Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)


Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)
Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)

FF:A-M:Inevitable Destiny:FINALE! Pg41!

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ADI AND MAITHLI This is the first time Im ever doing something like
this...so i hope its atleast half decent...lol Please please do comment
ofcourse, good, bad or shit, it doesnt matter it ll only help me! I hope you
enjoy it!


Chapter 1 and 2: Page 1

Chapter 3 and 4: Pg 3

Chaoter 5 and 6: Pg 4

Chapter 7 and 8: Page 6

Chapter 9, 10, 11: Pg 7

Chapter 12: Page 9

Chapter13 and 14 Page 10

Chapter 15, 16, 17-Pg 11

Chapter18-Pg 13

Chapter 19-Pg 16

Chapter 20- Pg 20 

Chapter 21-pg 23

Chapter 22, page 26

Ch 23 Part  1- Pg 32

Ch 23 Part 2- Pg 36

Ch 24- Pg 41

This fanfic begins from the current track of KGGK and its focus is Adi and Maithli. Praney is completely smitten by Mallishka and Maithli finally realizes this. Adi and Mettelli pursue thie r volatile relationship that rocks between friendship and hatred. Pragati is engaged to Batuk but is really in love with Ankti. These are the thrilling days when Parvati is still the no-nonsense Janki Devi.

Its currently Pragati's mehendi ceremony and as usual there is a big party in the Aggarwal house:



Maithli has been sent to welcome the guests by Trishna Dadi. She tightly smiles as one by one the guests arrive.

Poor Pragati, I wish there was something I could do to help my best friend. This Trishna dadi also..sigh...I am so tired of her..

Just then she noticed Malishka entering with Adi. Her face
stiffened and her heart started to pound faster as she prepared herself to
greet the one person she wants to avoid: Malishka.

His heart hammered heavily in his chest as he stepped into the red foyer of the mansion, but he couldnt figure out why. He was taken a back to see
plain old Maithli dressed up beautifully for the first time. His eyes scanned
her features, gliding effortlessly over the gold mang tikka, big kajjal filled eyes and pink and purple lehnga. Whoah buddy, slow down what do you
think your doing!,
he berated himself.

Meanwhile, Maithli hesitantly approached the two:

"Welcome Malishka'', she stuttered, wringing her hand with an agitated nervousness.  

Mallishka: Hi, (fake smile), where is Praney?

Mettelli: Uhm..uhm.. I am not sure I think he is with Pragati..

Malishka: uff… okaaayy

As Malishka condescendignly walked off Adi awkwardly uttered an 'Uh
Hey Maithli.  Maithli didn't answer him, the pain in her eyes too great,
she turned her head away. He shuffled his feet uncomfortably trying to lighten the atmosphere with a joke..

Adi: So how goes the guard duty? Did Trishna Aunty tell you to do this
or did you decide on your own that this is what your best at?

'Adi please…!', she barked irately.

Now irritated himself, he snapped back: Maithli it was just a joke, have u forgotton what those are, you take..

"Adi just leave okay, I am busy.'', she interrupted him, in no mood to deal with his trivial taunts today. She had much too much on her mind.  

He walked off in a huff, partly annoyed at Maithli and partly annoyed at himself. As he made his way over to the bar to join his friends he ponderd to himself, 'Was I too crude?'

She ran out of the entrance into the dark caverns of the back garden, weeping quietly in the shadows. She looked up at the midnight  blue sky as the glowing full moon stared down at her.

"Why?!, Why oh why do you have to do this to me God?! Why are u causing me sooo much pain that it physically hurts inside? Why do things have to be this way?", she yelled at the heavens in frustration.

When she got no response she sniffled turning around to head back to Trishna Dadi's version of a party.  But the site before her threw her back. A beautifully lit Aggarwal mansion in all its grandiose stared down at her and in the window the bride to-be Pragati, lay weeping. Her heart constricted at the site of her best friends helpless tears. Helplessly away from the one she loved. She promised she would never let herself be in the same position. She looked up at the brightly sky lit with a thousand stars and then back at the gorgeous mansion with the weeping girl inside it and let out an absurd little giggle...

"Beauty in pain…oh life why are u strange?'', she smilingly mused. Im
sorry God I didn't mean to get angry at you. Its not your fault. You teach us that love is selfless and is about giving and not receiving and then we
taunt you when we have a broken heart. That means we didn't really learnmuch of anything did we?, s
he smiled wistfully as she continued to philosophize. I wish my love for Praney was as unconditional as yours for me..maybe that's the problem and its just not meant to be. So instead I want to now thank you God for choosing to hurt me to teach me such an important lesson of life. I am now prepared to make a conscious effort to move on in life, live it to its fullest and appreciate every moment. And this means that I will not dwell in my woes while my best friend suffers. I will fight this pain, she declared as she left to tend to her friends heart.

Later in the evening as the party rocked on Adi crept up behind Mettelli

Adi: Hey I jus wanted to say

''Oh hey Adi'', she interrupted him again. ''I jus wanted to say Im sorry...''

Adi puzzled and confused asked, ''Oh…..uhm why?''

She laughed, continuing, ''I overreacted earlier, it was just a joke, so im sorry about that. So lets forget about it okay. Please help yourself to food and drinks.''

Adi: Oh..um thanks, btw why do u suddenly look so happy..i thought you would be upset to see Malishka here and also isn't this a forced marriage going on? This whole thing is a sham right?

Her face darkened a bit but she controled her angst and frustration, forcing her self to calmly state, ''Yes Adi, it does hurt but there is nothing I can do Praney likes Malishka. Love can't be forced or snatched. And for that very reason this wedding that is supposed to happen is a sham , your right, and so I as the unofficial maid of honor am going to make sure it doesn't happen!''

Adi taken aback by her cool and confident demeanor questioned curiously Uh...what..what do you mean…what are you upto Maithli? 

She smiled mischeviously winking at him, ''You'll see!'', she chirped. 

And then she walked away leaving him speechless and slightly impressed that innocent little Maithli was upto deviously naughty tricks and was actually attempting to take on Trishna Aunty. The boyish curiosity in him made him determined to find out what was going on as  he looked forward to the excitement yet to come in this sore of a wedding!


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awesome Embarrassed gr8 work...
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me da very 1st to reply Big smile
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Chapter 2

The mehendi ceremony is in full flow, all trishna dadi and dadi bua's friends are getting drunk on the sly and providing entertainment for the youngsters. Praney is floating around behind Malishka who is expertly playing him hot and cold all over the place.

Adi is chatting with his friends as a cover as he edges slowly towards
Maithli in an attempt to overhear her conversation and find out what she's
upto and her secret plans.
Maithli on the other hand, unaware of the fact that a group of men is
slowly starting to tower over her, is applying mehendi to pragati's hands.
Mayuri is watching her sons comical actions fondly as he swindles a
bunch of full grown men into getting what he wants as usual.

Pragati: Maithli I don't know how much longer I can handle this…I cant do
this.....I just want to be with Ankit..

Maithli: I know, don't worry, I wont let anything happen, look down, she commanded.

Pragati looked down at her hands and saw that Maithli an 'A' on

'' Maith..'', Pragati started questioningly, her eyes glistening with tears.. 

Maithli: don't worry silly, jus don ask questions, its all been taken care of, she whispered trying to take command of a situation gone awry. 

Dadi bua taking a break from her sly shots of brandy and overjoyed at the thought of the impedning wedding of her Batuk floats her way over to check on the bride to be's mehendi. ''Oh let me see how they ve written my Batuk's
name on your hand!'', she raspily screeches trying to peer over Pragati's shoulder.

At the same time Adi completely stimulated by his testosterone driven boyish curiosity, tries every attempt to see what Maithli was trying to show
Pragati when she told her to look down at her hands. He stands on his tippy toes trying to peer over but loses his balance and falls ontop of Maithli instead.

Mehndi goes flying in all directions and falls splat on dadi bua's face! She screams horrified as she tastes some reminanats in her mouth! She dashes away from the scene and Pragati is saved! All the kids are giggling and so is Pragati.

But Adi and Maithli don't notice any of this. Adi is ontop of Maithli and
she is struggling under him but he just cant take his eyes away from her.

Maithli: Adi..Adi what have u done…uff..adi move!
But Adi cant hear any of this, he is staring down and just cant take his
eyes away from her. She looks up at him and sees some mehendi stuck to
his temple. She looks into his eyes, his determined and unexpected gaze sending shivers down her spine. After all that struggling she suddenly cant seem to move at all. Suddenly Praney comes running

Praney: Maithli, maithli are you okay? Adi move!!!

He physically pulls Adi off Maithli. Suddenly jolting back to reality, he gets angry and shoves Praney off him. Maithli is still stuck in the trance and cant believe whats happening around her. Praney shakes her shoulders and she finally jolts to reality. He helps her up on her feet. For the first time Praney is not the focus of Maithli's attention but instead is very much in the periphery.

Maithli distractedly: Thanks Praney I am fine.
Praney: That Adi also naa..but she isn't paying attention anymore. In a daze, she places herself next to Pragati again as Praney walks off in a huff.

Pragati: are u okay Mets?
Maithli: yeah I am fine is your Mehendi okay?
Pragati laughs aloud in joy: My mehendi is fine but looks like todays not only my mehendi ceremony but Adi's also! Poor thing! Look at him his clothes are covered in mehendi from head to toe!

As Adi approached them more hesitantly this time, Mettelli shakes her head and laughs, fondly thinking, that fool he deserves it!

Adi stammers nervously: Pragati I am really sorry I know I could potentially have ruined the mehendi on your hands and Maithli..uhmm..i just tripped..i don no..i mean I din..i mean

Pragati chuckled and winked at him, ' Dont worry Adi... in fact I should thank YOU! You saved me and did you see dadi bua's face!', she exclaimed as the three of them shared a good laugh.

Pragati suddenly nudged Maithli clearing her throat indicatively.

Maithli: Uh...Adi let me take you to get changed we have some spare sherwani's lying around, perhaps for emergencies like this!, she winks.

Caught up in the moment, she grabbed his wrist and pulled him across the hall and up the stairs to the guest room.

Maithli authoratively: Here Adi, wear this, she commanded, handing him a gold sherwani.

'Its not really my style..', he grimaced at her choice.

'Well either this or then would you prefer one of my lehenga's huh adi? she teased mockingly with a twinkle in her eyes. 

"Fine!", he grumbled grabbing the sherwani and she left the room to give him some privacy.

Bored she gazed around aimlessly, glancing down at the ruined mehendi on her hands. The P that she had written earlier is now smeared as well. Oh well...probably for the best, she concluded, forgetting about it. What she doesn't realize is that the smeared 'P' is now distinctly looking like an 'A' and what significance this A will hold in her life.

She suddenly heard a meek voice coming through the door....

Adi: Maithli…umm…I think im stuck…

Maithli: Huh? What do you mean?

Adi: well I think I buttoned myself wrong and then it got twisted and my
sleeve got stuck and the..

Impatient and agitated to be away from the ceremony so long, she barged in to the room. "Oh Adi your such a child still, you cant even
wear a sherwani properly, why is this sooo complicating for you huh?
Never worn Indian clothes before or what?", she skeptically taunted.

"Uh..NO!" he stated matter of factly.

Maithli partly surprised, "Really..? oh..well glad I could make it your first time." And she sticks her tongue out at him. 

Th smug look on her face and childish mannerisms tugged a secret smile on his lips as he shook his head to cover it up and continued to struggle with the articles of clothing.

Her impatience getting the better of her, she spontaneously grabbed his fumbling hands, an unexpected tingle reminding her of their reality. She dropped them just as quickly as she had grabbed them,  recovering her faux paux predictably with an insult, ''Good, now just let me do it you baby,'' she stumbled trying to avoid blushing. She slowly began rebuttoning the top half of his kurta.

He held his breath as the freshly flowered scents escaped the shiny top of her head, infiltrating him......mmmm lavender...he closed his eyes, breathing her in....
He could feel her warm breath on his chest even more distinctly now. Her head so close, he prayed that she couldn't hear  the ever increasing pounding of his heart.

As her hands continued to fumble with the buttons, his profusely sweated, the deliciously powerful smell of the lavender making his head swoon. He had never been so close to her before.....so close that he could carefully observe all the small nuances and delicate features. So close that he had to count the seconds till she was done buttoning his kurta and he could finally get away from this powerlessness.

And as soon as she was done he jumped back in relief crashing into the glass wall that overlooked the foyer.

"Th..thanks...", he stuttered anxiously.

"Adi its just a sherwani relax!", she laughed, blissfully unaware of the power of lavender and freshly shampooed hair!

He cleared his throat,  "Ofcourse......ofcourse they're just Indian clothes and I am pulling em off better than you are!", he attempted redeeming the male pride that was lost in the last few moments.

Back to square one, she thought before groaning aloud, "Uff Adi, thanks for nothing, lets go now!"

As she stormed off, he cleared his throat again and looked in the mirror, collecting his wits and his cool.
'I am Adi, nobody unruffles me, get control of yourself!' he ordered his alter ego before stomping off after her.

Unbestknown to anyone, Pragati had witnessed the entire scene from the hall as she looked up at the big glass slanting wall of the guest room. She smiled to herself, but then a worried expression crossed her face and she reminded her self to talk to Maithili about this at some point.

The night is young and the mehendi ceremony has turned into a lively sangeet with everyone rocking the dance floor.

Pragati with full faith in her best friend tries to relax and worry less. That's when she catches a glimpse of Ankit. Maithli has snuck him in and he is dressed as one of the waiters. Ankit signals to Pragati and they go to meet in the garden where he informs her of Met's plan.

In the meanwhile things get heated up on the dance floor as Pragati returns to a waiting Batuk and Ankit watches anxiously from behind pillars.

All the youngsters including Pragati, Batuk, Mallishka, Praney, Adi, Methali and Bharat are on the dance floor and things get heated up and not nessecarily in a good

What ll happen next?!

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again an gr8 part... Clap am imagining adi in sherwaani Embarrassed
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Hey cool fanfic
i enjoyed it very much!!
even i want adi n maithili to become one...
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Good one
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Nice fanfic hun cntinu sn

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