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Faasle-ff based on KYPH pt46, 47 END (Page 30)

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As they drove off from the beach, Tehzeeb noticed that Angad's hand was still bleeding through the cloth tied around his hand.

"Angad…please Sohail bhai ke yahan chalo…dekho tumhare haath se khoon behta hi jaa raha hai…." Tehzeeb pleaded

"don't worry Tehzeeb, mere shareer ne aise bahut zakhm dekhey hain…" Angad reassured her

"Angad! Tumhey aadat hogi, par main tumhey taqleef mein nahin dekh sakti! Please chalo Sohail bhai ke yahan….kahin ghav naasoor na ban jaaye….tumhey meri kasam!"

"OK..OK…tum auraton ko kaun samjhaye?….Ok batao unka address kya hai?"

They arrived at Dr Sohail Mirza's house.

"Arre, Tehzeeb tum? Itni raat gaye…aur Angad bhi? Aao aao… will be surprised to know that Mishti bhi andar hai….she just got here…" Sohail welcomed them inside

"Bhai? Tehzeeb? Tum dono yahan?" Mishti was surprised and a little embarrassed to be found at Sohail's flat at that hour

"Hmm…Mishti….mujhey poonch na chahiye….tum kya kar rahi ho yahan?" Angad teased his sister.

"Aap, bhai-behen baad mein poonch-taach kar lena…..Sohail bhai please Angad ke haath ko dekh lo…" Tehzeeb held Angad's hand in front of the doctor.

Sohail unwrapped the hand, "Oh…bahut ghera ghaav hai…kaise hua yeh? Aao andar mere clinic mein aa jao….I will take care of it…"

The two men went inside his little clinic attached to his flat.

Mishti turned to Tehzeeb, "kya hua Tehzeeb? Bhai ko chot kaise lagi?"

Tehzeeb told her what happened at the beach

"Hey bhagwan! Mujhey yahi darr tha….Tehzeeb, mujhey tumhey ek raaz bataana hai…" Mishti took an envelope out of her bag and took out a photograph and some folded pieces of paper.

"Batao Tehzeeb…inhey pehchaana?" Mishti showed her the old photograph of Naina receiving a trophy in college. She was standing next to a familiar looking face, who seemed to be the joint recipient of the trophy.

Tehzeeb was aghast. Her jaw dropped to her knees, "ABBU? Yeh …yeh….photo kahan se mili?"

"Tehzeeb….hamari mama aur tumhare Abbu ek hi college mein the…they were the singing stars of their college…they won a lot of awards for their duet singing…." Mishti explained

Tehzeeb's hands were still shaking at the revelation, "M..Mishti…tho iska matlab, Abbu ka khoya pyaar bhi kahin? Ya khuda…yeh kaise ho sakta hai?" Tehzeeb felt dizzy and thought she would pass out any moment.

Angad and Sohail joined the women after his wound was dressed appropriately.

"Kya hua Tehzeeb?" Angad was worried to see Tehzeeb's ghost white expression.

Mishti showed the photograph to both Angad and Sohail.

"My God! I don't believe it!" Angad was shocked himself

"Wow! Kabhie socha tha ki duniya itni choti bhi ho sakti hai?" Sohail exclaimed

Angad saw some folded sheets of paper in Mishti's hands, "Yeh kya hai Mishti?"

"Pata nahin bhai…lagta hai urdu mein letters hain….mujhey urdu script samajh nahin aati….dekho…tum tho padh lete ho na urdu?" Mishti handed the letters to Angad.

Angad read the 3 letters and had tears in his eyes; he was speechless.

Tehzeeb and Mishti looked at Angad intently-they wanted answers.

"Mama aur tumhare Abbu….mama aur tumhare Abbu…bahut pyaar karte the ek doosre ko….lekin…lekin tumhare dada aur mere nana ne unke pyaar ko kabhie nahin samjha….aur..aur.." Angad's voice was husky and he could barely speak. Tehzeeb hugged him and started crying her self.

Sohail held Mishti and comforted her.

"Angad…hamare pyaar ke saath tho kahin aisa nahin hoga?" Tehzeeb sobbed

"Nahin hoga Tehzeeb….tumhare Abbu tho hum dono ko ek saath dekhna chahte hain….aur jab mama ko sach pata chalega, wo bhi maan jaayengi.." Angad reassured Tehzeeb.

"Jaante hain aap sab?…Mere Abbu mere asli Abbu nahin hain…main unke dost ki beti hoon….aur ab sab saaf saaf samajh aa raha hai mujhey….," Tehzeeb looked at Mishti and Sohail, "Abbu ne shaadi tho ki thi meri Ammi se, par kabhie unhey shauhar jaisa pyaar nahin diya…tabhie meri Ammi ne khud khushi kar li…..wo kabhie tumhari mama ko bhula nahin paaye….."

"Aur na mama unhey bhula paayi……tabhie unhoney kabhie shaadi nahin ki aur apni saari zindagi sirf mere aur Mishti ki parvarish mein nikaal di…..hum dono ko nanaji ek ashram se laaye the…..nanaji samaj sewa bahut karte the….kisi Hindu-muslim riots mein hamare parents ki death ho gayi thi….that is when he rescued us…" Angad added

"I think, we should make sure they can get together again…" Sohail said

"Lekin kaise? Mama tho ab us Hindutva samaj mein itni ghul mil gayi hain, ki wo ek muslim ki taraf dekhengi bhi nahin…" Mishti said sadly.

"Ek idea hai mere paas…MUSIC! Abbu aur mama chahe kitni bhi door ho, par unka dil sangeet se phir ek kar sakta hain hum….kya naam hain unke college ka?" Tehzeeb looked at the photograph again, "G.G College of fine arts and commerce….theek hai, main kal hi wahan phone karti hoon…"

Angad and Tehzeeb left soon and arrived at Tehzeeb's house.

Tehzeeb saw that Aapi's light was still on, "aao Angad…Aapi se bhi ek baar baat kar lein.."

They knocked on Aapi's door and let themselves in.

Tehzeeb told her Aapi all she had heard that evening regarding her real parents and the revelation about Naina and Javed.

Aapi was stunned that the kids knew so much. She finally relented and said, "haan beti….Javed aur Naina ke saath bahut bura hua….maine lakh koshish ki thi dono ko milaane ki, par tere dada aur Angad ke nana dono ziddi the….bahut ziddi..dharam ke naam par bahut kattar the dono……balki Naina tho apna dharam badalne ko bhi tayyar thi, par uske pita nahin mane….ab samajh aaya ki jab bhi Angad ko dekhti thi, bahut pehchaana hua sa lagta tha….."

"Kaise Aapi? Main tho unka beta bhi nahin hoon.." Angad sat at Aapi's feet

"Beta…Naina Javed se chup chup kar milti thi….tu aur Mishti sirf 1-2 saal ke the tab….wo tum dono ko apne saath le aati thi ghumaane ke bahaane….main tum dono ki dekh baal karti thi…..bahut khilaaya hai tujhey meine godh mein….," Aapi caressed Angad's face affectionately, "wo log ghoomne nikal jaate the aur main tumhare saath 1-2 ghante aise hi nikaal leti thi…."

"Hmm Aapi….tho aap Angad ko mujhsey pehle se jaanti hain…that is not fair…." Tehzeeb whined

"Arre….tabhie tho pehli nazar mein mujhey Angad se lagaav ho gaya tha….yadi nahin hota tho tere liye kaise pasand karti, buddhu?" Aapi hugged Tehzeeb and kissed her forehead.

Aapi liked their plan and they all decided to make sure they would convince Javed and Naina to attend the college function.


Tehzeeb was able to convince her manager to arrange a music function at G.G college.

The college principal and head of music were thrilled to have a celebrity like "Ms Tanya" as guest of honor.

…to be continued….
next episode has college function....

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hey dear, both of the parts were really awesome. i am agreed with their plan. i am its some fun and love time Clap
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wow!!!!nice plan!!!!i love this FF a lot so plz do comtinue soon Clap
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awesome part

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thanks everyone

here are the 2 concluding parts:
bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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PART 46:


Angad and Mishti convinced Naina to attend the function, "mama…wo nayi singer Tanya bhi aa rahi hai…aapko uski awaaz bahut pasand hai na?" Naina relented and arrived at her college. She felt nostalgic as old memories flooded her mind as they walked into the auditorium. She could hear Javed's deep voice echoing in the background, how they used to mesmerize the audience with their duets and ghazals…..the offers from different music composers pouring in….and then everything was over!

She put her hands on her ears as she remembered how her father and Javed's father had threatened each other….the abuses they hurled at each other….and then one day she heard that Javed was married…..she never saw him again or heard from him…..wo sab yaadein ban kar hi reh gayi…..

Javed was thrilled that his daughter was going to perform at his Alma mater. He still had some fond and some painful memories of his college…..he had met the love of his life here, but also lost her because of parental pressure. He had not forgiven himself for marrying someone else, and may be that is why he had stopped listening to music for all these years….it was his way of punishing himself for betraying his love….

Angad made sure that the security arrangements at the auditorium were adequate. He knew that the threat they received the other night should not be taken lightly. There were security cameras installed everywhere and the guards were under strict orders to check all the people thoroughly at the entrance.

Javed, Aapi, Sohail, Sarah and Farhan sat far from Angad, Mishti and Naina as per plan.

Tehzeeb received a warm welcome and came on the stage.

"Tanya? Yeh tho Kripa…mera matlab Tehzeeb hai!" Naina was shocked and offended, "tho is liye laaya hai mujhey?" she got up to leave. Angad tried to persuade her, "mama…ek baar gaana tho sun lo….aap please yahan tamasha mat kariye…."

Naina's footsteps stopped as soon as she heard the song:

"Humein tum se pyaar kitna…" from "Kudrat" –FEMALE VERSION (sorry lyrics are from male version)

humei tum se pyaar kitanaa, ye hum naheen jaanate
magar jee naheen sakate, tumhaare beenaa

Tehzeeb started singing Naina's favorite song. Naina had received several accolades for this song and that song was special to her, as Javed had fallen for her after she sang that song.

When she saw Naina walking towards the exit, Tehzeeb paused, "Yeh gaana aapke college ki mashoor student Naina Khanna ka gaana hai…main unse request karti hoon ki wo khud hi stage par aakar yeh gaana hum sab ko sunaaye….please Naina ji aap stage par aa jaaiye…." Tehzeeb pointed towards Naina.

The audience turned around and Naina realized that everyone's eyes were fixated on her expectantly. The audience stood up and started clapping to invite Naina to the stage.

Javed was stunned to hear Naina's name. THEN HE SAW HER! His heart stopped for a moment. He had a faint smile on his lips as a tear escaped his eyes. Kitne saal baad….lekin tum bilkul waisi hi ho….bas baal thode kam ho gaye hain….aur safed bhi…..

Naina had no choice but to join Tehzeeb on the stage.

Tehzeeb handed over the microphone to Naina and stepped aside. Naina gave Tehzeeb a cold look, but accepted the microphone.

Naina started singing and sang the whole song in her beautiful soulful voice with her eyes closed. Javed could not hold his tears and placed Farhan on his lap to hide his emotions.

humei tum se pyaar kitanaa, ye hum naheen jaanate
magar jee naheen sakate, tumhaare beenaa
sunaa gam judaee kaa, uthhaate hain log
jaane jindagee kaise, bitaate hain log
din bhee yahaa to lage, baras ke samaan
humei intajaar kitanaa, ye hum naheen jaanate
magar jee naheen sakate, tumhaare beenaa
tumhe koee aaur dekhe, to jalataa hain dil
badee mushkilon se fir, sanbhalataa hain dil
kyaa, kyaa jatan karate hai, tumhe kyaa pataa
ye dil bekaraar kitanaa, ye hum naheen jaanate
magar jee naheen sakate, tumhaare beenaa

Naina received a thunderous applause after her beautiful performance. She had sung the song with her soul and heart…..just like 30 years ago…..when Javed had fallen for her!

Naina stood still with her eyes still closed. She felt that she was back in her college 30 years ago……she did not want to come out of the trance like state…..her dreams would shatter again if she opened her eyes….

"Main ab apne aziz Abbu, Javed Khan sahib se farmaish karoongi ki wo bhi hum sab ko stage par ek gaana sunaaye…..mere Abbu bhi is college ke mashoor singer reh chuke hain…" Tehzeeb announced on the microphone

Javed was stunned and dumbstruck, "yeh..yeh…kya keh rahi hai Tehzeeb?" Angad helped Javed from the seat and walked with him to the stage.

Naina opened her eyes and there she saw him….HE WAS STANDING ON THE STAGE WITH HER! Just like old times……

Naina was trembling; she did not know how to react-she turned around to leave, but Tehzeeb stopped her and whispered, "nahin mama…aaj aap Abbu ka saath nahin chhodengi…..aap bhi unke saath gaayengi….."

Javed looked at Naina tearfully as if pleading her to stay. Naina's feet were like jello….she could not move even if she wanted to….

Javed sang this beautiful song from "Aitbaar" (old) – "kisi nazar ko tera intezaar aaj bhi hai"

Naina joined him in the latter part of the song.

kisee najar ko teraa, intajaar aaj bhee hain
kahaa ho tum ke ye dil bekaraar aaj bhee hain
wo waadiyaa, wo fijaayen ke hum mile the jahaan
meree wafaa kaa wahee par majaar aaj bhee hain
n jaane dekh ke kyoo un ko ye huaa yehasaas
ke mere dil pe unhe ikhtiyaar aaj bhee hain
wo pyaar jis ke liye humane chhod dee duniyaan
wafaa kee raah mein ghaayal wo pyaar aaj bhee hain
yakeen naheen hain magar aaj bhee ye lagataa hain
meree talaash mein shaayad bahaar aaj bhee hain

Both Naina and Javed were tearful and lost in each other's eyes at the end of the song. Everyone appreciated their performance; the audience gave them a standing ovation.

Angad and Tehzeeb stood together in the background. They both had tears and hugged each other. Mishti and Sohail also joined them on the stage.

Javed and Naina bowed to the audience, hand in hand just like old times. Javed escorted Naina to the back stage.

Tehzeeb, Angad, Mishti and Sohail held hands and followed their parents. They stopped at a distance when they saw Javed holding Naina's hands. The four of them decided to leave the lovers alone and decided to wait outside with Farhan, Sarah and Aapi.

Javed and Naina cried their hearts out to each other.

"Tumhari awaaz mein abhi bhi wo hi dard hai Naina," Javed said tearfully

"Jab dard badh jaata hai, tho aur bhi suhana ho jaat hai Javed…..kaise ho tum?" Naina wiped her tears.

"Shayad is din ke liye hi jee raha tha…" Javed said

"Tho Tehzeeb tumhari beti hai?"

"Haan…beti jaisi hi hai…..meri shaadi tho huyi thi, par main na tumhare saath insaafi kar saka, na Salma se…..yahi meri sazaa hai…" Javed's voice was cracking

"Sazaa tho hum dono ko hi mili hai…..maine Tehzeeb ko kitna galat samjha…kitna bhala bura kaha, aur usne sirf mera bhala hi chaha hai….tumney bahut acchi tarah paala hai usey.." Naina smiled a little.

"Jaise tumney Angad aur Mishti ko paala hai….jab bhi un dono se mila, hamesha jaane pehchaane se lage….kya pata tha ki wo dono wohi chote chote bacche hain jinhey tumhare baba ne godh liya tha…" Javed smiled back

"Shayad bhagwan humein phir se milaana chahta tha…tabhi Angad ko Tehzeeb ke itne kareeb le aaya…." Naina said

"Tum theek kehti ho…..shayad khuda ko hamare pyaar par aakhir yakeen ho hi gaya…," Javed stroked Naina's hair and came closer.

Naina leaned over and buried her face in his chest. They both sobbed silently, trying to wash off the pent up pain…..

Out in the lobby, her fans and students from the college surrounded Tehzeeb.
They all wanted Tehzeeb to perform after the heart-warming performance by their college alums.

Tehzeeb did not disappoint her fans and went back on the stage. She performed some popular and new numbers from her forthcoming albums. Angad proudly sat amongst the audience and admired her performance.

Both Angad and Tehzeeb were very happy today-they had achieved what no one had in the last 30 years-managed to re unite two people who loved each other intensely.

Javed and Naina's love was so true and pure, that even though they never had a physical relationship, their love transcended the seven seas and bound their adopted children in an equally passionate relationship. They had transferred all their pain of separation into nurturing Angad, Mishti and Tehzeeb.

Javed and Naina admired Tehzeeb's performance from the sidelines.
Naina was very proud of her daughter-in-law. She forgave Tehzeeb's lies, she could care less that she was muslim, she had made up her mind that she would not join the Hindutva samaj – she had found the most cherished thing in her life-her LOVE!

Javed could not have asked for a better Eid season this year-he was grateful to Tehzeeb and Angad for giving back his love.

Just as Tehzeeb was finishing her last song, there was a scuffle at one of the entrances to the auditorium. The commotion in the stands interrupted Tehzeeb's performance.

Everyone looked behind; Angad alerted the security guards with his intercom.
Before anyone realized what was happening, a gunshot was fired towards the stage.

Angad looked behind and saw an enraged Hariram pointing a gun towards the stage. Angad ran towards the stage to protect Tehzeeb. Tehzeeb was in a state of shock like everyone else in the auditorium and could not move!

Naina and Javed rushed to save Tehzeeb.

And then! The bullet STRUCK!

There was blood all over the stage.

Angad saw Tehzeeb on the floor with Naina and Javed lying in a pool of blood. Angad was trembling-he could not believe what had just happened. The security personnel were handcuffing Hariram; the auditorium was in a state of panic. Sohail , Mishti and Aapi picked Farhan and Sarah and ran to a corner for shelter.

….to be continued…..

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There was chaos and commotion in the auditorium. Security and police had surrounded the building and were escorting people out safely. The gunman was arrested shortly.

"Main in sab ko maar doonga….sab ko maar doonga!" Hariram, the gunman kept shouting and pointing towards the stage as the police handcuffed him.

Angad helped Tehzeeb get up on her feet. He was relieved to see that she was not hurt. Angad turned around and was horrified to see Javed and his mom lying unconscious in the pool of blood. Tehzeeb screamed loudly at the gruesome sight. Javed was lying on top of Naina; no one could tell where the blood was oozing from. It seemed that Naina had shielded Tehzeeb from the bullet, but Javed managed to come in front of Naina at the last minute. The bullet had pierced Javed's chest and hit Naina right over her heart.

An ambulance arrived promptly, and the emergency personnel picked both Javed and Naina's bodies on stretchers.

"Aap sab please peeche hathiye….yeh area ab restricted hai…," one of the policemen ordered everyone to vacate the stage.

Tehzeeb was numb from the whole experience; she felt dizzy and turned pale. Angad caught her before she collapsed on the stage, and carried her outside.

Sohail, Mishti, Aapi and the kids were waiting anxiously. Angad helped everyone into the car. Tehzeeb was conscious by now and hugged Aapi and Farhan, "yeh sab meri wajah se hua hai…"

"Beti…khuda ki dua se kuch nahin hoga….tu himmat haar degi tho bacchon ka kya hoga…" Aapi said tearfully.

Angad drove as fast as he could and followed the ambulance all the way to the hospital. Tehzeeb hugged Farhan and silently said her Namaaz. Mishti had Sarah in her lap, but closed her eyes and chanted the Gayatri mantra all the way.

They all arrived at the hospital and waited anxiously out side the operating room.
Angad sat with Farhan in his lap and arm around Tehzeeb. Tehzeeb kept blaming herself for the incident. "Tehzeeb…..yeh tho kahin bhi ho sakta tha….tumhari galti nahin hai…..aur tumhey kuch ho jaata tho main kya karta?" Angad caressed her tearfully. He was kicking himself for the lapse in security. Hariram had sneaked in with his old ID. Angad had forgotten to confiscate his ID when he had fired him from the job.

Dr Mirza was trying his best to find out the details about the cases, "goli un dono ko lagi hai, khoon bhi kaafi beh gaya hai…..hopefully they will both make it!" he reassured everyone. Mishti was devastated. She was very close to Naina and in a way blamed herself for the whole incident. If she had not pursued the photograph and letters…..then mama would have been fine…..

Aapi was the pillar of strength for all the children. She was confident that both Naina and Javed would survive this test of their love also. She thought, "yadi khuda ke paas bhi chale gaye, tho kam se kam ek saath hi jaayenge….ab unke beech yeh faasle kabhie nahin rahenge….chahe wo is zameen par rahein ya khuda ke paas."

They were informed that this heinous action was a one-man show. Hariram had managed to fool the security personnael, as he claimed he was Tanya's driver. He was upset that his idol Naina devi's son was involved with a Muslim girl. Hariram was outraged when he was fired from his job because Angad sided with a Muslim girl instead of a Hindu driver. Hariram was an unmarried man, who had recently become involved with some religious fanatic groups. His decision to use the firearms was taken solely my him-no one else from the samaj had ordered him to do so tonight.

Hariram was arrested without bail soon after the shooting.

The news of the shooting spread like wild fire. Both Hindu and Muslim leaders were outraged at the incident. As usual they pointed fingers at each other, but to their dismay, they could not escalate this incident into another riot. The Javed-Naina's love story was all over the press. They had become instant celebrities-their love was immortalized by the media; their songs had become instant hits!

The whole country came together and prayed in various mosques and mandirs for their recovery. Everyone wanted true love to triumph. It did not matter whether you were Hindu or Muslim; the public was fascinated by the unusual love story.
Tanya's music was very popular amongst the youth of the country. The fact that two lovers almost gave up their lives for her was enough for the youth to galvanize all their support for the dying lovers. Kids and young adults were seen SMS'ing each other with current updates on Javed and Naina's condition.

Angad and Tehzeeb's story also came out in the limelight. Talk shows on TV and radio discussed their love story in detail; they were being compared to legendary lovers from history. Their love story was an open book now….right from their meeting on the cruise, to Tehzeeb's hidden identity to win over her love, and then re uniting after 5 years…..everyone knew about it!

Spiritual leaders for a change were focusing on the power of love- pyar ki shakti-they were convinced that Javed and Naina's true love was so powerful that Angad and Tehzeeb were drawn to each other because of that energy, even though they were not related to their parents by bloodline, lived on opposite ends of the globe and belonged to different communities.

After 10 days of intense prayers and wishes from all over the country, Javed and Naina were finally out of danger. They made a gradual recovery over the next month. A month later, Angad and Tehzeeb brought their parents back to their respective homes. All the major news channels and newspapers covered their recovery and journey back home. The political leaders tried to cash in on this recent Hindu-Muslim harmony by trying to woo more voters in the forthcoming elections.

Some of the religious leaders were unhappy with the Hindu-Muslim love story, as they were beginning to lose some followers. They complained to the politicians and incited them to create communal tensions, but they were tongue-tied in front of the popular public opinion and media coverage.


Javed and Naina still lived in their respective homes, but decided to get their kids married as soon as possible.

Angad-Tehzeeb and Sohail-Mishti soon had a traditional Hindu wedding, followed by a nikaah performed by the Qazi at home. Their weddings received a lot of publicity and coverage in the press. People who were opposed to the interfaith weddings protested but their voices were drowned by the popular public opinion.

Javed and Naina signed contracts with various music companies. Naina dissociated herself from the Hindutva society and their proceedings. She dedicated her time to music and recording albums with Javed.

Their children wanted Javed and Naina to get married also, but they declined, "hamare pyaar ka koi naam nahin hai bacchon…..hum chahte hain zindagi bhar is pyaar ke sahare hi zinda rahein, par kisi bandhan ke bina…hum dost aur ek doosre ke humdard ban kar hi jeeye…..ab hamari umr ishq ladhaane ke liye nahin hai……ek doosre ka saath mil gaya, wo hi bahut hai…" Javed said.

Naina looked at all of them, "tum sab ne yeh dikha diya hai ki pyaar ki taaqat se insaan koi bhi faasla tai kar sakta hai…..mujhey tum sab par bahut garv hai…," she hugged Tehzeeb and kissed her forehead. Angad, Mishti and Sohail joined her in the embrace too.

Naina added, "main chahti hoon ki Sarah aur Farhan ko kuch din hamare paas chhod do…aur tum sab apne honeymoon par chale jao….."

Angad winked at Tehzeeb and whispered in her ear, "idea bura nahin hai…last time tho cheating kar li thi…" Tehzeeb just blushed and lowered her eyes.

Sohail and Mishti went to Thailand for their weeklong honeymoon.

Angad decided to surprise Tehzeeb.

They drove to an unknown destination. Angad blindfolded Tehzeeb and carried her to a boat at the pier.

"Ab aankhein khol lo…" he removed her blindfold. Tehzeeb was pleasantly surprised and ran inside the boat, "tumhey kaise pata ki mujhey yahan honeymoon manana hai?"

Angad hugged her from behind, "tumhare dil ki har baat pehle main sunta hoon…phir kahin aur jaati hai…."

"Accha? Aisi baat hai? Tho yeh batao main kya soch rahi hoon?" Tehzeeb teased him

Angad turned her around and held her close to him, "yahi ki doosre bacche ke liye tayyari kab shuru karein?"

"Tumhara bas chale tho hum hamesha tayyari hi karte rahein…" Tehzeeb hit him playfully

"Well…jitni practice karenge, utni hi kaamyaabi milegi humein…" Angad kissed her neck and ears.

Tehzeeb moaned a little and softly uttered, "practice tho theek hai…par zyaada kaamyaabi nahin chahiye mujhey….." she gave out a faint laugh and freed herself

"Arre…Tehzeeb aise mat tadpao please…..kahan jaa rahi ho princess?" Angad pleaded

Tehzeeb went to the control room and started the engine of the boat.

"Wow! Yeh kahan se seekha?" Angad marveled at his wife's newly acquired skill

"Aakhir main ek ex-Navy officer ki biwi hoon…..," she cranked up the engine and accelerated the boat into the water. After they had sailed a few minutes, she took a little hammer from the drawer and crashed the navigation system of the boat.

"Arre! Arre! Yeh kya kar rahi ho? Yeh navigation system kyon thod diya?" Angad said angrily.

Tehzeeb did not pay any heed; she took his communication radio from his pocket and threw it into the water.

Angad was flabbergasted, "T..Tehzeeb…yeh kya kar rahi ho? Ab hum wapas kaise jaayenge? We will never find our way back!"

Tehzeeb brushed off the dust from her hands and circled her arms around Angad's neck, "Exactly captain! I am making sure that no one can find us or rescue us this time…..I want a real honeymoon….just you and me….humein koi bhi yahan dhoond na sake…."

Angad's anger melted and he could not help smiling, "bahut shaitaan ho tum…..ab iska ilaaj bhi mujhey hi karna padhega!" He kissed her lips passionately and carried her inside the bedroom in the boat.

He placed her on the bed and pressed his body on top of her, "aise mazaak ki bahut mehngi keemat chukaani padhegi tumhey…."

"I am ready captain…..mooh maanga inaam milega.." she rolled off from under him and teased him to come get her.

Angad grabbed her wrists and pulled her over him, "mooh maanga inaam? Really? Baad mein mukar mat jaana," he kissed her and whispered softly.

"maang kar tho dekho…" Tehzeeb moaned in pleasure

"mujhey tumhara saath har janam mein chahiye……tum hamesha meri hi rehna…," he whispered as he gently peeled her clothes.

"captain…..your wish is my command…." She nibbled at his ear and drove him into a frenzy

song in background as they enjoy seven days of bliss away from the world:
"tera saath hai kitna pyara" from "jaanbaaz"

tera saath hai itana pyaara -2
kam lagta hai jeevan saara
tere milan ki lagan mein
hamein aana padega duniya mein dubaara -2

maine tan man tujh par vaara
pyaas bujhi na karke nazaara
tere milan ki lagan ...

jitni tujhamein hai ada ( utni hi vafa ) -2
jitna jahaan mein pyaar hai ( tujhse mujhe mila ) -2
badhti hi jaaye ye betaabi badhti jaaye ye betaabi
jitana karoon nazaara
hamein aana padega ...

pyaar ke ek ek pal pe hain ( sau jeevan qurbaan ) -2
pyaar kabhi marta nahi ( marte hain insaan ) -2
pyaar usi ka jeevan hai jo tere saath guzaara
hamein aana padega ...

Soon after their honeymoon, both Tehzeeb and Mishti were pregnant.
Nine months later, Mishti had a son who they named "Atif Rohan Mirza"
Angad and Tehzeeb had a daughter, "Diya Laraib Khanna!"


I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for all your ideas, suggestions and encouragement, without which I could not have continued this story.

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Clap superb honii ..i was out just read left parts and end superbbbbbb waiting for u next dhamaka LOL LOL

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