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Short FF: "MASK"..Last Part: PG1 18/06

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Seems i can't get away from writing to you guys as many of you are requesting i write!!

As many of you know i am still experiment with my writing and this too is COMPLETLY DIFFERENT!!....

What is a Mask?  It's a garment, which we were to protect our face. In some countries sacred rituals are performed by wearing a mask…..


The reality is we all wear a MASK to hide what we hold so precious 'ourselves'. We wear a mask when we log onto this forum, at work, to school and in some case at home. Why?…. to protect what we hold as great value our heart and feeling but the truth is our masks are actually a part of who we really are ……


Before I begin please note is this going to be a very intimate and intense piece of writing from me…so please don't say I never warned you!! Adult FF!!


Gauri in this short story is hiding a secret which her masks can no longer hide.......


Will update on Monday! On Post below!!

Disclaimer: ***This Fan Fiction follows the rules and regulations set by the IF Dev team. I DO NOT take any ownership of any obscene or profound statements made by IF members on this forum. I nor my Fan Fiction will be used to justify such post in this forum. This Fan Fiction may contain adult material and members have been now advised before proceding. Rating of Fan fiction ( 18+)***

Love Kat

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Full Story will be posted here below:

Part 1

As she felt his warm embrace it was as if a weight had been lifted from her. She felt his warm breath kiss her delicate skin.  Her heart raced as she felt is fingers lift her face to see him. "I want to see you…" this was the first time she hear the sound of his husky voice as his fingers touched her white mask.  "No!"  She saw a look of calm and agreement in his light brown eyes. As the music took hold of them on the dance floor…..


Zara Zara Bahekta Hai, Mahekta Hai
Aaj To Mera Tan Badan, Main Pyaasi Hoon
Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein

Aaj To Mera Tan Badan, Main Pyaasi Hoon
Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein

Hai Meri Kasam Tujhko Sanam, Door Kahin Na Jaa
Yeh Doori Kehti Hai Paas Mere Aaja Re


Something drew them together in the crowded room at the macaque party. This was the first party she had been to a party since it happened… The simple touch and gesture from this stranger was welcomed, as she wanted to get away the chaos in her life. As they looked in each other's eyes it was as if their lives were hidden within their masks.

She looked at him as he took of his black tuxedo blazer in the dark bedroom the music of the party downstairs could be felt as the bass ran though there bodies…Feeling his warm sweet lips she took hold of him as he helped her escape from it all…


Yunhi Baras Baras Kaali Ghata Barse
Hum Yaar Bheeg Jaaye Is Chaahat Ki Baarish Mein
Meri Khuli Khuli Laton Ko Suljhaaye
Tu Apni Ungliyon Se Main To Hoon Isi Khwaahish Mein


Not knowing when she had unbutton his white shirt her hands explored his muscular body as he kissed her again again the passion was to overwhelming as her body wanted more. It felt good feeling another body so warm and alive not dead like her own. Feeling the desire of being touched and wanted she gave into her madness and craving as now she was reacting to her every kiss and found herself matching his passion…. He ran his fingers up her stomach and teasing her with his touch, as he knew what she wanted as he wanted to feel it too. As her arms pulled him closer to her he lifted her onto the counter as her fingers ran through his hair as he kissed her neck….


Sardi Ki Raaton Mein Hum Soye Rahe Ek Chaadar Mein
Hum Dono Tanha Ho, Na Koi Bhi Rahe Is Ghar Mein
Zara Zara Bahekta Hai, Mahekta Hai
Aaj To Mera Tan Badan, Main Pyaasi Hoon
Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein
Aaja Re Aa Re


The red neon light shone onto her silhouette figure as he looked at her he had never thought he would feel like this for a complete stranger as he leaned forward and kissed her again…Feeling his hand moving up her thigh she gasped as he unbuttoned  her top with his other hand. His touched ignited a deep sense of regret and panic What am I do? She though but the touch and passion of this black masked stranger standing naked in front of her just disappeared as she felt his lips once more….. He looked at her as she wore just only the white mask on her face as the red neon light could not have captured such a sight when he held her on the dance floor he knew this was going to be 'the one'. Never had he seen a sight as he explore every part of her with his lips tasting her as she moaned with such delight making him wanting to inflict his deepest darkest fantasy upon her 'who is she? and what is this I am feeling?' He though as he carried her towards the bed with her legs wrapped around him feeling her lips but in this crazy moment of madness he wanted her …She felt his lips move up towards her breast as she was now no longer in this world her soul had left her body a feeling of exoteric pleasure not felt before grip her. She was lost ….She felt the sweat of his naked body on top of her  as she moving to the same rhythm as him. As her lips parted she felt him now inside her ………


She walked into the empty house and sat down every part of the house screamed at her as the lone tear escaped her eyes. Ever evenings coming back to the house was the worst as the loneliness cloaked her entire body.  As she looked over towards the family portrait she stated at the dimpled girl smiling back her mocking her existence as she picked up the glass of water from the table and placed it onto her lips as she closed her eyes to see the black masked tuxedo stranger stare at her….As she opened her eyes wide open she picked up the phone cursing it….


"Hi Welcome to Red Media!" Another day and another boring presentation she though as she stared at the white screen in the conference room.

"Ms Chatterjee this is the CEO Mr Shiv Kapoor!" As she felt his hand it was as if it was familiar as if they had meet…

"Have we meet?" She looked at him this handsome strange would have been unforgettable but the voice sounded…

"No I don't think so?" He looked at her and nodded but he was sure they had meet but was unable to place where?

"Devika Ji was unable to attend and I am here on her behalf.  Look I really don't have time to see a long presentation let just get on with what you can offer US!" He stared as she adjusted her glasses looking up at them….


She found his eyes upon her all afternoon staring at her as if he was trying to decipher her, which she found uncomfortable but found herself looking at him too. As the room darken the light of the projector came on as the red slide appeared she looked over at him could it be the mask tuxedo stranger…No she thought shrouding of the doubt.

"Thank you! I will be in touch" feeling his hand in her palm again she looked at him. Are you him she thought as look deep in his eyes still unsure.

"How about dinner?" she let go of his hand 'that voice' …..  



Part 2



As she stared at the cold night sky the stars in Mumbai looked the same as she had left them all those years ago.  The cool breeze sent a shiver down her spine as she fumble in her handbag for the key to open the car door…..Feeling her entire body ache from the pain inside she placed her body on the large hotel bed. "I am tired of this!" she moaned as she bought up her knees to her chest and closed her eyes….

She walked towards the newspaper stand in the lobby and picked up the financial times and opened the pages. As her eyes search for the business news…

"I didn't know we were staying at the same hotel!" She turned to look at him as stared at her with a grin on his face.

"I would have thought you lived in this city…"

"You assume a lot Ms Chatterjee… I live here! I own this hotel"

"Oh I …."

"My family all live in Australia I own this hotel chain and red media… Just here to sort out business and play!" she stared at him is disbelief as she did not like the tone of his voice as it mocked her.

"How about breakfast?" 

"No thanks Mr Kapoor…"

"I know you have not eaten yet so shall we!" she stared at him as he held out his hand gesturing towards the restaurant.

"I am not a breakfast person but thanks for the offer!" She said coldly as she clutched the newspaper in her hand there was something about him which made her very nervous and she didn't like it.

"A shame as breakfast is the most important meal of the day! May be you will enjoy a cup of coffee or tea," he said smiling.

This must be an attempt to win the business merger I know the way these tycoons operated she agreed and walked with him towards the restaurant.

She watched how the staff stood around the table watching there every move feeling uncomfortable.

"So Ms Chatterjee tell me is Devki ji as shrewd hearted business woman as they say?"

"Depends if being the best is called shrewd!" She looked up at him as he stared at her.

"I heard she is a cold hearted witch who manipulate anyone for a profit!"

"To get what you want in this world you have to be cold and cunning after all it would not be a Rat race now would it!" She was not liking his questioning and could feel the effect his comments where making.

"I here she has no family so what is she going to do with all her millions?…I mean what is the point?"

"What is the point of all this?" His comments were now frustrating her and he just stared at her enjoying his effect.

"I was merely finding out what type of company I may be merging with!"


"It's important to find out everything about Devki Ji!"

"Surely before the proposal was on the table you had all the facts. Now it's a little late to be discussing Devki Ji and her so called millions?"

"Tell me what are you doing this evening?" Puzzled by his remark she stared at him as he held the red napkin his lips.

"I have a board meeting with the stock exchange this afternoon and …"

"I will meet you here for dinner at 8pm!" she looked at him as he got up from the table.

"I am sorry to disappoint you Mr Kapoor I have a prior engagement"

"Don't be late!" she stared at him as he left the hotel restaurant…..

"Madam sir is waiting?" As she took the key from the hotel clerk and looked at her watch 9pm. Tired and exhausted she left out a sigh… "Please apologies to Mr Kapoor and inform him I will be unable to attend dinner with him this evening" Picking up her brief case she enter the lift….

"You know I hate being stood up!" She turned to look at him in the lift as he came forward. She adjusted her glasses to look at him as he came forward in the dim light of the lift. Dressed in black he grinned as he pushed the lift button…

"I'm on the…."

"9th floor and I'm in the penthouse" she looked at him as he turned to face her.


"So What?" She answered stepping back feeling claustrophobic as the motion of the lift moved up slowly.

"You're late?" Stepping back she felt the brass bar against her back and found him only inches a part as her heart faced cursing herself she did understand why he had such a power over her!

"I uh.." She stopped as he placed a finger to his lips requesting her to be silent. Her heart raced as she lowered her gaze. From the corner of her eyes she saw his hand come forward and gentle removed her glasses from her face.

"You have beautiful eyes it's a shame you hide them.." angrily she snatched the glasses from his hand and placed them on her face. As she looked at him a smile formed onto his lips.


PING the lift door opened and she quickly stepped out to find him behind her.

"This not my…"

"Correct this is the penthouse! Shall we as dinner is getting cold!" Astonished and shocked she stared at him as he opened the large white door…..

"Sir will that be all this evening?" She stared at him across the candle flames on the round glass table as he waved to the waiter to leave. As she picked her glass of wine she noticed him whisper to the waiter before he left the table….What game is he playing as the deal is now final and all that is required is a signature? I don't like this one bit she thought looking at the lobster on the plate.

"So now you're thinking tomorrow we sign the deal and why am I lucky enough to be dinning alone with Mumbai's eligible bachelor. What is his motive?" she stared at him as his tone mocked her.

"The truth I hate eating alone and since you are so talkative I thought we could…"

"Mr Kapoor I am happy we sign the deal tomorrow as I will not be seeing you again. Cheers!" She raised her glass at him and placed it to her lips.

"Oh but this evening is not over yet!" She looked at him as he raised his glass at her grinning as he raising his eyebrow…….They glanced at each other as they ate and she looked around the penthouse as it was so elegantly decorated suddenly the music from the stereo distracted her attention.

Ek Ajnabi Sa Ehsaas Dil Ko Sataye
Shayad Yahi To Pyaar Hai
Betabiyon Mein Dhadkan Meri Chal Paye
Shayad Yahi To Pyaar Hai
Kutch Bhi Kaha Na
Kutch Bhi Suna Na
Phir Bhi
Bechain Dil Hai Humara
Behke Kadam Hai
Mushkil Main Hum Hai
Sambhle Bhala Kaise Yaara
Chahe Bina Bhi
Nazdeek Hum Chale Aaye
Shayad Yahi Toh Pyaar Hai

"Now tell me Ms Chatterjee why do you work for Devika Industries?" she looked over at him as he leaned forward.

"It's job!" she answered so coldly.

"You are so defensive what are you hiding behind that mask?" she stared at him.

"Mask?" her heart raced as she looked at him over the melted candles as the light flicked.

"Your mask!" he pointed at her face towards her glasses.

"These help me to…."


"No see!" he laugh as she shook her head at him.

"Ha very funny Mr Kapoor!"

"Sorry and the name is Shiv!"

"You think it's funny taking the piss out of someone disability…."

"No not at all I was just…" she got up from the table and turned to leave.

She felt his hand on her wrist as she turned around he took hold of her…Her heart raced as she look up at him with her hands pressed against his chest.

"Why do you run? As a business woman you know this is a sign of defeat!" Defeat? This was a sign of annoyance and nothing more…she could feel his pulse race and looked into his eyes, which she wanted to avoid, as they were being to seem familiar.

"Have we met in this lifetime or another?" his question played her mind, as now she was so unsure could this be 'him'?

"NO!" He leaned forward and kissed her….As she felt his warm lips and hold with her eyes closed the memorise of what happened 5 months came flooding back. As he released her they stared at each other  "IT'S YOU!" they both said at once…….



Part 3


She glanced over at him as he sat in the conference room the deal was final and both parties where ready to sign. With the lawyers presence they looked over the legal paper work for the final time.

"Mr Shiv Kapoor can you please sign here!" she glanced over at him as he signed the papers.

"Ms Gauri Devika Chaterjee can you please sign here!" she felt everyone's gaze as she held the pen to sign. Yes she was the CEO of Devika industries and now part owner of Red Media.

"Congratulation Ms Devika Ji!"  She turned to see the lawyers and smiled.

"Actually Devika Ji is my grandmother I'm just here acting on her behalf!"

"Congratulations!" she turned to see him and remembered what happened last night as her eyes swelled up. Her black masked stranger was revealed and he also knew her identity. In that moment the multi million rupee deal felt as if had cost her more then she knew and could feel his eyes undress her soul…..


"Will that be all madam?" She nodded at the hotel waiter as he carried her luggage out of the room.  In the next 5 hours she would be back home finally she closed her eyes to remember the last time she was back in Kolkatta which was two years ago but now she was going to stay  forever….As she picked up her handbag she headed out of the door…. "We need to talk?" she turned to look at him as he stepped inside the lift. Seeing him made her uncomfortable as she could feel the sweat on her brow. As the doors closed behind him he stood in front of her staring at her with such hungry eyes…

"Mr Kapoor…"

"I think after what we shared you can address me as Shiv…" She stared at him as a smile formed on his lips the look of victory made her nervous…Feeling her heart race she stepped back "Mr Kap…" She lowered her eyes as he step close to her and placed a finger to her lips. "Shiv!" his husky voice was so calm as she looked up at him…Feeling his body pining her to the brass bar she felt trapped as her brain tried to find a solution to escape she felt his hands on her waist. His gentle touch sent a shockwave down her spine and she could feel the energy of her body being sucked out of her. Her heart raced and her bosom heaved …She looked up at him as he stepped closer to her now there bodies touched each other once more suddenly a deep desire took over her and she took hold of him and kissed him…Feeling his lips once more she wanted to feel alive again…She felt his hands under her blouse touching her delicate skin as he kissed her sending her weak at the knees…As he gentle caressed her breast there lips parted as she looked at him "No!" she whispered pushing him away. She quickly buttoned her blouse and pushed the button on the lift as she felt his eyes still upon her not wanting to see him she turned around. She held her hand to her mouth still trying to comprehend want had just come over her from the corner of her eyes she saw him move forward and suddenly the lift stop. "I…" She turned to look at him he moved forward he took hold of her in his arms and kissed her…..

Jo Maangi Khuda Se Tu Woh Mannat Hain
Baahon Mein Tere Pyar Ki… Jannat Hain

Jo Maangi Khuda Se Tu Woh Mannat Hain
Baahon Mein Tere Pyar Ki … Jannat Hain
Haa Jannat Hain
Jo Maangi Khuda Se

Not know when she found herself perched on the brass bar as he kissed her neck and caressed her breast once more suddenly the lift doors opened he lifted her in his arms out of the lift…. He stared at her as he removed her blouse to see her as they sat on the bed. No words where exchanged at there eyes said it all….He felt her fingers remove his shirt as he kissed her neck felling her gasp at his every touch which ignited his passion…..

Yeh Tan Mera Yeh Man Mera …Sab Tera Hain

Yeh Tan Mera Yeh Man Mera ….Sab Tera Hain
Yeh Tan Mera Yeh Man Mera Sab Tera Hain
Tere Pehlu Mein Khushiyon Ka Savera Hain
Tu Hi Aakhari Aur Pehli Mohabbat Hain
Haa Mohabbat Hain

In the light as he kissed her remembering how he had explored her body before with his lips "I can't…" but before she could say or react he removed the pin in her hair releasing hair on to her shoulders "I have dreamt about this moment for so long!"  He said pulling her towards him… Feeling her fingers explore him he never felt like this ever…for some strange reason he just desired to be one with her nothing else mattered as the hunger was too over powering. She had a power to arouse such a feeling in him as if he was under her deep spell of love.

Haa Aa Khel Naya Mujhse Khel Pyar Ka

Haa Aa Khel Naya Mujhse Khel Pyar Ka
Aaye Dil Ko Mazaa Sanam Jeet Haar Ka
Tu Hi Jaan Meri Tu Hi Jaroorat Hain
Haa Jaroorat Hain
Jo Maangi Khuda Se Tu Woh Mannat Hain
Baahon Mein Tere Pyar Ki  Jannat Hain
Haa Jannat Hain
Jo Maangi Khuda Se

He want to enjoy every part of her and feel her naked body under him…He gentle suckled on her breast and removed her skirt to feel her now under him knowing she was completely his. She found herself in the state of erotica pleasure as there bodies moved in the same motion…His gentle touch and kisses were to over powering as she let out a moan he excelled to give her what they both desired which they both craved ever since that night….She opened her eyes to find his naked body on top of her asleep. She turned to look at the clock her flight……..

As a lone tear ran down her face as she placed her sunglasses onto her face to hide her eyes. Why did I lose control again? Why him? She thought as she clutched her board card…. "Gauri?" She halted that voice…She turned to face him dressed him jeans wearing a white blazer with his hair still wet. He stepped towards her and looked at her confused to why she was running away what they shared was out of this world and he had never felt feelings like this for anyone. 

"Keeping up with you is going to be hard work!"  he teased as he took hold of her hand pulling her close to him.

"Please you don't understand!" he turned to look at her and smiled.

"Lets go back to the hotel and talk and then," he moved the hair behind her ear and smiled.

"No I'm getting on this plane!" she said firmly and pulled her hand.

He looked at her confused as to why she was reacting in such a manner what just happened was…

"Listen what just happened was a big mistake and should ever have happened and I am very sorry…"

"What?" she could see the disappointment on his face and could feel the tears running down her face.

"I belong to someone else!"…………


Part 4


Gauri beta what's the matter?…Feeling the comfort of her grandmothers embrace she sobbed.

"You must forget the past and embrace your future…You can't keep crying like this. What has happened cannot be changed?"  She let go of her and looked at her grandmother as she wiped her tears. If only you knew what I have done you would be ashamed she thought….

"Life is to big beta and you have to let go of the past!"  Gauri looked at the picture of the dimpled girl smiling back at her without a care in the world.

"Promise me no more tears! Now how was your meeting with Shiv Kapoor go…….


"Gauri it's been so long!" she turned to see a familiar pair of eyes looking at her.

"Ipshita! How are you?…."  Feeling her warm embraced she smiled and hugged her childhood friend back.

"I can't believe after 2 years you are finally here back in Kolkatta!"  Gauri smiled as she remembers her chatterbox friend as she led her into the party.

"So how long have you been here?"

"Six months now as Amma is not well!"

"What? six months and you have not called me? You have changed…" Ipshita turned to look at her and saw the sadness in her eyes.

"I have some good news I think I have found the man of my dreams! I have been chasing him for 2 years now and he has finally come here!" Gauri smiled as she saw how happy Ipshita was …..

"Shiv this is my best friend Gauri!"  They looked at each other….

"Ipshita I know Gauri very well in fact she is my partner…."

"Partner?….Funny we always had similar taste" Ipshita giggled as she took hold of Shiv's arm.

"Ipshita you do know she's the other woman in my life" Feeling sick by his remark she looked at Ipshita giggled.

"Your sense of humour Shiv…"

"Ipshita I'm serious she owns half of my business" Ipshita stopped and looked over at Gauri looking pale.

"Do you?"

"Actually it's a business merger and …."

"I can't believe you have managed to get the CEO of Devika Industry here to attend our small party. We are all so blessed!" She could see the anger in his eyes as he mocked at her.

"She always said she was never going to ever join the family business and wanted to be a simple housewife and this year she is business woman of the year….."

"Gauri?" They turned to see Nitesh as he hugged her.

"Wow darling looking hot as ever! Ipshita you should have told me that my girlfriend was coming I would have dressed up!"  Ipshita giggled as Nitesh put his arm around Gauri making her feeling very uncomfortable.

"Hi Nitesh! How are you?" 

"Much better seeing you here!" Everyone looked at Gauri as she blushed she glanced over at Shiv who was looking very upset as he drunk the glass of whisky and for some reason this was upsetting her but why?…..

As Nitesh held her on the dance floor she cursed herself forever coming to the party.

"So when are you going to finally go out?" she looked at him as he smiled at her.


"I know! I was hoping after 2 year you would have forgotten…so I hear your business woman of the year" She smiled as he looked at her.

"Hai your smile!"

"Stop it! You have not changed. How's Kaaya?"

"Uff why did you have to mention the wife!" Gauri giggled as he turned her on the dance floor….


Aksar Is Duniya Mein Anjaane Milte Hain

Aksar Is Duniya Mein Anjaane Milte Hain
Anjaani Raahon Mein Milke Kho Jaate Hain
Lekin Hamesha Voh Yaad Aate Hain
Aksar Is Duniya Mein Anjaane Milte Hain
Anjaani Raahon Mein Milke Kho Jaate Hain
Lekin Hamesha Voh Yaad Aate Hain

As the word of the song lingered in her mind as she danced with Nitesh she turned to see him staring at her as he held Ipshita. Nitesh smiled and turn her and they swapped partners.  She found herself back in his arms this time there was no escaping Shiv Kapoor.  Feeling his hand on her waist again she felt his grip forcing her to come near him… "Meet me in room 251!" his voice was firm and eyes were very angry.

"No! I can't I have explained!" with her heart racing there was no way she wanted to see him again especially alone.

"I will go to the press and tell them about our escapade. I will even inform them that you have mole on your lower back and…"

"Ok fine! But I …."

"Good! Room 251 in the next 30 min….and you know I hate being stood up!" He loosened his grip and turned her as they all swapped partners back…..

Her heart raced as she nervously pushed open the door when suddenly she felt his grip pulling her towards him as he took hold of her in the dark room against the door. She looked up at him and could smell the alcohol on his breathe…. "Do you have any idea what you have done to me?" She closed her eyes as she could feel his wrath on her face. He looked at her angrily and took hold of her neck with his hands she could feel his hold around her neck squeaking the life in her.

"I want to….HATE YOU but I can't!" she opened her eyes to see tears run down his face as she caught her breath back.

"You have broken me!" he let go of her and stepped back.

"I'm sorry…" struggling with her words she could feel no strength left in her as she touched her neck.

"Sorry? …You walked into my life and disappeared. When I finally found you! You left and told me you belong to someone else. Do you have any idea what that feels like?"

"Listen what happened in Hong Kong and Mumbai should never have happened and…"

"It happened! did you not feel what we have? Are you really that heartless as everyone makes out!"  She stared at him as her eyes swelled up.

"Ipshita will keep you happy!"

"What? Do you think I would want her? She means nothing to me!" he took hold of her by the arms and looked at her he leaned forward and kissed her…Feeling his arms hold her she remember their time together when suddenly…

"No! Stay away from me!" she pushed him away and turned to open the door.

"I know about Anupam!" She stopped and could feel the pain in her heart and turned to look at him as the tears ran down her face.

"Ipshita told me …."

"You know nothing!" she closed her eyes and could see him once more.

"I know he would want to see you happy…"

"Like as I have said you know nothing!" He came forward and took hold of her in his arms as she sobbed.

"I would never leave you!" She let go of him and pushed him away.

"Stay away from me!" She turned and opened the door.

"Gauri! Anupam's death was an accident!" she turned around and hit him on the chest as he came forward to hold her

"Stay away from me!! I kill you too…" She sobbed uncontrollable as she dropped onto her knees crying………



Part 5


"ANUPAM!"  She woke up in tears to find herself in bed.

"Gauri! It's Ok!" She turned to see him as he held her in the bed. Feeling his warm embrace as she felt her face in his bare chest and closed her eyes…Why does he have this power over me…No I must leave she though pulling away from him looking at herself dressed in his night shirt.

"You're in my suite. Last night you were very upset and not in any state to leave and you fell asleep in my arms crying…"

"I must go! Amma will be worried!" she got out of bed.

"It's OK Ipshita called and explained I will take you home after breakfast" She looked at him as he got out of bed in his pyjamas.

"Why don't you freshen up I will order breakfast!"

"I'm not a breakfast person…." She looked at him as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You know I can't eat alone!"


She looked at him as he handed her the cup of tea. Why doesn't he understand?

"You talk in your sleep" she looked at him as he buttered the croissant with jam and placed it near her.

"I should go…"

"Eat!" His voice was firm and she looked over at him. She picked up the croissant and placed it in her mouth.

"What are you after?" She looked over at him as he placed the cup to his mouth

"I would have thought that was obvious by now"

"Well you can't have it?" she said placing her cup on the table.

"Why not?" he raised his eyebrow as he enjoying their first conversation.

"Because you can't!" he smiled as she behaved like a child

"No matter what you say or do I will have you" She blushed

"Why?" she looked up at him

"Because I have fallen madly in love with that night when you walked into the macaque party in Hong Kong. It was as if the woman in the white mask was made only for me.." Her eyes swelled up as she looked at him.

"That woman in the mask is heartless…" a lone tear escaped her eye.

"No she is passionate and loving her eyes told me her deepest desires as I know she read mine too as we both felt each others emptiness that night" emptiness she thought looking at him as he held out a bowl of mixed fruit.

"You have no idea what and who the mask woman is…"

"I am willing to find out if she lets me" She took hold of the bowl and placed it near her.

"You will only get pain! I will advise you to stay away forget everything."

"She has given me a taste of her love and pain…I'm a sucker and I want more" he leaned forward and kissed her…

Feeling his warm kiss on her lips she gasped as he pulled her onto his lap.

"Why do you do this?" She asked as he placed his lips onto her neck and touched her thigh.

"Because I love you!" His husky voice boomed in her ear as he nibbled her ear.

"Whom ever loves me dies!" He looked at her as her tears ran down her face and she held onto him and sobbed.

"I will died a thousand deaths for you" He kissed her salty cheeks and eyes.

"No please let me go! You don't know what you're doing?"

"Take it off…. Remove it…..the mask and embrace me…Tell me you love me!"

"I wouldn't say it!"

"You love me that much because you're scared to loose me" He kissed her and could feel her finger run thought his hair.

"No!" she got up and looked away. 

She walked into the bedroom and closed the door why does he do this does he not now I am cursed……………

"So Mr Shiv Kapoor how does it feel working with Devika Industries?" 

"Please call me Shiv..I am honoured to be part of the such a large organisation"  He stared at Gauri as she sat near her grandmother.

"I will call you Shiv if you call me Amma" Gauri stared at her grandmother she would never let anyone call her Amma. Why does he have this charm about him he bewilders everyone?

"Gauri why don't you show Shiv the house I am sure he will like to see the gardens…You know beta Gauri's father and mother planted this beautiful rose bush and at this time in the evening the garden is a delight to see." Gauri looked at her grandmother as she got up.

"Why don't you two go out and enjoy yourselves…"

"But Amma your not well and…"

"Shh beta you are worrying to much about what the doctors are saying I am not going to leave you!  Shiv beta sometime I don't know who the grandmother and granddaughter is at times" She placed her hand affectionately on Gauri's head and walked towards the door.

"She loves you a lot!" a tear ran Gauri's face as she looked over Shiv as he watched the old woman leave the room.

"She is all I have.  My parents died when I was two in a plane crash Amma raised me" She wiped her eyes and looked at him.

"Anupam he was your…"

"My best friend his father was baba's business partner and passed away in the same plane crash. I remember when we all discovered the news when we were little Amma just held us as we all cried"

"But you love each other…" She looked at him as his voice quivered.  As the walked into the garden…..

"We were fixed when we were little to marry each other by our parents…so we knew we would be married one day.  I remember when he came back home from America and told me he wanted to get married but Amma said I was to reach 25 years old and finish off my studies as for me I guess I was ready to marry him as I knew him all my life…"

"What about love?"

"Love? He did loved me and I guess I did in a way"

"The accident?" Her eyes filled up as she remembered.

"We were driving back from my prom…he told me that night that he wanted to tell me something important about America about someone when suddenly we were hit by another car the driver was drunk. When I woke up in hospital Amma told me that he was in a very bad way…..

"Gauri?" she looked at him as he gasped for air through the ventilator as he held her hand.

"Promise me that you will…." As the tears ran down her face she nodded her head as she was unable to speak the machines and his state were unbearable.

"I…Love…You! Soo…rry"  She stared at him as his eyes spoke to her when suddenly the machines around her went off

"Doctor……"  As she stared at him as his hand let go of her his eyes were lifeless and he was gone…..

"Gauri it was an accident" she held onto him as she sobbed.

"I am cursed as whom ever loves me will die…Mom and Dad left me…Then Anupam….and now Amma is not well"  she sobbed in his embrace…….



Part 6


"He is a nice boy I like him!" Gauri stared at Amma as he looked so weak in bed.

"Amma shh you must rest…remember what the doctors said"

"Beta I not deaf just unwell see tomorrow we will go to the mandir together ok"

"Sure only when you are feeling better" she placed a blanket over her.

"Beta do you like him?"


"Pagalee Shiv!"

"Amma you should go to sleep" she said annoyed

"You like him a lot I know the mention of his name and you get a look in your eyes…You can't hide it from me" Gauri shook her head at her and smiled.


"Good it's settle I will speak to him about your marriage"

"No! I will not leave you!"

"Stop acting like a big spoilt brat I may be weak but I can still beat you.."

"Oh yeah you just try it!"

"Come here!" Gauri giggled as Amma took hold of her hand.

"Remember when I was scared and you used to let me sleep here" she said holding her.

"Beta if you feel scared you can sleep here!"  A tear ran down her face as she looked at her as she stroked her hair.

"Beta promise me that no matter what happens you will move on…When Anupam died you threw yourself into your work and have still not got over it.  When I die…" Gauri quickly placed her hand onto her mouth as they both cried……….


Shiv stared at the glass of whisky in the glass and brought the cup to his lips. The taste of the whisky burnt his throat but did not quench his thirst.  He looked at his empty hotel suite and let out a sigh he only longed for one thing and that was let go of the guilt. Each day it was eating at him since that day and he knew she was the only one who could heal his soul.  He too was wearing a mask which he was scared of removing as it was hold back the broken man inside. As he placed the ice into the empty glass he heard a knock on the door….

"I don't know why I am here?" She looked at him as he offered her a glass of juice and sat down next to her.. Her heart raced as she looked at his striking features as his lips parted to intake the whiskey from the glass.

"I was kind of wishing you would come" she looked at him as he placed his arm on the sofa and looked at her.

"Lets talks I have something I want to tell you" she looked at him as his voice quivered he looked nervous.

"Did you ever find the driver who hit you that night?"

"Yes I believe he was sentence to a measly 6 months for drink driving!" She could feel the rage take over her as she stared at the empty glass on the table.

"Actually he got off on a technicality and served 2 months but was fined heavy"

"How do you know this?"

He took hold of her hand and looked at her with tears

"I am the one who was driving that night…I was upset as I had lost a very large deal and was drunk I was driving when suddenly I hit your car…When I realized what had happened I took you both to hospital and turned myself in!" Shocked and stunned she looked at him as the tears ran down his face.

"I am sorry!"

"So..rry you killed Anupam and ruined my life!" she got up and walked towards the door when she felt his hand on her arm.

"I didn't know it was you until I saw Anupam's picture on the wall…."

"Stay away from me!" She pushed him away but found herself hitting him on the chest…crying.

"I deserve it hit me! I can't life with this pain any more I …" She looked at him in tears

"You're not worth it!" she wiped her tears and walked towards the door and stopped to look at him as he looked down onto the floor crying…..

As he stared through the window hold the bottle of whiskey to his hand he placed it to his lips as all now was lost forever……..

Sab jag soye hum jagein
taaron se karain batain ho..

chandi ratain, chandi raatain

chandi ratain, chandi raatain

Takte takte tooti jaaye aas
piya na aaye re takte takte
Sham savere dard anokhe uthe
jiya ghabraaye re sham savere
raaton ne meri neend loot lee

raaton ne meri neend loot lee

Gauri took hold of Amma crying as she told her what happened…..

din ke chain churaye re
dukhiya aakhen dhoond rahi hain
kahin pyaar ki baatain

chandi raataein .. ho chandni raatein

chandi raataein .. ho chandni raatein

Pichhli raat main hum yeh soch ke
chupke chupke roye re pichhli raat main
Sukh ki neend main meet hamare
desh paraye soye re sukh ke neend main

Dil ke dhadkanen tujhe pukare

Dil ke dhadkanen tujhe pukare

Aaja balam aayi baharain
Baith ke tanhai main karlain
sukh dukh ki do batain
chandni raatain, chandi raatain

chandni raatain, chandi raatain

Sab jag soye hum jagein
taaron se karain batain
chandni raatain, chandi raatain

chandni raatain, chandi raatain



Part 7


"Gauri there something I must tell you it's important" She stared at her grandmother as she laying in bed and took hold of her hand.

"I have hidden something from you…Please forgive me….When Anupam said he loved you he did not mean in that way…He told me that he was unable to marry you as he meet someone in America Aastha…He was going to tell you that evening just before the accident…"  Tears ran down her face as she picked up her sunglasses and put them on to her face to hide her emotions as she remembered what happened 4 years ago….


"Hi this is your captain Mark Salon speaking. Welcome to British Airways flight BA148 travelling to London From Mumbai.  We will be taking off shortly and I hope you enjoy your flight"…as she found her seat she stared at the stranger sitting near the window….

As she fastened her seatbelt she turn to look at the stranger fast asleep with an eye mask on. That familiar cologne brought back the memories of a distance pass a time, which she had long forgotten.  He looked as if the slumber he was in was not pleasant as he turned to face her ….she felt the sharp pain in her chest it was him….Shocked and in dismay she quickly rose to her feet to be pulled back but the belt…as she untied herself she heard a murmur "I will died a thousand deaths for you" …she stopped and looked at him as his lips quivered and the expression of pain displayed on his ragged face. 

"Madam I am afraid the only seat available in economy all the First Class seats are taking" I can't stay here with Mr Shiv Kapoor she though looking at him, as his eyes seemed to peer into her soul.

"Fine! Can I swap seats with anyone instead" 

"Madam we about to take off! Please take your seat once air borne we will see if we can exchange your seat. She looked at him as he stared into space he had not said a single word and just looked at the magazine he was holding in his hand.

"How are you?" the silence was now broken and the awkwardness settled into her heart as she closed her eyes taking in his husky voice.  A voice, which made her shiver as it, affected her as she remembered the moment they shared on their first meeting. She turned to look at him as his looked at her hoping to get a response.

"Good!" She picked up the newspaper from the seat holder in front.

"How is Amma?" Placing the newspaper down she turned to look at him. His eyes were still the same still showing the same burning desire she had seen but the emptiness was so visible like when they first met.

"Amma pasts away 4 years ago…." She felts his warm hand on her hand and she turned to look at him as she freed herself from him.

"I am sorry she was…"

"Please!" she held up her hand as a gesture for him to stop.

As she closed her eyes she felt her body pull into the seat as the plane lifted up into the depth of the blue sky. Letting out a sigh she turned to look at him as she just stared at her with those eyes. "You look very well!" letting out a sigh she shock her head and pressed the button above requesting assistance from a hostess…

"I am sorry madam but many of the passengers travelling first class are with there loved ones and…"

"Fine!" she let out a sigh and signed her hand in annoyance to the hostess and turned to look at him.

"Ok as much as I would love to play this game with you lets just get one thing straight. I am on my way home to London and during this 10 hour flight. I do not want to talk to you at all have I made myself clear!" she said waving her finger at him.

He looked at her as he raised his had he pressed the button for assistance….

"Hi sweetheart can I have something to eat as I am hungry," she looked at him as he smiled at the hostess as she hung off his every word.

"Madam would you…"

"Yes! Two of everything…" stunned she looked over at him as he smiled.

"No I will.."

"You know I can't eat alone!"….As she turned to look at the hostess she was gone…..

She looked over at him as he placed the piece of butter bread into his mouth.

"Eat!" he voice was firm as he placed the cheese cracker on the small table in front of her.  She remember the last time he was firm with her and felt as she had lived this moment before as she placed the cracker in her mouth.

"I am sorry about Amma she was a remarkable woman and loved you a lot"

"She passed away shortly after you left…" she stopped and looked at him as he turned to glance at her.

"Woman of the year three times in a row, that is remarkable and you have expanded globally…"

"You have been keeping tabs on me….You're not done so badly your hotel chain is doing well in Europe."

"Work is the only thing that keeps me alive" His words hit her hard and she could feel the tears build up in her eyes. Hers hands felt like lead as she placed them on the plastic arm rest to holt herself up……

She stared at the woman in the mirror on the small narrow cubicle… Why is this happening to me? Those feeling and those desires have comeback so strongly and all I want to do is feel his arms around me.  As the tears ran down her face she tried to shake them off but it was no use.  "Are you forgetting he killed Anupam?" she said looking at the woman in the mirror… "but have you not seen the way he looks as if he wants to die for you…he betrayed me…No when he discovered that you were the other victim in the car crash and he was the one who was responsible he told you the truth….Face it! The masks you both wore that night hid the lives you led and you both choose not to expose yourselves…. Are you forgetting what he given you?"  As the battle continued with in her she wiped her tears, as she felt suffocated by the small space she stood in…

He stared at her as she slept in the chair beside of him and remember there time together when he signed over Red Media complete ownership to be hers in Kolkatta he letf India. The thought of seeing the pain and anger in her eyes that he caused haunted him every day.  She was right in the business world he was keeping an eyes on her success but knew he would never get her out of his system as she ran though his veins every part of him he had given to her and no others.  The love, passion and intimacy was the only thing that kept him alive but the hope and dream of her been his forever was shattering a thousand pieces and there was no ray of hope that could ever bring her back…This was gods punishment for him.. He placed the blanket on her and closed his eyes as the tears ran down his face…..

She felt his strong arms around her as she slowly opened to find herself on his chest holding him. "How did I?" she whispered and found him open his eyes to see her and before she could move she found his warm lips on her lips…..The kiss was how she remembers  passionate, caring and full of so much love ….As she found herself kissing him back and the feelings all came flooding back as she tried to pull herself away him she found his kiss even more powerful .. her heart raced and her body melted in his loving embrace….suddenly the lights in the plane lit up "Good morning we will be reaching Heathrow airport in 1 hour" she felt his lips release her as she opened her eyes to see him. "I love you!" his gentle husk voice boomed in her ears and a small smile formed on her lips and then she felt the sharp pain in her chest…….

Her eyes scanned the airport for them and then a large smile formed on her lips.

"Mummy!" she looked at the little toddler ran towards her and took hold of her in her arms… "I missed you Shanti!" as a tear escaped her eyes she looked at the little almond sparkling eyes looking up at her.

"Gauri!" she turned to see Nitesh and Kaaya standing behind her. They were the only family she had and Kaaya was a distant cousin.

"Could Mr Shiv Kapoor please report to the enquire desk!"  Nitesh looked at Gauri to see the hurt in her eyes as he spotted Shiv he felt the anger take hold of him…..

"Who do you think you are?" Shiv felt Nitesh hands take hold of his collars and looked at the anger on his face. Yet he stood there not saying anything in the car park as he knew how much her cared for Gauri and were very old friends.

"You killed Anupam…Walked into Gauri's life and left her pregnant with your child! I have never met a man like you who can only cause pain and destruction.  Stay away from Gauri!"  Shocked and stunned by what he said he just stared at him…

Kaaya and Gauri ran towards them and Kaaya freed Nitesh from Shiv. As they walked away together she felt a hand on her shoulder. As she turned to see him in tears looking at her and Shanti in her arms.

"This is our child? You?" she looked at him as he placed a loving hand on Shanti head as he looked back at her he wiped the tears running down her face. As he step forward to embrace them she stepped back.

"Stay away from me and Shanti!" But before she could move away she felt his hands take hold of Shanti from her… She stared at him as he held Shanti in his arms crying hugging her. "I am your daddy! Beta can you say daddy?"  She looked at the way Shanti smiled at him and giggled as a big dimpled smile lit up her tiny face "Daddy!".  As the tears ran down his face he looked over at Gauri and the smile disappeared from his lips to see the hurt in her eyes…….

See looked over at Shanti who was oblivious to what had happened this morning at the airport as she played with her dolls in her room.. "Daddy!" she shouted as she placed the doll next to the brown teddy bear.  "Mummy bear…Daddy bear and little baby bear….Barbie look at my family" Gauri stared at the little display Shanti had made as a tear ran down her face. "Madam there is a gentle man here to see you!"  

She looked at him as he placed a large gift on the table and turned to look at him.

"I uh thought we could talk…Every time we see each other it's the only thing we don't do!" She nodded as she led him into the study of the large house as house. He stared at the pictures of Shanti on the wall when she was a baby.

"She looks just like you!" Gauri stopped to see him admire the photo on the wall.

"She has your eyes and nature" he looked at her as her eyes swelled up.

She looked at him as she sat on the sofa chair opposite him as he picked up the cup of coffee.

"Can we remove and Masks and speak honestly with each other?" She nodded her head and looked at him

"When I told you that I was responsible for the accident that night I knew the pain was unbearable for you to face so that night I decided to hand you over Red Media completely and leave"

"You good at that!" Her word hit him as he looked at her.

"I had to leave because I could not see the pain in your eyes…I never knew you were Anupam's love or who you were until I went to the house and saw his photo on the wall when we returned back to the house from the garden…Maybe this was my punishment from god!…."

"Anupam death was an accident!…. I know you would never have intentional hurt anyone…" As the tears ran down his face she got up and walked over towards the window and looked out to see the sun setting…

"When Amma passed away she told me that Anupam was in love with someone else and was going to tell me that night…I remember how nerves he was when we drove back home… I was very shocked to learn this and then Aastha came to see me…I later learnt that Amma was helping her get her life back together and arranged her marriage to Shanshank…She told me that she is very happy and has moved on in her life and that I should do the same…what happened was meant to be…All my life I knew I was cursed anyone I ever loved left me and this is my Karam…..my parents, Anupam, Amma and I am scared if anything happens to Shanti I don't know how I would cope…" As the tears ran down her face she felt his arms around her as he held her in his arms.  "Nothing will happen and you have to stop talking like this…This is all my fault! I give my life for you and Shanti if anything like that ever happened" he turned her to face him and looked at her as she silently sob. She looked at him and pushed him away. "You walked away …Just LEAVE US!"



The last part


He stared at her no matter how much he tried to convince her that he loved her and left because he did not want her to see her in any more pain she just refused to listen.  His feet felt like lead he walked over towards the large oak door and turned back to see her standing at the window for the last time….He knew he would never see her again ever this would be their last meeting…….


The tears ran down her face as she cursed her existence throughout her life she was never given what she wanted and the constant battling against the world was putting a strain on her.  She had nothing to give as in the end those whom she loved the most betrayed her…her parents accident hurt her but she thanked the lord for Amma, but in away Amma too betrayed her as Anupam did. Amma betrayal hurt as for two years she lived with the though that Anupam loved her …that hurt the most but now as a mother she understood why Amma never told her as the reality would have hurt knowing that she was not wanted by anyone… Now she was never going to trust anyone but herself ever again as the pain was to unbearable and she knew she would not be able to survive another blow… as she closed her eyes she heard the door close and knew he was gone never to be seen again… This was their last meeting…. Now she was only going to live only for her child.

Main Jahaan Rahoon
Main Kahin Bhi Hoon
Teri Yaad Saaath Hai

main Jahaan Rahoon
Main Kahin Bhi Hoon
Teri Yaad Saaath Hai

Kisi Se Kahoon
Ke Nahi Kahoon
Yeh Jo Dil Ki Baat Hai
Kehne Ko Saath Apane Ek Duniya Chalti Hai
Per Chhupke Is Dil Mein Tanhaayi Palti Hai
Bas Yaad Saath Hai
Teri Yaad Saaath Hai

Main Jahaan Rahoon
Main Kahin Bhi Hoon
Teri Yaad Saaath Hai

He turned to look at the picture of Gauri and Shanti on the wall but could still see the sadness hidden deep in her eyes as the smile looked so superficial as she held their daughter. Why don't you let me in? he though as the tears ran down his face.  As he slowly walked towards the main hall he stopped to see his gift he bought for Shanti still on the white marble table in the hall. He noticed a small sliver picture frame of them together on a beach together and lifted it up.  As the tears ran down his face he imagined himself there with them. Laughing in the sunlight as the sound of the sea crashed onto the soft white sand….

Kahin To Dil Mein Yaadon Ki
Ek Suli Gad Jaati Hai
Kahin Har Ek Tasveer Bhahut Hi Dhondhali Pad Jati Hai
Koi Nayi Duniya Ke Naye Rango Mein Khush Rehta Hai
Koi Sab Kuch Paake Bhi Yeh Mann Hi Mann Kehta Hai
Kehne Ko Saath Apane Ek Duniya Chalti Hai
Per Chhupke Is Dil Mein Tanhaayi Palti Hai
Bas Yaad Saath Hai
Teri Yaad Saaath Hai

Ever since the accident he had distance himself from the family as he re-lived the nightmare again and again. When she walked into his life it was as if she had this power to help him heal and that first night as they made love it was as if he has been transformed out of his hell into a world surrounded by love. He sensed how she too was looking for something that night and the two lonely souls found solitude within each other but it was too good to be true. This was his path he had to walk alone…he held the fame in his hand and slowly made his way towards the door and stopped as he heard a distance sound…. "Daddy?"

As she walked slowly out of the room she heard laughter coming from Shanti's room and smiled as she headed down the corridor …

"Ok you Win!"  Gauri stared at him as he lay on the floor with Shanti on top of him trying to tickle him.

"Are you really my daddy?"  He looked at her small face and could see the same look her mother had and smiled.


"So why don't you stay with me and mummy?…don't you love me and mummy?"  He closed his eyes and could feel the sharp pain in his chest as the question lingered in the air.

"I love your mummy a lot that why I have to stay away?" he could feel his eyes watering and tried to shake of the feeling to be strong in front of her.

"You don't love me?"  Now it was no use his mouth was dry and the word boomed into his ears hitting him as he died a thousand deaths.

"I do you're my…. sweetheart remember!" He took hold of her and held her close to his chest as the tears ran down his face. Forgive me he thought.

"So show me again your bear family?" his voice quivered as he picked her up and sat her in his lap to see the family as he looked up he saw her staring at them.

"Daddy this is you!"  He stared at the strong big brown bear.

"This is mummy!…and this is me!….Daddy look!" he stared at the family and picked up the mummy bear in his hands.

"Shall I tell you a story?" He looked down at Shanti as she turned in his lap smiling as she reset her head on his arm like a small baby in his lap.

"I like stories mummy reads them all the time…."

"Once upon a time mummy bear found herself all alone in the woods and was scared…You see she thought the woods were full of monsters behind every tree and these monsters made it hard for her to let go of her fears…No matter how strong she was she did want to let them go…You see she fear that she would get hurt again…and was scared…But what she didn't realize was that the woods was a happy place were the animals all loved each other and there was nothing to be afraid off…" he looked up at her as she stood near the door.

"So daddy why was she scared?" he smiled an looked down at Shanti

"She was scared someone would her hurt but no one in the woods would every hurt her as they loved her so much…and I would die for her…" he glanced at her as she silently sobbed near the door.

"Madam dinner is ready!" The all turned to see the butler.

Shanti smiled as she got up and took hold of Shiv's hand "Daddy you staying?" he looked at Shanti as she tried to pull him up smiling.

"Shanti….Daddy…. is staying! He can never eat alone…"

She smiled as she woke up as she felt the warmth of the sunlight on her face after so many years she felt alive and refreshed after a good night sleep as she turned over the bed was empty but a single rose lay on the pillow.. She pulled up the covers and curiously looked round the hotel room and could hear the sound of water from the bathroom and smiled as she picked up the rose in her hand and inhaled the sweet smell as she closed her eyes. "It's no where as beautiful or smells as good as you!" feeling her cheeks turning red as she blushed she open her eyes to see him lean forward and kissed her.  Feeling his warm and passionate kiss she remembered….he let go of her…"Mrs Shiv Kapoor! I think it's time we…" She could feel his wet body take hold of her. Her heart raced as she felt his hands explore her back pulling her close to him.. "we?" she asked as she looked into his loving gaze.  "We …." He whispered in her ear. "we…check up on Shanti and call Nitesh and Kaaya….and then we can do what we do best….". Feeling his lips once again she melted in his arms……



Love KatEmbarrassed






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