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Saving Grace (Short FF)Part 21 on Page 26

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He y i have decided to start a new fanfic it is going to be very small fanfic as you all know the name is Saving Grace and I got the name from Julie Garwood's book Saving Grace. Well this fanfic is kinda a flashback, otherwise Shiv wud be makin his entry only in the 3rd or 4th part(now also he is not much in it). Hope you all like it and pls forgive me for all the mistakes and if it is boring.
S A V I N G  G R A C E

Part 1

This part has more of Shashank than Shiv, pls pls pls bear with me.

City hospital

A car followed by two  ambulance stops in front of the hospital, and four guys run towards the ambulance and two guys enter one ambulance each while the car doors open and comes out a man, two ladies and two boys. One lady is crying uncontrollably while the other lady is holding her and one of the boys is also crying  and the man is carrying him. And he turns to look at the ambulance and he sees them carrying out two unconscious men in two stretchers.

After sometime inside the hospital, both the men were taken to the operation theater. Gauri has stopped crying,  she is looking at the operation theater and is looking dazed. She could hear a lot of voices, she could hear Shaurya crying and asking her whether Papa will be fine?, she could hear Palak sitting next to her and telling her tht nothing will happen to him and he will be fine, and she could hear Anupam as he was talking to the cops in a whisper all she could make out were the names he was mentioning "Shashank Bose" "Shiv Kapoor".

"Shashank Bose"."Shiv Kapoor". When Gauri heard these names, she stopped hearing all the noises and thought of the two men who had come into her life. One she hated the most and one she loved the most. One who promised her the whole world and took away her world. One who never made any promise to her but gave her a world of happiness. One who had come into her life as a savior, whom she trusted the most, but broke her trust with0ut a thought, and the other was her Saving Grace, her husband. She thought back to the day it all had started.

Few years back, when I was just Gauri with no last name, when I was 20, when I was naive and innocent, when I used to go to sleep every night praying to God to give me a mother and a man who would always keep me happy, who could fight for me, who would fulfill all my dreams, who would........ who would just love me unconditionally, so I could tell the world that there is someone in this world who loved me and cared for me, its not as if no one loved me or cared for me, Dadi did care for me, but she cared for all the people who stayed in the orphanage with me, because the orphanage was run by her family, then there was Palak my best friend, we both grew up in the same orphanage, but she cared for me like a friend just like how Anupam cared for me. But I wanted someone to care for me the way Anupam cared for Palak. It was forgone conclusion that Anupam and Palak would get married, as they were in love since childhood. Ever since Anupam used to come with Dadi to orphanage, he used to play with us, unlike his older brother Shashank, who never talked much to the people in the orphanage on the rear occasions he came to the orphanage. Anupam was more closer to me than he was to Shashank, in fact  he was more closer to the watchman of our orphanage than he was to Shashank.

Palak and I were sitting in the coffee shop and waiting for Anupam to come.  And sitting there with Palak drinking coffee I was unaware that my life was about to change drastically, today I was supposed to go with Anupam and Palak to pick Shashank from the airport. Shashank was coming home after three long years in the U.S. He was not able to come for Dadaji's funeral few months back, so maybe thats y he is coming now. He had gone to the states to do his MBA, then after that he started looking after the business there. Since their parents passed away in a car accident they were brought up by their Dada and Dadi. Even though Dadi hated sending Shashank away, but she loved her grandsons a lot and she could never break their heart.  I was pulled out of my day dreaming when Palak pulled my hands to show me that Anupam had reached and he is waiting outside in the car for us.

Later in the car, Palak was sitting in the front and Anupam was driving, leaving me alone in the back.  Palak and Anupam were talking and laughing and pulling each others cheeks. I smile looking at them, but couldn't help feeling a little bit jealous thinking when will I get the man of my dreams. Finally we reach the airport, and we all get out of the car, and Anupam immediately spots Shashank who waiting for us outside the airport.  He points to wards Shashank and then call out his name loudly and Shanshank looked at us, and waved at us as to indicate that he saw us, and he started walking towards us my hear started beating, I still don't know why, maybe because he was the most handsomest man I have ever seen in my entire life.

Anupam: Sorry we r late.
Shashank: Thats okay.
Anupam: Bhai this is Palak, my girl.
Shashank smiles at Palak and Palak starts blushing when Anupam introduced her as my girl.
Anupam: And this is Gauri, my best friend, u know more like a sister.
Gauri: Hi!!!
Shashank looked at me first in confusion, then he smiled, his smile resembled the way we smile when we find something we were looking for.
Shanshank: From the orphanage??
Gauri: Yeah.
His smile even widened and he puts his hands forward: Its great to meet u again.

We decided to leave, Palak was about to sit behind with me when Shashank stopped her.
Shashank:  Palak, y don't you sit in the front with Anupam, I am sure you would prefer that.
Palak blushes and sits in front, while Shashank sat with me in the back and we both started talking, mainly Shashank asking questions about me and me answering, I was a little confused with Shashank's interest in me and my personal life.After that, whenever Anupam came to meet Palak and me Shashank also came with him and while Anupam and Palak goes off to romance Shashank and I used to talk. And without much delay I fell in love with him. But never had the courage to tell him.

Then came my birthday, the day I was brought to the orphanage was considered to be my birthday, and Palak and Anupam gave me a gold chain, which had "Gauri" written in it, asking me never to take it off. Then came the biggest suprise of my life, Shashank gave me a ring and went down on his knees and asked me to be his wife. And I agreed, and within a week we got married with Dadi's blessings. And I became the luckiest girl in the world. I became Mrs Gauri Shashank Bose.

Part 2

My life was perfect, now I had a family. A husband who loved me a lot, a dadi, a brother who was also my best friend. And life became even more perfect when Anupam married Palak a month after Shashank's and my marriage. If anything was lacking in my life then it was a baby.  Ever since we got married, Shashank wanted to have a baby, and its been three months since our marriage and I was not pregnant yet. Shashank started getting really depressed.

One day I was alone in our house as dadi had gone to the orphanage, Shashank to office and Anupam and Palak had gone to U.K, as Anupam was in charge of some project which was based in the U.K, and he and Palak would be back only after 6 months. And I was thinking about my life, unaware of the fact that my life was gonna change this very day, and was thinking how four months back all I knew about Shashank was tht he was Anupam's elder brother and now he has become the biggest part of my life. Suddenly I started getting a little dizzy, and I sat down for sometime, and after sometime I was fine. And I started getting excited, thinking that finally God has heard my prayers and I was pregnant. I decided to go to the hospital without informing Shashank, as I didn't want him to be disappointed if I was not pregnant.

Three hours later, I got the results that I was pregnant, and I was so happy and I wanted to share this news with Shashank as soon as possible, and decided to head home and suddenly my cell started ringing.
Anupam and Palak: GAURI!!!!
Anupam: Gauri guess what??
Gauri: What??
Anupam: We r gonna have a baby!!Palak is pregnant!!!
Gauri: Ohmigod!!!U guys thats so cool!!!! Even I am....(I was about to tell that even I was pregnant, then I decided against it as I wanted to tell Shashank first about it.)I am so happy for u guys!!!
Palak: We wanted to tell you first, and we called up home, and dadi told us that u had gone out, and we told her about it, and she is so happy.
Gauri: Okay I gotta go home now, and I will call you people later...okay?
Palak: Alright!!!Bye!!!
Anupam:Bye Gauri...eh bhabhi!!!
Gauri laughs: Bye bye!!!

After sometime I reached home. And Shashank was home and he looked angry.
Gauri: Shashank, guess what?
Shashank really angry: I know Palak is pregnant!!!
Gauri(well I was about to tell him that I am pregnant, anyway): Isn't it great???
Shashank started screaming:GREAT???(And he threw away the glass he was holding.)U think that is great news???Anupam is going to get the entire property now and u think that is GREAT NEWS????
Gauri(shocked): Property???What are you talking about??
: According to Dadaji's will his first
born great grand son of the family gets the entire property.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, now I knew why he wanted to have a baby so fast, why he was always depressed whenever he found out that I was not pregnant. He didn't want a baby, he wanted the property and my baby was the key to the properties.
Gauri: Is that why u wanted to have a baby?
Shashank:YES!!!And that is why I even married you!!!If it wasn't for the property do you even think I would even look at you??
Suddenly someone knocked at the door and as I saw Ipshitha, Shashank's secretary standing there.
Shashank: You,(I turned to look at Shashank and realized that he was talking to me.) get out of my life.
Dadi: What are you saying Shashank???She is your wife.

I saw Dadi standing there with tears in her eyes, I don't know when she got there.
Shashank: Wife????She is not my wife!!!
Dadi: What??
Shashank: Yeah thats true!!!Ipshtiha is my wife. We got married when we were in US, and Ipshitha couldn't have babies and we decided to use somebody and when I met Gauri in the airport I knew that she is the perfect girl, as she is an orphan and so there will be no one in my way when I divorce her. But marrying her was the biggest,  mistake of my life. Now get the hell out of my life.

I watched Ipshitha walking towards my husband and hugging him. I saw my dreams, my life shatter into pieces, and all I could do was watch it helplessly.I could hear Dadi crying loudly saying this shouldn't happen, this is wrong, then I heard Shashank scream at her to shut up.

I watched all that helplessly, suddenly Shashank walked towards me and pulled me by my arms and throw me out of the house which I considered my own and closed the door on my face. I couldn't bear the pain, I thought I would die, then I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't see anything, and without even realizing I started walking.


Actually I got the idea for this fanfic when I was reading made 4 each other fanfiction by cute_face86. While reading it, it got me thinking what if Shiv had really married Gauri in it, then what would happen, then I got this idea for this story, and I decided to write this fanfic. Hope you all like this also. And I had asked cute_face86 permission to use her idea, and she said okay(and thank you so much for that amna) Hope you all like my story and please do comment.


Part 3

*Note From now onwards, the story won't be from Gauri's point of view, it will be in normal narration and not as Gauri's narration.*

Gauri was walking down the road, not knowing what was happening around her. There were lots of cars passing on both sides of her. A car was coming her way and it was honking continuously, and Gauri didn't hear anything, the car stopped. But Gauri continued to walk.
Suddenly the door opened, and a man came out. He was wearing white kurta and white pants and he angrily walked towards Gauri, and he pulled her hand making her turn.
Shiv: Are you deaf???Didn't you hear me honking???Don't know from where all these people come from!!If I hadn't stopped the car,then you would have......

Before he could finish, Gauri fainted and fell into his hands. He tries shaking her and saying "hey wake up", in an attempt to wake her up.
Suddenly, another door opened and a lady came out of the car(Its Shilpa Siklani/Agnihothri, and her name is Ganga Kapoor in this).
Ganga: Shiv, beta what happened?
Shiv turns to look at her: I don't know mom, she swooned.
She goes to them and looks at Gauri and Shiv was still holding her.
Ganga:  We have to take her to the hospital.
Shiv just nodes, and picks up Gauri and takes her to the hospital.

In the hospital.

Shiv is sitting with Ganga in the doctor's room, with Gauri who didn't have any kind of reaction, she just looked blank completely. Its been three hours since they had come to the hospital, Shiv remembered what happened.

They had taken her to the hospital, and the doctor was checking Gauri, and nurse had come and given Shiv Gauri's watch and all her ornaments. After sometime, the doctor came out, and he was smiling.
Shiv: Doctor how is she??Is she fine?
Doctor: Don't worry Mr Kapoor, she is fine. She fainted due to her pregnancy. Otherwise there is nothing to worry about.
Shiv: Thank you doctor.
Doctor: U can go in and see her.
Shiv walked in, and saw Gauri on the bed, he walked towards her, and pulled the chair next to the bed and sat there.
Shiv: Sorry, I screamed at you before. Well I am Shiv Kapoor. And I know you are Gauri(he said pointing her chain, which Anupam and Palak had given her).And congrats about the baby(And he smiles at her very sweetly). Here are all your ornaments, why don't you give me your husband's number, I will call him up and inform him about you.

Shiv realized that she hasn't said a word, and he starts waving his hand in front of her chanting "hello".Then he started getting tensed, and starts calling out her name a little louder each time. Suddenly Ganga walks in,Shiv looks at her tensed.
Shiv: Mom, why is she not saying anything?

They called the doctor and after lot of trying when they also failed to get any reaction from Gauri, they decided get a complete check up on her.  And after all the scanning and all they were now sitting in the doctor's room.

Doctor: There is something terrible has happened to her and due to that she has gone into a shock. She is not aware of anything that is happening around her. She has become a vegetable.

Shiv and Ganga just sat there in shock.
Shiv: How can she be cured?
Doctor: Well at present there is nothing much we can do, as she is pregnant and at this condition, it will be dangerous to give her medicines as it might affect her baby.

Shiv and Ganga came out with Gauri after sometime, and Ganga was holding Gauri.
Ganga: What will we do now?
Shiv: What can we do? We will inform the cops and they will try to find her relatives.
Ganga: But how can we just abandon her like that?
Shiv: Then what are you suggesting take her with us?
Ganga: Yes!!!
Shiv: Mom,have u gone out of ur mind?? Her relatives might be looking for her.
Ganga: How do you know that her relatives are looking for her?
Shiv: Anyway her husband would be,(he said pointing towards Gauri's mangalsutra).
Ganga: Shiv, just think for a minute. What would have happened to her, that made her like this?And if it is her own people who caused her this pain, then what??Instead of helping her, we might be putting her in more danger.
Shiv: But mom!!!
Ganga: Bhoomi was pregnant Shiv.
Shiv looked at her in a way indicating "what are you saying mom?".
Ganga: So is she!!!
Shiv exasperated: Oh mom!!! U don't consider as Bhoomi do you??u think Bhoomi has come back to us, as her??
Ganga: Yes I do!!!
Shiv knew it was useless fighting with her as her mind was made up and decided to take Gauri with them.

Shiv took Gauri home, and there was no change in Gauri's condition and Ganga considered Gauri as Bhoomi, and loved her that way. And time flew and it was Gauri's delivery. Gauri was in the operation theater and Shiv and Ganga were waiting outside.

Ganga: I will come now.
Shiv: Where are you going?
Ganga: I will be in the prayer room.
Shiv: You can't leave me here alone.What if something happens??What will I do?
Ganga:Nothing will happen. (Saying that Ganga walked off.)

Shiv didn't know why, but he started getting tensed. Maybe 'coz now he considered Gauri as a part of his life. Whenever his mom couldn't take Gauri to the hospital, it was him who took her to the doctor, and over the few m0nths, he started considering her as a friend. Even though, she never heard whatever he said, he used to talk to her like his mom did with her. Suddenly the door opened and came a nurse holding a baby in hands.
Nurse: Congrats, you have a son.
Shiv looked at the baby, and looked at the nurse: How is Gauri?
Nurse: She is fine.
The nurse put forward the baby to Shiv,Shiv didn't know what to do, he looked at her in confusion: No I am scared.
Nurse: No sir, you don't have to be scared, hold him like this.
She again put the baby forward, and Shiv slowly picked up the baby, and looked at him, and the nurse words started echoing in his mind"you have a son" and he realized that the nurse right, the baby in his hand is his son and he has become a FATHER!!!!

Part 4

Shiv and Ganga were hoping that Gauri would recover after her delivery, but there was no change in her, but now they are hoping she will recover soon, as now they were able to give her stronger medicines. After a few days Ganga walks into the house holding Gauri, followed by Shiv who was carrying Shourya. Ganga takes Gauri to her room, and Shiv sits in the living room with Shaurya and starts playing with him, by making cute faces and making Shaurya laugh.   After sometime, Shaurya  sleeps off. Shiv looks at Ganga.
Shiv: Mom, Shaurya slept.
Ganga: Okay give him to me, I will take him to my room.He will sleep there with me.
Shiv: Yeah i think thts a good idea, if he sleeps in Gauri's room, then even if he wakes up at night, Gauri won't know.
After that Ganga takes Shaurya to her room.

At night, Shiv was sleeping when he heard a noise, he sat up in bed, and starts rubbing his eyes and thinking wht tht sound is and he realizes that it was Shaurya who was crying and goes to his mom's room, and he walks in and he sees Shaurya crying so loudly, and his mom right next to him and snoring away. Shiv goes and picks up Shaurya, Shaurya looks at Shiv and stops crying.
Shiv: For such a small body, how did you get such a loud voice.
The fact that he was insulted or that he remember that he was in the middle of crying, Shaurya went back to crying. Shiv immediately picked up the feeding bottle and started feeding Shaurya and walked out of the room. From that day onwards it was decided that Shaurya would sleep with Shiv, as Shiv thinks that his mom sleeps like the dead.

Its been few months, since Shaurya was born, and Gauri was not even aware of Shaurya. Shiv's day started and ended with Shaurya.Shiv considered Shaurya as his son, for Shaurya Shiv was his mother and father. Shaurya loved Shiv the most, and he loved playing with Shiv all the time. Everyday, before Shiv left for office, he would play with Shaurya for sometime, and then at 5pm Shaurya would be ready and would be waiting for his dad(as after Shaurya was born, Shiv decided that he would not over work as he thought Shaurya needed him the most at the moment), and if Shiv is late for even a minute he would start crying.

Shiv comes home and rings the bell, and when Shaurya heard the door bell, he started crawling towards to door,  Ganga ran behind Shaurya and picked him up and opened the door, and on seeing Shiv, Shaurya jumped onto Shiv and started talking about something which made perfect sense to him and no sense at all to Shiv and Ganga.
Ganga: Shiv, get ready fast, we have to go to the hospital today.
Shiv first looks confused: Oh..... today is Gauri's appointment with the doctor.
Ganga: Yeah and also for Shaurya's injection also. So while you get ready, I will get Shaurya ready and u can take him, and I will
Before shecould finish, Shiv interrupts her: NO WAY!!! U can take Shaurya, I will take Gauri.
Ganga was about to oppose to that, when she decide against it, she still remember the last time, Shiv and her had taken Shaurya to get his shots, and it was Shiv who made a racket out there more than Shaurya. And she really didn't want to get embarrassed again, so she decided to let it be.

After sometime Shiv gave Shaurya to Ganga and went to freshen up, while Ganga got Shaurya ready. And when Ganga went to get ready Shiv took Shaurya to Gauri's room. It was kind of a ritual for Shiv to take Shaurya to Gauri's room,since Shiv felt tht, once Gauri gets fine, she won't be a complete stranger to Shaurya. Shiv takes Shaurya near Gauri, and puts him real close to Gauri and Shaurya kisses Gauri, as Shiv tells him to kiss his mama.
After that Shiv, and Shaurya were playing with each other, and everytime Shaurya laughs, his dimples become very visible. Shiv looks at Shaurya's dimples and looks at Gauri.
Shiv: Ohmigod Gauri!!! Shaurya got the cutest dimple ever!!!! I always wonder where he got it from. Does his mama have a dimple?
Suddenly Ganga comes, and they all leave.

In the hospital, after Gauri's check up, Shiv takes Gauri to where Shaurya was. And since Shaurya had just gone to get his shot, Shiv decides to wait outside, and he was walking with Gauri, when she suddenly stops. Shiv looks at her in confusion.
Shiv:Gauri??Come lets go.
Shiv sees that Gauri was staring, and he looks at what she was seeing and sees a man and two ladies, and the man was hugging one lady and they all seemed happy, and he heard the man say something.
Man: Ipshitha, we are gonna have a baby. I love you so much.
Ipshitha: I love you too Shashank.
And Ipshitha turns to the other lady and says: We have no words to thank you.
And then all three of them leave, and Gauri was about follow them, when Shiv suddenly holds her back: Gauri???Gauri???
Gauri looks at Shiv, and then she looks at the three people who were now out of sight, she puts her hand forward with one finger pointed at them, then she suddenly starts screaming, Shiv just looks at her in shock, and then he again pulls her, calling her name, and Gauri just burst out crying and after sometime she faints.

Pls comment ppl. I don't even know whether it was medically possible for Gauri to not realize that she had a baby and not recover immediately after her delivery, and she reacting when she saw Shashank. If it is a blunder then pls forgive me, my science is even worser than my singing talentsEmbarrassed. Pls comment guys good or bad whtever pls do comment.

Part 5


Some ppl had doubt abt whether dadi was involved in Shashank's plan. Well she was not. Nor was Anupam and Palak.  Thats why I had Dadi saying this is wrong and all. And Anupam and Palak were not involved in this and thats y I had them in London, 'coz if Anupam was home, he would have fought with Shashank and he would have taken care of Gauri.
And in the hospital the girl with Shashank and Ipshitha were the surrogate mother, as Ipshitha can't have babies, they decide to get a surrogate mother.

Gauri remembers Shashank saying that Ipshitha is his wife, Shashank telling her why he married her, Shashank and Ipshitha hugging and finally Shashank throwing her out of her house. Gauri suddenly gets up and realize that she was dreaming, and she couldn't control her tears and she bursts out crying and suddenly she feels someone touching her shoulders and saying her name, Gauri looks up and she sees a man standing there and she looks around and she doesn't recognize the place. She pushes him away.
Gauri: Who are you??And where am I?
Shiv: I am Shiv Kapoor. And you are in a hospital.
Gauri starts looking around: Hospital???
Shiv: Gauri, listen to me(he sits on the chair next to her bed), you were in a shock.
Gauri totally confused: Shock??
Shiv: Yeah!!!
Suddenly the doctor walks in and he checks Gauri, and tells Shiv that she is fine and prescribes her some medicine and asks her to take rest and he leaves. All the while Gauri looking on very confused.
(After the doctor leavs Shiv tells her how they found her and took her to the hospital and found out that she had gone into a shock). Gauri, what happened to you, that you lost 1 and 1/2 yrs of your life?
Gauri looks at him and tears starts flowing down her eyes.
Shiv: If you don't want to tell me about it, I can understand.
Gauri just burst out crying: Y did he do this to me? Y??
Shiv goes near her to console her, and she hugs him.
Shiv: Who?
Gauri: Shashank.
Shiv: Shashank??Who is he?What did he do to you?
Gauri tells him about Anupam,Palak, Shashank and Ipshitha. After she finishes also she continues to hug Shiv and cry. After sometime she realizes what she was doing, she moves back muttering a "sorry".  Later Shiv takes Gauri home, at first Gauri refused to go home with him, but then he told her to decide whatever she wants after she goes back home, and Gauri very reluctantly agrees.

Gauri reaches Shiv's place, and Ganga comes and opens the door, and when she sees Gauri, she burst out crying and hugs her, Gauri feels really weird but she liked it also. Later Shiv and Ganga takes Gauri to her room, and asks her to take rest.

Gauri is thinking about what all happened, and suddenly she remember what Shiv had said "1 and 1/2 years".  Gauri starts getting worried 1 and 1/2 years, then what happened to her baby(she touches her stomach) and starts panicking, she was about to run out and find out from Shiv about what had happened to her baby, suddenly the door opens and in walks Shiv with a baby.

Shiv walks up to Gauri, and suddenly Shaurya as per their routine, just kisses Gauri.
Gauri looks at the baby in wonder. Shiv smiles at her.
Shiv: He is your son. Shaurya.
Gauri suddenly takes Shaurya and starts hugging him and kissing him all over. Shiv decides to leave them alone for sometime.

Much later, Shiv hears Shaurya crying and realize that Shaurya might be hungry and takes his feeding bottle and goes to Gauri's room. And he sees that Gauri was trying very hard to make Shaurya stop crying.
Shiv: He might be hungry.
Sharuya when he sees Shiv, he puts his hands forward, and Shiv picks up Shaurya and starts feeding him. Gauri just watches in shock at the bond between her son, and this man.
After sometime Shaurya falls asleep. And Shiv was sitting in Gauri's bed holding Shaurya and Gauri was standing.
Gauri: Why did you bring me here?
Shiv was kinda suprised to hear the question: What?
Gauri: Why did you bring me here?
Shiv: My mother wanted to take u home with us.
Gauri: But y?
Shiv doesn't know what to say: Its because....its because.... U reminded my mother of Bhoomi.
Gauri confused: Who is Bhoomi?
Shiv: My sister. Actually my twin sister.
Gauri: Where is she now?
Shiv's eyes started filling with tears: She passed away.
Gauri didn't know what to say, in the end she just said "sorry".
Shiv: U don't have to be, she should be sorry, she didn't even think about us for once.
Gauri starts feeling even more uncomfortable: Was it....was it??
Shiv understood what she was trying to say: Yeah she committed suicide. She loved a guy.... she used to tell me everything, but she never told me about him and by the time we found out it was too late.....but that guy was just playing with her, and he left her, she was pregnant, and she just...she just....
Shiv just put Shaurya on the bed and walked out of the room.

After sometime, Ganga comes and calls Gauri for dinner, and Ganga, Shiv(was a little upset, but was trying very hard to cover it up by trying to have conversations with Gauri and Ganaga) and Gauri were eating and Gauri decided it was high time she told them about her decision.
Gauri: I have decided....
Shiv and Ganga looks up at her.
Gauri: I have decided that Shaurya and I will leave tomorrow.
Shiv felt like his world was crashing down.

Part 6

Shiv and Ganga  just watched Gauri in shock. After it felt like eternity Shiv broke the silence.
Shiv: But why??
Gauri was shocked, she thought they wud be relieved that now she has decided to leave but they look shocked.
Gauri: U both have done a lot for Shaurya and me, and I don't want to be a burden to you people anymore.
Shiv trying to reason with Gauri: Gauri u r not a burden for us.
Shiv wanted to say more, but words failed him and so all he said was "Pls don't go."
Gauri: No Shiv. One day Shaurya and I will have to leave. The earlier the better.
Shiv was about to say something when Gauri interrupts him.
Gauri: Shiv, I know you love Shaurya a lot and Shaurya also loves you a lot and he is really attached to both of you. And one day Shaurya will have to leave you. So it will be better if we leave now, because then your separation will not be very hard because with each day passing, you both are becoming closer and closer, and in the end it will be very difficult. I know Shaurya thinks that you are his father, but the truth is you are not.
Shiv felt like thousand daggers were piercing his heart. Without saying anything he just gets up and leaves. Gauri looks at Ganga, and realize that she had tears in her eyes, Ganga looks at Gauri for sometime, silently pleading her to change her decision and then gets up and follows Shiv.

Ganga walks into Shiv's room and sees him standing near the window, looking out. She goes to him and puts her hand on his shoulders.
Shiv: Why mom??why??Whoever we love are taken away from us. First dad, then Bhoomi and now Shaurya? Why can't he(God) let us be happy??
Ganga just puts her head on Shiv's shoulder and starts weeping. Shiv turns around and hugs her.
After sometime Shiv with a determined look say: I won't let her take Shaurya away from me.
Ganga: No Shiv, we can't do that. She is Shaurya's mother. And she got more right on him than us.
Shiv: Shaurya doesn't even know that she is his mother!!!
Ganga: Yes Shiv, but that doesn't change the truth.
Shiv: But mom....
Ganag: No Shiv, there is nothing we can do.

At night Gauri, was trying to put Shaurya to sleep, but Shaurya kept on crying, and Gauri was feeling so helpless and whatever she did, Shaurya continued to cry. After sometime Ganga came and she also tried to put Shaurya to sleep, but Shaurya continued to cry.

Shiv was sitting in his room, and he could hear Shaurya crying, but he remained in his room. After sometime he couldn't stand it any longer, he walked into Gauri's room and without saying anything he just took Sharurya into his arms and when Shaurya saw Shiv, he instantly stopped crying. Shiv took the bottle from Gauri's hand and went out of the room with Shaurya. Gauri just stood. She was happy that Shaurya stopped crying. But she was sad that she was a complete stranger to her son.

After sometime, Gauri was sitting in her room, wondering about the bond Shiv shared with her son. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door and she turned and saw Shiv with a sleeping Shaurya in his hands. Shiv walked in, and put Shaurya on the bed.
Shiv(still looking at Shaurya): He gets up around 2:30 - 3, and you will have to feed him that time. I have filled the bottle(and he gives Gauri the bottle).
Shiv turns to leave, then stops and looks at her: Gauri, you know I consider Shaurya as my son, but you don't know that my mother consider you as her daughter. She never gave you Bhoomi's place, you were Bhoomi to my mother. There is something you don't know. The day we met you, my mother and I was returning from Bhoomi's barsi pooja. And my mother thought that God had given Bhoomi back to her.(With tears in her eyes.) Please don't do this to her. I might be able to live without Shaurya, but my mother won't be able to live without you.

Saying that Shiv just walks off.

Next day morning.

Gauri comes out of her room holding Shaurya, and she sees Ganga and Shiv sitting there all depressed. Gauri goes to Shiv and gives Shaurya to him, Shiv and Ganga looks at her in shock.

Gauri: I don't know, how could I even think of separating Shaurya from his father. Shiv, you were not only his father, you were a mother to my son, when I couldn't be a mother to him. I never had a father, and I know what is it to not have a father, and I can't give that pain to my son.
Even after seeing the bond you have with my son, if  I take him away from you, then that would be the biggest injustice I could do to my son.

Shiv just hugs Shaurya and starts kissing him, and in between he looks at Gauri and says "Thank you."

Gauri looks at Ganga: When I was small, I used to pray to God to give me my mother. Now that God has answered my prayers, I don't know how I cud even think about leaving my mother.

Ganga comes to Gauri, and puts her hand on her head, and Gauri looks at her and with tears in her eyes says "I am sorry ma." And Ganga bursts out crying and hugs her, and Gauri also starts crying.

Later that day night.

Gauri after she gave Shaurya his bath, she put him on the bed, and was talking to him nonsense as she applied powder on him, and she was not aware of the fact that Shiv was standing at the door and watching her.

Shiv was smiling at looking at Gauri, when she suddenly started laughing.
Shiv thinking: I was wrong. Shaurya doesn't have he cutest dimple, his mother got.
Then suddenly Shiv realized that Gauri is very pretty, and he was shocked with his realization, and when she wa walking around picking up Shaurya's clothes Shiv realized that she got a great figure to go with her face.
Shiv thinking: What the hell am I thinking?? This is not the first time I am seeing her, but then why am I having this sudden realizations???

Suddenly Gauri turns and sees Shiv standing, and she realized that he was frowning.
Gauri: Shiv??
Shiv: Hey Gauri!!!I just came to give Shaurya a good night kiss.
Gauri smiled, as Shiv walked over and kissed Shaurya and starts playing with him and tickling him,  and Shaurya started laughing.

After Shaurya went to sleep, Shiv turned to look at Gauri. And realized she was deep in her thoughts and she had tears in her eyes.
Shiv: What happened Gauri?

Gauri starts wiping her tears: Nothing, I was just thinking about Anupam, Palak and Dadi.
Shiv: Do you think they would be looking for you?
Gauri: Might be.
Shiv: If you want we can contact them.
Gauri thinks about it for sometime, then decides against it: No, I am not ready yet.
Shiv smiles: Alrite.
Shiv was about to leave, when Gauri calls him again.Shiv turns and looks at her.
Gauri: Your mother consider me as her daughter. So can I consider you as my brother?
Shiv was shocked with her question and he didn't know what to say. He just looked at her and then started clearing his throat: Gauri..... I am.....I am sorry..... I can't let anyone take Bhoomi's place.
Gauri's face started to fall.
Shiv: But I can promise to be your friend.
Gauri smiled: Thanx.
Shiv smiles: Good night.
Gauri: Good night.
Shiv walked out of the room, and closed the door.
Shiv muttering to himself: Hell I am gonna let her be my sister. She is too hot to be my sister.

Part 7

4 years later( I know I have been leaping and leaping for quiet sometime now....this is my last leap, I promiseEmbarrassed)

Its early in the morning, and Gauri was running around, picking up Shaurya's books and packing his lunch, and ironing his uniform. This was her daily routine. She gets up early along with Ma, and she does the pooja with Ma, then helps her cook breakfast and pack Shaurya's lunch, then get ready as she has to go to office, Shiv had insisted that she join office, more than for time pass he wanted her to be independent in life and move forward and forget Shashank, actually she now rearly thinks about Shashank, he has really become her past. Now her life was Shaurya her son, Ganga her mother and Shiv her best friend. Its been four years since she had recovered, but it feels like she has known Ganga and Shiv all her life, especially Shiv. Shiv knew her inside out. If anything he didn't know about her was that somewhere down the line she had fallen in love with him. First she thought that she wud never be able to love anyone else in her life after what Shashank did to her. But Shiv with his patience and nature proved to her that not all men are alike. She loved everything about Shiv. The way he loved life, the way he loved Shaurya and his mom, the way he manages to charm everyone especially the girls, but she never had issues with that, as she knew that Shiv was a charmer but not a flirt. She loves it when he gives in to all of Shaurya's demands. The way he himself makes silly demands. She still remembers the time when they bought the new house, how Shiv insisted on having a connecting door to Shaurya's room in his room. In the end, he turned the terrace between his and Gauri's room into Shaurya's room with connecting door to both his and Gauri's room. Even though Gauri thought he was being silly, she really loved him for that. That was one of the moments when she realized that how much she loves him. Gauri got out of her day dreaming and went to Shaurya's room and woke him up and asked him to get dressed for school and went to her room, to get dressed.

Gauri got ready and was sitting in front of the mirror and putting make up, when she saw Shaurya standing near the door.
Gauri: What happened Shaurya???How come you are not ready???
Shaurya: Mama, do I have to go to school today?
Gauri: Yes baby, you have to.
Shaurya: I don't want to go.
Gauri: No Shaurya you have to go.
Shaurya starts pouting: No I won't go.
Gauri slightly loosing patience: No Shaurya you have to go.
Shaurya takes Gauri's hair brush and throws it down.

Shaurya screams: No I won't go.
Gauri now really lost her patience: What is this Shaurya??Is this the way to behave?
Suddenly Shiv walks in all dressed up and all: What is it Gauri? Why r u screaming like this?
Gauri: Shiv, its all ur fault!!!u r the one who spoiled him!!!
Gauri tells him everything. After hearing everything Shiv gets angry.
Shiv: Is that anyway to behave Shaurya??? This is it!!!I am not going to let you go off so
easily like everytime. U r grounded!!!
Shiv pulls on Shaurya's hand and goes to Shaurya's room leaving behinnd a shocked Gauri running behind them, and locks the door connecting to Gauri's room.
Shiv: Till you learn proper manners, you are going to be grounded.
Gauri: Shiv, its okay Shiv. He will behave properly.
Shiv turns towards Gauri: No Gauri, I thought he will learn, but he insists on learning the hard way.
He pulls Gauri and walks out of the room, and locks the main door from outside.Ganga who heard all the commotion comes running.
Ganga: What is happening?
Gauri tells her everything.
Ganga: Shiv, let it be.... don't lock him up.
Shiv: Enough!!! No one will say anything.
Shiv walks to his room and Gauri looks at him suspiciously , Shiv closes the door, but forgets to lock it.

Shaurya is sitting in his room, and playing playstation, with the TV on mute. Shiv walks in thru the connecting door.
Shiv: Hey tiger!!!
Sharuya runs to Shiv: Papa!!!
Shiv hugs him and they both laugh on how their plan worked. Later Shiv and Shaurya starts playing. Shiv picks up the Nutella kept on the side table and starts eating and puts a spoon towards Shaurya, but before Shaurya cud take it, he pulls it back.
Shiv: Before that, you have to promise that, tomorrow onwards you have to go to school regularly.
Shaurya: I promise!!!
Shiv hugs him: Thts my son.
He gives him the spoon, and they continue to play for some more time.

After sometime.
Shiv: I think I will go out and see what Gauri is doing. She might get suspicious. I will come with her and open the door, you switch this off(indicating towards the play station), and wash ur mouth, and lie down here and act as if you r crying okay? I will come in with Gauri.
Shaurya: And when Mama sees me crying, she will feel bad.
Shiv smiles: Yeah!! Then to cheer you up, I will suggest we go to that amusement park you said you wanted to go, and Gauri will agree to cheer you up.
Shaurya grins: Mama is so silly!!!
Shiv: Don't talk like that about your mother.
Shaurya: Sorry....... but she is.
Shiv smiles: Yeah she is.
Shiv and Shaurya starts laughing quietly  again.  Later Shaurya goes into the washroom, and Shiv watches him leave. Shiv smiles and realizes how his life had changed in the last couple of years. Since Shaurya and Gauri entered his life, his life was perfect. Shaurya was more than his son. Shaurya was everything to Shiv. And Gauri.... Shiv smiles thinking about Gauri.... over the years Gauri had become a part of his life and family. If there was any problem in his life, it was that he loved Gauri, but she saw him as her best friend. He wanted to tell her about his feelings, but he was scared, because somewhere deep down he had this feeling that Gauri still loved Shashank. Each time he thinks about Shashank, he gets angry. He decided that he should go out and do his act 2.

Shiv walks to his room, thru the connecting door. And he was about to open the door when suddenly.
Gauri: U know you should also wash your mouth, otherwise you won't look convincing enough.
Shiv turned back and saw Gauri sitting on the couch. He looks towards the door and realize that he had forgot to lock it, and he felt like kicking himself.
Shiv panics: Gauri???
Gauri gets up from the couch: I knew you were up to something, when you said that he had to learn it the hard way and all. First I was confused, then I figured that before coming to me, Shaurya might have come to you, but then you knew I wudn't let him, so u made up this plan. I shud have known it then when Shaurya started making a fuss, because he is not like tht.
Shiv tries to smile: Gauri, he didn't want to go to school!!! And his age is to play around, not study!!!

Gauri gives him an angry look and then looks at her hand, and Shiv looks at her hand and sees her holding one of his belts. Now he really started panicking.
Shiv: Gauri, actually......
Gauri starts playing with the belt like a whip: U taught him to lie Shiv!!
Shiv: Gauri....it was just a joke...
Suddenly she hit him with the belt, and Shiv screamed in pain, and started running around, Gauri was running behind him hitting him with the belt, then
Shiv fell on the bed and somehow Gauri managed to fall on top of him. Shiv tries taking the belt from Gauri, while Gauri starts struggling, suddenly Gauri looks into Shiv' eyes and Shiv also looks into her eyes, and they  just forget what was happening, and kept staring at each other.
Suddenly they hear Shaurya(who had heard Gauri's voice from Shiv's room) whispering from his closed door: Papa, has Mama gone?
Suddenly Gauri and Shiv realizes what was happening, and Gauri starts blushing and gets up and goes out.Shiv gets up with a sign  muttering that his son has no sense of timing.

Part 8

Gauri was sitting in her room(now even she was lazy to go for work like Shaurya and Shiv), and reading a book,actually was trying to read the book, but what happened in Shiv's room kept coming back to her and she was blushing thinking about it.  Suddenly she heard the door open and she looked up and saw Shaurya's standing at her door. She ignored him and went back to reading. Shaurya slowly came near her, stood near her. Gauri continued to ignore him. Suddenly Shaurya just put his hands around Gauri's neck and pulled her close to him and gave her a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss on her cheek. In the end Gauri couldn't help it, and she broke into a smile.When Shaurya realized Gauri was smiling, he left her neck and looked at her and smiled sweetly.
Shaurya: Sorry Mama!!
Gauri(smiles): Its okay.
Shaurya: I won't do it again.
Gauri smiles at him.
Shaurya: R u still angry with me?
Gauri: No sweety.
Shaurya: I love you Mama.
Gauri: I love you too Lucifer!!
Shaurya hugs Gauri, Gauri pulls Shaurya into her lap, and kisses him. Then they start talking for sometime, after sometime when Gauri looks up she sees Shiv standing there, and immediately she remembered about wht happened in the room, and she started blushing,  not to show that she was blushing, she asked in a stern voice to Shiv.
Gauri: What are you looking at?
Shiv without missing a beat: You!!!
Gauri starts blushing again. Suddenly Shaurya jumps and goes to Shiv and starts pulling him.
Shaurya:Come Papa lets play.
Shiv looks at Gauri: Coming to play with me..... I mean us???
Gauri starts blushing even more and Shiv breaks into a grin.
Shaurya: Come Mama, we all play!!!
Gauri: No!!! I have to help Ma in the kitchen. U both play.
Shiv picks up Shaurya and goes out.

Gauri goes to the kitchen and was helping Ganga make rasmalai. But she was thinking about Shiv. Was he flirting with her? Or was she reading more to it than wht was happening? She knew Shiv, he was not a flirt, but then wht was happening? Suddenly she turns and bangs into Ganga who was holding milk and it falls on Gauri's saree. Ganga asks her to change her saree, and Gauri goes to her room.

Meanwhile, Shiv and Shaurya were playing hide and seek and Shiv goes to Gauri's room to hide and he hides behind the two seater. Suddenly he hears someone lock the door, when he looks up he sees Gauri,he was about to tell her that he was sitting there when suddenly Gauri starts removing her saree and immediately Shiv's mouth went dry and all he could do was watch Gauri. He knew there were so many women who were prettier than Gauri, but for him Gauri was the most beautiful girl in the world. Suddenly Gauri went into the bathroom. Shiv just stood their mesmerized, and he cud hear the water running, he wanted to go to Gauri, take her into his arms and make her his, but he knew he can't. In the end he somehow managed to walk towards the door, when suddenly Gauri walks out of the bathroom with a towel wiping off the water, and Shiv again gets rooted to the ground, Gauri looks at him and smiles and walks towards the cupboard, when she suddenly realize that she is only wearing her blouse and under skirt, and tht too a WET blouse, she turns and tries to cover herself with the towel, and looks at him.
Suddenly Shiv starts walking towards her and Gauri starts moving back till she reaches her cupboard and now she has no place to go. Shiv looks into her eyes and Gauri looks back at him and gets mesmerized in his eyes and slowly Shiv comes closer and his lips descends on hers,and he starts kissing her, and Gauri couldn't control any longer and kissed him back with all her love.

I am horrible at romantic scenes, pls bear with me. I really suck at romance and to write this part one of my IF friend helped me, she gave me the idea for this scene. Pls comment.

Part 9

Gauri had completely forgotten about that she was only half dressed, that Ma was waiting for her in the kitchen, all she knew about and only cared about was Shiv, and that he was kissing her with so much hunger, she was loosing her senses completely suddenly she heard someone banging on the door and she immediately came out of her trance, and she pushed Shiv away and tried to cover herself with the towel, while Shiv was still in a daze, and was slowly coming to his senses, and then he heard the banging. Shaurya started screaming from the other side of the room.
Shaurya: Mama, open the door.
Gauri: What happened Shaurya?
Shaurya: Is papa there?
Gauri: No, he is not here.
Shaurya: Open the door Mama, I want to look.We are playing hide and seek and he might be hiding in ur room.
Gauri a little desperately: He is not here Shaurya.
Shaurya: Pls open mama, I want to check.
Shiv whispers to Gauri: U better open the door, otherwise if he screams anymore Mom will come.
Gauri nodes: Shaurya wait for two mins I will open now.

Shaurya: Okay but no two minutes only one minute.
Gauri: Okay okay.
Gauri takes a saree and goes to the bathroom and changes and comes out.
Shaurya: Mama open!!!
Gauri: Yeah baby coming.
Gauri whispers to Shiv: U go hide somewhere.
Shiv nodes and goes and sits behind the couch. Gauri opens the door, and Shaurya comes in running and starts looking around,  while Shaurya was busy looking at the other end of the room, Shiv slowly creeps into Shaurya's room.
Gauri: I told u Shiv is not here.
Shaurya: Then where did he go???
Gauri: I don't know go and check his room.
Saying that Gauri walks off and Shaurya runs off to Shiv's room.

After that, Gauri didn't see Shiv for the rest of the day, but she cudn't forget the kiss they shared. Every time she forgets it, she wud hear Shiv's voice or laughter and she remembers what happened. It was dinner time, and everyone has gathered there for dinner, still Gauri continued to ignore Shiv. Shiv also never bothered to say anything to Gauri, so Gauri thought that maybe Shiv wants her to forget what happened, thats why he didn't try to make
any kinda conversation with her.

Shiv was watching Gauri's every move. He knew she was trying to ignore him, and after their kiss it was now that he saw her, and she looked very nervous. Even he was thinking about their kiss the whole day, and he was really happy because now he knew that Gauri loved him otherwise she wudn't have kissed him, and in that kiss he felt her love. He was so happy, his life is going to be perfect now, with Mom, Shaurya and Gauri, there wasn't anything more that he wanted from life.

Gauri wanted to look at Shiv to see how his mood was. Was he angry with her?or did he feel anything when they kissed?or worse does he even
remember their kiss??? She looked up at Shiv, and she was shocked to see him looking at her, Shiv smiled at her, and she also smiled at him and suddenly he winked at her, and Gauri started blushing and seeing that Shiv started grinning. Gauri just looks down at her food.

Later  after Gauri put Shaurya to bed she was going to her room. She was thinking about Shiv, Shiv had come to kiss Shaurya goodnight, then he had gone to his room, when she had wished him goodnight, he just looked at her and smiled at her and walked off.

Gauri was  not feeling sleepy, as her mind was clouded with Shiv's thoughts. She has been lying awake for sometime now, and she started feeling thirsty, so decided to go drink some water, she goes to the kitchen, and it was dark, but she didn't want to switch on the light, so she opens the fridge and was looking for the bottle, suddenly she felt a hand near her and suddenly the hand pulled her back, and before she could scream another hand covered her mouth.
Shiv: Shhhhhhh its me.
Gauri turned to look at Shiv, (since the fridge door was open, the light was on them and the rest of the room was dark) and he slowly took his hand off her mouth.
Gauri: What are u doin? Leave me.
Shiv: No...I won't.
Gauri: Shiv whats wrong with u??Leave

Shiv: No first u tell me what are u doin here? Y r n't u sleeping?
Gauri: Because I was not feeling sleepy. Now leave.
Shiv: Why?
Gauri: Why??? Why what???
Shiv: Why r u not feeling sleepy?
Gauri: I don't know.
Gauri could see that Shiv was smiling now: Liar!!!
Gauri: What??Y r u calling me a liar??
Shiv: U know y u can't sleep..... u were thinking about me thats y u cudn't sleep.
Gauri:What nonsense!!!!
Shiv: I know u were thinking about me!!!
Gauri: I was not!!!
Shiv: u were thinking about our kiss.
Gauri didn't know what to say, as she knew he was ri8.
Gauri: I don't even remember that kiss.
Suddenly Gauri saw a glint in Shiv's eyes and she knew he was up to something.
Shiv: Now I have no other choice other than remind u about our kiss ri8?
Gauri was shocked when he said that, before she could say anything Shiv's mouth was on her mouth and he was kissing her as if his life depended on it.

Part 10

Shiv and Gauri continues to kiss, Shiv starts kissing Gauri on her neck, her shoulder and all. After sometime Shiv looks into Gauri's eyes and sees tht she is completely dazed, and gives an arrogant grin. Slowly she starts coming into her sense, and she realize what she was doing, suddenly pushes Shiv and starts to run off. And Shiv catches her hand.
Shiv: Hey Gauri.
Gauri: Leave me Shiv.
Shiv pulls her back, and hugs her from behind.
Shiv: Never!!!
Gauri: Shiv...pls.
Shiv: Why r u running away from me?
Gauri: Leave me Shiv. Some1 will come.
Shiv starts getting irritated.
Shiv: Is it necessary to say everything??? Tum meri zindagi mein ek dost ban kar ayi, lekin tum kab meri zindagi bangayi mujhe patha bhi nahi chala. I love you Gauri!!!
Gauri suddenly starts blushing and smiling. Shiv slowly turns Gauri and sees her blushing and smiling in the dim light and starts smiling.
Shiv: I love u Gauri.
Gauri: I love u too Shiv.
Gauri hugs Shiv.
Shiv: Shaadhi karogi mujhse??
Gauri starts nodding her head.
Shiv hugs her more tightly.

Next day, Ganga is sitting and reading a magazine, suddenly Shiv comes there.
Shiv: Mom, I need to talk to u. Its really urgent.
Ganga closes the book: Yes Shiv, tell me.
Shiv: Mom. don't u think it is high time that I got married? So start looking for a girl.
Ganga: What???
Shiv: I have decided mom!! I am getting married. And I want to get married very very soon. Hmmmm within a weeks time.
Ganga: What??? R u crazy???Within a week??? And were am I gonna find a girl??
Shiv acts as if he is thinking: Hmmmm Actually mom, when we have a girl in our house, why do we have to look else where?? I will adjust with Gauri.
Ganga suddenly jumps up from her chair.
Ganga: What??Gauri??Our Gauri??
Shiv: Only if u like her!!!
Ganga starts pulling Shiv's ears: So this is what is been happening behind my back?
Shiv starts blushing.
Ganga goes to Gauri's room and sees her looking out the window. She goes to Gauri, and puts her hand on Gauri's head. Gauri turns and looks at her.
Ganga: U have no idea, since when I have been dreaming of this day.
She pulls Gauri close and kisses her on her forehead.

Ganga's eyes starts filling with tears: I am so happy Gauri.
Gauri hugs Ganga, and Gauri sees Shiv standing at the door grinning at them, and he suddenly winks at her and Gauri winks back at him and starts blushing.

ShivGauri and Shaurya goes for shopping, Shiv was looking through some stuff. Gauri comes there.
Gauri: Do u like this? (Suddenly) OHMIGOD!!!
Shiv kinda gets confused, and starts thinking: What is wrong with her? Why is she so suprised to see me? Oh God why is she crying?? And she is smiling at the same time? Why is she coming to me with her arms open? Is she gonna hug me here? Oh God, she is really gonna hug me here!!! I think just now only she realized tht I am so hot and sexy!!!Maybe it is this new shirt!!  Shud get couple more with the same color!!! What the hell????Has she gone blind???? She just ran past me!!!Who the hell is that Guy???What the hell???Why is he hugging my Gauri????Angry Why the hell is she hugging himAngryAngryAngry???WTF?!! She is kissing him!!!He is kissing her!!!This is it!!! I am gonna kill him!!!What?? He missed herAngry!!!And She missed him tooAngryAngryAngry!!! Even when I was with herAngry??? This is it!!! I am gonna kill her too!!!!Okay great!!Now both r crying!!! What a sissy he is!!!Angry
Shiv starts walking to them.
Shiv: Gauri???
Shiv thinks: Great!!Now she has become immune to my voice tooAngry!!!!
Shiv little more louder: Gauri!!!
The guy looks at Shiv.
Guy: Gauri, I think he is calling u.
Gauri turns and looks at Shiv, and smiles at him.
Gauri: Shiv, this is... this is...
Guy: Who is this Gauri?
Before Gauri cud reply Shiv: Her husband!!!
Guy shocked:What?
Gauri: He is Shiv and we r gonna get married...... Shiv, this is Anupam.
Shiv thinks: Oh Anupam!!! They r like brothers and sisters!!! No need to kill him!!!

Part 11-16 on Page 18
Part 17 on Page 19
Part 18 on Page 21
Part 19 on Page 22
Part 20 on Page 24
Part 21 on Page 26

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Mrs.soniayk6 14 2026 12 August 2009 at 1:43pm by Simply_Smart
Short FF...:: Love me tender ::...

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Author: chweetdesi   Replies: 29   Views: 5131

chweetdesi 29 5131 06 August 2009 at 2:12am by adi_gupta
FF:Ishq Part 4 Page 5 updated 3/06/09

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Author: huneymonsta   Replies: 50   Views: 5966

huneymonsta 50 5966 21 July 2009 at 2:28am by adi_gupta
Short Story: Destined (prt 3 - pg 4)

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Author: a.i.c   Replies: 40   Views: 4639

a.i.c 40 4639 11 May 2009 at 10:57pm by desi chic

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