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**Dosti Mein Pyaar** Part 50 p.146

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**Khanna Family**

Dilip and Naina Khanna: Parents of Angad, Anjali, and Neev. Dilip is a businessman and he has a joint business with his best friend, Suryaban Sharma. Naina is a housewife and is a very loving mother to all her children. Naina is best friends with Gayatri Sharma. They also happen to be the neighbors of the Sharma Family, so their houses are right next to each other.
Angad Khanna: He is 21, Angad was born late according to school policy so he was held back a year in school, just like Kavya. He is the hottest guy at college. He's a complete flirt. Girls are always after him. His best friend is Kripa, who he loves to death (as a friend of course). Angad and Kripa always seem to make time to hang out with each other if not all their friends. Angad loves to hurl insults at her. He tries not to compliment her because that would only increase her already inflated ego--same goes for Kripa as well, she never compliments Angad either for the same reason. Without Kripa though, he can't even do the simplest tasks. He loves hanging out with the boys, partying, drinking, flirting, etc…
Anjali Khanna: She is 20. She is a beautiful girl. She is pretty popular being Angad's sister and all. She the jaan of the family, they all see her as the baby of the family. Angad and Neev is really protective of Anjali. Angad doesn't trust any guys around Anjali except for his friends, because she is part of the gang. She is good friends with Kripa and just like Kripa loves to go clubbing, shopping, etc. She acts the most girly out of Kripa, Prachi, and herself.
Neev Khanna: He is 20. He is Angad's cousin, but lives with at the Khanna House. His parents died when he was barely 5 years old. His only living relatives were his father's brother, Dilip. Neev was welcomed with open arms to the Khanna family and accepted as their own son just like Angad. Neev happens to be only a couple months younger than Angad.  Neev calls Dilip and Naina, Dad and Mom, because for him they are his everything. Neev is a complete flirt, he's pretty popular, and why wouldn't he be—he too is part of the popular group. He is best friends with Prachi, no matter what happens they always hang out and he always has time for Prachi. He has girls fighting for his undivided attention. He likes to pester Prachi as much as he can. Neev enjoys making fun of Prachi, which she does tend to irritate her. Neev loves making Prachi mad. Neev is a cool guy, who is totally full of life and completely energetic.

**Sharma Family**

Suryaban and Gayatri Sharma: Parents of Kavya, Kripa, and Prachi. Dilip is a businessman and he has a joint business with his best friend, Suryaban Sharma. Naina is a housewife and is a very loving mother to all her children. Naina is best friends with Gayatri Sharma. They also happen to be neighbors of the Khanna Family
Kavya Sharma: He is 21. He is a cool guy. Loves his sister and family like crazy and can do anything for them. He is Kripa's older brother and really over protective of both his little sisters. Kavya was born late according to schools, just like Angad so he too was held back a year. One thing Kavya can't stand is to see tears in Kripa or Prachi's eyes. He is really a sweet guy. He is really good friends with Angad and Neev. One person he can't seem to get along with his Angad's little sister, Anjali, a.k.a. his worst nightmare. Though Anjali is his sworn enemy, he would never dream of hurting her because she is after all his best friend's sister and for that reason he too is really protective over her.
Kripa Sharma: She is 20. The hottest girl at college. She's really intelligent, but knows how to have a good time. Her best friend is Angad, whom she can't imagine life without, mostly because he's always been there all her life. She's just like one of the guys, but she's got style and fashion sense. She has known Angad all her life, mainly because their parents are such good friends and their parents do practically everything together as well. Angad and Kripa love to get the other in tight situations and love whirling insults at each other—all in good fun!
Prachi Sharma: She is 20. She is Kripa's fraternal twin. She is the younger than Kripa by 3 hours and the youngest of the Sharma kids. Her best friend happens to be Neev Khanna. They have always been together just like Angad and Kripa. Prachi is a traditional girl at heart and very studious as well. She wears traditional clothes unlike her big sister who's more modern. She loves modern music like her siblings. Her tastes happen to be quite similar to those of Kripa, yet her outward appearance doesn't seem to match that. She is quite immature at times. She is the baby of the house so she is always under supervision. She likes to pull pranks, but because of her sweet nature she never is the prime suspect. She is very beautiful and has a quiet personality. The only person that can really understand her is Neev. She is still in denial that what she feels for Neev may be more than just a crush. 

**Other Friends**

Josh Kapoor: He is 20. He has been friends with Angad, Neev, and Kavya since they were little. He is a flirt just like Angad and the rest. He is a loyal friend, and he can do anything for them. He has a good heart. He is dating Aaliya.
Aaliya Sachdev: She is 20, friends with Kripa, Anjali, and Prachi. She is a popular girl, loves her friends. She has known Angad, Kavya, Neev and Josh since they were little, but only recently has she started dating Josh.


    So I decided to write a fanfiction as well after reading so many! Anyways this is the character sketch and the first part will be up soon! LEAVE COMMENTS!

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Chapter 1

            On a bright sunny morning, a black convertible pulls up in the drive way of the Khanna House. Beep Beep Beep Beep. Beep Beep Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep.  The driver is a quite well built guy, wearing sunglasses, ripped jeans, and a transparent shirt. He starts to get impatient and the fact that there are no good songs playing, adding to his misery. He turns to look at the girl sitting next to him and begins sighing quite loudly. The girl is downright beautiful, with her designer clothes and accessories, giving her the perfect look to make any guy stop dead in his tracks. He says to the girl sitting beside him, "Kripa go get them or we are going to be out here all day and miss our first day at college as seniors." She replies quite irritated "fineee Kavya! I'm gonna kill him today if he's not ready". Kripa opens the car door to leave, but spots a cute guy making his way out the house towards his silver convertible. Neev.

Kripa turns around and addresses the traditional yet cultured girl quietly sitting in the back of the car, "Prachi how about you drive to college with Neev and let Kavya here alone with Anjali." Kavya retorts, "HECK NO!! Are u crazy we are going to strangle each other even before we get to college." Kripa laughs at her brother and sweetly replies, "Too bad, that's what you get for making me go get his lazy butt outta bed." Kavya groans. Kripa turns back to walk up the beautiful house and rings the doorbell. As soon as the door opens, Kripa rushes past a drop dead gorgeous girl and yells to her, "Kavya's waiting in the car for you Anjali, Prachi went with Neev. You guys carry on since you know how long your brother takes." The girl walks towards Kavya's car cursing her fate that she got stuck with him today and they leave for college.

Kripa finally makes her way up the stairs to wake up his highness. Oh Kripa was gonna give him a piece of her mind today for making her late today. She pushes the door open to see a shirtless, buff, and extremely gorgeous guy standing in the middle of his room while being surrounded by piles of clothing. "ANGAD!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON SO WE CAN LEAVE!!" Angad replies coolly, "Chill woman! Almost gave me a heart attack and thank god you're here now help me figure out what to wear." Kripa groans and quickly finds a shirt and 10 minutes later Angad is finally ready. Kripa grabs Angad's arm and drags him down the stairs, nearly shoving him into his red convertible. Angad could tell Kripa was pretty upset with him and he was in for it today.



As soon as they get to college, Angad and Kripa walk towards the entrance fully aware that everyone's eyes were on them and them alone. Their walk expresses it all, their attitude, their pride, their influence, and their popularity. They spot Josh and Aaliya along with the rest and take their spot by the entrance to begin ragging the freshman like any other year, however this experience was cut short for Angad, upon the arrival of his ex-girlfriend, Riya. Riya, in short, was a complete stalker and so very clingy. When Angad broke up with her, the next day she acted like nothing had happened and everything was fine… talk about in denial. He whispers, "Oh Shit!" and runs in the other direction to hide behind a tree. The whole gang turns to look in the direction Angad looked in before he made a run for it. Everyone gasps except for Kripa.

Kripa looks like someone has given her the best gift in the world.  She, unlike the others sees her revenge from Angad for him being late. Kripa looks at Riya and smirks as Riya made her way towards Kripa. She asks eagerly, "Hey Kripa, where is Angad?" Kripa looks over at Angad's direction to see him frantically moving his hands left and right, signaling Kripa to make Riya go away and not tell her anything. Instead of course, Kripa says, "Oh Angad, (pointing) he's behind that bush." As Riya turned to look in the direction Kripa pointed to, Angad's hands stop the frantic movement and rather turn into a hand wave, signaling "Hi". Kripa is hiding her laughter looking at Angad's pathetic state, oh yea and he looked super cheesy with the hand motion. She just walks away leaving poor Angad to fend for himself. He is making a mental note that Kripa is sooooo dead! Riya came up to Angad, "Where have you been I tried calling you all summer, how can you not call your own girlfriend?!?!?!" Angad says to himself,"Girlfriend????? OMG WHAT A PSYCHO!!! AHH!" Angad instead replies, "I got class… gotta go" and takes off before letting her respond.

He runs into the building, but stops due to the sound of laughter. He turns around to see Kripa grabbing her stomach laughing her head off. Kripa looks up as he says, "OH UR DEAD!" Kripa let out a shriek and runs in the other direction right into one of Angad's rivals and stops. She looks back to see intense eyes full of anger and hatred. Prithvi Bose. "WHAT THE ****!!! YOU LITTLE *****!"WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!!" before Angad gets a chance to say something, Kripa slaps Prithvi across the face. Then Prithvi dares to raise his hand up to slap Kripa as well, but Angad catches his hand and has Prithvi by the collar and yells, "HOW DARE YOU TRY TO HIT HER?!" Prithvi skeptically "Figures, that your boy toy would come to defend you!" Angad enraged, " APOLIGIZE TO HER!" Prithvi scoffed,"HELL NO!" Angad replies calmly,"You asked for it" and Angad punchs him in the face and he falls to the ground. Angad advances further, but Kavya came and pulls him back. Prithvi gets up and leaves, but not before hearing Angad's last words, "YOU SAY SOMETHING TO HER AGAIN AND WATCH WHAT I DO TO YOU!". Prithvi pushes through the newly formed crowd and soon it begins to disperse.

Angad now turns to Kripa, who just looks like she was slapped in the face and is completely in shock. Angad is really concerned since no one had ever spoken to Kripa in such a horrible manner. "Kripa?? Your okay na?", he shakes her lightly after seeing no response. "Krips?" She replies softly "hmm". He asks again "Your okay rite? I would have killed him if Kavya hadn't stopped me. No one and I mean no one gets away with insulting my best friend!" Seeing the concern on Angad's face, she lightens up thinking she is so lucky to have a best friend like Angad. "Thanks Angad!" He asks confused, "For what?" She replies, "For defending me!" "Come on Krips your best friend, obviously I'll be there when you need me!" Kripa hopefully asks, "Always?" He gives her a kiss on the forehead and replied sweetly, "Always."

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yeah!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy im the first one 2 read ur fan fic. ur fan fic seems soooooooo awesome. i really cant wait 2 read more. cont soon. this was a great start. Clap

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Originally posted by angullgrl91

yeah!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy im the first one 2 read ur fan fic. ur fan fic seems soooooooo awesome. i really cant wait 2 read more. cont soon. this was a great start. Clap

awww thanks sweety!!  keep the comments coming guys, ill try to continue soon!
neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Best of luck with your first FF! I still remember my first one.   LOL
monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Clap awesome dear
Rachu_1987 IF-Sizzlerz

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well as soon as i saw u had started a fanfic i had 2 read n comment.....loved the intro of the characters n the first part.....hating prithvi already n loving angad Big smile Big smile Big smile awesome part plz continue whenever u can Clap
PassionsKaSh Senior Member

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ohhh that was soooo sweeeeeeeeeeet Smile Smile Smile
plz cont soooooooon!!!! Clap

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