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Update for Tumhari Disha - 08th Dec

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Posted: 08 December 2004 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
Boring Episode....................DK in only 1 scene ( ) But anyway
here goes......

The episode begins with DK burning the legal document which Disha was
about to sign which would have made Disha and DK's marriage null &
void. Disha shivers under DK's intense gaze! DK's dialouges:

DK to Disha: Tumhari himmat kaise hui, Disha, is kagaz par sign karne
ki? Tumhain kya laga, tum ek kagaz ke tukde par sign kardogi aur
mujhse aazad ho jaogi! (Gives his sexy, evil smirk!) Itna aasnan
nahin hai DK Sehgal se door jaana. Tum meri patni ho, Disha aur yeh
baat tum kabhi mat bhoolna. Jab tak main na chahoon, tum hain mujhse
koi bhi alag nahin karsakta (Gives a pause and gets that intense,
smouldering look in his eyes)............Bhagwan Bhi Nahin!

TRANSLATION: How dare you do sign this paper Disha? What did you
think, that by signing in a piece of paper, you will be free from me.
It is not so easy to get away from DK Sehgal. You are my wife, Disha
and never forget this ever. Till I desire, no one can seperate me
from you, not even God.

DK then turns and gives a nasty look at Sanya who has thankfully
stopped crying and has the most shocked look on her silly little
face! DK goes foward (he has his back behind Disha, Dev and Sanya
now), his hands are black because of the ash left behind, he folds
his fists forcefully and without looking back tells Dev to clean up
the room of the mess. Disha keeps looking at DK with a stunned look
and her eyes have this "OMG, What did he just say?" type of a look!

In the next scene, DK is sitting in his bedroom (thankfully the
interiors have changed and the room looks worthy of our DK now!)
working very intently on his laptop. Sanya comes marching inside and
starts off:

Sanya to DK (who doesn't look at her): Kya main pooch sakti hoon, ke
yeh kya ho raha hai? Tum nain Disha ko woh contract kyon sign nahin
karne diya, use Jala dala?

TRANSLATION: Can I ask you, what the hell is happening. Why did'nt
you let Disha sign the document, why did you burn it?

DK (still working on his Comp, in a very relaxed voice): Yeh sawal
toh mujhe karna chahiye tumse. Tum nain kis se pooch kar woh contract
Disha ko diya, uske sign ke liye?

TRANSLATION: I think I am the one who should ask this question. With
who's permission did you give that contract to Disha.

Sanya (I found her very amusing in this scene!): Main tumhain test
karna chahati thi DK. Dekhna chahati thi ki tumhara Disha ke liye
pagalpan kam hone ke bajaye bad toh nahi raha, aur ab mujhe poora
yakin ho gaya hai, ki tumhain Disha se pyaaar ho gaya hai. Isi liye
tumnain shoot cancel karwaya, isi liye tumnain mere diye hue contract
ko jala dala. (Sanya is totally frustrated and irritated)

TRANSLATION: I just wanted to test you DK. Wanted to see if your
obession for Disha is on the decline, but as I have seen it, its
getting worse day by day. I am now very sure that you are in love
with Disha. That is why you cancelled the shoot, that is why you
burnt the contract.

DK: (Now gets an impatient "Oh just lay off" kind of a look on his
face) Sanya, please don't start off again. Tum mujhe acchi tarah
jaanti ho, mujhe in insaani jazbaato se nafrat hai........aur jahan
tak Disha ki baat hai, main use itni aasnai se nahin jaane doonga.
(He does not look at Sanya directly & it becomes very apparent to the
viewers that he is lying) Disha ka kaam toh maine kar diya, ab uski
baari hai mera kaam karne ki. Uske baad, main apni raah aur Disha

TRANSLATION: Sanya, please don't start off again. You know me well
enough to know that how much I hate these emotions and stuff (Liar,
Liar!!!) And as far as Disha is concerned, I don't want to let her
off this easily, after all the headache that she has given me. Disha
has got her job done, now it is time for her to pay up. Once she has
done what is required of her, I will go my way and Disha can go her's.

Sanya: (With a sarcastic tone and expression) Agar aisi baat hai DK,
toh tumnain yeh shoot kyon cancel kiya. Wah, tumhara toh koi jawab hi
nahin hai DK. Disha modelling karna nahin chahati, tum usse modelling
karvana nahin chahte.......yeh kis se jhoot bol rahe ho
DK.................tum Disha se alag nahin ho sakte, kyon ki tum usse
alag hona hi nahin chahate.

TRANSLATION: Well if this is the case then why did you cancel the
shoot. Wow, this is great, Disha does not want to model and you won't
make her do the modelling. Whom are you lying to DK, just admit it,
you don't want to get seperated from Disha at all.

DK: (Now really irritated and trying his best to shun Sanya off) Tum
kyon is baat ko leke peeche pad gayi ho. Mujhe backdrop accha nahin
laga, is liye maine shoot cancel karva diya. Ab please, mujhe
pareshaan mat karo, mujhe bahut kaam hai. (Starts working very
furiously on his laptop)

TRANSLATION: Why the hell are you after this issue, Sanya. I didn't
like the backdrop, hence I cancelled the shoot. Now stop pestering me
and just leave me alone, I have got lots of work to catch up on.

Sanya : (In a "Oh forget it, why am I pestering him" type of a mode)
Accha, bhool jaate hai Disha ko, chalo Imperial Garden Chalte hain,
hamara favourite hotspot (in her silly, seductive style)......tumhain
Chinese bahut pasand hai na?

TRANSLATION: Ok, lets just forget Disha and go to Imperial Garden for
a quick bite. You love Chinese, don't you?

DK: (Sanya places her hands around him and DK looks increasingly
uncomfortable and pushes her away gently) Sanya Please......mujhe
akela chod do, mujhe bhook nahin hain aur main bahut busy hoon.
(Sanya is now really irritated and tries to coax him, DK then gets up
and tells her in a controlled, calm and polite voice) Sanya, please
mujhe kuch dino ke liye akela chod do, I need some space. (DK has
a "Please don't ask me anymore questions Sanya, just leave me alone)
Sanya has a "I can't belive this man" look on her face and just
stomps off the room in rage.

TRANSLATION: Sanya please, just leave me alone, I am not hungry and I
am really busy. Sanya, please, I want to be left alone for a few day.

The rest of the episode was a bore except the last scene. Hence I am
just jotting down what happened, except the last scene which I will
give in dialouge format again.

Inder and Ranu are getting married today and Inder comes to the
Bhosale house to meet Suhas. Suhas gets very tensed at seeing Inder
and asks him whether he has come to meet Ranu. Inder says that he
wanted to speak to Suhas before talking to Ranu. Inder says that
Suhas was well aware of Disha and Inder's relationship before Disha's
marriage. He says that he does not want to start a new life with Ranu
on the basis of a lie. He tells a shocked Suhas that he is still
deeply in love with Disha and that it is not possible for him to
forget her in this life, he says that he is very fond of Ranu and if
he does not tell her about Disha and himself and if Ranu finds it out
after their marriage, their whole life will be spent in the shawdow
of Disha's sacrifice and that Ranu will never be able to forgive
Inder and Suhas for this. Suhas tries to convince Inder that if he
tells the truth to Ranu, she will not just back out of the marriage,
she might never marry all her life. Suhas says that Ranu is extremely
attached to Disha and is deeply in love with Inder, she will never be
able to withstand this truth. Inder remains adamant & says that he
won't be able to marry Ranu without telling her about Disha and him.
Just then Suhas and Inder see Ranu standing outside the room and has
listened to the entire conversation. As a stunned Inder and Suhas
look on, Ranu rushes out and stumbles down the stairs and faints.
Suhas suddenly realizes that this was just her imagination. She
somehow manages to convince Inder to go home and promises him that he
will be able to tell Ranu the truth before they get married today.
Inder who is not at all convinced agrees half-heartedly and goes back
home. Suhas then stands infront of Vijay's photograph and talks to
him saying that what she is about to do is a crime and she knows it,
but being a Mother, she has no other option. She tells Vijay's photo
that she knows Vijay wanted Disha and Inder to get married, but it
could not happen, she says that today Ranu and Inder are getting
married and she will not let Disha's shadow ruin their lives.

Suhas calls up Disha who is elated at hearing her mother's wife (poor
girl ) and thinks that Suhas called up to invite her for Ranu's
wedding. As a heart-broken Disha listens to Suhas spewing Venom on
Disha, Suhas tells Disha that Inder wants to tell Ranu about his
relationship with Disha before Disha's marriage. Suhas says that she
is ready to forgive (???) Disha for everything, if Disha can stop
Inder from doing this and get him agree for the wedding happily.
Suhas keeps the phone down and Disha is left with tears in her eyes.

In the next scene, a lot of bonhomie is going on at the Bhosale
house, where Ranu is looking very nice in a flaming mustard coloured
silk saree all dolled up for the wedding and Gautam is generally
teasing Ranu. Then bitchy aunt comes and first she is all honey and
sugar, then passes a really rotten comment by saying that its good
that Suhas did not have to give any jewellery to Disha and everything
came in Ranu's share. As a furious Ranu tries to control her temper,
bitchy aunt says that now that Disha has married a billionaire, she
will be dripping in gold & diamonds, so what if he is years elder to
her and so what if he is handicapped from one leg. Azuba, Gautam,
Suhas and Hrishikesh are thoroughly embarrased and feel awkward,
while Ranu feels very bad for Disha. Then the Bhosale parivar leave
for the court.

In the next scene (a beautiful, emotional one b/w Inder & Disha)
Disha and Inder are seen meeting someplace (at first I thought it was
DK's house, then I thought Inder simply won't have the guts to come
there ) it is a public park actually. Inder and Disha's interaction:

Inder: Disha, agar tumnain mujhe yeh batane ke liye bolaya hai, ki
main Ranu ko kuch naa bataoon, toh please, main is baare main kuch
nahin bolna chahata. Disha, yeh shaadi galat hai, Ranu ke liye, mere
liye aur tumhare liye.

TRANSLATION: Disha, if you have called me here to stop me from
telling Ranu the truth, then I don't want to talk about it. Disha,
this marriage is wrong for all of us.

Disha: Hum baar baar ek hi baat par kyon aa jate hain. Meri maang ka
sindoor dekho, Inder, meri shaadi ho chuki hai, main kisi ki patni
hoon, bhagawan ke liye aisi baatein mat karo, jisse soone main bhi
mujhe sharam aaye. Please Inder.

TRANSLATION: How many times have we been through this. Can't you see
the sindoor on my forehead. Inder, I am married, I am someone else's
wife now, for Godsake, don't say things, which I am not able to hear.

Inder: Shaadi, kaisi shaadi Disha? Tum us insaan ko apna pati maan
rahi ho jisne tumhain dard and dookh ke siwa kuch nahin diya. Main
aaj bhi tumsai pyaar karta hoon Disha and zindagi bhar karta rahoonga
(the title song plays in the background). (Inder then speaks
assertively to a stunned Disha) Chalo Disha, hum abhi Court chalte
hain, aur is shaadi ko hone se rok dete hain. Tum aaj hi DK se talaq
ki arzi de do. Jis din tum aazad ho jaaogi, main tumsain usi din
shaadi karloonga.

TRANSLATION: What marriage are we talking about Disha. You are
calling that man your husband who has given you immense pain and
grief. I am still in love with you Disha and I will always love you
all my life. Lets go to the Court and I will stop this marriage now.
You can apply for a divorce application and we will get married the
day you and DK get divorced.

Disha: (Stunned for a moment, then touched to the core with Inder's
devotion to her) Inder tum meri takat ho, mera vishwas ho, mera pyaar
ho. Maine bhi tumse bahut pyaar kiya hai Inder aur meri zindagi main
tumhari jaga koi aur nahin le sakta, magar hamare rishtey ki
paribhasha ab badal chuki hai. Ranu tumhari doolhan ban kar tumhara
intezaar kar rahi hai, Inder. Uska haat tham lo, tum hamesha kush
rahoge. Aur tum dono ko kush dekh kar, main kush rahoongi. (Gets
tears in her eyes and looks at Inder with untmost affection and love)

TRANSLATION: Inder, you are my strength, my faith and my love. Even I
love you deeply and no one will take the place you have in my heart
ever. But the defination of our relationship has changed now. Ranu is
waiting for you as your bride. Please marry her, you will both always
be very happy, and seeing you happy will make my life easier to live.

Inder: Magar Disha, hamara pyaar.........kya hamaari kahani sach main
khatam ho gayi hai. Tum kya sach main ab DK ki ho gayi ho, mera tum
par ko adhikaar nahin raha? (Gets very emotional and starts
crying......poor thing, I don't think he can ever get over Disha!)

TRANSLATION: But what about our love, has our story ended now. Are
you truly DK's now, have I lost you forever.

Disha: (Very softly in a loving manner) Pyar ka Pyar par se kabhi
adhikar nahin jaata hai Inder. Tum nain mujhe kho diya hai, magar tum
hamesha mere dil ke karib rahoge. Main aaj tumsai apni kushiya
maangne aayi hoon, Inder. Ranu se shaadi kar lo.

TRANSLATION: Inder, you may have lost me, but you are still in my
heart and will never go far from me. I am asking you for my share of
happiness today, please marry Ranu.

Inder is now extremely heartbroken and keeps his head on Disha's
shoulder and holds her shoulders and starts weeping madly ( ) Disha
at first tries her best to control herself, then she is not able to
withstand Inder's pain and holds his hands and cries

{I have a nagging suspicion, that DK will see Inder and Disha
together and will go ballistic!!! Mujhe lagta hai bechare Inder ki
baarat toh nahin, arthi zarror nikal jaayegi!!!}

lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2004 at 12:08am | IP Logged
wow Disha77.. thanks wonderful update again.. Haa agar is scene ko DK ne dekh liya to Inder ki barrat zarror nikalegi..
kline Groupbie

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Posted: 09 December 2004 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Wonderful update Disha77.

       Inder,what will happen to you now????
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2004 at 9:47am | IP Logged

wonderful update disha...

U put in lot of hardwork girl doing these updates. i feel as though I am watching them...

I hope Dk does not see this...even if he sees, I hope he does not hurt Inder...then Disha and DK's relationship will continue to be further streched with hatred and she will never be able to forgive DK...

Why is suhas so immature towards Disha. I think she knows in her inner thoughts that disha is innocent and she sacrificed..but I think it is all because Ranu loves Inder and Inder loves Disha. That is why she is all bound to spell venom on disha..


shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 December 2004 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
Thx for the great update!
I agree with smisha, i always feel like i'm watchin the show even though i've never seen 1 episode of it in ma whole entire life!

Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 09 December 2004 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
thanks Disha!
rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2004 at 5:28pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update disha77! yeah i want to see what will happen if DK sees them together!
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