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PART 5: story on laksh & kt:: love birds

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hey friends read this story and tell me how it is.contin.  everone in the virani household has come to know that mayank has raped Kt and finally mayank is sent to the mental hospital.

kt is totally shattered.tripti keeps harrasing her to get out of lakshya's life.she blames herself for seperating a son from his mother,for the fights than happened between the brothers,and for the sorrow of the family.she decides to leave the house.Cry.she leaves a letter back in which she writes"baa,main ghar chod ke ja rahi hoon.mere wajah se virani parivaar ko jo bhi dukh sehne pade us ke liye main mafi mangti hoon.kahan ja rahi hoon pata nahin.mujhe dhoondhne ki koshish mat kijiye ba.mujhe maaf kar do lakshya,aapki krishna tulsi.

kt decides to go back to haridwar,the place where she was brought up.

the family gets the letter in the morning.lakshya reacts and says that he is going to bring back kt but tripti stops him and shouts at him not to bother about her.

lakshya is very worried bout kt and decides to leave the house and go find kt.he is very sure that she is in haridwar.he tries to run out of the house quitely in the night,but his dad sahil catches him.

sahil:kahan ja rahe ho lakshya.

lakshya:woh dad main,main?

sahil:kt ko dhundhne ja rahe ho.(lakshya is surprised).tum jaana chahte ho na jao, main tumhe rokunga nahin.meri bahu ko wapas le kar aana. tu wapas kab ayega par.

lakshya:jab tak kt nahin miljati tab tak.

lakshya leaves for haridwar. kt has reached haridwar,she is lost in her childhood memeories.she meets her friend rajji and tells her everything. rajji tells her that her uncles house is empty as he is gone for 3 months to mumbai regarding some work.she asks kt to stay there.kt agrees.

lakshya reaches haridwar.he goes to the house kt would live with her baa before,but he doesnt find her.he keeps searching her at all possible places but doesnt find her.he keeps searching her the hole the evening rajji sees kt crying and asks her to come along with her out for a walk.kt goes with her.

lakshya is still in search of kt and is lost in her dreams.he meets with an accindent and gets unconscious.he is hurt on his head.the crowd surrounds him .kt and rajji pass from the spot and stop to enquire.kt is shocked to see lakshya in this condition and rushes him to the hospital with the help of some men.

kt is worried and full of tears."rajji agar lakshya ko kuch ho gaya toh main apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahin kar paungi.

rajji:kt tu ghabra mat kuch nahin hoga.         & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; nbsp;      

kt:doctor sab lakshya thiek toh ho jayega na.plzz use thiek kar dijiye.main apke haath jodti hoon.

doctor:aap shant rahiye.hum puri koshish kar rahe hain.(after some time).doctor:ab patient khatre se baahar hain.

kt is happy and walks towards laksh's room but something stops her.rajji enquires"kya hua kt"

kt:nahin rajji main lakshya se nahin mil sakti.agar woh mujhe dekh lega toh mujhe wapas le jaane ki zid karega.(kt runs away,rajji tries to stop her but she doesnt listen).rajji gives her address and contact the doctor and asks him to contact her if there is any problem.

meanwhile lakshya comes back into his conscious.

lakshya:doctor sahab mujhe yahan kaun laaya.

doctor:tumhe yahan do ladkiyan laayi thi.unme se ek tumhare liye bohot pareshan bhi thi.par pata nahin woh tumse mile kyun nahin.(lakshya grows suspicious)

he shows the doctor kts photograph and enqires whether she is the girl who brought him to the hospital.the doctor says "yes".lakshya is happy and says to himself"thankgod,kt haridwar me hi hain".he enquires with the doctor if he has her any contact details.the doctor gives him rajjis contact deatils. 

lakshya goes to rajjis house.

rajji:lakshya tum yahan.(she tries to act innocent).

lakshya:kt kahan hain rajji.

rajji:main nahin bata sakti lakshya.maine kt se waada kiya hain.aur main apna waada nahin tod sakti.

lakshya:.plzz sirf ek baar mujhe kt se mila do.kahin na kahin kt bhi meri yaad mein tadap rahi hain.(after too much debate,rajji agrees to take him to kt.

rajji knocks at the door.kt opens the door.

kt:are,rajji andar aana.(lakshya enters from behind)kt is shocked to see lakshya.she shouts at rajji for breaking her promise with her.

rajji:tere promise se zyaada teri khushi mai ine rakhta hain mere liye.(rajji leaves).lakshya closes the door and goes close to kt.kt turns her face and doesnt look at him.

                              (to be continued)        &a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;n bsp;   PART 2

meanwhile everybody in the virani household is worried about lakshya.they dont know where he is from morning.sahil returns from work and tripti tells him about lakshyas absence from morning.

sahil:main yeh sab jaanta hoon.lakshya ghar chod ke chala gaya.

tripti:kya?tum yeh sab jaante hon .tumne use roka kyun nahin.kahan chala gaya hain woh.

sahil:woh kt ko dhundhne gaya hain.aur jab tak woh use nahin mil jaati woh wapas aanewaala nahin hain.

tripti:pata nahin us lakshya ko us do take ki ladki mein kya dikhta hain.

sahil:(angrily).yeh sab tumhari hi wajah se huwa hain tripti.tumne do dilon ko alag karke thiek nahin kiya hain.kahin na kahin kt yeh ghar tumhari wajah se chod kar gaye hain.(tripti gets angry and walks away from there)

baa:aaj lakshya ne yeh saabit kar diya ki woh sirf naam ka kisna nahin hain.kisna aur radha ji ki zindagi me bohot tufaane aaye,par bure se bure waqt me kisna bhagwan ne radha ka saath nahin choda.

haridwar(lakshya and kt):lakshya goes close to kt.he catches kt and brings her close to him.they keep staring in eachothers eyes for some time.then,kt tells lakshya to leave her.

lakshya:kt mujhe tumse baat karni hain.

kt:lekin mujhe is waqt tumse koi baat nahin karni lakshya.tum wapas kyun aaye lakshya.

lakshya:"apni honewaali biwi ko wapas le jaane.apne pyaar ko wapas le jaane.mujhe tumhari zarrorat hain kt.(lakshya catches kt tight with both his hands and tells her),tum mere saath aisa nahin kar sakti me meri kya galati hain,mujhe kyun saja mil rahi hain.mujhe kyun apne pyaar se door kiya ja raha hain kt.zarrorat tumhe nahin mujhe tumhari hain.main tumhare bina nahin ji sakta".

Kt:ab bohot der ho chuki hain lakshya.main wapas nahin aa sakti.mere wahan rehne se koi khush nahin hain lakshya.

lakshya:yeh tumhari galat faimi hain kt.ghar chodte waqt tumhe mera khayal nahin tha to apni baa ka toh khayal kiya hota.

kt:tum yahan se chale jaon lakshya.plzz.(lakshya walks out and kt closes the door.).it starts raining after some time.kt comes near the window to close it when she notices lakshya standing out of her house getting wet.she tries to avoid him,but after some time realises that she cannot do this to him.she runs out and goes close to lakshya and shouts at him"pagal ho gaye ho kya lakshya.mere saath andar chalo.(she takes lakshya into the house with him)she wipes his hair with the towel and tells him to go change if not hell fall sick.

                 (to be continued).

Lakshya changes and comes out. He notices kt standing near the window looking outside.

He moves close to her. He puts his hand on kts shoulder. Kt turns and looks at him. Laksh holds kts face with both his hands and is about to kiss her,whaen suddenly kt walks away from there.

Lakshya:kya hua kt.

Kt:kuch nahin.main tumhare liye coffee bana kar laati hoon.(kt is just about to go,when laksh catches her hand and pulls her back.

Lakshya:tum aisa kyun kar rahi ho kt.(kt doesn't answer).tum kal mere saath shantiniketan wapas chal rahi hoon.

Kt: main kahin nahin ja rahi hoon laksh.(meanwhile the lights go off.kt goes and lights some candles.laksh is standing at the same place looking at her.

Lakshya:tumhara aakhri faisla kya hai kt.kya tum mujhse pyaar nahin karti.reh sakti ho mere bina.

Kt:nahin,nahin karti main tumse pyaar.maine faisla kar liya laksh,main wapas nahin aanewaali.(lakshya is angry and holds kt tight with both his hands and tells her "tumhare liye kitna aasan hain na kt yeh sab kehna.

Kt:laksh chodo mujhe laksh.laksh mujhe dard ho raha hai.

(laksh leaves her and moves towards the candle and puts his hand over the candle.)

Kt:(on seeing this happening,rushes towards laksh).yeh tum kya kar rahe ho laksh.

Laksh:us haath ko sazan de raha hoon jisne tumhe chot pahunchaye.

KtL:(crying)laksh plzz yeh mat karo laksh.tum jal rahe ho laksh

Laksh:jal to hum dono rahe hain kt.kaho ke tumhe mujhse pyaar hai ya nahin,kahon ke tum mere saath wapas chal rahi ho ya nahin.

(kt cant bear lakshyas pain now and finally gives in)

Kt:haan……………… main tumhare saath wapas chalne ko tayyar hoon laksh.ab to apna haath hatao.

(kt catches lakshyas burnt hand and cries on seeing the burnt marks,she rushes and gets the first aid box.she applies medicine on lakshyas hand and is continuously crying.)

(laksh wipes her tears.)

Kt :bohot dard ho raha hai na laksh.

Laksh:nahin kt.maine tumhe wapas pa liya ,is khushi ke saamne ye dard kuch bhi nahin hai kt.(meanwhile laksh gets a call from ganga.she asks him when he is returning home.she tells hinm that he has met kt and will be bringing her back home tomorrow.ganga tells him that she will get them married as soon as they get home.she tells laksh that she has spoke about the same to tulsi ma also.)

(laksh and kt return home.)

(everyones happy to see laksh and kt return back home.)

(the final day of their marriage arrives,laksh is sitting in the mandap.the pandit asks to call the bride.)(tulsi asks archita to go bring kt.archita goes to kts room but is shocked not to find her there.)(she goes down)

Tulsi:kya hua tu toh Krishna tulsi ko lene gayi thi na.

Archita:dadi who.kt apne kamre me nahin hai.

Tulsi:kya matlab apne kamre me nahin hai.

(this news opens out to everyone in shantiniketan.laksh is shocked and doesn't know what to do.)

                                                              (to be continued


(The whole family is worried about kt. Laksh keeps contacting all of kts friends but to no avail. Tulsi is suspicious that eklavya has done something because she doesn't find him too in the house.)

Meanwhile laksh gets a call from an unknown person.

Anonymous: apne honewaali dulhan ko dhund rahe ho.

Laksh: kaun bol raha hai. Aur kt kahan hain.

Anonymous: shaant raho.woh tumhe virani parivar ke farm house me                                                                      


Laksh: hello lekin tum bol kaun rahe ho.

(laksh rushes out and tells everybody about the call and rushes to go get kt back. When he reaches at the farm house he finds kt unconscious,hands tied with a rope  and her mouth shut with a cellotape. He throws water on her face and brings her back into her senses and takes her back home.)

When they reach shantiniketan….

Tulsi: kt tu thiek toh hai na (and enquires about who took her away from her room. She tells that she had no idea,who took her from her room.and so on keeps explaining)

Mihir: are who aa toh gaye na.jao beta mandap me baitho.

(but the pandit informs them that the mahurat has passed away.)

(laksh and tulsi come to know that someone had done this purposely to stop their marriage.)

(The next day tulsi informs everbody that the next shubh mahurat is just 3 days away.)

(eklavya sees laksh worried on the terrace and goes with a smiling face to him and tells him)

Eklavya: bohot bura hua na laksh.tumhari aur kt ki shaadi nahin ho paaye.

Laksh: (immediately comes to know the master mind behind all this).ohhhh! toh yeh sab aapne kiya hai.

Eklavya: yeh mahaan kaam aur kaun kar sakta hai.

Laksh: tum jitni bhi koshish kar lo eklavya par aakhir me toh kt aur meri shaadi ho kar hi rahegi. Teen dino ke andar andar main kt se shaadi kar lunga,phir aap kuch nahin kar payenge.

Eklavya: tum mujhe teen dino ka waqt de rahe ho na laksh, chalo main tumhe ek din ka waqt deta hoon. Ek din ke andar hi kt tumse shaadi karne se. mana kar degi aur mujhse shaadi karne ke liye tayyar ho jayegi. Aur teen din baad usi mandap me main kt se shaadi karunga .  

Laksh: sapner dekhna chod dijiye bhaiyaa. Kt mujhse pyaar karti hai aur woh shaadi bhi mujhse hi karegi.

Eklavya: chalo dekte hai( eklavya smiles at him and walks away singing "dulhann hum le jayenge".

(menwhile kt gets a call from an unknown person telling her that he will kill laksh if he marries him and asks him to marry eklavya.kt gets annoyed and bags the phone down.)

(After  a few hours laksh comes home injured with blood coming out of his head. All get worried and ask him what happened and laksh tells him that he met with an accident.)

After sometime kt gets another call from the same person. "tumne meri baat nahin maani na. tumne socha tha ki koi mazak kar raha hain. Agar tum laksh se shaadi karogi toh main use jaan se maar dunga,is baat ka chota sa namuna tumhare saamne pesh hai.main wahin hoon jisne shaadi ke din tumhe ghar se gaayab kiya tha)

Kt :kt screams on the phone "kaun bol raha hai".

(kt is totally scared and doesn't know what to do.) "main laksh ko kuch nahin hone dungi.ksucha nahin.

(kt goes to eklavya and tells him)

Kt: eklavya kya tum mujhse shaadi karoge.

Eklavya: (acting as if he is shocked) kt yeh tum kya keh rahi ho.tum toh laksh se pyaar karti ho aur tum dono ki shaadi bhi toh honewali hain.

Kt: tum mujhse shaadi karoge ya nahin eklavya.mujhe sirf yeh bataon.

Eklavya: (smiling) thiek hain kt.meri khushi toh tumhari khushi mein hain.

The next day kt calls all the members of the family in the hall and tells that that she doesn't want to marry laksh and has decided to marry eklavya.

Laksh and the whole family is shocked. Eklavya looks at laksh with a smiling face.)

Laksh: kt mazak bandh karo.

Kt: main mazak nahin kar rahi hoon laksh.

Tulsi: tu paagal toh nahin ho gaye hain.shadi bhya koi mazak hain kya.

Kt: maine faisla kar liya hain ki main eklavya se hi shaadi karungi aur usi din ko.(and runs to her room)

                                           (to be continued on 7th may)Wink



(Laksh is shocked hearing all this. He goes to kts room to get an answer for all this…………… he enters kts room and finds her crying in the corner.

Laksh: kt

Kt looks back and finds laksh very angry. She tells herself "ab main laksh se kya kahungi"

Laksh: yeh sab kya hai kt .tum pagal toh nahin ho gayi ho.

Kt: maine jo kuch bhi kahan pure hosh me kahan hai laksh.

Laksh: hosh me kahan  hai. " Toh us vaade ka kya jo tumne mujhse kiya tha kt."

Laksh: main jaanta hoon jaroor eklavya ne tumhe usse shaadi karne ke liye majboor kiya hoga

Kt: eklavya ne kuch nahin kiya hain laksh. Isme meri marzi shaamil hai.

Laksh: kt tum jaanti nahin yeh sab eklavya kar raha hai.woh nahin chahta ki hum dono ek ho….(laksh pauses for a while )…tumhara kidnap bhi ussi ne karvaya tha .

Kt: tum eklavya par sirf isliye ilzaam laga rahe ho kyunki maine ussse shaadi karne ka faisla kar liya hai.

Laksh: kt tum samajti kyun nahin.yeh sab eklavya kar raha hai…….aur agar yeh sab eklavya ne nahin kiya toh achanak tumne usse shaadi karne ka faisla kaise kar liya.

Kt: main tumhare kisi bhi sawal ka jawab dena jarroori nahin samajti laksh.

Laksh: zarrori nahin samajti……(laksh holds kt tight)… " tum apne saath meri bhi zindagi barbad kar rahi ho kt."…..hum dono ki zindagi ka faisla tum akeli nahin kar sakti.

Kt: laksh is waqt mujhe plzz akela chod do.

Laksh: (screaming)jab tak mujhe mera jawab nahin milta mai yahan se nahin jaunga kt.

(eklavya enters in and shouts at laksh) " laksh tamiz se baat karo.kt ab meri honewaali biwi hai." (laksh looks angrily at eklavya and walks out)

Eklavya: im sorry kt maine laksh par chilaaya …par who tumse is tarah baat kar raha tha…..isliye maine………………… par kt tum mujhe toh bata sakti ho na ki tumne apna faisla kyun badla.

Kt: main tumhe kuch nahin bata sakti eklavya.

(eklavya smiles and tells her) "thiek hai kt,tum jo kuch bhi karogi yeh dost tumhare saath hain.

(Damini is making everything ready for kt-eklavya marriage.)

(Tulsi sees all this happen and shouts at her telling) "yeh sab kya kar rahi ho damini".

Damini: kt aur eklavya ki shaadi ki tayyari.

Tulsi: nahin…… kt ki shaadi eklavya se nahin hogi

(everybody in the house comes out)

Damini: kyun nahin ho sakti maa…..kal jab kt laksh se shaadi karma chahti thi tab to aap tayyar ho gayi,,,aur jab aaj kt khud eklavya se shaadi karma chahti hai toh aap…

Tulsi: maine keh diya na bas… is me kt ki manzoori nahin hai. Zarror uski koi majboori hogi..

Damini: kaisi majboori ma. (damini catches kt and tells her to tell everone that what is her decision)

Kt: nahin baa main yeh shaadi apne marzi se kar rahi hoon.

Tulsi: tujhe jo karma hai tu kar par mujhse aashirwad ki ummed mat rakhna..

(tulsi walks away in anger).


(Laksh is sitting outside shantiniketan near the tulsi plant sitting on a bench cryingCry, hes covering his face with his hand)

(ganga enters and sees laksh sitting on the bench)

Ganga: dulhe miyan kya hua.

(laksh removes his hand from his face.)

Ganga:(on seeing laksh cry) .kya hua…..tu ro kyun raha hai..

(Laksh tells her everything about kts decision.)

(ganga is enraged Angry)

Ganga: kt aisa kaise kar sakti hai. Main usse baat karti hoon.  

                                           ( to be continued )


 hey friends i have written this story from the bottom of my heart on my favourate jodi.thanks for ur positive replies.hope u do like this continuation.dont forget to send me ur replies.remember the story will continue with ur positive happy that i didnt get even a single negative reply.thx again




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rupi b IF-Dazzler
rupi b
rupi b

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hey awsome job plz continue Thumbs Up Clap Clap i cant wait to read more!

i just have one request could u make your font size a little bigger plz Embarrassed

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darkness_123 IF-Rockerz

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I liked it! Clap Please write a part 2! Tongue
sadiqashifa Newbie

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Posted: 01 April 2007 at 10:50am | IP Logged
I LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!
hIra_89 Senior Member

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i liked it too Clap
stylishgal IF-Dazzler

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awesome.. plzz continue writing
spring92 Goldie

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awwww! thats so cute. i love it. hope that u cont. soon Big smile
Ani- Goldie

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