. The day she could take the evening off as a break the Monday she was going to hit the book again as only 2 assignments where let to finish but were botyh completed. As she looked at herself in the mirror in the morning the phone rang.




"It's Badi ma!"

"Namaeste badi ma everything ok!" Gauri did not like the tone of her voice it made her uneasy.

"I wanted to tell you Shiv is now fixed to marry Ipshita………


Part 5


"Di what about this one!" Gauri turned to see Kaaya hold the shervani and shook her head.

"Come on Di you know Shiv better then anyone so what type of wedding outfit is he requesting?" Gauri let out a sigh and looked over and Kaaya who was just looking at her searching for answers.

"He just said remember that promise when we were little that I would dress him as a broom and he would dress me as a bride…."

"That so cute! Wow I still can't get over how time is flying we will be in London next month and then shiv is getting married and then…." Gauri looked at her as she stopped and looked upset.

"Whats wrong?"

"I'm going to be alone and you and baba will be here and…"

"Alone of course not you will have Vivaan, badi ma and the rest of the famil…me and baba…" they looked at each other as there eyes swelled up both holding back there tears.

"Madam how about this!"


"Hi Shiv! How are your?"

"Tired long day at the office and the house is all geared up for the weddings…I come home and mom has me doing all types of chores. I'm fed up yaar!"

She rolled over in her bed and looked at the clock flash 11:34pm and heard him let out a sigh.

"Well it's a busy time for everyone and lots need to be done for the wedding!"

"So when you coming?"

"Well baba and Kaaya are coming 2 weeks early and im arriving on the wedding day!"

"WHAT? You're joking right? I mean I wanted to spend some time together before I got married catch up like and

"Shiv when baba was ill many of my studies were oh hold and my last exam is on the Friday before the wedding on Saturday…"

"Dame Gauri that ruined my plans of showing you London and…."

"hey many be you and Ipshita can show me…"

"Sorry Gauri but on Sunday we fly out!"

"Oh! I see never mind im sure I well get to see it anyway!"

"So there is no way you can come early?"

"No sorry Shiv!"

"Chipkali sometimes I don't know what im going to do with you?"

A smile formed on her lips and she snuggled up in bed….

"Vivaan said you have my things and…"

"Yeah all shipped of I hope you like it!"

"I'm sure I will love it Gauri! You never let me down and what ever you have chosen will be beautiful like you." her heart raced as his voice boomed into her ears he had never spoken to her in that manner before and was get a feeling on nervousness

"Bandar!" she said hinding her nervousness

"ha ha!"

"So how ipshita ?"

"She moaning typical woman we not married yet and she complaining already about me not spending any time together!"

"Well are you!"

"No dads got me busting my gut in the office and mom got me pinned doing her jobs! Whats a man got to do!"

"he he Shiv your in demand!"

"Yeah but I will always have time to you Gauri no matter what!… hey got to go moms just walked in! Catch you laters… bye honey!"

"Honey?" he has never called me that before… "Always have time for me?" as the mobile down . She snuggled up in bed and looked around the room. Aasta had gone home to her folks that weekend and she was alone in the room and did not like it! The lone less in the room was screaming at her and the room was closing in …….

"whats the matter?" she turned to see Aasta look at her staring at the window.

"Kaaya leaving is going to feel strange and then I'm going to be studying in London and then baba will be completely alone.

"So study here in India….

"You serious gauri!" she held the phone to her ear

"yeah I have been think about it for sometime now Shiv!"

"Liar! Your scared about leaving baba on his own!… I know how you think madam…"

"But Shiv!"

"What do you think you have made your decision and baba will just say ok ..you're wrong we all know how he been telling everyone he is sending you to London to study and your going to break his and your own heart!"

"shiv you have to understand he not will and …"

"Fine as soon as baba comes with Kaaya he stay with us you happy! Dame gauri we…"

"We what Shiv?"

"Were best friend and know how each other feels about everything and as friends we need to help come to a conclusion together…dame Gauri think about yourself for once will ya!

"Baba will not agree…"

"you leave baba to me…Now do not worry that pretty little head of you're as your going to get a headache!…hehe!"


"ok one more thing if you do not turn up to the wedding I'm not getting married I have already told everyone!"

"Oh Shiv please!"

"No im deadly serious and…"

"What about ipshita?"

" I told her without my best friend I will not sit at the mandap!"

"Shiv that stupid"

"No everyone knows where I stand on the matter!..so you better get yourself over her ASAP or else"

"Or what!"

"I will come to India and drag you to London!"

"your going mad!"

"No! I'm deadly serious!"

"Ok BABA you happy I will be ther with bells on! Jez Shiv you're losing it!

"ok when you come ring twice so we can hear ya! Chipkali your mental…. Ok now that's over im off to mine and vivaan bachlor party…my last night as a free man dame!"

"Ok have a great time and… don't drink to much!"

"yes miss ! Anything else!"

"yeah shut up!"

"Yes miss!…ok bye I call you tomorrow ok!"……..



Part 6


She waved at Baba and Kaaya as they disappeared thought security as her eyes filled up… they were a close family and when she was apart from them for too long it hurt.

As she walked towards the taxi stand…..placing the phone to her ear.

"Hello is this Gauri Kapoor!"
"We have been advised to inform you that your final exam has be re scheduled for Monday 27th…sorry for the inconvenience but one of the examiners has had a bereavement in the family and we are notifying the candidates today. If you have any enquires please contact the main college office. Thank you.

Numb and in shock the line disconnected……

Shiv69: well u all ready to see us?
She stared at the screen with tears running down her face.. she wiped her tears and placed her hands on the keyboard.
Kolkatta_girl: Shiv my (she hesitated)
~Shiv sent nudge~
Shiv my final exam has been postponed till Monday…and im not going to be able to attend Kaya's or you're weddings

She stared at the pc for a response…….. She looked at her mobile at it rang in the bottom of her bag.

"Gauri you serious?"
As the tears ran down her face she felt the lump in her throat as she opened her mouth her words would not register…
"Ok stop crying!….Gauri!"
"Huh Sh…iv! I…."
"Ok Gauri listen to me this is just bad luck that's all!..uh Please stop crying lets see if together we can find a solution here."
"I have tried everything and they say Monday is the only option…"
"Ok I will talk to the families and move the wedding forward…"
"No Shiv everything is planned and …"
"But Shiv!"
"No we promised each other that we will be present at each other wedding…"
"Shiv be practical and think about how much time everyone has put in…you can't stop the wedding for me..these things happen…and…"

"NO! I will not hear what are you saying?… listen Gauri I want you here you being present at my marriage means a lot to me and…"

"Shiv stop it!.. I'm not coming and that is final! I will not left your dream of marring someone that you love and want to spend the reset of your life with halt because of me..if you are my best friend you would respect my decision and understand that this is what is meant to be…"

"Respect Gauri It's my wish that you're here at my wedding we promised each other and…"

"Shiv? We were 7 years old when we made that promise and you have a much bigger promise to Ipshita who loves you and is looking forwards to spending her life with you.. Every girl dreams of her wedding day and now your going to be breaking her heart…our promise is meaningless if it means hurting the people we love…it is hard for me too Shiv…im going to miss the wedding of the two people I love the most Kaaya and you…."

"Gauri this sucks yaar!..and I need you here I don't think I can go thought with it without you…" She sensed how upset he was on the phone.

"What you mean shiv? Of course you can look this is what you wanted?"

"Yeah I know but I'm feeling nervous what if I can't be the person everyone wants to be…what if I…"

"Stop it Shiv!…We all love you regardless and Ipshita loves you too right so what's the problem…now I do not want you thinking like that you hear.. I want to hear my best friend being happy and not worrying over me!…im fine and will still be coming to London on Tuesday instead I have changed my flight …so you may get to meet me!"

"I do not know what to say I'm feeling more hurt and disappointed then anything..I was looking forwards in seeing you here finally…but.."

"Shiv look forward what has happened has happened…maybe we were never meant to see each other…maybe this is gods way….." as the tears ran down her face you heard the silence on the phone.

"I always believed that I was blessed to have a friend like you who I could share everything with Gauri… I love you and you will always be my best friend…"

"Shiv I love you too but now you have to let me go…." The line went dead.

"Gauri…I !"

"No Shiv I want you to be always happy and have the life you always dream of with that person whom you love.. Now promise me no more talk about stopping any wedding and I want my best friend to get married!"

"Ok Gauri I promise!"

"Bye Shiv tell baba and Kaaya to call me when they land please …I need to inform them myself..please!"

"Ok! But this sucks chip kali!"

"I know! Good bye Shiv! I pray you always be happy!"…..

Asatha looked at Gauri as she stared out the window "Why did you not tell them that the exam can be taken in a months time instead?"

Tears ran down her face as she turned to look at her…

"Because I love him and can not bear to see him get married to anyone else….."



Part 7


"Hi Kaaya congratulation!"

"Thanks Didi…I missed you here in fact we all missed you here!…"

"Kaaya please don't be upset if I could be there I would have…"

"I know but baba and I missed you loads…and so did Shiv…"

As her eyes watered up she could feel her heart ache as she opened her month.

"How did he look Kaaya?"

"Fine Didi.. Both of them looked nice.."

"But he was not all that happy at the mandap as he performed the ritual..we could all tell he was somewhere else…."

"How was Ipshita?"

"Very nice didi..she was really sweet everyone likes her a lot..She looked really nice at the mandap in gold!"

"Yeah Shiv mentioned she was wearing gold…"

"Didi I have to go we leaving for Paris and then Switzerland.."

"Ok give my love to Baba and say hello to everyone for me…Ok!"

"I will di! I really wished you where here I feel alone and…"

"Duffer what you mean alone…your going to spend the rest of your life with the man you love now stop complaining and good start this joruney happy with Vivaan…Ok!"

"Thanks Di I really need to here that from you… I will call you when we get to Paris..Ok"

"Kaaya forget about me and have fun I will be fine….."

She looked at the clock as she time was nearly over and the examiner placed his book on the table to look over at everyone…

"You have 5more minutes everyone then its pencils down!" ….

She let out a sigh her heart was not really into taking the exam and she knew she did Ok but it to get the pass …….

"Hi Gauri!"

"Shiv?" surprised to here his voice she placed the mobile to her phone.

"Well you coming to London tomorrow right!"

"Yeah I said I was about 6pm Uk time…"

"Ok could I ask you to get me something?"

"What kind of question is that Shiv just ask? Bandar!"

"OK! Ha ha I want you to get me some files for a project im working on..I will get the office manager Ram to give them to you…"

"yeah sure not a problem…"

"Im not going to be there as we going to New Zealand.."

"Yeah sure"

"Please give the files to dad when you get here…ok!"

"Fine Shiv!"

"Ok I think this will be the last time I will ask you for something…."

As she picked up her suitcase she turned and looked at her room for three years she stayed in the hostel to complete her studies now it was her time to say goodbey to her life here and more on with her life…. As she walked downstairs she was surprised to see everyone smiling at her all ready to say goodbey……

"Aasta im going to miss ya!"

"Well I hope you get want you want for a change..and be true to yourself!"

Gauri hunged her Aasta was the only one who really knew her….

"Madam this is your seat!"

"You sure im not booked in first class!"

"Madam you are Miss Gauri Chaterjee?"

"Yes. Well it courtesy from Mrs Kapoor!"

"Mrs Kapoor? Yes Mrs Nikhila Kapoor.."

"Oh Ok!"

As she sat in her seat she was a stranger come by and place his bags on the over head compartment….something about him was familiar but she did not know what….as he sat down next to her and fasten his seat belt……

"Excuse me! But could I have that business paper?" that voice… no it cant be he's on his honeymoon……


Final part....


She turned to look at him as he fastened his seat belt.. nervously she placed her hands on the air rest this was her first every flight and the butterflies in her stomach were to much to handle…. Closing her eyes she remember Kaaya, Baba and Shiv when he was 9 years old…

 "Bandar! I can't believe you talked me into this" she said under her breathe.

"Excuse me!" opening her eyes she looked at him as he stared at her confused.

"Huh sorry I …"

"Hi this is your Captain Tony Rooke speaking…im afraid we have a slight technical problem and are not going to be taking off until this problem is investigated.. For now I would like all passengers to leave the plane with there hand luggage and proceed towards the exit… into the waiting area. We apologies for the delay…."

"No mum flights been delayed and I will call you when I arrive!" she couldn't help but to notice the way he spoken on the phone as he sat behind her in the waiting area.

That voice was also familiar and so was his telephone manner. Looking in front she noticed everyone on the phone calling there loves ones and decided to do the same.

"No Baba don't worry I will call as soon as I arrive…ok bye!" Placing the phone down she notice two small children cryin and there mother looking very worried.

"No Mummy I want to have some of that juice and not this one..it not nice!" the little girl pointed at the shop opposite as she cried.

There mother stared into space as her eyes filled up… Gauri could tell she was very upset about something and looked at the children as they were trying to get there mother attention in vain.

"Here you go sweetie!" She looked up at him as he handed the girl the juice as he walked over towards them. Everyone was looking at him smiling at the children

Hesitantly the little girl looked over at her mother before looking at the drink of maaza he was holding…

"Mummy will not mind…" he looked over at her as the tears ran down her face. As he turned to look at Gauri sitting opposite them it was as if he's glance made her realize what she had to do.

Gauri gentle sat down next to the crying mother and handed her a tissue… she looked at the stranger who was now amusing the kids with his psp.

"Sorry you must think im…"

"It's ok we all have our moments…."

"My husband Raj …I have left him…im going back to London…." Gauri turned to look at her as she sobbed uncontrollable next to her… Taking hold of her hand she sat there and looked over at the strangler who was staring at them… as the kids were in grossed with playing games…

"He never makes time for us… his business is more important then us… for 6 year I have put up with the being at the end of his list…I have to make an appointment just to be with him…he cares only about making money…we don't matter"

"I am sure he does care for you"

"No we had an argument… he said…"

"Mummy don't cry daddy will come to get us!" the looked at the little girl drink from her drink as she jumped into her mother's lap. Her mother wiped her tears and gave a weak smile to reassure the little girl.

"Gauri sweetie did you say thank you to the nice man…"

"Yeah mom he said his names Shiv and he has this ladies picture on the mobile when she was little…" Gauri stared at the little girl as she placed her head on her mothers shoulder and looked over at the stranger playing with the little boy in his lap.

"Your name is Gauri too." Gauri started at the little girl as her eyes swelled as she nodded and looked over at him as he starting at her…

"Thank you both!" Gauri smiled as they helped the children onto the plane.

"Jatin and Gauri are really sweet…" Shiv placed the sleeply boy into his seat and covered him with a blanket.

"I wish there father paid some attention too…" She said tearfully.

"Maya? Where you going?" they turned to see tall handsome man standing there taking hold of her hand.


"Well I had to get them to stop this flight just to get here!"

"Daddy!" the kids looked up to see him smiling at them.

"Jatin! Gauri!" He picked them up and smiled at he looked over at Maya still shocked by what she just heard.

"Are you coming to see Dadu to daddy!"

"Yes I was just packing my suitcase your mummy forgot…Now get into your seats please… Maya!" he took hold of her in his arms…

"I was 12 year old when I knew you would be my wife…I love you since then…how can you think I don't…. mittu you're so crazy!…I would follow you to the ends of the world!"….

Shiv took hold of Gauri's hand and lead her to there seats on the plane. The silence was uncomfortable between them as neither one knew what to say..

"How badi ma?"

"Fine…You're not going to ask how I am chipkali?" tears ran down her face as she tuned away to look at the window.

"Hey! Why are you crying? Did you think I could ever…" He took hold of her and held her in his arms…

"You lied to me and…"

"I love you….Sorry I wanted to know how you felt and when I spoke to Aasta she told me how you could have extend the exam but didn't as ….you love me too!"


"Like Anupam she does not exist!"

"You Bandar….I could!" He pulled her close to him and kissed her………


"Jaan?" She let out a sigh and looked over at the clock

"Shiv its 2am! I just got the baby to sleep im shattered!"

"Honey! Give Shanti a kiss from me… and a big kiss to her mother"

"Shiv when you coming home?"

"Get up!" She raised her head from the pillow to see him tiptoes towards shanti cot…

"She looks like you!" he said turning to see her by his side.

"She has your smile!" she whispered as he lead her toward the bed.

"I'm…complete free for the next 2 months no more work…I want to cherish this time with you and Shanti.." He took hold of her in his arms and kissed her….

"Now do you want me to explain 69 again or……"

"Bandar stop it!" She buried her head in his embrace in embarrassment.

"I love you Gauri never forget that!"

"I know now!"


Love KatEmbarrassed









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rupi b IF-Dazzler
rupi b
rupi b

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cant wait to read it...u seem really dissapointed in the forum what happened? Confused

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kat dii

even i am eager to read your new story!!~!!
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wow another fanfic...can't wait to read it...hrithik obssesion i also have that Embarrassed
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woopie a new s-h-toryyy!! Big smile Big smile Big smile
Pillowtalk??hmm sounds interesting Tongue
Can't wait to read the 1st part you little writing genious you Big smile
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wow Kat!!!another fanfic!!!waiting for u to start Big smile !!!I am sure it wud be awesome like ur other stories!!!
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will be waitin......
interestin title.....

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