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Sunsigns and characteristics

Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
The Water Bearer always thinks fifty years ahead in time!
Ruled by Uranus
A Masculine Positive Fixed Air Sign.
Polar or opposite sign: Leo

Color: All the colors of the rainbow

You as a man:

It is difficult to pin you down to a commitment. You are friends with the whole world, and falling in love is difficult for you. You are also secretive. You do not want to reveal your true feelings, though you delve deep into others' minds. You are a typical group person. Teamwork comes to you naturally. You do not favour one particular person. Your love of people is impersonal, and you bestow equal attention on all people.

You follow the watchword "change" with sanctity. You are game to trying something new, even if it creates controversy. You do not compromise on your principles, if the situation demands it.
You as a woman:

You are a bundle of contradictions, and the same attitude prevails in love. You are faithful in love, but you can also be detached and aloof, if need be. Your demand for freedom is insistent, but your allegiance to anyone who can accept romance within limits is boundless.

You have charming manners, and usually behave in a timid, almost reserved way. You loathe being logical. Your mind travels back and forth between today and tomorrow, with no logical pattern. You follow the same policy with commitment.

The line between friendship and love is often invisible to you. You are susceptible to sudden flashes of inspiration, and your intuition is remarkable.

Your Love Sign

Your love sign is Gemini

Courtship for you begins in a group setting. Once you zero in on a target, though, an offbeat and zany romance is likely to ensue. Your mind also has a great facility for creative and imaginative play. It is safe to say that a partner who appreciates your quirks is the best bet. Since you will keep some secrets just that, a lover who can gently draw them out will create a romance dance that goes on and on and on.

You in relationships

You love to give pleasure, in keeping with your altruistic and philanthropic spirit. You also tend to seek agreement in your friendly and harmonious way, a real boon in the give and take of partnership. You also adore vulnerability in a lover. You need a companion who can help you get in touch with your innermost feelings and teach you to put the analyzing aside.

One must Know the rules when dealing with Aquarius
What you should do:

Be prepared to talk about anything, from the coup in Maui to the burnt dinner last night. The Aquarian has a wide variety of interests, and will want to talk about them all the time.
Give your Aquarian little surprises. They will love it.
Be prepared for emotional detachment, at least the first few times you meet.
Learn to make a mind connection, before a physical one. Intellectual compatibility is important to an Aquarian.
Appreciate the fact that your Aquarian is devoted to special causes.
What you should not do:
Don't be too demanding. The Aquarian hates being bound by rules. Give some breathing space to the relationship.
Don't expect your Aquarius to pop the question in the fifth date. The Aquarian thinks of the whole world as his friend.
Don't expect the Aquarian to snap out of a reverie soon enough.
Don't be too critical of the Aquarian dress sense.
Don't try to change the Aquarian mind in a hurry. Give him some credit for his thinking.
Beautiful you

You are a shimmering vision, if your awkwardness can be ignored. You do not waste much time being your own best friend. After all, there is a world out there waiting to be loved! You like to look natural, but a little indulgence gets the better of you from time to time. You have a fetish for anything new. And if it is natural, still better! No product in the market can escape your scrutiny, since you are always looking for something new.
You do love yourself, but you always wonder if you are good looking. Your self-esteem needs a boost. Remember, the secret of looking good is making the best of what you have. The first flush of romance or triumph adds more color to your cheeks than any shimmering powder!

No fashion trends for you! All beauty standards are your own. Your independence and love for life make you look good all the time. Your beauty is not of this world -- it's out of it.

Lucky Gem

If you are feeling invincible, thank the hessonite for it! This is a stone of power, and the world is for you to conquer!

Lucky Number

Be sure of success with Number 2!

Lucky Color

Wear reds for warmth and energy!

Lucky Day

An old friend will brighten up an otherwise dreary Thursday!

Careers and you

You are humanitarian, idealistic in your beliefs and an ardent pursuer of causes. Non-profit organisations and trade unions would be a natural for you -- anything that will help the greater good. You care so deeply about your fellow man that the quest for knowledge and answers is never-ending. You enjoy a challenge whether it's a team meeting or a battle of bantering wits. You have strong beliefs -- you've spent plenty of time thinking about them -- and are bound to get the job done. You spend countless hours mulling over the possibilities for a project and may even come up with some startling conclusions, but it's all in a day's work. And it's never boring! A dull day is a nightmare for you.

Aquarius Career Guide

Here are some occupations that an Aquarian might consider:

Adventure travel guide
Humanitarian work
Market researcher

Money and you

You are the true genius of the zodiac. With a quicksilver mind, you could succeed at anything- you just have to apply your mind to it. Off course, you will be more preoccupied with your lofty new ideas. You may appear distracted but that's only because you are living inside your head, a place where the wheels are spinning away. You are logical, love to think, and enjoy helping others, especially via charities and your pet causes. Money, for better or for worse, is not at the top of your list. To you, money is a means to an end -- like saving the planet! Futurists that you are, you enjoy the novel nature of bartering as well as the more progressive concept of equal wage earner couples. You are loathe to borrow, and if you lend, you expect to be paid on time.

Aquarius Personality
You seem to live on a different plane altogether - sympathetic, sensitive, friendly, but distant. It is very difficult for you to become very involved with anyone or anything. You are very conscious and value your personal space, this tends to bring about a certain loneliness, although you have a whole lot of friends who hold you in high regard. You tend to be philosophical and have strong intuitive powers. You are an admirer of beauty and everything about you seems soft and gentle. You are unconventional and like to be original, something that results in bizarre and unpredictable behaviour. You like to broaden your horizons of knowledge and are always ready to think beyond the present. Having an analytical mind, you are particularly drawn towards science. You are not easily agitated and are patient and persevering. Aquarians hold strong beliefs and it is not easy to change their minds or opinions. However, in matters of religion, they are not fanatics. They accept the idea of universal brotherhood and are mostly modern in their outlook.
Aquarius Lover     


You will allow very few people to encroach on your personal space. The lucky ones who you allow intimacy,will however find you fascinating and quite enchanting. Those you fall in love with will most likely share your artistic and intellectual interests. Once in love, you will try to make everything perfect for your partner. You will accommodate, compromise and adapt even if you find that person is not exactly the ideal match you imagined him or her to be. Besides Aquarians, you are best suited to marry those born under Gemini and Libra. Your fondness for travel will find you settling down some place far from where you spent your childhood. You are a home-loving person, having a penchant for cooking and other domestic activities, collecting spices and trying out various recipes are often your pastime pleasures. Your approach to love and marriage is logical and intellectual, loving with your mind, as well as your eyes. You treat children with respect and give due consideration to their views.

Aquarius Professional    


You are not overly worried about money. Your savings will mostly go towards charity, travelling or simply to buy a place, which will enable you to get away from the rough and tumble of city life. You should, however, be careful about money, as you are apt to suffer serious losses. Aquarians do well in artistic pursuits. Many of them turn out to be brilliant scientists and physicians. Law is another field Aquarians can pursue without serious difficulties.

Aquarius Teens    


If the idea is radical, it must be an Aquarian idea. She seems to be game for anything; the rebel in her makes her unique. She has the guts to take on society; on her own terms. She doesn't care for much small talk; the Aquarian will have lots of acquaintances but hardly any good friends. She's good with style and fashion; trust her to spring an original on you. For an evening out, she will never opt for a sentimental movie; she is likely to enjoy an experimental theatre performance in the dark! Even when she studies, she builds an unconvential environment around herself. The Aquarian girl is not for everyone, but then she doesn't want to be either!
The Aquarius boy generally keeps to himself. He has a lot of creativity within him and needs space to do his 'work'. He is not into sentimentalising and don't be surprised if he doesn't remember birthdays. A display of affection is not for him. But you can expect the unexpected. The Aquarius lad loves the company of someone who can keep up with him. He loves sophisticated gadgets, and don't be surprised if this techno youth ends up creating a software that leads to big success. Knowing an Aquarian will be a unique experience full of little adventures.


Aquarius Well Being     


Though, members of this sign are prone to infections, most suffer from poor circulation, sore throats and, cramps in the lower limbs. Unless they catch the sport bug at an early age, most Aquarians have to be pushed to take some sort of exercise; brisk walks and cycling are good ways for Aquarians to keep fit. As you like traveling, you generally have no trouble relaxing, especially when given a good book to read, although you'll never be a couch potato a little extra effort would not go amiss. High cheekbones or a finely chiseled profile are the most prominent facial features of Aquarians. You carry yourself with considerable grace, possessing a smile that can disarm anyone and you use it to such good effect on those around you. Most of you have healthy childhoods barring the unusual or weird and although you develop a good constitution as you grow up, some areas of your body, like the throat, lungs, heart, the nervous system, calves and ankles remain vulnerable. So, lots of fresh air, exercise and a good nights sleep will not go amiss.

Aquarius Luck     


The lucky colours for Aquarians are grey, black, aquamarine blue, green and purple. Saturday and Sunday are their lucky days, whereas numbers in the series 4 and 8 prove good. Sapphire, opal and onyx are good stones for Aquarians to wear. Uranus and Saturn are your rulers and your element is air.
Aquarius Traveller     

You are not much of planners so generally the holidays you take are not pre-planned months ahead. Infact for you, planning takes away half the fun! You like to visit off beat places. Sitting cross-legged meditating and seeking inner peace is your idea of absolute heaven. Finding a partner for such a holiday may be a problem for you.

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Pisces (Feb 20 - March 20)
Snap out of the reverie! When you can stop dreaming,

Ruled by Neptune
A Feminine Negative Mutable Water Sign
Polar or opposite sign: Virgo

Color: Sea green and mauve     

You as a man:

You can be everything your woman wants you to be-or everything she does not want you to be. You are not weak. It's just that you may linger too long on a fading dream and miss the bright sunlight of success.
It is difficult for you to let go of your dream, so you try to work out a nice compromise. Your fancy dream fits nicely into your daily routine. You will never be short of romance. Everything said and done, you expect technical loyalty. You are extremely sympathetic to friends, but there are times when your loneliness may kill you. These spells of depression cause the gloom to gather.

You as a woman:

You have implicit faith that any man is invincible. You come out of the illusion soon enough, and what you actually see surprises you.

You adapt beautifully and quietly to conflicting situations. The hardest lesson you have to learn is letting go of your timidity. You will give all of her heart to your children, you will love them all. You will sacrifice anything so your children can have what you were denied as a child. You may be too permissive. Administering discipline is difficult for you. You may be a wee bit extravagant, but you know how to keep a tight leash on your finances.

Your love sign

Your love sign is Sagittarius

Whoever coined the term "dream lover" must have been thinking of you, for you often have your head in the clouds. Once back to Earth, you will pursue affairs of the heart slowly and carefully, your aesthetic sensibilities finely tuned. The mystery tour of romance with you can be most unpredictable, with hearts one day and flowers the other.

You in Relationships

You exhibit an easygoing, go-with-the-flow quality, which is a boon to relationships. Your relationship with your lover is characterized by imagination, sensitivity and great emotions, and you sometimes wear your heart on your sleeve. Because of this, a lover who can protect you and make you feel safe is ideal. Giving is also paramount your mind, yet sometimes you run the risk of giving too much, thanks to your selfless nature.

One must Know the rules when dealing with Pisces
What you should do:

Get used to the Piscean bringing the stray pup home from time to time. The Fish has a great concern for everything alive.
Lend your Piscean a handkerchief, if he sheds copious tears at a tragic film. He will appreciate the sensitivity.
With a Piscean, things need not be said all the time. Discover all the ways of communicating your love.
Appreciate art, like the Piscean does.
Make a commitment for life. You will not be disappointed!
What you should not do:
Don't expect your Piscean to count pennies all the time. It is up to you to take care of the finances.
Don't be surprised if your Piscean follows the serenade routine. The Fish loves to be old-fashioned.
Don't attempt to draw the Pisces out of his dream world too quickly. For the Fish, dreaming and living go hand-in-hand.
Don't put down your Piscean by accident. He might not show his hurt, but he is depressed, all the same.
Don't subjugate their artistic impulses -- this is a truly creative Sign, and you may be standing in the way of their happiness.
Beautiful You

Looking good is not a worry - since you never snap out of a reverie, a natural dreamy look is always yours. But there is more to you than the daydreams. You are flexible and wistful, but that does not make you wishy-washy! You have a resolute optimism, a nearly psychic intuition and a fertile imagination that allows you to appreciate the mysteries of life.
When it comes to physical beauty, you want to set your own trends. This denotes your extremely independent spirit. If the color of the season is blue, you would wear pink, just to be different. It is this rebellion that makes people sit up and take notice. Perhaps you would like to look downwards, and pay attention to your feet. A pedicure is a definite indulgence. Lily-tinged scents keep you in a romantic mood.

Your beauty comes from your open heart, your belief in the goodness of others, your sympathetic nature and the way you never shy away from saying how you feel.

Lucky Gem

The Cat's Eye promises you good luck! Be prepared for a windfall and instant fortune to come your way!

Lucky Number

It is good luck all the way with Number 10!

Lucky Color

Scarlet will give you all the drive you need!

Lucky Day

Win all the way on Monday!

Careers and you

You are a constant seeker of truth. The sense of justice and fair play attached to you is remarkable. You enjoy the leader's role and will work hard to be worthy of the privilege. You crave the exchange of ideas, conversation and chatter, and if all this takes place in a social situation, even better. Harmony is important to you, as you enjoy beautiful surroundings. The mediator in you likes bringing people together, but you also enjoy having a partner at your side. You are motivated to keep your partnership sailing smoothly, and it's also likely to be a pretty ride, since you enjoy being in a beautiful world.

Pisces Career Guide

Here are some occupations that a Pisces might consider:

Charity worker
Secret agent
Shoe repairer
Social worker
Window dresser

Money and you

Complex and idealistic, you are the dreamer of the zodiac, forever searching for that something special, over the next rainbow. Even if you seem to have it all, you will never end your quest. Exploring your spirit, both mentally and physically, is a favourite pastime with you. Although you may appear careless, you are actually quite good with money. It's not important to you, though -- your dreams are. Many dreams, sadly, require money if they are to become a reality, so you are often compelled to achieve financial success for the greater good. You rarely worry about money, perhaps because you either inherit wealth or marry into it! It's safe to say you enjoy having money around, because it helps to fund your causes. You simply cannot say no when someone asks you for money, yet you never keep track of where the money went! Some things are forever hazy with you...

Pisces Personality
Like its symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisceans are always torn between choices whether to seek the light or sink into the darkness. Being well liked for their kind and sympathetic nature, their charm of manner and carefree nature will impress many. You are compassionate, and unless pushed to the wall, will rarely hurt anyone. A Piscean can be very caustic but the sarcasm is not always direct and generally goes unnoticed. However, this can land you in a spot every once in a while. You find it difficult to conform and follow rules or to cope with discipline. When the going gets really rough, the Piscean may try to flee down river and hide amongst the vast schools of fish swimming lazily around. The very weak-willed among you are likely to indulge in alcohol and drugs to escape. Alternatively, you might be able to pour out your emotions in creative arts. You put your emotions in poetry or short verse but seldom open up to those around you on a personal basis. Although you might be impractical and somewhat uneasy with the real world, you are brave and prefer a lot of independence. Pisceans like to delve in spiritual matters and lots of you are fascinated by the occult. Maybe because many fish are psychic or their dreams can be strange and portential. Remember one thing: you are the culmination of all that has gone before, whilst Aries is the birth of the zodiac, Pisces the twelfth sign is death and eternity, you are the distillation of all the other signs.

Pisces Lover     


In the world of romance, you crave fairytales, being more in love with the idea of love than being in love itself. Though you are strongly attracted to good looks, your attention will completely fizzle out if your partner is not intelligent; you may just simply lose interest once you have been able to "secure" the object of your desire. For some, the pursuit is sometimes more fun than the end result. Those born under Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces make ideal partners for Pisces. Pisceans can be unnecessarily suspicious and jealous, and this might cause a lot of heartache. Although you will expect a perfect marriage, your unpredictable moods will be the reason for some tension at times. The most important ingredient you bring to a relationship is love. You are gentle, sensitive, and a romantic through and through, valuing fidelity in a marriage and will be kind and affectionate to your spouse and children. Though you let your partner take on a dominant role in public, you like to rule at home. As you long for love, it is essential that you establish a loving relationship with your family.

Pisces Professional    


Pisceans will do well in performing arts, especially the theatre. In science, Pisceans tend to work in the fields of either physics or medicine. They will also do well in ocean-based occupations or working with animals. Pisceans normally have talents that will get them money and fame. The streak of independence in you rarely allows you to be dependent on others. You will be ready to help the needy, having no consideration for a rainy day, even if you are not sure that it will be returned. You hate to chase money owed, hoping that it will be returned voluntarily. You are often distracted when bored, which tends to affect your work adversely. You need to be focused and inspired to give your best.

Pisces Traveller    


You love water and would head straight for some beach resort. Perhaps scuba diving and water skiing on holiday is your dream holiday; though splashing around on the beach is your idea of fun too. You are generally very emotional and romantic so would love to holiday with your partner.

Pisces Well Being     


Pisces people have slow metabolisms, which is why they wake up sleepy eyed and listless, poor eating habits can bring troubles so try to set regimes and stick to them, Pisceans lungs are not strong, they can be a bit asthematic and are also prone to colds and flu bugs. Those of you living in cold climates should take adequate protection against the cold (keep your head, hands and neck covered). Those living in warmer climes should take special care of personal hygiene. Most of you are less than average in height, with large or small hands, big feet or little feet there are generaly no in betweens. You have a tendency to put on weight, unless you make special efforts to fight it off. A double chin is common among Pisceans and a good number among you have large eyes and a wide mouth. Ankles and feet are the vulnerable areas of Pisceans. Some also suffer from liver and digestive afflictions and varicose veins. Painting, listening to music, reading and dance can help calm your nerves. Swimming is a good form of exercise as well as relaxation for you. Pisceans are often good at martial arts as they have the necessary inner strength, try some Tai Chi first thing in the morning to put life in perspective for the rest of the day.

Pisces Luck     


Warm colours like red, yellow and orange are lucky for Pisces. Your lucky stone is amethyst, whereas Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are favorable days. Wednesday and Friday do not prove to be good for people under this zodiac sign. Neptune is your ruler and your element is water
•    Water people are never petty. They are clever and plan well ahead. But they often tend to be timid.
•    The element Water is represented by blue or black.
•    Water shapes include gentle undulations like waves in a river. A water house has numerous bays, and like the ebb and flow of water, experiences regular change in fortunes)
Pisces Teens    


The best shoulder to cry on -- that's the Pisces girl for you. Compassion and sympathy are the hallmarks of this girl and don't be surprised if she ends up in the profession of social welfare. Since much of her time will be taken up relieving others' worries, she will hardly find time to pamper her personal self. Comfortable in second-hand clothes, she'll be happy in whatever makes her feel comfortable. The Pisces lass has a dreamy disposition and loses track when she wanders. She is invariably late for appointments. The best institution suited for her will be, preferably, a small liberal arts college. Always willing to help a friend, the inner beauty of a Pisces lady lies in her creativity and powers of empathy.
Kind and compassionate, a Piscean lad generally goes out of his way to help others. He never intentionally hurt others and seeks to avoid confrontation at all costs. He spends much of his time in the cocoon of his private dream world. He is absent minded at times. He sees the world through rose tinted glasses, he walks around with his head in the clouds. He is generally a loner and often has to be drawn into the company of friends. By and large, he is very selective about his friends. He often lacks in determination and this may account for his not realising his potential. He is an impressionable person who could get into wrong company that might have potentially disastrous consequences. If he can be motivated to work hard, there is very little he cannot achieve.

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Aries (March 21 - April 20)
Hot and fiery, you always like to be at the head of things

Aries the Ram
Ruled by Mars
A Masculine Positive Cardinal Fire sign
Polar or Opposite sign: Libra

Color - Shades of Red       

You as a man:

You are a picture of passionate ardour one minute, and are as icy as a polar bear the next. When it comes to love, your heedless attitude is absolutely amazing. You plunge into an affair, positive that this is the only true love ever known by any two people ever born. When it breaks in half, you will pick up the pieces, and try every angle you can think of to salvage the dead romance.

You are a natural rebel. You demand the same fierce loyalty that you give, in both love and friendship. You want your woman to be completely independent, yet stay a few paces behind.

You as a woman:

You will open your own doors. You are rather a pushover for flattery, if it has an honest base. Your loyalty in love is gigantic, as long as the sentiment remains. You are generous to a fault with your time and sympathy. But when it comes to love, you are downright stingy.

You think love is equal sharing. You admire strength and try to imitate it. You will throw away fame or fortune defiantly in the face of anyone who hurts a friend of yours.
You can be unreasonably temperamental, and create some violent scenes. But you never hold a grudge, seek revenge, and indulge in self-pity or bitterness.

Your Love Sign

Your love sign is Scorpio

You love the chase and will do whatever it takes to get the prize you desire. But you will wonder if the prize is worth keeping. You will take risks during the chase and would love your beloved to do the same. This give and take adds sparks to your relationship. A mental attraction for you is often the first step and the indicator as to whether things will progress. You love being told you are the best

You in Relationships

You are demanding and passionate, and need an equally self-possessed lover to stimulate you. You can be fiercely loyal, yet self-centered at the same time. So your partner needs to exhibit confidence and know when to give you your space. The occasional bouts of temper exhibited by you are best dealt with if they are used as a prelude to a deeper understanding. You will stick with a relationship as long as it's hot, but if things start to cool down, it won't be long before you hit the road. The ideal Aries soul mate may be someone who is never dull.

One must Know the rules when dealing with Aries
What you should do:

Meet the Aries eye to eye. The Ram likes to make eye contact, and what do you know, he will notice the new outfit in the process
Be prepared for anything. Your Aries lover will serenade you in true Romeo fashion, and ask you to bungee jump with him the next day.
Be bold. No coyness for the Aries lover. Your free, independent spirit will be appreciated, so have fun!
Expect a lot of fun along the way. Your Aries lover will play a practical joke on you just as you are out of bed, and surprise you with floral bouquets.
Bask in the glory of your Aries lover's passion.
What you should not do:
Don't be too possessive. Rest assured, your Aries lover will be faithful, but if you attempt to stifle his freedom, he will slip out of your grasp.
Don't try to get his attention by flirting with other men. Don't talk about ex-flames, either. Your Aries man will have a roving eve, but he belongs to you. Stooping down will only send him packing.
Don't be too critical of his friends. Give him the space he needs.
Don't dampen your Aries lover's enthusiasm. He is exuberant, and you have to pretend to cruise along, even if you are not interested. What is a little play-acting to make sure that your Aries man stays with you?
Don't play hard to get. This could prove fatal, as the Aries man will take it for rejection and go away.
Beautiful You

You are a trendsetter, mind you. Your greatest pleasure lies in people taking note of the clothes you wear. And if they wish their wardrobe could get better than yours, even better. You were probably the first one to try the new-length mini skirt. You like perfumes with florid, heady undertones, and you should call attention to your piercing eyes with bold shadow choices and well-groomed brows.
You are game for anything new, but you have your set choices. Your sexy, red lipstick probably has a place of honour in your purse. And yes, the more vibrant the reds are, the better. No muted shades for you! You are comfortable with starting off things, but never get down to finishing them. You probably bought a new jar of fairness cream, and soon forgot all about it. Last season's discarded colors and half-used lotions pile up beneath your sink and clutter up your vanity.

Although potions you love certainly help you shine, your true beauty comes from your spontaneity and willingness to experiment. You have your best foot forward all the time. This runs color up your cheeks, and is one blush make-up cannot achieve!

Lucky Gem

This glittering coral is your stone. It will give you all the courage you need! The stone could also make you rich. You can be assured of a comfortable future.

Lucky Number

See what magic number 14 can bring into your life

Lucky Color

Revel in the magic of peacock blue!

Lucky Day

Strike gold on Tuesday!

Careers and you

You are competitive and love the game, whether it's business or life. You hate to lose, which means you will probably win. You like being the leader - you like to start projects and blaze the trail for colleagues. You are considerate of your colleagues and display enthusiasm and courage in the workplace. One thing you crave is adventure. Preachy staff meetings are a snore, since you would much rather be out in the field closing a key client. New challenges need to come at a fast and furious pace for you.

Aries Career Guide

Here are some occupations that an Aries might consider:

Make-up artist
Stock broker

Money and you

You are gutsy and spirited, the go-getter of the zodiac. You like to hog the limelight and win! This quality might get you into a financial tight spot but invariably you manage to wriggle out of it. Very often, money to you is nothing more than the "currency" which will enable you to get what you want. Are you security conscious? You are not keen on the idea of a nest-egg. You live for the moment and do not believe in saving for a rainy day. You are also messy with repaying loans. The flip side of this is that if you have a couple of bucks on hand, you'd be more than happy to lend them.

Aries Personality
When the parade comes to town, look at the one who leads -- it will most likely be an Aries. Not one to be cowed down by failures, you play the game for the recognition it brings. You love to take on new challenges and even lead the way, offering new ideas and finding easy solutions to problems that might seem baffling to others. But in all this, you can't be rushed; you certainly cannot work with someone breathing down your neck. Given the freedom, you will enjoy the challenge and do your best. Although you are pleasant company, you may not be the most popular person around, but that is something you don't take to heart. For you, it is more important to be honest and to be able to speak your mind. You cannot be accused of being short tempered, but once annoyed, it is not easy for you to hide your displeasure and a quick outburst is all you need to calm your nerves. In a teamwork environment, you like to stand up and be counted; you certainly do not like to be ignored. Ironically, it is when you feel rejected, that you are able to contribute your best - perhaps more out of a need to prove to yourself than to be a winner. Once a team member, you will never let your partners down. Try not to be too impulsive; you must make decisions with a cool head. Aries are grand openers but sometimes lacking in the finishing department when someone else can tie up the loose ends. Try to be more diplomatic and use restraint to avoid unpleasant consequences. Remember, not everyone has the fire.

Aries Lover         & nbsp; 
When in love, you don a pair of rose-tinted glasses and the world is a magical place for you. The idea of romance captivates you and you ignore all else to be near your beloved. Candlelight dinners, soft music, slow dances, late night walks hand in hand by the light of the moon on remote windswept beaches - everything is possible, and it does not stop there, Aries will profess undying love for their beloved - a promise they are most likely to keep. Ideal life partners are most likely to be other Aries, Leos, Sagittarians, or Scorpios. On the family side, life may not be the picture of harmony, as you have a tendency to be opinionated and forceful, always wanting to have the last word and this may cause friction. You need to be more flexible and tolerant to achieve a harmonious family life. Aries do make caring partners, although at times you might expect too much from your spouse, this will be more so in the case of men than the Aries women who will settle down to their partners' habits more easily. Home is a neat place, a practical blend of comfort and aesthetics, preferring well-ventilated houses where there is enough space to move about.

Aries Professional    


Aries make good professionals and generally do well leading from the front. Not one to be closed in, they like to be the captain of their ship with freedom to roam the decks, handing out orders and making sure things get done. Fields like engineering, medicine, space science and metallurgy are good places for an Aries. But you also belong in any job that may bring you recognition or attract attention to yourself. Your sympathy with the underdog and a sense of fair play, combined with the courage to speak your mind should also make you a good trade union leader. And although you will also do well in business, you must be careful not to be overconfident and not to invest your money rashly

Aries Traveller    


You love to explore new places that too at the speed of light You often take the fastest means of transport to your destination. Adventurous holidays including water rafting, bungee jumping or horse riding is what drives you wild. Since the heat and energy level is high you naturally prefer cool places for holidays. The mountains are a place you love to explore and visit, especially if there is a little cottage where you can shack up and rough it out!

Aries Teens    


The Aries girl is a live wire, full of verve. She has loads of energy to burn, and attracts a lot of admirers. She has a fiercely independent streak and likes to chart her own course. It is not unusual to find her taking on leadership roles at school. As Aries rules the head and the face, she will always be particular about her makeup. She can be a bit selfish at times; she sure won't like to exchange clothes with a younger sister. There could be some major feuds with siblings, and parents may have to intervene occasionally. She is a hyperactive, forever rushing from one activity to the next. Being the energetic type, she is very likely to be actively involved in sports, usually the physically demanding ones. She is self-sufficient, and goes after what she wants with will power and determination. She thinks big and is likely to go to the right academic institutions. She is definitely an achiever who is going places.
A parent will find it hard to keep up with the Aries boy; he has tremendous reserves of energy. He usually has a fiery temper and can be dangerous when aroused. He is one of the most dynamic people around. Occasionally his haste will get him into trouble, or even accidents. The Aries teen views life as one long competition, and always struggles to come out on top. This, combined with his impulsiveness, often leads to frustration. He is a born leader and always rushes to take charge. Be it the football team or the local cricket club, you will find him in a position of authority. The Aries lad can be a bit self-centred at times due to his need to have things his way. He is a bit of a pioneer and wants to chart his own career. When presented with a challenge, he will be the first to jump up and accept it. Strength, determination, initiative, energy and courage are his greatest strengths. This boy is certainly going places.

Aries Well Being     


You are always on the move and don't have the time to eat sensibly. Your eating habits mirror your busy lifestyle: lots of starches and fats, not enough of proteins, vegetables and fresh fruits. You drive yourself very hard, always striving to reach the top, often landing yourself in stressful situations, resulting in related disorders: heart disease and stomach ailments. You are advised to set aside some time for eating nutritious, balanced meals at the right hour. Increase your intake of proteins, fresh fruit and vegetable. Limit your intake of white breads, carbohydrates and fatty or processed foods. Caffeine should be avoided, as it only increases stress levels in the body. Include some form of exercise, however light, in your daily routine. A nice, relaxing, after-dinner walk can make a big difference. While exercising, don't push yourself too hard. You also have the tendency to injure yourself, so do be careful. Although not overly tall, you are set apart by your bone structure that is squarish, giving the impression of a strong build. Most of you you have well-developed muscles and very regular facial features. Aries tend to have even, white teeth. Although you are as strong as the ram that represents you, be careful with what you eat and exercise regularly if you don't want to put on weight around the middle, which most of you do. You are most vulnerable around the head, eyes and face. You are prone to headaches and should definitely take utmost precaution against head-injuries and accidents caused by fire.

Aries Luck     


White and red are your lucky colours. Red coral, red ruby, garnet, and bloodstone - these gemstones are known to bring good luck to Aries, as does diamond. Select a Tuesday to start a new venture or to propose to your sweetheart - it is your lucky day. And nine is your lucky number. Mars is your ruler and your element is fire.

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Taurus (April 21 - May 21)
Stubborn and dependable, you are blessed with a bullish steadiness,
which is your very own.

Ruled by Venus
A Feminine Negative Fixed Earth Sign
Polar or Opposite Sign: Scorpio

Color: Shades of verdant green     

You as a man:

You can be a tender, gentle and protective lover. Your sentimental gestures and pleasantly earthy wooing can be just as satisfying as the soulful, poetic sighs of more colorful lovers.
You're extremely patient, but are not willing to waste an entire lifetime on a lost cause. You are kind, gentle and truly tolerant. You'll do anything in the world for the woman you love except allow her to wear the pants. Your financial affairs are usually secure. Few of you will fail to accumulate at least security, if not wealth.

You as a woman:

You have more moral and emotional courage than many a tough male, but you have enough confidence in your own sex to let your man be the boss.

When you run across someone you dislike, you don't start a big campaign to destroy him. You show frigid indifference to your enemies, but if you count someone as a friend, you'll be loyal through all ups and downs. Your perspective normally remains straight and true, with no twists and turns. You can be a tower of strength. You're seldom demanding, except in the area of loyalty, and your disposition is generally even, down-to-earth and pleasant.

Your Love Sign

Your love sign is Cancer

Sweetness is your best recipe. You are extremely responsive, and if a tender glance comes with champagne and roses, the better. You value material pleasures, and would live to share them with your lover. Security and possessions are important to you, and someone who provides these things will quickly make it to the top of your list.

You in Relationships

You are committed, and make a wonderful partner. You take your time, and a slow and steady courtship is more your style. This quality alone is enough to win people over. You enjoy a close relationship, and the affection and intimacy this provides. You are also strong enough to be the power in a relationship. You do love being pampered, and regular gifts will keep you interested.

One must Know the rules when dealing with Taurus
What you should do:

Perfect the art of whipping up a gourmet meal. And top it with candlelight and romantic music.
Share quality time with your Taurus. Five-minute meetings when you have something else in mind will not work. When you give time to the Taurus, give all of it.
Be assured of a shoulder to cry on. The Taurus will support you through thick and thin, no matter what.
Be generous with compliments. Your Taurus loves being appreciated and noticed, and all it takes is some of your time!
Learn to be patient. There are times when the bull will let off steam, and target everything in his path, which includes you. Wait for the storm to blow over.
What you should not do:
Try not to be unpredictable. The Bull loves stability in life, and any attempt to upset the apple cart will only send him scurrying.
Don't push your opinions on your Taurus lover. The Bull loves being in charge of a situation, don't deprive him of the feeling.
Don't be frivolous. The Taurus prefers a steady relationship. If you don't want to carry on, say so. Don't break hearts.
Suggesting a financial plan to a Taurus can be sacrilege. The Bull loves to have total control of the money, so keep your suggestions to yourself.
Don't push for an answer early on. Taurus likes to take his time, so wait for the right time.
Beautiful You

Ever wondered how beauty is not always make-up dependent? Well, rejoice, that is the kind of beauty you are blessed with! Stop thinking of yourself as a stuffy old bull. Subtlety is your greatest strength, and this is the greatest head-turner!
Your dressing table is never cluttered. You don't scurry to buy the latest shade of lipstick. A trusted brand name is what you prefer, and you would probably stick with a brand for ages. Though you are simple, you always have a trick up your sleeve. This is why you always manage to look beautiful.

With your steady gaze and flawless complexion, you should grow out your natural curls rather than force them straight, or keep your nails trimmed short if you just know long and sexy won't work for you. You adore the small, sensual pleasures of beauty -- sensual fabrics, natural, revitalizing skin creams and perfume with a woodsy, balsamic scent.

You prefer your hair flowing naturally over your shoulder or a loose tendril falling across your forehead. It's through these tiny but generous gestures of understated femininity that you as a Taurus assert your beauty.

Lucky Gem

You love the real thing, and wearing a diamond can bring you wealth. What you don't know is that it can make you a better person!

Lucky Number

Number 3 is what you should rely on for good fortune!

Lucky Color

Lotus pink will do you a world of good.

Lucky Day

Monday is the day of new beginnings!

Careers and you

You are reliable and loyal, easy to get along with and a good team player. You are also practical and grounded, as befits an Earth Sign. You are the Mr.-Fix-It of the zodiac. You can be a bit lazy to get going, but once you are up and running, look out! There's a focus and single-mindedness of purpose there that can come in very handy. You can be strong-willed, so it's a good idea for colleagues to lay down the law first -- you will follow their lead and work hard. While you can do well in business, an artistic streak is also present. More apparent, though, can be your frequent stubborn streaks, which can defeat a lot of hard work. And that temper! It's mercifully swift. If you can keep your focus on the steady accumulation of material goods and an occasional dose of earthy, sensual pleasures, life will be grand.

Taurus Career Guide

Here are some occupations that a Taurean might consider:

Advertising director
Antique dealer
Business person
Clothing designer
Financial advisor
Patron of the arts
Real estate agent
Venture capitalist

Money and you

You are one of the Zodiac's great providers. You are terrific with money, probably because you value it so much. You don't mind slogging for the good things in life. Of course, you do value the simple things in life like a sunset, a juicy grapefruit or a good book. As an Earth Sign, you also enjoy owning a piece of land, so real estate makes for a particularly attractive investment. You love everything about money -- its color, feel, and smell -- and also feel entitled to it! This comfort level around money makes you very good with it. You never make rash financial decisions that will cause you to lose your treasure trove. You are a master at making deliberate decisions where money is concerned, which means that bills will be paid on time and accounts are always in order.

Taurus Personality
Taureans like to be rooted -- whether it is your environment, work, home or your opinions. Thus you are a picture of stability to some and to others you can be stubborn, with a mind closed to new ideas and a certain unwillingness to change. But it works both ways, you are determined and do not easily buckle under pressure and adversity. You are patient, loyal and caring. Like the bull that represents your zodiac sign, you will be slow to anger but once annoyed, you will rage and turn ferocious. There is no stopping you then. Like fire, you can be a good friend and a bad enemy; you can also be quite shy and reserved. But like the proverbial bull in the china shop, a little clumsy in both life and language being remarkably outspoken and expressive with speech and exaggerated hand and arm movements when enraged. You are not the kind to undertake risky ventures and certainly are not too apt to be rash. This is partly because you are lazy and partly because of your need to hold on to what you already possess. You like to live comfortably and are a good provider. Ruled by Venus, you seek the pleasure of the senses and to you, being a true admirer of beauty, material comforts are far more important than for other zodiac signs. You are stubborn, carrying this trait to all spheres in your life, thereby, in a way, closing your options for a better life. Your stubbornness, combined with laziness can create problems you will find difficult to deal with. Often you will make little or no effort to change the situation around you. Nothing seems to drive you but the temptation to acquire some material benefit to keep you and yours happy.

Taurus Lover     


Taureans are family-oriented people and enjoy spending time with loved ones. You are drawn towards children and the children in turn, look up to you. Large-hearted to the point of being self-sacrificing, always putting your family's needs above your own, and getting along with everyone, unless they try to dominate you is the Taurean way. Strong believers in fidelity and stable relationships, you can be romantic, attentive, tender, and affectionate. Rarely feeling the temptation to stray, you can be quite possessive and can indeed get jealous if your partner's attention wavers. The romance with your partner is something that will be of constant interest and is unlikely to die even when you settle down to the routines of married life. Taurus will find an ideal match in fellow Taureans, Virgos and Capricorns. Marriage with an air sign like Aquarius could also prove successful. You will take a fair amount of interest in what you fill your house with and will definitely do your best to provide all material comforts.

Taurus Professional    


Taurus is the money-sign of the zodiac and make excellent businesspersons. Not only will you be successful in making money; you will be able to preserve it well. You should be able to develop your business profitably and very rarely allow any rash decisions to harm your interests. You will make good financiers and bankers. If you choose the arts, as some Taureans do, it is more likely to be music, where you will excel; also doing well in work connected with land or environment.

Taurus Traveller    


You are an earthy sign. The lush and rolling hills are ideal for holidaying...but only in an out of this world resort where good living is high. Good comfortable living is your number one priority. Everything is pre-planned from ticket booking to hotel reservations. Basically you are homebodies so travelling to unknown places is not something you are always ready to do. A holiday in a familiar place or not too far away from home ground is what you need.

Taurus Teens    


This girl is extremely fashion conscious and loves to dress up. She is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty. She has a penchant for necklaces, as Taurus, her sign, rules the neck and throat. She can often be seen at shops, spending her stash of cash. She can be a bit self-indulgent at times, so gently remind her that she may not need all the things she spends her money on. She has a weakness for all things sweet, which often causes digestive problems. She is extremely patient and determined as she systematically goes about realising her goals. Her ambition ensures that she is both hardworking and helpful towards others. She is not likely to be actively involved in sports, though she wouldn't mind light sports like golf. The Taurus girl is a bit obstinate at times and holds fixed opinions, but on the other hand, when she sets goals for herself, she follows them up thoroughly and unwaveringly. She is rarely hindered by obstacles that others find daunting. Look out for her, she will go places.
The Taurus lad is big, powerfully built and obstinate. While he may be extremely stubborn and want to have his way, it would do well to remember that 'his' way is probability the best 'way' of all! He can be very opinionated, but he can also be extremely patient, tolerant and dependable. He pursues his goals with perseverance and determination, and it shows up in his schoolwork. He does well at school, paving the way to a good career. He can often be self-indulgent, spending money on the good life. He works hard so that he can pay for his own indulgences. The Taurus lad knows the value of networking and always mixes with the right crowd. He is a plodder, and rarely gives in to frustrations. He enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and gardening; anything that gets him close to the earth. The Taurus boy is a neat, orderly person. All in all, he is the perfect son to have.

Taurus Well Being     


This zodiac signs rules the neck, throat, tongue, ears and the thyroid gland and care should be taken to avoid any trouble in these areas.  You have a tendency to put on weight. Vegetarians should consume good quality protein from lentils, pulses and fish It is very important to take good care of your health, as people belonging to your sign are predisposed towards heart-related complications later in life. You can avoid this by maintaining a simple exercise regimen. Aerobics, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, etc. at least three times per week would be ideal. Yoga is good too, but is not a substitute for aerobic activity. As most Taureans do not bring home their work pressures, you are not likely to suffer from stress-related problems. You are also very slow to anger. However, when you do, it takes a long time for your anger to cool down. This poses an additional danger for your heart and blood pressure. Whenever you feel a bout of anger rising within you, take a deep breath, count to ten or walk away Although you tend to look rather stocky and are prone to put on weight, you can be surprisingly graceful in your movements. You have a good complexion and noticeable eyes. Taureans are prone to throat infections that if neglected, they may lead to laryngitis. Thyroid and constipation are also common complaints.. You maintain a high protein/high fat diet. You must also consume good quality protein from lentils, pulses and fish (if you are a non-vegetarian). Stay away from fatty meats and cheese. It is very important to take good care of your health, as people belonging to your sign are predisposed towards heart-related complications later in life. You can avoid this by maintaining a simple exercise regimen. Aerobics, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, etc. at least three times per week would be ideal. Yoga is good too, but is not a substitute for aerobic activity. As most Taureans do not bring home their work pressures, you are not likely to suffer from stress-related problems. You are also very slow to anger. However, when you do, it takes a long time for your anger to cool down. This poses an additional danger for your heart and blood pressure. Whenever you feel a bout of anger rising within you, take a deep breath, count to ten or just walk away.

Taurus Luck     


Rose pink, brown, grassy green and all shades of blue are good colours for Taureans. Friday is your lucky day, whereas number six and others that add up to it bring you luck. In gems, you should go for diamond, white zircon and moonstone. Venus is your ruler and your element is earth.


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Gemini (May 22 - June 21)
>From patient to strident in a flash! Who can predict the kind of person you are?
Ruled by Mercury
A Masculine Positive Mutable Air Sign
Polar or opposite sign: Sagittarius

Color: Yellow or Gold

You as a man:

Being in love gives you a nice sense of warm security. There's that heavenly comfort of always knowing someone is going to be there. All the doubts you knew before just melt away.

You like people. The more the merrier. You can convince people that you are an exciting, interesting and intelligent man. You will not remain tomorrow what you are today, nor will you have any lasting memory of yesterday. In one way or another, you will change. Loving you is easy and fun, but you like to keep a distance. There's an inner core that belongs only to you, that you'll never share with another human being.

You as a woman:

Your Gemini mind is always traveling, and you match it with a ready wit. Your active imagination can create many fantasies, but it is difficult for you to commit to one person at a time.

You love the thrill of a gamble, all in the interests of future security. Your astute business sense will stand you in good stead. You are a stimulating companion, and will satisfy your man's emotional and intellectual cravings. You are also ready with the sympathy, when life has been particularly rough.

You have a hard head, but your dreamy eyes carry a promise of the future.

Your Love Sign

Your love sign is Leo

A love affair with you needs great stamina, and is a race to the finish. You are funny and love to play those little tricks that make a relationship with you fun. You have an active mind, which can sometimes lead to a short attention span. The best way to keep you around and aroused is through mental stimulation. You also value adventure and travel, so a certain casual attitude will help the romance bloom. Your duality allows you to see both sides of an issue. You also feel especially connected to those who can help you feel, since you spend so much of your time thinking.
You in Relationships

A relationship with you is certainly never boring. You want a mentally stimulating partner, who should match you in your zest for life. You love to dazzle with your intelligence and quick wit. Jealous lovers will find themselves tested by your magnetism, and you do love testing your beloved to see if they are true. You need to be loved and yet need space, and the one person who can give both to you wins hands down.

One must Know the rules when dealing with Gemini
What you should do:

Be open. Your Gemini partner will play the field. Some light-hearted flirting will be part of the relationship. Don't throw a tantrum. You can be assured of his loyalty.
Brush up on your general knowledge. The Gemini loves to talk, and if you are well informed, good for you!
Be prepared to run the race. The Gemini loves action, so if you are left behind, consider being left out.
Enjoy flirting with the Gemini man in your life.
Make personal space the operative word in your relationship.
What you should not do:
Don't expect your Gemini to stop playing the field. That will be the end of the relationship
Fumble for words all the time. The Gemini cannot stand poorly informed people.
Don't intrude into every hour of the Gemini's life. Your Gemini lover needs freedom to think and introspect.
Don't hold on, once the Gemini gets tired of the relationship. He will slip through your fingers like the wind.
Don't be too surprised at the way in which the Gemini expresses his love. What do you know, you will find love notes tucked into your pillow one morning, and be greeted by a cold, icy stare the next.
Beautiful You

Wit and charm - the two most important ingredients of your beauty. An unruly tendril could not bother you, as you are more concerned about who will sign the next peace treaty.
Well, you do have a way of moving your hands in the most rhythmic fashion as you speak. Have you ever noticed how people's eyes follow your hands around? Just don't let your chipped nail show, and a manicure will set things right in a jiffy. And yes, use good lip colors, for your mouth will be under constant scrutiny for pearls of wisdom!

But it is your power of thinking that wins hands down. Calm the hyperactive mind with a lavender-tinged perfume and make-up in shades of pinks and light blues. You are not partial to color. Your beauty comes from your intellect, sense of humour and zest for life. Don't let your life be governed by shades of blue and pink. The cosmetic faade does not work all the time!

Lucky Gem

The next time you need to crack a tough problem, you can count on the emerald to help you. The stone will bless you with all the intelligence you need!

Lucky Number

Number 9 will bring you good news!


Lucky Color

Reach for the skies with sky blue

Lucky Day

All your dreams come true on Thursday

Careers and you

What you have is The Great Communicator and The Great Facilitator all rolled into one -- but wait, they're two. Twins, right? Possessed of a restless and quick mind, you are constantly moving from one project to the next, so a capable assistant who can keep pace with you is a good idea -- if they can keep up!

You work well as an intermediary or go-between, since you love to talk. The context of these contacts is probably a fast-paced social whirl where you are being continuously challenged and stimulated. If things get dull, you will set your sites on a new arena.

Gemini Career Guide

Here are some occupations that a Gemini might consider:

Ad writer
News commentator

Money and you

Changeable and unpredictable, you enjoy blowing up money, rarely worrying about where the next cheque will come from. Your charisma will surely lead to something! You can't be bothered with balancing accounts, though, since there are so many more interesting things to do. As far as you are concerned, money is a necessary evil. You enjoy juggling many tasks, and are ideally suited as a salesperson since it's a great way to talk all day long! And talk you can, for you could sell ice to Eskimos. A freelance sales job is ideal, thanks to its flexible scheduling. Are you good with money? Well, you can have a pretty hard time deciding between practicality and pleasure. If your partner is willing to manage the purse strings, life with you can be a non-stop joyride!

Gemini Personality
Funny, brimming with life, full of ideas on one hand; inconsistent, capricious, superficial on the other. These are the twins that represent Gemini, a bundle of maddening contradictions. Be that as it may, they can be simply adorable creatures who love life and add zest and happiness to the world by being what they are. You are the life and soul of any party, amazing all and sundry with your apparent knowledge of everything. Although, it is easy for many to see through how you only skim the surface- it does not really bother you since you are going to give up your audience sooner than they are going to give you up. You may be a Jack-of-all-trades but it does not mean that you lack the ability to master skills; you just don't have the time, something else always seems to come up. You are versatile and have an amazing grasp of the subject you choose, although it may not interest you for long. With an active and creative mind, you can come up with the goods but it still requires great effort for you to follow them up. However, your talents, like you, need to be recognized and appreciation serves as encouragement.

Gemini Lover     


You are best advised not to rush headlong into marriage; give adequate thought before popping the question. Libra, Aquarius, fellow Gemini, and Aries are best suited as life partners for Gemini. Make sure you feel very comfortable with the person you want to marry, before you commit yourself. Anyone romantically involved with you, even for a short while, is likely to find you affectionate, interesting, adventurous and a fun person to be with, but your fickle, almost uncaring attitude will manage to break many hearts before you finally settle down. You may be a notorious flirt, but it will be wonderful coming home to someone who has stood by you through all the highs and lows. Be sure that your partner shares your sense of humour. You are a fun person to be with. You get along with children like a house on fire. You will never stray if your family life is satisfying.

Gemini Professional    


You will do well as linguists, teachers and writers. In fact any field, which allows you to come in contact with a variety of people, will hold interest for you. Some of the well-known media personalities are Geminis. Travel and marketing are other areas of work you can be satisfactorily involved in. It is easy for you to work for people who admire your capabilities and trust you with your work. A word of advice - don't be greedy about money and avoid speculation.

Gemini Traveller    


You love to travel with close friends and family in tow to talk to. Mercury the ruling planet wants constant interaction and mental stimulation. You get easily bored so they prefer to go on a package tour. You would probably pack your cell phones, books, magazines and best sellers go where you go...just incase you are caught in a situation that has you doing nothing! Television sets are a must your like to stay connected.

Gemini Teens    


The Gemini girl is quick on the uptake, brilliant in patches. Represented by the Twins, she is apt to run in opposite directions. Her heart may want peace, but her mind needs stimulation. Smart and witty, she has loads of friends and the phone will never stop ringing. Her communication skills are highly developed and her letters are usually masterpieces. The Gemini lass needs a host of hobbies to keep her occupied, which is why she is constantly engaged in everything from aerobics to philosophy. Though she loves to talk and gossip, she usually excels at studies. And she does that without trying hard too hard. She enjoys sports like swimming. She may also be involved in athletics, burning off the excess energy.
He is a smart and likeable young man, who charms everyone with his ready wit and humour. Though he is not a born leader, he always participates in group activity -- he loves people. He generally lacks in consistency and flits from one thing to the next. A variety of things capture his imagination, be it chess, trivia or computer games. The chief dangers are a lack of patience and an unwillingness to persist until a thing is thoroughly mastered. He sometimes glib-talks, simply skimming over a subject without a thorough understanding. He is a born charmer and can leave a group enthralled with his talk. He may find his calling as a politician or a public servant. However, he may change his mind a hundred times about his future career.


Gemini Well Being     


Gemini's have supple bodies and a good bone structure. You are muscular and athletic.  You have a cheerful face and it is very easy to detect signs of anxiety, tension or unhappiness in you. Your face gives away what you might try to hide behind wit and humour. Gemini's also rarely put on extra weight. The rib cage, shoulders, arms and fingers are vulnerable to accidents, while some of you may suffer from bronchitis and asthma. You are particularly wary of physical pain and would go that extra length to avoid any unpleasant situations. Your busy lifestyle is often the cause of your problems. You are frequently involved with more than one task at a time. If you don't slow down and find time to take care of yourself, your health is likely to suffer. You must take time out to rest and relax as your hyperactivity can leave you feeling stressed and anxious, so it is essential that you take steps to bring your stress level down. Drinking chamomile tea with milk before bed will soothe your nerves and help you relax and sleep well. You could try Yoga as a remedy for your problems. It would calm your nerves, help you slow down and improve your concentration.

Gemini Luck     


Pearl grey, light green and silver are lucky colours. While selecting jewellery with precious stones, aquamarine your lucky stone stands foremost, surrounded by diamonds would also be beneficial. Wednesday is a good day for Geminis. The lucky number is five. Mercury is your ruler and your element is air.

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Cancer (June 22 - July 23)
The eternal homebody, you thrive on love and affection.
Ruled by the Moon
A Feminine Negative Cardinal Water Sign.
Polar or Opposite sign: Capricorn

Color: Pale blue or Silver

You as a man:

You have the characteristic Cancer need for security. You pursue it with dedication and a quiet, religious fervour most of the time. Finances have fascinated you since childhood, and saving is substantially more attractive to you than spending.
You are either very close to your family (specifically your mother), or completely alienated from them. The relationship is never casual. You are naturally shy of rushing into a relationship, but once you're sure, you won't be easily rebuffed. You like your loved ones to lean on you forever, and when they show signs of independence, you may become a cranky crab.

You as a woman:

Your Cancer sensitivity is hurt at the slightest pretext. You hate to be criticized, you are deeply wounded by ridicule, and you just can't stand being rejected. You like to keep secrets. You are afraid you are not pretty enough, smart enough, young enough or old enough.

After you've been won over, you may be just a little tenacious, but you'll never let go of the relationship as long as you live. There is never anything shallow or superficial about your sentiments. Patience is one of your loveliest virtues. You will never let people down when things get really dismal.

Your Love Sign

Your love sign is Virgo

Where romance is concerned, you enjoy being the initiator in the game of love. Gentle probing can soon turn to passion, and few would resist your charms. The best way to your heart is truly through your stomach. This love of physical and emotional well-being, is a duty which your partner must fulfill. If this isn't achieved, you will retreat into a shell.

You in relationships

You are blessed with a unique intuition, and this works very well for a relationship. You have an excellent instinct for which relationship will work, and once you assess this, the relationship will never go wrong. Your charm and magnetism are qualities which will prove most alluring, and coupled with your nurturing need, will prove hard to resist. You love to feel secure, so someone who remembers special days, or who finds no reason to celebrate, will find a tender and loving companion

One must Know the rules when dealing with Cancerians
What you should do:

Invest in a recipe book, and learn to whip up some wonderful meals, For the crab, there is no place like home, and something straight from the kitchen wins hands-down.
Remember special days, like the first time you exchanged a kiss. This means a lot to the Cancer.
Show the Cancer how much you appreciate the relationship. The Crab thrives on emotional security.
Be ready to lend a shoulder whenever needed. You will get unconditional love in return.
Give your Cancer undivided attention when they need it. The Crab is hurt easily, and you don't want that, do you?
What you should not do:
Don't expect to be the boss in the relationship. The Crab has a definite idea of who will wear the pants.
Ignoring family matters could is a dangerous mistake. The Cancerian burns incense at the family altar, and will expect you to do too.
Don't be pushy. This will shock the Crab. Gentleness is the key.
The Cancer is not the one for practical jokes. Tread carefully when making fun of them, for they can lapse into depths of gloom.
Don't get carried away by the Crab's mood swings. You will experience an emotional tidal wave
Beautiful you
The mirror is not your best friend. You care for the world, and a beauty routine only binds you down. But your eyes and cheekbones are a special gift, so you need no work there! You are the perfect picture of the nurturer, with your sparkling eyes and womanly proportions.

From the outside, you would pass off easily for Mother Hen. Underneath, you're an emotional and sexual woman. You do have your moments of celebration, when you want to let your hair down. When you want to indulge, you spend hours in the bathtub, scrubbing away. That is when your bath oils make a rare appearance. You prefer the classics -- pearls, pastel colors and tried-and-true products.

Your beauty comes from your generosity, your sympathetic nature and your realistic self-image. It's when you open your arms to give the world a warm hug that you become an absolute knockout.

Lucky Gem

If you have been worried by sleepless nights, a pearl could be the perfect cure. Wearing the pearl also ensures peace of mind, and could bring you all the good luck in the world!

Lucky Number

Number 6 is your pick for good fortune!

Lucky Color

Soak in the elegance of white!

Lucky Day

It is time to look ahead on Wednesday!

Careers and you

You could be mistaken for an underachiever, but you work in a subtle, low-key manner. You like to lead, and are generally successful. You can create a space of harmony and happiness for all. This empathetic and intuitive quality also makes you a natural nurturer. You are very creative and possess qualities that can lead to bliss in the workplace, if properly merged. Think of an art therapist or family counselor, that is your talk. But a word of caution; people shouldn't make the mistake of rubbing you the wrong way. They will pay a heavy price!

Cancer Career Guide

Here are some occupations that a Cancerian might consider:

Dairy farmer
Deep sea diver
Hotel worker

Money and you

Security is of the utmost importance to you and that means financial security as well. You like having money and feel especially good when there's a pile of it in the bank. You are an excellent strategist. You enjoy accumulating money (you need to!) and intend to hang on to most, if not all, of what you get. Loving money as you do (green must be your favorite color!), you make excellent bankers and business people, seemingly endowed as you are with a head for money. You also view money as a measure of your value. You enjoy doing the budgeting and will always see to it that the fridge is full, the bills are paid, and that bank balances are healthy

Cancer Personality
Certainly not the easiest person to understand, you are an introvert with a capital I. Emotions are hidden beneath the tough exterior that you possess -- quite similar to the crustacean that represents your zodiac sign. Although you can be kind and affable, your mood swings are unpredictable, tending to be bitter and melancholic, often feeling hurt unnecessarily. While you like to draw sympathy, you can be fairly insensitive towards others, snapping, being rude and short-tempered. However, your seemingly cruel behavior is only a clever means to hide your own insecurities and complexes. Inside, you are almost like a timid, hurt child. You can be admirably kind, generous, understanding and gracious, if all is well with you. Cancerians can be seen involved in many charitable activities, although they will all be at a very public level. No matter how unpleasant you may seem to some people, you have a conscience that prompts you to do the right things - like standing by people in their time of need. Like most water signs, you too have good intuitive powers and mostly put them to good use in managing your life. You have an urge to travel to distant lands but you are a home-loving person. You can do without being so crabby, if one may say so. Keep your moods in check. Remember the people you hurt most often are the ones who have been good to you. You tend to make a mountain out of the molehill and are prone to self-pity. Reserve some of your sensitivity for others who may need it. You can be a tad untidy which won't endear you to more stable signs.

Cancer Lover     


You are continually pulled into romance with those who are quite opposite to you in nature. You are strongly attracted to people who are confident, strong and successful. Although you fall in love all the time, your introvert nature and your uneasiness in disclosing your true feelings makes many of these affairs one-sided. You are not likely to rush headlong into marriage, because in selecting a life partner, you will be most likely governed by your head. Those belonging to the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will make good partners for Cancerians. Nevertheless, love for a stable home and loyalty towards the spouse will reward the majority of Cancerians with a reasonably happy married life. You attend to domestic chores cheerfully, take a keen interest in the children. and believe in saving for the rainy day. Man or woman, Cancerians love their home, it is where they feel most secure. Like Sagittarians there is a place for everything, but the Cancerians idea is -- it just does not matter where it is put as long as it's somewhere, under the bed, in cupboards, up in the attic, the garage; not that you are not untidy -- you are the original hoarder and for some it can take a while getting used to this.

Cancer Professional    


You have a keen intellect and are good with your hands. You will make commendable painters and sculptors. You will be successful in sales and will do well in advertising and marketing for the food and drinks industry, discussing new campaigns over long lunches, or deals over a lazy breakfast would be utopia to you. Some of you may take to writing as your full-time profession, mix that with being a food critic and the world could be your oyster. Most of you will have reasonably good careers, although there will be a tendency to change to an entirely different field midway. This may happen sometime around the age of 35. Money and material wealth are fairly important to you and most of your important decisions in life are made with the accompanying monetary benefits in mind. Although you are almost miserly with the money you earn, sudden windfalls and gains are often squandered away thoughtlessly. Speculation and gambling rarely prove lucky for you.

Cancer Traveller    


You are always happy when you are near water. You love to swim, sail or boat on holidays. Water has an added attraction for you. You are not very adventurous where new places are concerned so you normally keep visiting the same destination over and over.

Cancer Teens    


More emotional than the average girl, she appreciates the nurturing aspects of home and hearth. She is dependable and does not view her duty as a chore, but really a pleasure. A true nurturer, she is a comfort-giver to all around. The Cancer girl goes through life with a shell around her that is not easily cracked. If fact, she can stay in that shell until she's sure it is safe to step outside. Most Cancerians are apt to be crabby from time to time, and the Cancer girl is no exception. However, for most part, she has a cheerful disposition. She takes her studies seriously and can retain information well, thanks to her good memory, which also makes her good at taking exams. She will sail through her exams with flying colours. She is apt to view college merely as a means to a great career rather an end in itself.
The Cancer lad is very emotional and apt to mood swings. He often takes offence when none is intended. He is family oriented and a deeply caring person. You can count on him to help out with family chores. He is bound to be involved in sports, preferably those requiring a team effort as he is drawn towards the camaraderie of a team. His hobbies usually involve collecting things. He never throws away anything. He is a natty dresser, though he is certainly not narcisstic . He tends to be a bit of a miser and rarely spends money on himself. Since Cancer rules the stomach, he usually has a healthy appetite, so make sure the fridge is always stocked. He usually makes a good leader and his friends look to him for help and guidance. He is likely to gravitate towards a small college or university where he can build a family environment away from home.

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Leo (July 24 - Aug 23)
The leader of the pack! Go ahead; preen all you want, as you discover more about yourself!
Ruled by the sun.
A Masculine Positive Fixed Fire Sign.
Polar or opposite sign: Aquarius

Color: Gold-yellow - orange, sometimes red

You as a man:

You will be a chivalrous and Leo gallant suitor, protective and affectionate. You are even endowed with a kind of instant passion. You are the life of most parties, and wear the jester's mask to get attention. Regardless of appearances, there's nothing easygoing about your inner nature.
You need a steady supply of affection to be faithful to a relationship. You appreciate beauty. You have an enormous need to command and be loved by those you rule. You secretly fear being ridiculed. Yet, when your nobility has been aroused by a great cause, you know no fear.

You as a woman:

You are not a wallflower. You are a sunflower. Most likely, you'll be the social leader of your group, lording over lesser people like a queen, but with such disarming warmth and such a beautiful smile, no one really minds. You can act up a storm, and pretend to be sweet and harmless. You can't exist without appreciation. You are usually generous, intelligent, witty, strong, and capable, yet deliciously feminine at the same time. Flattery is your secret weakness.

Confinement inside four walls and under one roof can soon rob you of your sparkle. You must have your own career.

You in Relationships

You are the life of any relationship, and a courtship with you will rarely prove dull. You need to be lavished with attention, but can also do that in return. You need a lover who can keep up with you match your wits. If boredom creeps into the relationship, you look for greener pastures. You need a partner who can understand your needs and give you the attention you need.

One must Know the rules when dealing with Leo
What you should do:

Think of new ways to praise the Leo every single day. The Lion loves to bask in the glory of praise.
The Leo will rule the roost, so learn to be submissive. Pretend you like it!
Laugh at the Lion's jokes. The Leo has a wonderful sense of humour, and will keep you entertained.
Show the Leo how important they are to you.
Be prepared for surprise gifts to be showered on you on a daily basis.
What you should not do:
Don't make plans, unless the Lion has a place in them. Or be prepared for them to sulk in the corner.
Try and pull the Leo vanity down in public. The Leo ego will be bruised, and this is not very good news!
Don't take charge of a situation. The Leo knows he is boss, and would not like to share the spotlight with anyone, not even you.
Don't challenge the Leo vanity. The Lion's ego is fragile, and has to be handled with care.
Don't insist on sharing honors with a Leo. The spotlight is theirs and theirs alone.
Beautiful you
Have you checked if your make-up is right? Good. You have people looking, so things had better be right! You demand to be noticed all the time, so a well-stacked dressing table is part of every Leo household! And yes, you do have a crowning mane to speak of! That, with your large and expressive eyes, should get hearts beating! Did we forget those sexy shoulders?

You don't mind spending hours in front of the mirror for the right look. And if your brand of shampoo has to be shipped from the jungles of Brazil, so be it.

You wear vibrant colors, lemony perfumes, and you're not afraid to take risks to get your point across. Your true beauty comes from your readiness to share yourself and your gifts, your generous affection and your loyal, pure heart.

Lucky Gem

The ruby is a miracle stone, and wearing it will bring you health and good fortune. You will also acquire the power to make instant decisions.

Lucky Number

Number 3 will pull you out of trouble!

Lucky Color

Let saffron lift your spirits!

Lucky Day

Preen, for you will rake in accolades on Friday

Careers and you

If there's someone who likes being the centre of attention, it's you. You are giving, proud, energetic, confident -- the world can't help but look! You draw attention easily, thanks to your larger-than-life personality. You make great role models since the signature qualities of leadership, truth and justice are ones that you seek. As much as you like being in the spotlight, there really is plenty of room for a team to assemble all around. Your team is the winning team, and a happy bunch of cats it is.

Leo Career Guide

Here are some occupations that a Leo might consider:

Resort manager
TV anchor
Talk show host

Money and you

You love to be centre stage, playing to an adoring audience. You also love beauty and riches and often seem to be pampered with both. When not on stage, it's easy to spot you in a crowd. You are always the most magnetic presence in the room. You are a risk taker, but generally only if the odds are in your favor. You hate to lose. Extravagance is your middle name! You will find a way to make money, because you surely know how to spend it -- and will. Managing money would definitely crimp your freewheeling style. If you do overspend, you are generally resourceful enough to get back on track. When things get really bad, you will pay a visit to the banker, since you could never borrow from a friend.

Leo Personality
You are born to rule. Like the king of the jungle, you are a natural leader. It is not for you to take orders. Needing to assume authority, wherever you are, you are the focus point at any party. Noble as you are, it is very difficult for you to be sly and sneaky. You are honest, frank and courageous and although tending to be outspoken, you are courteous and understand the need for diplomacy when the situation demands. You have a strong aesthetic sense, not only with regard to your possessions, but also the environment around you. You are easily attracted to the rich and the famous, the bold and the beautiful and would often like to fashion your own lifestyle after them. In other words, you are easily seduced by material wealth and luxury and believe in living life in style. Your hobbies will probably be the sporting type or something that is vigorous. You will pursue your hobbies with considerable enthusiasm and excitement and will plunge into them whole-heartedly, at least in the beginning.

Leo Lover     


You have a gregarious personality easily standing out in a crowd, always the centre of attention at social gatherings. You are often loud and brash and people often take offence to that. If your big ego doesn't get the better of you, you can be a warm and considerate person. You are a lover with style, wooing your beloved in the most elegant manner. You wine and dine them, shower expensive gifts and roll out the red carpet all the way. You will find ideal life partners among fellow Leos, Aries and Sagittarians. A word of caution, however -- when you enter wedlock, married life will rarely be the same as it was during courtship and if you want smooth sailing, you will have to be less domineering and treat your spouse as your equal. Nevertheless, you will enjoy keeping a home that is good looking, where you can show off your taste and which is also reasonably equipped with material comforts

Leo Professional    


You are definitely not suited for any lowbrow job. You should do well in white-collar establishment, where you are required to call upon your skills as a leader and a manager. Normally, you should find yourself heading in the right direction work wise from the age of 22. Since you like to lead a comfortable life, you will manage to earn enough to meet your needs. However, beware of speculation and gambling, as these may not prove lucky for you. Leos often find themselves involved in financial litigation but whether they are settled in your favour or not will depend on your natal chart.

Leo Traveller    


You love to to holiday in style. They don't like roughing it out on holidays like trekking or cycling but instead want to be pampered with a good body massage or pedicure. You stretch your pockets to include a luxury cruise or a stay in a five star luxury hotel. You enjoy the thought of eating exotic cuisines and people waiting on you hand and foot!

Leo Teens    


Leo girls are at the centre of attraction all the time. And that is the way they like it. The Leo girl always manages to look good. She has a fine sense of style, and is always dressed for effect. Her natural flamboyance and verve make her ideally suited for the show business. With her creativity and drive, she could very well become a film star. Her hobbies include acting and others artistic pursuits, activities like tennis, riding and sailing. She is a sociable person and can always be found in groups. She is a born leader; she dreams big and aims high. She may be a handful at times, but this young lady is definitely going places.
The Leo lad cannot be held back in narrow confines. He is a big player for sure. The Leo boy is a born charmer. He is a born leader and is usually the leader of his group. He sets his own rules and plays by them until he's bored, after which he will pick a new sport. He usually excels at school because he cannot comtemplate being anywhere but the top. He likes to think big and will aim for the best universities. He could grow up to be an actor, or an important politician. Driven by ambition and vitality, he wants it all. His flamboyance and love for the spotlight makes him take quite naturally to fame.


Leo Well Being     


Being a leader and commander, you tend to burden yourself with a lot of responsibility and work related pressures, so a good diet and unbounded energy helps Leo maintain good health. Occasionally you are too busy to eat a proper meal but you do try to substitute with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Leos are so often single-mindedly busy pursuing career objectives that this can take a toll on your health. You will have to learn to slow down and relax more often. Many Leos are predisposed to heart-related ailments. Thus, you will have to cut down on demanding activities and avoid excess salt in your diet. Though most Leos enjoy exercising, you tend to get bored very easily, it is essential then that you bring an element of fun and variety in your exercise routine. Warming up and stretching your muscles before rigorous workouts will help avoid strains and pulls. Leos are a good-looking lot, with your looks reflecting all the sun's energy and vitality. Try some yoga it's gentle pace should help you overcome any tensions in life. Problems with your heart and back, as well as those of the spleen also can adversely affect Leos Take care not to put on weight and eat healthily and Leos will live to a ripe old age.

Leo Luck     


As it suits you to be the centre of attraction, go ahead and wear reds, orange, sunny yellow with the occasional foray into purple. They happen to be your lucky colours, along with white that stands out anywhere. If you are buying a ring or any precious gemstone, go for topaz and amber. While you like to take the day off and relax on Sundays, remember this is also your lucky day and you can use it for any important work. Your lucky number is 1, The Sun is your ruler and your element is fire.

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Virgo (Aug 24 - Sept 23)
You are blessed with an eye for detail that many would love to possess.

Ruled by Mercury
A Feminine Negative Mutable Earth Sign
Polar or Opposite Sign: Pisces

Color: Brown and russet-reds     

You as a man:

You live life almost entirely on a practical, material level, and you have little use for the abstractions of storybook romance. Your idea of love is synonymous with duty. Sugary romance is not quite your style.
Self-discipline is part of your nature. Once you make up your mind, you move on, regardless of what will result. You place great emphasis on intellect and train your children rigidly in matters of ethics, courtesy and good citizenship.

You are uncomfortable with physical expressions of love. You need to become more generous with those hugs and kisses. There's also a tendency to be too critical, to expect too much too soon and to be too strict.

You as a woman:

You are bashful, but you have all the necessary wiles and weapons, including a determination to pursue happiness. You seek romance, and commitment is an integral part of it. If you are in love, you go to any lengths to make sure it works. On the flip side, if you are in an unhappy relationship, you will snap the cords with ease.

You can be deadly practical and divinely romantic at the same time. You are a perfectionist, but not perfect yourself. You have your negative traits. You can be sickeningly prompt, and think that you are the best critic in the world.

Your Love Sign

Your love sign is Capricorn

A romance with you is a roller-coaster ride of excellent taste, since you love things being in order. You also wait and watch where romance is concerned, perhaps because being in love for you means falling hard. Being a perfectionist, you also aim to please, and your beloved is one happy individual.

You in Relationships

Your easygoing nature makes you a reliable and steady sort. Your devotion also signals that you will work very hard to take any relationship far. You strive for the perfect relationship. You feel truly rewarded when the one you love is willing to give you time in the relationship. You are independent, and may seem cold on the outside, but your potent charms will merit a truly deserving partner.

One must Know the rules when dealing with Virgos
What you should do:

Clean the inside of your nails, and tuck every hair in place. The Virgo is a perfectionist, and loves cleanliness.
The Virgo attention to detail will rattle you, but be patient. You will be rewarded with quality love in return.
Try and keep pace with the Virgo wit and intellectual abilities. The Virgo is not patient with immaturity.
Show appreciation in small doses. The Virgo will shrug it away, and pretend that he does not need it. Persist, and you will be rewarded.
Wait for the magic to happen. The Virgo trust is not for all and sundry. Once you have earned, you can be assured of security and undivided attention.
What you should not do:
Don't sit back while your Virgo partner is slaving away. The Virgo appreciates perfection, and believes everyone has to be self-reliant.
If you expect the Virgo to be at your beck and call at all times, forget it. Virgo is the sign of service, always eager to lend a helping hand.
Don't underestimate the passion of a Virgo. Perfectionism carries over into every aspect of their life, including relationships.
Go easy on the criticism. The Virgo likes to think he is perfect, and would rectify his own mistakes. Point out an error, and watch them sulk.
Don't get lax with your cooking. The Virgo likes good, healthy food, and every morsel goes under the microscope.
Beautiful You

You probably must be tired of hearing how beautiful you look. You wonder if something fishy is going on. Relax, it is just your diligent beauty regimen doing the trick. Your attention to detail is what keeps you looking smashing. One look at your cabinet, and you have a product for every feature there is! Good brands would probably name you customer of the year! You are brand loyal, and this is the secret of your appearance! Quality is your watchword, and you know exactly what you want.
You prefer light, feminine scents and soft, muted earth tones. Your greatest asset is your practical attitude and your self-assuredness. Now that is indeed a lethal combination!

Lucky Gem

The next time you need to crack a tough problem, you can count on the emerald to help you. The stone will bless you with all the intelligence you need!

Lucky Number

Number 15 for all the good luck!

Lucky Color

Get close to Nature. Wear earthy browns!

Lucky Day

Your quest for perfection pays off on Friday!

Careers and you

Need a quick fix? Then you would probably be called. You simply love to analyse and bat things around and are bound to come up with some answers. You are a talker and a helper and like to facilitate solutions as a service to others. Even so, you crave independence and a space of your own, so not all your cards will be laid on the table -- some things are best kept private.

Virgo Career Guide

Here are some occupations that a Virgo might consider:

Bus boy
Computer analyst
Copy editor
Data operator
Dental hygienist
Information processor
Personal assistant
Record keeper

Money and You

You are sensible and self-reliant and manage money very well. As befits your cautious and reflective nature, you like to size up a situation first, making you a good business partner. You are also a chronic worrier, so you will definitely mind the store! The accounts will always be in order, and you can really stretch a buck, being as measured as you are. Having money in the bank is a bonus for you since it will eliminate one more worry! You believe that "some of the best things in life are for free" and really mean it! You are rarely a big spender, hate to borrow, and hate to lend money even more. About the only time you will lend is to a family member in need or in a case where you are sure you will get it back. The fun for you isn't in spending money, it's in cultivating less tangible assets such as knowledge and friendship. Now that's golden!

Virgo Personality
Practical, cool-headed and thoroughly meticulous -- that's what you are in a nutshell. You are not unnecessarily swayed by emotions and even if sentiments were running high, you can keep a cool head to weigh your approach. Often quiet and reserved, you try to stick to your world, keeping it as tidy and perfect as you can. Nevertheless, you are bustling with energy and always have plenty to do. You are not afraid of taking on challenges and prove your mettle with hard work and a quiet determination. Your quest for perfection and your inability to ignore even the smallest of faults generally proves good for you. You are Nelson's Horatio, quite content not to be in charge, but there to make sure everything runs smoothly and is done as required. You believe in fair play and rarely manipulate. Violent confrontations are not your cup of tea and indeed render you quite ineffective in your work. Honest and forthright, you do not like hypocrites and cannot hide your displeasure at sycophants. Although you are not short-tempered and in fact are slow to get angry, when you do have arguments you try to put up a stiff resistance to anyone opposing you. You tend to make bitter enemies, and like an elephant you remember events that happened a long time ago. You love to travel and generally this proves beneficial for you.
Virgo Lover     


Not the most passionate of signs, a Virgo's love life is rarely turbulent or stormy. You are not the kind who likes to cuddle and make a public display of affection but can be quite romantic in your own way. In fact, a Taurean, Capricorn or a fellow Virgo will appreciate your style of courtship, which will include sending a never ending stream of flowers and going to romantic dinners at quiet and elegant places. Even though you are kind and loving, your no-nonsense and critical nature often puts off a lot of people. You always demand perfection and are easily disappointed. Unless you can accept people for what they are and overlook their frailties, you will find it hard to have a loving relationship. A Virgo home is neat and tidy; you go about filling your kitchen with gadgets that may not be of much practical use. Your obsession with order and neatness around the house can be quite infuriating to your partner, who will never seem to meet your exacting standards. Otherwise, you should settle down quite comfortably in marriage.

Virgo Professional    


Virgos do well in science and mechanics, often inventing and developing appliances or other new things. You are enterprising and hardworking, and make good managers. As an earth sign, work connected with land is also favorable. Not surprisingly, you have an interest in gardening. You are fond of reading and writing and have a flair for handicrafts. Some of you also make good performing artistes. You will have to work hard for your riches, so be careful with your investments.

Virgo Traveller    


You are basically worriers so before a holiday starts you will be found with a list of things to do, places to see and if possible they would like to know if they can learn something useful like cooking, painting, etc on holiday! At the back of your mind you feel guilty about wasting your time. So an environmental or educational holiday is just ideal for you.

Virgo Teens    


The Virgo girl is a shy and reserved young lady, disposed to spending much of her time fretting over things. She is a perfectionist who is never satisfied. The ever-organised Virgo is forever planning and making lists. She chooses her friends, both boys and girls with care. She prefers the company of like-minded individuals, perhaps those who are as health conscious as her. As Virgo rules the nervous system, this young girl is prone to nervousness and anxiety. She is consumed by her obsession for detail. Studious and hardworking, she always gets good grades, which gives her immense satisfaction. She is not out there to seek glory and fame, but merely the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Relationship with her siblings may not be good as she is prone to criticise them constantly. Academically, she is inclined towards research activities. She is ideally suited to be a doctor, nurse, programmer or editor.
He is always very particular about his appearance and is a fussy dresser. He is not a big spender, and is careful with his money. He takes a logical approach to every aspect of his life. He expresses himself in a straightforward manner. He often lacks tact and his criticism is not always endearing. With his analytical mind, he is often engaged in activities like chess and advanced mathematics that stimulate his mind. This leaves him little time to participate in physical activities and sports. He is usually a top performer in school and has all the ingredients for a successful career, possibly as a businessman or a doctor. He should watch out for anxiety or depression, which are common amongst Virgo boys.

Virgo Well Being     


Virgos tend to be fussy eaters and you often suffer as a result. Mostly, you suffer from anaemia because of iron-deficiency in the diet. You also tend to suffer from back, muscle and bone injuries because of lack of sufficient calcium. Try to include fresh fruits, vegetables and fish in your meals, you should also consume milk and dairy products. The vegetarians among you will have to take care to include iron, protein, calcium and minerals in their diet. Some of you could be prone to dental problems, so you should take extra care of your dental hygiene. Many of you could face psychological problems, as Virgos tend to be compulsive worriers. Try not to let your worries get the better of you. Distract yourself by taking pleasant walks, listening to soothing music and dancing. You have sharp features, often highlighted by a straight nose and thin, perfectly shaped lips. Most of you have good complexion when young. Virgo's are mostly of a small slight build and are, in younger days, a rather delicate lot, health-wise. Many of you tend to have a weak liver and gall bladder and often complain of digestive disorders. However, your health does tend to get better with age.

Virgo Luck      

Pearl grey, silver, white and forest green are your lucky colours. Jade, green or white is your lucky stone. Wednesday is your lucky day. Your lucky number is 5. Mercury is your ruler and your element is Earth.

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