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Faasle-ff based on KYPH pt46, 47 END (Page 2)

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Tehzeeb ran back to her cabin. She was still upset over the dancing incident. This time she was upset at herself for getting carried away and putting herself in such a vulnerable position. She realized that although the stories of her friends having flings and dates on vacations sounded very exotic to her, but in reality it was not her idea of romance and excitement. She could still feel the Spanish man's hands over her body-it was disgusting…. thoroughly disgusting…..thank God Angad came to her rescue!

She jumped into the shower trying to remove any memories of Ricardo's touch from her body. She thought about Angad…..may be it was not a bad thing that he was also on the ship…so what if it reminded her of being under her dad's constant scrutiny, but there was something about Angad that made her feel secure in these foreign surroundings.

She tried to sort out her feelings and changed into a knee length light blue sleeveless dress with matching accessories.

She walked out of her cabin and looked at the calendar of events on the ship.

She decided to join a group of young girls who were taking ballroom dance classes.

She met a few American girls from Chicago. She struck a rapport with them and decided to join them at their dinner table that night.

The dinner on the cruise was a 4 course exquisite affair. Everyone was dressed in his or her best; very different from the wild crowd on the deck she had seen earlier in the day.

Tehzeeb spotted Angad in his crisp white uniform talking to guests on a different table. She was surprised that he was at ease with people from all types of backgrounds. She had heard him speak fluent Spanish earlier today, and at that moment he was entertaining a group of Arabic passengers.

The girls on her table were whispering and going ga-ga over the different officers in uniform in the dining hall.

"Hey check that Indian guy…..isn't he cute?" said Bethany, one of the girls on Tehzeeb's table.

"I think he is a killer… charming and such a gentleman….he helped me carry all my shopping today….," Michelle added.

Tehzeeb was surprised, "tho iska matlab Angad sab ko help kar raha hai….main soch rahi thi ki wo sirf mere peeche peeche aa raha hai…"

"Hey Tehzeeb! You must speak his language….have you talked to him?" Bethany asked

Tehzeeb blushed unknowingly, "Oh…ya…..just here and there…."

"I would love to go out with him!" Kathy, another girl in the group added, "you know I once dated an Indian guy in school…they are the best kissers…."

All the girls laughed and looked at Tehzeeb, "hey Tehzeeb….tell us whether he is a hot kisser…I bet he would love to go out with you…" Michelle teased her.

Tehzeeb was now red with embarrassment, "I..I don't date guys….I mean I am not allowed to…."

"Oh …sorry….I know I have a friend from Pakistan…her parents don't let her date either…..well…maybe that handsome Indian guy will date me then.." Kathy laughed.

Tehzeeb was a little disappointed at Kathy's comment. Somehow, Tehzeeb had assumed that Angad would only pay attention to her; she could not fathom the thought of other women wanting his attention….aakhir kyun …wo mera lagta hi kya hai?…Main tho usey jaanti bhi nahin…phir kyun aisa soch rahi hoon?……

Just the Angad walked to their table, "Hi ladies! I hope you are enjoying the food tonight….we have a gourmet French chef tonight who has prepared the meal specially for us….enjoy your dinner…," he just bowed and took leave, without glancing even once at Tehzeeb.

All the girls ooh-ed and aah-ed after he left, but Tehzeeb felt a little left out as he did not even acknowledge her presence.

After dinner, they all decided to go and check the casino out. Cruise ships usually have large casinos on board which helps them make a large amount of money.

Tehzeeb saw Angad at the door of the dining hall, wishing people as they left. "Let's go to the Casino…" she said loudly as they exited, hoping Angad would hear her. She glanced sideways, but saw that he was engrossed in a conversation with another gentleman.

At the casino, her newfound friends disappeared in the crowd. Tehzeeb had never gambled before and looked lost amongst the various slot machines, black jack tables, Russian roulette tables.

She purchased a few coins and settled in front of a slot machine.

She kept playing for a few minutes, but had no luck. Just as she was about to leave, a handsome Italian man approached her, "Bon journo Bambina…..c'mon let me show you how to play….I am Romano!" he introduced himself and sat down next to Tehzeeb.

He started playing with her coins and to her surprise, her fate changed suddenly. The slot machine started spitting out a lot of coins in return. She was impressed.

"Romano….you are really good!"

"I know bambina…..let's buy some more coins….can I get you a drink?"

"No thanks…" she said

"OK…I will get some for myself…"

Romano came back with 2 glasses. He gave her one glass, "don't worry…it is just coke…"

Tehzeeb accepted the glass and started playing again. They kept winning and Tehzeeb got addicted to the machine. She realized that she was getting a little light headed, but was enjoying her winnings so much that she did not want to quit.

Romano kept buying more coins with Tehzeeb's account and kept refilling her 'coke.'

Before she knew it, Tehzeeb had spent almost $ 5000.00 on the slot machine. Romano kept collecting her winning coins and exchanged them for dollars at the counter.

"Let's go bambina…." Romano finally said, after he realized that Tehzeeb was completely smashed from the drug he had mixed in her drink, and he was $5000.00 richer that night.

Tehzeeb tried to get up and slurred, "Romano let's play mmmore…I have lot's of mmmoney….mmy dad is very rrrich…"

Romano had a wicked smile on his face, 'OK..bambina…give me your room card…I will buy more coins…"

As Tehzeeb was about to take her room card out, someone caught her wrist.

"Mr Romano, you have an urgent matter to attend to….please go to the cash register…" Angad spoke firmly. Tehzeeb looked up with blurry eyes, "tum yahan kya kar rahe ho….baar baar mere peeche kyon aa jaate ho….?" Before she could complete her sentence, she passed out in Angad's arms.

Angad supported her and helped her walk towards the elevator. She kept collapsing in his arms, holding on tightly to his shirt. Angad finally picked her up with both his arms and took the elevator to her cabin. He placed her down and looked for her room cardkey. He remembered seeing it in her hand just before he had grabbed her wrist.

He checked his pockets and checked her purse, "kahan gaya? Abhi tho iske haath mein tha..," he finally saw that Tehzeeb had tucked the cardkey inside her blouse, resting on her bosom.

Angad tapped Tehzeeb, "please apni keys de do…room kholna hai…," but Tehzeeb was completely smashed.

Angad gradually advanced his hand to pull out the key from inside her blouse. His fingers felt a tingle as they gently brushed against her skin. He felt his face flushing when he pulled out the key and opened the door.

He carried her to her bed, removed her sandals and purse. He covered her with a blanket and sat down beside her. She looked so innocent, almost like an angel while sleeping.

"Kyun kar rahi ho yeh sab? Kitni bholi aur ziddi ho tum…par jaane kyun phir bhi tumhey is buri duniya se bachaane ka mann karta hai….kyun main tumhare paas rehna chahta hoon…..kyun tumhara hona chahta hoon….hamesha ke liye…..," he gently bent over and kissed her forehead. Tehzeeb moaned in her sleep as her lips broke out into a gentle smile as his lips brushed against her skin.

He got up and saw that Tehzeeb's room was a mess. Her bag was wide open, with her passport, cash, clothes and an envelope all scattered around. He gathered all her belongings and put them away carefully. He made sure that her passport and travel documents were all secured in the closet carefully. He finally picked the envelope and saw the Istanbul address on it. He opened the envelope and saw the photograph. It was a photograph of an elderly couple. He saw the letter enclosed inside. It was written in Urdu, but fortunately Angad was fluent in many languages. He was familiar with the Urdu script. Tehzeeb's grandmother wrote the letter to her son, Javed. In the letter, her grandmother was urging Javed to come and meet her and Tehzeeb's grandfather in Istanbul. Looked like Tehzeeb's grandfather was terminally ill and his last wish was to meet his son and grand daughter.

Angad had tears in his eyes as he folded the letter, "tho Tehzeeb iss liye apney ghar se itni door aayi hai….," he put the envelope safely in the closet and looked at Tehzeeb.

"Tehzeeb…main promise karta hoon ki tumhey tumhari manzil tak pahuncha kar hi rahoonga…yeh mera vaada hai…."

As he left her cabin, he remembered this old George Michael song: "father figure"

Father Figure

That's all I wanted, something special,
Something sacred in your eyes,
For just one moment, to be bold and naked
At your side

Sometimes I think that you'll never understand me
Maybe this time is forever, say it can be

That's all you wanted, something special,
Someone sacred in your life
Just for one moment, to be warm and naked
At my side

Sometimes I think that you'll never understand me
But something tells me together, we'd be happy

I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher)
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
till the end of time

That's all I wanted
But sometimes love can be mistaken for a crime
That's all I wanted just to see my baby's blue EYES shine
This time I think that my lover understands me
If we have faith in each other
Then we can be strong

I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
till the end of time

If you are the desert, I'll be the sea
If you ever hunger - hunger for me
Whatever you ask for, that's what I'll be

So when you remember the ones who have lied
Who said that they cared
But then laughed as you cried
Beautiful darling, don't think of me

Because all I ever wanted
It's in your eyes baby, baby
And love can't lie, no...
(Greet me with the eyes of a child)
My love is always telling me so
(Heaven is a kiss and a smile)
Just hold on, hold on
I won't let you go, my baby

I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
So I am gonna love you
till the end of time
I will be your father
I will be your preacher
I'll be your daddy
I will be the one who loves you
till the end of time…to be continued….

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oh angad is such a darling good parts............but can being a muslim she could fall for hindu guy .... Confused

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Originally posted by cute_face86

oh angad is such a darling good parts............but can being a muslim she could fall for hindu guy .... Confused


well Amna, love has no religion, that is why this is an iterfaith love story. let's see what hurdles they will face later
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The next day Tehzeeb woke up almost at noon. She got up and looked outside her cabin window. She was surprised to see that the ship was no longer moving. She looked at the schedule on her dresser, "Monte Carlo! Wow, I should get ready and go out!"

She quickly showered and changed into a yellow skirt and red sleeveless top (imagine Neha at the ALS function last year). She picked her sunglasses and purse and headed to the lobby. She was not surprised that the ship looked deserted; most of the passengers had already disembarked and were enjoying their day in Monte Carlo.

She went to the reception, "excuse me, how do I get to the mainland?"

"sorry ma'am, all our transport boats have already left, you will have to wait for an hour or so, may be another boat might take the left over passengers. Tehzeeb was disappointed; she had heard so much about this small independent state in Europe, Monaco. It sounded like a fairy-tale location- beautiful beaches, mountains, castles, royalty….. "kaash main itni der tak soti nahin rehti….kal raat kya hua tha?"

"Raat ka nasha utar gaya?" a husky voice greeted her from behind, as if reading her mind.

She turned around and saw Angad standing with a smile on his face, his cap and sunglasses in his hand. He had just come back after dropping some passengers to the shore.

"Nasha?" she acted ignorant

"Well, here are your winnings from last night…." Angad handed her a voucher from the Casino.


"Yes, it was quite an ordeal to extract this from Mr. Romano…..lagta hai uss Italian ne aap par kuch jaadu kar diya tha kal raat…."

"What?" Tehzeeb touched her head, as she felt a little giddy when she recalled last night's events, "kya hua tha kal raat?"

"Wohi jo har masoom, bigdi hui ameer ladki ke saath hota hai…..koyi aapko bewkoof banaakar aapka sab kuch lootney ke chakkar mein tha…."

"Lootkar? Kya loota tha usney?" Tehzeeb sounded scared at what sin she might have committed last night.

"Sab kuch…." Angad was having fun seeing her tense expression.

"Please Angad…sach sach bataiye…..kya hua tha?" she sounded impatient

"I am sorry, but…." Angad paused as he saw tears rolling down her eyes. His heart melted as he saw her tears.

"Nahin…kuch nahin hua tha….Romano ne aapki drink mein kuch mila diya tha….iss liye aapko kuch yaad nahin…main aapko wapas aapke cabin mein le gaya tha…." Angad reassured her.

"Aap le gaye the? Lekin kaise?"

"Aeroplane mein!" he said sarcastically, "aap theek thaak pahunch gayi na….ab kya matlab kaise pahunchi…"

Tehzeeb felt a little embarrassed, but thanked him silently and put her voucher in her purse.

She was about to leave, when Angad stopped her, "kya Monte Carlo nahin dekhna?"

"Haan…I really want to, par saari boats jaa chuki hain…"

"Don't worry…aap mere saath chal sakthi hain….ship par ab koyi passengers nahin hain….I will take you if you don't mind…"

Angad saw the glitter in her eyes, as he offered to take her to the shore.

Angad helped her into the tiny motorboat and then sped off towards the shore. The beautiful scenery ahead of her mesmerized Tehzeeb. The view coming into the sheltered harbor was spectacular. The city was spread out over the rock and into the sea.

"Duniya mein kahin jannat hai tho wo yahan hai!" she exclaimed with her mouth open.

Angad admired her childlike excitement as they approached the harbor. He thought, "Tum jahan bhi ho, mere liye tho wo hi jannat hai…."

Tehzeeb took her camera out and started clicking some pictures. After taking some beautiful shots of the city, she focused on Angad when he was looking away. She could not help noticing that he looked so dashing in his uniform and sunglasses as he steered the boat closer to the shore. He was very much in control of the boat, and the ease with which he maneuvered it, told her that he was indeed a good Naval officer.

He held out his hand and helped her step outside the boat. He enjoyed holding her tiny soft hands in his strong but callused hands from all the years of training at the Naval academy. He thought, "Aisa kyun lagta hai ki yeh haath hamesha mere haathon mein hi rahe?"

"Aapne kuch kaha?" Tehzeeb asked

"Nahin….aapko company chahiye tho main aapke saath kuch der chal sakta hoon, kyunki abhi ship par wapas nahin jaana hai…"

Tehzeeb was surprised by her reply, "that would be great!"

Tehzeeb had started enjoying the attention she was getting from Angad. The earlier irritation from his constant interference was now vanishing as she had started appreciating his helping and caring attitude.

They started walking towards the city.

Tehzeeb kept taking pictures and said, "You know Angad, Monte Carlo is very tiny-only about two miles long. It sits on a large rock named Mont Des Mules."

"You know a lot about this tiny place," Angad marveled at her knowledge

"Yes, I have always wanted to come here….I love history…it was my favorite subject in school……you know Monte Carlo is a very old port, it was first mentioned in the records back in 43 BC, when Caesar concentrated his fleet there while waiting in vain for Pompey. The history of the ruling Grimaldi family and the surrounding area is fascinating and dates back centuries. The Grimaldi's still rule this place, isn't that amazing?" She continued

"History WAS? You are still in college, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am," she said sadly, "but my Abbu wants me to major in business. I hate finance and math, par kya karoon?"

Angad was surprised that Tehzeeb had finally opened up to him a little, "Kya aapne apne Abbu se kabhi kaha hai ki aap business nahin karna chahti…"

"Aap mere Abbu ko jaante nahin hain…wo meri kabhie nahin sunengey.."

"Iss liye aap ghar se bhaag kar aayi hain?" he came closer and looked into her eyes.

Tehzeeb lowered her eyes and tried to change the subject, "Oh…you know the story of the famous Grace Kelly…don't you?"

"Aapne kabhi socha hai aapke ghar waale kitney pareshaan hongey?" Angad was persistent.

"Angad…please I don't want to talk about my family…..aapko mere saath chalna hai tho please don't ask any personal questions!" she said angrily.

"OK..your highness!" Angad sighed

She laughed, "Highness?"

"After all we are amongst royalty!" he chuckled back.

Tehzeeb walked ahead and took some pictures of the beautiful gardens and streets.

"Angad…let's go and see The Palais du Prince (Prince's Palace). It is also a must see. The Grimaldi family has ruled from the palace since 1297…."

"By the way, you know Monte Carlo is now famous for it's Casinos….you are an expert at gambling now.." Angad teased her.

"Please don't remind me about last night…..I have realized that gambling is just not my cup of tea!" she said confidently.

"Just like smoking, drinking and Spanish men!"

Tehzeeb turned red with embarrassment, "C'mon Angad! Give me a break now!"

Angad laughed and followed her towards the palace, "Waise Tehzeeb, you must be hungry….aaj breakfast tho miss kar diya na?"

"Mujhey zyaada bhookh nahin lagti…" she said

"Zaahir hai…"


"Tabhi tho itni choti si reh gayi ho…." He teased her

"Mr Khanna…blame it on my genes…OK…and don't try to parent me again….mujhey jab khana hai tab kha loongi….you don't need to worry about me.."

"OK…as you wish…" Angad put his hands up in the air.

They took a tour of the beautiful palace. Tehzeeb was fascinated by the beautiful paintings and artwork on the walls. Angad just enjoyed watching her and being with her.

As they left the palace, they climbed a hill next to it. Tehzeeb, who was now weak from not having eaten all morning, could barely walk up hill. She would of course not admit to the fact that her head was pounding and her legs were about to give in from hunger. Angad saw that she was looking pale and was struggling to climb the hill.

Angad took out an energy bar from his pocket and held it in front of Tehzeeb, "don't say no Tehzeeb….kha lo…"

There was something so authoritative about him, that Tehzeeb had no choice but to take the bar from him. She gobbled it up in no time.

Once they reached the top of the hill, they could see the harbors on either side. The view was spectacular.
Tehzeeb handed her camera to a fellow traveler, "please take our picture…"
Angad was pleasantly surprised and on an impulse placed his arm around her shoulders. She did not mind that gesture, somehow it just seemed so natural…as if it belonged there…..

Tehzeeb thanked the photographer and continued to click pictures of the beautiful harbor. She started humming a song as she clicked.
"Hmm…aap gaati bhi hain?" Angad asked

"Bas shauk hai…Abbu ne mujhey kabhi gaana seekhne nahin diya…." She said sadly

"lekin kyon?"

"Pata nahin…unhey sangeet se kuch allergy hai…"

"Accha…meri maa bahut accha gaati hai…..unhoney mujhey sikhaaney ki bahut koshish ki, par kabhi seekh nahin paaya….par tum kuch gaakar sunaayo na…"
Tehzeeb did not even notice that Angad had started addressing her as "tum"- it just seemed so natural, as if that is how it was supposed to be….

Tehzeeb was pleased that someone wanted to hear her sing. She loved to sing, but had to limit restrict her singing to the shower or few close friends, due to her father's dislike for music.

She sang; "neele neele.." from "holiday" (Angad is imagining the male part of the song)

neele neele aasmaan tale
khwaab ke ho kaafilen
chalo aaisi jagah chalen
aaisi jagah chalen
suraj chaand ke pare
pariyon ka pata milen
chalo aaisi jagah chalen
aaisi jagah chalen
jaha par shokh lehren ho
arsa hi kutch dopahren ho
daude bheegi reton par thandi raat mein
ghutnon bhar samundar naap le
tere hi sang mein
neele neele aasmaan tale
khwaab ke ho kaafilen
chalo aaisi jagah chalen

pairon mein sipi ho
aankhon mein moti
saagar se sikho toh khwaahish kya hoti
suraj ka jewar hai subaha ke maathe
ghoonghat na yeh karde keh do baadal se
dekho oss ki boonde palkein apni moondein
hai ek aaisi duniya jahaan khushiyan na dhale
aao aaj usko dhund le
tere hi sang mein
neele neele aasmaan tale
khwaab ke ho kaafilen
chalo aaisi jagah chalen

din doobey roshan ho jhilmil yeh taarein
sab mein ek sapna hai sach honge saare
raaton ka andhiyara humse kehta hai
baitho toh mere ghar chanda rehta hai
tum sang khwaab poora hai
tum bin sab adhoora hai
chahe ab yeh duniya mile ya na mile
maine toh saja li hain dil mein
tere hi sang mein
neele neele aasmaan tale
khwaab ke ho kaafilen
chalo aaisi jagah chalen
aaisi jagah chalen

…to be continued…

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Angad applauded Tehzeeb's talent, "tum sach much bahut accha gaati ho….tumharey Abbu ko samjhaana hoga ki tumhey gaane diya karein…you could even become a professional singer!"

Tehzeeb's eyes lit up, "Sach? You think I have the talent?"

"Beshaq," he smiled back

Tehzeeb's face fell after her initial excitement, "No…you don't know my Abbu…wo kabhi nahin maanengey….wo ghar par ek CD bhi nahin chalney dete….."

"Tumhey apney Abbu se apne dil ki baat zaroor kehni chahiye…main yeh maanta hoon ki duniya mein koyi bhi aise parents nahin hain jo apne bacche ki khushi nahin chahte….lagta hai tum apne Abbu se darti ho aur iss liye apne mann ki baat unsey nahin kehti….aur andar hi andar ghut-thi rehti ho…."

Tehzeeb looked at Angad with a puzzled expression, "tum kaise jaante ho yeh sab?"

"Tumhari aankhon se….wo bahut expressive hain….tumhare dil ki har baat keh deti hain…" Angad looked into her eyes and whispered.

Tehzeeb became a little conscious, "Uh..Uh…chalo neeche chalker kuch kha lete hain…I am hungry now…"

"Good! Warna mujhey lag raha tho ki apney saath saath mujhey bhi bhookha maarogi….mujhey laga tha ki kahin tumney rozae tho nahi rakhe hain…"

"Rozae? Abhi thode hi hain…."

"Tho kya tum Ramzan mein rozae rakhthi ho?"

"Haan….wo tho har acche muslim ko rakhne padhte hain…."

"Tho kya ek acche muslim ghar ki ladki wo sab kaam bhi kar sakti hai jo tumney kiye hain?"

"Angad! Please don't remind me….I have a right to try everything in life….I want to have the freedom in deciding what I want to do in life…"

"Tehzeeb…freedom tho insaan ko tab milthi hai jab wo apne dil ki awaaz sunta hai…na ki doosron ki nakal karta hai…..when you have the courage to follow your heart…that's when you attain freedom……it is the freedom from your own insecurities….!" Angad said seriously as he held her hand on the down hill course.

Tehzeeb thought about what Angad said, but hunger was clouding her thinking, and she was in no mood for a philosophical discussion, "Mr Angad Khanna….yeh Naval academy mein philosophy bhi sikhaate hain kya?… sound so profound….baap re baap….it went over my head!"

"ek din shayad samajh jaaogi…." Angad said as they reached the foot of the hill.

Angad looked around to spot a restaurant, "chalo wahan chalte hain….let's get a sandwich or something…."

"Look Angad! That is France on the other side of the road…" Tehzeeb pulled his hand and pointed at a sign. Angad was pleasantly surprised to see her hold his hand with both her hands so possessively, as if trying to hold on to them, not wanting to let go…..

"You know Angad….. the relationship between Monaco and France is an interesting one. Any new law passed in France is automatically sent to the Prince of Monaco. If he likes it, it becomes a law in Monaco. If not, it doesn't……"

"Kinda like your relationship with your Abbu…." Angad teased her.

"Angad! Tum baar baar mere Abbu ko beech mein kyon le aate ho….jaante ho wo meri zabardast kisi aur se shaadi karwana chahte hain…aur tum unko defend karte rehte ho…."

"Oh really? I am sure he has selected a suitable boy for his little princess…"

"Suitable? My foot! Main tho usey jaanti bhi nahin…..I just don't feel that way about him…"

Angad came closer and whispered in her ear, "tho kis ke baare mein aisa sochti ho?"

Tehzeeb was a little taken aback by his proximity, "Uh..Uh…abhi koyi aisa mila nahin hai….," she said softly looking away.

"Kaise pata chalega tumhey ki tumhey tumhara prince charming mil gaya hai?" he asked inquisitively.

"Main usey dekhtey hi samajh jaaoongi…..chalo ab kuch order karo please…I am famished!"

Angad grinned at her innocence but was pleased that she was no longer formal with him and was giving him orders as if it was her right-of course it was-he thought.

Angad ordered sandwiches and drinks for both of them and they sat down on the open patio of the restaurant.

"Angad…tum ship par kab se kaam karte ho?" Tehzeeb asked as she bit into her sandwich.

Angad was enjoying watching her eat so ardently; he could tell she really needed that meal. He was startled at her question, "Oh…. Main? Yeh mera pehla cruise hai…main Navy mein officer hoon…par vacation par tha tho yeh temporary job le liya…."

"Vacation par bhi kaam kar rahe ho? Are you crazy?" Tehzeeb asked

"Yadi yeh job nahin leta tho tumse mulaqat kaise hoti?" Angad did not want to tell Tehzeeb about his mother's illness and his dire need for money.

"Yeah right! Yeh line kisi aur ko bolna officer……" Tehzeeb rolled her eyes, but in reality was elated by his reply.

After lunch, Angad got up and put on his cap, "It was a pleasure to hang out with you Tehzeeb…I need to head to the boat now….you can stroll around for another couple hours, we will not leave before 6 in the evening."

"phir tum kyon itni jaldi jaa rahe ho?" Tehzeeb could not hide her disappointment in her voice.

Angad was pleased that she enjoyed his company, "Well, Ms Tehzeeb…as you know I am not on vacation….," he saluted her by gently lifting his cap and walked towards the harbor.

Tehzeeb did not know why, but she had a strong urge to follow him back to the ship. She resisted and turned around to walk towards the city. She looked back, hoping that Angad would change his mind and come back. There was something so amicable about him…..he made her feel so secure…..she felt like a free bird when she was with him…….she could be herself with him…..she did not have to impress or please him…..was that the freedom he was talking about?

…to be continued…..
Part 7

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Originally posted by srk1


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i have just read ur fanfic it's really gr8

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