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"Tanhayee" Jai-Bani FF/Part 5 uptd (p.1)

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Hi all... I started a FanFic in KS forum a while back but it was closed due to circumstances... But I've decided to re-open it... I won't be able to update regularily for a few days due to exams... but until then, I hope you like it!


Part 1


A man dressed in black steps outside of a closed door and is instantly swarmed by a group of reporters, and anxious admirers pushed and shoved their way only to get one glimpse of him… Other men dressed in a similar fashion stood at the periphery, their eyes revealing a hint of what one could rightfully call as jealousy. Two other men had followed them out, one about the same age as the first, while the other looked somewhat younger. But no doubt, the figure in the black was the one whom countless desperate eyes searched for. He looked calm, collected, and no expression creased that handsome face. Flashes and lights tilted upon him and the two other men struggled to calm the crowd. The man left the group with a stern "excuse me" and walked towards an open elevator. As he stepped in, he was unaware of the person next to him until the voice filled the space occupied by the two.


"Tanhayee bhi kya cheez hoti hai na?" came the low, yet experienced voice of a female. The voice startled him but more than that, it appealed to him in an odd way, just in the first time of hearing it. He kept his balance while the comment caught him off guard. Slowly he looked up through the closing door hiding the world of cameras and questions… "Bheed mein akelepan ka bojh utana kitna mushkil hota hai na?... Ye camerey, wohe lights… undhar ke undhere ko toh nahin mita sakti." At this, he turned to face the figure for the first time; his eyes rendered those hazel eyes… Khol lined the edges flawlessly, but what got him was the peculiar glint…they were soft, yet hinted at lifetime of knowledge. It was really strange, but despite the silence lingering in the air, the sealed lips of his and hers, those eyes seemed to speak to him… He understood, yet not. He felt as though she had stolen all words from him… All of a sudden the elevator stopped moving, and the doors opened. The whole entire time, she had not even once looked over to take a look at her companion on the ride, and even now… without a word, she stepped out leaving the man in a complete daze…


He was sitting within some meeting. A man in a white blazer was making a presentation. The man in black looked up momentarily and looked as if he was understanding what was going on; however as he looked back down, the pen obliviously doing flips in his hand, all he could think of was her comment… All of these years, he had faced the cameras, the lights, the flashes, those crowds of aimless "admirers" but never had anyone recognized his burden. They only saw the business tycoon… but this stranger had reflected the person no one had ever recognized, never known… perhaps he had not either… All within two lines. Strange it was, but those eyes constantly flashed before his and he faintly heard voices in the distant calling… "Mr.Walia… Mr.Walia?" He looked up in a haze as the concerned faces threw questions at him. Mumbling an excuse, he exited from the room and went to the elevator, towards main floor and exit. As he reached it, the emptiness of the elevator felt odd to him. Did he actually expect the stranger to be there again? With a deep sigh, he leaned into the wall and closed his eyes… only to see that one pair haunt him again…


A bottle of some classic imported alcohol sat on the table infront of him... while some filled his glass, from which he obliviously took small sips occassionally... It had been weeks since the incident, but those eyes flashed before him in vivid detail.. that voice, it made him crave for.. something. He just couldn't understand it all. "On, off, on, off" the other hand touched a button and the lamp flickered a dimmed light... and then let the darkness seep in once more...

He had overheard Massi talking to Dadi about his behaviour of late. She had commented that he had changed since the day he had returned from the big conference that had been of such hype in the newspapers... She had later come to him and tried to ask him... but he had no answer...

"Tick... tick.. tick..." the clock formed the only sound in the room... He lost track of time... For so long, he sat there... him and his tanhayee... Just like the stranger had noticed... He pushed back into the leather sofa. The cool touch did not startle him, but he shivered nonetheless... His eyes closed momentarily, the glass now sitting on the table... Half full... He didn't require the alcohol... his senses had already been numbed... the eyes flashed before his closed eyelids... so real they were... that odd glint. It made him curious... and for a reason he was unknown, anxious. Suddenly he flipped open his... as if trying to get a grip on reality... but it was too complex a task...

He gets up and his feet lead him towards the huge bay window in his dark room. His eyes trailed to the crammed road, trying to follow the movement... but in vain. Somewhere down there.. in that crowd... Jai Walia had gotten lost... he too walked the street... alone... even with the crowd surrounding him... His eyes turned to the sky... a storm was on its way... Mumbai was such an oblivious place. It was filled with people, but the people knew only what they wanted, where they needed to go... He turns to leave and as he did so the faint sound of rain droplets accompanied the stranger's voice in his ears... and then came the thunder.... indeed... a storm was near...

The room was dimly lit and silence blared in the still room... Somewhere a window was obliviously left open and a breeze flew around freely... It hit a pile of papers carelessly laid on the ground, while the owner, sitting next to a large window looked out into nothingness. As the wind played, it took the attention of the stranger who made no attempt to gather the remanents of the relationship captured in pictures... The pictures showed a petite female and a young man smiling... The female had big, innnocent kohl layered eyes... which revealed an odd sorrow... Now as the owner of the pictures unravelled herself - from the snail shape she had formed sitting with legs brought up and arms protectively surrounding them - she turned towards the clutter on the floor...

Her mother and father had left her long ago... just when childhood memories were forming... and then he had come into his life. What was his name?... Pushkar. She picks up one of the pictures and holds it before her.. the side showing her face was darkened by shadows... She had so long thought that their friendship was something more... something much more... He had come into her life, misplacing the "tanhayee"... but then a moment flashed before her eyes. "Bani, isse milo... the love of my life and my hone wali wife, Pia..." She had been shattered... her life was all a mess, like the papers on the floor. But then after days passed aimlessly, she came to realize that he was never there really... Tanhayee had always accompanied her... everywhere, tirelessly... She rethought it all and the question hit her, "Did she really love him?"... The thunder roared and she looked out the window. Rain stained the glass... but her vision was already blocked by tears stinging the edges of those eyes...

Part 3

He was at the shopping mall with Aditya, his brother-in-law, but more than that, a friend… In times of happiness and sorrow, Adi had stood next to his side. But nevertheless, there had always been that strange feeling of incompleteness… the inability to share everything. He had hesitated to reveal many things to his friend for fear of burdening him with his own sorrows… Now they stood in a ladies sari shop confused over as to what they should purchase as a gift for their beloved Massi, whose birthday it was not tomorrow, but the day after.

Not too far off in the same store, stood a petite figure with deep, kohl-layered eyes searching too for a sari. A sari for an elderly lady whom she had never met. The lady was her friend Rano's mother-in-law's Massi. She had protested saying that she was busy, but Rano had been adamant and refused "no" for an answer. So here she was, looking at many layers of colourful cloth but none had yet caught her eye… except for one. It was a red chiffon sari with an off white highlight. She asked the employee to bring it forth. Feeling the material slither through her hands she thought, "Perfect."

On the other end of the store, stood a frusterated man unknown to the mysterious stranger who had for so long haunted his every moment… "Wohe vaali.." he pointed out finally. It too was a red chiffon sari with an off white highlight. The employee laid it out before him, and Jai's eyes sparkled in a "Yes, this is it." Adi was envious of the perfect gift his friend had picked out, and was still troubled over what to get on his behalf… A sudden whiff of air took full attention of the man's senses as he quickly turned to see a petite figure in a creamy beige suit walk briskly out the shop's door. He stood there for a moment, trying to place the particular fragrance… by the time he understood it, the figure had already disappeared. Faintly, he heard a concerned Adi questioning him and turned towards his friend… ", it's nothing", he stuttered. "Aisa karte hai, tum apni shopping karlo, mein paas mein shops ghoom kar aata hoon." Adi nodded, and the man stepped out of the shop.

Not really knowing what had overcome him, or for what purpose, but the man found himself in a shop displaying perfumes of all the kinds… He sniffed some here and there, but none took his liking. The shop also carried some designer glasses. People were trying them on looking through small mirrors placed specially for that purpose. Looking up from the counter, the man happened to glance over into one of such mirrors momentarily. After shifting his gaze back to the counter, something hit him. He looked through the mirror once more and saw two big kohl-layered eyes pierce him. They gave off an odd glint… a quality that he had never been able to forget… Not since that first day of encountering that stranger. Quickly he turned, but did not see the familiar figure in sight… He exhaled deeply, turning back to the counter. "Are you ok sir?", asked the employee… The man looked up as if deciphering what he had just been asked. After a minute he managed to speak in a low voice… "Haan.. wohe nothing.. Thanks."… A creamy beige cloth momentarily blinded his vision. The dupatta drifted in the air and over his face, oblivious to the owner, who once again vanished as the man recognized the pleasant odour.

A group of people sat around a small table holding on dearly to the folders in their hands… Certificates of their education and all that was necessary to pass this interview. Amongst them sat a female dressed in a deep orange sari, her heart beating in a soft rhythm of confidence… Her eyes reflected a determinacy and odd flicker, specific to her. The voice at the reception desk called "Miss Bani Dixit… its your turn, please come." The girl walked in quick strides, which was interpreted as a walk of confidence by others, but they knew nothing of what hid behind that mask. She was calm, yet their was a hint of the common nervousness experienced when heading in for an interview.

When she walked out, her face was expressionless. The meeting had gone fine, but she failed to recognize any hint of acceptance and this troubled her… slightly. If she had no one else, she had always had herself. If not here, then she would try elsewhere.

Walking along immersed in her thoughts, she was surprised by the sudden collision with a figure dressed in black suit. While bending down to the ground, she faintly picked out the deep blue of his shirt… "I.. I'm so… sorry", she stammered.

His eyes looked up instantly as his movement stopped abruptly at the familiar voice… He dared to look up and saw two kohl-layered eyes challenge his deep dark ones…

Part 4

The words momentarily caught in his throat…The eyes which had so long haunted him, burned through his dark ones… It was as though they could read that which was closed to the rest of the world… For a moment nothing was spoken, or done. And then he looked down gathering the scattered pieces of paper. In the process, his hand brushed against hers… Goosebumps slithered along the length of his arm. She too, seemed to have felt some sort of connection… something beyond the momentary touch, as indicated by her sudden movement… She shivered.

Finally, he held up the stacked papers and slowly they stood. Holding the papers towards her, the silence was broken by his deep, husky voice… "Khud se toh aap jhoot bol sakti hain, lekin aapni in aankhon ko kaise samjhayeingi?… Sambhaliye apne papers… aur khud ko." And with that he walked away leaving the girl pondering over the truth with which this stranger had just met her with…

Her fork disinterestedly worked with the rice sitting on her plate, long gone cold with time… "Khud se toh aap jhoot bol sakti hain, lekin apni in aakhon ko kaise samjhayeingi?…" His whispered words rang in ears… They had been since she had left the mall. Frusterated, she let out a deep sigh turning her attention towards the file containing her certificates etc. that she had presented at the interview. She held it in her hands for a moment, once again the man's voice ringing in her ears… Getting up, she felt something slip… A little piece of paper caught her eye on the marbled floor. Bending down, she picked it up and turned it realizing it was a card. "Mr. Jai Walia of Walia Industries."

She felt awkward and helplessly nervous standing in the drive-way of a massive house. Why had she come… she struggled with the prospect of running back home. Her eyes wandered around, seeing men and women, all dressed up in their exquisite designer suits and saris… It was not that she was unhappy with her violet and white shaded salwar kameez, but she felt sort of… Out of place. Perhaps it was the thought of being amongst so many people… But then, she had always remained alone, be it in the solace of her room… or the midst of a crowd. Finally making up her mind, she stepped into the entrance…But just as she did, something caught her eyes. "Walia Palace" read the name plate. She did not have to fumble her mind for realizing where she had heard it. "Jai Walia." Maybe it was another Walia she told herself… Afterall, he can't be the only Walia in a city like Mumbai.

Her eyes wandered beyond the line of invitees waiting to get passed the entrance… Desparately she searched for Rano… Anyone she may know… Finally it was her turn to be greeted by the elderly lady standing by the door, accompanied by a man… She saw him somewhere before, but could not be bothered… "Namaste", she bowed low seeking the woman's blessings. The woman said nothing for a moment and then her face beamed in a bright smile. "Humesha khush raho" she blessed the girl. Another man, younger than the other showed up calling the lady, "Maasi… chaliye sab aapka intezaar kar rahe hai." The lady nods and tells the man, "abhi ayi Ranveer beta." She then turns back to the girl and engulfs her face in her warm hands. "Bahut pyari bachi ho… naam kya hai tumhara?" Before she could speak another voice interrupted, "Ye Bani hai, meri dost" smiled Rano. Relief showered the girl's innocent voice. Rano took her by the arm and Bani was lost amongst the crowd…

The gentle movement of bodies in sync with a passionate rhythm reflected through moist, kohl-layered eyes… Not too far off, the same picture came off of a pair of deep set ones… Amongst a crowd of people, two souls lost in their "tanhayee" faintly heard the music… "Ab mujhe raat din, tumhara hi khayal hai.. Kya karoon pyar mein… deewano jaisa haal hai…"

Looking at the boxes of gifts piled high, Dadi giggled excitedly coaxing Billo Massi to open and unravel the mysteries… The Walias gathered in the living room relaxing after an evening of party… One-by-one Massi unfolded firstly the gifts she received from her family. "Hmm… Mere munna ki taraf se" she smiled curiously. What she pulled out was a beautiful red chiffon sari with an off-white touch… She was baffled at her son's exquisite taste, smoothing the material gently with her hands… The next to be opened was another package about the same size… There was no card, just a little note on the side of the wrapped gift. "To Maasiji, from Bani." For a moment she thought of where she had heard the name, and then it came… The innocent looking girl she met earlier. She remembered the meeting… There was an immediate connection… For some reason she felt it would not be the last time she would see the girl… Shifting her eyes back towards the red-wrapped box, she gently unravelled it to reveal a red material… Chiffon… off-white touch… She looked over it in awe and surprise as did the other eyes… "Aisa kaun hai joh bilkul humare Jai bhaiya ki tarah soch tah hai?" commented an overly dressed woman…

Jai Walia stood sort of aside from the rest of the family… Not that he wanted to isolate himself, but he had been so lost in other thoughts… He constantly recollected the moment where he came face to face with the stranger again… The deep orange of her sari, the kohl-layered eyes, the intoxicating fragrance… He had noticed it today again…Felt it so closely… Yet his eyes did not settle upon that face… At the mention of someone having a similar taste to his, he looked up and proceeded towards the group… Indeed, someone did have a similar taste as compared to his…

"Sir, aapse koi milne aya hai…Who apna naam Bani Dixit bata rahi hai," the receptionist spoke into speaker. He searched his brain trying to put a spot on the name… but to no avail. "Send her in" he responded roughly…

He was busily working away on his laptop and did not bother to look up when the sound of the knock on the door echoed in the room. "Come in" he called. From the corner of his eye, he could make a bangle-layden hand push against the glass… a peach-coloured dupatta flared in response to the sudden movement…. Dancing in the air with the AC breeze blowing through… "Hello sir." That was all it took… He looked up to see his eyes lock with beautiful kohl-layered ones…

The way he looked at her, sent an unknown current run through her… Her eyes lowered in shame… For a moment, nothing was said… She felt his eyes unfold the layers… and she could feel the knot in her stomach tighten… "Sir, meine paper mein parah ke aapko ek banquet manager ki zaroorat hai… Aapke naye hotel ke liye…" Her sentence was to remain unfinished as he interrupted, "Your hired…" She looked up in surprise. "Lekin sir, aapne toh…" His hand waved up, silencing her lips. "Meine aapki kabiliyat ko usi din pehchaan liya tah… jis din aapne mujhe us bheed mein pehchana tah."…

It had been three months since she had been working with Walia Industries. In the process, she had become well aquainted with the family members… Especially Maasi, who treated her more like a daughter…She enjoyed their company, but despite the relationships she had unknowingly stepped into, there was always something… something lacking…

Although they met each day, little besides work was ever discussed between her and Mr.Walia, and whatever was, had to do with business… Now she sat in her office next to Jai Walia's cabin… Her pen strokes gently writing the destiny of a newly selected employee… Startled by the ring of the phone, she drew an unintentional line across the page. Silently cursing the act, she responded to the deep, husky voice on the other end… "Bani, come to my cabin." Holding the quiet receiver in her hand, she pondered over the urgency in his voice… and the way in which he took her name… It was not often that he did, despite working together… but when he did, he seemed to take hold of her in a manner, which she struggled to put into words… Replacing it, she gets up, leaving a trail of mesmerizing fragrance behind her…

Part 5

In a brisk manner, she walks towards his cabin knowing one of his deficencies being patience. However, as she approached the door, her feet cease. She stands there for a moment, finding her heart racing. Was she nervous? But why? Standing there, flashes of their meeting came before her... The oblivious elevator encounter... The interview collision... His on the spot job offer. He had not questioned her once. Did not even scan over her certificates. Rather, without directly looking at her, he said, "Tumhari kabliyat toh meine us pehli mulaqat mein hi jaan li teeh..." (I perceived your abilities in that first meeting...) At some point in her association with the company, she had been offered the position of P.A. to Mr.Walia himself, and she had hesitantly taken it up. Strange it was, all this coming back to her so randomally. Partially aware of it, her hand had made its way to the door. A slight push, and it would fling open... Dismissing the thoughts, she weighed down on the door just enough so that her head stuck into the lavish room, "May I come in sir?"

He didn't look up, the mysterious eyes appeared to be busily scanning some paper layed out on the table. In a gesture of acknowledgement, he just waved his hand in "come in" motion. Curiosity swept her brain, but she had not expected the deep sigh, which slipped through her lips... Looking up, much to her relief, she saw him continue to look down at whatever it was. With a stroke of confidence, she walked up to the large desk, on which the other side sat Jai Walia.

"Betoh", he said yet again without looking up. "I'm ok sir, thank you." An awkward silence prevailed in the room. She felt her eyes shadow the movements of his hand which were enveloping a circular shape... A paper weight perhaps... Yes, it was of clear colour, rather odd she found that... But more so, it was his fingers twirling it in a circular motion that seemed to irk her.

For a moment all that could be made in the stillness of the room was the soft sound made by the object between his fingers continuously mapping a fixed area of the wooden desk. The intruiging eyes continued to pierce through the screen of the laptop and she felt the strange nervousness creep in. Finally, his authorative voice pronounced the departure for Zurich tomorrow. The meeting was to be held in relation to the new hotel Walia Industries was constructing in Zurich, and required his presence for the initiation of the project. She looked on dumbfounded at his confidence. He obviously felt that she would come along without so much as a protest, and she felt obliged to say something... But words seemed to have lost her, and all that she managed to mumble was an uncertain, "Yes sir" before making her way towards the glass doors.

Behind her, the softness of the circular movement made by the paper weight seemed to have taken upon a more irritating tone. As if by some automatic impulse, her feet ceased mid-step, and her gaze shifted towards the glass before her. Taking a deep breath, she turns as her flying dupatta conveys the sense of urgency.

From the corner of his eye, he catches the dense blue fabric of her dupatta fill the empty air... The gentle clink of the equally deep blue bangles hit each other make a melodious music and momentarily his ears deafen to any sound besides their oblvious jingle.

With a stride of some unknown determinancy, she arrives at the edge of the desk, towering over the mystifying presence of Jai Walia. A tentative moment passes and her hand finally grasps the opaque blue pen her fingers had unknowningly brought along with her. The soft rolling fainted and she turned to leave... And stopped still. Turning back, her hand reached out for his, silencing the oddly irksome noise.... The hand set supportively underneath his chin remained umoved, as did the rest of his rigid figure. "Khamosh honton mein bhi shayad zubaan hoti hai... Bas sun ne walah hona chahiye... ", she whispered assertively(Even hushed lips have a tale to tell... There only needs to be someone to hear...). She instantly felt the skin beneath her palm loosen. Lifting her hand, she quickly walked away, avoiding the captivating eyes...

His eyes looked up, perceiving the blue-clad figure walk out briskly as that strangely intoxicating scent fills his vacant senses... In some strange instinct, his gaze shifted towards his hand still encompassing the paper weight. Gently, it left his grasp as he pulled his hand back. As he pressed his head against the cool leather of the head rest and allowed his lids shield his vision... his ears sensed the discrete movement of the circular object travel aimlessly across his desk... and hit the floor.




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Anyone want me to continue posting here? LOL

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plz continue
Clap Clap Clap
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haila!! brilliant!!

dii, you have to continue for me.........!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

i loved it immensely!!!

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