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Faasle-ff based on KYPH pt46, 47 END (Page 4)

amber0802 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 May 2007 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
It's Great!!!

bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2007 at 5:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .:KYPHlOvEr88:.

<FONT face=Verdana color=#3366ff size=2>veryy cute fanfic! i love it! its reallly goodd... continue soon!

<FONT face=Verdana color=#3366ff size=2>lovee mauli<3

Thanks Smile
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by amber0802

It's Great!!!

Thanks Smile
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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PART 10:

Angad and Tehzeeb stayed in each other's arms for a little while, absorbing each other's warmth in the deluge.

Tehzeeb finally stopped trembling and looked up at Angad, "thanks…..I..I…am so..sorr…ry…" she was still sobbing.

"You ought to be sorry….bilkul pagal ho tum Tehzeeb.." Angad said affectionately, stroking her hair gently.

"mujhey laga…mujhey laga…"

"Jaanta hoon…tumhey laga ki main paise ke liye tumharey Abbu ko inform kar doonga?"

Tehzeeb nodded and lowered her eyes, "haan maine yahi socha tha.."

"Haan, ek baar mann tho kiya tha…par paise ke liye nahin…tumhari hifazat ke liye….paise chahiye hote tho main pehle din hi tumhare Abbu ko phone kar deta…."

"phir kyun nahin kiya?" Tehzeeb asked

"Pataa nahin…shayad main pehle jaan na chahta tha ki tum ghar se bhaag kar kyun aayi ho….ek shareef ladki ghar se tabhi bhaag thi hai jab bahut majboor ho ya jab…ya jab.."

"ya jab kya?" Tehzeeb asked quizzically

"ya jab bilkul pagal ho tumhari tarah…," he teased her but hugged her again.

Tehzeeb did not hesitate and smiled back, enjoying the feel of his warm chest through his wet shirt, "tum theek kehte ho…main kuch pagal si hi hoon…"

Angad thought, "par mujhey yeh pagalpan bahut pyaara lagta hai…."

"kuch kaha tumney?" Tehzeeb asked.

"Nahin…" Angad picked her bag and said, "lagta hai aaj raat Genoa mein hi bitaani padhegi….is mausam mein hamari rescue boat ultaa hamein dooba degi…chalo let's find some shelter… kal subah train ya bus se Naples chale jaayenge…I think that would be the easiest way to get back on our ship."

Tehzeeb did not question or argue with him. She had somehow resigned her fate to Angad at this point. She trusted that he would take her to her 'manzil' and she need not worry anymore.

They walked in the rain towards the city, in search of a hotel to spend the night.

Genoa was a popular destination for tourists and the hotels were overbooked.

At last they found a hotel with one room available. It was fortunately a suite with a room and attached living room.

"Tehzeeb…ek room hai is hotel mein…tum yahan reh jaao…main aage koyi aur hotel dhoondta hoon…"

Tehzeeb did not want Angad to leave, "nahin….koyi baat nahin ek raat ki hi tho baat hai….tum bhi yahan reh lo….mujhey akele darr lagta hai.." she admitted.

Angad smiled at her innocence, "theek hai…main living room mein so jaaoonga…"

Tehzeeb was lucky that she had her bag with her. She promptly went into the bathroom to change into a dry outfit after they checked into the suite. Angad settled in the living room and left the luxurious king sized bed for Tehzeeb. There was a sliding glass door separating the two rooms. He shut the door, to give Tehzeeb some privacy.

Angad took his wet shoes and socks off. He had nothing else to change into. The shops at the hotel and the neighborhood were all closed at this late hour.

Angad took his shirt off and set it to dry on a chair. He stood near the window with his bare back facing the room.

Tehzeeb came out of the shower, wearing pink pajamas and matching top. Her hair was open and still wet from the rain and shower.

She peeked through the glass door and saw Angad leaning against the window. She could see his strong muscular back facing her. She could not take her eyes off his bare skin…..she felt something inside her which she had only experienced while reading her numerous collection of romantic fiction….a sensation she had only felt in her dreams…in her imaginary world…..whenever she thought of her prince charming sweeping her off her feet…..she could feel goose bumps on her skin and a sweet throbbing sensation inside her femineity. She swallowed hard to moisten her parched throat; she turned around with her back resting on the glass door and shut her eyes, "ya allah! Yeh kya ho raha hai mujhey….maine aaj tak kabhi kisi ke liye aisa nahin socha…..mujhey maaf kar do mere khuda….yeh paap hai….," she raised her hands and looked up as if praying to her 'khuda'

After a few moments, she opened her eyes and turned around to see Angad staring at her from the window. His hair was still wet, but he had a towel resting on his shoulders. He was mesmerized by her fresh-out-of-the-shower look. He was tempted to grab her and hold her in his arms.

She could see his muscular chest with a gold chain hanging on it. She looked carefully and saw an "OM" dangling from the chain.

That "OM" sign hit Tehzeeb like a rock! That was reality….for the first time Tehzeeb realized that Angad and her had very different backgrounds- somehow their economic and cultural differences (he was Indian and she was practically an American)- were insignificant in comparison to their religious differences. She had heard numerous times from her Abbu and his friends, "hamare bacche chahe American ban jaaye, par kabhie kisi Hindu ke naa baney…."

Her Abbu was particularly strict about her mingling with Hindus- she had no idea why-they seemed the closest to her in terms of culture, language and looks. She had never questioned her dad while growing up, but today she wanted to know…. "aakhir kyon? aakhir kyon main ek Hindu ko pasand nahin kar sakti? Angad kehta hai ki meri manzil hi uski manzil hai, tho phir aaj pehli baar mujhey kyon ehsaas ho raha hai ki Angad aur meri duniya kitni alag hai…."

She was trying to take deep breaths to calm herself, when she heard the glass door slide open.

"Tehzeeb…kuch room service se order karoon?" it was Angad's deep voice in the background.

Tehzeeb did not turn around, "nahin mujhey bhookh nahin hai…tumhey kuch chahiye tho kar lo…"

Angad thought, "Tehzeeb….meri bhookh aur pyaas tho ab tumsey hi judi hai…..kya jawab doon main tumhey?"

When Angad did not answer, she turned around, but could not meet his gaze, "Angad….tumhey thand lag rahi hogi….bathroom mein ek robe hai…chaho tho main le aati hoon…"

"Aadat hai mujhey Tehzeeb…aakhir ek Navy officer apna saara samay paani mein hi nikaalta hai…chalo main kuch order kar deta hoon….."

Tehzeeb nodded, her eyes still staring at the floor, unable to meet his gaze or his handsome physique.

After finishing their meal, Tehzeeb felt a little more comfortable around Angad. She avoided looking at him, as every time she set her eyes on him, she felt little giddy; Angad had already caught her staring at him a few times.

Angad thought, "Tehzeeb…lagta hai kabhie kisi mard ko bina shirt ke nahin dekha….chalo zindagi ke kayi lessons mil rahe hain tumhey is trip par….apni feelings ko hide mat karo….main jaanta hoon tum meri taraf attract ho rahi ho…but I will wait…I will wait till you are ready to listen to your heart…."

"Angad….tumharey ghar par kaun kaun hain?"

Angad decided to tease her, "ek biwi hai, ek rakhail hai aur dono ke do-do bacche hain…."

Tehzeeb was aghast; her mouth stayed open as she stared at him in disbelief, '
"WHAT? Are you crazy?"

Angad started laughing, "tumhey koyi bhi bewkoof banaa sakta hai…you are so vulnerable..," he got up and put the dishes away on the tray, "nahin ek bimaar maa hai aur ek bahen….bas yahi dono hain….main bas unhi ke liye jeeta hoon….cruise par bhi issi liye aaya hoon…meri maa ko cancer hai…."

Tehzeeb noticed that Angad's eyes were glistening with tears as he spoke about his mother.

"bahut pyaar karte ho apni mom se?"

"haan….unhoney poori zindagi ek single mother ho kar mujhey aur meri bahen ko sab kuch diya hai…khair rehney do…..," he shuffled his feet as he was not comfortable talking about his personal life with anyone, but somehow Tehzeeb was different….itna apna pan hai tehzeeb mein….main kyon apni problems usey bataa raha hoon….he thought as he paused.

Tehzeeb felt bad for Angad, "I hope tumhari mom theek ho jaaye….main samajh sakthi hoon ki maa ke bina kitni adhoori zindagi ho sakti hai…meri maa bhi bachpan mein hi guzar gayi thi, " she felt her eyes moistening as she said that.

They both tried to smile and change the subject.

"OK Goodnight Tehzeeb! See you bright and early….and by the way…here is your passport and envelope….thode bheeg gaye hain…but should dry by the morning…"

They both tossed and turned around all night, aware of each other's presence just a few feet away, but separated by their self-created obstacles…..

Song in the background as they both pine for each other all night:

"aisa lagta hai" from "refugee"

O, Aisa Lagta Hai, Jo Na Hua Hone Ko Hai
Aisa Lagta Hai, Abh Dil Mera Khone Ko Hai
Varna Dil Kyoon Dhadakta, Saansein Kyoon Rukti
Neendein Meri Kyoon Ud Jaateen
O, Aisa Lagta Hai , Jo Na Hua Hone Ko Hai
Aisa Lagta Hai, Abh Dil Mera Khone Ko Hai
Varna Dil Kyoon Dhadakta, Saansein Kyoon Rukti
Neendein Meri Kyoon Ud Jaateen
O, Aisa Lagta Hai, Jo Na Hua Hone Ko Hai...

Koi Chehraa Nigahoon Pe Chaa Ne Lagaa
Koi Abh Roz Khaabon Mein Aane Lagaa
Aayi Rut Jo Nayee, Jaagey Armaan Kayee
Mausam Koi Ghazal Jaise Gaaney Lagaa
Oooooo, Aisa Lagta Hai, Jaise Nasha Hone Ko Hai
Hooo, Aisa Lagta Hai, Hosh Mera Khone Ko Hai
Varna Dil Kyoon Dhadakta, Saansein Kyoon Rukti
Neendein Meri Kyoon Ud Jaateen
Oooo, Aisa Lagta Hai, Hosh Mera Khone Ko Hai...

Mehki Mehki Fizaa Ne Li Angdaiyaan
Neeli Neeli Hain Baadal Ki Parchaiyaan
Thandi Thandi Hawaa, Layee Raag Naya
Goonji Goonji Si Hain Jaise Shehnaiyaan
Ooooooo, Aisa Lagta Hai, Koi Mera Hone Ko Hai
Aisa Lagta Hai, Har Fasala Khone Ko Hai
Varna Dil Kyoon Dhadakta, Saansein Kyoon Rukti
Neendein Meri Kyoon Ud Jaateen
Hoooo, Aisa Lagta Hai, Jo Na Hua Hone Ko Hai
Aisa Lagta Hai, Abh Dil Mera Khone Ko Hai
Varna Dil Kyoon Dhadakta, Saansein Kyoon Rukti
Neendein Meri Kyoon Ud Jaateen...

….to be continued…

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sweetmittal Senior Member

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Posted: 03 May 2007 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
really good and lovely. i hope they accepted their felling with each other. continue soon. Clap
kimmu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 May 2007 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
for some realllly weird reason your ff reminds me of the "Woh Lamhey" lol. I don't know why, maybe its because I am so crazy, anyway con. soon, would love to know more Big smile
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2007 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Thanks guys

In Woh Lamhe, the heroine was a schizophrenic, but Tehzeeb is a normal but bhatki huyi girl, who will come back on track thanks to Angad's love.

Part 11 coming up
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2007 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
PART 11:

Angad finally woke up early in the morning after a sleepless and restless night. He peeked into Tehzeeb's room and admired her flawless beauty, as she was still fast asleep.

"aakhir is ladki mein aisa kya hai…jo main apni neend aur hosh kho baitha hoon….pata nahin yeh pyaar hai ya kuch aur?….mann karta hai ki bas usey hamesha aise hi dekhta rahoon……jaanta hoon hamarey raaste bilkul alag alag hain, par kya kabhi mil nahin sakte?"

He put his shirt on and left the suite. He was lucky to find one of the shops open in the lobby. He purchased some bare essentials for himself and a pair of original "Genoa" jeans and a black "Italia" shirt.

After he had showered and changed up, he ordered breakfast and sat down next to Tehzeeb. Tehzeeb was still in deep slumber, probably tired from the long day in the rain.

"Tehzeeb…Tehzeeb.." he tried to wake her up gently but she moaned and just turned over to the other side. He could tell this must be an ordeal for people in her house- to wake the little princess up in the morning!

He finally had an idea. He held her hand and gently immersed her finger in a cup of hot tea.

"OUCH!" she got up with a startle. She saw Angad trying to duck under the bed.

"Yeh koyi tareeka hai ek shareef ladki ko uthaane ka?" she said angrily

"Jab yeh so called shareef ladki sharafat se ne uthe, tho aise hi uthaana padhta hai….sorry!" he curled up his nose and smiled.

Tehzeeb finally calmed down, "kya sach much bahut der se utha rahe ho? I am sorry…mujhey bahut gehri neend aa gayi…"

"Accha hai kisi ko tho neend aayi theek se…" Angad teased her as he poured another cup of tea for her.

Tehzeeb looked at Angad and noticed that he looked really handsome in his crisp blue jeans and "Italia" shirt- "lagta hai tum shopping bhi kar aaye…."

"Yadi tum kuch aur der nahin uthti tho ab tak main Istanbul bhi pahunch gaya hota…."

"Shirt acchi hai….nice to see you in black for a change," she smiled.

"I think kal raat mujhey bina shirt ke dekhkar tum zara ghabraa gayi thi…iss liye aaj apne aap ko poori tarah dhak liya hai maine…." He teased her

Tehzeeb just shook her head and smiled, "Angad tum bhi na…..ek shareef ladki ke saath kaisa mazaak kar lete ho…"

"OK…tumhey pasand nahin hai tho aaj se mazaak bandh…chalo let's get ready quickly as we have to take the next bus towards Naples…."

Tehzeeb sipped her tea and thought, "Angad…mujhey tumhare mazaak mein apnapan sa kyon lagta hai?"

"Kahan kho gayi?" Angad snapped his fingers in front of her eyes.

Tehzeeb came back to her senses and then said, "Angad…main ek phone call karna chahti hoon…"

"Phone? Sure….as long as mujhey ek ladki bhagaaney ke chakkar mein police ko nahin phone mila rahi, I don't care…," he smiled and put the breakfast tray away.

Tehzeeb laughed at Angad's sense of humor, and called the operator, "please disable the caller ID….yes the number is…"

Tehzeeb's hands were trembling as the phone rang on the other side,


Angad paused as he heard Tehzeeb talk on the phone. He saw that tears were flowing from Tehzeeb's eyes and she was barely able to speak on the phone.

She kept sobbing and finally said, "A..Abbu se kahiye ki m..main jaldi ghar aa jaaoongi….fikr na karein….main bilkul theek hoon….nahin abhi Abbu se baat nahin kar sakti……salaam waalequm daijaan……," she hung up and buried her face in her hands.

Angad came and sat next to her. He could feel his eyes welling up from emotions also.

He parted her hands from her face and looked at her, "Tehzeeb…yeh sirf ek bahadur ladki hi kar sakti hai…main ab tak sochta tha ki tum thodi buzdil ho, par ghar phone kar ke tumney bahut bahaduri ka kaam kiya hai…I am proud of you…..," he wiped her tears and was tempted to hold her in his arms and console her.

"Jaante ho Angad?…kal raat main jab bilkul akeli us toofan mein thi, tab mujhey ehsaas hua ki main kya chhod kar aayi hoon… mujhey laga ki mere Abbu ne mujhey kitne pyaar se paala hai, aur main unka dil thod kar bina bataaye hi ghar chhod kar aa gayi….yadi tum na hote tho shayad aaj bhi main sadak par hi…" she started sobbing again.

"Nahin Tehzeeb…..jiska koyi nahin hota, uski raksha bhagwan karta hai…"

Tehzeeb looked at him quizzically, "matlab khuda?"

Angad smiled and nodded, "ek hi baat hai….chalo ab tayyar ho jaao…."

Angad and Tehzeeb boarded a bus, which would take them up to Livorno. Angad had to figure out how they would get to Naples in time to board the cruise ship.

After contacting the ship, he figured out that they would not be able to get to Naples in time. The only way was to take a bus to Rome and then somehow manage to get on a ferry towards a town near Naples. He could then get a private sailboat and reach his destination.

He took out the maps and a pen to explain his plan to Tehzeeb, "yeh dekho Tehzeeb.."

Tehzeeb just smiled and looked out the window, "Angad….mujhey tum par poora yakeen hai….jahan bhi le jaaogey main wahan chalney ko tayyar hoon…."

Angad smiled and folded the map. He leaned towards her and whispered in her ear, "Vaada?"

Tehzeeb looked at him and teased him, "Haan…bas Istanbul tak ka vaada!"

Angad looked disappointed and just grinned, "aur Istanbul ke baad?"

Tehzeeb was stumped by his question. She looked away and said softly, "uske baad hamare raaste alag ho jaayenge….."
The thought of separating from her companion in a few days made her uncomfortable.

"main tho bhool hi gayi thi ki Angad aur meri duniya kitni alag hai…..kabhie kabhie manzil se zyaada safar kyon zyaada haseen lagney lagta hai?" she thought as she looked out the moving bus.

Angad and Tehzeeb were both lost in their thoughts throughout the bus ride and did not say anything more to each other. Tehzeeb fell asleep and before she realized, her head was resting on Angad's strong shoulders. Angad put his arm around her to give her more support and closed his eyes.

He could feel her heart beating against his chest; he savored her sweet fragrance as they both fell asleep with the gentle rocking of the bus.

Song in background- beautiful song sung by Kunal Gunjawala at his romantic best!

"Khwaahishon Se" from "holiday"

khwaahishon se yeh suna hain
pyar humko ho raha hain
tum hi toh ho woh sapna jo
dekha hai jee bhi liya hain
tum hi toh ho woh lamha jo
ab zindagi ban gaya hain

raaston mein gunjata hain
pyar humko ho raha hain
tumhi toh ho savera jo
yeh rang naye de gaya hain
tumhi toh ho khazana jo
dil mein hi tha mil gaya hain
khwaahishon ne

khwaahishon se yeh suna hain
(ishaaron mein kehti hai paagal yeh hawaaen
chalo raaz sabko yeh jaake batayen) - 2
tum hi toh ho jo khwaabon ko
sang sang mere dekhtaa hain
tum hi toh ho jo raaton ko
tanhaaiya baant ta hain
khwaahishon se

dabe paanv dastak mohabbat ne sunaai
hain dehliz pe khwaab saare le aayi
ha dabe paanv dastak mohabbat ne sunaai
hain dehliz pe khwaab saare le aayi
tumh hi toh ho woh saaya jo saathi mera rehnuma hain
tum hi toh ho sitara jo roshan kare rasta hain

aasman pe yeh likha hain
pyar humko ho gaya hain
tum hi toh ho woh sapana jo
dekha hain jee bhi liya hain
tum hi toh ho woh lamha jo
ab zindagi ban gaya hain

…to be continued..

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