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The episode begins with the shoot being cancelled and pack-up
announced, Disha goes back to the Green-room slowly and sits in front
of the mirror all alone in the room. She is still wrapped up in the
black satin thingy! She keeps staring at her reflection in the mirror
for sometime and then a victorious smiles spreads across her face.
Disha's conversation with her mirror image:

Disha: Mujhe pata tha ki tum yeh shoot zaroor cancel karoge DK.
Aakhir DK Sehgal apni patni ki beizzati kaise bardasht kar sakta hai,
who bhi poori duniya ke saamne. Maine aaj tumhari aankhon main Disha
ke liye who chahat dekhi hai, jiska mujhe intazaar tha.
Tumhari Nafrat ne meri zingadgi barbad kardi DK, ab meri mohabbat
main, tum barabad ho jaoge. Yeh shoot cancel ho jaana meri jeet ki
taraf pehla kadam hai, aur tumhari barbadi ki taraf tumhara pehla
kadam. Ab aage dekho kya, kya hota hai.

TRANSLATION: I knew that you would cancel the shoot DK. After all,
how can DK Sehgal see the public humiliation of his wife. For the
first timel, I have seen your affection for me in your eyes, this is
what I had been waiting for.
Your hatred destroyed my life forever, now my love is going to be the
cause of your destruction. This shoot being cancelled is the first
step towards my victory and your destruction.

In the next scene (which was so good, that I don't think I can ever
recreate it in words, but here goes nothing!) DK is in his private
chamber in the studio all alone and his expression is confused, lost
and seems as if he is struggling with some previously unknown emotion
and he does not know what to do about it.

DK: Maine yeh shoot kyon cancel karwaya? Itna sab kuch ho gaya, saari
preparations ho gayi, Disha ko maine studio tak pahuncha diya tha,
phir aakhri pal main, mere kadam kyon dagmaga gaye. Kyon Disha ka
sehma hua chehra, mujhe dard dene laga. Kyon uski sharam se jhooki
hui aankhen mere sharam ka karan ban gayi. Kyon uske aankhon ki
aasoon mere dil ko chhalni karne lag gaye. Uska dard mera dard kaise
and kab ban gaya. Yeh kya ho raha hai mere saat, main kis anjaani
raah par jaa raha hoon.

TRANSLATION: Why on earth did I cancel the shoot today. After all the
preparations, after I made Disha come to the studio and got her
agreed for the shoot, why did my courage let me down in the last
moment. Why did Disha's scared face, give me pain. Why did her
downcast ashamed eyes, made me feel shameful. Why did the tears in
her eyes, break my heart into pieces. When and how did her pain
become mine. What the hell is happening to me, which unknown path is
my heart taking me into.

(DK has the most amazing expressions on his face, as the dialouges
are formed in his head and his feelings for Disha reflect in his eyes
as they show amazement, confusion, realization, pain and love)

Just then DK realizes that he is standing in front of a huge mirror
and he is taken aback when he sees his reflection in it, as it shows
a younger looking DK in his clean shaven avtaar, looking so, so,
cute, that I just fainted out of sheer excitement yesterday! He is
shown wearing a tan brown leather jacket, an offwhite Shirt and ink-
blue jeans. He looked very similar to Akshay Khanna in DCH albeit
much more sexier and hotter! DK is shocked at seeing the reflection
and the mirror image smiles back crookedly (Navs, you have to click a
pic of DK when this episode comes, please!)

DK's reflection: Kya hua Dushyant Kumar Sehgal, aaj pehli baar apni
hi baat se mukar gaye. Tumnain to badi shaan se kaha tha Disha se ki
tum usko kahin ka nahin chhodoge. Aaj jab laga lagaya mauka aaya, toh
tum dar gaye?
Kahin tumhai Disha se lagav toh nahin ho gaya hai, ya phir ye jazbaat
lagav se bhi kuch badkar hai. Kya yeh pyaar toh nahin. Haan, yeh
pyaar hi to hai. Aaj pehli baar tummain Disha main apni patni nazar
aayi, woh patni jo tumhare ghar ki izzat hai, who patni jiske saat
tumne agni ko saakshi maan kar saat vachan pade the, who patni jiski
raksha karna tumhara dharam hai, who patni jiske aane se tumhara
makan ghar ban gaya, who patni jikse hasi main tumhari kushi chupi
hai, aur jiske aasoon main tumhara gham. Yeh aur kuch nahin, pyaar hi
toh hai, pehchano ise. Disha tumhari hai DK, sirf and sirf tumhari!

TRANSLATION: What happened Dushyant Kumar Sehgal, you backed out from
your own resolution. You had said very arrogantly to Disha that you
will make a spectacle of her, what happend at the last moment then?
Now that you finally had a chance in your hands to teach her a
lesson, why did you back off?
Have you started feeling affectionate towards Disha, or is it
something more than that? Is it just a protective feeling towards
her, or is it love. Yes, its got to be love, what else? For the first
time, you saw your wife in Disha today. The same wife who is your
honour, the same wife with whom you took the sacred marriage vows,
the same wife who's honour you have to protect at all costs, the same
wife who's smiles bring happiness to you, the same wife who's tears
breaks your heart. If this is not love, then what else is this
feeling. This is love DK, you are in love. Disha is only yours and
noone elses, she is only DK's Disha!

(DK's mirror images throws his head back & laughs with abandoned
passion, while DK gets a warm, fuzzy look on his face as he finally
and firmly realizes that he is in love with Disha)

Just then the horrid, useless Sanya comes charging into the room and
gets all hyper with DK. Their dialouges:

Sanya: (In a totally frustrated and angry voice) Tumhain kya ho gaya
hai DK. Tum nain shoot kyon cancel kar diya. Saari preparations ho
gayi thi, itna kharcha hua tha, itna waqt laga, aur yeh tumhain
aakhir pal main kya ho gaya.

TRANSLATION:What has happened to you DK. Why did you cancel the shoot
again. All the preparations were done, so much money and time spent,
then what happened to you in the last moment.

(DK just keeps quiet and gets a "Oh, just leave me in peace" kind of
an expression on his cute, little face! Sanya notices it and her face
changes from angry to a shocked look)

Sanya: Kahin aisa toh nahin, ki aakhiri waqt main, jab Disha ke badan
se uska shawl hatne wala tha, toh tum dar gaye. Tumse Disha ki
beizzati dekhi nahin gayi. (She then notices DK's expression which
tells all to Sanya who is now really hyper) Oh My God, DK, kahin
tumhain Disha se pyaar toh nahin............tum chup kyon ho DK,
jawab do, kya tumhai Disha se pyaar ho gaya hai. DK, jawab do, DK,
please, kuch toh kaho!

TRANSLATION: Is it because in the last moment, when Disha was just
about to take the shawl off her body, you felt scared. You couldn't
see Disha being humiliated. Oh My God, are you in love with Disha.
Why are you so quiet DK, please tell me it is not so. Please DK,
answer me, are you in love with her?

DK is now majorly irritated and tries to shrug her off but she goes
on and on till he gets into the DK mode of his and turns to look at
her with steel in eyes & speaks to her in a cold and sharp tone:

DK: Tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhse aise baat karne ki. Sirf is liye
ki tum aur logose ze badkar mujhse karib ho, yeh haq maine kisi ko
bhi nahin diya ki koi mujhse, DK se itni unchi awaaz main sawal kar
sake. Tum ho kaun mujhse yeh sawal poochne ke liye. Aaj tak kisi ki
himmat nahin hui ki mujhse koi sawal kar sake. Meri marzi thi, maine
shoot rakha, ab meri marzi nahin hai, is liye maine shoot cancel
kardiya. Aainda agar is tarah ki baatamizi karne se pehle, do baar
soch lena, Sanya.

TRANSLATION: How dare you speak to me like this. Just because you
happen to be closer to me than other people, who the hell gave you
the right to speak to me in such a loud voice. Who gave you the right
to ask me questions. No one has dared ask me any question on my
decisions till date. I felt like keeping the shoot, I kept it, now I
felt like cancelling it, I cancelled it. If you ever dare to speak to
me with such impudence, do think twice before daring to do such a

(DK walks out of his chamber furiously while Sanya is scared stiff
and has a helpless expression on her face. She then gets tears in her
eyes and tells herself that if Disha came in between DK and Sanya
then either she will get killed or Sanya will kill herself)

In the next scene, DK's Car is shown to enter the porch of his
mansion. Dev is shown waiting inside the house anxiously for Disha
and DK to come home. When he sees DK (who has a lost, confused
expression on his face which makes him look so sweet!) he gets very
nervous. He mumbles something incoherently and asks DK if Disha has
also come with him. DK has a blank expression on his face and does
not bother to reply back. Dev who now fears that the worst has
occured, then again repeats the question to which DK has the same
quiet look, Dev then tries to coax DK & asks him what he would like
to drink. DK goes to the bar and makes himself a drink and plops down
on the couch and is clearly lost and in some other world. Dev is very
anxious now keeps looking at DK to see his reaction.

Just then our lady D enters the house with a dignified and quite look
on her face, she is wearing that sexy black evening dress which makes
her look really nice! Dev is very happy to see her and breaks into a
warm smile and welcomes Disha. Disha asks Dev why is he so surprised
to see her home to which Dev keeps quiet. Disha then goes and stands
near DK who looks at her with a strange emotion in his eyes and she
looks back at him with conviction and confidence. Dev then very
cheerfully tells Disha that he thought Disha would not come home
after what happened today. Disha who is still looking at DK without
averting her eyes tells Dev that she wouldn't have come home today if
what was supposed to happen had happened today. Dev is elated and
asks Disha whether the shoot was cancelled. Disha who is still
looking at DK tells Dev that his "Sahib" could not bear to see his
wife getting humiliated infront of the whole world and hence at the
last moment got back into his senses and saved himself from a public
humiliation. DK gets a "My God this woman is impossible" kind of a
look in his eyes and just averts his eyes from her. Disha who still
keeps looking at DK continues speaking to Dev with sarcasm in her
voice and tells Dev that today his "Sahib" finally realized that it
was not Disha who was going to lose her honour today, it was Mrs.
Disha Sehgal who was going to lose her honour in public.

DK is now really irritated as he has now realized fully that he is
deeply in love with Disha but at the same time does not want to admit
it and at the same time is put off by Disha's reaction to him stands
up and gives her a cold look and tells her to shut up. He says that
he has just postponed the shoot and not cancelled it, hence she
doesn't have to act so smart with him. Disha who was probably waiting
for DK to react loses her temper and tells him that to schedule the
shoot as soon as possible and that she wants this whole mess to get
solved. She gives a defiant stare at DK and tells him that once the
shoot is over, they can both put an end to this sham of a marriage
and then they don't have to tolerate each other anymore. DK who has
now lost his temper tells Dev to tell the "arrogant girl" to just get
out of the room before he does something to her. Disha who is also
equally furious, gives a dirty look back at DK and stomps off to her
roomIn the next scene, Disha is now back in her lovely Chiffon Sareer
and is shown sitting in a rocking chair lost in her thoughts. Just
then Dev comes and sits down besides her. Disha notices him but does
not react, she keeps looking at the space with a blank expression.
Dev and Disha have a lovely scene with each other which I am putting
down in the dialouge format:

Dev : Bitiya, aaj main bahut kush hoon, Sahab ne shoot cancel kar
diya. Waise pata nahin aapne yeh baat gaur ki hogi ya nahin, magar
Sahab pehle jaise nahin rahe, badal gaye hain. Unki aankhon main
maine aape liye chahat dekhi. Magar main aapse aaj thoda naaraz hoon.
Ab jab Sahab naram padne lage, toh aapne unse aise baat ki, aur unhe
itna naraz kar diya. Agar aaj aap unse ladne ki bajaye, unsko
shukriya kar deti, toh, who yeh shoot puri tarah cancel kar dete.
Mujhe lagta hai ki sahab ko aapse pyaar ho gaya hai.

TRANSLATION: I am really happy today that Sahab has cancled the
shoot. I don't know whether you have noticed or not, but Sahab is not
like he used to be earlier, he has changed a lot. For the first time,
I saw affection in his eyes for you. But I am a little upset with you
this time, why did you behave so rudely with Sahab today. Now when he
was beginning to soften up a little bit, you got him agitated once
again. If you had been thankful to him, he would have probably
cancelled the shoot once and for all. I think he has fallen in love
with you.

Disha who till now was looking lost breaks into a very cute laughter
and very affectionately looks at Dev & tells him:

Disha: Baba aap kitne sidhe hain, tabhi toh DK jaise logon ki baaton
main aa jaat hain. Kya aapko lagta hai ki DK jaisa aadmi kabhi kisi
ke liye bhi badal sakta hai, aur woh bhi itni jaldi. Aur waise bhi
maine is ghar main us Haivaan ko Insaan bana ne ke liye nahin aayi
thi, mere aur DK ke beech ek sauda hua tha, jiske tahat, DK nain mere
baba ka karz aur unka ghar wapas kar diya, aur jiske badle maine yeh
modelling ka contract sign kiya tha. DK nain apna kaam kar diya aur
ab mujhe apna karna hai, phir mujhe is nark se aazadi mil jaayegi.

TRANSLATION: You are so innocent, baba, that is why people like DK
can convince you anythime. You really think that a person like DK
will change for anyone and that too this soon. And anyway I did not
come to this house to make that beast into a human being. We had a
business contract between us, through which he gave my father's house
and property back to my family and for which I agreed to model for
him. DK has finished his part of the bargain and now I have to finish
mine. Then I can be free from this hell hole.

Dev is shocked to hear Disha speaking with such hatred and says:

Dev: Bitiya yeh kaise baatein kar rahin ho. DK Sahab nain bhagawan ke
saamne, agni ko saakshi maan kar, aap ke gale main mangalsutra
pehnaya hai, aapki maang bhari hai, aap unki bhyahata hai. Woh aapke
pati hai, unki galti ko maaf karna aapka dharam hai. Aap toh aurat
hai, aur aurat ko apne pati ki har galti ko maaf karna hi hota hai,
yehi toh hamare sanskar hai. Koi bhi kagaz ka tukda aapko apne pati
se nahin alag karsakta. Aapka and DK Sahab ka toh saat janamo ka
bandhan hai, yeh toh aap dono hai jinhone ise waqt main baandh rakha
hai. Apni zid chod do bitiya, aaj DK Sahab nain aapki taraf apna haat
badaya hai, aap unka haat thaam lijiye.

TRANSLATION: What are you talking about Disha. DK Sahib has tied the
Mangalsutra in your neck and filled your maang in front of God, you
are his lawfully wedded wife. He is your husband, forgiving his
mistakes is your duty as a wife. You are a woman after all, you have
to forgive DK for all the grief that he gave you, this is your duty
as a wife after all. And anyway, no piece of paper can seperate you
from your husband. You and DK Sahib are bound to each other for the
next 7 lifes, it is only that both of you have put a timeframe on
this realtionship. Please don't be adamant, DK Sahab has put his hand
forward to you, please take it.

Disha who is shaken up emotionally controls her tears & tells Dev:

Disha: Aap unhi Sahab ki waqalat kar rahe hain na, jo aurat ko apne
haat ka ek khilone samaj the hain, jab chahe khel liya, jab chahe tod
diya. Main bhi kisi ke ghar ki izzat thi baba, aapke Sahab nain mujhe
mere apno se door kardiya, mujhe bhare bazzar main la kar khada kar
diya. Aap kis shaadi ki baat kar rahein hai baba, kuch kale moti and
chutki bhar sindoor shaadi nahin hota. Shaadi toh man ka rishta hota
hai, jo do pyaar karne wale logono ko jod deta hai, aur mere aur DK
ke beech sirf ek rishta hai, nafrat ka. Main us insaan ko kabhi maaf
nahin karoongi, pati maana toh door ki baat hai, woh toh meri nafrat
ke bhi kabil nahin hai. Main bas is shaadi ne nikalna chahati hoon,
DK se door jaana chahati hoon, hamesha ke liye.

TRANSLATION:Baba, you are giving justification for the same man who
considers a woman to be nothing more than a doll, with whom he can
play anytime he chooses to and then break her into pieces when he
feels like. I was also someone's daughter, someone's sister,
someone's love, your Sahab seperated me from my own people, made me
stand infront of the whole world, humilated me beyond words. What
marriage are you talking about Baba, some black pearls and a pinch of
sindoor don't make a marriage. Marriage is a joining of two loving
hearts, and DK and I just share one relationship and that is of
hatred. Leave aside forgiving that man, he is not even worthy of my
hatred. I just want of get out of this marriage now, I just want to
get away from DK forever.

Dev is stunned at Disha's outburst and feels very down, he then tries
his best to convince Disha, but she keeps quiet and has a stubborn
expression on her face.

Just then Sanya comes into the room and starts screaming on Disha. As
a surprised Disha and a stunned Dev look back, Sanya who is
completely hyper by now keeps saying all sort of things to Disha. She
tells Disha to get out of DK and Sanya's lifes forever. She says that
Disha has already got what she wanted, now that the shoot has been
cancelled, she has to leave DK's house. Disha keeps looking at Sanya
cooly without any reaction. Sanya then takes out a legal document and
pushes it into Disha's hands with a pen and tells her to sign it.
Disha asks her what is it, and Sanya replies back that it is a legal
document stating that Disha is making the contract signed b/w DK &
herself null & void immediately. Disha is shocked and just keeps
holding the paper in her hands, Dev looks at Sanya and speaks
haltingly whether DK is aware that Sanya is making Disha sign such
this legal document. Sanya tells Dev that he is not Disha's father
and he is just a servant and should keep out of this. Sanya then
keeps forcing Disha furiously to sign the paper and Disha keeps
looking back at Sanya cooly and defiantly. Just then Sanya breaks
down and begs Disha to sign it. She says that she loves DK deeply and
that she does not want Disha to come in between them. She says that
Disha has also loved someone and being a woman she knows how painful
it is to get seperated from someone whom you love. Sanya says that
she will kill herself if she is seperated from DK. She says that she
has loved DK all her life and cannot think of life without him, even
though he has no feelings for her, it is enough for Sanya that DK is
with her.

Disha who till now had a "This bitch deserves this" kind of a look
gets tears in her eyes as soon as Sanya also starts crying. She gets
a resigned look on her face as if thinking to herself that what will
she gain out of seperating Sanya from DK. As she controls her tears,
she takes the pen from Sanya and is about to sign the document, when
DK comes (looking like a zillion bucks in a diagonal striped white
Shirt and black jeans) and stops Disha's hands with his support
stick. In an amazing sequence, DK comes and stands in front of Disha
who freezes looking at his eyes which seem to be burning with such a
passion for her!

He has a cigarette in his mouth and a lighter in his hands which is
alighted already, he throws the cigarette from his mouth and as a
shocked Sanya & an elated Dev look on, he takes the paper from
Disha's hands and lights fire to it. Disha looks on stunned as DK
crushes the burnt paper and the ashes fly over Disha's face. DK then
gives a burning, passionate look at Disha as if conveying with his
eyes, that he will never let her get away from him and she shivers
under his gaze.
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------



ashi Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2004 at 6:03am | IP Logged
no it wasn't boring at all. thanks alot for such a great detailed update.!!!! Clap
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 December 2004 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Welcome Disha77. Thanks for joining us. I am sure you will have fun as you have in other forums. It is always nice to make good friends.

thanks disha...that was an amazing update. You have all the emotions covered too. I read them so slow and imagine sequence by sequence....


Great job!Clap

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armaanorpurab Newbie

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Posted: 08 December 2004 at 8:45am | IP Logged
It was simply a wonderful update Clap thanks
Can someone pls let me know when tumhari disha is in the US I did not see it on the tv guide on Monday so was thinking it is only on Friday/Saturday/Sunday
I saw it on Saturday at 12 in the morning anyother time??
Thanks in advance
pj04 Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2004 at 9:05am | IP Logged

Originally posted by armaanorpurab

It was simply a wonderful update Clap thanks
Can someone pls let me know when tumhari disha is in the US I did not see it on the tv guide on Monday so was thinking it is only on Friday/Saturday/Sunday
I saw it on Saturday at 12 in the morning anyother time??
Thanks in advance

great update dishaThumbs Up. armaanorpuran...tumhari disha comes from tue-thurs. then we have its reruns twice(one in morning, one in night) from fri to sun. check the listings for local time.

tisha_bhatia Senior Member

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Posted: 08 December 2004 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Awesome updates! Its almost like reading a novel Big smile
lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2004 at 11:14am | IP Logged
wow Disha, mindblowing.. fantastic update... it was in no way boring.. thanks a ton..
rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 December 2004 at 5:06pm | IP Logged
Hey welcome disha77! thanks for the update! and please I love ur lengthy update!!!!! You have 3860 WORDS (6 pages!)! OMG thanks a lot!

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