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A Cinderella Story...(ak)part 2 pg 3

ritu_the_gr8 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 April 2007 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
hey guyss... this is my second ff... this fanfic wont be long... it will be less than 10 parts... and will end over less than 2 weeks... i wont continue my other fanfic till then...cuz i am having writers block..cant think of anything...and if i dont finish his story soon.. i will go crazy......actually iw as planning 5 parts...but thats too less..soo less than 10 parts is just fine ... ok soo enough of my talks...lets start teh story..

~A Cinderella Story~
"a happily ever after story"

" well well well... mr.prince charming... waiting for your cinderalla again??" nisha asked tauntingly...

" first of all nisha... its prince richard... yes i am waiting for my cinderella... do you mind??" angad replied really annoyed with nisha... couldn't this girl just leave him alone???

" whatever or whoever you are... maybe your dear 'cinderella' is in front of you and you haven't seen her" she said again... angad very well knew she was talking about herself...he rolled his eyes and stod up...

" anyone wearing a gown adn looking pretty isn't cinderella alright...haven't you ever read teh story...she needs to stand out infront of everyone... just one look at her... one dance and i need to know its her... the girl i want for eth rest of my lfie... i need to fall in love with her in the first sight..." he said dreamingly...

" looks like you have fallen in love with her without even seeing her..." she said again mockingly... angad ignored her and sat down sipping his drink...

it was the new years eve party... the eople had gone crazy and decided teh theme to be a masquerade party... and as usual...angad was waiting for his dream girl... hoping someone might show up.. his cinderella might show up at any of these parties... yes he hated these parties... he thought they were just a waste of time... but just to find 'her' he doesn't miss any party,,, he was 20 and was waiting for miss perfect... it wasn't his fault that none of the girls ever impressed him... all the girls form her college drool over him...but he never gave a damn about anyone...

" ANGAD!" his thoughts were interrupted by a high voice... he turned to his side and saw his best friend, rituEmbarrassed running...well trying to run with that pencil heel and large gown... she came upto him and hugged him... he pressed a kiss to her cheek...

" you should be careful..." he said wrapping his hands around her waist and lightly squeezing her stomach... " he/she might have problem with you running around like that..."

ritu whined..." you people dont care about mee anymore... everyone cares about him... or her.."
" ok ok sorry... now where is your idiotic husband...??" he asked rolling his eyes...

ritu gigles and said " my idiotic husband must bee looking for mee... i just ran as soon as i saw you..."

 angad laughed..." no wonder he feels soo insecure around mee... anyways you shoudl go and find him before he dies of heart attack.." he placed a kiss to her cheeks again and let go of her... but before letting go completely... " and dont run... you need to take care of yourself adn your baby..."

he watched ritu go... he sighed... she was his everything... he was rich and popular... but he never cared about fame or money... his parents were out of town most of teh time... ritu was pregnant at a very young age... as he resumed..she was just 20 adn she was married for a year and now was pregnant for more than two months... he disliked... well more like hated her husband... they were just in college adnshe had suddenly said that her marriage was arranged and she might not be coming to college anymore after her marriage snce her in-laws dint want to... he had beaten the crap out of the guy when he came to know about this... he dint know why... but he just dint like it... but when he knew that ritu loved him and was ready for eth amrriage he dint have any option but to accept it... but he did convince her in-laws and her husband that she will come to college even after teh amrriage adn she will work as long as she wanted to...(they are stll in college..and ritu got married a year ago.. at teh age of 19)


outside the party hall we see a car stop... two girls come out of it and take deep breath... the two girls are kripa and mishty...

" whew... we finally made it here..." mishty said taking a deep breath... she looked at kripa  lost in her thought... " whats teh matter krips??"

" huh...nohting.. i was you think nisha will recognize mee???" she said softly...

" well i dont think soo... i mean i have put so much make up on you...and plus this mask... noone will recognize who you are..." mishty reassured...

" sure na??" kripa asked nervously...

" yes sure..." mishty ssaid and squeezed her hand ltightly... mishty walked in first... kripa looked at teh sky and closed her eyes as if praying... she bit her lowerd lip... took a deep breath and walked in...


angad was quite bored... as usual he sat by teh bar and drank... he was frustrated, mad at himself..what did he think... this wasn't a fairytale... this was a real life and he wasn't oing to find any 'cinderella' at these parties... just as these thoughts struck his mind...someone pushed him and his drink fell onto his dress... he glanced up..straight to the entrance and his eyes fell upon a girl walking in... he just couldn't stop staring at her... his own words rang into his ears...

" haven't you ever read teh story...she needs to stand out infront of everyone..."

yes she stood out... it was as if there was a spotlight on her... everything aorund her was blurr adn only she was visible...

he forgot about his dress being wet from the drink... he slowly got up and walked upto the girl... his condrella as he called her...

yes the girl was no other than kripa... she looked around.trying to se if there was anyone she knew... but everyone's face was covered with masks...knowing anyone was impossible... she felt someone staring at her... she quickly turn around and found herself staring at the most gorgeous eyes ever... she was into the coolness of his blue eyes... it was as if they were ocean adn she was drowng into them..adn uet doesn't want the lifeguards to save her... soon she came out of her tughts when someone pushed her and she fell right into his arms... he grinned...

" dance??" angad asked her... not taking his eyes off hers...

" yess..." she said softly....

soon she felt his arms around her waist and wrapped her hands around his neck...

" just one look at her... one dance and i know its her... my dream girl..."

yes she was his dream girl... he felt like he was floating as he continued staring into her eyes... they hadn't spoken a word but their eyes seemed to speak for them...


three hours later... angad and kripa came to know almost everything about eachother... except who they are... angad knew all about kripa's life, her friends , her college life, family etc...what he dint know was... who was she? what was her name? who were her friends? etc...and viceversa... but throughout the conversations..kripa had figured out that he was angad khanna... son of teh rich dilip khanna... she had known him since very begginning but never knew he was such a nice person... now as he talked to her.. she felt all her srrow disappear adn she stared at him lovingly...

" soo.. now that we know about eachother... how about you tell mee who you are?? whats your name?? we have known eachother for three hours now..." angad said as he caressed her cheeks...

kripa froze for a second... she dint know how he would react when he came to know who she was... she wasn't some rich girl nor was she even invited to this party... mishy..her best friend brought her here... adn if e came to know she was kripa and tld nisha about itt... she would be dead meat... " i .. i am..." before she could say anything... she heard a car roar...

she looked around and saw a familiar car go... her eyes widened as she recognized it... she quickly got up and ran outside... angad stood there and registered what was happening... he ran behind kripa... he had finally found his cinderella after a decade adn he wasn't going to let her go...he finally caught her and
pinned her to the wall...

" i am not letting you go soo easily... i want to..need to know who you are..." he said breathing heavily...

" pls let mee go... if i dont reach home before my sister does... i will be dead meat by tomorrow..." she begged...

" fine i'll let you go... first tell mee who you are??" he asked as he traced her cheeks adn finally stopped at teh edge of the mask... he was about to take teh eyes off...

" you'll be nothing but disappointed knowing who i am..." she whispered...

" i dont care..." he was about to tae teh mask off...when her tear met his finger... shocked, he let her go... " dont cry..." he said holding his hand up and taking a step back... " i wont take the mask off... you can go...but... i will find you some day..."

kripa quickly wiped her tear and was about to go but he stopped her...

" but before yougo..leave something i can find you with... something i can remember you with... something very dear to you..." he begged and extended his hand...

" i am leaving my heart with you..." she said with teary eyes... " but as for leaving you to remember mee. i leave thsi with you..." she took her neacklace off... she kissed it and put it in his hand... she held his hand took a step closer... and pressed her lips to his... but broke it before it could get passionate... she was just a whisper away from him... " i will let you know who i am as soon as i know i can trust you..." she pecked him again and ran from there...

he watched her sit on teh car and zoom off... for a minute he wanted to hop in his car and follow her... but her words rung into his ears...
" i will let you know who i am as soon as i know i can trust you..."

'yes i will wait for you to trust mee....'he thought and looked into his hand... it was a necklace saying 'KK' he assumed that must be her name...and if it was... and she studied in the same college as he did... it wouldn't be hard to get find her... he smile... Finally...after al these watingss... he finally found his cinderella...


thia all happened a week ago... and angad still couldn't go to sleep... everytime he closed his eyes... her face appeared... adn her words rung into his ears... 'you will be disappointed to know who i really am...' or ' i will let you know who i am as sson as i know i can trust you...'

okkie guyss... here is my fanfic... i will continue everyday... well thats what i planned on doing..anywayss i will finish this ff in less than 2 weeks as i  said... plss tell mee how was it?... yea ritu and her husband wasn't so necessary in this part...but they'll be needed in next few parts... and they'll be a good help in getting ak together... umm what else.. yea i WONT continue my other ff as long as i am writing this... ohh and ritu's hubby is played by salman khan...Embarrassed

THIS STORY IS DEDICATED TO...AND IS INSPIRED BY MUNNIBABA2006... ClapClapsoo plss give her a big hand!!

part one - page one
part two - page three

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-Cupcake- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2007 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
Awesome story ritu Embarrassed
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

Joined: 19 June 2006
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Posted: 10 April 2007 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
fab part!! sounds really cool!! i think kripa is nisha's sister or something...hmm...cant waitt!! continue soon Clap
candyprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2007 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
great part
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2007 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
awesome story ritu... and salman!!! lolz as u wish!

continue sooonn cant wait..

bisha is her sis but what is there last name. i mean kk

or is it that she alwayz liked him LOL Wink
berkeleygirl818 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 April 2007 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
WOWO!!! sounds soooo interesting!!! Clap
i LOVE it!!! Embarrassed it is soooo CUTE nd unique!!! i CANNOT wait to read
more... so conitnue soon!!! Tongue
guju_girl1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2007 at 5:04pm | IP Logged
great part continue soon Clap Clap Clap
Chick91 Groupbie

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Posted: 10 April 2007 at 5:28pm | IP Logged
Smile Love Cinderella stories and yours is great!!!! Clap Clap Clap

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