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Kavitha Ravi IF-Dazzler
Kavitha Ravi
Kavitha Ravi

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Chicken In Soya sauce

          CHICKEN   IN    SOYA   SAUCE



1 kg chicken  cut into small pieces                 

1 tsp  ginger paste                                      

1 tsp garlic paste                                     A

tsp tumeric powder

tsp chillie powder

 little salt.        


 2 big onions sliced

50  grms ginger cut into thin strips

50 grms garlic cut into thin strips

6 green chillies slit into 4 with stem on.                          B

2 tbs thick soya sauce

little thin soya sauce

1 tbs  lime juice 

oil , and water  about 2 cups



 Chopped coriander leaves

Thinly sliced red chillie 



Marinate chicken with ingredients with in  A  over night in a air tight container.

Heat oil and  fry the chicken half cooked.

In a wok add little oil , add the onions, ginger,garlic, and green chillies and fry  till the onions are limp.

Then add the  water, soya sauce, and the chicken and stir nicely.

Taste for salt and add the light soya sauce.

Let the chicken cook and absorb the sauce.

Lastly add the lime juice and dish out.Decorate with chopped coriander, and cut chillies. This is a dry dish

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Kavitha Ravi
Kavitha Ravi

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Here Rhodes your fish curry.

                   FISH CURRY

300 grms of fish slices (or any small fish )
3 tender ladies fingers, cut both ends and saut in a little oil.
1 big onion chopped
4 shallots slice into 2
4 pips of garlic slice into 2
3 green chillies   slit and cut across
1 ripe tomato chopped
1 lime sized ball of tamarind, (more if you like the curry sour ) soak in 3 cups of water. Squeeze out the juice.
cup thick coconut milk   ( optional )
2 sprig curry leaves.
2 heaped tbs fish curry powder + 1 tsp chillie powder
tsp fenugreek seeds
tsp mustard seeds
coriander leaves for garnishing
3 tbs of oil or more.
salt to taste
First apply little tumeric powder and salt to the slices. Keep aside.
Mix the curry powders with little water to form paste.
Put the pot on fire, add about 3 tbs of oil.
When the oil is hot add the fenugreek and mustard.
Now add the chopped onions, shallots, garlic, and stir fry.
Now add the chopped tomato and fry a little.
Now you add the green chillie, and curry leaves
The tomato will be a bit watery now.
Add the masala paste and keep on stirring till oil separates.
Now you pour the tamarind juice with enough water for your gravy.
Let the gravy boil for the raw smell to go.Add salt and taste for sourness.
By now oil will appear on top. Add the fish slices, and the ladies fingers.
The fish will be cooked in about 10 minutes. (test to see if it is cooked)
Add the coconut milk if using. Taste for salt
Just after one boil remove from fire and garnish with coriander leaves.

Note:   I like to add a slice or two of mango in the fish curry.The taste  will be awesome.



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Caryn IF-Rockerz

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Spicy Fried Chicken

This is a very simple dish and very famous among the Indian families in Malaysia.


1 whole chicken, cut into pieces
Deep oil for frying


2 -3 tbs of onion paste
2-3 tbs of garlic paste
2-3 tbs of ginger 
1-2 tbs of lemon grass paste (optional)
1 ts tumeric powder
2-3 tbs of chilli powder
Salt to taste

If you cut the chicken in large pieces, then pierce the chicken using fork or slit with knife. Drain the chicken on a sieve.

In a bowl, add chicken and all the ingredients for marinating. Mix and set aside for a minimum of at least 1 hour.

On medium flame, pour oil in a wok. When the oil is hot, lower the flame a bit and start frying in batches. Drain over kitchen towel and serve.

(Note : if you want it to be crispier, before frying, dip the chicken into rice flour mixed with chilli powder and a little salt. Coat evenly and shake off excess flour and fry)

To give this fried chicken a umph……

2 large onions, sliced round
1" ginger, cut into strips
3 dried chillies, cut into pieces
1 stick cinnamon
2 star anise
2 cloves
1 tsp jeera
3 stalks curry leaves
1 tsp chilli powder (more if you want it more spicy)
Nalanai or butter or ghee for frying.

On a small flame, Fry all the above items together, add chilli powder at last. Take care not to burn the chilli powder. Fry until lightly brown, then add in fried chicken and mix well. Or alternatively you can use the onion mixture as a deco..

If you used rice flour, then do not mix together. Use the onion mixture as deco.

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Kavitha Ravi IF-Dazzler
Kavitha Ravi
Kavitha Ravi

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Sweetyrosy, here is the recipe


Chicken thighs 3
Lemon juice 3 tsp.
Red chili powder 2 tsp.
Curd (Yogurt) As per taste
Garlic paste 1 tsp.
Ginger paste 1 tsp.
Garam masala powder tsp.
Mustard oil 1 tsp.
Oil For basting
Salt As per taste
little red colouring
1. Skin the chicken thighs and make diagonal incisions all over.
2. Mix 1 tsp red chili powder, red colouring , salt and 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Apply this to the chicken and leave it for half an hour.

3. Hang Curd/Yogurt in the muslin cloth for some time. Take Yogurt in a bowl, add red chili powder, salt, lemon juice, Ginger Paste, Garlic Paste, Garam Masala Powder and mustard oil. Mix well.

4. Apply this marinade to the chicken. Put the chicken onto the skewer and roast in the tandoor oven.

5. When chicken is almost done, baste it with oil, roast again till done.

6 Serve hot with onion slices and lemon wedges.

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rimasen Senior Member

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A small contribution from me.

Muttai Kuzhambu (my husband loves this)

4 eggs (boiled)
2 cups coconut milk
4 green chillies
1 big onion
Lemon juice
4 garlic tooth
Curry leaves

Preparation method:
In a pan, put some oil. Add somph, curry leaves, onions and fry. Then add green chillies, garlic, and turmeric. Then, add 1.5 cups coconut milk and let it boil. Then, add the boiled eggs and let it cook for 2 minutes. At the end, add the remaining coconut milk, lemon juice and salt.
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Kavitha Ravi
Kavitha Ravi

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                                                                ONION FITTERS


250 grms all purpose flour
2 heaped tbs dried prawns
1 tsp baking powder
1 large onion sliced   or chopped
2 red chillie chopped
1 stalk spring onion chopped
salt to taste
oil for frying

Soak the prawns and pound them roughly
In a bowl add the flour,baking powder, and salt
Pour water little by little and mix the flour
To form a thick smooth batter.
Stir in the dried prawns, onion,chillies and spring onion
And mix well. The batter should fall off the spoon
When you drop it in oil. ( I usually use my hands)
Heat oil and drop the batter and fry until golden brown.
Drain the fitters well and serve hot with chillie sauce.

NOTE: Vegetarians leave out the prawns, add more

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Caryn IF-Rockerz

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This is for you because you are off sick. Good for cold and cough.


1.  Poondu Rasaam (Garlic)

Base Mixture

3 ts coriander seeds
1 ts cumin seeds
1 ts fennel seeds
1 ts black peppercorns
1 dried chilli
1 whole garlic, no need to peel
2 shallots, no need to peel
Curry leaves
Salt to taste
Tomato (optional)

For frying

1 small onion, chopped
1 dried chilli
1 ts thalipu (mixed halba)
Curry leaves

In a pestle, pound the all this ingredients together. Coriander, cumin, fennel seeds, dried chilli, garlic, shallots, a bit of curry leaves – coarsely. Put in a bowl add half cup of water, add salt, tamarind (it is okay to include the seeds) and chopped tomatoes. Using your hand, mix and squeeze all the ingredients together. This has to bring out all the juices from the spices. Squeeze and mix at least for 5-10 mins. Add another cup water and keep aside.

Then in a wok heat oil, add all the ingredients for frying. Lightly fry. Add the mixed ingredients and bring to boil. Add more water if you want, but do not make it watery. Taste for salt and tamarind. Shut down the flame and immediately add curry leaves and cover the pot.

Drink it hot. You can leave out tomato if you don't want. If you don't like oily, then leave out the frying mixture


2.  Naandu (Crab) Rasam (fantastic esp those who have chest cold)Smile

Every ingredients as above base mixture (only use tomatoes and frying if you want otherwise it is tasty on its own)

Take crab claws. Smash them up with a pestle. (for the juices from crab to blend in the rasaam) Put the crabs with curry leaves/coriander leaves, 1 cm chopped ginger in a wok with 1 glass of water and bring it to boil until the claws are cooked, then add the spices mixture. water and bring to boil. Add curry leaves and close. Again add water when possible but should not be too watery. Drink hot.

Sometimes my dad adds 1 tsp of chili pdr and masala pdr to give a spicyness.

3. Poondu Sothy

1 ts cumin seeds
1 ts fennel seeds
1 ts black peppercorns
1 whole garlic, no need to peel
2 shallots, no need to peel
Curry leaves

The above pounded and set aside. Add a teaspoon or two water for moisture and easy pounding. Do not add more water.

Curry leaves
Dried chilli
cup thick coconut milk
2 cups thin coconut milk
1 green chilli

In a wok, over small flame, add oil, onions, halba, dried red chilli and curry leaves. Fry lightly. Add thin coconut milk and tomatoes. Add green chilli cut half and tumeric. Salt and tamarind (with or without seeds). Bring it to boil and tomatoes are cooked. Then add thick coconut and pounded mixture. Taste for seasoning.   Shut down the flame immediately after second boil. Add curry leaves and cover.
Goes well with rice and string hoppers

4. Paarpu Rasaam

Ingredients as Base Mixture minus coriander seeds

Stock from cooked paarpu (dhall). When you are cooking sambar, just before adding vegetables, remove at least - 1 cup of dhal stock.

Frying items

In a wok, add items for frying items. Add dhal stock, a little water, and chopped tomatoes. Wait for tomatoes to soften. Add rasaam mixture. Taste for seasoning. Add salt and more tamarind juice if you like. Shut down the flame and add curry leaves and close.

This goes well with rice and fried fish.

(Note: you can add or leave out coriander seeds and tomatoes if you wish)

The taste and beauty of the rasaams are two only, the amount of spices and most importantly you squeeze (pasanji) all the grounded items with your hand and squeeze out the juices.. Please wash your hand before doing this. Thanks.   Smile


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Kavitha Ravi IF-Dazzler
Kavitha Ravi
Kavitha Ravi

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Sorry no picture.


Medium crabs   6
Big onion     1   sliced
Grated coconut 3 tbs   --stir fried
Kas-kas     1 tsp         &nb sp;   --stir fried
Aniseed      1 tsp         &nb sp;  --stir fried
Pottu kadalai   1 tsp     or channa dal
Garlic paste       1 tsp
Ginger paste      1 tsp
Fish curry powder   1 tbs
Chilli powder       1 tsp ---for extra hot
Tumeric powder       tsp
Tamarind juice cup from a small marble sized tamarind ba#ll.
Salt to taste
Oil about 2 tbs

For tempering
One inch cinnamon stick   1
Cloves 2
Cardamoms 2
Star anise 2
Curry leaves 1 stalk

Clean the crabs, remove the shell. Break off the legs and also the claws.
Use your chopper and bash the claws once.
Pound the small legs in a pounding stone . Add cup of water and squeeze out the juice.
Discard the legs.
Grind to a paste, the fried coconut, kas-kas, aniseed, and pottu kadalai.
Make a paste with fish curry powder, chilli powder,and tumeric powder.
Heat the kadai with oil. Add in the spices , when they splutter, add in the sliced onion, and let it turn limp. Add the garic and ginger paste, fry for a second..
Add in the fish curry paste mixture,and the coconut paste mixture.
Fry nicely, add in the tamarind juice, and juice from the crab legs.
Add salt to taste, and the curry leaves. Let it boil,till the gravy is a bit thick..
Add in the crabs, and give a good stir, so that there is masala on the crab pieces.
Dish out as soon as the crabs are cooked, and serve with steaming rice.

Note: Keep a box of tissue by the side to blow your nose while eating the crabs.
Oops, add in the bashed claws along with the crab pieces.

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