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Next moring some one ring a bell of Angad home and he come down stair to open the door and he didn't see anybody outside.

Again door bell ring and he open the door again he still not see anybody outside.

He say stop playing with me

whoever it is plz come out of there

It's was Muskaan

Muskaan say hi uncle

you got scared


Muskaan:How are you?

Muskaan:do you miss me?

Angad:yes i miss you lot


Muskaan:I miss you too


Angad:Where were you?

Muskaan:I went to London


Muskaan:I went to my friend wedding


Muskaan:There is a girl who fall in love with my papa

Muskaan:Papa also starting to love her too

Muskaan:I saw them togther in park and she saied to papa that he should speak to me

Angad:What is Kartik problem?

Muskaan:I don't know

Angad:you don't worry

Angad:I will talk to him

Muskaan:Thank's Uncle

Angad:what is her name?

Muskaan:Her name is Pooj Gahi

Angad:I will try to speak her too


Angad:You give me her picture and i will try to find her soon and talk to her about this


Angad:I know this girl


Angad:she was in my collage


Angad:I'm still going to talk to her about this



Angad went to pooja house and Muskaan follow him to Pooja Ghai house

Angad stop his car by her home and get out of his car and Muskaan stop her car and stay inside her car

Angad ring a bell and Pooja open the door

Pooja:what you are doing here?

Angad:What i'm doing here?

Pooja:hi Angad

Pooja:how are you?

Angad:I'm not fine

Pooja:what happened?

Angad:Why you don't leave my brother alone?

Pooja:I love him

Angad:Plz stay away from Kartik


Angad:his daughter does not want you to see with her father

Pooja:oh i see

Angad:you better stay away from kartik

Pooja:now he love me too

Angad:I don't think so

Pooja:if you don't think so then i'm sorry for this


Muskaan is listening to all this and then she come inside Pooja home(Door is open that time)

Angad is Surprise to see Muskaan there

Angad:How you get here?

Muskaan:I'm sorry

Muskaan:I follow you to Pooja Ghai home

Angad:why You follow me?

Muskaan:To see Pooja Ghai once again


Muskaan:Miss.Pooja Ghai if you really love Kartik Khanna then can you give me love as a mother.If yes then i will agree with your marriage with Kartik Khanna.


Pooja:You want love as mother then i will give you a lot of love as a mother


Angad:I'm so happy that you agree

Muskaan:I'm happy too

Angad call Kartik and tell him all this and next day Pooja and Kartik marry in court


After getting marry to Pooja,Kartik take her to his home

When Naina saw them in wedding clothes and she ask Kartik why you marry again

Kartik:she love me and i starting loving her too

Naina:did Muskaan know about this

Kartik:Yes mom

Kartik:First she didn't agree to our marriage then later she agree


Pooja:I'm sorry we didn't ask you

Naina:It's ok

Pooja:I'm happy that Muskaan agree for marriage

Naina:That Great

Kartik:Mom i will call Muskaan and tell her to stay with us

Naina:That Cool


Next day Kartik call Muskaan

Kartik:Muskaan I want you to stay with us

Muskaan:I will stay with you but not right now

Kartik:why not?

Muskaan:Papa please give me some time



Angad:who's call was this?

Muskaan:It's was Papa Call

Angad:What he say?

Muskaan:he want me to stay with them

Angad:what you say?

Muskaan:I say that right now i can't stay with you

Angad:you should say yes to him

Muskaan:right now i want to stay with you


Angad:whenever you want to go and stay with your father i will not stop you

Muskaan:Thank You


Next moring Pooja call Muskaan and ask her that when she is comming

Muskaan:I will come soon


Muskaan:Is Papa home


Muskaan:Can I speak to him


Kartik:How is my daughter doing?

Muskaan:I'm fine

Muskaan:What about you

Kartik:I'm fine too

Muskaan:You miss me

Kartik:yes I miss you lot

Muskaan:Don't worry I will be there soon and stay with you

Kartik:that good


After 1 week Muskaan went to Khanna House

Teddy saw Muskaan comming and he saied hi miss.Muskaan how are you

Muskaan:I'm fine

Muskaan:what about yourself?

Teddy:I'm fine too


Teddy:nice to see you here


Teddy:why you didn't come to meet your grandparents?

Muskaan:I was in England

Teddy:What you are doing in England?

Muskaan:It's was my friend wedding and she invite me there and i can't say no to her


Muskaan:is anyone home now

Teddy:nobody at home right now but Mr.Kartik told me that you are comming here

Muskaan:what i'm going to do here alone?

Muskaan:Teddy i'm really very hungry so can you bring something to eat



After eating something Teddy say Miss.Muskaan i will show you your room

Muskaan say that great and i will take some rest at my room

Muskaan say right now i'm so tired and i like to sleep for few hour and whenever they get back home just wake me up

Teddy sure i will tell you

When they all come back and Teddy told them that Muskaan is already here

Kartik say where she is?

Teddy say she is sleeping right now if you want me to wake her up then tell me

Teddy was just going to wake her up and Kartik stop him and told him to not to wake her up

Teddy say ok sure

In few minute she wake-up and come down stair and see everybody is here

She call Teddy and ask him that why he didn't wake her up

Teddy say I'm sorry Miss.Muskaan because you saied me that you are so tired and that why i did not come to wake you up and also Mr.Kartik told me not to wake you up too



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Kartik:Welcome Home

Muskaan:Thank's Papa

Kartik:I'm so happy to have you back at home


Kartik:yes that true

Pooja:Hi sweety

Pooja:how r u?

Muskaan:I'm fine

Pooja:are you not going to give me hug


Pooja:what you will call me?

Muskaan:what you want me to call you?

Muskaan:Pooja,Pooja Mom or Just Mom

Pooja:I will call you mom

Pooja hug her and kiss her and Muskaan start to cry because she never get a love from mom

She doesn't not know the meaning of mother

Pooja wipe her tear and say don't worry i alway going to love you and give lot of love


Pooja:I prosime

Pooja:love and friendship from me to you

Muskaan:That Great

They hug each other again and Muskaan's grandparents they saw this and it's tear comming from there eyes too


Naina:I'm so happy to have you Pooja


Naina:Thank You so much for giving love to Muskaan

Pooja:you don't have to say thank you to me

Naina:I'm happy to have daughter-in-law like you

Pooja:Thank's again


Angad:we have happy family now

Angad:That Great

Kripa:It's great to be part of this family

Angad:Kripa that true


Kartik:Thank's brother

Angad:Thank's for what?

Kartik:Thank's for everything

Angad:It's ok

They all took family pictures and Muskaan call Teddy For taking picture and to get in pictures too


Now they are happy family but still Angad and Kripa live with there grandmother

Angad love his grandmother lot and he share everything with his grandmother

His grandmother love Angad and Kripa very much and also grandmother love Angad's kids too

Angad's kids love there father grandmother too and ask her to read stories to them everyday


Sohan-9 year old -love to be Cartoonist

Nakul-7 year old-love to watch cartoon,and love to be singer like his father

Hita-9 year old-love to read story book,play on computer,and like to be reporter

Soni-19 year old(Angad&Kripa lost daughter long time ago)

Abhita 5 year old(Prithvi&Harshini daughter)love to be actresses

Rahul 4 year old(Prithvi&Harshini son)love to be drama writer

Rohan 8 year old(Mannan&Alia older Son)want to be criket player

Hiten 6 year old(Mannan&Alia Younger son)want to be actor


Reema 2 year old(Mannan&Alia youngest kid)love to be write stories for little kids

Kumud 12 year old(Samir&Anita older daughter)want to be sport player

Aman 10 year old(Samir&Anita younger son)who want to be supermodel in india

Akash-4 year old(Kartik&Pooja older son)want to be business man

Karishma-3 year old(Kartik&Pooja youner daugther)want to be model

Armaan-2 year old(Kartik&Pooja yongest son)love to make car


There Kids told there parents that what they all want to be when they grow up

All the parents say wow we like it your choice and kids you have to study hard now to be this

Kids ok i will study hard


Mannan:Angad and Kripa I want to say something to you both


Mannan:Angad I want to make your daughter my daughter-in-law in she grow up

Angad:  and saied right now she is 9 year old

Angad:is a long way to be 22 year old

Kripa:Ok i don't have any problem with this


Alia:Mannan are you fixing Hiten & Hita marriage now

Mannan:I just talk about this and didn't fix it yet

Alia:right now they so young

Mannan:I know

Alia:Who going to marry our daughter?

Mannan:I have find it for her too

Alia:OK who is he?

Mannan:He is Angad younger son

Alia:what is his name?

Mannan:His name is Sohan

Alia:wow that cool

Mannan:what about our son Roshan?

Alia:he will marry Abhita(Prithvi&Harshini)


Angad:You both getty so crazy

Mannan:Yes I know that


Alia:see you later


Harshini:Hi Kripa

Harshini:I'm seeing you search a long time

Harshini:Where you went?

Kripa:I was busy now a day

Harshini:busy with what

Kripa:busy with kids


Kripa:There exam are comming so i'm going to make them study hard and Pass the all classes

Harshini:That good

Kripa:i have get ready kids for study

Kripa:I will talk to you later


Harshini:tell kids that Harshini Aunty say Good Luck for exam


Harshini:How was kids exam?

Kripa:It's was great

Harshini:That nice

Kripa:Thank's To God that they pass there all classes

Harshini:I'm happy for Sohan & Hita that they pass there final exam

Kripa:I'm happy too

Harshini:May I speak to Sohan & Hita


Sohan:Hi Harshini Aunty

Harshini:Hi sohan

Harshini:Sohan I'm glad that you pass your final exam

Sohan:Thank's Harshini Aunty

Harshini:which class you are going to after Summer vaction over

Sohan:I'm going to 4th class

Harshini:That good

Sohan:Do you want to talk to Hita?


Sohan call her twin sister and tell her that Harshini Aunty want to talk to you

Hita:ok i'm comming

Harshini:how are you?

Hita:I'm fine

Harshini:You pass your all classes

Hita:Yes I Did pass it

Harshini:That Good

Hita:Thank's For calling for us

Harshini:no problem

Hita:I have to go now because Papa is waiting for me


Hita:because Sohan and I going to grandparents(Angad's Parents Home then Kripa's Parents home to show them there report card)

Harshini:That Great

Hita:see you tomorrow


Hita:Hi grandmom we are here

Naina:Oh my dear I was waiting you both



Hita:Guess What?

Naina:Yes I know you both pass the final exam

Sohan:How you know that?

Naina:Hita just told me

Sohan:Oh I see

Naina:I'm so happy for both of you

Sohan:I'm happy to that I pass it

Naina:I give a party for you both and invited your all friends

Sohan:Thank's Grandmom

Hita:Thank's Grandmom

Naina:Your Welcome Kids

Hita:Where is grandfather?

Naina:he is out of town

Hita:when is he comming back?

Naina:he is comming back next week

Hita:why next week?

Naina:He have a lot's of things to do there

Sohan:Please call him today


Naina call him and he say i'm so happy for both kids and tell them i will back by tomorrow

Sohan:what he say?

Naina:He is comming back tomorrow

Hita&Sohan:wow that going to be fun then

Angad:yes we have fun when my Papa going to come back

Kripa:ok kids is time to go to bed

Hita&Sohan:Goodnight grandmom

Naina:Goodnight Kids


kids love there both grandparents and they spend time them every weekend

Naina love her both daughter-in-law

Kripa love to stay with her mother-in-law but Angad don't want stay with his parents home


Naina:Angad where are kids?

Angad:Mom they are playing with Muskaan


Angad:I want to tell you some things


Angad:Mom Muskaan is your grand-daughter too

Naina:Muskaan is my grand-daughter

Angad:yes mom you heard me right

Naina:who's daughter she is?

Angad:she is Kartik daughter


Angad:plz give love to Muskaan too

Naina:I will give my love to her

Angad:Thank's mom

Kripa:Angad where are you?

Angad:Kripa I'm here

Kripa:I was looking for you everwhere

Angad:what happened?

Kripa:I can't find Nakul any where

Angad:he is place where at home playing with Muskaan

Kripa:no he is not here

Angad:ok I will look for him


Angad:Plz don't  kripa

Angad:I say i will go outside and ask Muskaan

Kripa:I already ask her and she say He was here and now I don't know where he go

Kripa,Angad and Muskaan they all look for Nakul but can't find him any place

Angad get worried and starting crying.when he is crying he saw some thing by tree and he ran to that place and there he find his son Nakul sleep there.

Angad:Kripa come here look he is here under ther tree and sleeping.

Kripa:Thank's God we find him

So they take him inside and put him on bed to sleep


Soni is looking for job and there is add from Khanna music company.Soni call in music company and they say you can come tomorrow and we will have your interview.

Next day Soni went to music company.She say can i come and Kartik say come in.So you the one who call for job.Soni say yes i call for job and Kartik ask interview and tell her to sit outside and i will tell you later.Soni sit outside of office and wait for Kartik relpy.Later Kartik come out and saied you can come from tomorrow and that make soni so happy that she hug Kartik and sir thank you so much.

Kartik say your welcome but don't hug me again


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Next moring Soni went to music company and she start her first day at job and she is so happy to work in Khanna music company.

She is working there and Angad come to meet his brother and saw soni in Kartik office and ask his brother who is she?

Kartik say she is new worker and she will help you on stage show.

Angad say that great,what is her name?




Angad:Brother I ask you to tell me her name and why you are saying again and again soni

Kartik:her name is soni

Angad:  and saied oh i see

Angad:that a beauitful name

Soni:thank's Mr.Angad Khanna

Angad:it's ok

Soni:so you like my name and you will like my work too

Angad:yes i already like your work

Soni:that nice

Angad:nice meeting you Soni

Soni:nice meeting you too

Angad:ok bye

Soni:bye and leave from Kartik office


Next day Angad come to music Company and saw Soni is busy in working

Angad  and say to himself that what a pretty girl and she is really a hard worker

Soni saw Angad and ask him Mr.Angad Khanna are you ok

Angad:Yes i'm ok

Soni:what you are thinking?


Angad:you are so cute


Angad:If you want to be my friend then let me tell you


Angad:put in your mind that no thank's and no sorry in friendship


Angad:whenever you need me main hoon na

Soni:Main Hoon Na too


Angad:get to work if Kartik see you talking then maybe he fire you from job

Soni:no no i'm going to my work

Angad:we will talk later


Angad:have a nice day sweety

Soni:have a nice day to you too


When Angad come back from music academy and Saw kripa crying and seeing pictures of her older daughter Soni

Angad told her not to cry and we will find her some time

Kripa:I really miss her

Angad:Yes kripa i miss her too

Kripa:if she is life then she must be 19 year old

Angad:that right

Kripa:why don't we give ad in newspaper so she come back to us

Angad:that a good idea

Angad:i will give ad in newspaper today and we both going to pray to God

Kripa:I pray every day

Angad:that good

Kripa:Let get kids some ice cream


Angad:Kartik have hire one new girl and she is our daughter age and her name is Soni too

Kripa:that nice

Angad:she told me that she lost her parents when she was 2 year old

Kripa:oh that poor girl

Angad:i told her not to worry and you will find your parents sometime

Kripa:that so sweet of you to take care of that girl

Angad:thank's kripa

Kripa:bring her some time at home so we can talk and have lunch togther

Angad:great idea


Today part-76 two new entry in my story and there name are Josh play by Amit Sareen & Kumud-play by Aaskha.

Josh-rock star like Angad and Angad's Best friend

Kumud-Josh's childhood friend

Angad call Josh and told him that he need help finding her lost daugther soni

Josh:Sure friend anything for you


Josh:no thank's and no sorry in friendship plz


Josh:what a nice name?

Josh:Soni is a really nice name

Angad:that right

Josh:i'm coming next week and plz tell your wife that not to worry


Josh:I hope we will find your daughter very soon

Angad:yes i hope too

Josh:if she is life than how we can find her

Angad:I have her childhood pictures

Josh:that great

Angad:I already give ad in newspaper





Next moring Angad went music adcemy to talk to his brother Kartik that he will be not here for 3 week because Josh and he going to find Soni

Kartik:i will handle everything

Angad:Thank's brother

Kartik:Angad don't worry you we find her some time

Angad:I hope we find her and take her with us

Kartik:I will pray for you

Angad:Thank's again

Kartik:your welcome brother

Angad went back home and pack her bag to get ready

Kripa:are you going somewhere?

Angad:yes kripa


Angad:I call Josh and he told me that he will help me finding our older daugther soni

Kripa:that good

Angad:He is coming today so now i will go to Airport and pick him up


Angad went to Airport and saw Josh is waiting for him.

Josh:hi Angad

Josh:how are you?

Angad:hi Josh

Angad:I'm fine but also worry too

Josh:there is nothing to worry about

Angad:I don't know how we can find Soni

Josh:first go to your home and you show me her childhood pictures then let see what i can do next


Josh and Angad went to home and they have lunch togther after the lunch Angad told kripa to bring Soni photo Ablum


Josh saw Soni childhood pictures and told Angad and Kripa that I think i saw her somewhere

Angad and Kripa say where you saw her plz Josh tell us

Josh:I'm just thinking but i don't know where i saw her

Angad:Plz Plz Josh think fast

Josh:ok,i'm thinking

Kripa:if she is our older daughter soni then it will be easy to find her

Josh:that right

Josh:i'm still thinking

Angad:where you saw her?

Josh:Yes i know now

Angad:that great

Josh:I saw her in London where i come from


Kripa:so she live in London

Josh:yes Kripa

Kripa:thank's God

Josh:she look same as in childhood

Josh:no changing

Angad:that good

Angad:now we can find her easily

Josh:that right

Josh:let go to London

Kripa:I like to go with you both

Angad:Kripa who going to take care of kids

Kripa:that right

Angad:we will find her and bring her with us


Kripa:Good Luck Angad and Josh


Angad and Josh arrive in London and they rent a car then Josh take Angad to his home

Josh parents meet Angad and told him that we all going to help you find your older daughter

Angad say thank you so much

Josh's parents:whatever we can do for you and will do anything for you and kripa

Angad:thank's Aunty & Uncle

Josh's Parents:you can stay with us

Josh's Parents:you can't stay in hotel

Angad:ok, as you wish

Next moring they both get up and start finding Soni

They both went to Girl hostel and that lady say May I Help you guys


Angad show her older daughter pictures to that lady and she told her that yes know her and she use to live in girl hostel but now she went back india


Josh:I guess we can go back to india

Angad:Where in india she stay?

Lady:well she call me today and told me that she find good job in Khanna music companmy

Angad:thank's lady

Josh:wow so she work in your family company

Josh:that great

Angad:that mean that new girl which Kartik hire in job

Angad:she is my daughter

Angad:oh i'm so close to her and didn't know that she is in my city

Josh:that great

Josh:let go back home


Angad:then  from happy

Josh: I'm happy for both of you

Josh:don't tell Kripa about her now


Josh:just call her for lunch and spend time with her and later tell Kripa about her that she is your daughter

Angad:good idea


Now Angad and Josh back in india

Kripa:hi guys

Angad:hi kripa

Josh:hi kripa,how r u?

Kripa:i'm fine

Kripa:did you both find her


Kripa:where is she?

Angad:she is here in india


Angad:i will bring her some day

Kripa:bring her today

Angad:not today beause Kartik give her lot of work and she is busy

Kripa:what you mean Kartik give her work?

Angad:she work in our music company

Kripa:wow that great


Next day Angad went to his company and try to find Soni home address then later he find Soni address and went to meet her

Soni open the door and saw Angad standing there and she ask Mr.Angad can I help you


Soni:I'm surprise to see you here


Soni:how you know my home address

Angad:by your profile

Soni:oh i see

Angad:I can help you find your real parents

Soni:you will help me

Angad:yes sure why

Soni:that great

Angad:Soni you will not belive me that Kripa & I are your real parents


Soni:yes you right i will not belive this

Soni:Is this true


Soni and Angad hug each other and Soni I want know everything about myself and you and mom too

Angad told her about everything


Kripa:Angad i'm so happy to have a my lost daughter back

Angad:me too

Kripa:Now she will have her parents love and all happy things which she lost as a child

Angad:that right

Kripa:We will not let her stay alone
Kripa:we alway going to be with her

Angad:me too

Soni:Ok mom & dad
Soni:I know you both love me and you both care about me lot so I'm not a kid anymore
Soni:I'm a grow up girl
Soni:I'm 19th Year Old

Angad:Yes my dear I know that

Kripa:I know that you are grow up girl
Kripa:but you are still my baby


Kripa:good night

Angad:good night dear

soni:Good night mom and dad
Soni:I LOVE YOU both

Angad & Kripa:We love you too



Next day Soni went to music company and wait in Kartik office

Kartik:Hi Soni
Soni:Hi,Kartik Uncle
Kartik:what you just say?
Kartik:ok never mind
Soni:It's ok
Kartik:Did you done everything which I told you to do for today
Soni:Yes sir i'm already done with my all work
Kartik:that good
Soni:thank's sir

Angad come to meet his older and saw Soni in his office then later he smile at soni and simle him back

Angad:Soni did u told big brother about yourself
Soni:not yet
Kartik:I really don't understand what u both talking about
Angad:I think I have tell you this now
Kartik:about what?
Angad:about Soni
Kartik:what about Soni u want to tell me?
Angad:she is my lost daughter soni
Kartik:I don't belive this
Kartik:is it true
Angad:Yes this news is true

Kartik is surprise to know that Soni is his niece and then he call his parent and they so happy to have there lost grand-daughter



Naina:I want to meet my grand daughter Soni
Kartik:mom you should talk to Angad
Naina:is Angad here
Kartik:yes he is here
Naina:ok give him phone I want to talk to him right now
Kartik:ok mom
Kartika:Angad mom want to talk to you right now
Naina:Why you hid this all from me?
Angad:mom i really don't know that this soni who work in our company she is my daughter
Angad:if i know that berfore i'm sure i will told you that
Naina:It's ok
Naina:but now i want to meet my lost grand-daughter and when you going to bring her to khanna house
Angad:next week
Naina:that good
Angad:bye mom
Naina:bye Son



Angad ask kripa to get ready because we are going to meet my parent with our daughter soni

Kripa:You told her about Soni
Angad:I told my brother about soni and he told this good news to parents and now mom & dad want to meet there daughter Soni
Kripa:that good
Angad:we are going today
Kripa:that great
Angad:tell Samir,Hita ,Nukal & Soni to get ready too
Angad:we going to stay for 1 month there
Angad:Kripa is it ok with you
Angad:kids are you ready go to grand parent house

All the kids say yes mom and dad we are ready



Naina throw up big party for having her lost grand-daughter back

Naina:Soni my dear grand daughter this party is for you
Soni:Thank's grand mom
Naina:Your Welcome
Soni:I'm happy to be back with my parents and sister and brothers
Naina:I'm happy for you

Soni and Naina hug each other then they cut cake

Angad:Kripa my mom look so happy today
Kripa:Yes she is happy
Angad:I'm so happy to have our daughter back
Kripa:me too
Soni:Mom & Dad come here plz
Kripa & Angad:ok soni we are coming
Soni:Let have family pic
Soni:Thank's to God for search a nice family
Naina:i want you all to stay with us
Angad:sure mom
Kripa:we will stay with you but for only for 2 month
Naina:Why you can't stay here for rest of your life?
Angad:I'm sorry mom & dad we can't stay for rest of our life with you
Naina:ok i understand
Angad:thank's for understaning us

Angad:we are going to stay only for 2 month then we will go back to our own home.Is it ok with you all.

Naina say sure why not



Angad's family stay in khanna house for 2 month then they go back to their own home

Soni spend lot of good time with her Siter Hita,two brother Samir & Nakul

Samir:Soni di where were you long time ago?
Soni:I lost somewhere
Soni:I don't know how i lost
Soni:you should ask mom & dad about this
Hita:now plz don't go any where
Hita:I love you so much
Hita:You are best sister in whole world
Soni:same to you
Hita:You love me too
Soni:I love all of you
Hita:that Cool
Soni:Where is my youngest brother?
Hita:He is playing with papa
Soni:that great

Hita call Nakul to come inside because soni di want to talk to you

Nakul:ok i'm coming
Angad:let go inside and talk with soni
Nakul:Papa i love my sister soni
Angad:yes i know that
Nakul:Hi Soni di
Soni:hi my dear youngest brother
Soni:how r u?
Nakul:I'm fine
Soni:Tell me what you do all day at home when Hita & Samir go to school
Nakul:I play outside with Papa & Mom
Soni:that good
Soni:when you will go to school?
Nakul:maybe next year
Soni:good for you



Soni still working in Khanna music company and have a lot of fun there

Kartik give her nice gift and he thank's to God that he have his family member back

Angad and Kripa alway going to love soni and they spend there good time with her

Prithvi now know that Soni is Angad and Kripa daughter

Harshini want to make Kripa and Angad younger daughter hita there daughter-in-law

Hita also like Harshini and Prithvi son and want to marry him when she grow up

Also there son is Hita classmate and he love Hita too

Harshini and Prithvi already talk about this to Angad and Kripa and they both agree

Nakul is Rock-Star like his father Angad Khanna

Samir,Nakul,Hita and Soni they all love each other very much



Samir is grow up and he is now 14 year old

Nakul is 9 year old

Hita is 13 year old

Soni is 19 year old

They all live togther with there parents and go to there grand parents home only in weekend and also they spend time with Angad's Grand-mother and she love Angad's kids very much and his kids love her too.

Angad and Kripa they are so happy to have each other love and they both love grand-mother.

Angad and Kripa live with Angad's Grand-mother home not his parents home

Because Angad's parents throw him away from there home and told him not to come again here



Angad love his grand mother,Kripa and his kids very much

Also he love his younger sister who alway want to live with her brother and sister-in-law but Naina don't want her to stay with them

Angad's sister name is Kumud(the girl who was in Tum Bina and she play other hero younger sister and i don't know her real name)

Next night she pack up her bag and write a letter to her parents that she leaving this home and never going to come back again here because she love her brother Angad and she will stay with him

Don't you try to call me to come back at your place

She say mom and dad i alway going to love you

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Clap awesome dear thank for updating Clap Clap
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Then Kumud leave that letter to her parents room and left from her home

When Naina wake up and see the letter next her table then she pick up and read it and tell Kumud's father that she is gone to his brother

Kumud's father say i knew this before and i told you be nice with her or she will leave us

But you didn't listen to me and now see she leave home and she will never going to come back again

Naina say i'm sorry for this all

Naina say you should call Angad and ask him if she arrive at his home or not

He saied ok Naina i will call Angad right now and he call him and ask about Kumud

Angad say she is not here right now and he talking his dad on phone that time door bell ring and he saied his dad just wait a minute and i will go and check who is at the door

His dad say ok i will hold

Angad open the door and saw Kumud and ask her what she doing here?

Kumud say i leave home and i will stay with you all if you don't have any problem with this

Angad:no problem
Kumud:thank's brother
Angad:Papa she is here and do you want to talk to her

His father no thank's and just take care of her and i will tell your mom that she is ok

Kumud:who is it?
Angad:it is papa
Kumud:i'm not going back at that home
Angad:ok you can stay with me
Angad:Papa told me to take care of you and he love lot
Kumud:i love mom and dad too
Angad:here is your room and put your stuff here

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Kumud love to stay with her brother Angad and want spend more time with his kids

Kids also love her very much and they go out togther to have lot of fun there

Angad love his younger sister Kumud and kripa give lot of love to her as her sister too

There grand mother want Kumud to go back to her home and stay with her family but Kumud say no grandmother i will not go back in this home so plz don't say me go back

Grand-mother:say ok i will not say that again
Grand-mother:you are most welcome to stay here with me
Kumud:thank's and I LOVE YOU
Grand-mother:I LOVE YOU TOO


There is big party comming in Khanna Family and Naina invite his son Angad,daughter in law Kripa,her younger daugther Kumud ,Angad's Grandmother and Angad and Kripa kids to there home.

Next day they arrive to spend time in Khanna house big party and Also Prithvi and his wife Harshini,Kartika and his daugther Muskaan,Mannan and his Alia and reast of people intvited to this party.

Everyone enjoy good food and music too and now they get tired and left to their home.

Naina want to stop his younger son and daughter stay with him but they no to their mom.

That make her so unhappy that her own childrens don't want to stay with her and Also Kartik told his parents that i find some other place to stay with my daugther Muskaan and my second wife so i'm so sorry that i can't stay with you.

Naina cry and told her hubby that i want my family back togther in house so plz do something to stop them going from here.

Angad's Father:Naina i can't do nothing about this because this our kids life and we leave them alone.

Angad,Kartika,Kumud,Muskaan,dadi and everybody left and Khanna house is all empty and now their only two people left behind.

whenever Naina her house empty,she cry and say to herself i want my kids back plz God do something.

Next moring Kartik went to Angad home to meet his younger brother,sister and his kids because miss them a lot.

Kartik:hi Angad
Angad:hi brother,how r u doing today?
Kartik:what about yourself
Angad:i'm fine
Kartika:do u have fun yestarday?
Kartika:where are kids?
Kripa:they are sleeping right now
Kripa:do u want me to wake up them
Kartika:no kripa don't wake them up i know you come late from party in Khannan house and that kids very tired so let them sleep and will talk to them later
Kartika:where is Kumud?
Kartika:is she sleeping too
Kartika:i guess i will come some day now i have to leave
Kartika:did mom talk you about something and what she talk about in that party?
Angad:she want us to stay with him
Kartika:mom ask me same thing
Angad:brother we are not kid any more and we have own family and want look after them
Kartika:that right
Kartika:tell Kumud to call me today
Kartika:bye Angad and Kartik



Episode 95

Kripa: good mooring a gad

Angad:very good moring

Kripa:did you sleep well yesterday?

Angad:yes I did


Angad:where is kids?

Kripa:Nakul & Hita in school & Soni in collage and they will come home very soon


Later there kids are home and they say hi and hug there parents

Nakul:mom I'm getting  so hurry

Kripa:food is almost ready in a few minute just go to your room and change up


Hita:first I need something to eat then I will go up in room to change

Kripa:it's all up to you


Soni is still in collage and she call his parents that coming late from collage so don't worry about me because today we will get out from collage late.


Hita and Nakul come to dinning room then they eat food and after they are finised they went to sleep.Few minute pass and Soni come back and change up and went to sleep too.

Kripa:let them sleep


Kripa:are we going to your parents home



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Episode 96
Angad:today I'm taking you all for dinner
Kripa:that good
Angad:don't tell kids
Soni wake up and come downstair to drink water and she listen to her father that he plan to take us to dinner tonight.
Soni:wow papa that a good idea
Angad:what you talking about?
Soni:I heard your plan
Angad:if u heard it then plz don't tell your brother & sister
Soni:ok I will not tell them about this
Angad:thank you
Soni:no problem
Kripa then call her parents that we will come to meet you next month and her parents say it's fin with us.
When both kids wake up then they do there homework after doing there homewok they went outside to play with there friends.When they both come back Angad and Kripa told them to change up because we are going somewhere.
Nakul: where we are going?
Angad:it's a surprise
Samir:what is it papa?
Angad:I will tell you in the way
Kripa:I'm ready
Hita:me too
Nakul:let me guees
Angad:try your best to guess
Nakul:are we going to grandparents home?
Angad:no we are not going there
Nakul:then where
Kripa:wait and you all will know very soon
They all say ok we will wait then they get into car and there father drive to resturarate
Samir:why we stop here?
Hita:you bring us to dinner tonight thank's papa
Angad:your welcome
They all enjoy eating there then they go back to home then they say thank's to there parents.

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Episode 97
Kripa is missing her parents and younger brother very much and she tell Angad that I want to go to my parents home.Angad say after kids exam I will take you to your parents home and we will have lot fun there.She say it's fine with me then she become happy that he take her there very soon.
Prithvi buy new home for his wife Harshini
Prithvi:I have surprise for you
Harshini:what is it?
Prithvi give house key to his loveable wife
Harshini:what that key for?
Prithvi:that key for our new home
Harshini:new home
Prithvi:I like to live with you alone
Harshini:what is wrong living in your parents home?
Prithvi:this is not my home it's my parents home that why I'm not living there
Harshini:anyway thank's
Prithvi say let pack up and get ready the kids and we are moving to our new home from today and she say ok then Misty say bhi you are leaveing us and he say yes we are going from here.
Prithvi:I need more room because my kids are now grow up
Prithvi:in this home we have only 4 bedroom only and I have 2 kids
Misty:ok but come meet me whenever you have time

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