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fanfic on Adi and Mathilli

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Hey everyone,

   This is my first post in this forum.  I would like to see Adi and Mathilli together, but I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon, so I wrote a fanfic on them.  Let me know if you think I should continue.  I wouldn't mind any criticism--it will only help my writing.


Part 1

             Praney had begun writing his new book and Mallishka decided to help him because she felt that he had the potential in him.  That day Praney went to the park where Mathilli was sitting on the bench lost in her own world. 


P: Mathilli I was looking for you everywhere.

M: What happened, Praney?

P: Mallishka has agreed to help me with my second book.

M:  That's great Praney, I know you will do great.

P: Thanks…I also wanted to share something with you…you are actually the first person I'm telling.

M: What's that Praney?

P:  Mathilli…I'm in love with Mallishka.


             Deep down Mathilli had known that Praney felt something for Mallishka but she was scared to face the truth.  However, she had no choice but to accept it when Praney expressed his feelings.  Praney continued to talk about how he fell in love with Mallishka and how wonderful she is while Mathilli tried to hold back her tears. 


P:  Oh God!  It's getting late…I have to go…thanks Mathilli for being a good friend.

M: Bye Praney.


             As soon as Praney left, Mathilli broke down into tears.  She sat there for hours crying.  Eventually, her brother came looking for her.  Mathilli couldn't keep her feelings inside of her anymore, so she admitted everything to her brother.  After hearing her story, Mathilli's brother gave her an advice:


Brother: Di, I think you should forget Praney.  Everyone except for Praney could tell that you were falling in love.  Why are you crying over a man who couldn't even recognize what you were feeling.  You deserve to be someone who respects your feelings and cares about you, and I don't think Praney is that man.  You have to quit pitying yourself because Praney loves someone else and move on in life.  Come home now…there is a surprise waiting for you.


Part 2

             A few days later, Mayuri finally forced her son to go to college since he has missed so many days staying with her.  Surprisingly Adi attended all of his classes.  Maybe his mother's expectations forced him to prove himself or maybe there was another latent reason.  After his last class, Adi decided to catch up with some of his friends who were in the nearby gym.  Adi saw that his friends were in one corner talking with each other rather than working out. 


Adi:  Hey guys…what's going…why are you standing here?

Friend 1: We are actually waiting for our soccer (football) coach.

Adi: Coach?

Friend 2: Remember we told you about a coach from Pune?  His name is Abhay Mathur.

Adi: Oh yeah.  So he finally shifted here?

Friend 1: Yes, and he is going to train us for the game against our rival club.

Friend 2:  There he is.


             A middle-aged man, about Shekhar's age approached them.

Friend 1: Sir, this is our friend Adi, and Adi this is our coach.

Abhay: Please to meet you Adi.

Adi: Same here.

Abhay: Anyways guys, I have some good news.  Remember, I told you about a player from my team in Pune?

Friend 2: Yes.

Abhay:  Well, I just met her yesterday.  Apparently, doctors have given her their consent to resume playing football.

Friend 1:  Didn't you say that she was one of your best players?

Abhay:  That's right…in fact she still has that talent.  Right now she is on the field practicing with the junior team.  Come and see how she plays.


             Abhay directed the group to football field.  On the field, it seemed as if the junior players in white uniforms were about to make a goal when a girl stole the ball.  She passed by each player without losing control of the ball.  Eventually, no one could keep up with her and she made an incredible goal.  Adi and his friends were impressed with this player.  


Adi:  She's really good…what's her name?

Abhay:  Hold on, I'll call her here…(screams) Mathilli!


             At first Adi thought he heard the name wrong but when the girl turned around he realized that he wasn't mistaken.  It was none other than Mathilli who was the player that shocked everyone.  Mathilli came running to the coach and stood a few feet in front of Adi.  She gave Adi a quick glance and then focused her attention on Abhay.


Mathilli: Yes sir.

Abhay:  Mathilli these are the boys who are on the team right now…and this is their friend Adi.

Mathilli:  I know Adi…he goes to college with my best friend.

Abhay:  Anyways, guys do you want Mathilli on your team.

Friend 1:  Absolutely, besides it is a team for both boys and girls.  We would love to have her.

Mathilli: Thanks.

Abhay:  Good…we are missing one more player and then we will have a team.

Friend 2:  Hey Adi, why don't you play with us?

Adi: Me?

Friend 2:  Yeah…you are good with any sport.

Abhay: Yeah sure Adi.  We wouldn't mind having you.

Friend 1: Please Adi…we really want to win this match.

Adi: Fine.


             All of Adi's friends were delighted to hear this.  Abhay and the rest of the team ran inside while Adi and Mathilli slowly followed.


Adi: I didn't know that you played football.

Mathilli:  Actually, I used to play in Pune.  Then I got hurt during practice and I had to leave the game, but I surely did miss it. Yesterday, Abhay sir came and offered me to play for this team and I accepted. 

Adi:  Well, the team could use your talent.

Mathilli:  Thanks.

Adi: So, have you told Praney about your feelings.

Mathilli: after a long pause…It's too late now Adi.  I have to move on.

Adi: That's a little surprising considering that it would hurt you to see him with another girl.

Mathilli:  It's true, but my brother managed to knock some sense into me and told me that I can't put my life on hold because of this…I always saw him as a kid, but he seems to be more insightful than people think.

Adi:  Well, I think you made the right decision.

Mathilli: Is it because you hate Praney?

Adi: No, it just bothers me to see you cry over him when he doesn't recognize what you feel.


             Both Adi and Mathilli stopped midway when they realized what Adi had just said.  Mathilli wasn't sure what he meant by that.  In fact, Adi himself didn't know why he said that. 


Adi: I'm sorry…I shouldn't be talking about him.  Anyways, I was wondering if you could give me some help with this match.  It means a lot to my friends and I don't want to let them down.  If I don't mind, can I train with you?

Mathilli: Sure, Adi.  If you want, I can meet you at your house and we can go jogging together.

Adi:  Great…tomorrow morning at 7.

Mathilli:  That's absolutely fine.


Part 3

             Mayuri was in the main room when she heard the doorbell ring.  She opened the door to find Mathilli at the doorstep. 


Mathilli:  Hello auntie.  I'm Mathilli.  I came to pick up Adi.

Mayuri:  Oh yes, Adi told me. Come in.  I'll call him…Adi.


             To Mayuri's surprise, Adi came down immediately.  Usually, she would have to go to his room and wake him.  Today she just had to call him from downstairs.


Adi: Hi Mathilli.

Mathilli: Hi Adi.

Adi:  Mom, I'll see you later.


             Adi and Mathilli would occasionally discuss their interests while jogging.  After jogging for nearly an hour, they decided to stop and head home.  Adi dropped Mathilli home and then returned home to see Mayuri preparing breakfast for him.


Adi: Thanks mom…I'm starving.

             Adi began to gobble the food like an animal while Mayuri sat beside him sipping her tea.  Eventually, she posed a question.


Mayuri:  Adi, how long have you known Mathilli?

Adi:  She works for Janki Devi at my college.

Mayuri:  Oh, I see…is she your good friend.

Adi:  That's what it seems…before we couldn't stand each other.  I never thought I would get along with her.

Mayuri:  It happens…sometimes our perception of certain people changes with time.  Anyways, she seems like a nice girl.

Adi: I know…I can't see why that idiotic Praney can't notice that.


             Adi then explained what happened with Praney to Mayuri.


Mayuri:  I understand that Praney doesn't understand Mathilli's feelings because he never saw her that way.  But why do you know what's going on in her heart without even talking to her?


             This question took Adi by surprise.  He did not have a response for his mother's question.  However, Mayuri began to see what Adi hadn't realized.  She quietly left the room to leave her son alone to his thoughts. 


Part 4

             Over the next few days, Mathilli and Adi began to see more of each other.  In the morning, they would jog together.  After college, they would practice with the rest of the team.  Soon, they began to make a good team themselves.  One day after practice, one of the team members—Jay decided to take a break from all the work.


Jay:  Hey Adi, I'm throwing a party tonight at the club so please do come.  And Mathilli you too?

Mathilli: Sure Jay.

Adi:  Yeah, count me in.


             Adi had arrived on time to the party.  Jay introduced him to his other friends.  However, Adi's eyes seem to be searching for Mathilli.  Eventually, Adi decided to ask Jay.


Adi:  Is Mathilli here yet?

Jay: No, not ….oh there she is.


             Adi turned towards the doorway, where he saw a different Mathilli.  She wasn't wearing a traditional Indian outfit.  Instead she was wearing a pink tank top over a black skirt that barely touched her knees.  Adi froze at his feet.  Jay approached Mathilli.


Jay: Wow Mathilli you look great!

Mathilli: Thanks.

Jay: Please enjoy yourself…by the way Adi was looking for you.


             Mathilli had spotted Adi who was still standing in the same spot.  She walked up to him and noticed him lost in another world.  She snapped her fingers at him to wake him up.


Mathilli: What happened?

Adi: Nothing.

Mathilli: Jay was saying that you were looking for me.

Adi: Oh I was just wondering if you were coming.

Mathilli: Oh

Adi: Anyways you want to dance?

Mathilli: Sure.


             Adi took Mathilli to the dance floor where they danced to a slow number.  The last time they had danced Adi was a little distant and Mathilli's eyes were on Praney.  This time, however, Adi held onto Mathilli a little tighter and Mathilli made direct eye contact with Adi. 


Adi: By the way…you look beautiful.


             For the first time, Mathilli blushed at Adi's comments.

Mathilli: Thanks


             Throughout the rest of the party, Adi and Mathilli conversed with their friends.  When the party was over, Adi offered to drop Mathilli back home.  However, on the way the traffic was blocked due to an accident. Just then Mayuri called Adi, and he explained her the situation.


Mayuri: Adi, why don't you both come home right now.


             Adi did as his mom told him and drove home.  When they reached there Mayuri was giving the servants instructions on preparing the guest room.


Mayuri:  Oh good you guys are here.  Mathilli I just talked to your grandfather and explained him the situation. I told him that you will be staying here overnight and he's fine with it.


             Mayuri noticed Adi give a small smile at this statement.


Mayuri: I prepared the guest room for you, Mathilli.  There are some clothes in the wardrobe.  Let me know if you need anything.


             After changing into a tshirt and sweats, Adi came downstairs where his mom was watching tv.


Mayuri:  Adi, why don't you go see if Mathilli needs anything?


             Adi, knocked on Mathilli's door but did not get a response.  He slowly opened the door and found her sound asleep.  He came a little closer to the bed and bent down to see her face.  She looked like an angel while sleeping.  There was a strand of her hair that was on her face.  Adi slowly moved that strand behind her ear and instinctively caressed her head a few times.  He then placed a blanket over Mathilli and turned off the lights.  After Adi left the room, Mayuri comes out of a corner by the room.  Apparently, she had witnessed her son's sweet gesture towards Mathilli.


Part 5

             Mathilli's grandfather and her brother had gone out of town for two weeks to attend a wedding, while Mathilli stayed back.  She continued to meet with Adi in the morning and attend practices.  One day it was nearly 8:00 a.m. and Mathilli had not shown up.  Adi went to the park to see if she had forgotten to meet him but she wasn't there.  He then went to her home.  He rang the doorbell a few times but no response came.  Fortunately, Adi noticed that the door was open. He quietly walked into the house.  Adi searched every room until he reached Mathilli's room where he found her sound asleep.


Adi: That's weird…she never sleeps this late.


             Adi gently touched Mathilli's hand and realized that she was warm.  He felt her forehead: she had a high fever.  That is when Mayuri called Adi.


Mayuri:  Adi did you find Mathilli?

Adi:  Yes she's at home but she has a high fever.

Mayuri: Oh my god.  Adi, call the doctor.  In the meantime, I'll come there.

Adi: Okay mom.


             Adi immediately called the doctor.  When the doctor was observing Mathilli, Mayuri arrived.  The doctor pulled out a vaccine to give to Mathilli.


Adi: Doctor please be careful.

Doctor: Don't worry Mr. Adi it's just a minor injection.


             The doctor then prescribed some medication and recommended bed rest for a few days.  Mayuri called Janki Devi and told her that Mathilli wouldn't be coming for a few days and went to the pharmacy to get her medicine.  In the meantime, Adi quietly sat beside Mathilli's bed and stared at her.  About an hour later, Mathilli began to wake up.  She was surprised to see Adi there.


Mathilli: Adi what are you doing here?

Adi:  I came here looking for you since you did not show up in the morning.  You had a high fever.  Mom and I called the doctor.  She's getting your medicines.

Mathilli: I'm so sorry about the morning

Adi: It's okay

Mathilli: Thanks for everything Adi.

Adi: No problem.


             Just then Mayuri walked in with Mathilli's medicines. 


Mayuri:  How are you feeling Mathillli?

Mathilli: I'm fine auntie.

Mayuri:  I can see that…where is your grandfather?

Mathilli: He and my brother are out of town.

Mayuri:   I don't want you living here alone, so you are coming with us. 

Mathilli: It's okay auntie.

Mayuri: No, it's not okay.  If you say no, then I'll call your grandfather and tell him everything.

             Mathilli didn't want her grandfather canceling all his plans so she agreed to live in Mehra house until she felt better.  Mayuri packed Mathilli's clothes instantly.  Mayuri carried Mathilli's suitcase to the care, while Mathilli followed.  However, she was too weak to even take a few steps.  Mathilli was about to collapse when Adi grabbed her and carried her in his arms to the car. 


             Throughout the next few days Mathilli was receiving attention from many people.  Rajeshwari would also constantly check on Mathilli because she wanted to be in Janki Devi's list of good books.  Mayuri started treating Mathilli like a daughter and Mathilli started seeing a mother in Mayuri.  Most importantly, Adi took extreme care of Mathilli.  He'd make sure that she would eat and take her medicines on time.  One night, after making sure that Mathilli had gone to sleep, Adi went to the main room where Shekhar was waiting for him.


Adi: Dad, you wanted to talk to me.

Shekhar:  Yes Adi, have a seat.

Adi: What is it dad?

Shekhar: Your mom and I have been noticing something, and we decided that I should talk to you about it.

Adi: What dad?

Shekhar:  Adi, how do you feel about Mathilli?

Adi:  What kind of a question is that dad?

Shekhar:  It's a simple one.

Adi: Well, she's a really good friend of mine.

Shekhar: Are you sure that she's just a friend of yours?

Adi: Dad, what are you trying to get at?

Shekhar: Adi, your mom and I think that you have feelings for her.

Adi:  What? Mom already knows that Mathilli loves Praney.

Shekhar: That doesn't mean that you don't love her.


             Adi had no response to that question.  He just looked down. 

Shekhar:  Your silence said everything.  There was a time when your mother came into my life and changed me for the better.  Mathilli has done the same.  Just look at yourself.  The arrogance, attitude, and disrespect that you had is all gone. You no longer think about yourself.  You are always concerned about Mathilli's health.  When she's hurt, you seem to feel the pain.  If you don't call this love then what would you call it?

Adi:  It's true dad…I do love her, but it's one-sided.

Shekhar: You don't know that.  Mathilli is trying to forget Praney maybe she has gotten over him by now.  You need to tell her how you feel.

Adi: What if she doesn't feel the same?

Shekhar: Leave that up to her.  You can't expect her to know how you feel.  After losing Praney, maybe she is too scared to get close to anyone.  I once betrayed your mother's trust, and it took her time to trust me again.  You should at least tell her how you feel.

Adi: I guess you are right.  I'll do that.

Shekhar: Good! When?

Adi:  After the game the day after tomorrow.




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Awesome fanfic!!!! I really wanted to read one about adi and mets. Can't wait for the next parts!
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thats awsome keep up the good work
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Nice one.Please continue
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awesome ff dat to abt adi n methilli Wink so cute adi is over here well cont. soon Wink
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Wonderful Clap Clap please CONTINUE.... Smile
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WOW...... Clap Tht's sooooooo gud..! Smile Clap
Plz continue soon Clap
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awesome Clap plz do cont soon exited to

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