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Hi guys, this is a little idea I have been toying with. I love Tamil drama serials, so I thought, why not write one of my own. Of course some elements will be familiar to viewers, but the characters here are my creation. Where possible I will suggest actors who would be suitable in these roles. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Scene 1: Inside of a temple, shown in sepia tones.

A young woman, carrying a baby, approaches a wise woman.

"Ennama, you have come to seek my blessing for your daughter," the wise woman says.

"Eppadi, how did you know my child is a girl?"

The woman smiles mysteriously. "Antha andavan, he tells me everything. Don't worry, your daughter has a very good future ahead of her."

The mother smiles sadly. "Aanaa ... my husband ... he"

"I know, he is not too pleased your first child is a girl ... tell him not to worry ... you will have a son too. But this child that you have now, she will outshine all your other children."

The mother is pleased. "Aasirvatham kudunga amma." The old lady blesses her. As the mother starts to leave, the old woman calls out, "Indhumadhi endu peyar veyunga."

The mother nods and walks off. The old woman looks sad as she watches her go. She talks to herself, "For your daughter the future is bright ... but for you I cannot say the same. Andavaa!"

Scene 2: 43 years later.

A man in his late forties walks down an office corridor. Inside the office a Minister is waiting for him.

"Good morning sir."

"Congratulations, Mr. Sivanoli." The minister hands him an official letter. "You have been appointed to the directorate in Chennai."

Sivanoli smiles. "Thank you sir. I promise to do this duty well."

"Good. Now, would you like some tea?" It becomes apparent the minister knows Sivanoli well.

"So K.G., where is your wife? Not celebrating here with you?" the minister asks.

"She has taken the children to the temple to thank God for my promotion."

"Well ... while God may have played a part in it, your hardwork has also paid off."

K.G. thanks the minister for his praise.

Meanwhile ...

In the same temple as Scene 1:

Three people stand in front of the main shrine. The first is a 43 year old woman (suitable actress would be Seetha - Ranganayagi in PENN) the other are her children, both in their early 20s. The daughter looks very devout, praying. But it's not the same case with the son - his attention keeps wondering. He takes out his phone a few times to check for something.

The priest brings the arathi. "Enna visesham, Indhumadhi Amma?" he asks the mother. "You have brought the children too."

"Enn vithukararku promotion ... Chennaiku porom."

"Nalla sethithan ... but we will miss you here at the temple."

Indhumadhi talks with the priest, then she notices her son is busy with his phone.

"Mahen, what have I told you before, not to use your phone in the temple?"

"Sorry ma ... I was expecting an urgent call." He puts away the phone.

His sister looks at him suspiciously, but Indhu doesn't seem to notice.

The priest smiles. "Evangale pataal ... one wouldn't believe they are twins."

"I also find it hard to believe!" says the daughter, Dhivya. Indhu smiles indulgently at her children.

At another corner of the temple, an old man glares in their direction ...

Thodarum ...

So, do you think it's worth it for me to continue?

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Buddy, nice chapter. It's lovely the story and you must continute as you have a wrothwhile talent. Welcome to the fourms.
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Welcome to IF forum, Selvifanmsia and have a great time here. Wink Please visit other threads to Big smile

Your story is interesting and differently...the start was good. You should absolutely continue your story as it worth it...
Looking forward to the next chapter!

BTW, Ranga is a good choice to play that role as Indhumadhi. Smile What about the kids?

Please, just don't choose the kids from Penn who acted as her kids Ouch
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Welcome to IF Selvifanmsia. A good start no doubt. I like meli agree that Seetha is best as Indumathi, but not the children from PENN.

Looking forward to your next episode..........

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Thanks for the warm welcome, everybody Smile
No, I didn't consider using the children from Penn, I am still thinking about who to play the son, but I think for the daughter, Dhivya can be played by Santoshi (Kalai in Arasi). Only thing she is a bit young for the role, Dhivya must be doing 4th year medical school. However I feel Indhu's father here should be the same actor as Ranga's father from Penn. And who can play K.G., Indhu's husband? Please suggest some actor who is suitable for Seetha, unlike the one who played her husband in Penn!!!

Okay, anyway, here's episode 2.

In the temple:

The old man watches Indhu and her children, glaring angrily. He is accompanied by his son, daughter in law and a grandson around the same age as Indhu's kids.

"Oho ... her husband got a promotion, but she didn't tell me. Instead she has come running here first."

"Appa, shouldn't God be the first person we should thank for our success?" asks his son (hmmm .... let's see ... the son should be about 42? So what actor is suitable I wonder? Maybe Arunkumar from Kalki?)

The father (who is of course the same as Ranga's father in Penn) glares now at his son. "You keep quiet, you also work in the IAS, but haven't got any promotion out of Tirunelvelli. Mapillay came from Sri Lanka, but he has managed to."

The DIL, a sourfaced woman also in her 40s, tells her FIL "Mama, don't talk bad about my husband."

"Vanthutha eval, purushane rescue panna. You are a housewife, what are coming to talk here? At least both my daughters are teachers."

Now the grandfather turns to his grandson. "And you, Thava? You wanted to be a doctor like your cousin Dhivya
but what are your grades!" He gives him a knock on his head.

"Appa? Why are you hitting Thava?"

Suddenly Indhu is standing behind them.

"Vaa ma ... you are so kind to grace us with your presence. Now you are going to Chennai, you have forgotten to tell us about your husband's promotion?" sneers her father.

Indhu is upset. "Ille ... I was going to call you this morning, but you had all gone to the temple. So I thought I would see you here and tell the good news."

Her father snorts, not really believing her.

"Congratulations, akka," says her brother. His wife pokes him. She is obviously not too fond of Indhu.

"Thank you. But really it is your BIL you must congratulate. Unfortunately he is at the Minister's office in Chennai."

"This means we won't see you, attai? You are moving to Chennai." asks Thava.

"Yes, pa. But don't worry, we will see you soon, you may be posted for hospital assignment in Chennai. And we will see my younger sister too. We haven't seen her in ages since she married and moved to Chennai."

"Avale vidu ... Her husband will take care of her." says her father.

"Appa, just because she is married off, doesn't mean she is not part of her family. We haven't seen her or her daughter since she was a small girl. She must be 12 by now."

Her father is not interested. "When are you leaving to Chennai? How about your job? Have you got a transfer?"

"Yes appa. A senior post in a good school in Chennai. At least we will be closer to our children also, since they are studying in Chennai. Now come, let us all have some breakfast, my treat." She smiles, not noticing the sour looks on the faces around her.


Dhivya glares at her brother as they are in the last row leaving the temple.

"It is a girlfriend, isn't it?"

Mahen tries to protest. "No ..."

"You know how appa will get angry ... and he is a heart patient. Your grades are going down and you are too concentrated on this girl."

"It's none of your business. Now leave me alone." He takes out the phone again and starts typing an SMS. Dhivya glares.

"You're impossible!"



"Letter for you, madam." The postman hands it to a woman, in her late 30s. Could be played by Viji (Kala in Penn. I am saying because she looks the right age.) Accompanying her is a girl of 12 years.

She looks around, almost fearfully, then goes to a corner to sit down and read the letter.

When she is finished, she smiles. "Akka is coming here!" Then she stops smiling. "But ... what will I do about the situation here ... I cannot let akka find out."

Thodarum ...
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wow buddy brilliant chapters!!!!! It's really good as u have a brilliant talent for writing it's so exotic and creative to read.
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Episode 3

A grand mansion somewhere in Chennai

The Sivanoli family are moving in. KG stops his wife who is telling the movers where to put the furniture.

"Your new job starts tomorrow, ille? Do you want a lift to the school?"

"No, thanks but Mahen will drop me off on his way to college."

"Good, good." KG seems absent-minded.

Indhu asks, "Ennanga, what is the problem? Is it your new office?"

"No, no, everything is fine there. It's just I've been given such a high posting, I am worried about how to handle it. Before I worked in a small district, not many problems cropped up there, but here in the big city ..."

"Don't worry, I am sure you will have many capable assistants. Who is your deputy?"

"I haven't met him yet but I believe his name is Kathirvelan."

Indhu looks stunned for a moment, but doesn't say anything to her husband. The sound of a car horn is heard outside.

"That must be the car. I'd better not be late for my first day at work."

Indhu says, "Seri, just remember that if you put your faith in God, everything will be alright. All the best."

She watches her husband get into the car and thinks to herself, "There must be many Kathirvelans in a big city like Chennai, surely it cannot be the same one."


Just then an auto stops in front of the house. Indhu's sister gets out and comes to Indhu.

"Akka! I am so glad you are moving here to Chennai as well." She hugs her sister.

"Shree, I didn't expect to see you so soon. I thought I said I will visit by your home later."

A worried look passes over Shree's face. "Ille, akka, why the trouble? You must be busy moving into this house, I thought if I came here I could help you."

"Thank you, ma, that was very thoughtful of you. Where is your daughter?"

"In school. How about your twins?"

"Both are at college. My job only starts tomorrow. The school is near yours, we will see a lot more of each other now. Come in."

Shree looks happy at first, but as soon as her sister's back is turned the worried look returns.

"Enna seyaporen?" she wonders.


Mahen walks with two ice-creams towards a girl sitting on a bench (actress could be Durga).

"Here, Hema." he hands one ice-cream to her.

"Thanks, Mahen. But tell me how often must we meet up like this?"

"Aiyo ... I already told you, my father warned me not to have any relationships at college, but wait till I finish my studies. Then we can get married."

Hema doesn't look too pleased. "Seri ... I will wait."

Behind them in the distance, Mahen's sister Dhivya is spying on them. She talks to herself. "I knew he was up to no good. He'd better be careful Appa doesn't find out, now that he is Chennai too. Nillu ... I will talk to thambi afterwards.

She leaves from there.

Thodarum ...

Please comment!

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Selvifanmsia, you do have a flair to write! Just be sure to copywrite them, before any (un)creative head takes your ideas and puts them into serials Wink

Thank you.


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