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Fashion_2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2007 at 10:27pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by babii.girl

omggg i watched the moviee..and i LOVEDDD iiitt
i think deserves more den a 3
thanx for sharign

no problem, can u tell who acted the best? thanks for sharing ur viewsSmile

Fashion_2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2007 at 10:37pm | IP Logged

Mayank Shekhar

FILM : Shakalaka Boom Boom
DIRECTOR: Suneel Darshan
ACTORS: Bobby Deol, Upen Patel

Casually chatting in their living room, the two heroes of this film exchange notes on a colleague that one thinks the other shouldn't work with. He is mediocre, he suggests. To which the other drops the quick one-liner, "Well, he hasn't achieved mediocrity yet." Was the same character reviewing this uniquely bizarre filmic world they're all placed in, those words would suffice for a sufficient review.

In this longest known PJ, Reggie and AJ are rival music composers firing up New York City. A tasteless woman's pin-up Patel is the hungry, talented new boy on the music block. There are two dodo-chicks in the film too, in various stages of negligee. He beds them both. Yet, the film is effectively his personal, two-hour skin-festival.

Deol hams the fading star, when he isn't shrieking his veins out, setting his room on fire or stealing tunes and getting his competitor drunk.

If you please, both dish out chart-busting Himesh Reshammiya songs one after another that goras of the entire globe swing (and lip-sync) to.

Certain movies are beyond words; most such are masterpieces. This is one of them. If you lazily go by star-ratings and miss this, mind you, you'll also miss the most sensational scene in recent movie history, when a humungous, shiny disco-ball blasts over the protagonist's head, turning him deaf: that rare piece alone deserves a masochistic DVD.

I could go on. Let's not even denigrate poor Milos Foreman and mention Amadeus on this page. He, Himesh and the 30 people at my theatre, couldn't have been buggered more.
Fashion_2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2007 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Masand's Verdict: Shakalaka Boom Boom

Rajeev Masand
Posted Friday , April 06, 2007 at 22:54
Updated Friday , April 06, 2007 at 23:02

Cast: Bobby Deol, Upen Patel, Kangana Ranaut, Celina Jaitley
Direction: Suneel Darshan

I can safely say you've never seen a film like this before, I'm talking about this week's new Bollywood release, director Suneel Darshan's Shakalaka Boom Boom in which Bobby Deol plays an insecure pop-star who refuses to come to terms with the fact that there's a new kid on the block who's all set to steal his thunder.

Not only does Bobby find himself professionally threatened by up-and-comer Upen Patel, he also loses his dreamgirl Kangana Ranaut to the rising star.

Determined not to give up his top spot, Bobby befriends Upen instead, volunteers to produce his album, then sabotages it when it hits the market.

As yet unaware of Bobby's act of treachery, Upen once again accepts Bobby's helping hand in producing his next album.

Hot-headed and immature, Upen refuses to pay heed to his father's advice, warning him against the perils of over-ambition, and he also dismisses his girlfriend Kangana's caution against Bobby.

It's an ambition-meets-ambition drama, which director Suneel Darshan delivers with his over-the-top sensibilities and his trademark 80s-style storytelling.

Now it's clear Shakalaka Boom Boom is inspired generously from Milos Forman's classic film Amadeus, in which envious court composer Antonio Salieri becomes obsessed with defeating Mozart.

But director Suneel Darshan's film is unique because it doesn't seem to think that a script requires logic, reason or common sense.

How else do you explain the two-dozen or so holes in the plot? Let's just tackle a few - Why shoot in South Africa but pretend that the film is set in New York?

Why does Upen need archrival Bobby to produce his album if he's such a talented newcomer?

When Bobby sabotages Upen's album, is the owner of the music company sleeping through it all? Why does Bobby set his music room on fire after stealing Upen's original compositions?

None of these questions are answered in the film, and what's more these aren't the only problems with the writing.

The film's dialogue, credited to Anurag Kashyap, is so clunky, you're surprised the actors don't burst out laughing while they're delivering such idiotic lines, because you sure do when you hear them.

After a passionate romp in the back seat of a car, Celina Jaitley tells Upen, "Aaj toh tumne kamaal kar diya" to which Upen replies with a mischevious smile, "I know", to which Celina once again responds, this time coyly, "Main toh tumhaare club ke performance ki baat kar rahi thi."

As if that's not bad enough, the filmmaker constructs such sloppy scenes, even a student at film-school could have come up with better.

Like that scene in which Bobby's managers spike his drink with an aphrodisiac before his date with Kangana - will someone please tell me why?

Or that scene in which Kangana inadvertently bumps into Upen and drops his ice-cream.

He goes on and on complaining that it was his favourite ice-cream - it's so irritating, you want to slap his face and throw him a few bucks so he can shut up and get himself another cone.

In all honesty, Shakalaka Boom Boom is not the only Bollywood film held together by such a fractured script - few films in fact can boast of good writing these days.

But problem is, the script isn't the only thing that lets down Darshan's film.

Himesh Reshammiya's soundtrack is a recipe for disaster - barring two hummable tracks, the rest of the numbers are similar-sounding, repetitive and entirely unnecessary to the plot.

Both Bobby and Upen's costumes look like they've been sourced from a bargain basement sale at Pimps-For-Less.

As for the acting, honestly the less said the better. Celina Jaitley playing high-power publicist cum ever-willing bedmate to our pop-star protagonists is as lifeless as a corpse. She shows more skin than she does any acting prowess.

Kangana Ranaut fails to leave an impression, she simpers and whimpers in and out of scenes, evidently uncomfortable in a role that expects nothing out of her.

But it's the boys who really take the cake. Bobby Deol hams it up as the insecure musician, and he's looking so haggard, he resembles something they dug up in an archaeological excavation. Those bags under his eyes are large enough to fit my books in.

As for Upen Patel, he's got one single expression and he uses it for all occasions - when he's happy, when he's sad, when he's angry, when he's just finished making out, and when he's been told his father's dead.

In fact, Upen gives the word 'stiffness' a whole new meaning - you want to pinch him just to make sure he's human and not a wax statue out of Madame Tussauds.

I'm tempted to say Shakalaka Boom Boom is one of the worst films directed by Suneel Darshan but then memories of his previous films Barsaat and Dosti continue to haunt me.

Perhaps I'll just say it's one of his most unintentionally entertaining films, because rarely have I laughed as hard as I did while watching Shakalaka Boom Boom- and it's not even a comedy.

The climax of this film is so bizarre, it involves a disco ball falling on the head of one of the protagonists.

You know, I seriously suspect a similar accident may have befallen the director or the writers while they were working on this film - how else could any sane mind have come up with such a ridiculous piece of work?

I'm going to go with one out of five for director Suneel Darshan's Shakalaka Boom Boom, the one star is because this film has one merit that separates it from others - you've never seen anything like it before. This Shakalaka seems headed for Doom Doom.

Rating: * (Poor)
Fashion_2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2007 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
Shakalaka Boom Boom **1/2

I have never been a big fan of Himesh Reshammiya's music (it's an acquired taste, I'm assured), and Director Suneel Darshan's oeuvre is littered with half-baked films and the very Bollywood factory pap that we are getting tired of. To add to that, Bobby Deol, Upen Patel and Celina Jaitley have been guilty of some truly terrible acting in their recent outings.

Yes, I had already made up my mind about Shakalaka Boom Boom even before going in to watch it. Needless to say, expectations were at their minimum. So sure was I in my understanding that the film would break all records of being terrible, that I had already begun to make witty one-liners in my head (complete with a Shakalaka Poo Poo joke).

Two and a half hours later, I am not so sure anymore. There are bits in the film that are surprisingly good. The story and treatment are top-notch, and hey, the actors act. Sigh. There go my jokes.

Suneel Darshan's latest is not really so much about music, as it is about jealousy, inferiority complexes, spite, and above all, human frailties. Very obviously an adaptation of Amadeus – though I am not sure if Darshan and writer Anurag Kashyap were inspired by the Miloš Forman film or the Broadway theatrical production starring Sir Ian McKellan – this film does away with the religious connotations to a large extent, and sets it in the modern times, removing all historical significance.

AJ (Bobby Deol) is the toast of the Indian music scene in New York, a veteran music composer and singer who has released multiple hit albums. He is complacent in his absolute dominance over the industry, helped by his PR manager, Sheena (Celina Jaitley), and his team at the music label he works for.

Enter Reggie (Upen Patel), a young, talented and charismatic musician who plays at underground gigs, but is fast becoming popular. He sleeps with Sheena to get introductions with the bigwigs of the industry, and moves in on the scene that AJ thinks he owns.

Initially rivals in love, both are smitten by another up-and-coming singer, Ruhi (Kangna Ranaut). That is soon resolved, as Ruhi can't help but be strongly attracted to the magnetic Reggie.

AJ not just feels humiliated and defeated, when he realizes that Reggie is way more talented than him, he resolves to do anything to stop him from becoming a star. With help from the stung Sheena, he fakes friendship with the brash and irreverent Reggie, and begins his sinister plan to bury his talent.

The rest of the film explores their dark personalities, and the emotional twists they must go through before finally reaching a crescendo from where self-destruction and absolute dominance are the only two options. This is the single most strong point in the film – the emotional quagmire and the steadfast refusal of the script to portray any one of them as a good guy. Both of them are dark, spiteful and obsessed individuals who must ultimately decide for themselves whether their actions are honest or not.

An inevitably, they make the wrong decisions. This is a refreshing change from a standard good guy vs. bad guy plot, and the script's individualism and strong understanding of the Amadeus sensibility pervades through.

What mars the movie, however, is the director's refusal to let his film be hijacked by an interesting and different script. Darshan continuously falls back on Bollywood clichs and erratic pacing decisions. He goes so far as to try and portray Reggie as a good guy at the end of it all, but really – that's such a waste.

The beginning of the film suffers from similar pangs of Bolly-guilt that Darshan carries through. It's almost as if he is feeling ashamed of a dark film, and tries to infuse a highly insipid and unfunny 'comedy' track. Actually, make that two. His understanding of the music industry is also limited to the film industry, so the film suffers from having these men toasted as stars and actors, not composers.

And while the film takes almost the entire first half to pick up pace and start the actual rivalry, this terrible part cannot be entirely blamed upon the director. The actors ham and struggle to find their footing in the proceedings, and only in the second half (with the reliable exception of Celina Jaitley's bad acting chops) do they finally get into the rhythm of the film and start delivering. By the time Deol delivers his final outburst, you realize he has finally sunk his teeth in his character. Too bad the film ends soon after.

Oh, and the music. Let's just say none of the songs that Reggie sings or composes are anything I would call a 'work of genius' or 'brilliant'. That is another weak point in the film, really. The fact that AJ rues his mediocrity and fears Reggie's brilliance is not exemplified by the music at all. You just take that with a pinch of salt and go ahead with the ride. This film would have been better suited to some other profession, or would have been better serviced by a score that was not just foot-tapping masala music to be forgotten in a month.

Add to it the extremely rushed and confused end, and you will find yourself wondering "what the…?" by the time the title track comes on screen. You see my predicament now? On one hand all the things that I feared could go wrong with the film, do, and on the other hand the film shows tremendous amounts of promise in the way it presents a tight story that packs a wallop.

The middle ground rating is exactly that – full points for all the things it does right, and minus half for all the things that go wrong. Watch it – you won't be disappointed, but carry enough popcorn to while away the first half.

Samrat Sharma
Fashion_2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2007 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
RATING - Ekdum Bakwaas

Starring: Bobby Deol, Upen Patel, Kangana Ranaut, Celina Jaitley

Bole To: "How do I live without you, saathiya?" - Who the (edited:bad word) writes such lines?

STORY: AJ (Bobby) is a famous musician who is threatened by Reggie (Upen), the new kid on the block. Celina Jaitley shows her cleavage. Kanagana Ranaut pouts. Vivek Vaswani tests your patience which his stupider-than-thou act. And while many people walked out, I sat in the theatre watching what might just be the worst movie of the year. Why did I even bother??

REVIEW: Watching Bobby & Upen both as talented music geniuses is very unbelievable and very, very laughable. Celina shows her cleavage so often, as if the movie is titled 'Shakalaka Boob Boob'. The acting is third-rate and Kangana looks like a hooker. And if this was supposed to be a musical, what went wrong with the music? One word - Himesh. The film starts with the typical stereotypes of Afro-American doing weird dance movies in the middle of the street with some "Yo Yo Man" type background rapping to the title song! And ugly white chicks repeating the movie name over & over again, just to make it sound cool. Anupam Kher is watchable in his 2-min role while Dilip Tahil's on-screen wife looks quite hot in a two-piece bikini.

BOTTOMLINE: I would rather attend Monday work meetings, than watch this sorry excuse of a movie!

Fashion_2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Hanumant Bhansali04:28 pm

Cast: Bobby Deol, Upen Patel, Celina Jaitley, Kangna Ranaut, Anupam Kher
Director: Suneel Darshan
Producer: Suneel Darshan
Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Sameer
Screenplay: Rajesh Pandey

Shakalaka Boom Boom is based on conflicts, trauma and the power game involved in the functioning of the music industry. The story is adopted from Milos Forman's masterpiece Amadeus.The film has been extensively shot in the beautiful locales of South Africa (watch the song Namumkin). The overall look of the film is glamourous, colourful and vibrant.

The movie is a complete entertainer with Bobby and Upen giving out fine performances. The story is set in America (but shot in South Africa!!). The second hour is highly captivating and thrilling which is the major plus point of the film.

The movie revolves around two men with similar passion- music. AJ (Bobby Deol) is playing a ruthless guy with a manipulative frame of mind. He has reached where he is through sheer dint of slog and hard work. He is used to winning, he revels in it and will never allow anybody to overtake him. Reggi (Upen Patel) is a talented and upcoming singer who is struggling hard to get noticed.

Young and hugely talented, he hungers for what AJ has, he craves to be where AJ is. Ruhi (Kangna Ranaut) is an aspiring singer who looks up to AJ but she has fallen head over heels for Reggi. Sheena (Celina Jaitley) is a gorgeous and ambitious PR professional.
Sheena is the one who goes all out to promote Reggi. There is a lot of drama in this part of the flick as the story involves a lot of emotions all mixed into one musical drama titled Shakalaka Boom Boom.

The story moves lazily in the initial portions, but with Upen's arrival, it becomes seductively spicy. The sequences between Bobby and Kangana are least interesting, but every time Bobby and Upen come face to face, you like the intensity. The story could have been better. Also, since it revolves around the music industry, there're lot of songs. The film reaches its crescendo in the pre-climax, but the climax could've been better thought of.

Bobby Deol gives out a vernacular performance in his negative role. The film lightens up due to his plans and manipulative moves. The mind-games Bobby adopts to destroy Upen from the music scene takes the film to its peak. Suneel captures Bobby and Upen fantastically and the audience loves it when both come against each other.

Upen gives out a good performance though his role was a tricky one. The young actor is catching up with the acting skills and emotes his scenes with sheer confidence. Celina could have done better as she had a lot of scope to perform. Kangana looks desirable and sexy. Anupam Kher plays his small role with utmost ease.

The music is mediocre but the choreography is just amazing. It changes the whole outlook of the track. The choreography is definitely eye catching and the visuals don't leave you even after you leave the theatre. Suneel has chosen the right technicians this time and the work shows on screen.

Overall, Shakalaka Boom Boom will boom with a lot of enthusiastic young audiences who will enjoy the overall package offered by Suneel Darshan.

RS Rating: 7/10

Hanumant Bhansali
Devilzangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2007 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fashion_2005

Originally posted by bollywoodcrazed

I can't wait to see this film!! It looks good, I like Upen and Kangana, and I love the music!!! Thanks for the review!!! Tongue

me tooBig smileI never thought upen and kangana would look good together on-screen but they surprised me and bobby is also looking good. I really like the music.

lol..yea mee toooEmbarrassed

Fashion_2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Shaka Laka Doom Doom!

Saturday, April 07, 2007 01:52:29 am

Film: Shaka Laka Boom Boom
Cast: Bobby Deol, Upen Patel, Kangana, Celina Jaitley
Director: Suneel Darshan

Suneel Darshan digs out 1984 Hollywood film 'Amadeus', based on the complex relationship between music maestro Mozart and his fiercest adversary, Antonio Salieri who resents his genius, but understands it completely too. And makes it into Shaka Laka Boom Boom!

The name should have warned us, but we still foolishly ventured into a theatre to watch it! By the way, there is no way anyone will recognise the source material because Darshan does a great job of completely mutilating it! So Bobby Deol plays 'AJ', a mediocre, but extremely successful music composer and Upen Patel, the naturally gifted musical genius 'Reggie', who comes in his way. Yeah, Upen Patel plays Mozart!! Ha! ha!

Calling Shaka Laka Boom Boom a bad film is being generous. This horror goes on for three hours and we are expected to believe that Himesh Reshammiya's ear splitting music is the work of genius that's got AJ so worried. The genius seems to have missed us completely. Upen Patel and Bobby Deol compete for worst actor honours, and we are happy to announce a tie. And poor Kangana -- why is this fairly talented actor looking like a bleached styling nightmare through the film and because of the company she is keeping, the girl forgets how to act as well. Celina Jaitley, by virtue of never having learnt how to act, escapes Kangana's fate!!

And one fate we'll help you escape -- that of excruciating boredom, bordering on psychotic anger. Stay far away from Shaka laka Boom Boom - we are still recovering!!

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