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Apsara. IF-Dazzler

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Joined: 03 January 2007
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Posted: 15 May 2007 at 5:15am | IP Logged

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Kai. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 February 2007
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Posted: 15 May 2007 at 5:51am | IP Logged

Kai in red

Originally posted by *Jr.Nancy_drew*

Originally posted by Kai_Hiwatari

Ok this Kai creation no copy or paste Embarrassed Look like abhy did not pay attn to this ...that 's y list so takes a hell of time to typeDead
Bells ringing ..DING -DONG        DING -DONG
Trumpets blowing...   Party Party   PartyParty   
Its the most auspicious time for kai to grill the new BAKARI *ahem* Abhy
Cholo let's start

**What does ur name mean?? It means 'full of desire'  the full form of abhyEmbarrassed

**How did u come up with ur username?? come on dear you know it already yeahLOL

**When did u 1st start watching PRc?? after my friend described the beauty of Rajat ....wah...LOL

**How is life outside IF?? less troublesome LOL no kaiLOL

**Ur fav section on IF?? forum games & prc

**Ur fav: members from PRC section (any 10) can't decide all are my favEmbarrassed don't want any probs afterwardsLOL

**ur fav character in PRC & y?? Vanraj Soalnki! coz hez too good and will definetely give a chase for Prithvi ..yeap i agreeEmbarrassed

**Ur fav dialogue in PRC The one Prithvi said in friday's episode"Ye ladki ya toophan kabhi ek taraf se baithi nahi" LOL ..when was thisConfused

**Ur fav scene in PRC all scenes of Koteshwar Yatra same to sameEmbarrassed

First thing that comes to ur mind:
Pari: helpful yeap she is more sweet i guess
Lash: good writer ..yeap..gud chose of words
Ket: angel.....oh Ouch
Jojo: crazy over Rajat....yeap..even asked RT will u marry meLOL
Shruthi: crazy over Rajat...after all best frndsLOL
Divya: good updater ..yeap
Latifa di: beautiful,cute,lovely..very angel
Dilbagh: funny..& very helpfulWink
Kai: umm.....sweetly evil or evilly sweet? cud describe me betterClap
Priyaa: good viewbie

**Wht was ur 1st post?? It was the 1 introducing myself...didn't know that wasn't allowed u too have ur sets of closed topicsLOL

**Who sent u a 1st PM?? Divya74.....I miss her very much now ideaConfused

**How many times did ur dabba get full 3 times..hailaa..mine got full 5 times

**The weirdest PM u have received?? kets di's titled 'grr'..ouch

**The sweest PM u have received?? every pm I think ..even kai'sLOL

**which member in PRC do u think:
Helpful Pari,Lakshmi di,Anu & Annu di,latifa di..too many anu in PRCLOL
Naughty won't I fit here? Tongueboth of usWink
Trouble maker It is 101% Kai Hiwatari...hey me annocent angel.okWink
Mysterious I think no one is Confused...Kai can fit inLOL
Witty ahem ahem ..talking abt urselfLOL
Split personality Kets di LOL she sounds so sweet but the next day Ouch 
Sweet Aanchal...Kai no sweetCry

**Y do u like Hrithik so much..describe him on 3 words?? his build Embarrassed his eyes,his cute face......3 words? ok sorta innocent,tall,great actor

**Describe urself in 3 words?? naughty,spammer,evil ....evil changed to sweetEmbarrassed

**Describe the following characters in 3 words:
Prithviraj courageous,romantic Dead , influential
Sanyo beautiful,emotional,crying baby
Arjun hilarious,faithful,lovely
Pundir faithful,dedicated,handsome Embarrassed 
Sanjam flirt,cute,faithful
Someshwar good - king,looking,parent
Pratha chubby cheeks,cute,good listener
Indravathi  Angrygood-for-nothing ,always behind Sanyo for no reason,long face
Kana Singh perfect match to Hrithik in height,dedicated,good spy
Bhimdev person with a cute lauf , lovely eyes , mad at times
Jaichand unfit to be Sanyo's papa,greedy,jealous
Chamki  good friend,very understanding,now missing

**1 thing u like abt
Pari: her patience..100%
Priyaa: her dedication100%
Kai: her very understanding nature ....oii that's meEmbarrassed
abhy: well-o-well Embarrassed...LOL

**1 thing u don't like so much abt
Kai: her ?ns list  Angry .....a bakari's worst nightmareLOL
Pari nothing till date..Wink
Priyaa I don't know...Wink
abhy: changing her crushes shud be hubbiesLOL

**1 thing u want to change abt urself very badly my tall r u Smile

**ur all time fav/current:
Song Chini kum hai
movie Dhoom2
serial PRC
newspaper The Hindu
magazine Tinkle
softdrink Coke

** Who according to u is the perfect actor 2 play PRC Sr. I think this ?n should be asked in PRC forum onlyEmbarrassed

**Wht's the time now: 4:38

**Choose one:
red / pink red
pen / pencil pen
pizza / burger pizza
cake / ice cream Ice cream
water / soft drink water
mp3 player / ipod mp3 player
T.V / PC pc
Laptop / PC PC
Summer / winter Winter
clear sky / cloudy sky Clear sky
spring / autumn Spring
science / maths Science
social / english English
Priya / Modji Jr. Modji lalaaEmbarrassed
Ac / fan AC
Oven / microwave oven
mango / orange orange
carrot / potato carrot
litstick / nailpolish nailpolish
newspaper / magazine magazine
parrot / peacock parrot
dog / cat dog
day / night day

** ur 5 fav usernames from PRC section (only usernames..nothing to do with them individually) ketaki_ry,Kai Hiwatari thanku Wink,avtab,leo,*Jr.Nancy_drew* Tongue

So that's it from Kai FOR NOW .....u can take ur own sweet time 2 answer but ..but not more than 24 i have a lists of questions waiting for u
yippee!!!!! finished it before the deadline...luvya Kai Hug....yeap so time for 3rd oneLOL
HeartKai Heart

Kai. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 February 2007
Posts: 12128

Posted: 15 May 2007 at 6:01am | IP Logged

My 3rd set..not so big LOL

My rapid fire is all set for u dear....

friend /family

love / arrange

pink/ red

pepsi / coke

ice cream/ chocolates

rain / snow

movies / soaps

books / computer

eating / sleeping

car / bike

day / night

lily / rose 

Games - IF / PRC

this i copied from pri

What are your hobbies?

Do you have any pets?

What is your favorite sport?

What is your basic goal in life?

Is it better to grill someone or being grilled?

What don't you want to do in life?

What are you doing right now besides answering my set?

Do you brush your hair with a comb or a brush?

You have a project due tomorrow, do you use tape or glue?

If you had a choice to be a unicorn or mermaid which would it be?

What/who do you think of last before you go to sleep?

AC or fan?

Do you like curly or straight hair?

Which subject is worse, English or Math?

What's one thing you really want to do this very moment? (Besides killing me, of course! )

CD player or iPOD

Would you rather spin upside down going 30 miles or drop 400 ft. into water?

Have you ever gone ice skating?

If you were put in a room with nothing except one thing, what/who would it be?

Is it always easy finding your remote every time you want to watch TV?

You got a essay due, you either can type or write in pen, which will it be?

Describe what you're feeling right now.

The questions till now I have asked…they seem to be easy kya?

among the members of the PRC section.. which is the first member that comes to your mind when you think of the following words










oh one more how do u feel being motw?

what would you do if u were motw and i am upset and refuse to take part in any discussion topic i mean would u ask me to be back or would you wait for your motw week to be over

if ur not on IF u r on....
if u were to jump off cliff u would take...
one person u cant resist..
someone makes u smile..
someone makes u angry
one thing u love about urself
one thing u hate
if u were to marry btw a pencil n pen who u marry n y??
easiest question ever
ur best frand on IF
if u could change anything u would...
one serial u hate
one serial u love

write a paragraph on which is better circles or squares better be a paragraph

Oh, oh, last one: Do you want me to ask you more questions?!


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Apsara. IF-Dazzler

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Joined: 03 January 2007
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Posted: 15 May 2007 at 10:46am | IP Logged

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urber IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2007 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
congrats Clap Clap
Apsara. IF-Dazzler

Chit Chat Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 03 January 2007
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Posted: 15 May 2007 at 11:21pm | IP Logged

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rwishka17 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 February 2006
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Posted: 16 May 2007 at 8:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by *Jr.Nancy_drew*

Originally posted by rwishka17

Some Simple and basic questions You call this list simple? Wacko 

What is your favorite color? Red

Your favorite smell??  LOL hot chohclate prepared by mom

Your favorite food? Pizza and sandwiches and Rajma,chole

What are your favorite color(s)? Red and white in summer ,dark shades in winter 

Favorite vacation spot? DarjeelingAll hillstations and beaches

Favorite TV shows ?? Pirthviraj Chauhan and Tom & Jerry Embarrassed

Favorite IF game? currently the "Game bathroom mein" LOL

Do you like to cook?? IF so why? ohh!! me and cooking never get along..even if I try it'll be coz of getting some praises for myself Evil Smile 

If you said, you like to cook, what do you cook?? I 'll cook the motw's Tongue

Describe a typical day in your life? waking up at 5:30 ,have milk,shower ,gobble up my breakfast,trash books in tha bag and running to school ,return at 4:00 briwse IF till 5:00 revising my assignments ,have dinner and etiring for that day at 9:30 or 10:00
Who are the people you talk to almost everyday??  Itz my dearest Kai Hiwatari

Why did you join IF???  To know more abt Prithviraj Chauhan

If you could, what would you change about IF??? umm....

What section do you visit the most on IF?? Prithviraj chauhan forum and ofcourse our Forum games too Big smile 

Have you created any game threads in the Game Section? yupp the one that says new zodiac game

How many games on average do you play in one day? must be 10-15

What do you feel about the famous Kyunki .. show that has been running for 7 years now?? I think it deserves to be called 8th wonder of the world for pulling it sooooo mucch Ouch 

If you could meet Ekta, what would you say to her?? I wld just give a piece of my mind for spoiling the Star Plus channel with her "leading to nowhere " divorces and marriages Dead

What Advice would you give to Ekta?? I wld advice her to join the National Institute for Mental Health and Neuro Sciences instead of making the viewers mad with her crazy formulae

If you could go back and relive a day, whcih day would you choose?? Any dat with my tenth std friends in school..miss those days very much Cry 

What do you like better, Hollywood or Bollywood??  Hollywood Smile 

Are you also a Bollywood film addict?? not muchh only for Hrithik films Embarrassed I am addicted for bollywood

What is your favorite Bollywood film? Why?? and Hollywood film? fav Bollywood - Dhoom2 , hollywood - Titanic

What type of clothing do you where more? Traditional or Western?? Western

Who is the most quietest of IF??  I think pooja shes quite yet known by all Big smile and I think you too Embarrassed
The loudest?? Kai Hiwatari....spamming her way around
The craziest of IF?? about me?
The sweetest on If?? My whole bunch of didis and Aanchal
The youngest?? As far as I know itz Moshami from PRC forum

Hope you had fun with the grilling! Wink LOL LOL Congratulations again! Tongue Embarrassed
yippe finished your list !!! thanks dear  HugHug

Thanks soo much - I had a very enjoyable time reading your answers! WinkEmbarrassed

By the way, the "simple questions" were referring just to the favorites section. LOLLOL

Oh, and I'm a Hrithik fan too! WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Apsara. IF-Dazzler

Chit Chat Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 03 January 2007
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Posted: 16 May 2007 at 10:22pm | IP Logged

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