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Teri Baahon Mein- A-K-KYPH pt. 39, pg 39

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Hi, I am posting on behalf of Pallavi 25!

This story is loosely based on the movie Dirty Dancing!





Dilip Sharma's gated mansion in Pali Hill, Mumbai
December 15, 2003.........7 a.m.

Inside the lavish 2 storied house.....Upstairs.....a large bedroom decorated in various shades of walls, white wall-to-wall wardrobe on one side; sheer pink curtains filtering in early morning sunlight; oval-shaped dark-pink rugs on either side of the plush full-size bed, a fluffy pink comforter draping over a slender, curved frame deep in slumber.

Loud Knock at the door and a tall, attractive girl in her mid-twenties walked in energetically, calling:

"K-R-I-P-A......K-R-I-P-A, Utho na!!"

A tousled head appeared above the comforter, a muffled voice sleepily groaning:
"Ummmmm Diii Kya Hai? Kya hua?"

Mishti: "Baby, GET UP!! Get up! Dont be such a Sleepy-head, u Lazybones!!"

The girl in the bed opens one eye, stretches out her hand to the magenta alarm-clock on the white bedside table......It is 7 A.M.
She complains with irritation in her voice: Kya hai Diii, itni subah subah kyun jaga diya.... Abhi toh sirf saat bajey hain.....

Mishti: "My sweet sweet Baby, Pleeeaaase get up na...I need your help!"

Muffled sleepy voice: "Kis baat ki help?"

Mishti: "You have to help me select cocktail dresses for the Goa vacation dinners. Arey, Goa nahin jaan hai kya??" (she reminded her sister)

The mention of Goa finally made her wide awake......she threw off the covers and sat up on the bed, langorously stretching like a cat!

KRIPA SHARMA, younger daughter of Dilip and Naina Sharma is all of 20 years of age. With long straight hair flowing down to her elbows, a creamy, translucent skin and a petite yet curvy figure, shes quite a little beauty (although she herself isnt very aware of the fact)
But its her eyes that will capture anyone's attention.......beautiful chocolate-brown eyes that are velvety in their depths, holding the mystery of a Madonna and the innocence of an Angel!

Mishti, older to her by 5 years, acts more like shes 10 years older than Kripa!
She bosses over Kripa like a 2nd mom yet shes very protective and caring about her little sis whom she fondly calls "BABY"

In fact, Baby is the nickname used by her sister and her parents mostly at home, Kripa doesnt like being called Baby anymore (after all shes all of 20) but she takes it in her stride as their affection and love for her!

Kripa finally gets up and asks Mishti with surprise: " Dii, tumney abhi packing complete nahin kee?? Mainey toh kal raat hi kar lee thi......aur Goa ka flight toh 2 bajey hai toh abhi se yeh hurry kyun, ab bhi bahut waqt hai!"

Mishti (patiently): "NO Baby, Mama ne kaha hai luggage pack karkey dus bajey ke andar ready rakhna. Teddy is taking the luggage ahead of us to the airport. Hamara Chartered flight hai na, isliye Loading ka problem ho sakta hai."

Kripa: "Okay Dii, batao kya help chahiye tumhey" (raising her slim hands gracefully and tying back her long hair with a scrunchie)
As soon as Kripa got up and kneeled on the bed, she saw an array of cocktail dresses spread out near the foot of the bed.

Mishti: "Yeh dekho....inmein se mujhey sirf teen dresses leney me choose which ones look best on me.....I trust your choice."
Mishti held up each dress, posing in front of Kripa, turning this way and that way like a runway model.
She modelled a black cocktail dress, a navy-blue sequinned gown, a red satin full- length gown, a pink/lavender-shaded chiffon frock and an off-white off-the-shoulder satin gown.

Kripa watched her seriously, fingers on her cheek thoughtfully and finally gave her verdict: "Okayy Dii, take the navy blue, the red satin and the...the ....the off-white satin!"
Mishti grinned in delight and tapped Kripa's cheek affectionately: "PERFECT CHOICE!!! Mainey bhi yehi teen sochkar rakha tha, hamari choice kitni milti hai na?
Red one for Christmas party, white one for New Year's and dark blue one for any special event (Mishti talking to herself now)...aur kuchh aur formal tops and pants bhi leney hain for dinner every night, and then sun lotion, jeans, capris, T-shirts, sunglasses (counting off her packing list)

Suddenly something strikes her!
"Kripaa, tumney party dresses pack kee hain na apney liye?? she asks Kripa.

Kripa (hesitantly): Woh Dii, tumhey to pata hai na mujhey parties achhey nahin lagtey....mainey apna woh white printed chiffon frock pack kiya hai"

Mishti (shocked and exasperated): "WHATTT!! Only one dress!! Baaki parties ka kya hoga?"
Mishti rushed to the wardrobe, grumbling: "Yeh ladki bhi na!! Agar main nahin hoti toh iska kya hota!!"
She rummaged thru the clothes hanging in the wardrobe, mostly jeans, long skirts and simple tops.......Kripa obviously wasnt much into fancy dressing!

Mishti finally found 2 dresses and pulled them out......a black halter-neck knee-length cocktail dress (Mishti had bought it for Kripa for her 20th birthday) and a pink printed chiffon frock that was so typically Kripa!

Mishti: C'Mon Baby, pack up these 2 dresses in ur bags.....too bad though you dont have a red dress for the Christmas party.......Koi baat nahin, Goa mein shopping malls hain na, I will buy you one for Christmas! Ab jaldi se utho, dresses pack karo ......aur haan, matching jewelry and shoes lena mat bhoolna!

After her military-style orders, Mishti flounced out of the room holding an armful of dresses, leaving Kripa looking amusedly at her effervescent sister's departing back!
Kripa finally got up from the bed, stretching her arms again, her pink satin nightgown falling to her knees. She walked to the windows, pulled open the sheer pink curtains and felt the early morning sun on her upturned face!

AAHHH GOA!!! She thought dreamily......she was really looking forward to this trip! Last time they had gone to Goa for vacation, she had been only 11 years old! Now she was eager to see and experience the gorgeous Goa scenery with her artist's eyes! And also paint a few landscapes and seascapes whenver she could.

Kripa was an art student majoring in Art with minor in Architecture and Sculpture!
Mishti had graduated with interior design and decoration and now she was working with Naina in her thriving Interior Decoration business!

9 A.M. Sharma dining-room

Kripa comes down the stairs.
Dilip and Naina are already at the table.
Naina: Uth gayi, Baby? Aao nashta kar lo, iskey baad luggage Teddy ke saath bhejna hai!
Kripa: Good Morning Mama... Papa!

Dilip: Good Morning Beta! Tumney apni Arts ka samaan pack kar liya?

Kripa: Jee Papa, kar liya! Aur aap apna Golf ka samaan mat bhuliega.

Dilip (with great pleasure): "Haan woh to zaroor loonga....I am really looking forward to swinging a few good shots with my buddies"

Naina looked irritated: "Kya Mr. Mehra aur Mr. Oberoi bhi wahan jaa rahey hain.....Phir toh Golf kam aur Business ke baatein zyada hongey"

Dilip: Arey Naina, agar Golf ke mazey ke saath saath kuchh business ki baatein bhi ho jayen, to ismein harj hi kya hai! Mixing business with relaxation is my motto!

Dilip Sharma ran a successful import/export business which had started booming recently due to garment exports to foreign countries, especially U.S.
He was so busy all year that he rarely got time to spend with his family so he made it a point to go on a vacation for at least 20 days every year with his family, usually to some resort where there was Golf! He was an avid golfer as well as a cunning businessman!

Dilip smiled to himself swinging an imaginary golf shot with his hands at the table.

Naina: Bus ab yeh sab chhodiye nahin to golf ball ke badley boiled andey ko maar dengey! (gesturing at the boiled egg on his plate)

Mishti glided downstairs: Ahhh FINALLY I am DONE! Sab packing finished! (she flopped down and sighed with relief as if shed run a marathon)

Naina : Very good Mishti, ab tum dono jaldi se nashta khatam kar lo aur Teddy ko samaan de do le jaaney ke liye"

Kripa and Mishti finished their breakfast and went to collect their luggage for Teddy, the butler!
All total they had 17 pieces of luggage, including Kripa's Art satchel and Dilip's Golf-set! Mishti's dresses alone occupied 5 suitcases!!!!
No ordinary domestic carrier would allow them to carry so many pieces so its a good thing Dilip had chartered a flight from his friend Mr. Aggarwal.
They set out for the airport at 12 noon for their 2 o-clock flight.

Dec. 15.....5 P.M.

Their chartered plane landed at Panaji Airport at 5 p.m. After a half-hour drive, the Sharmas and their luggage reached the Fort Aguada Beach Resort at 5:30 and checked into their terrace suites.
Dilip had booked 2 luxury Terrace-apartment Suites at the Resort!

Built on the ramparts of a 16th century Portuguese fortress, the Fort Aguada Beach resort is part of a sprawling 88-acre complex overlooking the Arabian Sea. Situated right on the beach, the resort offers guests a unique opportunity to relax in elegantly appointed villas and cottages, while they are serenaded by the lapping of waves nearby.
There is windsurfing, sailing, speedboating, parasailing, water-skiing, jet-skis, surfing, banana-boat rides for the more adventurous types apart from a 17-hole Golf course overlooking the sea.

Hotel Taj Fort Aguada Goa is located at Sinquerim, Bardez, Goa. It is 45 kms from Air Port!

Decorated in its own distinct style, each terrace suite is designed to create a unique tapestry of gorgeous color and design, facing palm flecked lawns and a vast expanse of cerulean sea.

Dilip and Naina took the eastern suite and gave the western suite to Mishti and Kripa! Each suite had one big living room and a small kitchen and 2 bedrooms with terrace-style balconies hanging over the gardens below!
Kripa went to her room and opened the French doors leading to the terrace! She stepped out, breathing in the fresh, salty air!

Far away on the horizon, the setting sun was spreading vermillion colors on the fading sky in a brilliant display of red, orange, pink and purple!
Kripa looked transfixed at the grand amphitheater of colors spread over the sparkling sea and skies! Her atist's hands itched to take out her colors and start painting that masterpiece of nature and God........but she knew by the time she took out her stuff, the sun would set completely!
She rushed into her room, got her digital camera and started shooting pictures of that gorgeous display of sand, sea and sun!
She stood in a deep reverie outside till it was almost dark, the sun had dipped below the horizon after some brilliant showmanship and the crickets had started chirping in the tropical bushes below!

A loud knock at her bedroom door startled her out of her reverie!

Mishti was at the door: "Kripaaa, Jaldi se tayyar ho jao, Mama ne phone kiya tha, Dinner per jaana hai....we have half an hour to get ready"
Kripa shouted: Okay Dii..... and went to her attached bath to get fresh and get ready for her first dinner in Goa!

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

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December 15, 7 p.m.

Kripa emerged from her room dressed in her simple white chiffon printed dress, its halter neck revealing her graceful neck and shoulders! She had on pretty little dangling mother-of-pearl earrings and a thin gold chain with an oval mother-of-pearl locket! Her long hair was left loose curling slightly in waves because of the humid sea-air.

The Sharma family met in the lobby of the Sea Terraces 1 building. Everone was dressed formally for their first dinner. Mishti wore a black sequined top and black gauzy harem pants with crystal earrings and her hair in a French chignon! Naina wore a sequined black sari and light Kundan set and Dilip was in dark dinner jacket.

Naina enquired at the Lobby desk about the shuttle that would take them to the restaurant of their choice. The resort was so huge and sprawling that a 24 hour shuttle service operated carting the guests to the restaurants, beaches, pools, club-houses etc. The shuttles ran smoothly soundless, smokeless on CNG on paved roads behind each building.

As the Sharmas boarded the shuttle, the young Goanese driver asked them: "Good Evening, Ma'am, Sir, What restaurant you want to go?"
Naina studied the list of restaurants in her resort brochure and hesitated, not sure which one to choose……

The list said:
Morisco: For traditional Goa specialties. At Morisco, take your pick from a sumptuous seafood barbecue. There are freshly caught lobsters, prawns, crabs, fish, squid anything you could wish for under the sun. Marinated in fiery Goan spices that'll make your mouth water. Accompanied by the lively beats of traditional Goan music.

Seashell Restaurant: Relish the best of Indian and European gourmet fare amidst the elegance of flowers, wine and serenades. The chef urges you to try the Coastal Catch ocean fresh shrimps in a superbly prepared brandy sauce.

Il Camino: For Italian cuisine.At the Il Camino, we'll take you on a journey to the very heart of Italy. Savor authentic Italian delicacies from the regions of Roma, Milano, Monaco and Mestre. Tuck into hand-tossed pizzas straight from our wood-fired over. Or take your pick from a selection of delectable pastas and freshly baked garlic bread. Top it off by sipping a variety of specialty coffees flavored with vanilla, caramel, hazelnut or Irish cream.

Martini Bar: By the poolside. It is a delightful nook by the poolside overlooking the virgin sands of the Calangute. Where the bartender whips up exotic cocktails, mean martinis and mouth-watering snacks to tempt every palate. Accompanied by the soft notes of the piano.

Poolside BBQ: For seafood grills from 7.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m..

Naina still pondering while Dilip urged her to decide....

The shuttle-driver said:" Ma'am if u don't mind, can I suggest Morisco tonight, Ma'am? Theres live band, Goa Boyz there…..very good they are….Angad is lead singer….very good singer Ma'am"

Mishti jumped up at once: Yes, Mama, lets go there! I love Goan music and dance….so lively!
Naina agreed and asked the driver to take them to Morisco.
About 10 minutes later the shuttle pulled up in front of a sprawling hacienda-style building decorated with bright Christmas lights!
As they walked in, there was a huge Christmas tree in the lobby decorated with colorful balls, tinsel and lights! A big board near the dining-room door announced in BOLD:

The dining-room was huge with round white tables spread all over, crystal chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling and a low stage occupying one side of the room with a ramp leading down like a catwalk!

Soft dinner music played in the background, candles lit at tables in silver stands as they sat down to dinner! It was still early for Christmas and the resort wasn't that full so the Sharmas got a table close to the stage as Mishti wanted.
Starting with appetizers of shrimp fritters, they went on to French Onion Soup but Kripa had a salad for starter. For dinner they had Goan delicacies …..spicy coconut shrimp curry with Fried Rice and Stuffed Pomfret (Racheiado) and Lamb Vindaloo. Kripa couldn't have spicy food so she had pasta in white sauce with vegetables.
For dessert, there was chocolate mousse and mango ice-cream!

Just as they were finishing dinner, an older heavy-set couple walked up to their table. Dilip stood up, all smiles: Hello Hello Mr. Mehra, Mrs. Mehra!
Naina and Dilip greeted the Mehras and shook hands with them. Mishti and Kripa greeted them as Uncle and Aunty as they knew them as Papa's business friends.
The Mehras invited the Sharmas for after-dinner drinks and chit-chat (business actually) at the Martini Bar. Dilip happily accepted their invite and Naina instructed the girls:

Naina: Mishti, Kripa….tum dono yahan Live Music enjoy karna, aur theek tarah se suites mein wapas chali jaana, Okay! Zyada der mat karna. " She kissed the girls goodbye and the 4 oldies departed, leaving Kripa and Mishti to enjoy Goa Boyz and Angad!

Exactly at 8:30 P.M., the dining-room lights dimmed and the Goa Boyz came onstage, a group of 7 young men in their 20s, wearing funky T-shirts and jeans and assorted heavy-metal bands logo jewelry!
They had guitars, violins, mandolins, drums, cymbals and a big, professional keyboard!

A plump guy in a purple suit huffed onstage and announced :
Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Goa! Morisco, Fort Aguada Beach mein aap sabka swaagat hai! And now we bring you the colorful music of Goa……. MANDO by the GOA BOYZ……Give it up for the Goa Boyz!
Everybody applauded as if on cue!
The Goa Boyz started playing foot-tapping music alongwith Konkani vocals, which is called Mando!

Kripa and Mishti didn't understand a single word of the songs but like everybody else there, they enjoyed the lively beats, energetic vocals and guitar riffs and violin and mandolin chords! The 2 girls nodded their heads to the beats, tapping their feet and clapping when necessary with the beats! Mishti did a little jig in her seat as well with the music!

The Goa Boyz played for half-an-hour and then most of them left the stage leaving only the guitarist, the keyboardist and the drummers!
The purple suited guy emerged again and said dramatically:

And NOW------LADIES (stressing) and Gentlemen…….the MAN you all have been waiting for ……the one with THE VOICE…….ANGADDD!!!

Clash of Cymbals and Roll of Drums!
Lights dim further till stage is completely dark!
Then a spotlight falls center-stage……..

A tall, broad-shouldered man in a leather jacket is standing with his back to the audience, ROUTE 66 embossed in gold on the dark leatherback! Dark-Blue jeans tightly encase lean hips and muscular legs, parted slightly as he balances a guitar in his hand! His face is turned to one side, silhouetting a handsome outline with sharp nose and strong chin!

He starts playing the guitar …..then turns slowly around, singing vocals in a deep baritone:

Neeley neeley ambar par….chand jab aaye…..pyar barsaaye, humko tarsaaye
Aisa koi saathi ho, aisa koi premee ho, pyas dil ki bujha jaye….

He starts playing the guitar fast now …..
Kripa's breath gets stuck in her throat as she gazes with wonder at the tall, handsome man on-stage!
He had an amazing personality that seemed to fill the entire room with his presence!
Below his leather jacket, a white Metallica T-shirt stretched tautly across his broad chest!
A large metal cross and thick chain hung over his muscular chest!
His deep, melodious voice filled the room, as Angad continued his song, experttly strumming his guitar to the song's chords! (song, movie: Kalaakaar, Kishore Kumar) [listen to the song, plz ignore 1st part of ad jingle]

Neele Neele Ambar Par
Chand Jab Aaye
Pyar Barsaaye
Humko Tarsaaye
Aisa Koi Saathi Ho
Aisa Koi Premi Ho
Pyas Dil Ki Bujha Jaaye
Neele Neele Ambar Par ...

Angad smiled and swayed to the song, stepping left, then right, turning round in a circle and back again in a little dance….he swung his guitar to and fro like a true rock-guitarist as he sung and played it!

Ho, Oonche Oonche Parbat
Jab Choomte Hain Ambar Ko
Pyasa Pyasa Ambar
Jab Choomta Hain Saagar Ko
Pyar Se Kasne Ko
Baahon Mein Basne Ko
Dil Mera Lalchaaye
Koi To Aa Jaaye
Aisa Koi Saathi Ho
Aisa Koi Premi Ho
Pyas Dil Ki Bujha Jaaye
Neele Neele Ambar Par ...

Kripa's , Mishti's and everybody else's eyes were fixed on this musical magician as he hypnotized them with his deep, melodious vocals, expert guitar-playing and his charming personality and charisma!

Ho, Thande Thande Jhaunke
Jab Baalon Ko Sehlaayein
Tapti Tapti Kirane
Jab Gaalon Ko Chhoo Jaayein
Saanson Ki Garmi Ko
Haathon Ki Narmi Ko
Mera Man Tarsaaye
Koi To Chhoo Jaaye
Aisa Koi Saathi Ho
Aisa Koi Premi Ho
Pyas Dil Ki Bujha Jaaye
Neele Neele Ambar Par ...

Hey, Chham Chham Karta Saawan
Boondon Ke Baan Chalaye
Satrangi Barsaaton Mein
Jab Tan Man Bheega Jaaye
Pyar Mein Nahaane Ko
Doob Hi Jaane Ko
Dil Mera Tadpaaye
Khwab Jaga Jaaye
Aisa Koi Saathi Ho
Aisa Koi Premi Ho
Pyas Dil Ki Bujha Jaaye
Neele Neele Ambar Par ...

Kripa snapped out of her enchanted trance at the sound of thunderous applause, accompanied by ceetees, screams (from young girls) and shouts of ENCORE, WE WANT MORE---MORE!
She was suddenly emabrassed for being so awestruck by the singer but she clapped enthusiastically as she loved his performance also!
Mishti clapped madly and leaned to Kripa and shouted in her ears:
"Kitna achha gaata hai na? And hes soooo handsome too….and HOT and Sexy!!
Kripa blushed as same thoughts had appeared in her head but she was too shy to speak them aloud!

Mishti clapped louder and cupping her hands screamed : ANGAD….ANGAD!
Angad, who was bowing to applause looked directly at the table where Kripa and Mishti were sitting……
He signalled the spotlight to shine on their table, he jumped down from the stage and walked to the girl's table!
Kripa almost died of mortification, as all eyes focused on their table.

Kripa: (with teeth clenched) Diiiiii, why did u do that? Woh yahin per aa raha hai…… do something now, stop him…..
Mishti: Shut up, Baby! Don't be such a wimp, aaney do usey, I like it"….she said grinning in delight as Angad coolly sauntered up to their table!
Angad reached them and glanced smilingly at Mishti and then looked sardonically at Kripa where she was sitting in an embarassed huddle!
Angad (amused and mocking)…..Kya aapko mera gaana achha nahin laga? He asked Kripa directly!

For such a direct question, even timid Kripa couldn't lie! She nodded her head silently!
Angad teased : Iska matlab aapko achha nahin laga?

Kripa looked up at the teasing tone in his voice and their eyes met! Time seemed to stop for a few seconds!
Then somehow Kripa squeaked out----Haan laga, bahut achcha laga!

Angad laughed : GREATTT!! I am delighted ke AAPKO pasand aya!

Actually Angad had noticed the girl in white gazing at him dreamily throughout his song, hanging on his every note and chord! She seemed unique….she stood out in the dark room like a gleam of moonlight, chandni jaisi……she was the only one wearing white in a room-full of dark suits and dresses!
Now he checked her out from close quarters………the flush on her cheeks looked adorable,silky dark hair fell in pretty waves on her lovely neck and shoulders, framing a pretty face with perfect features!

But as soon as she looked up at him to answer his question, their eyes met and he was mesmerized…..they were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen…..holding the deepest mystery waiting to be solved…… He thought with an inexplicable pang in his heart! ANGAD WAS INTRIGUED!

He looked at Mishti and asked " Do you have any special requests for songs u want me to sing? (stealing a glance at kripa again)
Mishti (awfully pleased)……Sing any song Angad….You will be GREAT with anything u do"
Angad saluted jokingly: Okay Ma'am, jaisi aapki marzi…..he smiled, went back on-stage and whispered something to his musician friends;
Then he strummed his guitar again:

Chehra hai ya chand khila
Zulf ghaneri shaam hain kya
Sagar jaisi aankhon wali
Yeh toh bata tera naam hai kya (song, movie: Saagar, Kishore Kumar) [plz ignore ad jingle]

Angad came down the ramp as he sang, the spotlight following him, singing…….he approached the girls' table again……..singing…as he circled the table, glancing repeatedly at Kripa …especially when he sang the last 2 lines : Yeh toh bata tera naam hai kya?
Kripa fidgeted in her seat, eyes lowered, blushing furiously, as she realized Angad's song was directed at her!
When their eyes had met, she had felt something……their eyes had exchanged some secret converse which she herself didn't understand but could only feel it in the goosebumps on her flesh and her quickened heartbeat!
Kripa was confused, flustered and totally at a loss!

Tu Kya Jaane Teri Khaatir
Kitna Hai Betaab Ye Dil
Tu Kya Jaane Dekh Raha Hai
Kaise Kaise Khwaab Ye Dil
Dil Kehta Hai Tu Hai Yahaan To
Jaata Lamha Tham Jaaye
Waqt Ka Dariya Behte Behte
Is Manzar Mein Jam Jaaye
Toone Deewana Dil Ko Banaaya
Is Dil Par Ilzaam Hai Kya
Saagar Jaisi Aankhon Vaali
Ye To Bataa Tera Naam Hai Kya...

Ho, Aaj Maein Tujhse Door Sahi
Aur Tu Mujhse Anjaan Sahi
Tera Saath Nahin Paaun To
Khair Tera Armaan Sahi
Ye Armaan Hain Shor Nahin Ho
Khamoshi Ke Mele Hon
Is Duniya Mein Koi Nahin Ho
Hum Dono Hi Akele Hon
Tere Sapne Dekh Raha Hoon
Aur Mera Ab Kaam Hai Kya
Saagar Jaisi Aankhon Vaali
Ye To Bataa Tera Naam Hai Kya...

Angad circled around several tables as he sang, returning every time to sing the last line behind Kripa's back, making the hairs on her nape stand up in awareness of his presence there!

Finally Angad went back on stage and Kripa breathed a sigh of relief! As soon as the song ended, wild applause broke out again!


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Part 3.


Angad returned to the stage as the song ended and Kripa breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed.
There was loud applause again.

Angad signaled something to his band-mates and the rest of the Goa Boyz returned onstage with their instruments.
Audience: Yeahhh! (a few voices)
Audience: YEAAHHHH (loudly now)

The band started playing fast Goan beats again and Angad started singing this lively Konkani song sung originally by Remo Fernandez:
O Maria Pita che……

The song had rocking beats and Angad tap-danced all throughout, as he was joined by the other BOYZ in vocals!
Kripa, Mishti and the rest of the diners swayed and clapped along with the beats ……Kripa forgot all her earlier embarassments as she genuinely enjoyed Angad's lively performance onstage, clapping and smiling with delight!
She realized that not only was Angad a talented singer, he was also a good dancer and a great entertainer. He had the audience eating out of his hands, making them clap, cheer and even sing along with him in a dialect most of them didn't even know!
Angad was oddly pleased to see his mystery maiden enjoying his performance and this gave him even more enthusiasm to add more vigor and verve to his act!!

He sang a few more Goan songs with his band mates and then ended the night with a roaring rendition of Abhishek Bachchan's Right here Right Now from Bluffmaster (the female vocals were sung by a girl from the audience who joined him on stage on his request)

That song really brought the house down!

10:30 p.m.

The show had ended and Kripa and Mishti exited the dining-hall to get the shuttle back to their suites.
As they went to the lobby, Mishti's eagle eyes spotted Angad standing in a hallway behind the Christmas tree talking to a band-member!
Mishti;" Oh My God! Dekh Kripa, Angad is standing there…..lets go and meet him!
Kripa: " Are u mad, Dii? Let's go home, it's very late and I am sleepy!
Mishti: Oh C'mon, it will only take a minute, lets go introduce ourselves
Kripa: No Diii, I don't want to…….
Mishti, taller and stronger of the two, dragged Kripa by the arm and pulled her into the hallway where Angad was standing.
Angad saw them coming, he smiled and excused himself from his band-mate and walked towards them.

Mishti: Hi Angad! We really loved your performance, U WERE SUUUPERBB! (she gushed delightedly)
Angad: Thank you very much! And u are….. (he said smilingly glancing from Kripa to Mishti and back again)
Mishti: Oh Sorry, I am Mishti and this is my sister Kripa…
Angad : Nice to meet you, Mishti (shaking her hand)
He extended his hand to Kripa who was intently studying the hallway carpet!
Angad: Hello Kripa! (he said in his deep voice)
Kripa looked with fascination at his strong hand, upturned palm with deep lines…..the hand of a hard-worker, she thought vaguely!
Her own palm was sweating as she held it clenched against her side, refusing to look at him!

Angad repeated in a low tone: Hi Kripa! (his hand still extended)
Kripa heard his amused tone and looked up ……as their eyes met again, his bold eyes glinted at her with humor and a certain challenge, as if saying " Go ahead, take it, I am not going to bite you"
Her feminine pride stung to the quick, she quickly wiped her sweaty palm on her dress and put her hand in his! She looked at her hand, almost lost in that big palm!
Angad looked down at the contrast , her slim artistic fingers in his broad palm, he slowly closed his hand on hers and squeezed it gently and then let it go!
Angad: Pleased to meet you!

Mishti: " So Angad, are you going to perform tomorrow night too!
Angad: " Yeah, right here, tomorrow, same time, hope u 2 will be there….
Mishti : Oh Sure, we wouldn't miss it for the world, hai na Kripa?
Kripa nodded silently, still evading Angad's bold glances at her!
Suddenly Mishti heard the shuttle announced at the door, she said in a hurry:
"Ohhhh hamara shuttle aa gaya, Good Night, Angad, see u tomorrow , Cmon Baby" ….and pulled Kripa back to the front door!
Angad: Good Night……he waved, laughing at the 2 departing girls as he thought with vague amusement: Did I just hear her call her sister Baby? No maybe I heard wrong….
He shook his head and walked away to get his gear and head back to his room in the staff quarters of the Resort!

By the time Mishti and Kripa reached their suite, it was 11 p.m.
As soon as they got in, Mishti called Naina and informed her that they were back as she knew Naina would worry! Naina and Dilip said Good Night to the girls on the phone.
Mishti bid Kripa good night and went into her room.

Kripa came out on the terrace again…….moonlight sparkled on the distant waves like molten silver…. it was a beautiful night……Kripa closed her eyes, enjoying the cool sea breeze! A face appeared in her thoughts, bold, mocking eyes glancing at her as if stripping her soul of every single thought! She opened her eyes with a jerk……she was appalled….. Why am I thinking about him? I just met him!!!

As she went to bed, she thought with a smile: Per gaata bahut achha hai…….the deep voice resonated in her ears : Neeley neeley ambar par/ chand jab aaye….as she went to sleep, the voice was still ringing in her ears sweetly! She had a smile on her face!



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Part 4


December 16, 8 a.m.

Kripa woke up, feeling strangely happy and energetic. She opened the terrace doors and stepped out to see the gorgeous sea-view……. The aquamarine sea sparkled brightly under the morning sun! Kripa could hardly wait to capture the scene on her canvas!

She freshened up and went to the kitchen, made herself a cup of coffee. Mishti was still fast asleep so she didn't disturb her. Just as she was finishing her coffee, the phone rang, it was Naina.
"Good Morning, Baby! Mishti uth gayi? Nahin? Theek hai, we are going for breakfast at the poolhouse, do u want to come with us?"
Kripa: Nahin Mama, mujhey bhookh nahin hai, mainey coffee pee lee"
Naina: Tum apni painting shuru karney ke liye betaab ho rahi hogi, I wont hold u up, have fun haan and we will meet u for lunch at the Poolside Barbecue Restaurant, okay? Ek bajey wahan aa jana, aur Mishti se bhi keh dena, okay?
Kripa left a note for Mishti : Meet Mama-Papa for lunch at 1 p.m. at BBQ

She packed up her Art satchel and supplies and trudged down the garden path to the parapet overlooking the aqua sea! Built inside the ramparts of the fort, the Resort was on higher ground than sea-level, with a wall running alongside the sea, broken in places where there were steps leading down to the beaches below. In the front of each building, there were walkways running zigzag through the swaying palms and tropical bushes, leading down to the wall!

Kripa set up her easel near the wall … was a gorgeous day ….a vast expanse of sparkling blue sea spread to horizon, frothy waves crashing incessantly against the rocky coast and even 2 ships in the far horizon ready to pose for her painting!
Kripa started working earnestly on her painting….she pinned a canvas on the easel, mixed colors on the palette and started sketching the outline of her seascape. Time flew as did her hands on the canvas.
So intent was she in her artistic pursuit that she didn't notice a tall figure standing some distance behind her watching her draw and paint. The observer watched her from behind a cluster of palm trees, leaning casually against a tree trunk, arms crossed over his chest.
Hmmm, shes really talented, thought Angad, admiring her brush strokes as she skilfully captured the sea, the sky, the rocks on her canvas!

Angad had been out jogging when his footsteps had led him automatically towards the Terrace Suites……Fate?….. or Attraction?…….. he doesn't know! That's when he saw Kripa painting away near the parapet …..he stopped to watch her and got lost in the beauty of her seascape (or was it the beauty of her outline? ) She looked as fresh as a morning flower in simple jeans, a pink top, her hair tied back in a ponytail!
Angad mused …So Ms. Kripa Sharma is an artist, a painter……KRIPA….sweet name, suits her somehow.

Kripa painted busily for a long time, when she became aware of being watched, the skin of her neck prickled with awareness! Oh God….. she thought……there was only one person here who could make her tingle like that……
She turned abruptly and faced Angad who was walking slowly up to her!
Kripa (flustered) …..AAAaaap Yahan?
He looked younger and less formidable this morning….. in grey sweatsuit and sneakers, his wind-tousled hair making him look boyish and carefree!
Angad: (with a friendly smile): Hello Kripa…..main yahin se guzar raha tha toh tumhey paint kartey huey dekha,….You are really talented!
Kripa (blushed a little self-consciously and smiled)….Thanks! Actually I am an Art student.
Angad: Ahha I see….. But u know all Art students arent as good as you……sach much tum bahut talented ho..
Kripa : (solemnly wise) : Ek Kalakaar hi doosrey kalakaar ko pehchaan sakta hai!
Angad was oddly pleased at being called a kalakaar …he said : Thanks
Kripa (looking up from her paints)….Thanks Kyun?
Angad: Aapney mujhey kalakaar kaha, waisey toh sab mujhey entertainer ya club singer samajhtey hain!
Kripa kept down her paints and turned around:
"Toh who galat samajhtey hain…..aapki gaykee mein kalaa bhi hai aur jadoo bhi!"
Angad grinned widely at her sincere compliments!
He was also surprised at her talking to him normally this morning as opposed to her timid shyness last night!! He realized that she was in her own milieu now so she was more relaxed and less skittish!
And also without Mishti to shepherd her around, she was more her own person than a shadow of her more bubbly sister.

Angad: Mishti kahan hai? Nazar nahin aa rahi?
Kripa: Pata nahin, subah main jab nikli tab toh so rahi thi, ab shayad uth gayi hogi"
Suddenly she remembered about time……" Ohhhhho ab time kitna hua?
Angad looked at his watch : Abhi barah bajney ko hai….kyun kahin jaana hai kya?
Kripa slapped her head with paint-smeared fingers : Oh My God, teen ghantey ho gaye, pata hi nahin chala….Mama-Papa se milna hai lunch ke liye….abhi pack up karna padega…..she started gathering up her stuff!
Angad : Kuchh help kar doon?
Kripa (consideringly): Ummmm, Ok, aap yeh easel zara uthaiye, uh –huh, huh, zara sambhalkey……paint abhi kachcha hai…..haan yeh theek hai…Thanks a LOT"…..Kripa smiled gratefully at him!
Angad stared at her smile, bemused by the complete change in her personality today! Last nite she had been all shy and hesitant with him, this morning she was friendly and all free and natural! What was the secret?
Did she have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of personality? ……or rather Ms. Jovial and Ms. Hide? Well, he wouldn't mind playing Hide and Seek with this Little Miss for sure! …..he thought wickedly as he followed her back to her building, carrying her easel.

Mishti was in the bathroom getting ready for lunch when Angad and kripa lugged the artwork and supplies back to the rooms.
Mishti called out from inside: Kripaaa, tu aa gayi?
Kripa: Haaan…. (to Angad) We are going to lunch at the poolside Barbecue….
Angad: Coool, I am going there with some friends as well, I will see u there then
Kripa: Thanks again for ur help….
Angad: Anything for u,……he saluted her smartly and left.
Kripa smiled thinking about him as she took a shower and got ready for lunch ….dressed in a blue sleeveless top with a long tiered blue and white skirt, blue shell earrings and tied her hair in a neat bun. Mishti emerged wearing a pink and white striped sundress and white shell jewelry.
Both sisters left for the poolside restaurant!

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------


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Part 5


Poolside Restaurant and BBQ Place:
Kripa and Mishti reached the small restaurant overlooking a crystal blue pool and the sea below. There was a Tiki Bar on one side of the restaurant that served all kinds of cocktails and fruit drinks. Most people preferred to sit outside under thatched umbrellas in rustic-looking chairs, sipping cold cocktails and eating snack-type lunch.

Their parents hadn't yet arrived so the 2 girls sat down under an umbrella enjoying the bright afternoon sunlight and watching the antics of young boys and girls at the pool below! There was a group of teenagers playing pool volleyball and having a rocking time! They yelled and hooted and splashed around while Mishti, Kripa and others laughed and enjoyed their game.

Finally at 1:30, their parents finally turned up. Naina said Dilip had been held up at golf practice.
The parents went inside the restaurant but the girls stayed outside enjoying the warm winter sun!
Kripa sipped on a virgin (alcohol-free) Pina Colada and lunched on grilled mushrooms and paneer, while Mishti had a margerita and grilled Kebabs.

As they were having their ice-creams after lunch, Kripa suddenly spotted Angad at the Tiki Bar with two of his band-members, sipping a martini and looking at her! He raised his glass to her as their eyes met. Kripa smiled and waved back …..Mishti turned to see whom she was waving at and grinned.

Mishti: Ohh Good, Angad is here too! Let's go and talk to him!
Kripa: You go, I am staying right here (eating her ice-cream seriously)
Mishti sat down grumbling : "You are such a spoilsport"…… but she didn't go either but just waved cheerily at Angad. He waved back, grinning widely.
After finishing his drink, he strolled up to their table :
Angad: Can I join you ladies?
Mishti : Sure, do take a seat (very pleased)

Kripa silently ate her ice-cream as she blinked at Angad …… he stared with fascination at her little pink tongue licking the mango ice-cream from her cone…….wild thoughts came into his head……he looked away and cleared his voice, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

He asked Mishti: So what are u two up to now?
Mishti : YOU tell us about some fun things to do around here……I am getting bored already.
Angad: You can go windsurfing or parasailing with me……want to go? (he quirked an eyebrow at Kripa's horrified face).
Kripa: (shaking her head vigorously)…..Noooo way…mujhey oonchaiyon se darr lagta hai….
Angad: Girney ka darr hai? Main hoon na, main tumhey girney nahin doonga, I promise (he pinched his neck in a promise)
Kripa looked at his laughing eyes and blushed at the promise in his eyes…..
Aur agar gir gayi toh?? She asked softly.
Angad: Main tumhey pakad loonga…
Their eyes duelled, asking, promising, replying in an age-old battle!
Mishti (impatiently listening to their tete-a-tete)…….C'MONNN, lets not waste time discussing! Theek hai, agar Kripa ko darr lagta hai toh lets do something less daring.
Angad: How about speedboats? Are u scared of boats too, Kripaaa? (teasingly drawling her name)
Kripa flung her head back defiantly and said: OF COURSE NOT……I LOVE boats, last year we had gone on Malaysia cruise, I didn't throw up even once (she said proudly)
Angad laughed : Coolll, then its settled, lets go ride the waves.

He took them down to the boat-dock and they boarded a big white 4-seater speedboat. Angad put on sunglasses to shield against the glare of sun on the water and took the wheel of the boat!

Mishti and Kripa were both surprised to see Angad taking the wheel to steer the boat away from the dock!
Kripa: Aapko boat chalana aata hai?
Angad: OF COURSE! I am a Goan (he said proudly)…I grew up in boats!
Angad revved up the engines and the boat flew into the sparkling waves like a water-bird!
The boat picked up speed, racing over the waves of the gentle afternoon sea, gracefully dancing up and down on the swells and ebbs! Kripa and Mishti giggled at the bumpy sensations, holding onto their seats as the wind whipped about their faces and dresses!

Kripa stole quick glances at Angad standing straight at the wheel, his white open-necked shirt blowing in the wind, commanding the boat like a ship's captain.
"He looks even better with sunglasses" she thought with a secret smile as her pulse quickened.

Angad turned to look at her as if hearing her thoughts and smiled knowingly! His eyes swept over her sitting primly on the seat, holding on to her skirt which was billowing in the wind!

She looks like a sea-nymph in her blue dress, he thought, with a few strands of hair loosened by the wind clinging to her face, which she was trying hard to move away with one hand!
He hummed a song to himself:
Tum jo mil gaye ho toh yeh lagta hai
ke jahan mil gaya
Ek bhatkey huey raahi ko karvaan mil gaya…
.baitho na door humsey dekho khafa na ho,
kismat se mil gaye ho
milkey judaa na ho
meri kya khata hai, hota hai yeh bhi,
ke zameen pe bhi mujhey aasmaan mil gaya…

They had a great time riding the waves as he took them along the coastline and showed them some points of interest along the resort walls above them…..That is the Club-house, that's the Gym, theres the golf-course…

When the boat docked at the jetty, Mishti, being taller, easily leaped out of the boat, but Kripa had problems climbing out with her long skirt! She was holding her skirt up in one hand and trying to climb up to the high dock…. Angad who was behind her suddenly picked her up in his arms…..Kripa gasped in shock…..he just smiled at her upturned face and lifted her up to the jetty effortlessly as if she was a feather …..Kripa trembled at his nearness and his touch but she managed to keep a straight face and thanked him, looking down as she tried to calm her beating pulse! Angad bent down near her neck and whispered : U r most welcome!
Kripa ran after Mishti, escaping her sea-pirate with the wicked eyes!

Mishti bid goodbye to Angad, thanking him profusely for the wonderful boat-ride, Angad promised to meet them after show that night! The girls went back to their room to rest and get ready for the evening!



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Part 6


Kripa returned to her room, shut the door and leaned against it, closing her eyes, breathing deeply as if she had run miles! Her pulse was racing and her heart thudding in her chest! She could still feel his warm breath on her neck, whispering and blowing the soft tendrils of hair, making her neck tingle with strange sensations!

Her knees still trembled from the feeling of his strong arms holding beneath them as he lifted her in his arms, her arm still warm from his other hand around her back. She touched her heated cheeks and thought:
Why does he make me feel this way? Is it because hes the first man to touch me, to approach me so boldly?
Or is it something more? ......

Kripa dressed with special care that evening. She wore a dark blue knee-length dress with shoulder straps and little sequins on the front and small crystal earrings and a thin necklace. She applied pink lip gloss and a little blue eye-shadow for the first time!

Mishti wore a silver top with grey satin pants and silver jewelry. She was pleased to see Kripa dress up so nicely without being urged……… She gave a secret smile to herself!
Naina and Dilip wore formal dresses as well. They told the girls that they would be dining with the Mehras that evening at the Italian restaurant but the girls preferred to go to Morisco as they wanted to see Angad perform.

The place was even more crowded today as more guests had started arriving for Christmas vacations. Over the next few days, the guests would steadily increase till Christmas day to New Year the resort would be almost 80 percent booked!

After dinner, the lights dimmed again and just as the night before, Angad made a dramatic appearance after a warmup session by the Goa Boyz! He stood in the circle of light, legs parted, guitar in hand and started playing.
Kripa's heart raced in excitement and anticipation of his every movement!
Angad slowly turned, playing the guitar and started singing: (Dil ka kya Kasoor--Kumar Sanu)

Dil jigar nazar kya hai main toh tere liye jaan bhi de doon
Oh mere jaanejaan tu hai mera jahaan main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon….

He saw Kripa sitting with Mishti at the same table and approached them singing as usual:

Mainey tujhko chaha ismey meri khata kya
Dil ne tujhko apna mana iski sazaa kya
Oh mere humkadam chalengey saath hum
Main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon…..

Dil jigar nazar kya hai main toh tere liye jaan bhi de doon
Oh mere jaanejaan tu hai mera jahaan main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon….

Sun le masti mein doobey mere taraaney
Dil hai tera deewana, lekin tu yeh na jaaney
Ae mere humnasheen kar lo mera yakeen
Main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon….

Dil jigar nazar kya hai main toh tere liye jaan bhi de doon
Oh mere jaanejaan tu hai mera jahaan main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon….

Dil mein lakhon armaan aankhon mein hain sapney
Tum ho ajnabee per lagtey ho mujhko apney
Tu hai meri khushi, tu meri zindagi
Main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon……

Dil jigar nazar kya hai main toh tere liye jaan bhi de doon
Oh mere jaanejaan tu hai mera jahaan main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon….

Kripa blushed throughout the song, understanding what he was saying to her with his song! Somehow tonight she didn't mind being serenaded in public by this jaadugar! He must have done some jaadu on her, she thought, that she was actually enjoying his attention towards her! She smiled and clapped in delight when the song ended!

Angad started the next song: a popular Goan hit : Huiya Hu and the other guys joined him as well, rocking the place with their fast beats and foot-tapping music!

After that he sang a number originally by Bombay Vikings: Angel Eyes (again looking at Kripa and serenading her with his song)

Angel eyes, angel eyes
Inkaar mein bhi koi ikraar ka pehlu ho
Jaanam teri baaton mein ek pyaar ki khushboo ho, oh yeah
Baitha hoon kayi armaan liye
I'm still waitin for you night and day
Baby cast all your fears away
Everything's gonna be okay
Angel eyes, mere khwaabon mein tu
Dekhoon jidhar chhaayi hai tu harsu
Angel eyes, tera hai intezaar
Tu hi to hai mere dil ka qaraar
Aise gale mile, hum ek hi ho jaaye
Dekhe na koi hamein, ek duje mein kho jaaye, oh yeah
Haathon mein dil apna liye
I'm still waitin just to hear you say
That you want me like I want you
Bring me love that's sent from you
Angel eyes, mere khwaabon mein tu
Dekhoon jidhar chhaayi hai tu harsu
Angel eyes, tera hai intezaar
Tu hi to hai mere dil ka qaraar
Haathon mein dil apna liye
I'm still waitin just to hear you say
That you want me like I want you
Bring me love that's sent from you
Angel eyes, mere khwaabon mein tu
Dekhoon jidhar chhaayi hai tu harsu
Angel eyes, tera hai intezaar
Tu hi to hai mere dil ka qaraar, ho
Angel eyes, mere khwaabon mein tu
Dekhoon jidhar chhaayi hai tu harsu

Kripa smiled at him sweetly as he sang close to their table, Angad saw her smile and put a hand on his heart as if struck by an arrow and winked! Kripa laughed at him flirting…….Mishti was silently observing their interaction and secretly smiling to herself!

Angad sang a few more songs and then the performance ended for the night amidst loud applause!

When Mishti and Kripa went out into the lobby looking for Angad, they saw him talking to a middle-aged woman in the hallway behind the tree.
The woman was heavily jewelled and wearing a garish pink zardozi that didn't suit her coloring at all. Her plump fingers were on Angad's chest and arms, seemingly urging him to do something as he tried to back off from her. Her fingers were covered with sparkling rings of all sizes!

Suddenly Angad spotted Mishti and Kripa, he grinned with relief and somehow escaped from that over-attentive lady!
He reached the girls and turned around with his back to that woman, muttering under his breath :Please help me escape that ….that woman, ladies! I will be grateful to u forever!
Mishti sized the situation at once and said loudly: Angad, chalo na hamarey saath…. club chaltey hain dance ke liye"
Angad (loudly) : Haan chalo, lets go! He grabbed both their elbows and rushed out of the building, walking some distance on the pathway before he finally let them go and breathed a loud sigh of relief!
Angad: Baal-baal bach gaya, aaj to woh aurat meri chutney bana daalti!
Mishti: Kaun hai woh?
Angad: Mrs. Luthra……. Hamesha mere peechhey padi rehti hai (with irritation)
Mishti laughed in amusement and said: Pehli baar kisi mard ko itna dartey huey dekha..
Angad: Uska chehra dekha, daravni thi na? Uspar woh jewelry aur sari, kauva chali hans ki chaal ……..
Both Mishti and Angad laughed hysterically at that but Kripa was a little taken aback at what was going on, she didn't quite understand why he wanted to escape from that Mrs. Luthra!
Suddenly Mishti said: Oh God! Main toh apna purse dining-room mein hi chhod aayi…..tum dono yahin per wait karo, main abhi purse lekar aati hoon….Baby, don't go anywhere!
She ran back to the restaurant down the garden-path!

Angad turned to Kripa and teasingly drawled: So Baabyyy…
Kripa turned angrily on him: Don't call me that….I am NOT a baby!
His bold eyes naughtily looked her up and down, glancing over her delicate curves,
"Haan woh to zaahir hai ke tum ab baby nahin ho…..
Kripa blushed hotly and turned to leave in anger. Angad grabbed her elbow hard, his fingers digging into her soft skin…..Kripa trembled and turned to yell at him but he smiled at her gently and held his ear with one hand, silently mouthing "Sorry"

Kripa relaxed and stayed instead of leaving! He still held her elbow but now his hold was gentler and one finger lazily caressed the skin inside her arm! Kripa shivered and tried to pull her hand away from his arousing touch! He held it still in a firm and strong grip, his finger feeling her pulse inside her arm, a pulse that was racing at 80 miles per hour! The garden path was deserted, it was dark with only some Chinese lanterns and moonbeams lighting up the dark walkways! She and Angad were the only people there!

Suddenly her heart started beating faster as she realized she was alone there with Angad! She looked at him in the semi-darkness and saw he was gazing at her intently. She was slightly scared now and breathed faster in her agitation. He bent near her face and said in a low, deep voice: Kripa, you are looking stunning tonight! Kripa shivered and tried to turn away from him!

His hand snaked up to her face and held her chin, turning her towards him……Why are you so afraid of me? I wont ever hurt you, u know, not for the world"
Kripa couldn't answer but just looked at him wide-eyed and fearful of his next action.
Angad leaned over her and brought his face very close to hers, his eyes gazed deeply into her eyes in the gloom.
He said "Kripa main tumhey kabhi hurt nahin karoonga, mujh par bharosa rakho!
Kripa's lips trembled as she tried to say something but couldn't as she became tongue-tied at his nearness, his hot breath on her face and his lips just inches away from hers!

Her lips parted in a slight gasp as his other hand went around her slim waist and brought her body closer to his……she became breathless with anticipation of what she didn't know….Angad gazed longingly at her moist pink lips …..he couldn't help himself, as his lips lightly brushed hers once, twice and then he let her go suddenly, turning away and breathing deeply to control his passion! Before he lost his head and really scared her, he stopped going further!
Angad: I am sorry, Kripa! I ….I didn't mean to ….blame it on the moonlight and dark night (he laughed mockingly)
Kripa remained quiet and trembled, shocked at what had just happened, her lips still tingling from the light strokes of his firm lips!



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Part 7


Crickets sang in the bushes, a cool sea breeze swayed the plam tree tops, faint sounds floated in the air from nearby Morisco as Angad and Kripa stood still, lost in their own thoughts!
Kripa's mind was numb, lips tingling, heart racing as she shivered slightly, hugging herself as she thought…..he kissed me, he actually kissed me and I didn't stop him….deep in her heart she had wanted him to, she realized. Her first kiss……..
Angad was agitatedly running his hands through his hair……[shes so innocent, it was too early, too soon, but I couldn't help myself, now what if she shuts herself out on me because of this!] He turned abruptly and saw Kripa shivering in the night air, the tremor on her bare shoulders. He quietly took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders.
Kripa looked up at him in surprise ……Angad just gently said : "thand lag jaayegi, chalo andar chaltey hain, Kripa.
Kripa silently walked back with him to the restaurant.
Just as they were walking in, Mishti came out talking to her mother on the mobile: " Haan Mama, hum abhi nikal rahey hain….Don't worry, haan Baby mere saath hi hai, hum dus minute mein pahunch jayengey, rooms mein pahunchtey hi I will call u, Okay, Bye Mama!
It was 11:15 and Naina was calling to check up on her daughters. Mishti saw Angad and Kripa come in through the doors….." Oh there u are, achha hua tum dono yahan aa gaye. Chalo Kripa, Mama worry kar rahi hai. Thanks, Angad!
She grabbed Kripa's arm and ran to the shuttle that was just pulling up outside …….Angad called out after them….Goodnight Mishti …..(softly) Kripa"
Mishti: (looking back at Angad and smiled) ----G'Night Angad, tomorrow same place?
Angad: I will be right here waiting for you!
Kripa's heart thumped loudly when she heard him say that!
Angad stood at Morisco's double door, waiting, willing Kripa to look back at him once in goodbye……."if she looks back, that means everything is alright between us" he thought…."please Kripa look back just once"
Just before boarding the shuttle, Kripa paused with her hand on the door handle and turned to see that face again, the face she knew would haunt her dreams that night! He was standing at the door gazing longingly after her, their eyes met, he waved at her, she half-smiled and boarded the bus.
Suddenly she realized that his leather jacket was still draped over her shoulders, embracing her like his arms. She turned to call out to him but the shuttle had already started moving away from Morisco.
Mishti asked her as she sat down: Arey yeh to Angad ka jacket hai…..
Kripa: Haan wo bahar thand thi isliye Angad ne……
Mishti: Koi baat nahin, kal usko wapas de dena….kal to mil hi rahey hain ussey.

Mishti turned and gave a secret smile. Things were proceeding exactly as she had planned. She had made that excuse abt her purse to leave those two alone together for some time. Looked like it had worked, judging from the expressions on their faces as they walked in., something must have happened……..Kripa's face had been flushed with color, Angad looked bemused as if hit by a brick.

From the first night, Mishti had noticed Angad was interested in Kripa and for the 1st time, she had seen her little sister react to a man so strongly. Mishti was delighted…… last her sister was behaving like a normal 20 year old girl……showing interest in a guy instead of being buried in her paints, books and music.
Ever since Kripa had turned 18, Mishti, who was 5 years her senior, had tried to fix Kripa up with guys, trying to make her go out on dates with her own boyfriends' brothers, cousins, friends…..kripa wasn't interested. Mishti dragged Kripa to parties, introduced her to nice young men, expecting her to dance with them…….Kripa just stood in a corner sipping a cold drink and refused all offers to dance….her excuse was she didn't know how to dance.

Mishti enrolled Kripa in jazz and Ballroom dancing classes, Kripa quit after a month saying she sprained her ankle. Mishti even tricked her once into going on a double-date with her boyfriend and his brother….but Kripa just sat there quietly eating, drinking and listening to Mishti and the 2 guys!

Initially the guys would be interested in her……after all she was a very pretty young girl, but after a while they lost interest as she didn't show any interest in them…….they usually got tired of her monosyllabic answers, her silence and absolute lack of enthusiasm in a relationship! Boys in Mumbai expected a girl to come halfway which Kripa wouldn't! As a result, Kripa hadnt had a single boyfriend so far which really bothered Ms.Social Butterfly Mishti. She herself had been going steady with Kartik Aggarwal, son of Papa's friend Mr. Aggarwal. Kartik was doing his MBA in Chicago and as soon as he graduated he will return and they will get married so Mishti was set for life! But her sister hadnt even had any flings yet!!

So far no guy had been as persistent as Angad in pursuing Kripa, so Mishti thought he was just perfect for Kripa for a little holiday romance. Mishti didn't expect them to get serious or anything, just a little harmless flirtation, maybe a kiss or two and then bye-bye to Goa and to Angad! Mishti herself had a fling with a Delhi boy last year on the Malaysia cruise … had been great fun while it lasted but after coming back she had spoken to him only once on the phone! Mishti thought kripa was like her........... she was mistaken!

Kripa was lost in her own world, she unconsciously snuggled into his leather jacket, burrowing her face in the thick lapels…… it smelled of leather and HIM……a clean, manly essence that she savored. She closed her eyes, remembering the same essence on his breath as it had touched her upturned face, when his lips had brushed over hers! She slowly licked her lips, tasting his kiss, still feeling the warmth of those firm, full lips on hers. Her heart pounded with a strange thrilling sensation as if she was coming alive for the 1st time!

When they reached the suites, Mishti called Naina and both girls said goodnight to their parents on the phone, promising to meet them for breakfast the next morning as they were hardly seeing each other.

Kripa went to bed with the jacket by her pillow, her fingers touched the smooth leather, caressing it as she smiled dreamily…….remembering her first kiss and savoring the message her heartbeat relayed to her. She touched her lips with her fingers, feeling the softness……did he find them soft too? She wondered, blushing in the dark. She remembered his shallow breaths as he had turned away… he had been affected too, she thought with a smile as she went to sleep!

December 17, 8 a.m.

Mishti was yelling and banging on the bedroom door!
"Kripaaa utho jaldi se……ready ho jaao…..Mama-Papa ke saath breakfast per jaana hai na ----nau bajey….abhi aath bajey hain……Kripaaaa , Kripaaaa…
Kripa turned sleepily in her bed, groaning in protest! She hadnt slept properly thru the night……a handsome face kept appearing in her dreams, breathing close to her face, kissing her cheeks, her lips….she had woken up many times, her dreams looked too real!
Kripa finally got up: Okay…. Main aa rahi hoon , sleepily yawning, she opened the door.
Mishti: Kya baat hai, kal raat ko theek se soyi nahin kya? Kitni der se bula rahi hoon" (she smiled knowingly)
Kripa (rather angry at Mishti's early morning joviality): Subah subah itni chilla kyun rahi ho? Soney bhi nahin diya.
Mishti: Subaahh!! Pata hai kitney bajey hain? AAATHH!! Aur nau bajey breakfast ke liye jaana hai, chalo ready ho jaao"
Kripa grumbled : Tum to kal barah bajey tak soti rahi, mainey toh nahin jagaya tumhey?
Mishti : Kal ki baat aur thi, aaj ki baat aur……aaj breakfast per jaana hai aur phir Mama ke saath humein shopping jaana hai"
Kripa: Shopping?? Per mera painting?….
Mishti: Painting dopahar ko kar lena….
Kripa: Lekin dopahar ko light and shadow effect theek nahin rehta!
Mishti : Okay Baba, U stay here and paint all day. Main aur Mama shopping per chaley jayengey. Ab khush?
Kripa: Yeah... you both go……kaun si shopping ke liye jaaogey?
Mishti: Yahan resort ke bahar sheher mein bahut achhey antique stores hain…..hum wahin antiques khareedney jayengey apni business ke liye.
Kripa: Ohh That's great, tum bahut enjoy karogi….

She knew Mishti and Mama both loved antiques and bric-a-bracs and could spend hours at antique stores. No matter where they went on vacation, they always visited the antique stores and bought lots of rare pieces and artefacts which they then re-sold to their clients!

Mishti and kripa had breakfast with their parents at the Seashell restaurant where they caught up with updates of what each was doing. Naina and Dilip asked Kripa abt her painting which she said was going great. Naina asked kripa to go shopping with them, Kripa refused that she had to complete her unfinished painting.
After breakfast, Dilip went off to play golf with his friends, Naina and Mishti dropped Kripa off at the Suites ….
Naina:" Kripa apna khayal rakhna, hotel se zyada door mat jaana, yahin paas hi mein painting kar lena"
Kripa (annoyed): Mama main ab bachchi nahin hoon, I can take care of myself, u 2 go and enjoy!
Naina and Mishti left for bargain-hunting for antiques.
Kripa took her easel and paints and went to the parapet wall again… was a gorgeous day again, sunny, bright with magnificent views of the sparkling sea, roaring waves crashing against the rocks below!

Kripa worked on her half-finished painting for more than an hour… was almost finished when she again became aware of being watched……she knew who it was, without even turning, she said "Hi Angad"
Angad walked upto her, laughing silently at her instinctive knowledge of his arrival.
Good Morning, Kripa! Kaisi ho? He asked.
Kripa turned to look at him, he looked slightly tired (good, she thought, he hadnt slept well either)……his hair was all messed up from the wind (she suddenly had the urge to run her fingers thru his thick hair), he was wearing a blue jogging-set today.
Kripa replied : Main theek hoon! (Angad noted the belying shadows under her eyes and smiled at her sleeplessness)

He looked at her painting: Lagta hai you are almost done with ur painting.
Kripa: Haan its almost done, abhi thodey last minute touches deney hain….
Kripa started giving the finishing touches to her seascape, adding brush strokes here and there. After she was done, she stood back and tilted her head, studying the light and shade effects and judge the final outcome.

Angad also looked over her painting. He suddenly reached out and pointed out a spot amongst the rocks that she had missed shading properly. It was a spot where the waves were frothing and crashing against the rocks in her painting!
Kripa was amazed…… he was right…..she added the strokes there completing the effect.
Then she turned to Angad: Lagta hai aapko kaafi kuchh pata hai paintings ke baarey mein……kya apney art classes liye hain?
Angad: No no its not that….darasal mera ek dost hai……Arvind naam hai uska, Arvind Deshpande, URF Stalin!
Kripa: STALIN??
Angad: Haan (he chucked) ….apney aapko socialist samajhta hai! Waisey toh ameer baap ka beta hai….college mein mera room-mate tha……2nd year mein padhai chhod dee aur painter ban gaya. Ab yahin rehta hai paas mein. Pahad ke upar ek village hai ….beautiful scenery…..tum dekhogi toh pagal ho jayogi….an artist's paradise, wahi per rehta hai aur paintings banakar tourists ko bechta hai….Portraits bhi banata hai…
Kripa: Very interesting character…..Stalin…. I see (she laughed)
Angad: Haan very----kabhi le chaloonga tumhey uskey yahan if u are interested?
Kripa (enthusiastically)….Of course, aur main who village bhi dekhna chahungi jo itni sundar jagah hai…..
Angad : Absolutely……Beshaq.... it's the most beautiful place here in North Goa….pahad, samundar, old Portugese churches, white buildings set on hilltops looking down on sea-cliffs and rocky coastline….
Kripa looked on dreamily at his romantic description of the little village….she was eager to go there.
Kripa : Kya wahan bahut se artists rehtey hain?
Angad :SURE! At least 80 percent of all Goan artists live there and paint their stuff!
Kripa: Toh main wo jageh zaroor dekhoongee! Le chalengey mujhey?
Angad: Zaroor, kyun nahin? Kal chaltey hain? ( he smiled, delighted at the success of his hard-selling tactics)
Kripa happily replied: Okay Kal chalengey, pakka!

Then she suddenly asked him: Aap college mein kaun si subject padhtey the?
Angad: Main Civil engineering padh raha tha. I graduated last January.
Kripa is totally shocked now…..she would have never dreamt that he was an engineer.
Kripa: Aap Civil Engineer hain?
Angad : Haan, degree mein toh wahi likha hai (laughing )
Kripa: Toh phir aap….aap… (blushing)….aap hotel mein…..
Angad: Main hotel mein gaana kyun gaata hoon? Sab Papi pet ka sawaal hai ( he laughed again in self-mockery) Actually the problem is….mujhey college ke liye kaafi loans leney padey……aur abhi tak koi achhi naukri nahin mili, isliye yahan resort mein gaana gaata hoon band ke saath…..kharcha bhi chal jaata hai aur khushi bhi milti hai logon ko anand dekar!

Kripa: Aap kya bahut dinon se is band mein hain…..Goa Boyz mein?
Angad: Haan, 7-8 saalon se main unkey saath gaa raha hoon. Theyre my oldest buddies!

Kripa was really interested now! She wanted to know all about him, he was such a fascinating man, such a unique person, civil engineer by profession, singer by choice…..she had never met anyone like him before!
She looked at him admiringly! Angad was enjoying her interest in him now, her probing questions, the admiration in her innocent, guileless eyes! Those eyes could rarely hide any emotion, they were very expressive and revealing of each inner thought.

Kripa: Aap yahan resort mein kitney dinon se kaam kar rahey hain?
Angad: Pehley zyadatar summer, fall and winter vacations mein karta tha, tab university ki padhai chal rahi thi…..ab full time yahan kaam karta hoon!
Kripa: Aap yehin per rehtey hain?
Angad: Haan, resort waalon ne mujhey staff quarters mein ek room diya hai but I have my own house in the town nearby.
Kripa: Your own house? Do ur parents live there with u?
Angad (suddenly abrupt) …..My parents arent here anymore……
His face changed suddenly from joviality and humor to anger and sadness! It was as if a shutter fell over his friendly, charming smile and a dark gloom descended over him!
Kripa noticed this change, she realized he didn't want to talk abt his parents!

Angad abruptly changed the subject: Kripa tum mere saath abhi Lunch per chalogi?
Kripa was taken aback at the suddenness of his question:
Uhhh Okay I will….. She said. (she thought abt her mom and Mishti but then she remembered they were lunching outside in town and had asked her to eat at the poolside restaurant!
Angad grinned in delight at her acceptance and said : main abhi change karkey aata hoon adhey ghantey mein….phir dono saath chalengey, okay?

Kripa agreed smiling, then she suddenly remembered: Ohhh Angad……aapka jacket! She took the jacket from under her art supplies. She had brought the jacket alongwith her ….somehow she knew that Angad would meet her again at the painting spot!

Angad's eyes glinted at her with amusement and something else: Tum woh jacket yahan le aayi ho? Kya tumhey pata tha ke main yahan aaoonga? ( he quizzed her)
Kripa (blushing) ….Wo mainey socha … aap…..
Angad went close to her and put a finger on her lips……she trembled again at his nearness! She looked up wide-eyed at his piercing look, eyes that searched her soul again, she wondered if he would kiss her again but he just looked at her lips and said softly: I Know tumney kya socha tha aur bilkul theek socha tha…..hum dono ki soch ek jaisi hai…..( he looked longingly at her lips, his eyes told hers how much he wanted to kiss her right then but he couldn't)
She blushed, her lips trembled under his finger, he moved his finger and put it on his lips suggestively with a slight smile…….then he took his jacket from her nerveless hands, turned and left, saying over his shoulders : See u soon, Baby!
Kripa reddened again but not in anger…..he had called her baby again but not in the same tone as her family members did……this was different, with another meaning. She moved to the parapet with trembling legs and sat down on the low wall to wait for his return.
Why did he always leave her blushing, flustered and breathless?

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------

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Part 8


Kripa gathered up her artwork and supplies and waited for Angad's return by the wall, deeply lost in thought. As she heard Angad approach her, she turned to look at him…….he had showered and changed into an open-necked white shirt again with khaki pants, looking like the sea-pirate that he always resembled. His hair was still wet from the shower and gleamed slickly against his leonine head.

Kripa silently took up her art stuff; Angad picked up her easel and they walked back to her room. She asked Angad to wait for her in the living-room while she bathed and changed for lunch. She wore a dark pink top with cut-off denim pants…..she wasn't making the mistake of wearing a skirt again in Goa, it was too windy for skirts! She tied her hair in a ponytail and put on simple shell earrings which dangled near her neck.
When she emerged after changing, Angad admired her fresh look, his eyes glinting, he said: Lets go to the Barbecue place.

At the poolside BBQ, they sat under thatched umbrellas at first but then Angad realized a lot of the people there were staring at him and Kripa……they knew Angad from his band performances and must have be wondering who the pretty girl with him was! Angad got and up and said " lets sit inside, Kripa"
Kripa looked around and understood, they went inside the restaurant and got a corner table with more privacy.
Angad: Kripa kaun si drinks logi?
Kripa ordered a Shirley Temple, Angad had a screwdriver (vodka and orange juice)
The Shirley Temple came with a pair of cherries on top, Kripa took out a cherry and rolled it around in her mouth…..Angad stared at her, fascinated by her unconsciously seductive action……his throat became dry, he took a gulp of his drink and looked away, his face flushed!
He opened the two top buttons of his shirt, saying: Yahan bahut garmi hai……then.he looked intently at her, his heart thudding as she took the cherry-pit out of her mouth and threw it in a napkin! She has the lips of a siren, he thought with a pang!
Kripa saw a small gold cross hanging from his neck as he loosened his shirt... she stared at his tanned chest! She felt a little hot herself!
They ordered their food…..Kripa had a grilled cheese sandwich and garden salad. Angad ordered a HUGE meal of lobsters, shrimps and grilled chicken kebabs for himself!
When the food arrived, Kripa gasped: You will eat all that?
Angad: YEAAAAH! I have a healthy appettite" he winked at her.
Kripa didn't get his full meaning but she still blushed.
Angad started eating with great gusto while Kripa nibbled on her salad.

Angad: Yeh kya ghaas-phoos kha rahi ho? Taste some of mine"
He picked up a piece of his lobster, dipped it in melted butter and offered it to her.
Kripa: NO No I don't want it, mujhey seafood achha nahin lagta"
Angad: Just taste it……You'll like it….I swear!
Kripa shook her head in refusal…..but Angad wasn't one to give up…..he coaxed and begged her to taste it till at last she took the piece of lobster in her mouth……melted butter trickled down her mouth as she bit into the succulent piece…….before she could get her napkin, Angad reached out and caught the drop of butter dripping down her chin…..he licked the drop from his finger with a devilish grin. Kripa blushed again, her heart pounding.
Angad: Toh kaisa laga Goa ka lobster?
Kripa: Achha laga (shyly) ……in her mind she said apney haath se khilaya isliey achha laga]
Angad: You know Kripa, zindagi mein har cheez at least ek baar try kar lena chahiye" ….he grinned wickedly as he said that.
Kripa looked down, feeling suddenly hot at the hidden, inner meaning in his words.

Throughout their meal, Angad forced Kripa to have little pieces of chicken, shrimp and lobster…..she protested a little at first, but then she opened her mouth and ate every little morsel he fed her with his fingers or his fork. There was something very intimate in being fed by him…..which heated her cheeks a delicious pink.
When lunch ended, Angad became aware that people there were staring too, he said "Chalo Kripa, kahin aur chaltey hain"
Kripa : Where are we going? Angad: Beach per chaltey hain
Kripa (eagerly) : Haan wo theek rahega, mainey abhi tak beach nahin dekhi"
Angad (shocked): WHAT? Tumney abhi tak beach nahin dekhi? Kripa shook her head. Chalo lets go…
They bought two ice-cream cones from the poolside stand and went down the steps to the beach.
They threw off their shoes at the bottom of the steps and walked barefoot on the white virgin sands of Calangute Beach. Kripa licked her mango ice-cream and looked eagerly for sea-shells in the sand, like a little kid!

Angad laughed tenderly at her search for shells, he ate his pista cone and helped her hunt for nice, big ones buried in the sand. They found ones with beautiful designs and colors…….they found shells in which you could hear the sound of the sea if you held it near your ears……

Kripa found a conch-shell with a reverse whorl, one in which the whorls go in opposite direction…..south instead of north….such shells are supposed to be very lucky for the one who has them. Kripa solemnly gave it to Angad, explaining its significance as a lucky charm ….she asked him to always keep it with him as it brings good luck! Angad was deeply touched!
He gazed tenderly into her eyes and said : Thanks Kripa, isey main hamesha apney saath rakhunga"
Angad and Kripa sat on the white sands, eating their ice-creams and talking.
Angad: kripa, tumhey swimming aati hai?
Kripa: Haan
Angad: To phir main ek din tumhey Keri beach le jaaoonga swimming ke liye, yahan thoda rocky hai , u will enjoy swimming there.
Kripa : That's very nice of u!
Angad: Main kitna achha hoon, yeh to waqt hi batayega" He laughed devilishly.
Kripa giggled at his flirting.
Angad (suddenly serious)……Kripa, mujhey tumsey do requests karney hain…
Kripa : Haan kahiye
A: Tum mujhey yeh Aap aap kehna chhod do……tum aap kehti ho to lagta hai jaisey main tumhara dost nahin, Uncle hoon!
Kripa giggled at his complaining tone but she agreed :Theek hai, aaj se main tumko tum kahungi!
Angad sighed :Thank GOD! Uncle honey se bach gaye (he rolled his eyes dramatically looking heavenwards)
Kripa laughed and asked : Aur doosri request?
Angad: Tum meri ek portrait bana dogi? Bahut dinon se meri yeh khwahish thi ke koi mera portrait banaye..
Kripa: To tumney apney dost Stalin se kyun nahin kaha tumhara portrait bananey ke liye
Angad: Wo Stalin? Huhh….who kambakht mera kya portrait banayega? Main ek khubsoorat, curvy (he traced an hourglass figure with his hands) model hota to wo mera portrait zaroor banata…..usey to sirf ladkiyon ke nude portraits bananey mein interest hai!
Kripa blushed a little at his frankness: Okay main aapki portrait banaoongi……lekin aapko ghanton tak sitting dena padega. Kar sakengey aap?
Angad : KRIPAAA phir se aap???
Kripa bit her tongue: Sorry, Tum tum…
Angad: Sitting dena padega? Koi baat nahin…..I'm game… kabsey shuru karein? (he thought: I would love to sit for u and pose for u while u paint me ….the very thought excited him)
Kripa: Kal to hum jaa rahey hain wahan village mein sooo …..parson se shuru karen…lekin ek problem hai….portrait to bahar mushkil hogi is tez hawa mein, uskey liye studio jaisi jageh chahiye, kya yahan koi aisi jagah hai jahan hum chain se baithkar portrait bana sakey?
Angad thought for a while then said " Haan ek aisi jagah hai….purani Fort ke wall ke paas ek chhota sa building hai…..khali pada rehta hai…..wahin per hum jayengey portrait ke liye,
Kripa (slightly nervous)….wo jagah bahut door hai kya?
Angad: No no, wo dekh rahi ho na……he pointed up at some old structures a few yards away near the parapet ……..wahin per hai…clubhouse aur Gym ke bahut paas hai.
Kripa (pleased at the arrangement) …..Achha to theek hai, wahin mera studio hoga

Their ice-creams were finished…..Angad got up and said : Cmon lets walk near the water"
He pullled her up by her hand, holding it in his as they walked by the water. The receding waves at the shoreline touched their bare feet, washing the dry sand away.
Kripa felt the warm grip of his hand, strongly enclosing, enveloping her hand! She felt strangely at peace, as if her hand belonged there in his strong, firm one! Angad gently squeezed her soft palm, enjoying the feel of her delicate fingers inside his palm.
They walked silently side by side, waves flirting with their feet, touching, withdrawing, playing naughtily!

Suddenly a big wave appeared from nowhere and knocked Kripa off her feet! She almost fell with the force of the giant wave crashing against her legs, but Angad caught her and lifted her straight from the offending wave, his arms around her waist!
When the wave receded, Kripa was still in Angad's arms, his arms were tightly holding her against him, her feet were dangling near his shins! Their faces were on level and extremely close….startled she looked straight into his eyes which were a few inches away! They were so close, she could see the light brown flecks in his eyes, he could see her dilated pupils…..his nostrils flared, breathing in her perfume!
Their bodies were touching each other from chest to toes, her soft curves crushed against his muscular frame…… her arms clung to his shoulders ….their heartbeats pounded together, breathless as they stared into each other's eyes.
Angad looked down at her lips, parted a little in surprise…..desire pounded through him like a freight train, ……he wanted to crush those lips under his ……Kripa stared at his firm lips…..she wanted him to , she needed him to kiss her…..she closed her eyes as his face moved so close his breath was on her lips. She felt his mouth gently touch her closed eyelids…..he kissed her closed eyes one by one, then his lips moved down to her sharp, little nose and he kissed her there, his breath mingled with hers as his lips touched hers lightly at first, and pressed harder, probing, teasing……she was shivering and trembling in response…..he kissed her cheeks one by one, then finally he went behind her ears, kissed her neck and the dangling earrings…..then he softly whispered in her ears: My little mermaid, will you swim with me?
Kripa remained mute, quivering, clinging to his neck as she hid her heated face in his shoulder, breathing him in! He kissed her neck again, then holding on to her tightly, he walked into the waves till the water was waist-high! Kripa was so drugged with his kisses, at first she didn't feel where he was taking her……. when she felt the water on her thighs, she squealed, thrashing her dangling legs!
Angad laughed and carried her further into the water till both were totally wet from the incoming waves!
Kripa yelled : ANGADD! Yeh kya kar rahey ho? Hum bheeg jayengey!!
Angad chuckled: Achha hai na, dono ek saath bheeg rahey hain…
He spread his legs wide, keeping balance in the waves, as he held Kripa snugly and both got soaked in the salty waves!

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------


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