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~*Qazi Arena: Hi-On Qazi*~

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Qazi!! Qazi!! Qazi!! does the name sound familiar?


.........Well! There are many things that come to our mind, his famous quotes (Qazi-isms), dreadlocks, effortless charm, making the record of the highest SMS votes from the junta, getting saved over again and again by the love of junta, gift of gab, cheekiness, his histrionic capabilities, STAR qualities, Sex Appeal, Attractive Looks, songs rendered from his heart in a simple and endearing way. The list goes on and on!

He is a phenomenon who has unwittingly charmed the zillions of audiences and keeps adding more to his list of admirers as the day passes by.

Odes already has been started to be written in his name, his is a perfect case of the David taking on the Goliath!

When he came, Qazi had a surprising lack of Sur and Taal sense, whose voice dragged over with serious errors in tune. The show was to search for a singing talent. The 'cool dude', was confused "Mein aisa kyon hoon"- to act, sing, dance or perform.It was case of his discovering himself and his vocation. The audience too got involved with Qazi, it was as if it was their own battle.

The judges seemed to think him as a mediocre singer, and put him in the bottom heap in every single show. But voila! the voting audience kept bringing him back on.

Obviously the viewers of the show had a very different view of his potential as a "pop star" C Singing Star  than the judges. None of the other contestants seemed to have the audience appeal that this boy had, and he seemed to revel in the spotlight like no other. His clothes, gestures and dancing are all brash and Bollywood, but in conversation he came across as a genuinely likeable homeboy. Some labeled it the X-factor.

He improved with each passing day. Though the 'danger' zone had become familiar to him. Even he was at times frustrated as was quite evident when he said that "Thak gaya hoon, Paak gaya hoon, meri shaadi hogi, bachche honge bachche ka name danger rakhoonga. He would tell his children the haunting story of the 'Qazi zone.

The naysayers would say he should leave music to someone who knows it.

But his admirers would ask:

Is it wrong for one to be ambitious?

Was it Qazis fault that he got selected?

Does not the "Junta have the right to select, by whom they would like to be entertained?

The debate would go on.

But one fine day, Qazi had shown that he can sing with the ranbhoomi performance of Yeh tara, wo tara which was just awesome. For the first time Qazis voice rose and fell as it should to emote the song. Then finally at the later stages, he was declared "Safe" and certified by the Judges that he can be a better singer over his fellow contestants, given the chance.

Qazi and his admirers felt vindicated! 

Pyar toh Hona hi tha!

 On 20th October, it would be remembered in the entertainment industry as the day when Qazi Touqeer was named the Fame Jodi No1 along with Ruprekha Bannerji, whose name became synonymous with the X-factor.

His debut album has released which has already got a SUPERHIT tag!

He was proposed a Balaji soap "Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai"n for CID , but he refused to be a part of those.

What a way to start ones career. Here wishing him all the best from his fans across the world.

Way to go Qazi! Go you Boy! We are with you!



Age : 21 years

HomeTown : Srinagar

Birthday : June 2

Sign : Gemini


Dad: was a lawyer, now a Sufi Saint,

Mom: school teacher,

Brother: Touseef, Living in Joint family with grand parents.

Uncle (Qazi Rafiq): Well known Kashmiri singer

Education: completed 12th

Interests: Dramatics, Stage Shows, Body Building, Cricket, Swimming , Skiing

Nature: Truthful, Honest and Attention graber.

Music Album:

1) Aasman ke paar

2) Jodi No 1 - Qazi , Ruprekha (SUPERHIT)


Qazi: The showman from the Valley of Death    <click



Qazi's Interview ( Before Winning Fame Jodi):

He threatens to tie up his dreadlocks in a pony for that neat, slick look. He desperately wants to tone his body, since he feels he has shrunk after he stopped working out.

He finds his female fan following unbelievable. And all his bak-bak (he says) is genuine and unrehearsed.

Fame Gurukul's most-noticed contestant, Qazi Touqeer, makes no qualms about the fact that, though he wants to be an actor and performer, he applied for the Sony reality show to prove to his family that he was not a good-for-nothing.

"I would never be out of bed before 10 am and didn't even know how to slice an apple. The Gurukul has changed me and my life," says Qazi as tells us his about his journey to Fame…


~*~The mole below my eye~*~

About six months back, I started getting this wart-like growth that resulted in a mole. Initially, I was concerned and wanted to get rid of it. I consulted a doctor but my mother told me to let it be. "Woh tumhare liye lucky hoga."
And it is. My journey to Fame Gurukul began with the mole. The application and the auditions and the final selection, all happened in the last six months. I will never have the mole removed, though I know I want to become an actor — Qazi and the mole; that's another Fame Jodi.


~*~June 2, 2005~*~

Too many things happened on that day. It was the day I celebrated my 20th birthday, the day I was selected to be part of Fame Gurukul. It was the day I landed in Mumbai for the first time. And the day my mole looked bigger! And the day I saw the sea for the first time. Because of Fame Gurukul, I came to Mumbai; this is going to be my home.


~*~Sufi influence~*~

I stay in Srinagar with my mother, who is a schoolteacher, and my father who is a lawyer. Of late, my father has been greatly influenced by Sufi thoughts. We are constantly having people over; he loves to entertain.

People have an open invitation to our home. I have a younger brother, Tauseef. My favourite chachu, Qazi Rafi (a professional singer) and his family also stay with us. The one big regret I have is that I did not learn music from him — it would have helped me in Fame.


~*~Bachpan se hero~*~

At any event, there are some people who hog the limelight; they are the jaan of the party. I was always one of them. Everyone would call me the hero. Nervousness is something I don't know. I enjoy myself on the stage. In Srinagar, I would always take part in the Saaz aur Awaaz concert, which was dubbed the Saaz aur Qazi concert.


~*~Unaffected by J&K trouble~*~

Bomb blasts, violence, kidnappings… people ask me how we stay in Kashmir? I have never been affected by the happenings there, thank god. I led a normal life and did all the things a youngster does elsewhere. I studied at the SP High School and completed my class 12 from Amar Singh College, Srinagar.


~*~Female attention~*~

Honestly, there is no one special in my life. Last week, we performed at a Ganesh pandal and every time I flicked my hair, the girls would scream. It was the same when I performed at the Malhar festival at St Xavier's. It's not that I am playing up to them. I am enjoying myself on stage and I want them to enjoy too.




~*~No playback singer~*~

Why should I? I always wanted to act and perform live. I can't bear the thought that I put so much into a song and, on screen, it is someone else singing. I will act and do playback only for myself. Or I'd rather do music videos.




(QAZI's Favourites)

 1. Non-veg food: That's something He can't do without. No meal is complete without it. Tandoori chicken and shammi kababs are what He relishes.

2. Jackets: Can't leave home without one; Kashmir's weather lends itself to it. But now Qazi and jackets go together.

3.Michael Jackson and Ricky Martin: His idols for their sheer performances, while he also likes Sonu Nigam when he's on stage.


"Qazi ia all about passion."

"What to do I am born beautiful!"

"Kabhi bhi kuch bhi ho sakta hai!"

"Mere saath hamesha ulta hota hai."

"Tum mujhe sur do, mein tumhe performance dikhata hoon!"

More: QAZIism <click


 The Kashmiri rakes in more than 15 lakh votes on the reality show Fame Gurukul for talent and his hair

By Saumya Roy
Is this the first time you're singing on stage?
I've been dancing and acting since I was a child. Never thought I'd be a singer till I saw the ads for Fame Gurukul's audition.

Why do you think millions vote for you every week?
I don't know. It's unbelievable how people are reacting to me. Perhaps I bring emotion to my songs.

Do you think it's your hairstyle?
Maybe some vote for my personality and the entire package but others say they really like my voice. I'm surprised when they say it's my hairstyle.

Were you a big reality show fan?
Yeah, I voted in Indian Idol. I used to shoot myself constantly on a handycam just to see how I behave and look.

Do you want to be an actor or singer now?
I want to be a superstar—sing, dance and act.

Do you want to go back to Srinagar?
For my holidays. I want to stay in Bombay, work here and become a big star.

What do you like most about Bombay?
This is my first time in Bombay and I love it. People are so supportive of me and my talent.

Did you really win baby competitions and body-building competitions?
Yes, I won baby competitions in Kashmir and later I was a body-builder too.

There's a web poll on whether you should cut your hair. How would you vote?
I'm famous because of my hair. So I'll keep it.

We hear you're "born beautiful".
I was misquoted. I just meant my looks, complexion and hairstyle are all natural.



Then A Star Was Born...!!!


by Ani

About 21 years bak ,in the serene and beautiful valleys of kashmir a baby boy was born who was named qazi tauqeer by his parents.Little did the parents know at that time that the face of their first born would become a face one day tht millions of people around the world would adore,love and cherish.

Kashmir had become a ground for terrorism as qazi began to grow but this little boy amongst all the guns and fighting going on in the valley was living in a world of his own,his own sweet world where there was no fights ,no cruelty,no terror but only love.He was very fond of music and movies.He used to stand in front of a big mirror and dream about the superstar he was going to be one day but how he did not know.He was a child but he knew that he is going to do it some day.

As this boy began to grow older his thoughts of becoming a superstar began to grow roots and planted themselves firmly in his mind ,so much so that he was not able to shake them out of his mind.He kept practising and dreaming.His family members often chided him to be practical and to wake up for they knew tht it was a big bad world out there where the dreams are broken every day and they did not want the same to happen to their boy who was the apple of their eyes.

And then oneday something happened,there was a big reality show contest going to be held and the top two chosen were to record their own album and would be known as the fame jodi.Qazi had watched the story of abhijeet sawant in II1 and he decided to give it a try.He told his parents tht he would not come home if he was not selected in the top 14.

His parents prayed for him.He was selected in the top 14 and from here began the magical story of the phenomenon called qazi tauqeer.We all saw what happened.Although qazi was not a trained singer but he had this desire in himself to learn and to excel.

During his fame gurukul days he was often chided and berated for his singing both by the jury and the fellow contestants but qazi never answered back.No body could deny the fact that qazi was the best performer in the group and had a stage presence like no one else had so he started to work on his singing.He was a hard worker and he learned fast.

As the days passed by qazi made himself better and better and at the same time he became the blue eyed boy of the public.Qazi was being loved by the people so much that it was unbelievable.Everybody was amazed by the clean sweeps that he was making as far as the public votes were concerned.Nobody could even come closer.

His family was amazed at how the little qazi they knew was inching his way towards stardom.His dreams and aspirations were finally coming true.And finally came the day when he was declared the winner.

Qazi has become the idol for todays youth.He has given the youth of today the hope tht it is alright to dream .Dreams do come true.He has told the youth tht hard work ,dedication ,honesty and regard for ur elders does pay.He has given the youth of today the desire to dream for the impossible and make it possible.

Qazi is our true Indian Idol ,an icon that the disoriented youth of today needs.


Qazi - Ruprekha: The Nation's Most Melodious Jodi

by Richie Lasrado, Resident Editor, Daijiworld.com, Mangalore

October 20, 2005 - Thursday 10-50 pm

The fifteen-week-long excruciating suspense is finally over. The Fame Gurukul exercise that took the nation by storm, especially the younger generation to dizzy heights, reached its finale well past 10-30 pm on Thursday night. Over 8.7 million votes tilted the balance in favour of the final duo.

Qazi Touqeer, Ruprekha Bannerjee and Rex D'Souza had been equally poised. What final combination would be thrown up - a boy and a girl or a boy and a boy - remained an enigma and it kept the nation on its toes. If Qazi Touqeer, who was saved from the danger zone by the 'Janta' a record number of times,  was touted as the Kashmiri apple, Ruprekha was the Bengali Rossogulla by any count. The Rex-Rupu jodi was regarded as the virtual Bunty Aur Bubbly, and Rex considered their pair well balanced.

In spite of the chemistry and physics between the either boy-girl pairs, Qazi was called by Ruprekha his 'dost' with 'Janta' giving full back-up. Rex is a performer and a singer, Qazi a performer and a hero. Rex and Ruprekha hit on with each other so well, that they had to defensively plead every now and then that there was 'nothing' happening between them.

The winning pair now has an added weight, both winning a Maruti Alto each, and a Rs 10 million singing contract with Sony-BMG.

Happy cruising ahead, youngsters! Was it Winston Churchill who said, "To be young is very heaven"?


ClapClapQazi - The Nation's New HeroClapClap

My mother Rukhsana is a government school teacher. My brother Tauseef is studying in class XI. My father M A Qazi was a lawyer and also ran an engineering college. But he gave up everything for Sufism. We live in a joint family.

I was doing my first year BSc [bachelor of science] in Srinagar. I used to play cricket, and my parents spent a lot of money on that. Then, I told them I wanted to be an actor and a singer. They thought I had gone mad!

When I heard about Fame Gurukul, I told my mother that if I don't qualify in the Delhi auditions, I would never go back to Srinagar; I would stay in Delhi. We have a house there. That's the kind of passion I have for acting. I am a performer. Now, I have reached this stage and I'm very happy.

Some day, I hope to be in a movie in which I will sing and act as well. Like Kishore Kumar and Sonu Nigam. Actually, maybe better than Sonu Nigam.

If I don't make it to the Fame Jodi, so what? They will become stars, I will be a superstar!

People love me so much that Javed [Akhtar] saab said that I have a big responsibility on my shoulders. The number of votes that I get is unbelievable. People tell me I have made a record on reality television. I don't feel any pressure. I just want to perform for masti and for the janta. They have brought me here, and I want to perform for them.

But I want to complete my education because in my family, everybody is educated. My father's sister is a bank manager, my aunt is a lecturer, my cousin is a doctor.

I am very naughty. I had nicknamed Sandeep Batra [a contestant who was eliminated in an earlier round] 'Leechi' because he was asking for leechi juice in front of the camera!

There was another occasion when once, the police confronted some friends on the road. I went to the police station and told them that my father was justice so-and-so. They were so scared that they gave me tea and Samosas.

I've watched 27 movies in a month. I saw Veer-Zaara seven times in a week! Then, I started acting like Shah Rukh Khan for days. I am mad about films.

I've never had a girlfriend. But yes, once I had a crush on a girl in Srinagar. I proposed to her but she thought I was a nikamma. I don't have a crush on any girl in the Gurukul, roti ki kasam!

I miss everyone at home -- my father, my mother, my dada, my dadi, everyone. I miss the food, I miss Dal Lake, I miss the cold weather and clean and cold water. I miss my friends. I think Kashmir is paradise.

Mumbai is also good but for the three months we have been here we didn't go out. I won't call it a prison because we are learning something here.

To reach this position has not been easy. But if you are passionate about something, you can do it. I'm speaking for myself. I worship three idols in my life -- Rabindranath Tagore, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan because these people have struggled and come up from the bottom and reached a certain position.

My favourite contestant is Rex. He's everybody's favourite!



Main singer banna chahta hoon... And why not?

Nuzhat Aziz

Sunday, February 26, 2006  18:50 IST

Move over Sania Mirza and Shah Rukh Khan. All roads are leading to music-based reality show stars — from Abhijit Sawant ('Indian Idol 2005') to Debojit Saha ('Sa Re Ga Ma Pa') — the popularity is soaring, and the stars believe that it's not just 15 seconds of fame for them.

I am a singer first: Says Debojit Saha, winner of 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005', "I was not worried whether I received the maximum number of votes. I wanted to prove myself as a singer." Debojit emphasises on the fact that being a star is a temporary phase. "People will forget your performance on stage. You have to prove yourself as a singer."

Star vs singer:

Singer Kunal Ganjawala, who lost out in the first episode of 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa' in 1995, believes that it's not just important to want to be a singer. "Today singing has become  synonymous with stardom. You really have to have the talent and capability and then work hard."

Qazi Touqueer ('Fame Gurukul Jodi'), who has been tagged as a performer more than a star says, "I always wanted to be an actor. I have no formal training in singing. I participated because I was sure that I would be a winner." Qazi, who has been getting offers to act in Bollywood film adds, "I will continue singing but will also hone my acting skills."

Reality shows are a great platform: Says Anu Malik,  a judge on 'Indian Idol 2': "Previously there were young people who would come to Mumbai looking for a break. Reality shows have made things easy. I have ensured that all talented people get a break and have roped them in to sing in my films." But Malik is quick to add, "But all of them should realise that you have to continue working hard. If you don't, there are other people waiting for their chance."

Popularity vs talent:  Choreographer Farah Khan, who is also one of the judges for 'Indian Idol 2' says, "Abhijeet Sawant is still so popular. And the fact that these winners are chosen out of thousands of contestants obviously show that showmanship matters with talent."

Audience is final judge: Says Ruprekha Banerjee, ('Fame Gurukul Jodi'): "The audience poll is extremely important. At the end of the day, they decide whether they want to listen to your song or not." Admitting that reality shows are a boon for young talent, she adds, "It's easier to approach people because the first step is taken."




(Celeberity Quotes on Qazi)

Bipasha: I love you Qazi!

John: You are a Rocker!

Karan Johar: You have all the attributes to be a Film hero.

Sarika: If you can maintain a balance between your persona and singing talent, you have a winning combination.


(Judge's Comments)

Javed Akthar: "You are a living example of how the tortoise won the race against the hares. You have won because of two reasons. One is your own dedication and determination and the other is the love that all the people of India have showered on you. Take all that love and distribute it in Kashmir."

..."maine ek baat notice ki hai ki tumne chahe kisi ne jo bhi kaha ho tum ne kabhi kisi ke liye bura nahi kaha...tumhare dil main kisi ke liye mail nahi hai"


Shankar: "QAZI aaj pen tumhare haath main hona chahiye tha kyonki aaj tum jis position pe ho yeh tumhe decide karna hai ki tum ke saath jodi banna chahte ho"

....."jao jake apne teachers ke pair tocuh karo...dey hav totally transformed u....aaj ek % bhi gadbad nahi tha...tumahri voice record karne pe bahut acchi lagti hai....n tumahra har song super hit hoga..mark mah words "

ye pal hume yaad aayenge, wo kaal yaad aayenge..........



by apip1984


by  jeeks_qazi_23     &am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;nb sp;


by cool_nushi


by fgqazi


by famegurukul_qazi


 by gourishpk & janaky_iyer


by geetious


by qazi_gurukul...


by ms_momin2005


Qazi Touqeer's Official Fan Club! 

by everafter


by krazygirl_onlyme


~*~The QAZI Arena: Hi-On QAZI(2)~*~

by ar$hi







(no negative comments allowed here)


***thanks a lot to KEISHA & TICKS for their immense support and valuable suggestions***

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ar$hi IF-Rockerz

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(concert reviews) 


Fame 2006 Florida Concert



Live Concert FJ-Delhi



Pics of the Fame 2006 show






QAZI-RUPOOO-REX=pix from uttara concert


MoRe pIx oF...qAzI,RR,REX






pix of concert





at Garuda Mall in Bangalore







~*~Fame Jodi Concert (on sony)~*~


Qazi & Rupu

karoon kya


meri mehbooba 


yeh pal


Qazi (1)


Qazi (2)


Qazi, Rupu, Rex


Qazi, Rex- Kambakht Ishq




Rupu-Piya tu


Rex, Arpita- Tauba Tauba



Fame Jodi Concert:- by varmap










~*~App Jaisa Koi~*~





Fame Jodi & Indian Idol Contestants









(Meeting Qazi)  



Have you met Qazi ? I did



my meeting with rex, qazi and debo



I met Rex ,Debojit And Qazi !!!!






WOOHOOOOO I met QAZI....o GOD!!!!!



Three vips n me



wow i met qazi,rup n rex



My meeting wit Qazi,rex n ruprekha!!!!!



hi!!i met qazi n rooprekha



met Qazi!

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WOW great job arshuuuu Hug

Thanks for starting this club... Tongue
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thnx diiiHug
my pleasureBig smile
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Hey count me in also!! Even through all dis info is too long to read, LOL , i love Qazi! Embarrassed
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Originally posted by cool_pooja

Hey count me in also!! Even through all dis info is too long to read, LOL , i love Qazi! Embarrassed

ya sure

np...wen u'll get bored can chck it out...not abad idea to utilize ur time LOL

so do iEmbarrassed

cool_pooja IF-Sizzlerz

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Yeah... now i will have to find a time to get bored!! LOL

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