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Fan-Faction(Angad Have Niece)#2

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Kartik is already marry with someone who he love very much.Her name is Nisha she meet Kartik first time in Angad Show.There second meeting was in shopping mall and Nisha ask him about some shop.They meet third time in grandmother home and Kartik is surprice to see her in grandmother home.

Kartik:Hi,Nisha how are you doing?

Nisha:I'm fine and how about yourself?

Kartik:I'm fine too

Kartik:Nisha how you know my grandmother

Nisha: Nisha told him that i went for walk and she meet me there.So today she invited me in her home to have lunch togther.

Kartik:Oh I See

Grandmother:Do you know each other?

Kartik & Nisha:Yes grandmother we know each other and we meet first time in Angad show

Grandmother:Oh really

Nisha:Thank's for inviting me to lunch and i have good time with you

Kartik & Nisha: Say good-bye to grandmother and leave

Nisha:when she came from Kartik grandmother home.Her car broke up and she call for taxi

Nisha:now she is waiting for taxi

Kartik:Nisha u need help

Nisha:no thank's

Kartik:i can drop u home

Nisha:she say ok

Kartik:he say Nisha your home come

Nisha:Thank You! Kartik and good-bye

Kartik:May i ask you go out with me


Kartik and Nisha went to cafe and have coffee there.

Angad:Hey brother did u proposes her

Kartik:why u r in hurry to know everything

Angad:I just want to know

Kartik:yes i proposes her

Angad:What she say?

Kartik:She say yes

Angad:wow that cool

Kartik:we both get marry

Angad:oh so u got marry

Angad:Does everybody know that u r married?

Kartik:Nobody no that i'm married and now i'm so worried if mom know that

then what going to happened.

Angad:Don't worried big brother.I'm here for you

Kartik:Thank you Angad,

Angad:Anything else you want to tell me

Kartik:My wife pass-away

Angad:What?How She Die?

Kartik:She gave birth to baby girl and then she die

Angad:I'm so sorry for you & your daugther

Kartik:is ok

Angad:you have daugther,why you hid this from me

Kartik:I about to tell you but i can't do it

Angad:Angad say himself that i have niece


Angad:where is my niece now?

Kartik:she live in girl hostel

Kartik:She is in same city

Angad:Don't worry i'm not going to tell anybody about this

Kartik:leave to meet his daugther

Kartik didn't told Angad that which hostel she live in and now Angad say to himself brother you didn't told me hostel address ok no problem i can find myself.Angad went to Kartik room to search for Kartik dairy to find out his niece hostel address.

To be continue .......


Now Angad got girl hostel address(Same Hostel where Harshini live)and he is ready to meet his niece.He go to girl hostel office.

Angad:ask the lady in which room Ms.Muskaan Khanna live in?

Lady:Oh i know you

Lady:are you a rock star Angad Khanna

Angad:Yes i'm rock star Angad Khanna

Lady:I don't belive on my eye that I'm seeing you

Angad:Come on just tell me which room?

Lady:ok Mr.Angad don't get mad

Lady:I want to tell you something about Muskaan Khanna

Angad:What you want tell?

Lady:Muskaan don't eat well,don't seepl well and don't talk to anyone because

she mad at her father.He doesn't come here for search a long time.

Angad:Don't worry i can see her right now

The lady think that Muskaan is Angad daugther.

Lady:Is Muskaan Khanna your daugther Mr.Angad Khaana?

Angad:What?You think she is my daugther

Angad:No she is not my daugther

Angad:She is my niece

Lady:I'm sorry sir

Angad:It's ok

Lady:Ok go to room no.120

Angad:Thank You

Now he went to room no.120 to see his niece and she is getting mad at her father because he didn't come to meet her.Angad Knock on door but there is no answer so he knock again still no answer and he knock third time and touch door and door is open.He see her and she is throwing things on him.She thought that it is his father.When she turn back she see Angad standing there.Her father have told her about her uncle.

Muskaan:Oh now Papa send you to visit me

Angad:No he didn't send me here

Angad:I come myself to meet you

Angad:Your father have hid about you and your mom

Muskaan:what?Why my father didn't told you about me?

Muskaan:I think that you know about me already

Angad:I'm so sorry that i didn't know about you before but

now i know that you are my niece so i like to spend some

time with you.

Muskaan:Ok uncle,

Angad:Why you are not eating?

Muskaan:If i don't eat then i know that Papa going to worry about me

Angad:That not good and you must eat something because you getting so

weak.Now i'm here and i will make you eat well.

Muskaan:ok i will eat

Angad:Thank's Muskaan

Angad and Muskaan went to eat somewhere and Muskaan is really happy that his uncle come here to Spend time with her.

To be Continue...........


Every afternoon Angad go to girl hostel to meet his niece and spend good time with her.One day Kripa see Angad going out in afternoon at 2:00.Kripa see him everyday at same time he go out.Now Kripa is thinking where he go to.Next day Kripa went to meet Harshini and there she see Angad with a pretty girl.That girl running toward Angand and hug him.

Muskaan:I LOVE YOU Uncle

Angad:relpy back and say yes I love you too

Angad:but I hate my brother who keep me away from you

Muskaan:It's ok Uncle,don't get mad at Papa

Angad:Let go and have lunch togther

Kripa who is watching this all say herself oh Angad ever going to change.

Kripa:Knock on Harshini door

Harshini:Open the door and say Hi Kripa

Kripa:Hi Harshini,how r u?

Harshini:I'm fine

Harshini:what about yourself

Kripa:I'm fine too

Harshini:come in and have a seat and i will make something for


Kripa is gone to see Angad and try to hear what they both saying.Kripa can't hear them clear when Harshini come with the drink she didn't see Kripa in the room.Later Kripa come back to Harshini room.

Harshini:where you were Kripa?

Kripa:I left my bag in car

Harshini and Kripa:Spend some time togther then Kripa leave

Angad come back home and Kripa just come from Harshini place.

Kripa:Hi Angad

Angad:Hi Kripa

Kripa:How is life going on?


Kripa:I saw you in girl hostel

Angad:In Girl Hostel

Angad:why i go to girl hostel?

Kripa:who is this girl?

Angad:Sorry i can't tell you about her because i promise someone

Kartik:Hi Kripa

Kripa:Hi Kartik,How r u?

Kartik:I'm fine

Kartik:So Kripa you want to know about girl

Kripa:Yes i want to know about her

Kartik:That girl is my daugther and her name Muskaan


To Be Continue...........


Kartik told whole story to kripa and Kripa become very sad and said i'm so sorry for both of you.

Angad:I have to go somewhere

Kartik:Where are you going?

Angad:He didn't say anything and leave

Kripa:I know where Angad is going

Kartik:oh really Kripa then plz tell me

Kripa:he went to meet his niece

Kartik:how he get her hostel address?

Kripa:I don't know

Kartik:he call Muskaan

Muskaan:Hi Papa

Muskaan:How r u?

Kartik:I'm fine my dear

Kartik:Is ur uncle here

Muskaan:yes he is here

Muskaan:Why?Do u want talk to him?

Kartik:No I'm just checking on him

Muskaan:We are going to lake and Kripa is comming too

Kartik:That great

Kartik:I love you dear

Muskaan:Yes Papa I love you too

Muskaan:ok bye

Kripa:Hi Angad,Hi Muskaan

Kripa:are you both ready to go

Muskaan and Angad:Yes we are ready

So they go to lake and spend good time there and Kartik come there too and Muskaan say look uncle Papa is here.Angad say i can't see him.where he is?Kartik is standing behind Angad to scared him.Now they all spend great time on lake.

To be Continue...............


Kartik:Angad can u plz drop Muskaan to her hostel

Angad:Sure brother

Muskaan:I will not go back to hostel

Muskaan:I want to stay with you Papa

Kartik:sorry you can't stay with me


Kartik:because I didn't told my mom about you

Kartik:My dear just give me sometime

But Muskaan don't listen to him and ranaway in the water.Kartik say don't go in water.plz Muskaan come back and you have to listen me.Now he getting really upset and Angad say you don't have to worry about her because i will talk to her today.Kartik say i'm worry about her because she don't know how to swim.

Angad:why you didn't told me before?

Kartik:now I told you so plz save her

Angad:Brother you go and save your daugther

Kartik:I don't know how to swim too

Angad:ok ok I'm going

Angad take off his shoes and put his pant up and give his watch to kripa and ran into water to save her.

Muskaan:Uncle i'm not comming back

Angad:you better listen to me or I will not talk to you

Muskaan:ok i'm comming

Angad:Thank You Very Much For Listening Me

Kartik:Thank's Angad for saving her life

Angad:You don't have to say Thank You

Kartik:ok bye everyone i have go now

Kartik:Angad and Kripa Plz drop Muskaan to hostel

Angad&Kripa:sure we will drop her to hostel

Muskaan:still getting

Muskaan not talking to Angad and Kripa and she go her hostel.Didn't say good-bye to them.

To be continue...................

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Kripa:Muskaan is getting mad and we have to do something about this

Angad:First I will drop you home then go back to Muskaan hostel to talk to her

Angad:I hope she can understand me

Kripa:If you need my help then plz call me

Angad:sure kripa

Angad drop off kripa at home and went back to hostel.Try to speak to Muskaan.

He ring a bell and Muskaan see throught door hole and didn't open the door.He ring a bell

again and again.

Angad:Muskaan Plz open the door

Angad:I want to talk to you

Muskaan: i don't want to talk you

Muskaan:Plz leave me alone

Angad:I can't leave you alone

Angad:Plz Plz Open The Door

Angad:If you don't open the door I will stay here until you open

Muskaan:fine then

Angad call on her cellaur phone and she didn't pick up phone.So he call Kripa and say Kripa I need your help can you plz come here.Kripa say ok i'm comming.He told Kripa that she is not opening door.Kripa say ok i will talk to her.Kripa ring a bell and say come on Muskaan open the door we both want to talk to you.Muskaan still don't open the door and Angad and Kripa hid somewhere.Muskaan open the door and say.

Muskaan:I know that you both are hidding somewhere

Kripa:Angad your niece is very smart

Angad:Yes she is smart

Muskaan:I'm sorry uncle for this all mean thing

Angad:Is ok for now but don't do next time

Muskaan:I'm sorry Kripa

Kripa:It's ok Muskaan

Muskaan:so plz come inside

Angad and Kripa:Ok sure

Next day Naina is planning to give Angad birthday party and she told Angad that i have invited your all friend.Do you want to invit someone who i forget to invit and Angad say yes mom i want to invit someone.Naina say i have invited Kripa and Harshini too.Angad say Thank's mom.

Angad go to hostel to invited Muskaan.

Angad:Hi Muskaan

Muskaan:Hi Uncle,How r u?

Angad:I'm Fine

Angad:I want to invited you to my birthday party.It's tomorrow at 7:00pm

Muskaan:Thank's uncle for inviting me

Muskaan:I will be there at 7:00pm

Angad:Ok bye now


Muskaan arrive at khanna house by taxi

Teddy: see her and say May I Help You Miss

Muskaan:Sure I'm Mr.Angad Khanna Guest

Teddy:But i have ever see you here

Muskaan:Yes i know that

Muskaan:I'm new here

Angad see Muskaan talking to Teddy so Angad Call Muskaan on her celluar phone to come inside.

Muskaan:What a beauitful home?

Angad: yes it's beauitful home now come inside

Muskaan:ok i'm comming inside but let me see home from outside

Kartik didn't know that Angad invited Muskaan too and Kartik is suprice to see Muskaan.

To Be Conuite ...........


Kartik:hey what r u doing here?

Muskaan:Mr.Angad Khanna invite me to his birthday party and i'm here because of him.

Kartik:Welcome To Khanna House


Kartik:Come with me and I will introduc these people


Kartik:Meet my parents,These are my two cousin Anita,Alia,My grandmother,These peolpe are our family friend Mishti,Damini,and Prithvi,He is Angad best friend Mannan And She is Kripa Best Friend Harshini.

Muskaan:Nice meeting you all

Anita:I wonder who is this girl Muskaan?

Anita:I never meet her before

Anita:I have to find out about her

Alia:What wrong with you Anita?


Alia:Let Enjoy the party

Angad:Hi Anita & Alia

Angad:Are you both enjoying party

Alia & Anita:Yes Angad we are enjoying the party


Muskaan:Hi Birthday Boy

Angad:Hi Muskaan,how r u?

Muskaan:I'm great

Muskaan:Who you are waiting for now?

Muskaan:I think everybody is here so let cut the cake

Angad:sure why not

Angad cut the cake and he also invite indian idol Abhijeet to sing a song on his birthday and he sing a song Mohabbatein Lutaonga.

Muskaan:Wow Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawana

Muskaan:How you know that he is my favorite singer

Angad:Really well that a surprise my dear


Angad:It's Ok

Angad:I'm happy that you like my Surprise

Then she gone from there

Kartik:Angad did you see Muskaan

Angad:Brother i just see her

Angad:I'm just looking for her but I can't find her anywhere

Muskaan just starting singing with Abhijeet and Kartik and Angad turn back and look her singing and dancing.

Naina:Wow her voice is so pretty and she dance very well

Naina:She is very pretty girl

Naina:Her Parents are happy to have a dugther like her

Kartik who is listening this happy inside his heart and he wish to tell her mom that she is her grand-daugther and Angad over heard his brother and he stop Kartik for telling about Muskaan.

Angad:We need more time to tell about Muskaan and your wife

Kartik:I guess you are right

Kartik:Thank's Angad

Angad:It's Ok but next time be careful

Party is still going on and everybody enjoying it very much.It's 2:00 in night Muskaan say bye to everybody and Naina say i know it's too late in night if you want to stay here then i don't mind at all.Plz have breakfast in moring and also have lunch with us too.She say Thank's Mrs.Naina Khanna.So she stay at there home.


At the dinning room-Everyone is waiting for Muskaan-Naina,Dipli,Kartik,Angad,Alia,Anita and Naina's Sister already there to have breakfast.Muskaan went to dinning room and say good moring everybody.

Naina: Muskaan How was your night?

Muskaan: it's great


Naina:Muskaan have a seat and eat breakfast

Muskaan:Thank's Naina Aunty

Muskaan:I have great time with you guys

Naina:I'm glad that you like it here and tell your mom to come to visite me sometime

Muskaan:I don't see Kripa here

Naina:Muskaan she went to meet her best friend

There is tear in Muskaan eyes and Naina say what happened Muskaan.She say my mom die when I was baby.Naina say I'm so sorry for you.Muskaan say It's ok.Muskaan is keep crying because she never meet her mom and she never get her mom love but she just get her father love.When Angad saw tear in Muskaan eyes then Angad get up from his seat and come to Muskaan and wipe her tear and Say We all are with you all the time.We will give you alot of love.Naina say whenever you like to come here plz feel like a home and I'm happy to have you here.That make Muskaan happy and she say Thank you so much.

Naina:Angad will you drop her

Angad:sure mom

In the way Muskaan say to Angad that my hostel lady say I have to look a other place to stay because now hostel will be close for new paint in ever room of hostel and they will fixing alot's things there.They give us 2 week to look a new place so I need your help to find a good place for me.

Angad: wow that great

Angad:how about you stay with us

Muskaan: Thank's Uncle but I don't know about grandmom if she like me to stay there

Angad:don't worry I will talk to her

Muskaan :ok then tell me what she say.Ok bye now

After droping Muskaan to hostel,Angad went to meet Mannan

Angad:Muskaan is looking for a good place to stay so can you look a room

Mannan: sure but how about talk to your mom and maybe your mom want Muskaan to stay at your home.

Angad:ok I will talk to mom today and then tell Muskaan if she can stay at my home.

Next day Angad talk to his mom and Naina say why not I'm happy if she stay with us.Angad become so happy and he call Muskaan and Muskaan say Thank's Uncle now we all going to spend good time togther.

Naina:Welcome To Khanna House Miss Muskaan


Anita:Why Anuty want Muskaan to stay with us?

Naina:Anita now Muskaan will stay with us

Anita:ok Naina masee

Muskaan:Where Kripa stay?

Muskaan:I want to stay with kripa

Naina:Well ok,Kripa stay in outhouse

Angad:Muskaan you want stay in outhouse with Kripa

Muskaan:Yes,any problem

Angad:No Problem at all

Naina:Angad take Muskaan to outhouse and show Muskaan her room there

Angad:ok let go Muskaan

Muskaan see the out house and say i like the house and my room too

Kripa:Angad now she will stay with me

Angad:yes Kripa she will stay with you

Muskaan:why you don't want me here?

Kripa:I don't mean like that

Kripa:I'm happy that now you will stay with me and we will spend great time togther

Next moring Teddy is taking breakfast for two people

Kartik: stop Teddy and ask him why you are taking breakfast for two people?

Teddy:Mr.Kartik you don't know

Teddy:Miss Muskaan is here now she will stay in out house

Teddy:Your mom say she can stay here

Kartik:ok now you can go

Angad:What happened big brother?

Angad told everything about Muskaan hostel and that why i talk to mom and she agree and now Muskaan is staying with us.


Everyone in Khanna House starting love Muskaan.Mishti call at Kripa place and say is Muskaan here.Kripa say yes she is here.Muskaan talk to Mishti and Mishti say I want you and Kripa to have lunch with me.Muskaan ok i will ask kripa if she want to come and then i will call you back.Mishti ok sure i will wait for your call.Muskaan told Kripa that Mishti want us to have lunch toghter so will you go with me.If you don't want to go then I will not go either.Kripa ok we will go.Muskaan say Thank's Kripa and I will call back Mishti and tell her that we are comming there.Muskaan call Mishti and Mishti is so happy that they both are comming.Kripa and Muskaan are ready to go to Mishti place and Angad came there and where you both are going.Muskaan say uncle we going to Mishti place and I'm glad that you come here so can you plz drop us there.Angad say ok.

Angad say whenever you both free from here just call me and I will pick up you.Muskaan sure why not.Muskaan,Kripa and Mishti have great time togther.Pritvi come there and say Muskaan I don't want you here at my home so plz leave from now.Mishti bhi she is my friend now and you can't talk to her like that.Angad just came and he stop outside and he listening to this and later he came inside and they both fight.Kripa stop Angad from fight and Mishti stop her older brother.Angad say Mishti plz tell him to not to be mean with Muskaan.Now friendship break-up.


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Mishti came to Prithvi room-

Mishti:Bhi why you did this?

Mishti:You should say sorry to Muskaan

Prithvi:I don't like Muskaan to be your friend

Mishti:why not?

Prithvi:because she is Angad friend

Mishti:what kind of answer this is?


Prithvi went to say sorry to Muskaan-Prithvi went to out house and he knock on the door.Kripa open the door and ask him any problem.

Prithvi:Hi kripa I want to talk to Muskaan

Prithvi:Is she at home

Kripa:Why you want to speak to Muskaan?

Prithvi:I want to say sorry to Muskaan

Muskaan:Kripa i don't want to talk to him

Prithvi:I'm sorry Muskaan

Prithvi:Plz forgive me

Prithvi:I know that I became so mean to you

Muskaan:Thank's that you now relive your mistake

Muskaan:I will forgive you for first time and if you did this kind of things again then I will not forgive you

Prithvi:Thank's Muskaan for forgiving me

Prithvi:Can we become friend again

Muskaan:ok sure why not

Angad:Prithvi what are you doing here?

Prithvi:I came here to say sorry and I want my friendship back.

Prithvi:Angad will you forgive me

Angad:I'm happy that you came here to say sorry to Muskaan.

Angad:Yes I will forgive you too

Prithvi:Thank's Angad

Prithvi:That mean we are friend again


Angad:I make a plan to go to Goa.Now we are friend so you want go with us.Also tell Mishti to go with us too.


Mishti:Hi Prithvi I was looking for you all place where you went

Prithvi:I went to meet Angad,Kripa and Muskaan

Mishti:That good

Mishti:Did you say sorry to them

Prithvi:Yes I did

Prithvi:Mishti they forgive me and now we all are friends again


Prithvi:Angad invite you and me to go with them

Mishti:ok we will go

Mishti call Muskaan and say Thank's Muskaan for forgiving Prithvi.Tell Angad that we are comming with you guys.Muskaan wow we will have fun togther in Goa.



Prithvi:told Mishti that he is in love with Harshini

Mishti:What you are in love with Harshini?

Prithvi:Yes Mishti you heard me right

Mishti:Wow My brother is in love

Mishti:Scream Mom

Damini:Mishti why you are screaming?

Mishti:Mom you know your son is in love

Damini:Oh really

Damini:Who is that girl?

Prithvi is shy and didn't told her name

Mishti:Mom her name is Harshini and she is Kripa best friend

Damini:that nice

Damini:She is a nice girl

Damini:Ok Prithvis I will talk to Harshini parents

Damini leave from there and talk to Harshini parents and Harshini parents agree for that marriage.

Next day Prithvi call Harshini and say I want to talk to you so can I come to your home.


Prithvi:Hi Harshini,How r u?

Harshini:I'm fine

Harshini:how about yourself?

Prithvi:I'm fine too

Harshini:Have a seat and what you like to have


Prithvi:Harshini plz sit down and I want to talk to you

Harshini:About what

Prithvi is quit for some time then he speak to her.

Prithvi:Harshini Will you marry me

Harshini:What you just say me

Prithvi:Will You Marry Me


Harshini is Surprise to hear that


Harshini call Kripa and told her that Pritvi Propse her.

Kripa:That a good news

Kripa:when you both are getting marry?

Harshini:I don't know yet

Mishti:Hi Harshini

Mishti:Mom want you to come with us for shopping


Mishti,Kripa,Damini and Harshini went to buy wedding dress.

Prithvi:Angad I invite you,kripa,Muskaan and rest of your family to come in my wedding day

Angad:sure we will come to your wedding


Mannan:I will be there at 8:00pm

Mannan:Harshini you are looking so pretty in wedding dress

Harshini:Thank's Mannan

Angad:Yes you are looking pretty

Harshini:Thank's Angad

Harshini is looking so happy and pretty in red wedding dress.

Everyone enjoy in the wedding day and Naina give Harshini a wedding gift and alot's of love too.

After the marriage they went to honeymoon in London and spend great time there.

Angad:Kripa I'm so happy for Harshini that she get her love

Kripa:Me too

Kripa:When we are getting marry?

Angad:Very soon

Angad:I will talk to mom about our marriage



Next moring Angad went to his mom and Naina already plan for Angad and Kripa marriage.Naina call Kripa's mom and saied I like to make your daughter my daughter-in-law.Kripa's mom is so happy about what Naina say.Kripa's mom told kripa's dad about that and he become so happy too.

Angad over heard this and run to outhouse to tell Kripa that my mom fix our marriage and now you happy kripa.

Kripa say yes I'm so happy then they both hug each other.

Now Naina planning Angad wedding day

Naina order a pretty wedding dress for kripa and his son Angad dress for wedding.

Naina told Angad to go with Kripa for shopping for your marriage day.So they both went togther and get alot of beauitful things for each other.

They have invite there family friends to there wedding day.

Next day they marry and looking great with each other.

Anita don't like Kripa and she want someone else to marry Angad not Kripa.

Niana being so nice to Kripa and Kartik Welcome Kripa to his home.

After marriage they spend good time togther and love each other very much.


After 1 year of marriage they have twins.One boy and one girl and they name them.Sohan & Hita(meaning is Lovable)and Hita and Sohan are 3 year old.Angad's Parents and Kripa's Parents are so happy to have grandchildren.

Kartik love them too much and they both love him too.

Next day Naina telling Diple that we should fix Kartik marriage too.

Diple say you should talk first with Kartik about that and Kartik over heard this and went inside and tell his parents that I'm already marry and that make his parents shock.


Naina:You hid your marriage from me


Kartik:I'm sorry mom

Kartik:I know that you don't like that girl who I love very much

Kartik:now she die and we have one daughter

Naina:You have to talk to me first about her

Kartik:I'm sorry mom but I was scared to tell you

Naina:Now you told me and It's ok

Kartik:Mom can you plz forgive me

Naina:Yes my son I will forgive you now but don't hid anything from me because I'm your mom

Kartik:I promise I will not hid anything else from you

Naina:Thank You

Naina:Who is my grand-daughter and What is her name?

Kartik:Mom you know her very well but you didn't know that she is your grand-daughter

Naina:I don't know who she is

Kartik:Muskaan Khanna is your grand-daughter

Naina:Oh really she is my grand-daughter

Kartik:yes mom

Naina:Muskaan is a nice girl and I'm glad to have her as a grand-daughter

Kartik:Thank's mom


Naina call Teddy and told him to give these gift to Muskaan.

Next day Muskaan room is full of gift,when she come home and see her room full of gift then she call Angad and Kripa and ask them who send these gift.

They say we don't know and we are comming back home then we can see.Angad ask her is there is any name on these gift and Muskaan say no uncle there is no name on it then she hang-up phone and later Kartik enter in outhouse and ask Muskaan what happened?

Muskaan Papa somebody send me alot of gift and I don't know who send it.

Kartik say that the reason you are so worried.You don't need to worry about this because I know who send these gift.

I have told your grandmother about you&your mom.I guess she send these gift to you.

Naina and Dilip went to outhouse to tell Muskaan to stay with them but Muskaan say I want to stay with my uncle,Kripa and my two little cousin Sohan & Hita


Naina:Muskaan I want you to spend more time with me

Muskaan:sure grandmom


Naina:we will go out for lunch tomorrow

Naina:I mean you and I

Muskaan:I want Uncle & Kripa to go with us


Naina,Dilip,Angad,Kripa,Kartik,Sohan and Hita they went togther for nice lunch then after lunch they went to lake and spend great time on lake.

Next day Mr.Dilip tell Naina that sometime we all go out and have fun togther.

Naina:That a great idea Dilip

Dilip:Thank's Naina for likeing my idea

Dilip:Naina we can invite Kripa's parents,Harshini,Prithvi,Mannan,Alia,Anita and Mishti to go with us

Naina:ok,I will call them today

Everybody is so happy that they all are going first time togther for long trip.

Angad call his grandmother and said we all are going to London.You want to come with us then his grandmother saied sure my dear and thank's for inviting me.

They all went to London and saw Blue Water Mall and did shopping there.

Angad and Kripa went alone to see clothes for there kids.

Prithvi and Harshini go to coffee shop and have a nice cup of coffee and then they chatting with each other.

Mannan and Alia chatting with each other and Mannan say Alia I want to say that I Love You Very Much.Will you marry me then Anita heard this and become so mad.

Mannan leave from there and Anita tell her sister that I love him so plz stay away from Mannan.


Next day Anita went to meet Mannan and said him that I Love You so much.

Mannan say I'm sorry Anita I don't love you at all.You are just a friend and nothing else.

Anita cry and say but I do love you and what about me.

Mannan I'm sorry once again but I really love Alia not you.

Then she plan to kill her sister Alia and Want to marry Mannan.

One day Anita and Alia are fighting and Angad saw them fighting and he try his best to stop them.

Angad ask them what is the wrong?I will try to fix it.

So Anita told Angad all about that and he is I don't believe you Anita you are fighting to get Mannan.

Did he say that he love Alia?If yes then i like Alia to get marry with Mannan because Alia is prefect girl for Mannan.

That make Anita mad.


Next day Anita is talking to someone on phone and saying I want to kill Alia so how much you will take.Anita's mom heard this and become so mad at Anita and she slap Anita.said you became so mad at your sister that you want to kill her.

Where is your love for your sister?Her mom say if you touch my daughter then don't call me mom.

Plz Anita tell me your problem and I will try to fix it.

Anita say mom if I told you my problem then you will help me or not.

Anita & Alia's mom:I will see


Then Anita tell everything about that and her mom say that the reason you become mad at your sister and want to kill her.My dear that wrong.

when you both are little,you use to love her very much.if someone hit your sister and you say plz stay away from her and don't hit my sister and then after school you come with her and told me that these people hit my sister and I don't like there friendship.

Anita:I'm sorry mom

Anita:Plz forgive

Anita:I will alway love her

Anita:I don't understand why I saied this all and no I don't want to kill my sister.She can marry to Mannan

Anita:now I don't mind at all

Her mom say thank you Anita and that so sweet of you.

They both hug each other and kiss and say good night.


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here is preview of this story N=1


Anita:Hi Alia,How r u?

Alia:I'm fine

Alia:What about yourself?

Anita:I'm Fine too

Anita:I came to say that I'm Sorry

Alia:It's Ok

Alia:I forgive you

Anita:Thank's Sister

Anita:Did you say Yes To Mannan for marriage?

Alia:Not Yet

Alia:what you think of Mannan and is he is right person for your sister or not?

Anita:Yes he is a right person for you

Anita:I want you to marry him

Alia:Now happy for me

Anita:Yes I'm happy for you

Alia:I'm glad that you are happy

Anita:Tomorrow we will go out for shopping if you like to go with me

Alia:ok sure why not

Angad:Hi guys!

Alia&Anita:Hi cousin

Angad:What up?

Angad:You both looking so happy today

Anita:Yes I agree for Alia & Mannan marriage and tomorrow we are going for shopping

Angad:That great

Angad:ok bye guys

Angad went to Mannan place and told him about that and he become so happy.


Mannan say to Angad that Next week is my wedding day so everyone is invited.

Angad:Sure we all going to come to your wedding day


Angad:Are you happy?

Mannan:Yes I'm happy

Naina:Hi,Mannan,how r u?

Mannan:I'm fine

Mannan:Are you comming to my wedding

Naina:Yes I will come



Mannan:we will you on wedding day


Anita:Yes we are going for shopping tomorrow

Mannan:Yes I'm going for shopping

Mannan:I will ask Kripa to help me with shopping

Anita:That great


Mannan went to Kripa place and ask krip to help him in wedding shopping.

Kripa:Sure I will help you

Mannan:Thank's Kripa

Kripa:Your Welcome

Mannan and Kripa went for shopping and they meet Angad in shopping Mall.

Angad:Hi guys!

Angad:What you both are doing here?

Mannan:Angad Kripa just helping me with wedding dress for me and Alia

Angad:That great

Angad:I know Kripa is great helper

Kripa:Thank's Angad so you belive that I'm great helper

Angad:Yes you are great helper

Kripa:Thank's agian

Angad:There is no need to say Thank You


Angad:Mannan can I help you with your wedding cloth if you don't mind


Angad help Mannan too

Now the wedding day come and everybody is so help for this day.

Alia looking good in red wedding dress and rest of people also looking good.

They have invited there family friends and Alia's friends too.

Everybody enjoy the wedding and alot's of people give Alia and Mannan wedding gift.

Now wedding day is over and everybody leave from there.

After the wedding day they have big wedding party in Khanna House.

They all talk and laugh togther and Anita is so happy for her sister.

Alia mom say you have to take care of your in-law and your hubby.

Alia say ok mom i will take care of everybody in Mannan house and I will try my best to win my in-law heart.


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Clap thanis alot dear aap ne conti ki thanks aage likna Clap Clap Clap
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Mannan and Alia went to honeymoon in England,London

There they took pictures and make movie and have alot's of fun

Angad call Mannan and ask him how is my sister doing and are you both having fun

Mannan yes we are having fun here and we are comming back soon


Mannan and Alia are comming back and everybody is waiting in airport

They arrive on time and everybody is happy to see them happy.

Naina invite them to have lunch togther in Khanna House.

Mannan and Alia: Thank's for inviting us to lunch and we will come on time.

Naina say:That great

Naina:We all going to wait for you



Naina:Angad tell your dadi that she is invited in lunch

Angad:Ok mom

Angad went to his dadi house

Angad:Hi Dadi

Dadi:Hi my dear

Dadi:How are you doing

Angad:I'm fine

Angad:How about yourself

Dadi:I'm fine too

Angad:I want to invite you to lunch,if you have time then plz come today

Dadi:Sure i will come today and have lunch with whole family

Angad:Thank's Dadi

Angad:I love you so much

Dadi:I know that you love me and I love you too

Angad:I will wait for you

Angad:Ok bye Dadi

Dadi:I will see you later


Everybody arrive in Khanna house and all have lunch togther.

They all spend great time talking and laughing


Next day Anita went to meet her sister.

Anita:Alia how was your trip?

Alia:That was great


Alia:we spend great time in London and we buy gift for whole family


Alia:I buy a pretty dress with matching earing and soes for you.I hope you like it.

Anita:Thank's Sister

Alia:Your Welcome

Angad and Kripa came to wish them happily married life.

Angad:Hey Anita,What are you doing here

Anita:Angad that my sister home and whenever I like to meet her,nobody can stop me right Alia

Alia:That right


Kripa:Angad let go we have to go somewhere

Angad:Ok Kripa I'm comming

Kripa:I don't want to go late

Angad:Ok Kripa

Kripa:Bye Mannan,Alia and Anita

Kripa:Sorry we have go now

Mannan,Alia and Anita:It's ok

Mannan,Alia and Anita:Bye Kripa and Angad


Anita After meeting Alia she went outside and wait for taxi to come.

Taxi drive didn't come and Anita is tried of waiting

A Yellow Sport Car Pass Anita then that person back his car and stop his car and open car window and ask Anita if she need a lift.

Anita:I don't know you

Anita:Why I get lift from you

He say you will know me later

Anita:Thank's for lift

That person say My name is Samir Kapoor

Anita say I'm Anita Khanna

Samir:I know your family better

Samir:Are you Angad Khanna Cousin


Samir:Nice talking with you and meeting

Anita:Me too

Samir:Anita your home come

Anita:Thank's again

Samir:Your Welcome

Anita:Ok bye

Samir:Bye and I hope we will meet again

Samir drop Anita to her home and Angad saw her with that boy and Angad ask her who he is?

Anita:I really don't know him

Anita:I just get lift from him

Angad:How many time I have to tell you not to talk to that person who you don't know or get lift.

Anita:That not your business

Angad:That is my business

Angad:Because you are my cousin and I care about you

Anita:Ok I'm sorry

Anita:I'm not going to do again

Angad:Thank You

Kripa:Hi Anita what is the problem?


Kripa:Anita you should call me and I will pick up you from Alia home

Anita:I'm Sorry

Kripa:You don't have to say sorry

Kripa:It's ok with me but next time plz tell me

Anita:Thank's Kripa


Samir:Hi Anita

Samir:Now you know me,I give you lift


Samir:Great that you didn't forget me

Anita:How you are doing today?

Samir:I'm great

Samir:How about you?

Anita:I'm great too


Samir:Can you go with me for coffee

Anita:Not today

Anita:Some other time

Samir:Ok no problem

Kripa:Hi Samir,how are you?

Samir:Kripa I'm fine

Samir:How you know that I'm here

Kripa:I just guess

Samir:Nice to see you here Kripa

Anita:Kripa you know him

Kripa:Yes I know him

Samir:Anita you know Kripa

Anita:Yes I know Kripa because she is going to be Angad wife and my sister-in-law

Samir:That great

Samir:Anita She is my younger sister

Anita:Oh really

Anita:She is very nice and wonderful person


Angad:Hi guys!

Kripa:Hi Angad

Samir:Hi Angad

Anita:Hi Angad

Angad:May I jion you guys

Samir,Kripa and Anita:Sure why not

Mannan and Alia:They jion them too

Prithvi and Harshini:They jion Kripa,Angad,Mannan,Alia,Anita and Samir

They all become good friend


Samir:Kripa I starting loving Anita and I want to marry her

Kripa:I'm happy that you finally find someone for yourself

Samir:Kripa can you talk to parents about this

Kripa:Ok I will talk today


Samir:I will wait for you with good news

Kripa:I will try my best and see what happened

Kripa went to his parents and told them that Samir like Anita and want to marry her.

Kripa's parents:we will go to Khanna House and talk to Naina's Sister

Next moring Kripa's Parents arrive in Khanna House.

Teddy:May I help You.

Kripa's Parents:we want to talk to Naina's Sister.Is she home

Teddy:Let me see if she is home then i will tell you

Teddy:Kripa's Parents want to meet you

Naina's sister:I wonder why they want to meet me

Naina's Sister come in the living room and talk to Kripa's parents.

Kripa's Parents:we want to make your daughther our daugther-in-law if you don't mind

That news make Anita's mom so happy and she agree for Anita marriage.

Anita is litening to all this and become so happy.

Kripa's parents went back home and tell kripa about that.

Kripa:Samir I have good news for you

Samir:I know that they argee for our marriage right Kripa

Kripa:How you know that?

Samir:I guess

Kripa:Your guess is right

Samir:I will tell Angad about my marriage


Samir call Angad and tell him that I'm going to marry with your cousin.

Angad:That a great news


Angad:I want to tell you something so plz don't tell anybody

Samir:Ok i will not tell anybody

Angad:I'm already married with your younger sister Kripa and we hid this thing from your parents and my whole family too.

Angad:We have two kids

Angad:One boy and one girl

Samir:wow that great

Samir:Thank's for telling me


Samir:May I meet them


Samir:I will come tomorrow to meet kids

Angad:We will wait for you

Samir went to Angad & Kripa home and see the kids.

Both kids hug him and kiss him and we love you Uncle.

Samir:How you know me?

Samir:You ever meet me

Kids say mom & dad alway talk about you and they show us your pictures too.

Samir:That great

Samir:Now I starting loving you too

Samir:Your father told me about you both yestarday

Kids:We are happy now that you know us

Samirs:good for and me that we know each other now

Samir:Let make some plan to go some where to spend time


Samir:Kids where you both want to go?

Kids:We want to go to Zoo

Samir:ok then we will go to Zoo tomorrow

Samir:You have to ask your parents

Angad&Kripa:We don't have any problem with this

Samir:Thank's guys

They went to Zoo and spend great time with there Uncle.

Kids:Are you going to marry Anita

Samir:yes I'm going to marry her soon

Samir:You don't like her

Kids:Well she is ok



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Samir:Kids you didn't told me your name

Kids:We are sorry Uncle and our name is

Sohan:Hi I'm Sohan and I'm 3 year old

Hita:Hi I'm Hita and I'm Sohan twin sister

Samir:That a nice name



Samir:What you do at home?

Sohan:Nothing specail


Hita:Because we stay all day home and get bored

Samir:Now I'm here so we all go outside and have fun

Hita:That great but Papa don't let us go outside

Samir:I will ask him and he will not say no to me

Sohan:Oh really uncle

Sohan:Will you ask papa

Samir:Yes I will go now and talk to him

Sohan&Hita:Thank's Uncle

Sohan&Hita:We will wait for you

Samir:Ok bye Kids I will See You Later

Sohan&Hita:Bye Uncle

Samir:Hi Angad

Angad:Hi Samir

Angad:Can I help you

Samir:Yes,I want to take Sohan & Hita with me

Angad:You don't have to ask me

Samir:I have to ask you because Kids say that you don't allow them to go outside

Angad:That true

Angad:You can take them and spend time with them

Samir:Thank's Angad

Angad:Your Welcome

Kripa:Samir want you are going with kids?


Kripa:what time?

Samir:1:00 afternoon


Kripa:Kids didn't have lunch and You all can go out after lunch

Samir:I like to have lunch out with kids

Samir:Is it ok with you both

Kripa:It's ok with us

Samir:Hi kids I'm back

Sohan&Hita:Great to have you back

Hita:What the news?

Samir:It's a great news is that we are going out for lunch then go to kids park

Sohan&Hita:That cool Uncle

They spend alot's of time with there Uncle and have fun.


Sohan:When you are marry to Anita?

Samir:Very soon


Kripa:Why you ask this to your uncle?

Sohan:I just want to know


Samir:I don't mind if he ask me any question

Kripa:Samir he is a kid and he want to ask more question to you,Angad,& Me

Angad:Hey Samir my son ask so many question in one day and that going to make you tried

Samir:No it's doesn't make me tried

Samir:I'm happy to answer him


Angad:Are you ready to get marry

Samir:Yes I'm ready

Angad:Did you get shopping?

Samir:Not Yet


Samir:Because I need help from my sister & mom

Angad:Ok did you ask Kripa to help you


Samir:Mom say I can go today with Kripa and she will be there soon

Angad:Kripa can you go with Samir

Kripa:Mom already talk to me about this


Kripa:Samir let go and shopping for wedding clothes

Samir:Bye Angad we will be back soon


Kripa:Angad do you want go with us

Angad:If I go with you then who going to take care of kids

Kripa:We will take kids with us


They all went to shopping mall and buy alot's of clothes.

Kids ask there Papa and mom to buy toys for them

But Kripa say you both have alot's of toys so I can't buy any more toys for you.

I only going to buy clothes for

Angand:come on Kripa don't get mean to kids

Kripa: I'm not getting mean you know that they have alot's of toys at home

Samir:don't worried kids I will buy new toys for you


Samir buy toys for kids and kids become happy with there Uncle.

Kripa:Samir why you buy toys for them?

Samir:I have to buy something for them


Angad:Don't fight with your brother

Kripa:I'm not fighting

Angad:Let go and see some other things


After there shopping is done they went to eat lunch then go back to home.

Mishti:Are you guys done with your shopping?

Kripa:Yes we are done

Mishti:Can I see what you buy


Mishti:Nice shopping


Mishti:When is wedding?

Kripa:Next week

Mishti:That Great

Kripa:then we will see you at wedding day

Mishti:sure why not

Next day night everybody getting ready for that specail day.

Teddy:Hi Mr.Samir

Samir:Hi Teddy,how r u?

Teddy:I'm fine

Samir:Teddy you have to come to my wedding day

Teddy:I will see sir

Samir:Just come on my wedding day

Teddy:Sure Mr.Samir

Samir:Thank's Teddy

Alia:what up guys?

Everybody:We are good and happy

Alia:That great

Kripa:Alia are you happy for Anita?

Alia:Yes I'm happy for her

Everyone is here on Samir and Anita wedding day

After the wedding is over they went to honeymoon in Goa for 4 weeks

Then come back home with gift for friends and whole family

Now Samir and Anita enjoying there marriage life

Angad-Kripa,Prithvi-Harshini,Mannan-Alia,Kartik,Naina,Dilip, Anita's mom & Anita's Friends they all come to wish them happily married life.


Anita:I'm so happy to have search a nice family


Anita:I will alway love you and your family

Samir:That so sweet of you

Anita:Thank's again

Kripa's mom:Is too late so plz go to bed

Samir:Ok mom

Kripa:Samir tomorrow you have to go to job

Samir:Kripa you don't have to tell me that

Kripa:I'm just making sure that you will go to job

Angad:Kripa where are you?

Kripa:I'm here

Angad:Kripa we have to go back home

Kripa:Ok I'm comming

Angad:Where is Sohan and Hita?

Kripa:They are sleeping

Angad:wake up kids and tell them we are going home


Sohan:Mom I don't want to go home


Sohan:Because i want to stay with my grandparents

Kripa:I will bring you tomorrow

Sohan:Ok mom

Kripa:Thank's sohan

Sohan:Mom where is Hita?

Kripa:She was here sleeping but now I don't know where she go

Sohan:I know where she is


Sohan:She is in grandparents room talking to them

Sohan:Can I call her


Sohan:Hita we are going back home

Hita:I'm comming Sohan

Angad,Kripa,Sohan and Hita went back home


Next Aftermoon Sohan & Hita are watching Wallace & Gromit

Angad:What you both are doing?

Sohan & Hita:Papa we are watching cartoon


Kripa:Kids turn off the tv and get ready because we are going to your grandparents house

Sohan & Hita:Wow mom we going to have fun with both Uncle

Kripa:Yes he is waiting for you

Sohan:Ok i will get ready fast

Kripa:Your Papa and I going to wait for you to come out

Sohan:Ok mom

Sohan:Is Hita is ready

Kripa:Yes she is ready and went outside and sit in car with her Papa

Sohan:Mom she is so fast

Kripa:Yes I know that

Angad:Come on Kripa and Sohan what take you so much time

Kripa:We are comming Angad Just wait for few minute


Kripa went to meet her parents with kids and they spend whole day there.

Then they went to Angad parents home and everybody there is waiting for Angad family.

Angad:Hi mom I'm here

Naina:Nice to see you son

Angad:Me too

Naina:How are you doing Kripa?

Kripa:I'm fine

Naina:How is my grandchildres?

Kripa:They are fine

Naina:Where they are?

Kripa:They went with Mannan

Naina:when they are comming back?

Kripa:Very soon

Kids enter in Khanna house yelling grandmom grandmom we are here to meet you.

Sohan&Hita:Do you miss us

Naina:Yes I miss you both

Sohan:You ever give us time to play with us

Naina:I'm sorry I was busy all day that why i can't give you so much time when you come to meet me

Sohan:That ok grandmom

Hita:We need your time

Naina:Ok my dear

They spend some time with there grand parents(Angad's Parents)


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After 3 year later Angad & Kripa have another kid and It's a boy.

His name is Nakul

Sohan & Hita are so happy to have a younger brother

They both love him a lot

One day a family friend of Naina came to Angad house with Naina and she ask Sohan & Hita that can I have your younger brother & they both say no you can't take my brother.

She say I'm sorry kids I just want to check on you both.

Sohan:He is my brother

Naina's Friend:Ok I'm not taking him with me

Naina's Friend:So plz don't

Sohan: No don't take my brother

Angad:Hey stop crying Sohan


Sohan & Hita birthday is on July 10

Naina:Angad I have make a plan for Sohan & Hita birthday party

Naina:It's in our home

Naina:Plz tell Kripa to invite her parents and her friend Harshini

Angad:Sure mom I will tell her


Angad:Is Mannan is comming too

Naina:Yes he is comming

Angad:Sohan & Hita what is today?

Sohan&Hita:It's our birthday Papa

Angad:Yes You are right kids

Naina invited everybody in Khanna House and everybody have gift for Sohan & Hita

Kids love the party and after party they both open there gift and say thank you to everybody for search a nice gift


Sohan&Hita:Papa where is your gift?

Angad:Me & your mom already give you gift

Sohan&Hita:Really Papa

Sohan:I can't see a gift from you & mom

Angad:a gift is your brother because you both alway want a brother

Sohan:Thank's Papa & mom

Angad:Your Welcome

Kripa:Now go to your brother and take care for him

Sohan&Hita:Ok mom

Sohan&Hita now they are 7 year old and there younger brother is 2 year old

Prithiv:Hi kids

Sohan:Hi Prithiv Uncle

Hita:How r u?

Prithiv:I'm fine

Hita:Where is Your Wife?

Prithiv:She is at home

Sohan:Why she is staying at home alone?

Prithiv:She is cleaning home & making food for lunch


Angad:You answer all question of Sohan

Prithiv:He speak lot

Angad:Yes I know that

Kripa:How is Harshini?

Prithiv:She is fine

Kripa:I will come tomorrow to meet her

Prithiv:Ok i will tell her

Kripa:I have go now


Harshini:It's been so long time I have not talk to you

Kripa:I was busy with kids

Harshini:I know with little kids it is hard to go somewhere

Kripa:That true

Harshini:Why you didn't bring kids with you?

Kripa:They are with there grandparents

Harshini:are they enjoying there


Mishti:Hi Kripa,what are you doing here?

Kripa:I come to visit Harshini

Mishti:I don't want you in my home

Kripa:You still heart me

Mishti:Yes I do hate you now

Kripa:Mishti where is your friendship go?

Mishti:I don't like you any more

Mishti:You break my brother heart

Kripa:I'm sorry if I hurt him

Mishti:That why I don't want you in my home so plz leave from here

Mishti is yelling on kripa and Prithvi just enter in home and saw Mishti yelling on Kripa

Prithvi:Stop it Mishti

Mishti:Bhi I hate her

Mishti:Plz tell her to go from here

Prithvi:she is harshini friend and i don't mind if she come here to meet my wife

Mishti:how you can forget this all

Prithvi:Mishti plz go to your room

Mishti:If she want to meet harshini then she can meet her outside not in my home

Kripa:Angad and Kids are waiting for me at home


Prithvi:Plz Kripa don't mind Mishti

Kripa:It's ok

Kripa:If I'm in her place then I can do same thing

Prithvi:ok bye Kripa


Angad:Kripa how was your friend?

Kripa:She is fine

Angad:Let go out for dinner


Angad,Kripa,Sohan,Hita and Nakul they all went out for dinner and there they meet Mannan and Alia

Mannan:Hi Angad

Angad:Hi Mannan

Angad:How are you?

Mannan:I'm fine,what about you?

Angad:Fine too

Mannan:You love outside food


Mannan:Hi Kids

Mannan:What up?

Sohan:I'm great

Hita:I'm fine

Nakul:I'm fine too

Mannan:That great to hear from you

Angad:Plz have dinner with us

Kripa:Mannan tell Alia to come here and have dinner with us


Mannan:Thank's for inviting us

Kripa:It's ok

They talk and then leave for there home


Mannan:how was your day?

Alia:It's was great

Alia:We went for shopping then we went to coffee shop

Mannan:That nice

Alia:Ok i'm tried so i'm going to bed

Mannan:Good night



Angad is singing song called Mohabbatein Lutaaunga

Mohabbatein lutaaunga
Main chhed ke mann ka saans saans
Phir gaaunga
Phir sab ke dil ko aaj aaj, behlaoonga
Is manzar ko is pal ko bhool na paoonga
Main bhool ise na paoonga

In lamhon ka mujhe kab se intezaar tha
In khushiyon ke liye kab se beqeraar tha
Manzil milegi mujhe, pura aitbaar tha
In palkon mein dekhe sapne hazaar
Door tak jaoonga
Is manzar ko is pal ko bhool na paoonga
Is manzar ko is pal ko bhool na paoonga
Main bhool ise na paoonga

Kitna suhaana sa yeh apna safar hai
Aap ki duaon ka saara asar hai
Aap ka hai sab kuch aap ko nazar hai
Aap ki inaayeton pe baar baar baar sar ko main jhukaoonga
Is manzar ko is pal ko bhool na paoonga
Is manzar ko is pal ko bhool na paoonga
Main bhool ise na paoonga

Bhikre hain chaaron taraf rang dosti ke
Armaan pure huwe sab zindagi ke
Akhiyon mein bhar aaye aansoon khushi ke
Barsa ke aansuo ki meethi meethi dhaar
Aap ko hasaoonga
Is manzar ko is pal ko bhool na paoonga
Is manzar ko is pal ko bhool na paoonga
Main bhool ise na paoonga
Mohabbatein lutaaunga
Main chhed ke mann ka saans saans
Phir gaaunga
Phir sab ke dil ko aaj aaj, behlaoonga
Is manzar ko is pal ko bhool na paoonga
Main bhool ise na paoonga

Kripa:Wow Angad you sing very well

Angad:Thank's my dear

Kripa:Why you don't make your own song?

Angad:I'm a ROCKSTAR

Angad:People love to listen my songs and love to buy a song CD

Kripa:Oh really

Angad:why you don't belive me

Kripa: maybe they like your songs

Angad:what you mean by saying maybe?




Angad:You think i'm not a good singer

Kripa:well you are ok singer

Angad:Kripa i think you are better singer then me


Angad:Your welcome

Kripa:So you like me


Kripa:You don't like me

Kripa:If you don't like me then why you marry me

Angad:Because I LOVE YOU

Kripa:That not funny


Kripa:Angad you just said me that you don't love me and

now you are saying that you love me

Angad:I'm making you mad

Angad:My loving wife

Kripa:I have to take kids to there grandparents home



Angad:Let play some game

Kripa:what kind of game you want to play?


Kripa:Hangman ok

Angad:you have guess a name


Angad:I L_ _ _ _ o _



Kripa:_ H_T_ _ o_


Angad:But kripa I love you

Kripa:now game is over

Prithvi:hi guys

Prithvi:why you are fighting?

Kripa:I don't know

Harshini:Come on say sorry to each other

Angad:ok I'm sorry

Kripa:That ok

Angad:what you both doing here?

Harshini:We come to visit you

Angad:nice meeting you

Harshini:nice meeting you too

Prithvi:Let go to long drive


Prithvi:i can't see your kids here

Angad:They went to there grandparents home

Prithvi:when they are coming back


Prithvi:that good

They went to long drive in the way they order ice cream and they to each other and have great time


Next moring they went to kripa parents home and they meet Samir & Anita there and they going to trip to England

Samir:Kripa we are going to England

Kripa:That good

Samir:Do you want to come too?

Kripa:You have to ask Angad


Angad:I love to come



Angad:I will come to give you both company



Samir,Anit,Kripa and Angad they went to England

Samir:I love this place

Angad:Love it too

Anita:Kripa and I going to shopping

Anita:do you want to come too?

Angad&Samir:No thank's

Angad:You can go with kripa and plz come early


Kripa:Anita let go I'm ready

Anita:I'm ready too

Kripa:is Angad and Samir are coming with us

Anita:no they are not comming with us


Anita:let them talk to each other



After they come from shopping they went to there hotel and they didn't see Angad and samir in there room and got very scared.

Kripa yelling Angad name and saying Angad where are you and there is no answer.

Anita say kripa i can't find samir and i'm getting so scared and worried about him.

Kripa say i can't find Angad too

Anita i don't know that where they went and can't they write some note for us

Kripa i'm getting so worried about them

They left us alone here and what we are going to do now

Later there is knock on the door and they got very scar(because it's a night time and it's 1:00 late in night and Angad and Samir didn't come yet)

Kripa open door slowing and see that Angad & Samir standing there and laughing too

Kripa say it's too late in night and where you both go

Angad say why you got scared

Anita say samir I hate you and don't you ever talk to me again

Samir say i'm sorry Anita

Samir:fine you don't want to talk to me then bye

Samir:I'm too tired

Samir:good night

Anita:It's a bad night for us

Angad:good night my dear cousin

Anita:I hate you too



Angad:Kripa you are still mad at me

Kripa didn't relpy him

Angad:I say I'm sorry

Kripa still not answering him

Angad:I'm sorry kripa

Angad:how many time i have to say sorry?

Kripa:I don't want to talk to you


Samir:Kripa we are so sorry to both of you

Samir:Plz forgive us

Kripa:no i can't forgive to both



Kripa:I forgive you both

Kripa:plz don't do it next time


Samir:Thank's sister

Kripa:Your welcome brother

Angad:You forgive me too



Samir:Kripa can you talk to Anita and tell her to please forgive me

Kripa:sure i will talk to her now

Kripa:Anita please forgive him

Anita:ok i will forgive him

Samir:Thank's Anita


Then they went to America to see Nigar fall,Diseny world,L.A .& Lot's of other place with there kids.

Kids love Diseny world

Kids say thank's to there parents for wonderful tripa

Kids say we want to buy something for our both grandparents so plz help us

There parents sure i will tell you what your grandparents like

Kids say thank you very much for helping us

After 4 week they all went back to there country and kids give gift to there grandparents and saied that we really love you and we all miss you there

There grandparents say thank's for wonderful gift and yes we all miss you here too


Prithvi:Welcome back friends


Prithvi:Where else you went?

Angad:We went to America

Angad:Diseny Worl,L.A. & lot's of more place

Samir:I really enjoy there

Samir:We all have fun there

Prithvi:That great

Kripa:Harshini I bring something for you

Harshini:Why you bring gift for me?

Kripa:Because i like that dress for you

Kripa:that why i bring it for you


Sohan:Prithvi Uncle we saw a big whale in sea world

Prithvi:oh really

Sohan:I give that whale food too

Prithvi:That good

Sohan:I really miss you there

Prithvi:Yes i miss you here


Hita:Sohan let go and play with our little brother Nakul

Sohan:ok i'm comming


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