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Faasle-ff based on KYPH pt46, 47 END (Page 6)

bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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PART 13:

Angad and Tehzeeb sailed in the smooth waters of the Mediterranean Sea for a few hours. They kept stealing glances from each other as they enjoyed the fresh sea breeze and the gentle splashes of the waves hitting their boat.

Tehzeeb enjoyed watching the sea gulls circling around their boat, "yeh sea gulls kitni khush kismat hain….inki life kitni straight forward hoti hai….koyi problems nahin hoti inki life mein….they have no barriers in their lives like we humans have….."

Angad smiled as he was steering the sail towards the direction of the ship, "yeh tho sea gulls se hi poonch na padhega….waise barriers humare dimaag mein hote hain….dil se pooncho tho koyi barriers nahin hote….kabhi kabhi kuch decisions dil par hi chhod dene chahiye….," Angad knew what "barriers" Tehzeeb was alluding to. He was aware of those obstacles too, but he was ready to cross those barriers, as long as Tehzeeb was ready to cross them……

Tehzeeb silently thought, "Angad…kehna aasaan hai….tum ek mard ho….shayad tumharey liye yeh barriers cross karna itna mushkil nahin hoga, par mere liye bahut mushkil…."

"Mushkil ho sakta hai par naa-mumkin nahin!" Angad continued, as if reading Tehzeeb's thoughts, "mera matlab hai kayi baar duniya mein kayi cheezein mushkil lagti hain…par dil chahe tho kuch bhi naa-mumkin nahin hai….ab dekho, tumharey Istanbul jaane mein kitne obstacles aaye hain…par phir bhi tumney haar nahin maani….and look I can see our ship in the horizon…." Angad pointed at a little dot in the distance.

Tehzeeb was excited and almost jumped up in joy.

"OH..OH…watch out…yeh boat hai, zameen nahin….," Angad cautioned her.

"Mujhey koyi parwa nahin….main jaanti hoon yadi main paani mein gir bhi gayi naa, tum mujhey bachaa loge…"

"Itna bharosa hai mujh par?" Angad asked softly

"Apne aap se bhi zyaada," Tehzeeb said shyly and turned her face to hide her .

As they kept approaching the ship gradually, they noticed a thick cover of clouds approaching them faster than their ship.

Angad's nautical sense alerted him that a big storm was on it's way, "Tehzeeb…ek kaam karo….yeh life jacket pahen lo…," he said calmly without alarming her.

"Life jacket? Kyon? Ab tho ship ke paas jaa hi rahey hain…"

Angad lost his cool, "TEHZEEB! Just do what I say…..don't argue with me!"

Tehzeeb was taken aback by his tone, "OK Captain! As you say…," she put on the only life jacket on the boat, "aur tum? Yahan tho ek hi life jacket hai…"

"I know….I noticed that after we had taken off….don't worry mujhey aadat hai…and please give me your passport and envelope…..main apni pocket mein rakh leta hoon…"

"Angad! Why are we doing all this?" Tehzeeb was petrified now.

"It is just a routine drill.." Angad lied as he tried to make a radio connection with the cruise ship.

Before his distress call was answered, a giant wave erupted from the ocean and almost swallowed their tiny boat. The wave had thrown them out into the open sea.

"Angad! Angad!.." Angad heard Tehzeeb's voice drowning in the thunderous waves.

"Hold my hand Tehzeeb!" Angad held out his hand towards Tehzeeb. She managed to hold on to his fingers, but another gigantic wave hit them like a boulder, separating their hands from each other. Angad looked around and saw that their sailboat had been carried away very far by the monstrous waves. He saw two tiny hands trying to stay afloat in a distance. He could either go for the boat or get Tehzeeb out from the clutches of the water. Although Tehzeeb was a good swimmer and had a life jacket on, the weight of the waves was too much for her frail body.

Angad knew what he had to do- he swam as hard as he could and got closer to Tehzeeb. Her hand was barely visible now. He ducked under the water and saw that Tehzeeb was beginning to sink into the sea. He caught hold of her waist and with full force, swam upwards towards the surface of the water. He finally saw the sun shining on them; the storm had passed by and the sea was as calm as it was just a few minutes ago. Tehzeeb was limp in his arms, but was still taking some shallow breaths.

Their sailboat was as far as their ship was from where they were. Angad placed Tehzeeb on his strong back and started swimming towards the ship. He remembered the rescue drills he had been through during his training at the Naval Academy-they were no way close to a real life drill he was experiencing at this point.

Here is a song to motivate Angad : "raasta pyaar ka" from "khanna and Iyer"

rum pum taara rum pum pum.......

chal pade ha chal pade
chal pade toh hum chal pade
chal pade deewaane toh
chaahat ke parwaane toh
aandhi ho tufaan ho
ya mushkil mein jaan ho
chali hai yahi daastaan
pyaar ka yahin hai yahin raasta pyaar ka

na rok sake dushman koi
na tod sake bandhan koi
iss ishq ka dastoor hai
jo bhi ho saja manjoor hai
hame mil gaya hai pata pyaar ka - 2

chal pade ha chal pade
chal pade toh hum chal pade
chal pade deewaane toh
chaahat ke parwaane toh
har mausam apana hoga
pura har sapana hoga
ho jaaye?? koi julum??
hona hai hoga sangam
hame hai hame waasta pyaar ka - 2

(chal pade ha chal pade
chal pade toh hum chal pade) - 2
logo ke ehsaas mein
honge hum itihaas mein
dil ka har panna bolega
pyaar nigaaho mein dolega
hame hai hame waasta pyaar ka - 2
yahin hai yahin raasta pyaar ka - 4

After an hour of swimming in the sea, Angad was finally close to the ship. He was completely out of breath, he was holding on to Tehzeeb with one hand and his other hand paddled along the water. The captain of the ship finally spotted them in the water and recruited his rescue team to get the two out of the water. A rope was lowered down into the water; Angad held on to the rope and gradually climbed up back in to the ship with Tehzeeb in one arm. The other sailors pulled them back safely.

Angad fell on the deck with Tehzeeb on his side. The cremwmbers helped them and took them to the infirmary on board as soon as they could.

….to be continued…..

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very cute and lovely part. i hope they confess their love for each other. continue soon. Tongue Tongue

mittal Smile
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gr8 part
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Woooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...I almost skipped my Heartbeat in this last part...ur great mann..but scary Clap
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please contimue both of the ffs today if u can Cry . eagerly waiting to read. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Cry

mittal Smile
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks guys...let's see what happens now
PART 14:

The doctor and his team at the infirmary promptly got down to reviving Angad and Tehzeeb. Angad was suffering from exhaustion and mild hypothermia from being in the water that long. Tehzeeb had aspirated a lot of water into her lungs, and needed to be resuscitated aggressively.

Angad recovered soon and changed up into dry warm clothes. He waited patiently for the doctor's verdict on Tehzeeb.

He was beating himself for planning the last leg of their journey, "ship par jaldi pahunch ne ke chakkar mein maine Tehzeeb ki zindagi kyun daav par lagaa di?….I should have just helped her take a flight from Rome to Istanbul…..was I too selfish for wanting to bring her back to the ship with me? I will never forgive myself if something happens to her…..mera uski zindagi par koyi haq nahin hai….wo mujh par kitna bharosa karti hai….I should have never taken the sailboat…..," he buried his face in his hands and waited all night outside the infirmary.

"Yadi wo theek ho jaati hai, tho main usey Istanbul pahuncha kar wapas uski family ke paas hi bhej doonga…I have no right to expect her to spend her life with me….she belongs to her family….pataa nahin kyun in kuch dinon mein main usey apna samajh ne lagaa tha…..uski tho kisi se shaadi bhi pakki ho chuki hai….I have no right to play with her life..," he was still very guilty about the whole near-drowning incident.

Early in the morning, the doctor came out with good news, "Mr Khanna…she is conscious now….you can see her."

Angad looked up to thank god and went inside the clinic.

Tehzeeb looked pale and worn out from her near fatal experience. She tried to smile at Angad, but winced in pain, as she was still sore from the multiple bruises on her body.

"Nahin Tehzeeb…tum leti raho…how do you feel now?" Angad's voice cracked, as he was overwhelmed with emotion to see Tehzeeb awake.

"tum kaise ho? Mujhey tho kuch yaad nahin….bas itna yaad hai ki ek toofan aaya tha aur main phir samundar mein thi….yahan kaise aayi?"

"bas samjho tumharey khuda ne tumhey bacha liya…." Angad squeezed her hand, which was resting on the bed, "I am sorry tehzeeb…yeh sab meri wajah se hua….I took a big risk with your life…."

"Angad…apni life bhi tho risk ki hai tumney….wo bhi mere liye…"

"Tehzeeb, Navy mein ho kar meri life par mera haq nahin hai….par tum tho civilian ho…I had no right to put you through this ordeal…"

Tehzeeb was hurt by his words, she turned her face away and tried to suppress her tears, "Angad…kya main tumharey liye sirf ek civilian hi hoon? Aur kuch nahin?" her voice was shaky and somber.

Angad tried to hide his own tears and thought, "tum mere liye sab kuch ho Tehzeeb par abhi mujhey tumhari manzil tak pahunchaana hai…yahi mera pehla farz hai…"

Tehzeeb looked back at him, hoping for an answer, but was disappointed to see that Angad sat there quietly with his head lowered, "Angad? Tumney mere sawaal ka jawab nahin diya…."

Angad got up and said, "Tehzeeb, kuch sawaal…sawaal hi rahen…. ussi mein sabki bhalaayi hai…..chalo ab jaldi theek ho jao….2 din mein Istanbul aa jaayega…phir Aapi se bhi milna hai….," he smiled and turned to leave.

"Angad….mujhey apne sawaal ka jawaab kab doge?" Tehzeeb called from behind

Angad looked back, "Tehzeeb….tum abhi aaram karo…don't over exert…."

As he was leaving, the captain of the ship came to see Tehzeeb, "Ms Khan! Good to see you awake….you are a indeed a lucky woman…..not only did you survive the sea, thanks to this capable officer," he looked at Angad, "you were also the winner of the talent show the other night…here is a voucher for $500.00 to spend on the ship…..Good luck young lady!" he spoke in his heavy British accent and handed the voucher to Tehzeeb.

Angad smiled, "yeh tumhari pehli kamaayi hai Tehzeeb…zaroorat padhegi…tumhara bag main bachaa nahin paaya…."

Tehzeeb was still looking for her answer to her question, 'kyon Angad? Bag mein tho itna saara paisa tha…..kyon nahin bachaaya?"

Angad grinned with a twinkle in his eyes, "yahi sun na chahti ho na ki bag se kahin zyaada precious cheez ko bachaa liya?"

Tehzeeb smiled back and folded her hands behind her head, " you Navy officers are very stingy with your compliments….."

"We believe in action rather than words…" he said and turned around to leave.

Tehzeeb closed her eyes and dozed off thinking, "Angad….ab tum se door kaise jaaoongi main? Kaash yeh safar kabhie khatam na ho…."

Tehzeeb spent the day at the infirmary, but was back on her feet by the next day. She spent her $500.00 cautiously, as that is all she had now. She purchased a few clothes at the shopping mall on the cruise. It felt very different while shopping now….she was so used to spending freely thanks to her dad's never ending supply of cash! She had to really budget her purchases now!

She saw signs for the special "ball room night" on the last evening of the cruise.

She purchased a beautiful red knee length, sleeveless dress for the occasion with some matching accessories.

She found Angad at the deck, and went to him, "Hi Angad….bilkul gayab ho gaye….mujhey dekhne bhi nahin aaye aaj…," she complained

"Sorry Tehzeeb….bas wapas aa kar I had a lot of pending work to take care of….."

"Angad…tum hamesha bas duty hi karte rehte ho….kabhie meri duty ya phir kabhie ship ki…."

"Well…that's my job!" he grinned

"Aaj raat ball room night ke liye mujhey ek date chahiye…" she came to the point

Angad teased her, "haan…tho yahan tumhare bahut Spanish or Italian admirers hain….I am sure they would love to be your date…."

"But I want a 100% Made in India date!" Tehzeeb curled her lip and came closer.

"Made in India? Par wo tho duty par hai aaj shaam….," Angad looked at the horizon and said.

"Maine tumhare captain se baat kar li hai…..he has given you permission….now no excuses….and I promise main bahut badsoorat lagoongi aaj raat….just the way you like it!" she teased him and leaned against the railing.

Angad looked into her eyes, 'Tehzeeb….tum chah kar bhi badsoorat nahin lag sakti…..tum andar aur bahar dono se bahut khubsoorat ho….OK I will be there…."

Tehzeeb had a strong desire to hug him there and then, she came closer and touched his cheek and then gently lifted herself on her tip-toes and planted a soft kiss on his other cheek and whispered, "thanks for everything Angad….you are my hero….," and ran away still blushing at what she had just done.

Angad touched his cheek where her lips had just caressed him, "Tehzeeb….. tum se judaa hona bahut mushkil ho jaayega….mat karo aisa…."


All the couples were dressed very elegantly- long flowing gowns and beautiful dresses were complimented by tuxedos and 3 piece suits. The cruise photographer was busy clicking away, as couples posed against the beautiful banister of the curved stairway.

Angad and Tehzeeb also posed for some pictures, arm in arm. They looked like a perfect couple- he in his handsome Navy uniform, and she in her beautiful red dress.

They joined the other couples for a beautiful candle light dinner on the open deck. The sky was clear and the gentle moonlight and stars made the whole ambience really serene and tranquil.

Angad could not keep his eyes off Tehzeeb, as she gently nibbled at the food.

Tehzeeb was conscious about his piercing gaze, and kept her eyes lowered while eating.
She finally said, "Angad….kya dekh rahe ho?"

"Yeh dekh raha hoon ki in 12 dinon mein tum kitni badal gayi ho…"

"jab tak insaan ke pankh nahin hote, tab tak wo udhna nahin seekhta…" Tehzeeb said philosophically

"My..My…itni badhi badhi baatein bhi karne lagi ho…" Angad lauded

"kuch tho company ka asar hoga na?" she smiled as she sipped her drink.

Just then, the live band on the deck started playing some music. Angad and Tehzeeb watched the other couples for a little while, but soon Tehzeeb's feet were dancing under the table, 'Chalo Angad…let's dance…"

Angad obliged, as he had promised himself that he would make sure his last few hours with Tehzeeb were memorable for both of them. Even though, they would go back to their respective worlds in a few hours, he did not want to not enjoy those few hours with her…..may be it would be their last chance together…..

They danced to some fast numbers, and then the lead singer broke out into a beautiful romantic song, "Take my breath away"

"take my breath away" from Top Gun

Watching every motion
In my foolish lover's game
On this endless ocean
Finally lovers know no shame
Turning and returning
To some secret place inside
Watching in slow motion
As you turn around and say

Take my breath away
Take my breath away

Watching I keep waiting
Still anticipating love
Never hesitating
To become the fated ones
Turning and returning
To some secret place to hide
Watching in slow motion
As you turn to me and say

Take my breath away
Take my breath away

Through the hourglass I saw you
In time you slipped away
When the mirror crashed I called you
And turned to hear you say
If only for today
I am unafraid

Take my breath away
Take my breath away

Watching every motion
In this foolish lover's game
Haunted by the notion
Somewhere there's a love in flames
Turning and returning
To some secret place inside
Watching in slow motion
As you turn my way and say

Take my breath away
Take my breath away

All the couples started swaying to the beautiful song and were lost in each other.

Angad held Tehzeeb closer as the song played on. Before they realized, their bodies were pressing against each other, their cheeks caressing, their fingers intertwined in a inseparable grip.

Angad kissed her cheek gently, as Tehzeeb felt goose bumps all over her body. He finally brought his lips close to hers and they both could not resist kissing each other…..that first kiss….the first taste of a man for Tehzeeb….his lips and tongue guided her, as she felt her knees giving away and she thought she was drowning once again….but this time she did not want to come back to the surface….she did not want to be rescued…..

…to be continued….

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MY GOD ....thats my fav song hunni ..... Embarrassed ...hmmm i have feeling will they seprate bheegi Cry

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