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F/F- Adi/M "Touched by an Angel" Ch11 P14

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[Touched by an Angel

Chapter Index:
Chap 1 - Page 1
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I would like to post my first fan fic. It's titled "Touched By An Angel".

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and
owned by Ekta Kapoor, Balaji Telefilms etc. All characters belonging to
the KGGK Universe are Ekta's and Balaji Telefilms. Only, Dhruv, Rajveer,
Ranjeet, Kookie, Natasha and other friends of Adi (as will be found in this
fan fiction) are my own. No money is being made and no copyright or
trademark infringement is intended. All thanks to Ekta Kapoor for
creating such wonderful characters that we can't help wanting to create
stories around them.

This fan fiction is sometimes very close to KGGK canon (Some dialogues
and scenes are taken directly from KGGK but no infringement is intended,
it's just to keep in canon), but is at most times, alternate universe.

It's my very first fan fiction, so I know there will be lots of mistakes, that
you may not even like what I'm writing. Also, the first parts are very slow,
no Adi-Maithili action, that will come in time, so please bear with me.
Please feel free to send in your comments, let me know if you would like
me to continue with this. I believe criticism is always constructive so
please let me know of any inadequacies in this fan fiction. That said, I
welcome you to read this as I have enjoyed writing it.

This fan fiction is dedicated to two people: Jatin Shah [Ever since I've seen
Adi, I've been so completely fascinated, I have been wishing there could
be a real Adi for me somewhere (sigh!) Since that's not possible, I'm
making do with the Adi in my imagination!] and puremagic (whose
writing has completely inspired me to write my own fan fic (thanks

About the characters: Pretty much true to canon. I am an Adi/Maithili
shipper, so this fan fiction is chiefly A/M, however, there will be traces of
P/M (Pranay/Maithili). Other ships are J/S (Janki-Parvati/Suyash), G/N
(Gunn/Nikhil) – my apologies to all Krishna fans, I mean no offence), M/S
(Mayuri/Shikhar) and of course, P/A (Pragati/Ankit).

Sorry for rambling so much, its my first fan fic and so I'm a little too
excited, I think. A million apologies. And now on to the story.

Chapter One
It was late evening and dusk was fading away into darkness. Maithili sat
by the window in her room, staring outside pensively. 'It was all so
hopeless,' she thought sadly, 'She loved Pranay. Pranay loved Mallishka.
And Mallishka...who knew what was in her heart. Pranay was so focussed
on Mallishka these days that every time he spoke with her (Maithili)
nowadays, it was always "Mallishka this" and "Mallishka that" and
"Mallishka said", always Mallishka. It really hurt. It was impossible to
speak with Pranay these days without speaking of Mallishka. It was
impossible to get away from the fact that was absolutely staring her stark
in the face, Pranay really was head over heels for Mallishka. She recalled
the moment at the book launch when Pranay had told her that the first
thing he would do when his book was successful was that he would tell
Mallishka of his love for her.' A tear ran down her cheek at the
recollection of how hurt she had been at that moment. She shook her
head and wiped the tear off her cheek with the back of her hand. 'This
was what she hated the most,' she sniffed, 'she had turned into the
biggest snivelling pot, weeping every second moment, really it was

Suddenly Adi's comment ran through her head, "The last time I saw you,
you were in tears, today also there are tears in your eyes and the
reason...the same old Pranay! What's your problem Maithili, why can't you
tell Pranay that you love him? If you want, I can help you with this
problem, think about it and let me know" A cool breeze blew in through
the open window and Maithili shivered slightly. 'Can Adi really help me
with Pranay?', she thought, 'Should I trust him with something so
important to me?' 'No,' she said to herself slowly, 'this is too personal, I
cannot involve Adi with this.' She stood up and walked around her room,
'On one hand, I have this feeling that Adi will be able to help me, Adi's
the kind of person who can make things happen,' she thought, 'the little I
know of him makes me believe in this, but on the other hand, should I
forget that this is the same Adi who never lost an opportunity to insult
me or to show me down.' 'But Maithili,' the voice in her head argued, 'Adi
already knows you are in love with Pranay and he has himself offered to
help you out, what do you have to loose? At least speak with Adi in
college and see what he has to say, then if you don't like the idea, you can
always choose not to go ahead with anything. And, even though Adi was
quite a rude arrogant chap with too much attitude, he had shown such
different shades of character recently, his loyalties towards his family, his
love for his Mom which he displayed so strongly to the world, surely
someone who loved his mother so much could not be wholly bad.' The
argument went back and forth in her head until she finally decided to
sleep on the issue and decide what to do the next morning.

Pranay sat at his desk staring disbelievingly at the phone in his hand. He
gingerly kept the phone on his desk and stood up running his hands
haphazardly through his hair. A wide smile split his face, his eyes
sparkled. "Pranay," his mother came into the room, "have you seen my
diary anywhere? I think I left it here last night." He just smiled at her
happily, not saying anything. She smiled at him enquiringly, "Pranay, my
dear, what makes you so happy?" she touched his cheek softly. "Mamma,
I just received a call from Mallishka, my publisher," Pranay told her
excitedly, his words jumping over each other in his excitement, "my book
has made splendid sales in Mumbai inspite of the negative reviews, the
publishers are now negotiating the royalties for my book, Mallishka is
trying to get me the best ever deal, and mom, there are to be certain
events and promotions in connection with my book within the next two
weeks, I have been asked to attend all the events. And they have offered
me a great deal to write my next book. Mom, isn't that simply splendid?"
he finished in one breath, his eyes shining.

His mother hugged him tightly, "My dearest, of course, I'm thrilled, it's
the most wonderful news!" Suddenly his eyes clouded over, "Mom, will
you tell Dad for me. I don't think…Mom, will he be happy for me, Mom?"
he asked her, his face downcast. His mother looked at him, her smile
fading very slightly, "My dear child, he is your father after of course, he
will be delighted at your success. I will tell him right away." She hugged
him again, "All the best, my dear. Dinner will be served in the next
twenty minutes. I'll see you downstairs then, okay" Pranay looked at his
mother, "Actually, Mom, I am planning to meet Mallishka for dinner to
discuss all the plans for the next few weeks. So, I will be back late." His
mother smiled at him, "Okay, you have a good time darling. I'm so
thrilled for you." She started to walk away stopped midway and turned
around, "I almost forgot why I had come in here, Pranay, have you seen
my diary here?" He shook his head absently, already looking forward to
meeting Mallishka, he loved her so much. Life was looking wonderful
suddenly, he thought happily.

Adi looked at the beautiful girl seated in front of him. 'Nice going Adi,' he
thought, 'she's already crazy about you' he smiled at her, "So Natasha,
tell me about yourself, I feel like knowing everything about you." Natasha
looked at him coyly, "What would you like to know Adi?" He grinned,
"Have I told you how very beautiful you are Natasha!", She giggled softly,
"Oh, you are such a flatterer Adi" Adi leaned towards her, his finger
stroking her cheek softly, "I make it a habit never to lie to a lady,
especially a lovely lady like you" She leaned into his touch eagerly, "Adi,
I'm so happy that you've asked me out. Ever since I was transferred to
this college, there's been no one I have wanted to get to know as much as
you," she told him flirtatiously. Adi leaned towards her again, 'And
Vikram Aditya Mehra, lady killer extraordinaire strikes again! his inner
voice cheered'
"Ever since you joined this college, my dear, I have
thought about asking you out. Now, I regret that I let so many days go
by, what a waste," Adi sighed, looking deep into her eyes. She leaned
forward as well, "Well, better late than never, right?" she whispered softly,
fluttering her eyelashes slightly. How do they do that fluttering thing,
its quite sexy, definite trade secret!
"So, what do we do after dinner
Adi," she asked him. Suggestive Suggestive! Adi leaned back in his
chair, "This evening is dedicated to you, my dear, You decide" he told her,
grinning at her answering smile. God! Girls were so predictable.

He was already feeling bored. All through dinner, she'd passed out
several hints that she wanted to go steady with him. Sorry Natasha but
Vikramaditya Mehra does not do steady. Too many girls, too little time.

He had asked her out in response to a challenge issued by Dhruv, his best
friend ("Adi, I bet you can't get her to come out with you. She's very
elusive. Do you know that she turned down Akshay, I mean, which girl
turns down the guy who's the most good looking in college? I challenge
you Adi, Let's say twenty grand to the winner, you game?") Of course he
was game. He was Adi Mehra, he never turned his back on a challenge.
Never. And this was not so bad, Natasha was definitely beautiful, he
turned his gaze intently on her, and she knew it very well, she was the
head turning sort and completely his type in the looks department. But
somehow, he was not interested this time. This had gotten slightly
boring now, he thought, forcing back a yawn and pasting a smile on his
face as he listened to her going on about some fashion show somewhere
Who cares? Wonder whether Manchester United will win the title this
season? Hope so.
"Yeah! I agree, Natasha," he told her, conscious of a
lull in the conversation and she smiled, "See, we think so much alike Adi"
And pigs are flying in this restaurant with pink bibs! He grinned at

He felt slightly restless. 'I just want to go home,' he thought, 'if Mamma
and Dad were at home today, I would not have come here.' Ever since his
mother had recovered from the ailment that had plagued her almost since
his birth, he had spent every moment he could with her, after college,
during the weekends, it was so great, it was indescribable, "Yes, Natasha,
I feel the same way" he murmured, thank heaven she doesn't realize
that I'm not paying any attention to her!
'His father couldn't seem to
let his mother out of his gaze for too long these days' he thought fondly,
'he was always taking her along on all his business trips.' Today, they
were going out for dinner and would certainly be back late. He had never
seen his father so happy as he was these days, yes, his father was
definitely and totally in love with his mother, no one who saw them
together these days would think otherwise, as he had mistakenly thought
at one time. And, strangely, these days, when he saw the affection
between his parents, it made him feel slightly restless, he would like to
have the same sort of relationship some day, he realized, but till date no
girl had inspired anything more than the most basic of all feelings in him,
his heart was still untouched and the way he looked at it, no girl could
ever be as special to him as his mother was for his father. He just didn't
think he could ever feel so deeply.

He looked at Natasha who was looking expectantly at him, "Yeah! Sure
Natasha" he told her, wondering what he had gotten himself into. She
squealed, "thanks Adi, I was really looking forward to watching it. Let's
go check if there are tickets." Oh! wonderful, now I have to go spend
the next couple of hours watching loads of mush! What kind of movie is
Just My Luck anyway? Oh! well, at least I don't have to listen to her!
groaned inwardly as he signed for their meal and walked out with her.

Suddenly his cell phone rang, he looked at the caller id, frowned and took
the call, "What," he exclaimed as he listened, "don't tell me, that loser! Are
you serious? Good God! what has the literary taste of this world come to?
Oh come on Mallishka, that chap is completely useless, okay,……
whatever, please, no way I am coming for any more events, wasn't the
one enough? Honestly, you go ahead and waste your time, there's no way
I'm coming………… Mallishka, I'm a little caught up right now, I'll call you
tomorrow, alright." he hung up, shaking his head 'Imagine someone
wanting to read that useless book'
and smiled at Natasha, "Sorry,
Natasha, just some silly work, so where were we right now...."

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Good start!!Do continue it! Clap Clap
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its really good!continue sn!!
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Sorry, formatting problems, shall be back soon.

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Thanks for the encouragement anu93 and Taran. Since I had already written Chapter Two, I'm posting that as well. Hope you enjoy reading it. Please feel free to let me know what you really think. Sorry about the change of font. I'm having a spot of trouble with the formatting.

Chapter Two

The next morning....

Adi sped up the drive leading to the car park at college. As he leaned to collect his books from the back seat, he was hailed by Dhruv and Rajveer. Dhruv lunged at him playfully, "You lucky bas***d, My allowance this month is all gone due to you, how on earth did you get around Natasha, she acts like bloody miss ice queen around me." Rajveer quickly put in "me too buddy, me too, doesn't even look properly at me." "Of course, the Vikram Aditya Mehra brand of charm is too much for any mere mortal girl to take, Adi bragged, his eyes twinkling, 'they simply can't resist me." Dhruv rolled his eyes and the three of them laughed. "Oh! lookie, here's the secretary to the witch, Dhruv said suddenly, seeing Maithili outside their class doors. "So," drawled Dhruv in his most condescending voice, "are you planning to stop us from entering class again, Ms. Maithili, let me inform you that there are still ten minutes for class to begin." Maithili looked up at the three guys, "There's no need to be nasty Dhruv," she told him quietly, "I haven't come here to speak with you." "Oh!," Dhruv laughed sarcastically, I am so..ooo disappointed, please, please talk to me."

Maithili ignored him, looked up at Adi who was watching the proceedings quietly, a small frown on his face, and addressed him, "Actually, I wanted to speak with you Adi, maybe in lunch break, can you spare some time." "Oh! guess what Maithili," countered Dhruv nastily, "Adi does not wish to speak with you, so bugger off" Maithili ignored Dhruv again and looked at Adi again, her eyes hopeful. "Okay, I'll look for you during lunch," Adi told her and both Dhruv and Rajveer turned to look at him, utterly surprised. She smiled at him, Thanks Adi" and walked away leaving the three guys looking after her.

Dhruv turned to Adi, "What! Am I hearing things or did you just fix a date with the boring secretary?" "Oh shut up Dhruv," Adi threw him a glare, "it's hardly a date, she just wants to speak with me about something." "Yeah, right! And since when does she just want to speak with you about anything," asked Dhruv, raising his eyebrows suggestively, "Or is there something you've been keeping to yourself, some deep dark secret" "Dhruv, get your mind out of the gutter", said Adi, rolling his eyes at him. "That's rich, coming from you, replied Dhruv snarkily, "But, Adi, don't you just hate her, remember the morphed pictures, the taunts, the fights," put in Rajveer looking concerned. "I know I hated her at one time, actually, come to think about it, I hated her guts but the fact is that she has helped me quite a bit recently, she has been nice to me and the Lord knows, I don't deserve any consideration from her, so, I realize I don't hate her anymore," Adi told them, "She actually came to my house to apologise for her behaviour to my mother, you know, and knowing how I felt about her, it could not have been easy for her. She has helped me guys, and I've spoken to her a couple of times outside college, I think she's okay really, what's more, I think we must stop baiting her, okay guys." Adi looked at his two best friends. Rajveer nodded slowly, Dhruv still looked slightly skeptical but shrugged "Okay dude, whatever! Come, its time for class."

Adi walked into class after the two of them, his mind running over the conversation with Maithili, 'Never knew that Maithili has such pretty eyes', he thought slowly, a part of him amazed at this train of thought, as he sat down next to Dhruv, 'such an unusual colour, like…like honey, translucent brown,' he recalled with clarity. As she had turned to look at him, a ray of sun had fallen on her face highlighting her eyes. 'It's so strange,' he thought, 'I've spoken with her a zillion times and never noticed her eyes, I've morphed her picture with that useless loser and never noticed her eyes! Really weird.' Me, Adi the ladykiller! Their Professor walked in with a load of books in his arms. Adi looked at Dhruv who was laughing at something Rajveer was whispering to him from the seat ahead. "Oh Lord! Look at the load that he's carried in," Adi said in a low voice to Dhruv and Rajveer. "He's probably going to load us with assignments," mourned Rajveer, who hated doing any kind of home work. "Silence everybody," Professor Shukla boomed in his extra loud voice and Adi cringed, Why did he have to yell everything. Even on the last bench, it was like a microphone going off tonelessly in his ear He looked at Dhruv's face mirroring his thoughts and grinned, shook his head slightly and turned his attention to the Professor who had started droning loudly about some convoluted precedent on contract law.

During lunch time....

Adi knocked on Janki Devi's outer chamber door and peered in. Maithili saw him and stood up, smiling, as he sauntered in, his hands in his pockets. "So," he asked her, what's up? Is it about that lo…I mean Pranay?" Maithili went slightly pink and whispered, "Adi, uh.hh do you mind if we speak somewhere else?" She turned to look at Janki Devi's closed door, "Ma'am is in there and I would prefer to have this conversation elsewhere." Adi smiled inwardly, 'So it's about that worthless bugger Pranay,' he thought, "Okay," he said aloud, "so join me for lunch and we can discuss this." Maithili nodded, "I've carried my lunch, so let me just get it." She removed a lunch box from her bag and walked out with him. They walked to the canteen in a companiable silence, Maithili found a place for them to sit as Adi ordered his lunch. "So," said Adi, "tell me, do you want my assistance, is that it?" as he sat down with his lunch tray. "Yes," Maithili replied shyly, her cheeks still very pink, "actually, ever since you mentioned it, I have been thinking about asking you whether you really meant what you said, whether you could really help me." Her face became serious suddenly, "I don't know why I am asking you to help me, it's so silly, isn't it, but I can't help myself, I just don't think I can ever tell Pranay how I feel, I feel awfully scared about the rejection that right now, I feel sure I'll face. She looked at him earnestly, "I know Pranay doesn't love me right now but I know he cares for me as a friend, but he, I think he….he is in love with Mallishka (her voice wavered slightly) I'd be a fool not to acknowledge that." Adi nodded encouragingly and she continued "But Adi, I've noticed that she does not care for him very much, she's always speaking rudely to him, always keeping him on tenterhooks and somehow, I don't think she reciprocates his feelings. I know I sound pathetic right now but I've thought about this so much, your words to me have given me some hope, at least I want to try, I care for Pranay very very much and if you can help me in any way, as you said, please let me know."

Adi propped his elbows on the table and looked at her, an amused smile on his face. "You know Maithili, I cannot believe anyone can have such strong feelings for Pranay, honestly! I mean, you know I cannot stand him, but I told you I'll help you and Vikram Aditya Mehra always keeps his word," he told her airily. "I'll think of something and let you know." He pondered a bit and smiled at her, "In fact, I have just thought of something," he told her superiorly, "As you know, Mallishka is also my friend and therefore I get to see her quite a bit. What's more, I think she has a sort of soft corner for me," he grinned at her appealingly, a what-to-do-I-am-so-hot! look on his face and continued "and I can try to get her to go around with me a bit to bug Pranay or something. Howzzat?" He grinned. That'll get his goat for sure, Mr. Useless! Maithili stared at him quietly. "And don't worry, I won't tell her about this, so your secret is safe with me," he finished off smugly, feeling very satisfied with himself. All in a day's work!

"But Adi," said Maithili in a small voice, "you don't really like Mallishka, do you?" He shook his head instantly, very surprised by her question. What sort of weird track is this? "Then Adi, won't it be wrong to play with someone's feelings like that. What if Mallishka takes you seriously?" Oh! for heaven's sake! Adi was aware of a niggling sense of irritation, this was the problem with bloody goody goody girls like Maithili, you tried to help them and they instantly started preaching all sorts of rubbish to you. "Maithili," he said a bit sharply, "do you want to get Pranay or not. Because, if not, then..." he broke off seeing Maithili suddenly stare at something behind him, her face reflecting her surprise. He turned his neck to see what had caused her sudden distraction when he saw that idiot Pranay walking towards them. "Oh god!," he muttered, as he turned to face Maithili, "there's no escaping this idiot, why must I have to speak of him and see him at the same time." He rolled his eyes dramatically and turned his attention to his food.

"Maithili," said Pranay sharply, as he strode towards their table, "Maithili, what do you think you are doing with this jerk?" He looked closely at their table, "Maithili," he exclaimed horrified, "Have you gone insane? Why are you having lunch with this guy, don't you know he's up to no good?" "Oh! hi Pranay, how nice to see you here too," Adi smiled at him cheekily, his voice filled with sarcasm, "you just made our day." Pranay glared daggers at Adi and turned to Maithili, "Have you gone insane?" he repeated angrily. "Getting a little repetitive, aren't you, old chap?" drawled Adi, "Why don't you try asking her another question?" "You shut up," Pranay growled in his direction, "Stay out of this" Before Adi could retort, Maithili looked up at Pranay, her smile nervous, "Pranay, I'm just having lunch with Adi, why don't you join us?" she said tentatively. Yes, please, I second that! looks like he'll burst an aneurysm right here, right now, cheered Adi silently. "And since, we're nearly done, you may eat alone," Adi couldn't resist telling him smugly and laughed as he saw Pranay clench his fists. Like taking food from a baby's fingers. Boy, it's so easy to wind this one up, the useless fool! Adi ignored the sizzling glare Pranay threw in his direction and pretended to focus on his food. Why pay and watch a movie when so much drama is free!

He peered at them to see Pranay looking at Maithili like he thought she had lost all her wits, "Listen Maithili, I came here to tell you something, you and Pragati di actually, so can you just come with me," Pranay said angrily. "Right now," he added forcefully, his face furious.   He sounded like he was going to loose it right there and then and so Adi laughed and stood up, "Oh! Go on Maithili or he might just collapse from all this excitement. Some losers have decided to read his worthless book and so he's on the verge of wetting his pants, sissy boy."

Pranay lunged forward quickly and caught Adi's arm, his face was deep red and he was breathing very quickly, "Vikram Aditya Mehra, you are an utter bas***d." Adi pulled Pranay's hand off his arm and looked at him coldly, Cool it Adi, this worthless bugger is not worth your losing your temper over! "I assure you my parents were married when they had me Loser," he bit out smoothly, but hey, at least I have a family that adores me. About you, I don't recall seeing your father at your book launch, doesn't think too much of you, does he?" he taunted. He had struck a nerve, Adi realized triumphantly, as Pranay's face turned a sickly white. He looks pink now,Adi thought merrily, first lobster red followed by a dollop of sickly white. Picture Perfect Pranay in Pale Pink! Ha Ha! That'll teach you, loser!

As Pranay opened his mouth to retaliate, Maithili quickly stepped in between them, "Stop this right now," she told them angrily, "both of you just grow up. Pranay, you'll get into trouble if you get into a fight with Adi in college and you know that. Adi, you are lucky to have a loving family but it's cruel to taunt the lesser fortunate. Here we go again. The saintly halo appears on Ms. Goody Goody! Anyway, I'm leaving, thanks for all your help Adi. Pranay, if you want to speak with me, you can come with me to my office." She picked up her things and walked away. Adi looked at Pranay mockingly and turned and strode off in the opposite direction. Pranay hurried after Maithili.

"Maithili, I did not expect this from you," said Pranay angrily, as he moved alongside her. "Have you forgotten the vile things that he has done, have you…" "Pranay," interrupted Maithili calmly, "forget Adi for the moment, why have you come to college today, what's the matter?" Pranay looked as if he wanted to continue the tirade against Adi but then thought better of it and asked sulkily, "Where is Pragatidi?" Pragati's gone for a seminar today, she won't be back to college today, try calling her after 5:00 in the evening. Now, Pranay, tell me what's the matter."

Pranay told her all about Mallishka's call, the offer for the next book, his face shining with happiness. Maithili smiled back at him, thrilled for him, "Pranay, that's such wonderful news, congratulations, I'm so happy for you, and remember, such good news requires a party." Pranay grinned, his anger seemingly forgotten in his excitement, "Of course, Maithili, I will take Pragatidi and you out for dinner. But I am going to be very busy the next two weeks with Mallishka for the various book events. Oh! Maithili, I can't tell you how happy I am, Mallishka is so good to me, she is taking care of everything for me. 'Don't worry about anything Pranay,' she told me, I will take care of all details, you only focus on your new book.' Isn't she great Maithili, I think she is the best thing that ever happened to me." he finished enthusiastically. Maithili looked at him, her heart suddenly heavy, as she reluctantly absorbed his utter fascination for Mallishka.

She realized he was looking at her expectantly and smiled brightly at him. "That's wonderful Pranay," she said "all my best wishes are with you always, I'm sure every book you write will be a success." Pranay beamed, "Thanks Maithili, thanks for your support. I'll call Pragatidi later. Now, I am going off to meet Mallishka, she wants to go over some details with me, Bye Maithili." He walked off, a spring in his step and Maithili stood silently for a moment watching him walk away from her. "Oh Pranay," she whispered sadly, "can you not speak just once with me without mentioning Mallishka." She walked back to her office slowly, her heart torn between the happiness she felt at Pranay's achievement and the distress she felt at Pranay's endless fascination for Mallishka.

That's it for Chapter Two. Please let me know your comments.

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is it ur first eva fic ConfusedConfusedConfused????????uve written it sooo well tht it's too hard for me to believe tht!both da parts were just mindblowing Clap ...go ahead with other parts too,cont soon!
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yipeee me da first one to reply! Wink
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love it!!!!! Clap Clap
ur adi is abs fab!!!! love the way he thinks!!!!! Clap
this fan fic is gonna b great... cant wait for an update...

ps... if possible whenever u update how about indexing the page no and part no on the first page.. easier to catch up,,,

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psawyer 8 898 16 February 2008 at 9:21pm by balhfan123

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