A romance to remember!!! (Page 4)

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wow usha! so many chapters! i loved every bit of it. awww.. this prakash & charu are too cute.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed prem fell in love for the first time? he is such a flirt, god knows how many times he fell in 'love for the first time' with women.LOLLOL lols! anyways, hope he finds his soulmate soon!Wink

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I hope he does Leena let's hope and thank you for your lovely comments. Oh yeah! This fan ficiton bits of them have happened in reality with someone i know. Here's my next chapter:

Chapter 10


Prem was taken inside his house Prakash sits down giving an angry look after Prem tells him all about the incident. Charu meanwhile, gives coffee cups to them and advises her beau, "Listen, you need to just take a chill pill. As Prem is lucky not to be arrested by the police."


"Arrested!" shouts Prakash, "I really wished he has. As on several occasions I told him not to go off the rails. But, he doesn't take my advice so seriously. Charu, what should I do?"


"Well, my advice is to get him some help and as a psychiatrist I will try and give him the full support he needs. Remember the day, you told me you will come for help in the coming future. Prakash nods, "Well darling this is the right time to help." Prem looks at her when calling him darling and is wondering something fishy is going on. 


"I hope this works. As he needs to become a changed man for a start and succeed as a model. If not then his life will be at risk and then no one won't come and help you." Prakash explains to them and questions Prem, "Are you ready to become a changed man." Prem nods and the pair are delighted.


"Before, that we need to check if you have any diseases as you been having so many relationships. That can put yourself into risk." Charu advises easing off with breeze if her hair just touched her face.  Both the brothers agree with this to put a full stop into this mess. She explains about counselling and leaves.


A few hours later whilst they were having their supper Dosa with chutney curry, Prem hesitantly asks, "I don't how to start this but I want to get this out of my mind. It's been bugging me today."

"What?" asks Prakash

"Well…" Prem starts

Prakash becomes annoyed, "Just tell me what you want to ask. Otherwise, I will be listening to your well's."

"OKAY! What's cooking with you and that ticket?" Prem questions

Prakash confused, "Which ticket?"

"Well, that ticket don't you know whom I talking about." Prem explains

"Man, seriously I don't understand what you chatting about." Prakash answers in a waffled way.

"Great! I have a fool who stuck his head into a world of Maths. You are such a creep. It's CHARU. Now you know whom Im talking about."

"Emmm Emmm!" nods Prakash, "Why are you asking?"

Prem explains, "Well, the way you behave with each other there's something fishy and unusual for me to believe especially you."

"What now are you starting to talk about my Paro." Argues Prakash

"Hold your horses! Is that the Sharada you been writing in your diary and notebook for the past year." Asks a stunned Prem and geek nods. "Oh my God! Oh my God! I cannot believe you have found love but with this freak." Prem complains

Prakash defends, "My Paro ain't a freak but an intelligent, lovely and sweet hearted young lady. She's my dream girl."

"OKAY! OKAY! IM KIDDING AS IF I TALK ABOUT THIS FURTHER THEN YOU GONNA THROW PLATES AT ME. SO IM ESCAPING." Prem sarcastically tells and Prakash stuffs him with dosas and Chutney curry poured onto his head.  





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My next chapter installment:

Chapter 11

A few weeks later, Prem's counselling sessions are going terrific as his university work showed a difference. He was more punctual to his lessons; teachers are giving him good reviews and spent less time flirting with girls. On top of that he started going to fashion shows and even performed there as he had the best catwalk. Meanwhile, Charu and Prakash were getting more and more time together getting to know each other. They frequently went to each other's houses and workplaces during their break. Sometimes they would meet on the river side chatting and eying each other.


Then, one Monday evening after their respective jobs Prakash took Charu hand in hand to the Crane river side in Twickenham. They sat down on one of the beaches near the river Charu questioned, "What's so special about this place?"

"When I was studying at university. I come here occasionally as there was something special about this place that sparkled me here especially for love." Explains Prakash as he placed her onto his lap and she was biting his ear.


They were talking for over an hour, ticking each other and playing around until both of them kept quiet… slowly she got up but her hand was held tightly and Prakash's lips were slowly moving to Charu's lips her hand touched on his shoulders and his hand were rubbing onto her chubby thighs and sneakily moved to her cheeks. They embanked the kiss they were waiting for many months. A kiss which moved them onto the reality world and they stared into each other a few minutes later "Did you just kiss me?" asked a meek Charu.


He continued kissing her without a reply for many minutes. He kissed from her forehead, to her eyes which, were glistening into the deep night sky, his glasses were rubbing onto her soft whipping cream face, onto her bare neck right down to her shoulders. Until, they notice a small audience looking at them and one small kid came to them asking, "What are you guys doing?"

Charu got angry and took her handbag and chased the kids around the river yelling, "Mind your business and next time you come here Im going to send you back into the North Pole with the penguins and polar bears."


Prakash was filming all of this onto his mobile phone and the people were looking at her as if she needs to be admitted to a psychiatrist.  A few minutes later, she noticed her man just filmed all of this onto his mobile phone. She got extremely angry and chased him around the whole river side for over half an hour demanding the video to be erased. However, he refused to erase the video clipping and more frustrated she got and chased him around the river. Until, there was a banana skin lying onto the floor and Charu slipped onto the floor. "That's what happens if you chase over." Prakash teased her.

"OUCH MY FOOT. PICK ME UP. PICK ME UP." Demands a bossy Charu

"Well, should I?" questions Prakash, "After all you deserve this all chasing me and those poor incident kids around the place."

The kids were laughing so much shouting you deserve this and more. Charu shouts, "Watch when I come down here I turn you guys into a sausage."

"You kids don't want to be mess around. As she's going to turn into a kali." Jokes Prakash


She gets more furious and streams are coming out of her ears, her face turns red hot chilly peppers.

Prem comes up and laughs at the pair, "Yo! Anna and Anni, you must audition for a CBBC show which can be called the Charu and Prakash show. It can be a new version of Tom and Jerry. Why don't you pick up the princess before she gets angry?"


They pick her up and she gets furious and before they go to the kids they escape the place. Prem explains, "I came here ever since you started romancing each other and it was my plan to bring these kids and wind you up. Anni I never knew you had a high temper and sir I never knew you can romance so well."


Prakash grabs Prem, "So this is your plan. I must mention I never knew your anni can turn so angry and has now turned her self into a complete fool."


Charu is embarrassed and decides to chase Prem but, "Anni, don't chase me otherwise, in tomorrow paper's this chase will be as the headlines."  


Her head lands on Prakash's shoulder and he hugs her firmly and whispers to Prem, "You like this ticket?"

"Ticket!" screams Charu and kicks him onto his stomach, "I ain't a ticket you penguin, pigeon."

"In fact you're a buffalo or even an elephant." Moans Prakash


"Even better to the buffalo race matches. It will suit her. But Anni will make you a perfect match since, you're a work freak she can control you. The problem is your gonna end up in hospital so often." Adds Prem with a twist.


They all laugh but Charu is embarrassed about this revaluation.



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lols! hilarious chapters usha! really very funny. "Ticket"..ROFLROFLROFL awww... prakash kissed charu, so sweet!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and i like the way you wrote chubby thighs instead of saying big thighs or something derogatory like that.Big smile

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It was an awesome chapter buddy. I really like you sense of humour. The ticket? That was funny. LOL LOL Lovebirds first kiss was cute and Prem taking it slowly, he will probably meet his soul mate soon. Embarrassed   Keep it up buddy. Wink
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Chapter 12


The next morning, Prakash was at his lesson teaching his mathematics lesson to the students about geometry until, the receptionist comes up to him, "Prakash, the girl who chased you around Brixton station last week is here."


One student teases him, "Sir is she your girlfriend?"

Another student, "How long have you been dating?"

"Why didn't you tell us that your seeing a girl." Complains another student, "We can spice up your love life."

"Yo teacher! What's the chick's name? Is she pretty. Is she like that woman from Pride and Prejudice?" Questions another noisy student


Prakash remains silent but turns embarrassed when another student confides, "Sir, I saw you kissing that lady the other day by the riverside." Everyone starts making noises especially the girls when they hiss at him asking, "If he's a good kisser."


Then in a sudden twist he tells them, "That's for me to know and for you to get on with the tasks I have given you." He then leaves to meet Charu.


Meanwhile at class a student goes to the desk and asks the girl, "Hey! Are you serious you saw him kissing the other day?"

"Yeah! It was romantic I never knew he can get into such liaison." Answers the other girl,

"Then, I saw her chasing some kids it was hilarious and he was filming it, she felt and he said some random comment which, ended up him being kicked on the stomach."


"Girl, we know one side of him but, we just realised another side of him. Strange never knew men like him are into romance." Mentions this girl, "I must admit he sounds pretty romantic and any girl will be lucky to go on a romantic date. I really wish I did."

"Really don't tell me you had a crush on him." Jokes the noisy girl

"Hell no! He's a teacher and Im a student and I have a boyfriend." Tells this girl.


"Well well well… someone is interested of my love life." Jokes Prakash, "You know I heard what you were speaking. Lucky she wasn't here."

"Why?" asks the embarrassed student

Prakash laughs, "She's a wild Scorpio! She will give you a headache but, then she's a nice natured woman."

"Wow!" exclaims the entire student, "Sir she can make you a less teacher like." Jokes one student.

"I could imagine her being here. She will be delighted to see a lively class." Smiles Prakash and they all are excited to hear this compliment. "Well, that's enough of my love life and let's gets on with the geometry work." They all get the work completed.


Later, at midnight Prem returns back from his fashion show at Central London. Whilst, walking into the station waiting for the train back home. A girl with her briefcase is being chased by some gang. Prem is walking about with his project on his hand and accidentally the girl falls on top of him.





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Chapter 13


Geeta = Preethi


"WOAH! You're all right!" Prem asks in shock when he holds the girl.

The girl answers, "Well, I don't have time to answer as I'm getting chased by some people."

"OK! I HELP YOU OUT." Explains Prem


The guys come closer to the girl and they play about with her until Prem gives that person a punch and is warned, "Don't even dare touch her."

"What will happen if I do touch her? Who are you to ask that?" one of guys answers

"Im her husband!" Prem drops them a bombshell. The guys are shocked to hear that and they apologise for doing this and escapes before anything worse happens.


"Why did you tell them Im your husband?" argues the girl

Prem explains, "There was no other choice but to tell this as they won't play about with you. OKAY! What is your name?"


"Nice name." Smiles Prem, "OKAY! Tell me why you are with a briefcase?"

"Actually, I don't have a place to live since, my previous house owners told me to move out of the house." Explains Geeta, "As they have been caught by the councils as they were disrupting the neighbours."

Prem tells, "Oh poor you! I and my brother went through this experience when living in a rented house. Well, you come with me and I will make arrangements."

"Thanks! Im attending Kingston University studying biomedical science 1st year." Geeta tells

"Wow! Wow!" gasps Prem in shock, "Looks like you are most definitely welcomed to our area as the university is near to our apartment."


Prem and Geeta both get on the train to Prem's house. They were seated next to each other getting to know each other. Geeta was fascinated to know Prem wants to become a model and he's stunned she's wants to become a doctor as he never made a friend through the science field.


Meanwhile, Prakash is waiting by the door for Prem to come back as it's almost 3am in the morning. Charu opens the door to find Prakash outside the door, wearing her pink pyjamas comes outside. She then plants a kiss at his lips and asked, "What are you doing at this time of night?"

"I'm waiting for Prem. He hasn't turned up yet."  Tells a concerned Prakash,

"Don't worry Prem is not a small boy but a big young man. Who's able to face life." Charu hugs Prakash whilst telling him.

Then, Prem comes bringing Geeta along and stands there watching their romance. He pinches Prakash he then moans to Charu not to pinch him. She tells him that I ain't pinching him but next time I will. Prem yet again pinch him and he warns her not to pinch him but, then she moans she didn't. Geeta is laughing at the nuisance. Then, they all realise its Prem and realise he's with a girl.



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HI Usha

Just finished reading all the chapters from start to finish in ore moochu! CHo have a very good sense of humour. I wish Geeta and Prem fall in love soon...BTW who is Prem, prakash and Charu. I dont watchj i am lost.
Good luck on your upcoming chapters.

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