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Kavitha Ravi IF-Dazzler
Kavitha Ravi
Kavitha Ravi

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Posted: 19 March 2007 at 7:48am | IP Logged

For nasi lemak subtitute prawns with anchovies

                                                           PRAWN   SAMBAL


1 kg large prawns, shelled leaving tails intact
To Grind:
10 shallots
4 garlic pips
2 cm piece ginger
2 tbs chilli paste
2 big onions chopped
1   big tomato chopped
3 tbs oil

Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
cup tamarind juice ( from 1 tbs pulp)
2 tbs thick coconut milk   ( optional)

Heat oil in a wok, fry ground ingredients until fragrant.
Add in onions, tomatoes and fry till the tomatoes are mashed.
Add in the tamarind juice. Cook till oil rises.
Add in the prawns, sugar and salt and cook till the prawn changes colour. Lower the heat and add the coconut milk. Stir and cook.
Then dish out and serve with spring onion curls.

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Kavitha Ravi IF-Dazzler
Kavitha Ravi
Kavitha Ravi

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Posted: 20 March 2007 at 12:31am | IP Logged

My niece told me that this dish is very popular in Malay stalls. I asked her how it tasted and if she knew what was added. After hearing, I made up a recipe and cooked it for her. She was surprised that it tasted the same. They call it sayour kawin it seems. Caryn do you know anything about it.



200 grms chicken meat cut into cubes.

200 grms squids cut into rounds.

100 grms long beans cut into1 inch

100 grms carrots cut into strips

100 grms cauliflour cut into florets.

1 big onion  sliced

1 tbs chillie paste  or more

1 tsp ginger paste

1 tsp garlic paste

1 tsp vinegar

1 tsp thick soya sauce

1 sprig curry leaves

a pinch of sugar

2 tbs oil

salt to taste

coriander leaves for garnishing.



Put a wok on fire. Add the oil.Now add the onion and saut.

Add the curry leaves, ginger and garlic paste.

Fry nicely. Add in the chillie paste, and fry till the

Raw smell goes. Add in the chicken, squids and vegetables,

And give a good stir.

Add in cup of water, salt, sugar, vinegar,  and soya sauce.

Stir fry, cook till the veges and meat are cooked.

This is a semi dry dish. Remove and garnish with coriander leaves.


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Caryn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2007 at 3:15am | IP Logged

Chilli Crabs

2 kgs crabs, cleaned, cut half and the claws lightly mashed with pestle
1 tbs ginger paste
1 tbs garlic paste
1 ts salt
2-3 glasses water

In a wok, add all the above ingredients and bring to boil. Test if the crabs are cooked and strain. Keep the stock.

Ingredients for sauce

10-12 fresh red chillies
3 pips garlic
1 inch ginger
1 – 2 tbs vinegar (white or Chinese white wine)
1 ts salt
1 pc Lemon grass

Grind finely the above in a blender with a little stock until ground and set aside.

Stir fry ingredients
cup of tomato sauce
1 – 2 tbs Fish sauce or soy sauce
1 ts ginger paste Ginger paste
3 tbs garlic paste
1-2 large onions, finely chopped
2 sliced bird's chilli

In a wok, pour in little oil. Stir fry, chopped onions, garlic and ginger paste and bird's eye chilli till light lightly, do not brown. Add blended chilli sauce and stir fry for few mins. Keep stirring until the raw chilli smell lessens.   Then add in tomato sauce, fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce and fish sauce. Stir fry for few mins. Then add a cup of stock. Allow it to boil. Allow to thicken a bit.  Then add in the crabs. Keep stirring. Taste for seasoning. Add more fish sauce if needed.

If you don't want to make your own chilli sauce. You can add 1-1.5 cups of chilli sauce from the bottle.

The sauce should be semi thick. The above chilli crab goes very well with toasted bread. The sauce could be extremely hot for some of you, so lessen the chillies or add more tomato ketchup.

Note :  if the sauce is too watery for your liking, add a little cornstarch in 1tbs of water and add to the sauce. 

The chilli crab should look something like this.  This photo is courtesy from internet.  I did not cook or arrange or took picture of this. The picture is nothing to do with me.

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Kavitha Ravi IF-Dazzler
Kavitha Ravi
Kavitha Ravi

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12 dried chillies   )
1 large onion        )
4 cloves garlic      ) grind the three ingredients.

4 Tbs oil
300 grms fresh yellow noodles
1 large onion sliced
150 grms beansprout
1 large potato boiled and cubed
1 stalk of mustard leaves, cut into 2'' in length
1 egg
150 grms medium prawns shelled
2 tomatoes quartered
2 tbs tomato sauce
1 tbs chillie sauce
1 tsp salt

3 red chillie sliced
1 whole spring onion chopped
1 lime wedge

Heat 2 tbs oil in a wok and fry the ground ingridents
Until fragrant. Remove and keep aside.
Heat remaining oil and fry the sliced onions until transparent.
Then add the bean sprouts, mustard leaves, and the potatoes.
Stir fry quickly for 1 minute.
Put the noddles and fry well for 3-4 minutes.
Make a well in centre of noodles, then add in the egg, prawns
Tomatoes, salt ,tomato sauce, chillie sauce   and the ground paste
And stir well. Now push back the noodles and give a good stir.
Remove from fire and garnish with the red chillie, spring onion and lime wedge.


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Sue Nair IF-Rockerz
Sue Nair
Sue Nair

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1.  1 lb fish (red snapper/pomfret or any fish fillets)
2.  Small Onions – 7 nos.
3.  Green chillies – 5 nos.
4.  Ginger – 1 inch
5.  Tomatoes – 2 medium
6.  Coconut Oil- 4 thsp (or any Vegetable Oil)
7.  Saffron/turmeric powder – 1 tsp
8.  Lime juice 2 tbsp
9.  Coconut milk – 2 cups(1st milk) and 3/4 cup(2nd milk)
10. Salt and pepper according to taste
11. Flour – 1 tsp to thicken the sauce (optional)
12. Fried crispy onions and coriander leaves

1. Cut fish fillet into 2 inch pieces.Rub with a little
    salt and saffron powder and set aside.
2. Cut chillies and onion into thin slices. Shred ginger
    into fine strips.
3. Heat oil in a wok, stir in onions,ginger,curry leaves
    and saut till the onions are tender.
4. Add cup coconut milk, pinch of turmeric powder and
    and bring to a boil.
5. Reduce the heat and gently add in the fish fillet and
    tomatoes - simmer for a few minutes,shaking the pan
    gently to blend in the sauce.
6. Add the 1st coconut milk slowly stirring the curry
    gently to prevent fish from breaking. Add a little
    water to 1 tsp flour make into sauce and gently stir
    into the gravy. Add required water to keep the sauce
    fairly fluid.
7. When the fish is done turn off the fire,add in the
    lime juice, sprinkle pepper and add salt to taste.
8. Remove from fire, garnish with crispy fried onions
    and chopped coriander leaves. Serve with hot rice.

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Kavitha Ravi IF-Dazzler
Kavitha Ravi
Kavitha Ravi

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Posted: 26 March 2007 at 9:18am | IP Logged

Try this mutton dish.

Mutton Varuval:


Mutton - 750 gms
Onions - 3 medium
Ginger - 1 inch piece
Garlic - 4 cloves
Cinnamon - 2 pieces
Cloves - 6 nos.
Cardamoms (green) 2
Cardamoms (black) 4
Pepper - 1 tsp.
Green chillies - 2
Dry red chillies 6 or more
Poppy seeds - 1 dsp.
Cashewnuts 8-10 nos.
Tomatoes 2 finely chopped
Curd cup (thick)
Turmeric powder - tsp
Salt to taste
Oil or ghee

Clean and cube mutton and keep aside. Chop one onion fine. Cut the other two roughly. Chop ginger, garlic and soak poppy seeds in a little warm water for 15 mins. Blend ginger, garlic, rough-chopped onions,de-seeded red chillies, pepper, turmeric, chopped tomatoes , cashewnuts and soaked poppy seeds in a mixer till smooth.Heat ghee or oil. Add finely chopped onions and fry till transparent. Then add the cleaned mutton and fry overmedium fire till the meat is brown. Add whole spices and fry for a few minutes. Add the ground mixture and fry again till the mixture is dry. Add salt and the well beaten curd, along with 2 cups of water. Pressure cook for 10 minutes, or till mutton is tender. Then cook it till its dry. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and roasted cashew nuts.. Serve hot with rotis or rice.

You can cook it in a wok too.


 There is another way to cook this mutton  You add the ginger, garlic paste, the tumeric powder,crushed tomatoes, curds. kas-kas powder and salt and marinate the mutton for about 2 hours.

Then heat a wok add the ghee and  all the temperings, onions,curryleaves.. Then add the marinated mutton and cook till the mutton is cooked.Add water if needed.. When the mutton is cooked add the chillie powder, about 1tbs or more, and keep on stirring till the mutton is really dry.. You can add a dash of lime juice to take away the smell of mutton.



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Caryn IF-Rockerz

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Fish Varai

300 gm firm white fish (good and tasty one is young white shark (sura mein))

200 gms coconut
2 medium onions, chopped finely
1-2 red chillies, chopped finely
1" ginger, chopped finely
2 bunch of curry leaves, chopped finely
2 dried red chilli, torn into pieces
1' ts tumeric powder
2-3 ts chilli powder
1 ts pepper powder


Boil the fish in salted water. Test if it is cooked. Drain and allow it cool.

Remove all the bones of the fish. In a bowl, crumble/flake the fish finely. Check for fine bones and remove. Add coconut. Add tumeric, chilli and pepper powder to the crumbled fish. Mix all evenly. Taste for seasoning. Add more if you like

In a non stick wok, add oil, fry onions, chillies, and ginger until soft and then add jeera and curry leaves. Fry until lightly brown. Then add in fish mixture. You have to keep stirring non stop. The fish is cooked when you see that it is browned (not burnt) and dry form. The crumbled fish should not be sticking together.

Remove from the wok and serve deco. Goes very well with white rice or bread.

Note: Those of you, who are veggies, switch it to Valakai (unriped banana). If you boil it, just chop them up. If not, grate the banana and do as above. Remember, this will take longer to cook, as the banana produces water. So you have to keep stirring and until dry fry.

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Kavitha Ravi IF-Dazzler
Kavitha Ravi
Kavitha Ravi

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Posted: 02 April 2007 at 12:37am | IP Logged

Caryn here is my version of sora puttu.
Please try it.



500 grms shark fish cut into thick slices
tsp salt
tsp tumeric powder
5 medium onions chopped
5 pips garlic crushed
1 tsp ginger paste
6 green chillies slit and cut into small pieces
to tsp tumeric powder
2 tbs scraped coconut or a bit more
powdered salt to taste
1 tsp aniseed
1 tsp urad dhal
2 sprigs curry leaves
a small lime juice or as per taste     
little coriander leaves chopped for garnishing
2 tbs oil and 2 tbs of ghee


Clean the fish slices, smear with the tsp of salt and tsp of tumeric powder, and steam the fish.
Remove from the fire. Peel of the thick skin, and remove the back bone.
Mash the shark flesh into tiny flakes.
Mix to tsp of tumeric powder, and enough powdered salt to taste, into the steamed fish flakes.
Heat a wok on the fire. Pour into it the oil and the ghee.
When smoking hot, add in the urad dhal, and the aniseed.
When they splutter, add in the crushed garlic, the ginger paste, also the chopped onions
Cut green chillies,and the curry leaves,
Fry till the onions and chillies turn limp.
Then add the mashed and seasoned shark flakes.
Fry turning over very frequently.
Then add in the scraped coconut , and keep on turning over till the coconut turns a little brown here and there.,and an attractive aroma is given out.
Do not allow the contents to stick to the wok, or burn.
Lower the heat, sprinkle the lime juice, and give it a final toss, and dish out.
Garnish with the chopped coriander leaves.

Sora puttu is very tasty eaten with plain rice, or as a side dish.

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