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-Mere Pass Pass-/-The End p 22 Finaly (Page 27)

Zainoo1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2007 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
a wcked part

sidra01 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2007 at 12:10am | IP Logged
wow amazing part exciting promo lakhs a genious just love him con asap
26javey IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 March 2008 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
really intersting
plz cont. soon
-Laiba- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 July 2008 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for all the comments, i'm really sorry for not continue this ff for one year and more i think Ouch will post the last part in abitSmile

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-Laiba- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 July 2008 at 10:34am | IP Logged

Last PArt

Angad and Kripa kept starring at each other, when finally Angad break the stare and told her to come inside. Kripa followed him and they went to sit.
A: Do you want to drink something?
K: how can you act so normal Angad?(getting teary eyes) I'm seeing you after so long and you didn't hug me, you didn't ask me how i was, the only thing you said was to ask me is if i want to drink something?
Angad was looking down, avoiding to even look at her. Kripa couldn't take it anymore she just went to him and hugged him. Angad didn't hug her back which disappointed Kripa and she god apart from him.
A: Kripa, please don't make things more difficult for me, leave from here
K: I'll Angad I'll, I wont stay here if you don't wish me to be here but I just want to ask you something.(She made him look at her) Is it wrong to want to be happy? is it wrong to want to live with the man you love? is it wrong to get married to the man you love?
A: no Kripa, it's not wrong
K: then why? why do you want me to do what my family wants me to do and not what i want to do?
A: because Kripa, family comes first and you have to get it
Kripa more than hurt, let the tears came out from her eyes and left from there. She was about to open the door but before she turned around to look at Angad who was starring the floor.
K: you know Angad, I love you and I'll always love you. If i can't be yours then i wont be anyone's
She then opened the door and left crying leaving a broken Angad behind.
One Month passed really fast, no one was happy except Lakshya and KT who were getting married and Kripa's family who wasn't aware of Kripa broken heart. Finally, Angad's concert day had come and just like all concert, this one has to rock too. Everyone was there including Kripa sitting on the first seats waiting for Angad to do his entry. After sometime, Angad came wearing black jeans and white shirt. He went to sit on the stool which was in the middle of the stage surrounded by red and white balloons. Angad didn't look up, he just closed his eyes and slowly start singing, remembering all his beautiful memories with Kripa.

teri yaad bahut ab aane lagi hain
ek jaan hain ab woh jaane lagi hain
tanha tanha ham rehne lage hain
tanhaai bada tadpaane lagi hain
teri yaad bahut ab aane lagi hain
ek jaan hain ab woh jaane lagi hain
tanha tanha ham rehne lage hain
tanhaai bada tadpaane lagi hain

yeh pal jaane kyon aate hain
woh pal jaane kyon jaate hain
yaadon ka yeh kaisa dariya
ham pal mein hi beh jaate hain
maaloom nahi saahil hai kahaan
maaloon nahi manzil hai kahaan
iss haal mein jeena mushkil hain
har saans tujhe hi bulaane lagi hain
teri yaad bahut ab aane lagi hain
ek jaan hain ab woh jaane lagi hain

kabhi milte ho tum khwaabon mein
kabhi milte ho tum yaadon mein
apana bankar kyon rehte ho dilbar mere inn aankhon mein
har waqt mere nazdeek raho kuchh meri suno kuchh apani kaho
teri yaadon pe jo khushbu hain meri saanson ko mehkaane lagi hain
teri yaad bahut ab aane lagi hain
ek jaan hain ab woh jaane lagi hain
tanha tanha ham rehne lage hain
tanhaai bada tadpaane lagi hain

Once he was done, everyone was clapping at him and asking for more so Angad looked up and smiled a little but when he caught up Kripa starring at him with tears, his smile fainted and tears fell from his eyes. Right after him it was Lakshya's turn, he came and performed on  Sach Kehna  from Love Story. The concert was rocking everyone enjoyed it. Everyone left as soon it was over except Kripa who went to the stage, crying remembering Angad performance and fell on her knees crying even more.

After Three Days, it was finally Kt and Lakshya wedding. Lakshya and KT where looking both really cute together, everyone was happy for them so were they. Soon, they both sit in the mandap to do all the rituals.  Kripa imagined her and Angad engagement and smiled but when she came back to the present tears fell from her eyes. Lakshya noticed it and though   Don't worry Kripa, your tears will turn into a smile soon .  After doing the 7 phere, they went to take blessings from everyone, KT went to hug Kripa and Lakshya to hug Angad.
L(whispered in his ear): don't worry dud, soon it'll be your turn
They both apart, Angad was confused at what Lakshya just said but he just smiled. Now that the wedding was over, Kripa's family, Kt's family  and Lakshya were sitting in the living room.
L: hey guys, I've an announcement to make
Josh: what dude?
L: well Josh, Angad is getting married next week, the same day as Khazeer and Kripa wedding
hearing this everyone was shocked, mostly Kripa . They both stared at each other and Lakshya  just winked at her.
Kripa's Dad: wow that's great. I'm so happy for  Angad.
Aaliya: Two weddings the same day, soo exciting
Gayatri: Kripa beta and Angad wedding together, it was always my wish bad luck that they're getting married to two other people (made a sad face)
hearing this, Kripa got tears in her eyes, she left upstairs running and hiding her tears. Surya looked angry and Gayatri who just smiled at him.
S: what Gayatri, she is getting married to Khazeer not Angad so what was the need to say that?
G: i was just saying what i want that's it
She said this and left angrily while Lakshya smiled and though   don't worry anty, you made things easier for me .

After One week, Kripa's wedding was finally taking place. Kripa was in her room, in front of her mirror wearing a yellow choli lehenga with red heavy work on it. She was sad it was obvious but didn't know what was really going to happen. Downstairs, we see Khazeer sitting in the mandap wearing a white sherwani and yellow dupatta hiding his tears and sadness behind his fake smile. Everyone came around the mandap and the pandit told to call the bridal. Khazeer Dad was very happy, finally his son was getting married to someone who won't be after his money. Gayatri, followed by some girls brought Kripa downstairs. Her face was hidden by her dupatta. The pandit told Khazeer to first put the mangalsutar around her neck, then the sindoor, Khazeer didn't even bother look at Kripa when he was filling her mang. Then they both got up to take the pheres and once they were done, they went to take blessings from Khazeer dad, who smiled and make them face his son and removed the dupatta from his daughter-in-law face and was shocked to see Shazmin standing infront of him instead of Kripa. At this moment, we see Kripa comming downstairs with KT. Everyone more than shocked stared at Shazmin and Khazeer couldn't believe it. He just got married to the girl he loved. He got tears of happiness in his eyes and hugged Shazmin. Josh, Angad, Aaliya, Surya and Gayatri where shocked seeing them like this. Once they apart, Khazeer dad who Boiling in anger was about to slap Shazmin but before he could Lakshya stopped him.
KD: Lakshya? leave my hand, i knew it this girl wont let us so easily did you see what she did. She took Kripa place and betrayed Pritwi
L: No she didn't
KD(shocked): What?
L: Yes, i'm the one who told Shazmin to sit in the mandap instead of Kripa as I couldn't let you destroy my best friend life like this. What did you think uncle? you though that Khazeer will get married to Kripa and that they'll stay happily together? You should be ashamed of yourself uncle, you were about to ruin Khazeer, Shazmin, Kripa and Angad life. I told you that Kripa and Angad loved each other more than anything and Shazmin is the love of Khazeer life but you didn't listen to me. You just had a though that she wanted your money and that's it but did you just think for a while that when you went to Shazmin to give her money and in exchange she leaves Khazeer she choose Khazeer not your money
L: She is your son destiny and you have to accept it. And you know what uncle? Shazmin is richer than you
KD(more shocked): ........
L:  because more than money, she has a heart of gold
K: uncle, I'm sorry but Khazeer loves Shazmin more than anything, I had to do what Lakshya said as i didn't want Khazeer to lose Shazmin and tie knot with me
J: Kripa what are you saying?
K: i'm sorry bhai, but i love someone else
Aa: why didn't you tell us Kripa?
K(with tears): i guess i didn't get the chance to tell you
KD: i'm sorry Shazmin, i'm really sorry. I didn't know you loved him that much i though you wanted our money but i was wrong
S: don't say sorry uncle please (with tears)
Khazeer dad hugged Shazmin, and when they apart, he wiped her tears and said   no, i'm not your uncle but your Dad now . They both smiled with their tears. Khazeer hugged them both. Angad who was watching all the scene, was happy for Khazeer and Shazmin. He smiled and was about to leave but before he could, Surya stopped him.
S: Angad, i heard you're getting married today too
A(surprised): me?
G: yes, Lakshya told us, so who is the lucky girl?
A(don't know what to say): i....euh....emmmm...I
L: hey dude, now tell them everyone na
G: tell what?
KT: well our dear Angad Khanna is getting married to Kripa
Everyone: what??
L: yes, they both love each other a lot and as i had the plan to not to let Kripa marry Khazeer i though to get Kripa married to Angad insteadLOL
J: hey dude, why didn't you tell me?
A: did you even let me the chance to?
S: anyways, now i don't care, Angad go change your clothes
A: why?
S: what why dude? you're getting married right now to my daughter(laugh)
Everyone laughed at Angad who blushed lightly, Kripa got tears of happiness. Lakshya took Angad upstairs and after sometime, they both came back. this time, Angad was wearing a red sherwani and yellow dupatta. He sat in the mandap and the pandit started to read the mantars and the wedding took place. josh brought Kripa and made he sit next to Angad. They both looked at each other and smiled. Kripa was finally getting married to the man she loved and it was the most beautiful day of her life. Everyone was happy for them, Lakshya was proud of him and Khazeer just didn't let go Shazmin for a second as if she was going to leave him.

Here ends the story, i'm really sorry i continued this story after more than one year and it feels really strangeLOL. I'll soon start my new Fanfic but before i start it i wanted to check my old ff. I hope you enjoyed the part, sorry if its confusing.
Love, xx--Laiba--xx

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all parts are soo dam cool and end is cool to
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Posted: 13 November 2008 at 4:45am | IP Logged

hy jst read da whole FF in one go ....... really enjoyed it was gr8 Clap Clap Clap

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Awesome ff Laiba!! m speechless!!


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