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well ohk since nobody did one for 5th and 6th i thought I'll do a combined version ... but well shelz just posted the 6th so ill do the 5th alone LOLLOL... It won't be so detailed cos its been a cou-ple of days since 5th episode so i'll just say what i remember

Well this June 5th episode started with all the four of them standing in that horse-shed thing and they are all giving advice to rattu... asking him not to do this thing with cheeka...

Rattu gets annoyed with Rocky when rocky keeps insisting him and advising him not to do it... Mannu and TP are sure that a flare up will happen between them and it does. Rattu says that its his life and he can do what he wants and rocky says that he is concerned about his friend... and the blow up ends not-very-nicely and Rocky walks away

Then Rattu asks mannu and TP whether they agrees with him or not and they both u know give stammering replies that clearly state they agree with him but its not his choice...

then mannu and rattu leave and TP is alone... and here is her dream...LOL

yea so in her dream there is rocky and herself as inspectors and manu as hawaldar and Rattu as prisoner no 420 LOL... nd dey r all beating up rattu and TP is standing and watching with a smug expression on her face... then rattu turns the plate to inspector rocky[LOL> by saying that his friends should have stopped him and that they didnt and thats why he is like this... and rattu blames TP the most nd she gets so scared LOLROFLROFL

then it was second segment which i didnt watch... but i got the impression that TP and mannu talk to rocky and r attu and tell them not to fight or something...

then in the third segment Rocky seeks cheeka out and tells him not to play with his friends and that he will not let anything happen to his friends and that cheeka had better be careful...

then rocky calls rattu and apologises and both of them accept their mistakes and rocky so sweetly says that even though his method of saying was bad he still sticks by what he said and just asks rattu to look out and be careful... and rattu smiles and keeps the phone down and cheeka enteres...

Rattu tells him that he got some 20000rs and cheeka ses dts not enough and they need more money and says he knws someone who will invest right in palankhet...

rattu and rocky go to this darky dungeny place and meet a fat man.. that guy is an ardent devotee of mata di and he gives then the prasad of mata.. cheeka doesnt like it LOL... anyway when they tell him that they want 8 lakhs he laughs and then they realise that he is unwilling and they get up to leave when cheeka spills the mata's prasad onto the floor and he gets so angry with them and clasp cheeka... and the episode ends there...

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cheeka had nt taken d prasad nicely
so the person dey were goin to meet got angry
yahan log apnee marzee se aate hain aur jaaten hain meri marzii see(im nt sure but he looked like d guy whu acts d mona darling scene nicely=)))
but yuvi saves cheeka by saying cheeka is a bigg bhakt see he has mata pendant also(i cudnt see one though)

he says dat deyr collecting money fr building a temple nd lied coz dere rnt ppl who wud put money fr a mandir
d guy is very pleased nd gives dem 8 lakh rupees
both cheeka nd rattu r very happy but rattu tells cheeka to better make it 16 lakh within 10 days or d man wont leave dem
dey say jai mata di nd goo:p
rattus mom is busy on the phone fixing sumones shaadi talking nonsence like height nd all=))
rattu comes dere she tells to eat d food by warming it
bt mr shammer just gos nd sits dere listening to her mother on the phone
her mother finnaly ends d phone wid no results nd is angry
ashi abhi ke shaadi ke baad koi shaadi hee nahin karna chahta
rattu maska chaskas his mum by cuddlin wid her nd telling hum khaana ek saath khayege
rattus mom asks him wat he needs dis timeROFL
he says sherawali kee kripa hone waali hain nd his mom is shocked dat he went to a templeTongue
tp gives evryone a file in d stable(guys i just thot wen i go out swimming we cross dis stabe wich smells heavannly
wid horse poop nd all everywhere)how do dey actually survive dereROFL

she tells dem all dat dis is a risk ananylisis test fr me
multi choice questions u have to fill so dat i can decide wich career is good fr me
rocky--air hostess--dhabbe ke logo se ladti hain pooor passenger naa
rattu--kathak dancer never!!!
mannu--ca ya right 2+2=5 sahee hain
ROFLROFLden at d same time rocky nd manus phone rockys dad nd amrita dey both had imp works so
rocky nd mannu leave
amrita tells mannu hes going to bombay
tp is so confused thinking deres nthing in the world she cud do..rattu suggests she becomes a housewife
finds a nri nd go settle in foreign

rocky comes dere nd tells dem he gt admission in a med college nd bombay n hes leaving
tp is shocked ..rattu tells her dat sumtimes we have to lose sumthings to gain sumthings
mannu also comes dere ot tell his news bt noone really responds nicely coz deyr still in rocky mode
wen mannu comes to know dat rocky is also goin all his happiness fades away ...(kinda insecure i think)


ok i missed 10 mins after dis coz of dads wrong timing:((
i req sumbody to add in d last 10 mins

~Sirius*Ysh~ wrote:

Mannu doesnt like rocky going to mumbai cos amritha is also der... but he offeres his congrats and all and then the scene ends in mannu's dejected face... them next segment starts off with mannu telling his dadaji that he is going to mumbai... but he says it very dejectedly so dadaji gueses that sumthing is up but mannu ses nothing...

then he is driving to meet amrita and sees her leaving and asks her wht hapepend... den she ses she had to go to see sum music vids urgently and that she was gonna call him.. nd he sarcastically says yea sure! ... then she tells him that she will send the ticket and all for him to cum but he turns it down and ses he'll cum there and meet her...

then she spoils it all by asking him for rocky's number... then mannu decides to say that he will dial it for her and then he fakes a conversation that gives the impression that rocky was unwilling to talk to amritha and then amritha goes off sadly... the episode ends in mannu's smug look...



luv shelly

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Well ok... sorry i was a little late with this but i couldnt because something came up...

anyways here is the update.. i cant do dialog for dialog cos its been 2 days since and not so sure... but well i'll try my best...

So the previous episode had ended with mannu and amritha scene where mannu pretends that rocky doesnt want to speak to amritha...

So here mannu comes to the atta and finds rattu there... and here we find out that mannu called rattu and not rocky! and mannu gives a very sardonic laugh about the whole incident and we can see that he really likes amritha...
Manny asks rattu if she will ever love him and rattu looks him straight in the eye and says no. point blank. LOL and mannu very bitterly says "what a friend!" and rattu says "i say this because im ur friend! forget all this love-shove bizness and concentrate on ur music. girls come and girls go but your career musnt be compromised on!" (which i thought was a brilliant advice on his part... and moreover mom was so impressed by d dialoge dat she decided for once she lyks what i watch!!!!!! ROFLROFL) well haan, after that mannu agrees with rattu and then thanks him for setting him right.

Then cheeka aur rattu ka scene where rattu asks cheeka if he know who will win. Cheeka says there is alot of uncertainity and he has noidea. Rattu is all flabberghasted nd cheeka goes on to say that we need to weigh our elements that is we need to analyse evrything about the teams, the pitch and all and then cum to a conclusion and rattu is so scared cos he has no idea bout cricket... but then he says he knows someone who can help...

Then TP is praying for some career advice and all and then rattu appears... here its all cutie when she hears rattu's voice and thinks its her guruji who is talking ROFLROFLROFL... then she turns to see rattu and asks him waht the matter is... then rattu tells her that he can help her with a carrer dat will involve sitting in front of the TV 24*7 and ses dat he wants her to watch TV nd find out EVERYTHING bout cricket... she asks him "so basically u want me to sit in front of tv 24*7?" and rattu says yes and she says "no thank you!" ROFLROFL and this time rattu luked so cute ROFLROFLROFL and she gives him a no-tv bhaashan and all and leaves him luking so confused ROFLROFL

Then this Rattu's house, dat real estae developer (ill cll him gunda for the sake of update... cant write somuch and all evrytym i refer to him Big smileLOLTongue) comes to ask him to sell the land they got and rattu's dad says that he wont... that unda keeps raising his offer but rattu's dad says no way i will give you that land as its my dream to keep some shop there.... then this gunda says jai mata di and leaves... then his dad is watching TV and the bell rings and he thinks its the gunda but it happens to be rattu...

Rattu walks over and starts to change the channel and his dad scoplds him and says if u want to watch news u watch cos im also watching... or else go somewhere... no cricket and alll... and rattu all dejected... (awwwUnhappy) goes off telling his dad that if they got him a tv in his room they wouldnt have ne problem

Then they are all sitting in some place and rattu and mannu are playing with some ball and all that when TP starts getting senti bout them all leaving and says thet they will not even be here after a month and that the beautiful atta will be deserted... Rocky says that their friendship will remain intact even if they met once a year but TP says all that is bull shit and what if their carrers become more important and what if we change in one year... and doesnt the friendship mean anything to you.. then mannu asks her"y r u taking it so seriosuly yaar?" and she ses "bas yaar bas! bahut ho gaya! y u ppl r waiting for a month to leave? leave now na? leave! leave palankhet all of you!" and with that she goes off...

Then she is sitting in her room and switches on the TV and there is something in the TV bout a girl hu was poor and got married and went to USA so TP decides that her plan in life, her one thing to do is to get married LOLLOLLOL... and thats wht shez gonna do TongueROFL...

well thats about it and sorry for the late update Embarrassed thanks to niyu for helping me getting it done...


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June 12th Update by uvcraziestfan:

Comment: here

hii guys

sorry bout such crappy updates dese days power prob a major prob dese days

lemme continuee....

all four of dem go to the bookie nd w8..mannu is bored nd he kribs so does tp..rattus says one day wen ill be famous ull nt get
time even to meet mee..(he blackmails wid d same line always:p)the bookie comes
rattu comes straght to the point and asks for 50%of loss to be returned
d bookie shocks dem by saying dat dey actually won ..cheeka talked wid him last moment nd dey got triple the amount
(dat was wt i was thinking dat after losing cheeka was in a brand new car wen he cant afford a bike)
rattus strts finding cheeka but neither is he seen newhere all he ansers his phone(ran away dude wid all the money)
he goes home his mom gives him food nd tells him she found a good guy fr tpp.rattus says d guy will run away after meeting tp=))

tps brother is shocked seeing tps thopda full off wat u call dat **face pack**(thanks niyu) or sumthing yucky stuffROFL
she says shes getting ready to meet the guy her mum comes dere too says if u wud have put so much effort in ur studies u wud be sumwhere right now
her dad also comes nd doesnt recognize her asks her bout rattus scheme nd she assures him hell get the money back

in rockys house alex came to see charu ..his dads dis big egoistic army freak..who wants his son to join army nd fr d first time
he came fr a rishta out of army backround .rockys dad also nt hapy wid diff caste wedding but he noes his daughter luvs alex
well clash of ego titans..n the rishta is called off

all 3 guys sitting near d lake ..rattu plans to go to chaddas place to noe if cheeka returned the money
he plans to throw cheeka out of his business..well he goes to chadda place wid a box of prasad to please him..asks him ghumao phiaro ke
about the money..both yappety yap bout money nd temple n mata nd prasad but fr wat rattus actually came hes unsucessful to find out
chadda tells him to help find a land fr him so he can build a resort nd hell make him join his business as he sees potential in rattu
dey go places chadda tells dem whoever is linked wid me either goes up(ass in rich n famous)or way down coz if u give dhoka to me
ull be burried..rattu is scared

alex nd charu are talking bout wat to do next..charu says shell make rocky talk to dad coz hes impressed wid rocky joining med college nd all
hel agree to him

mannu rocky rattu inquire about cheeka fmr ppl n come to noe hes missing in action frm few days..dey thus come to a conclusion dat he cheated nd ran away wid all the money
rattu is furios..dey find out dat cheeka booked a bike nd will come fr its delivery in evening..while theyr thinking bout cheeka
tp comes dere
looking all girly girly
she asks **Rocky**how shes looking rocky comes to her nd says looking as u look in my dreams ..beuatiful..but well dat was a dream only=))
cann see sumthing cooking up dere:p
neways she asks everybody how shes looking n get a luke warm responce nd evrybodies thinking bout cheeka
she asks mannu to come wid her to meet d guy coz she doesnt wanna suffer like last time.
he says u go ahead hell join her..

den after tp leaves rattu gets d brainwave ..he cud catch cheeka at d bike delivery place..dey all rush ....meanwhile on the way rocky nd mannu discuss tp while cheeka is only on rattus mind

tp is having double triple thots on to go or nt to go but she goes...mannu gets her message nd he goes frm dere too..
rocky rattu reach the bike place nd find out dat cheekas left d town
rattu is shocked
rocky tells him even if u won the bet u lost EVERYTHING

now deyv strted dis precap thing didnt catch it will catch next time

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13,14th June update by uvcraziestfan:

Comment: here

ok dis update is loadedLOL


she reaches the restraunt to meet param finds dat param has booked d entire restraunt fr her .
.she gets scared..param arrives dere nd shes spellbounded seeing him his car everything..they meet nd
strt chatting about each other..param tells hes an mba n owns a software firm in silicon valley..he has houses in manhatten
nd everywhere in newyork has office in delhi luvs india
mnnu reachers dere nd bumps his car into params goes to the restraunt tp is happy seeing him nd talks to him
in isshaares..widout seeing param tells her to call her frd to sit wid dem only
mannu comes dere..param tries to talk to him in ishares thinking hes goonga but its nthing of dat sort
wen dey come down dey see d car tp gets angry on mannu but param says its ok he gt an excuse to change cars
he is very very happy wid him as she gt d guy she dreamt of...she goes to rattus mom to tell her how happy she is
nd how gr8 param is..param comes dere too to say thanku..den tp takes param to meet her frds
dey take her interview n he very nicely pataos dem all(aww param is sucha luvable character)dey all make him deir frds too
ermm rocky takes sum time to see if tp is happy but den makes param his buddy
next pitstop is tps parents but dat is throughed too as tps parents see him as deyr ideal son in law(dis is a very cute part..specially
the patiala size lassi makkhan maarke)
but param says he has to marry within 10 days nd tps parents cud get a reservation fr gurudwara only in a week
so tps marrying in a week(though i dont think datll happen)
she tells d news of marriage to her frds nd dey all r happy for her
 dey maaaro sum senti dialoge nd make her cry tooo.....

well he was the most serius person in d 2 episodes nd he made me cry too...
rattu comes to noe exactly how much cheeka had planned all dis n he ran away wid the money..hes very put down
his frds try to cheer him up..tps father asks him  about d money n he says hell try to return it to them soon..
back to the plot rattus mom dad go to see d plot nd get shocked to see chaddas board on it(it reminded me of khosla ka ghosla)
rattus dad goes to chadda nd he tells him dat rattu took 8lakh frm him promising to duble it but he didnt so i took the plot gimme 16 lakh n take d plot
rattus dad is destroyed hearing dis..he goes to rattu n gives him one tight slap..hes very very very hurt he tells rattu dat uve sold d plot
wich we had dreamed of frm so many yrs ..rattus tries to explain but all in vain..dis time his mother doesnt agree too n slaps him
dey throw him out of their house
rattu is disheartened his frds take him to the shed nd he breaks down
cries to his herst contnt..while tp mannu rocky understand nd tell him dat dey r dere fr him.....
next morning rattu goes to chadda to ask him why he took the plot

nd chadda says dis is all business..nd gives him d idea dat he shud work fr him to get d money back nd he agrees..
in the end we find out that chadda is linked with cheeka nd dey took d faayda of the cheeka ill have no
competition in the race(i wanted to kill both dese dudesssssss)

rocky ..nthin much on his side..charus sister cant marry alex coz both fathers have deir big egos between
both try to explain their respective parents rocky also tries
but none of em agreee

mannu side is all thanda no news frm him he was dere in all the foursome scenes
his story wasnt moved a lil further.....

precap--rattu finds cheeka finnaly..

co inscidendtly...mannus first performance rockys med college entrance is on tps wedding
nd rattu has to get out of palankhet fr work..nd deyr sad dey cant go to tps wedding
dey all sit in car to go while tp comes in her lehenga on a cycle to go wid dem




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16th, 17th = Saturday, Sunday

18th Update by Shelly (uvcraziestfan)

mannu rocky tp find rattu in a very baad state lying on the road..they take him to the stable clear his wounds stay wid him till he wakes up..mannu suggests hospital but rattu wakes up on hospitals name coz he doesnt want to answer questions..mannu is angry as hes worried bout internal injuries..rattu tells dem to leave dey get angry but tp mannu leave rocky stays wid rattu

next morning rattus mom comes dere nd rattu strts hiding nt to show his wounds but his mom catches him n is shocked..dey all lie dat he fell ..rattus mum tells him to come back coz parents do scold but d luv doesnt go..rattu says he wont come back until he mends wat wrongs he did..rrattus mum gives dem food n leaves frm dere

tp is seeing magazines deciding on her wedding apparel but cant decide nething..her mum is irritated wid her..n tells nt to find faults in everythhing n have a decision our a defends herself saying she has a choice but cant get it so shes marrying(is dis pointing to tp secretly luving our sant rocky)

tps dad is talking wid sum ppl fr rebate in dcorations n all..tps mom asks wats hapening he tells he had one dream but he cant do justice to it..tps mum is angry on rattu n his fraud schemes she tells tps dad to talk wid rattus parents..tps dad says watll i talk wid dem deyr lost dere plot bcoz of him..tps mum says if i ever gt my hands on d guy ill deffo marro him wid my jooti

all four r playing is angry dat she never gets to hit bulls eye..mannu says jhooti nahin bolte u hit d biggest bulls eye aka param..dey sey uskee wajah se tp se chutkara milegaLOLits like tp ko pathar se baandkar pond mein phenk denge but its wrong to compare param wid pattharROFLmannu says param is nice but he cant hit the bulls eye..nd den n dere he hits tells him to teach her too.n he does though it is nt even near to bulls eyeLOLmannu rocky tp leave d luvbirds dere..rocky talks bout his prob..charu n alex mannu suggests lets do sum cheating to bring em togther rockky is nt sure but he agreees.before dat dey plan to take params final test coz dey think hes too perfect kabhi kabhi doubt hota hainROFL

well dey take his test ask him bout money where he lives why he liked tp nd all its a very cute scene..wen he shows his house in his phone..mannu tp r clean bowled wid dat onlyTonguetp actually blushes wen she hears param saying he luved tp at first sight

so prob 1 solved second to go

dey all go to alex dad place n tell him dat charu is pregnant wid alex kid nd dey have to maary or desilva kee clean image pe big fat dhabbe padh jaayengeLOLalex is called n he also acts dat  its true..deseilva agrees to it as he doesnt want ne harm on his image he calls charu his dotty(wat a sudden change)n he says hell talk wid charus dad nd d marriage will now happen


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UPDATE : 19th BY NIYATHI (coolniyu)

Epi starts with some ladies oohing n aahing over TP n shes getting bugged..after that she puts on tv n is shocked to realise that even tv is not interesting her..she tries sneaking out and her mum catches her and lectures her about being more serious...she tells her shes doing this on TP's will..also that she should stop meeting her friends(especially Rattu) because theyre guys and even thoguh Param is a sweet boy and he understands it would be better not to...TP feels sad and adds that she doesnt want her mum to talk that way abt Rattu..

TP at Adda:
She finally manages to throw a bulls eye but no one is there to see her...she sits down to one side and Rattu walks up...and he asks her hwat shes doing she says shes thinking...he says "TP if you want i know of some special books i could get them for you" ROFLROFL..she says shut up and that she is confused...then it turns to a serious conversation..Rattu says look at rocky and mannu..they listened to their parents and are on their way to success alrerady...he wonders whether he and TP arent mature enough to decide what they want to do in their own lives..and TP says no way and htye should decide their own life...rattu asks her if shes having second thoughts abt marriage and she replies agains that shes confused..then she asks him if hes coming to some ceremony and and he says he cant because so many ppl would be there..and then she encourages him to come and apologise to his father...and that uncle was sure to relent soon and gradually atleast he would forgive rattu Tongue..and rattus is convinced and he says hell definitely come Big smile

Param and TP's bro:
Param asks tp's bro where she is and he says he wont say bcos ladka and ladki are not supposed to meet before marriage Tongue..and they have a ocnversation of how it is in's bro wonders if there are hot girls in america ROFL and he would open a petrol pump in america..and asks param if its possible to do so..param replies he could open a petrochemical plant also if he wants Tongue

TP/Param/bro at home:
TP goes home and Param goes to meet her..she hurriedly switches off the tv and her bro says she was watching saas bahu serial like the rest of the indian ladies...and param says not just indian world over ladies LOL bcos his chachiji in usa also watches..and tps bro is amazed that saas bahu serials come in us too and he says that once TP and TV are united in US param didnt stand a chance LOL..and he says no probs he would watch with her Tongue althiough he didnt understand why people watched these serials TP explains its bcos no one gets to see such large joint families anymore ..and he replies he had a huge family too and they would meet often..and tp's bro teases her saying she would have to start tocuhing feet of many ppl then, why not start with him? Stern Smile

Rocky/Mannu/Rattu walking on road:
They are wondering what gift to get her..mannu wondered how it would be after she left and they wouldnt get to meet her..and they focus on rocky Embarrassed rattu asks rocky what gift to get tp as he knew her the best and rocky is lost again...mannu complains that rocky takes too long to think and they laugh..

TP's house:
the function has started..and TP walks down d stairs lookin very pretty in a red salwar Embarrassed param goes up to her and compliments her..he says she looks very beautiful and a little tensed..he asked her who she was waiting that moment rocky enters with doesnt answer param but goes and hugs rocky without a word and he looks at her very strangely Embarrassed..they didnt show params reaction to this Confused..

Song sequence:
the song saajan ji ghar aaye from k2h2 is played and param dances to it..and he pulls tp and she just stands reluctantly n watches him dance..and she imagines herself dancin with rocky to a romantic part of the song Tongue..rocky is giving her a wistful look throughout Wink it was highly filmy LOL

Rattus entry:
Rattu enters as the song finishes and TP delightedly goes to meet him..but her parents are angry especially her mum and she goes to scream at him in front of everyone..rattus dad is shocked that hes borrowed tp's parents moneys as well and rattu looks at tp's mum asks her mum to quieten and she refuses...rattus dad starts gettin pain in d chest n he collapses,clutching his heart Ouch rattus mum freaks out and screams for him and it ends on rattus bewildered face..

Precap:Rattus mom asks rattu to leave them forever if he truly loved his father..he tells mannu and rocky the truth that cheeka beat him up..he goes to chadha ji to beg for mercy..chadha tells him that whatever he took away would never be returned..and that rattus house also belongs to him now..

i liked the epi but guys the song sequence put me off Ouch it was so typical and anyway if this is how the tp/rocky romance is going to be in the beginning stages only im afraid to think of later on Cry it has the potential to completely ruin the track of the serial Ouch

Comment :

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20th and 21st Update by Rakhi (rakhi_uv)

20th june

*rattus dad gets a heart attack at tpz sangeet
*tpz is very upset wid her mom 4 watever she said to rattu n blames her 4 rattus dads explains she din like rattus presence at the sangeet!
*param asks tpz parents if he can share the marriage expenses.....parents r happy to see his they refuse saying its their responsibilty !
*at the hospital rattus dad asks him to leave nd finally even his mom says wid a heavy heart tht if u love ur dad n want him to b well ....leave the place!
*rocky n mannu take him away .....rocky says he wud stay back wid his dad
*rattu goes to chaddha n begs him to giv their plot bt he refuses also says even ur house is in my custody now n ur parents wud soon b homeless....its all thanks to cheeka!
*rattu tells mannu n rocky tht the other day he was beatened up by cheeka n chaddhas men! n now he wont spare tht cheeka.....they both tell rattu to think smartly abt the next move......fighting cheeka is no way to cum out of this bt rattu dusnt listen to them
*rattu finds cheeka at a bike race......rattu also joins the race just to catch cheeka......n they hav a big fight! cheeka falls unconcious.....

it was totally a rattu episodeEmbarrassed

21st june

tp is alone in her room ....her mom enters n says shes feeling guilty 4 talking to rattu so harshly n also abt his dads condition! she explains her tht she always had one dream of having a grand wedding 4 tp! n the money tht they gave rattu was hard earned n saved only 4 her marriage nd so she cudnt stand rattu the other day n lost it seeing him at the sangeet! tp says its niether urs nor rattus fault .....its only cheekas fault! later her mom givs her a jewwllery set saying its of her wedding ....she says she has tried her best to do every possible thing bt in case sumthing is left out shes sorry 4 it! tp says shes been the best mom to her n perhaps her real mom also wudnt do so much 4 her.....n they both share an emotional huggieHug.....her mom asks her to go see rattus dad in the hospital n also meet her frnds as this may b the last time she meets themCry

at the adda rocky is giving rattu a massage n rattu says he wud b a gr8 doc hes already feeling well.......mannu enters wid a box in his hand! rattu opens it n finds bottles of beer in it! Winkthey decide to celebrate their last nite in palankhet n their addaBig smile......within no time all 3 r talli n out!LOL rattu is on a kissing spreeLOL......he goes on showering kisses to both rocky n mannu saying wat they hav done 4 him in todays world no frnd wud doTongue

tp enters n they all cherish their memoriesEmbarrassed tells rocky n mannu tht if they cant attend her wedding they atleast hav to see in her bridal wear b4 going or she wud not spare both of themEvil Smile....later mannu n rattu offer tpz sum tp refuses saying last time wen she drank she had created such a scene at the party n she dusnt want to repeat tht !LOL hearing this mannu n rattu burst of laffingLOL......tpz wonders wats so funny? n finally they both tell her wat she drank at the party was no hard was only NIMBU PANI ROFL ROFL as usual calls him "chipad " 4 doing all tht.....while boys still laff like crazyLOL

later rattu suggests a game .....truth n dare!Big smile the bottle first stops on mannu n he selects truth......rattu aks him "career or frndship?" mannu says both ! next the bottle points rocky..... mannu asks "among us whom wud u miss the most" after a lot of thinking .....rockys says "tp" Embarrassedtp n rocky stare at each other! mannu says everywher woman power rules these days....hamari koi value hi nahi haiLOL......later its rattu babys turnEmbarrassed .....he chooses dare! tp says to him......u always like to do things in the ulta way no?so now stand ulta on ur head nd show us!LOL the he-man tht he thinks he is......says fine no big dealLOL hard luck..... fails miserably at itROFL......(hai toh nakli he-man naEmbarrassedLOL).......watching him all r left it splits! now its tpz turn she picks truth! rattu asks her "param or his bank balance?" she says niether.....rattu asks then wat is the reason she getting married to him?Confused bt she says in turn u can ask just one qts.....she spins the bottle again n it again points rocky! tp aks him "wat do u like in me?" mannu looses it.....he says u just want us to praise u n now this game is getting too boringWink bt tp insists rocky to answer......rocky says sumthing like ur very nice n thers no1 like u......they once again stare ....rattu disturbs their stare by saying more than me the mosquitoes on this adda wud miss u guys......afterall their daily food supply is going to stop suddenlyROFL......(wat a poorly sad joke rattuLOL).....finally they all leave!
(a very important thing here is during this whole time at the adda ....rattu is frequently shown noticing rocky n tpz stares n closeness)

next morning rattu finds rocky alone at the adda.....he asks wat is he doing here? y din he go to see tp in her bridal wear?.....he says i dunno im not too comfortable seeing her bridal wear! rattu asks y so? rocky says he himself dusnt know y he isnt happy 4 tp inspite of knowing param is gr8 guy! rattu says perhaps its bcoz 4 u tp is more than frnd......he tells rocky.......i know u love herEmbarrassed......he tells him to go n tell tpz tht he luvs her......thers still time n shes not married yet! the epi ends on rockys confused sad shocked face......


an extremely cute epiEmbarrassed i dun believe tht was the last time they all were together at their addaCry btw the 4sum just rock bigtimeThumbs Up

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