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Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 12

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Had originally been posted on IF.in. I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 11: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=582749

Episode 12

Manisha and Priya are both in the kitchen. Neha comes running down.

Neha: (grabbing a glass of orange juice) Ok beta, you dad and me are running late. So I won't be able to make you guys breakfast. So you have to make it yourself. (taking a sip) ok I have to run. (she kisses Manisha on the head. Walking out, yelling) oh yeah wake your brother up. Priya it was nice having you over, come more often.

Priya: Wow! Your moms in a rush.

Manisha: yeah. Can you do me a favor and wake Arjun up.

Priya: Sure

Priya leaves and walks into Arjun's room. Arjun is sleeping like a baby.

Priya: Arjun wake up. (getting louder) Arjun get up, (priya shakes Arjun) Arjun get up. Are you listening get up. (Priya picks a pillow on the side of him and hits Arjun with it. Arjun moves and faces the roof.) God, this guy is so lazy.

Priya is about to move out but sees a glass of water. Priya walks over to the table, picks it up, and walks back over to Arjun. Priya holds the glass in front of Arjun face and pours all the water over his face. Arjun walks up moving side to side trying to cover his faces.

Arjun: (with his eyes closed) PRIYA!!!

Arjun gets up, mad. Priya runs to the opposite side of the door, towards the window. Arjun chases behind her. Priya jumps and runs on Arjun bed. Priya jumps off and runs towards the door. Arjun continues to follow Priya's step. Anurag walks into Arjun room and bumps into Priya as she tries to run out the door. Priya is almost about to fall back but Priya gets a hold of her.

Anurag: (holding on to Priya) How did I know (helping Priya up) that you guys were going to fight again.

Arjun: she started it. She spilled water on me.

Pritem: well that not my fault, you're a heavy sleeper.

Anurag: ok ok (talking to Arjun) get ready manisha want you downstairs fro breakfast. (talking to priya) and you, do I have to give you a invitation.

Priya: ok I'm going.

Both Anurag and Priya leave and enter the living room. The door bell rings.

Anurag: oh that might be Pritem

Anurag walks to the door and opens it. Pritem walks in a hurry holding on to Shilpa whom is crying.

Pritem: (hurrying in) Priya. The person I was looking for. (stopping in front of her. Bouncing Shilpa in his arms) My parents left me with Shilpa and now she hasn't stop crying, she only stopped once in the car.

Priya: (grabbing Shilpa) give her to me. (bouncing Shilpa) did you feed her.

Pritem: I tried everything. I feed her, burped her. Everything.

Priya: (looking down Shilpa diaper) change her.

Pritem: (feeling stupid) No.

Manisha and Mitesh walk into the living room.

Manisha: (walking quick) Shilpaaaaaa (grabbing her) What have you been up too.

Priya: She has to be changed

Manisha: (handing Shilpa to Priya) ok, first let me baby-proof my shirt. Go upstairs to the bathroom and I be there. (manisha runs to her room)

Priya: (talking to Pritem) where's her diaper.

Pritem: in the car I go get them. (he leaves)

Priya walks up the stair and into the bathroom. Manisha gets out of her room and runs up the stairs to the bathroom. Pritem walks in and runs up the stairs. Mitesh and Anurag stand there looking at everything.

Arjun: (coming out of the bathroom. Putting on his shirt) why is everyone running up the stairs.

Mitesh: Pritem forgot to change Shilpa again. Lets go up stairs.

They walk up the stairs and into the bathroom.

Anurag, Arjun, and Mitesh: Woooooooo what was that.

Manisha gets mad and closes the door.

Pritem: (coming out of a corner) Manisha kicked me out too. I think we should go down stairs.

They all walk down stairs and into the kitchen. After a few minutes Priya and Manisha (holding on to Shilpa) walk downstairs and into the kitchen. Pritem at the door is holding a card, which is written "sorry." Manisha walks by him really mad. Priya walks in front of Pritem.

Priya: why are you saying sorry.

Manisha: (giving Shilpa to Arjun. Walking back to the door, mad) Cause this is not the first time he did something like this. (talking to Pritem) If you can't take care of Shilpa then why do you take the responsible of her.

Pritem: (trying to get Manisha to smile) I'm Sorry

Manisha: (looking at Pritem) You know something (punching her lightly on the chest) I really hate you.

Pritem gives Manisha a hug.

Everyone walks into the hall.

Arjun: (Holding Shilpa) Awwwww group hug.

Everyone joins in and hugs Manisha and Pritem. Anurag accidentally grabs on to Priya's hand.

Priya: (trying to pull her hand away, thinking) Pritem please let go of my hand.

Everyone moves apart. Arjun takes Shilpa to the couch and begins to play with her. Priya and Manisha walk into the kitchen. Unable to see who's hand he's holding and thinking that it's Manisha. Anurag pulles Priya' hand. Priya gets pulled back and falls into Anurag arms.

Pritem: (walking to Manisha) Look Manisha, people are secretly holding on to each other hands. (Putting his hand on her shoulder) I'm telling you that, me and you would had make a better couple.

Anurag: (letting go of Priya and walking towards Manisha) I thought Priya hand was Manisha and about you too being couples (taking Pritem hand off Manisha) will never happen. (grabbing Manisha hand)

Manisha: (letting go of Anurag hand) why? (hugging Pritem) you're jealous or something.

Anurag: Why would I be jealous (grabbing Priya hand and pulling her towards him. Hugging her) I got Priya.

Pritem: (taking Manisha hand of him. Pulling Priya) Lay off, she's mine.

Priya tries to pull away.

Anurag: (holding on to her tighter) No! She's Mine.

Pritem: You have the wrong impression, she mine.

Manisha: Wait, what about me.

Priya tries again to get free.

Anurag: (swing Priya in his arms) We'll find someone else for you.

Manisha gets mad and walks into the kitchen. Priya tries to go behind her, but is still being held by Anurag. Priya turns to look at Anurag.

Anurag: (holding on to Priya) let me go.

Anurag lets go of Priya and walk's into the kitchen.

Mitesh: (walking to Priya from behind her) Now look at the drama.

Anurag walks next to Manisha and grabs his ear.

Anurag: (holding his ears) I'm Sorry. (Manisha ignores him. Anurag get on his knees. Saying instead of singing the song 'I'm Sorry' from 'One Two ka Four') I'm sorry, o sorry, jaane do, Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do.

Manisha: (looks down and gets on her knees. Singing same song) That's okay, that's okay, jaane do Hota hai, chhodo bhi, jaane do. (pauses) I love you.

Anurag: (smiling) I know.

Manisha and Anurag get up and walk towards them.

Mitesh. Arjun, Pritem, and Priya: awwwwwwww, that was choo chweet.

Anurag and Manisha: (Anurag pushing his sleeves up) You want us to show you chweet.

Mitesh, Arjun, Pritem, and Priya: No, no, no it's ok.

The bell rings, Manisha goes to open the door. Pritem mom, Payal is at the door.

Manisha: Namasta Aunty, (telling her to walk in)

Payal: (walking in) Namasta Beta, is Shilpa here.

Manisha: yeah. (turning to Arjun) where is she.

Arjun: On the couch sleeping.

Payal: (walking on the couch) Good. (Looking at Priya) Are you Priya.

Priya: (nodding) How did you know?

Payal: (picking up Shilpa) Oh Pritem told me.

Priya looks at Pritem, whom turns his head looking at a picture on the wall.

Payal: Ok I have to go. Bye beta.

Pritem: Bye mom.

Payal: (at the door) Mitesh, tell your dad, Me and Mohan had fun at the party.

Mitesh: Sure Aunty.

Payal leaves. Manisha turns to leave into the kitchen. When she gets a glimpse at the table. Picking up a catalog in a hurry.

Manisha: My favorite store Glamour World just open at the mall near by. Priya you want to go.

Priya: Yeah sure

Arjun: I have to go to. I need a date for the dance, cause someone here doesn't want me get a date.

Priya: I said I was sorry.

Pritem: You don't need to say sorry. Yo Arjun, You try to bug her again, you will have to deal with me.

Priya: (cutting Arjun off) Wow! You changed over night. Hope god could do the same for Arjun (cutting Arjun of again) Anyways, Manisha do you have a washer and dryer. I got nothing to wear.

Manisha: yeah in the kitchen. Behind the door, that's next to the storage door.

Priya: Do you have a salwar kamiz, that I can wear.

Manisha: yeah! In my closet. But wear the ones on the red hanger, cause the one that's on the white hanger, I wear those outdoor.

Priya: Ok

Priya walks into Manisha room and locks the door. She goes to the closet and takes out a red hanger. After a few minutes, she comes out with a small bag full of her clothes. Priya walks down the stairs and into the laundry room. Priya puts all her clothes into the washer and turns it on, but it doesn't start. She tries again but it doesn't work.

Priya: (yelling out of the room) Manisha, the washer not working.

Manisha: (walking in) we have to get a new washer. Hold on Arjun fixed it last time. Let me get him (walking out)

Priya waits playing with her finger.

Arjun: (comes in whistling) see the washer hates you too.

Priya: (making a face) Just shut up and fix it.

Arjun: If you want to be that way, fix it yourself.

Arjun is about to leave Priya grabs his arm.

Priya: (holding his arm) Please, I'm sorry.

Arjun: you're lucky I feel generous today.

Arjun moves the washer front and goes to the back of it. After 5 minutes he comes back up and moves it back to the wall. Arjun starts to leave.

Priya: (yelling from behind him) Thank You

Arjun: (leaving) what ever.

Priya adds soap to the clothes and turns to leave.

Priya: (turning around) I forgot the bag. (Priya sees soap coming out of the washer. Yelling) Arjun, is the soap suppose to come out of the washer.

Manisha comes rushing in.

Manisha: the soap is what? (looking at Priya trying to clean the soap, helping Priya) Guys we need your help.

Everyone comes walking in. they see Manisha and Priya with a mop trying to clean the soap. Anurag, Arjun, Pritem, and Mitesh run to help. While walking to help Pritem slips on the soap. Everyone begins to laugh. Pritem trips Manisha. Anurag, Priya, Mitesh, and Arjun continue to laugh. But now both on Manisha and Pritem. Manisha pulls Mitesh, Mitesh gets a hold of Arjun, both of them fall together. Knowing that she would be the next to fall, Priya pushes Anurag in front of her. Arjun pulls down Anurag. Everyone sits up, looking at Priya. Priya starts to get worried.

Priya: (trying to sneak out thinking) I just make pretend they don't see me.

Pritem: (grabbing Priya's hand) where do you think your going.

Pritem pulls Priya down. Everyone starts to have a throw soapy water at each other. Everyone tries to get up, but ended up slipping on each other. Manisha slips and falls on Prtem. Arjun slips and falls on Anurag. Mitesh slips and falls on Priya. All around everyone tries to get, everyone nearly slips and falls on some one. Manisha gets up and tries not to slip. Priya nearly gets up, but falls on Anurag. Priya picks up her head and looks at Anurag. Both Priya and Anurag begin to look at each other. Priya tries to get up again but slips again. Anurag holds on to Priya.

Priya: (looking at Anurag. Not knowing she's being held by Anurag) sorry

Anurag: (looking deep into Priya's eyes) It's ok.

Priya: (Priya tries to get up. But Anurag holds onto her without knowing) Can you let go of me.

Anurag: (letting go) Sorry

Priya gets up. Priya goes and stands next to Manisha, whom is trying not to fall.

Manisha: (holding on to Priya) Ok you guys clean this up. While we go upstairs and get cleaned up so we can go to the Mall.

Manisha and Priya leaves. Mitesh, Arjun, Anurag, and Pritem look at them leave, like they had just been conned.

Episode 13: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=606953

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cool plz post da next part!!!
i wonder whu gets together with whu!
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well i saw the first part of this and wanted to read the full thing but never got the time and since it was in different posts i just was too lazee...
but tonight im gonna read the whole thing and edit this post with my review Embarrassed Embarrassed

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