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Faasle-ff based on KYPH pt46, 47 END (Page 8)

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PART 16:

Tehzeeb returned to her Aapi's house with a heavy heart. Aapi was sitting on her bed, reading a book. Tehzeeb lay down with her head in her Aapi's lap, the most soothing place on this planet!

Aapi stroked her hair and caressed her face, "kya baat hai Tehzeeb? Angad ke jaane se bahut udaas hai na?"

Tehzeeb was astonished at her Aapi's perceptiveness, "aapko kaise maloom?"

"tere saath itne saal rahi nahin tho iska matlab yeh tho nahin ki tere dil ko nahin pahechaanti?"

"Lekin Aapi….lekin," Tehzeeb was at loss for words

"lekin kya? Jab tum dono ek doosrey se pyaar karte ho tho lekin ki koyi jagah nahin hai…"

Tehzeeb smiled, "aapko kaise pataa Aapi….Angad ne mujhey aisa kabhie nahin kaha ki wo mujh se pyaar karta hai…"

"Pyaar mehsoos kiya jaata hai…kahaa nahin jaata….uski aankhon mein saaf zaahir tha ki wo tujh par jaan deta hai….," Aapi kept stroking Tehzeeb's hair.

"Aapi…aap mere mann ki baat kitni acchi tarah jaan leti ho…aap please mere saath New York chalo….wahan Abbu mere mann ki baat kabhie nahin samajhte…tabhie tho main aap ke paas aayi hoon…" Tehzeeb fussed like a little girl.

"Aaoongi beti…ek din zaroor aaoongi….waqt aane par tum logon ke paas hi aaoongi…aur mera kaun hai is jahan mein?"

"Aapi…aapko Angad kaisa laga?" Tehzeeb asked shyly, as she rolled her Aapi's dupatta on her finger.

"Jo tujhey pasand hai, tho mujhey kaise pasand nahin hoga?…..bahut shareef ghar ka ladka lagta hai…."

Tehzeeb buried her face in her Aapi's lap, as she thought, "kuch zyaada hi shareef hai….kaash thoda sa badmash bhi hota…"

"Kya kaha beti?" Aapi tried to read Tehzeeb's thoughts

"Aapi…aap tho Abbu ko jaanti hain…wo kabhie mujhey ek Hindu ke saath pasand nahin karengey…" Tehzeeb said sadly

"Beti…apni poori zindagi mein maine yeh seekha hai ki maa-baap hamesha apni aulaad ko maaf kar dete hain, par bachche kabhi nahin karte…..tu apne sacche dil se yadi Angad ko chahti hai tho kabhie peeche mat hathna, chahe kitni bhi mushkilein aaye….."

Tehzeeb got up from Aapi's lap, "Aapi….ek baat poonchu? Abbu ghar chhod kar kyon gaye the?"

Aapi looked at her tearfully and said, "bas yeh samajh le ki tere Abbu aur tere dada dono bahut ziddi the….waqt aane par tujhey sab pataa chal jaayega…ab so jaa..bahut thak gayi hogi…."

Tehzeeb snuggled into Aapi's lap and after many years, slept like a little baby with no worries or fears….

The next day, Tehzeeb wore a salwaar kameez and helped her Aapi in the kitchen. Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door.

"Kaun hoga? Zara dekh kar aa Tehzeeb…." Aapi asked Tehzeeb, as her hands were messy in dough.

Tehzeeb hoped against hope that perhaps Angad had missed his flight and was back at their doorstep.

Tehzeeb opened the door enthusiastically, but was shocked to see the person at the door, "ABBU! Aap yahan?" Tehzeeb covered her head with her dupatta, baffled by the sudden appearance of her dad.

Javed had tears in his eyes; he walked in and gave Tehzeeb a big hug! Tehzeeb was pleasantly surprised by her father's gesture- she could count on her fingers when her Abbu had hugged her so affectionately.

"Beti…shukr hai Allah ka ki jo tu sahi salaamat hai….meri tho jaan hi nikal gayi thi….kaisi hai tu? Ab kabhie apne Abbu se rooth kar ghar se bhaag mat jaana….Ammi kahan hai?" Javed wiped his tears.

Tehzeeb freed herself slowly and pointed to the kitchen, 'andar hain…aapko kaise pata main yahan hoon?…"

"Tera phone aaya tha jab Italy se, tab main Begum ke paas hi tha….aur phir maine dekha ki mere closet se ammi ki photo aur letter gayab hai…main tabhi samajh gaya tha….kam se kam apne boodhe Abbu se phone par tho baat kar leti…main tho mar hi gaya tha…." Javed hugged Tehzeeb again.

Tehzeeb felt bad for putting her father through such a painful experience; she could not imagine how hard it must have been on him to find his only daughter missing from home!

"Javed? Ya Allah….bahut bahut maherbaani…..," Aapi walked out of the kitchen and embraced her only son.

Tehzeeb had tears of joy when she saw her father hug Aapi. She no longer felt guilty about her decision of running away from home…..that irresponsible gesture on her part had made her father and grandmother leave their grievances aside and meet again….that decision had helped her meet the man of her dreams……she had no regrets at all!

Tehzeeb and Aapi did not mention Angad's name or his role in helping Tehzeeb reach Istanbul. The three of them spent the whole day together as a family, reminiscing their good old days in Mumbai. Javed and Aapi never talked about his reason for leaving home; that mystery still intrigued Tehzeeb, but she decided not to probe too much. She did not want Aapi and her Abbu to get into any sort of argument at this point.

Javed insisted on taking his mother back with him to New York. Tehzeeb was in seventh heaven when her Aapi finally consented. After a few days, they all left for New York.

As they flew over the Mediterranean Sea, Tehzeeb looked down from the airplane window with a nostalgic feeling- she had developed a bond with that sea, a life-long bond. The Mediterranean sea would always remind her of the wonderful cruise, the valuable lessons of life that she had learnt on it….and of course her first kiss…her first realization of her womanhood…..her first love……

She closed her eyes and thought about all her moments with Angad…..her lips were still tingling with his taste…..she could feel his strong arms around her… secure she felt in them…kahan hoga ab? Shayad Mumbai pahunch gaya hoga ab taq……


Angad reached home late at night.

"Mama kaisi hai?" he asked Mishti, as she received him at the airport.

"Chemotherapy tho theek chal rahi hai, par bahut weak ho gayi hain….therapy ke baad wo 1-2 din tak bed se hi nahin uth paati hain…ab accha hai tum aa gaye ho…how was your trip? Koyi Greek ya Italian brunette pasand aayi? "Mishti teased him.

Angad just laughed it off, "Mishti…you know I was working….it was not a vacation…"

"Bhai! Tumhari yahi problem hai….you need to learn how to mix work with pleasure…I pity the girl who marries you!"

Angad smiled silently, as he thought about Tehzeeb, "kahan hogi ab? Shayad wapas New York jaa rahi hogi…..," he touched his lips with his fingers; Tehzeeb's taste was still fresh in his mouth…her sweet fragrance aroused his senses….he sighed and closed his eyes, as Mishti pulled over outside their house.

"Mama…aap bilkul theek ho jaaogi….main aa gaya hoon na…" Angad hugged his mother, as he walked in.

"Jaanti hoon….tu mera bahut dhyan rakhega….kaisa raha tera trip?" Naina asked her son, as she stroked his head.

Angad did not mention anything about Tehzeeb or his near-fatal experience, "Great mama!....Next time kabhie gaya tho aap dono ko bhi le jaaoonga…"

Angad went to his room and unpacked his bag. He took out the photograph of Tehzeeb and him taken on the cruise. He kissed Tehzeeb's picture and carefully placed it in his desk drawer, "I love you Tehzeeb! Mujhey roz roz apna sundar chehra dikhatey rehna," he shut the drawer and checked his mail.

Mishti saw a serious expression on Angad's face, "kya hua bhai?"

"Mujhey kal se hi Andaman mein duty join karni hai…I was hoping mujhey local posting mil jaayegi…but looks like not for another 3 months….Mishti how will you manage alone with mama?" Angad looked concerned.

"Don't worry bhai…main soch rahi hoon ki ek paying guest rakh loon….you know someone who can also look after mama when I am at work….what do you think?"

"I think it is a great idea….but make sure you check their background well…Ok Goodnight Mishti!" Angad kissed his sister and got ready for bed.


Tehzeeb was glad to see her 'daijaan' and her friends after reaching New York. She confided about her experience with Aaliyah.

"Ek Hindu se pyaar? Sounds like a bollywood movie….how exciting!" Aaliyah exclaimed, "but Tehzeeb how will you tell your dad?"

"Abbu se pehle mujhey Angad ke dil ki baat bhi jaan ni zaroori hai…ho sakta hai only I am crazy about him, but he is not." Tehzeeb said.

"Well, from what you tell me, sounds like he loves you too…why don't you call and ask?" Aaliyah advised.

The next day Tehzeeb tried to call Angad's home, but there was no answer. Angad had already left for his new assignment; Mishti and Naina were at the doctor's clinic for a chemo session.

Tehzeeb got more restless as the days went by. She stopped meeting her friends and missed most of her classes at the university. Aamir tried to take her out a few times, but she always had a reason to not go, "aaj mere sar mein dard hai….kal exam hai….Oh I am busy…sorry Aamir"

Aamir was losing patience and started dating another girl in the mean time.

Now that Aapi was with them, Tehzeeb spent a lot of time with her.

"Beti…Angad se baat kari?" aapi asked her one day

"Nahin Aapi….uska phone hi nahin milta….wo bhi tho kar sakta hai na phone?" Tehzeeb sounded annoyed.

"Beti pyaar mein ego ki koyi jagah nahin hoti…..ho sakta hai wo apni bimaar maa ke saath busy ho.." Aapi consoled Tehzeeb.

Tehzeeb was getting depressed by the day. She tried to soothe herself by regularly saying her namaaz- something she had not done in ages. Javed and Begum were pleased to see a changed Tehzeeb- she did not throw tantrums anymore, she was more responsible, more religious and respectful of everyone these days. Javed thought that Tehzeeb had finally realized the importance of her home and her religion after being away-his little girl had finally grown up!

Tehzeeb would wake up in the middle of the night, sweating profusely with a rapid heartbeat, as she had nightmares about drowning and getting lost. The only way she could comfort herself was by thinking about Angad.

One night, she was so sad-she cried all night thinking about Angad.

Song in background: "Suna suna" (also in original KYPH) from "Krishna cottage"

Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha
Aakar mujhe tum tham lo
Manzil teri dekhe rasta
Mud ke zara ab dekh lo
Aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
Bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
O bapanah pyaar hai aaja
tera intezaar hai aaja
Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha

Bichhde bhi ham jo kabhi raston main
To sang sang rahungi sada
Kadmon ki aawaaz sun ke chalungi
Tumhe dhoond loongi sada
Bhooli mohabbat ki yeh khushbuye hain
Hawaon main phaili hui
Chhu kar mujhe aaj mahsoon kar lo
vo yadein meri unchhui
Aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
Bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
O bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha

Aaa.. Aaa..
Vadon ke dhagon main hum tum bandhe hain
Zara dor tum tham lo
Bahon main aise pighal jane do mujhko
Aise mera naam lo
Main vo shama hoon jo roshan tumhe karke
khud to pighal jaungi
Subah ka sooraj tumhare liye hai
Main hoon raat dhal jaungi
Aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
Bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
O bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha
Mud ke zara ab dekh lo
Aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
Bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
O bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha

Just then the wind blew hard through the open windows in her room. As she was about to shut the window, her books and magazines started flying all over her room. She noticed, something flew and stuck to her chest. She peeled the object from her chest and saw it was the picture from the cruise. She looked at Angad's picture and kissed it tenderly. This was a divine message…..she knew what she had to do.

"Angad tum hi ne mujhey sikhaya tha ki apni dil ki awaaz sun ni chahiye…..mujhey ab samajh aaya ki meri manzil Istanbul nahin balki tum the…tum hi meri manzil the aur ho…Aapi tho bas ek raasta tha tum tak pahunch ne ka…maine apne dil ki awaaz ab sun li hai…..mere dil ka raasta bhi tum ho aur manzil bhi tum ho Angad…..main aa rahi faasle ko main hi door karoongi....!"

…to be continued….

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thank you so much for wonderful part. its really lovely. cant wait till they accept eachother. Tongue Tongue Tongue

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gr8 part

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niceee bheegi ...i love the way u express
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks everyone Smile
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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PART 17:


Tehzeeb, Aapi and Javed were having breakfast.

"Abbu…a..aap se ek baat kehni hai.." Tehzeeb hesitated a little

"Hmm? Bolo?" Javed was buried in the business section of the newspaper.

"Main Business mein undergrad nahin karna chahti…I want to quit Columbia…."

"What? Are you crazy?…pata hai itney acchey school mein kitni mushkil se admission milta hai….mujhey laga tha ghar se bahar rehkar tum thodi samajhdaar ho gayi hogi, lekin tumhari baaton se lagta hai you still don't have any value for what you have….duniya mein kitney aise bacche hain jinhey school jaane ki bhi kismet nahin hoti….aur tum…"

Tehzeeb rolled her eyes as her Abbu started one of his favorite monologues again, but this time she was not going to remain silent.

"Abbu…main music seekhna chahti hoon….I know I have the talent and I will do well in that field…." Tehzeeb mustered some courage.

"Music? Ya Allah! Yeh sangeet ka bukhaar kahan se lag gaya tumhey?" Javed glared at Appi, as if blaming her for putting those thoughts in her mind.

Appi just clenched her teeth and remained silent.

"Abbu…yeh bukhaar nahin hai….that is what I want to do with my life…I want to become a professional singer, not a business woman!" Tehzeeb said firmly

Javed was stunned to hear such determination in his daughter's voice. He suddenly remembered the 2 weeks of agony he had just gone through after Tehzeeb had disappeared from home. He took a deep breath, "sigh! Accha main pata karta hoon ki Columbia ka music program kaisa hai….may be you can do a course or two in music…."

"Nahin Abbu! Main US mein nahin, Mumbai mein music seekhna chahti hoon…"

"Kya kaha? Mumbai mein? Tumhara dimaag tho kharab nahin ho gaya hai….wahan aisa kya rakha hai?" Javed stood up fuming at the mention of Mumbai.

"Abbu…main Hindustani music seekhna chahti hoon….wahan ek music school mein ek saal ka program hai…please mujhey jaane dee jiye…I promise I will not disappoint you…" Tehzeeb pleaded

"Javed…Tehzeeb ka itna mann hai tho jaane do isey Mumbai…aakhir hum sab bhi tho wahin ke hain….ek baar iska mann bhar jaayega tho wapas yahin aayegi….tu tho jaanta hai ki zidd se kuch haasil nahin hota….aakhir beti tho teri hi hai…..tu kaun sa kam ziddi tha….tu tho naaraz ho kar ghar chhod aaya tha…yeh tho tujhsey poonch kar jaana chahti hai…" Appi finally intervened.

Tehzeeb gave a grateful smile to her Appi.

Javed could not argue with his mother; he did not want to lose his family again, "theek hai…lekin mere dost Hussain ke saath rehna…aur bach kar rehna wahan par…tum bahut bholi ho….Mumbai mein bahut chaalaki se rehna padhta hai…wahan tumharey Abbu nahin hai tumhey bachaane ke liye…"

Tehzeeb ran and hugged her father. She thought, "Abbu…wahan mera sabse badhaa body guard rehta hai…aap pareshaan mat hona…"

Javed patted her hand and asked, "jaane se pehle Aamir se tumhari sagaayi kyon na kardein?"

Tehzeeb's face fell, 'Abbu…main abhi sagaai ke liye raazi nahin hoon….kuch waqt chahiye sochne ke liye…"

"Haan Javed…abhi jaldi kya hai…Aamir bhi tho bahar kaam se gaya hua hai…" Aapi came to the rescue again

Javed asked Appi, " theek hai…jaise aap logon ki marzi….kya aap bhi jaana chaahogi Ammi?"

Appi looked at Tehzeeb and smiled, "nahin…abhi issey meri zaroorat nahin hai….abhi tho iseey akele hi yeh safar tai karna hai….jab zaroorat hogi, tab pahunch jaaoongi…"

Tehzeeb hugged her grandmother, "Aapi…you are the best!"

Tehzeeb tried to call Angad's phone number again, but kept getting a busy signal all day, "Pata nahin Mumbai ke phones itne ziddi kyon hai….chalo let me surprise him…," she dreamt about Angad as she packed her bags and prepared for the trip.

Song in the background:

"saat samunder paar ke main tere peeche peeche aa gayi.." from "Vishwatma"

saat samundar paar main tere peechhe peechhe a gai
zulmi meri jaan ...
o zulmi meri jaan tere kadamon ke neeche a gai
saat samundar paar main tere peechhe peechhe a gai
main tere peechhe peechhe a gai

na rasta maaloom na tera maan-pata maaloom
kaise mere pyaar ne tujhako dhoondha kya maaloom
seedhi tere paas ...
seedhi tere paas main ankhiyaan meeche meeche a gai
saat samundar paar main tere peechhe peechhe a gai
main tere peechhe peechhe a gai

mainne teri yaadon ke zulfon mein lagaaye phool
aage teri marzi tu kar na kar mujhe kabool
chhod ke main apane
chhod ke main apane baabal ke baag-bageeche a gai
saat samundar paar main tere peechhe peechhe a gai
main tere peechhe peechhe a gai

Tehzeeb reached Mumbai and was received by Javed's friend Hussain Ali. Tehzeeb was very excited as they drove through the crowded streets and neighborhoods of Mumbai. Her memories of the city she was born in, had mostly faded. She was fascinated by the number of people and vehicles on the road. "I thought New York traffic was bad…..but Mumbai takes the cake! Itni bheedh mein main Angad ko dhoondh paaungi?" she felt a little dejected, but then cheered up, "jab khuda mujhey yahan tak laaya hai, tho Angad ke paas bhi le hi jaayega.."

Hussain Ali had a huge mansion on Pali Hill, one of the affluent neighborhoods in Mumbai. He was Aamir's uncle, but Javed had purposely hidden that fact from Tehzeeb. Aamir was planning a business trip to Mumbai in a few weeks; Javed thought that Tehzeeb would get to spend time with Aamir and his family in Mumbai and probably change her mind about her engagement.

Tehzeeb enrolled herself in the "Soul Music Academy" and started making phone calls to look for her 'manzil'

Unfortunately, the phone number Angad had given her was still not working. The phone book had thousands of "Khannas," but no Angad Khanna-"shayad Angad ki mom ke naam par listed hoga….."

She even tried calling the phone numbers for all the Khanna households, but gave up, "there has to be a better way"

She called the office of the Indian Navy in Mumbai, but was rudely informed, "sorry ma'am, we cannot disclose personal information about our officers"

Tehzeeb was beginning to panic now, "Angad kahan ho tum?"
The Ali's were good hosts and made sure Tehzeeb was comfortable and well taken care of. Of course, their interests were aligned with their nephew's, "Aamir ke liye yeh ladki bahut acchi hai…" Hussain ali mentioned to his wife over dinner.

Tehzeeb, of course, was too busy with her 'Project find Angad,' that she did not even notice Aamir's picture hanging on the wall in the guest room.

One evening, as she was getting ready for bed, she had a brainwave, "CRUISE! Let me call the cruise people!"

She googled the contact information on the cruise line they had sailed on.

After making a few phone calls, she was able to talk to the captain of the ship. Captain William was off duty these days and was enjoying his time with his family in London.

Captain William remembered Tehzeeb and Angad very well. He was witness to their blossoming love on the cruise. The whole near-drowning incident and Angad's bravery had almost become a legend on his cruise ship.

"Of course I remember you Ms Khan… and Angad Khanna are celebrities now….everyone wants to hear your story…..Ahah….so you are in Mumbai looking for Angad….what a love story…..let me look in the records and I will call you back as soon as I find Angad's address….I am pretty sure we have all his detailed information…in fact we just mailed his check the other day….I will call you right back!" Captain William hung up.

Tehzeeb paced around impatiently, clutching her mobile in her hands, "khuda…please meri baat sun lo….main phir aur kuch nahin maangoongi tujhsey….," she kept praying and hoping.

Her phone finally rang, "Hello…Captain Williams….yes please….," Tehzeeb wrote down the address and thanked him.

After she hung up, she jumped up in the air and twirled around in the room like a little girl, who had received the best gift in her life….. "ab mujhey Angad se koyi door nahin rakh sakta…..main aa rahi hoon meri jaan…."

…to be continued…

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wow!!!!!!!!!!! Embarrassed have no words to say something. where/who/what is your inspiration????? Wink please continue soon plz i can't wait anymore
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Originally posted by rima791

wow!!!!!!!!!!! Embarrassed have no words to say something. where/who/what is your inspiration????? Wink please continue soon plz i can't wait anymore

Thanks Rima

My inspiration? My inspiration are Angad and kripa, no one else Smile

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