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Posted: 07 April 2007 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
Masand's Verdict: Shakalaka Boom Boom

Rajeev Masand

Cast: Bobby Deol, Upen Patel, Kangana Ranaut, Celina Jaitley
Direction: Suneel Darshan

I can safely say you've never seen a film like this before, I'm talking about this week's new Bollywood release, director Suneel Darshan's Shakalaka Boom Boom in which Bobby Deol plays an insecure pop-star who refuses to come to terms with the fact that there's a new kid on the block who's all set to steal his thunder.

Not only does Bobby find himself professionally threatened by up-and-comer Upen Patel, he also loses his dreamgirl Kangana Ranaut to the rising star.

Determined not to give up his top spot, Bobby befriends Upen instead, volunteers to produce his album, then sabotages it when it hits the market.

As yet unaware of Bobby's act of treachery, Upen once again accepts Bobby's helping hand in producing his next album.

Hot-headed and immature, Upen refuses to pay heed to his father's advice, warning him against the perils of over-ambition, and he also dismisses his girlfriend Kangana's caution against Bobby.

It's an ambition-meets-ambition drama, which director Suneel Darshan delivers with his over-the-top sensibilities and his trademark 80s-style storytelling.

Now it's clear Shakalaka Boom Boom is inspired generously from Milos Forman's classic film Amadeus, in which envious court composer Antonio Salieri becomes obsessed with defeating Mozart.

But director Suneel Darshan's film is unique because it doesn't seem to think that a script requires logic, reason or common sense.

How else do you explain the two-dozen or so holes in the plot? Let's just tackle a few - Why shoot in South Africa but pretend that the film is set in New York?

Why does Upen need archrival Bobby to produce his album if he's such a talented newcomer?

When Bobby sabotages Upen's album, is the owner of the music company sleeping through it all? Why does Bobby set his music room on fire after stealing Upen's original compositions?

None of these questions are answered in the film, and what's more these aren't the only problems with the writing.

The film's dialogue, credited to Anurag Kashyap, is so clunky, you're surprised the actors don't burst out laughing while they're delivering such idiotic lines, because you sure do when you hear them.

After a passionate romp in the back seat of a car, Celina Jaitley tells Upen, €œAaj toh tumne kamaal kar diya€ to which Upen replies with a mischevious smile, "I know", to which Celina once again responds, this time coyly, "Main toh tumhaare club ke performance ki baat kar rahi thi."

As if that's not bad enough, the filmmaker constructs such sloppy scenes, even a student at film-school could have come up with better.

Like that scene in which Bobby's managers spike his drink with an aphrodisiac before his date with Kangana - will someone please tell me why?

Or that scene in which Kangana inadvertently bumps into Upen and drops his ice-cream.

He goes on and on complaining that it was his favourite ice-cream - it's so irritating, you want to slap his face and throw him a few bucks so he can shut up and get himself another cone.

In all honesty, Shakalaka Boom Boom is not the only Bollywood film held together by such a fractured script - few films in fact can boast of good writing these days.

But problem is, the script isn't the only thing that lets down Darshan's film.

Himesh Reshammiya's soundtrack is a recipe for disaster - barring two hummable tracks, the rest of the numbers are similar-sounding, repetitive and entirely unnecessary to the plot.

Both Bobby and Upen's costumes look like they've been sourced from a bargain basement sale at Pimps-For-Less.

As for the acting, honestly the less said the better. Celina Jaitley playing high-power publicist cum ever-willing bedmate to our pop-star protagonists is as lifeless as a corpse. She shows more skin than she does any acting prowess.

Kangana Ranaut fails to leave an impression, she simpers and whimpers in and out of scenes, evidently uncomfortable in a role that expects nothing out of her.

But it's the boys who really take the cake. Bobby Deol hams it up as the insecure musician, and he's looking so haggard, he resembles something they dug up in an archaeological excavation. Those bags under his eyes are large enough to fit my books in.

As for Upen Patel, he's got one single expression and he uses it for all occasions - when he's happy, when he's sad, when he's angry, when he's just finished making out, and when he's been told his father's dead.

In fact, Upen gives the word 'stiffness' a whole new meaning - you want to pinch him just to make sure he's human and not a wax statue out of Madame Tussauds.

I'm tempted to say Shakalaka Boom Boom is one of the worst films directed by Suneel Darshan but then memories of his previous films Barsaat and Dosti continue to haunt me.

Perhaps I'll just say it's one of his most unintentionally entertaining films, because rarely have I laughed as hard as I did while watching Shakalaka Boom Boom- and it's not even a comedy.

The climax of this film is so bizarre, it involves a disco ball falling on the head of one of the protagonists.

You know, I seriously suspect a similar accident may have befallen the director or the writers while they were working on this film - how else could any sane mind have come up with such a ridiculous piece of work?

I'm going to go with one out of five for director Suneel Darshan's Shakalaka Boom Boom, the one star is because this film has one merit that separates it from others - you've never seen anything like it before. This Shakalaka seems headed for Doom Doom.

Rating:* (Poor)

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Times of india Review: Shakalaka Boom Boom

Nikhat Kazmi

Shakalaka Boom Boom (drama)

Cast: Upen Patel, Bobby Deol, Kangana Ranaut, Celina Jaitley
Direction: Suneel Darshan

Completely convoluted, quite-quite crazy, Shakalaka Boom boomerangs miserably with nothing to save it at the box office.

Ostensibly a film about music rivalry, there is neither music nor a rivalry that is credible enough to hold the film together.

Bobby Deol is AJ, reigning rock star who just can't handle competition. And when it comes in the form of Reggie (Upen Patel), the new age composer who has a natural talent for music, our curly-locked hero gets all green with envy.

He forgets his own music and pledges himself to just one mission: Operation Reggie ka destruction. Okay, understandable. But what€™s not acceptable is the way he goes around destroying the poor bloke.

Almost like an overgrown kid, he stamps his feet, hollers and screams and even sets his home on fire.

And when that doesn't work, he tries to transform his rival into some kind of a devdas, hoping hell simply drink himself to death.

Poor, poor Upen! He is allowed some screen time this time, but there's nothing really there for him to do, because Bobby Deol develops a death wish: he suddenly decides to undo the little that he has done in screen history.

It's a miserable performance from all the lead players, including the new Bhatt girl, Kangana Ranaut.
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Shaka Laka Boo Boo!
By: Sarita Tanwar
April 7, 2007

Director: Suneel Darshan
Starring: Bobby Deol, Upen Patel, Kangana Ranaut, Celina Jaitly
Rating: *

WHAT'S IT ABOUT: His last film, Dosti, offered a whole new dimension to male bonding. Now, director Suneel Darshan tries to project men at war in Shaka Laka Boom Boom, supposedly based on the ongoing hostilities between Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan.

But honestly speaking, it's more of a pathetic attempt at remaking Amadeus (based on the rivalry between Mozart and Antonio Saleiri).

AJ (Bobby Deol) is a successful composer who becomes insecure when he comes across a talented newcomer Reggie (Upen Patel). It doesn't help that Reggie is brash and supremely confident.

AJ fears that Reggie will steal his thunder, and when he loses the woman he loves Ruhi (Kangana Ranaut) to Reggie, he becomes paranoid.

He then decides to ruin him with the help of Sheena (Celina Jaitly). On the face of it, AJ starts helping Reggie but uses his power and connections in the music industry to make sure he never gets a break. A broken Reggie soon takes to drinking.

The final straw is when AJ convinces an ailing Reggie to compose a solo album and hijacks his work.

It breaks Reggie, who lands up in a hospital in coma. That's when the movie spins into the ultimate battle between good and evil.

WHAT'S HOT: It's trendy; it's hip and it's cool. Shaka Laka Boom Boom captures the functioning of the modern day music industry rather well.

From the monopoly of certain music companies to insecure and territorial
composers and singers, the complexities and insecurities are well established. Upen Patel (with dubbed voice) does not disappoint. Kangana Ranaut, as always, breathes life into her character.

WHAT'S NOT: For a subject such as this, the music should've been phenomenal. Well, it's phenomenally awful. As expected in a Darshan film, logic goes out of the window.

A music company based in New York is churning out Hindi albums; you have African-Americans and blondes breaking down doors of music stores to get CDs of the very uninspiring score by Himesh Reshammiya.

Also, what's the point behind shooting in Cape Town and trying to pass it off as New York? And who wrote Celina's character?

She's a PR person who doesn't think twice before jumping on stage to sing and dance with artistes she is promoting.

And when she's not occupied with that, she moonlights as a bartender. Talk about multi-tasking! Reggie's father (Anupam Kher) pops in from Jodhpur only to add credence to the Thade Vaste song with Rajasthani lyrics.

After that, he is conveniently bumped off. At least you know what he died of, but you are completely in the dark about what's slowly killing Reggie. He's wrapped in blankets and coughs incessantly like Nirupa Roy in the '70s.

The doctor advises him 15 days of bed rest, so it can't be that serious, but Reggie chooses to work and he ends up in coma.

Doctor saab says he will stay in the hospital for life but he recovers in the next scene! Looks like Darshan knows a miracle specialist that we know nothing about. And finally, pray why are candles burning in all the scenes with AJ and his Guruji?

WHAT'S THAT: Why are the Guruji and the manager trying so hard to get AJ laid on his first date with Ruhi? They even spike his drink with a 'love pill,' which causes a desired 'uplifting' effect, which AJ tries to 'down' by drinking a bucketful of water and spinning his eyeballs wildly.

And let's not forget the special effects. Dragons and demons come to haunt AJ in the end. Right after a strobe ball falls on his head (it must've been that horrible hairstyle), he becomes deaf. That's Darshan's way of pointing out the connection with Mozart.

WHAT TO DO: Say boo to this Shaka Laka, and a bigger boo to Suneel Darshan.
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This week's other release Shakalaka Boom Boom is a copy of Milos Forman's 1984 classic Amadeus.

But I think mentioning the two films together is blasphemy and so I will not bore you with the details of all that director Suneel Darshan has lifted.

Let's just say that while his ambition to steal an all time great is laudable, his execution leaves much to be desired.

So instead of Mozart and Salieri, we have AJ and Reggie, two musician-composers living in New York. Even though AJ sings Hindi songs, he has swept the US charts, churning out five hits in a row.

His supreme rock star position is threatened by Reggie, who has a God-given gift for composing songs.

AJ recognizes Reggie's talent and so sets out to destroy him.

But since evil doesn't pay, at least in bad Bollywood movies it doesn't, AJ is eventually left alone with his demons - this is literal, we actually see animated creatures swooping down on him.

This story of the power struggle between mediocrity and genius is inherently dramatic but Darshan narrates it at a plodding pace.

The characters are paper thin and the dialogue is often comically banal. Celina Jaitely plays a publicist with a ravenous appetite for musicians.

After she has bedded the struggling Reggie, she says You rock big time Reggie and he replies: I'm the best baby.

The actors can't do much with these lines. Bobby Deol flares his nostrils in his best imitation of dad Dharmendra.

Kangana Ranaut has a few good lines and far too much eye make-up. The only one who shows some spark is Upen Patel. Shakalaka Boom Boom Boom is movie making at its amateur best.

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A boombastic bore
Indu Mirani
Friday, April 06, 2007 23:05 IST

Shakalaka Boom Boom

Cast: Bobby Deol, Upen Patel, Celina Jaitley, Kangana Ranaut
Direction: Suneel Darshan

One of the most commonly used plot devices in Hindi films is to make one of the characters a dancer or singer; this gives innumerable opportunities to break into song. In Shakalaka Boom Boom director Suneel Darshan goes many steps further. Not only are Bobby Deol, Upen Patel and Kangana Ranaut singers, even Celina Jaitley, a PR person is liable to start crooning.

And so AJ (Bobby Deol), a popular singer with five, six or seven hit albums to his credit, (the number keeps differing according to who's counting) gets insanely jealous when he hears the work of upcoming singer Reggie (Upen Patel given to roaming shirtless and saying "I'm the best"). When Ruhi (Kangana Ranaut), the girl AJ has fallen in love with decides she loves Reggie, (who has been maniacally stalking her to get her to be his), that is the last straw and A J decides he has to destroy Reggie. Meanwhile Sheena (Celina Jaitley, the PR girl) hangs around them both, kissing any one of them when the fancy takes her and generally behaving like Tart No.1.

Also hanging around are Dalip Tahil, the owner of the music company whose wife is coyly having a scene with AJ, AJ's spiritual guru from India, Govind Namdeo who looks aghast when AJ unfolds his plan to destroy Reggie but does nothing to stop it. And yes, there is Anupam Kher, Reggies father, who is soon sent packing.

Strangely, despite the film being set in New York, most of the scenes are shot indoors including songs which are club songs. Yes the camera mindlessly pans all over New York city but that's it.

A loose screenplay, convoluted thinking with very mundane dialogue (amazingly it is credited to Anurag Kashyap; could this be the same person who scripted Satya and directed Black Friday?) spoils whatever little sense the script makes.

Suneel Darshan has in the past got away with melodrama, (Dosti, Barsaat, Ek Rishta, Jaanwar) but this has usually been in the 'Indian emotion' realm. This time he takes on a rather more complex story of men driven by demons and the depths to which they fall when they give in to their dark side. In fairness to him, he has managed to bring out a certain competence from the actors.

Bobby Deol, known more for his charm than his acting prowess, manages the complex negative role with lan though one wishes his hair stylist had not given him those baby - doll curls. Didn't he/she know he was playing a negative role, for heaven's sake? Upen Patel largely swaggers through the film not quite able to register the anger and sulkiness he has to often portray.

Kangana Ranaut, in her first regular heroine role is okay, no better, no worse than anyone else would have been. Celina Jaitley is simply awful.

In the event, Himesh Reshammiya's music is all that you are left with. But to enjoy that all you need is the album. Why spend two hours plus seeing the visuals?
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By Ashok Nayak

Suneel Darshan always preferred to play it safe with his conventional genre of filmmaking and leave the innovation to the likes of other directors. In Shakalaka Boom Boom, he sets the whole desi feel aside and has touched upon the likes of contemporary Indian audience. Shot extensively in Johannesburg with the music industry as its backdrop, Shakalaka Boom Boom is young, hip and happening.

AJ (Bobby Deol) a music composer and singer is the superstar of the music industry in New York. He is the only dominant force in the industry. On the other hand we have Reggie (Upen Patel), a extremely talented but struggling newcomer. Reggie sleeps with Sheena (Celina Jaitley) to get the much-needed break. But soon he falls in love with Ruhi (Kangana Ranaut). AJ too loves Ruhi. The rivalry between AJ and Reggie starts when Ruhi chooses Reggie as her life partner. AJ is extremely jealous of the fact that Reggie is much more talented than himself. What follows is a story of Betrayal, deceit, jealous, conspiracy and competition between a legend and a talented newcomer.

Though the movie is about youngsters, it's nothing campus or just romance. The movie rummages into the thorny relationship of two dramatically different young men who have but one common objective - their passion for music.

Direction - Suneel Darshan fails to keep up your interest level in the first half. He actually takes the entire first half to get the rivalry going between the two music composers. The second half has been handled with a lot of maturity. Himesh Reshammiya's well-complimented music adds spark to the movie. The cinematography is good.

Acting - Bobby Deol - Impresses big time. Handles the complex role with great maturity and delivers a great performance. Watch out for his facial expressions in the second half.

Upen Patel - Hams in the first half but is superb in the later half of the movie.

Kangana Ranaut - I was actually expecting a great performance yet again from this talented actress but she disappoints in a role, which has no scope for histrionics.

Celina Jaitley - Her role demands nothing but to flaunt her body and she does it well.


Positives - Stylish movie. A good second half. Great performance by Bobby and top notch music by Himesh Reshammiya.

Negatives - The first half bores. 20 minutes can be easily trimmed off from the first half for better impact. A disappointing ending to the movie.

Box office Prediction - The fact that India is out of the world cup could help the movie at the box office. Also the great music and promotion should ensure the movie does reasonably well.

Rating - 2 / 5 (Average)
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Posted: 07 April 2007 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
Khaild Mohammed Review of Shakalaka Boom Boom

Cast: Bobby Deol, Kangana Ranaut, Celina Jaitely, Upen Patel, Anupam Kher
Direction: Suneel Darshan
Rating: *

Crackaclacka Boom dhoom dhoom. The most appealing part of Vakashakala Dhaka Laka Kaka Mamma Laaka Voom Voom is its title. It'll take you three hours at least to get it right... Shaka... no Shakalaka..., you get the drift.

Anyway Suneel Darshan's Amadeus of Andheri resides in New York, South Africa, Diskopur, Ghazia Sultanabad, Kaifi Parade, it really doesn't matter. There's AJ (Bobby Deol) who dons tomato red jackets, a hairstyle with so many circles and bylanes that it needs traffic signals. And when he's angry, he drinks brown liquids.

He's a hit pop composer.. but is challenged by a half naked dude (Upen Patel, needs much much more polish) who swears, "I am the BEST". Did he mean the Bombay bus service? The two want to be Rahulda Burmans but sound Himesh Reshammaiyya without his baseball cap on. Scary.

A woman (Kangana Ranaut, pretty), who wears handkerchiefs in place of skirts, naturally likes Mr Half Naked... and all of this makes Tomato Jacket see red, red and more red till he explodes into a ketchup rage. Really, Sauce bhi kabbi singer tha.

For more nutzoid entertainment, there's a PR woman (Celina Jaitly) who looks like a gazillion bucks but vanishes into thin air, Anupam Kher who shows up to nach baliye (Kherji, stop dancin' please), and best of all Govind Namdeo as a guru who wears more knitted sweaters than Rishi Kapoor ever did in his lifetime.

Namdeo's woollen garma garam performance has to be seen to be disbelieved. Welcome the new hottie of the season. Oh okay, finally a massive glitter ball falls on Tomato's skull.

Naked Dude suddenly starts coughing like Leela Chitnis... someone's in a coma, a wild animation scene of dragons erupts...and by this time, you're not sure whether you've watched Shakawavaka Bakavaka Laaaka Naaaka Waaka Craaaka Wackka. Oh, forget it.
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Sound and fury

The Suneel Darshan-Kangana face-off takes a new turn. The actress lost her cool when someone else dubbed for her in Shaka Laka...

Subhash K Jha

The making of Shaka Laka Boom Boom hasn't been a very happy experience either for its director Suneel Darshan or his leading lady Kangana Ranaut.

From Day One, the two appeared to have a compatibility issue, culminating in what appeared to be an unresolvable face-off when Kangana's voice was dubbed in another voice which sounds suspiciously like that of the film's supporting actress Celina Jaitley!

Kangana says, "It does sound like Celina's, that's what my sister and my best friend seem to think," laughs Kangana. "I've no clue whose voice it is. All I know is that it isn't my voice with my face in the film."

Apparently, the actress got to know about it only a week before release. "I hadn't dubbed my entire portion. When I kept asking Suneelji's production house about the remaining dubbing, they wouldn't reply. Then I knew what was in store," says Kangana.

But director Suneel Darshan has another story to tell. "I didn't do anything that's not contractually specified. And I certainly don't do anything underhand. Beyond that I don't wish to comment on Kangana and her dubbing at all," he says,

Suneel does admit that the dubbing had to be done by another artiste. "I needed a particular twang and accent for Kangana's character. If she had given the film the time and attention that it deserved we'd have worked on her character's language. Alas, Kangana didn't think Shaka Laka Boom Boom was important enough," he says.

Kangana, on her part retaliates, "What can I do if I don't speak the King's or Queen's English? I am from a small town and I am proud of it. In fact, I'm the most comfortable speaking in Hindi. I am a Hindi actress and unlike some of my colleagues who need to write out their dialogue in English I write, read and speak the rashtra bhasha very well. In fact, at an awards function in Malaysia last week, I gave my thank-you speech in Hindi which was much appreciated."

As for neglecting Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Kangana says, "If Suneelji thinks I didn't give the film the attention it deserved, then I apologise to him. To me Shaka Laka… is as precious as any other film of mine."

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