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episode 29
disha recognizes the bracelet she gave to her dad when he was about to leave for the arrangement of money. disha cannot believe and she is in the state of shock. she asks inder to leave as her father/baba must be waiting for them @ home. inder's father, gautam and inder cannot believe either and they ask the inspector for further details. inspector tells them that he is dead and they can go to the other room and claim the body. inder's father and gautam unveils the chaddar and they cry and disha screams. on the other hand, taj counts on the seconds left for them to leave the house. time is over and taj asks them to leave the place. then he says that he will bring the police to get them out of their home.rano and kaki arrives and give them surprise but nobody really cares. suddenly disha, inder, gautam and amupam arrives with a body. they put the body on the floor and tell them vijay is dead. everybody is shocked. anupam tells them that he met an accident @ jtb road (i guess) and rano realizes that it was their car.everybody is crying. taj also comes but as he realize that vijay is dead he leaves the place and goes to DK. Dk tells taj not to tell him that work is not done or anything else. he is happy as he says that he always win and its not easy to win from DK. he plays piano and stand up and then taj tells him that he didn't ask those ppl to leave the place and vijay is dead. taj ask DK wether he arranged the accident?
DK harms taj's fingers as he is shocked too. DK tells taj that he plays with lives not with death. DK tells him that he is not a murderer and not a bad person either. DK tells taj that he didn't want disha to become annath. as usual suahsni blames disha for everything and ask rano to stay away from her. disha says that her baba is not dead he loved her so much. inder comes near to her and slaps her. he tells her that he is dead. she goes to her room. and then....... DK arrives. everybody is shocked. may be came there for apsos.... episodes ends....
The episode begans with a scene of mourning going on in the Bhonsale household. Disha is in her room alone, where she remembers her Baba and cries for him. She vows to herself that she will fulfill all of her father's dreams and that she will never forgive the person responsible for bringing grief and ruin to her family. She writes a letter to her father in which she says that she doesn't belive in biological bonds and that she was, she is and she will always remain his Disha (pretty emotional scene this was

DK is shown sitting alone in his palatial house playing the Piano and drinking away to glory when Disha enters. He is shocked to see her in the middle of the night and asks her why has she come. She just stares at him and asks him if he will marry her. DK is totally flabbergasted and is unable to reply back to her.

The next morning, the scene shifts to the Bhonsale residence where the last rites of Vijay is in progress and everyone is in a really sombre mood. As Vijay is being carried out for his funeral, Gautam wonders where Disha is and asks Inder. Inder says that he has not seen her since morning. Ranu tells him that Disha would probabaly have gone to the temple as she always goes there when ever she is sad and today is probably the saddest day of her entire life. Ranu breaks down on Inder's shoulder who comforts her. Az Ba tells Inder that the rites have to go on according to time and hence they should all go to the funeral first, they will look for Disha later on. All the men go for the funeral as Shuhas and Ranu cry their hearts out! (It was a very well acted scene, Suhas looked really natural in her part of a beraved widow)

In the next scene when Vijay's brother is lighting the funeral pyre, simultaneously, DK and Disha are shown getting married. (Another Brilliant scene, the way the symbolism is shown, of one life getting over and another beginning). DK and Disha are then shown taking the Saat Pheras where they recite the vows (it is actually their voices in the background) that a husband and wife take while getting married. They vow to be loyal, loving and caring to each other, to be each other's best friends, to never decieve each other and lot many other things. Obviously none of them mean any of these. (Actually the scene was a little confusing, as it appeared that both of them actually mean what they are thinking in their hearts, but later is dawned on me that these are the promises a Man & Woman are supposed to make to each other when they get married, but DK and Disha have no such intentions!)

At the same time flashback is shown for the night when Disha has proposed marriage to DK. He laughs sarcastially and says has she gone crazy or what. DK says that her father's death has probably left her a little offbalance that she is coming to his house in the middle of night and proposing him.

He asks her why on earth would he marry someone ordinary like her, he has given her an offer to model for his Company and not for marriage. He says saracstically that she has mistaken his offer and that all he wants her to do is the modelling assignment and then she is free to lead her own life, he has no interest in her whatsoever.

She says that she has no place to go and no family now and that she just wishes for her family's happiness and nothing else. Disha says that she cannot do the modelling as long as she has her father's name attached to her as she has promised him that, if DK marries her then by virtue of marriage she will no longer be Vijay's daughter but DK's wife and then he can make her do any thing he wants her to do.

DK gives her a "Go take a Hike" kind of a look and says that he has no dearth of women and that it is Disha who is in need of help and not the other way round, she has no business to dictate terms to him. She says that even though he has her house and property, he still hasn't got his work done, he still hasn't got his model and for that he has to marry her and then only will she do as he wants her to.

DK says that he knows she is upto something and that she has a plan but he cannot make out at this point of time. He says that the last time when you came to me, your eyes had a look of helplessness but now they show no fear in them.

With an amused look, he then says that he is ready to marry her but on his terms and conditions. He says that she will have no right over his money, no rights as a wife and that they will be married only for a period of six months till the modelling assignment is over. Then they will file for divorce. He makes her sign a pre-nupital agreements stating that by the end of six months, they will both seperate by mutual consent and that she will not get a penny in alimony. Disha unconditionally agrees to everying and signs the contract.

The scene then shifts to their marriage, where DK puts a Managalsutra on her neck and fills her Maang. (Nice senti scene, where Disha remembers Inder holding her and telling her that he feels like marrying her right now) She grits her teeth and holds back her tears (for a change!). The pandit then announces that they are Man and Wife now and that according to Hindu Rites, they are wedded to each other for the next 7 Janams!

Once the marriage ceremony is over, DK gives a contemptous look at the Pandit & at Disha and throws the sacred piece of cloth which was tied to Disha's Sari. Disha is totally poker faced as DK walks away to his Car leaving her behind (Very Mean!). The pandit then gives her a handful of rice and tells her to throw it behind her as he explains that this is the beginning of her new life and that by throwing the rice behind her, it symbolically means that she is leaving her Father's house and all the memories associated with it behind her and now her life will revolve around her husband. Without any trace of emotion, Disha throws the fistful of rice behind her and a little bit of it is left in her hand.

As she leaves the temple to go with DK, she vows that she will make DK pay back for all that he did to her family, that she will destroy him and make him suffer as much as her father did because of him.

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------
Today's episode will be even more interesting as Inder and Gautam will come looking for Disha at the temple only to bump into DK and Mrs. DK!!!
episode 31
The episode begins with DK and Disha leaving for his home after their marriage. Both of them sit in the Car with a sulking expression looking towards opposite directions. Their swanky Car then enters DK's estate, which is shown to be really, really huge and palatial. DK rings the door bell and an old man opens the door who is surprised and happy to see the PYT with him in full bridal dress (Disha looks very nice in a beautiful sari and with very little jewellery....I think DK will buy her something nice and expensive now that they are married!).

The old servant is actually Disha's real father who has been working with DK for many years now! (How is that for a twist!!!) But obviously now after so many years, neither Disha nor her father recognize each other. Anyway, the servant whose name is Dev is very happy to see his master married and congratulates both of them enthusiasitcally. He tells DK he has returned from his village only today morning and if he had known that his master is getting married today, he would have got the entire house decorated. Dev tells Disha that he has been telling his master for so many years to get married but he never got married and now he has brought home such a beautiful bride. DK just gives a cold look at Dev and then at Disha and walks into his house, makes himself a drink and walks away to his room.

Disha keeps standing outside the door without any expression or emotion. Dev is a little perplexed looking at the situation and then enthusiasitcally tells Disha that since she is coming to the house for the first time after marriage, he will do the pooja first. He says that his master does not believe in all this, but it seems to him that Disha is the traditional types. Disha smiles at him and waits for him to get the Pooja Ki Thali. He performs the Aarti and welcomes her home. Disha is about to keep her right foot in when she remembers her Azu Ba telling her that a women should always enter her house with her right foot in as that brings fortune and happiness to a house while entering with the left foot takes away the prosperity of the house. She thinks to herself that she has married DK to ruin him and hence deliberately enters the house with her left foot.

Dev tells her to make herself comfortable and ask him for anything she needs. He then notices Disha's sad expression and asks her what is bothering her. Disha doesn't utter a single word in reply. Dev says that he understands her predicament, she is newly married and her husband has not even spoken a word to her since they got home. He says that she should not misunderstand her husband as DK has always been like this. Dev says that DK speaks very little and expresses even less. He says that if there is anger in DK's silence then so is immense love and he is sure that with time DK will soften up considerably. Disha keeps mum throughout with an expression of "I will teach him the lesson of his life"!

Dev then says that even though DK never spoke a word to Disha after coming home, he can judge from his eyes that he is very happy today. Then after noticing that Disha has been silent ever since, he apologises to her. Disha smiles warmly at him and tells him that she has not felt bad at all. Dev calls her "Bahu" then immediately says that he should have called her "Madam", Disha says that he is elder to her and that she would really like it if he refers to her by her name. Dev is very happy but says that DK would not like it if he refers to his wife by her name, Disha says he can tell DK that Disha has asked him for the same.

Disha is alone in the room and wonders about her family, she thinks that now it is more than 24 hours and wonders what her family members must be thinking about her disappearance. She dials her home number but is unable to speak, as she thinks that how will she gather guts to tell them that she got married to the person who was responsible for her father's death.

DK is shown sitting somewhere in his house drinking away like anything. He has a smug expression on his face and raises a drink to Disha. He tells himself that today is a very special day for him as today he has won and Disha has lost and lost in every way possible. He says that her marriage to him is a proof of his will and determination to get Disha at all costs.

Dev comes to Disha and tells her that he has got her room ready & that she should take rest now. Disha absent mindedly follows Dev who takes her into a huge room and leaves her there. Disha wearily walks toward the bed to lie down when she notices that the room and bed has been decorated with flowers and is shocked with the realization that this room is actually DK's! She runs toward the door to get out of the room when she stumbles on DK who has a wicked expression on his face. Disha's face is drained of color when she looks at him staring her with a leery expression (I personally found him looking incredibly sexy in this scene....wonder why Disha can't see it! :wink: ) Disha moves backwards towards the room in horror and stumbles upon the bed with DK standing in front of her and the door of his room shut behind him.

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------
My take on this episode is that DK is just trying to scare Disha, I don't think he will do anything untowardly to her!!!
episode 32
The episode begins with DK walking towards Disha who is clearly pertrified and looks ready to faint! DK sits with Disha on the bed and generally terrifies her by stroking her face with his finger and asking her why is she so afraid of him when it was she who wanted to get married to him. He says that it was Disha who desired him and now that they are married, what is stopping her from enjoying their conjugal rights.

Disha tells him that he had mentioned in the contract that she would not have any rights or duties as his wife, then why has he come to her tonight and why is he saying all this. DK says that she might not have any rights as his wife, but he has every right over her as her husband and can do anything he wants to. Disha stands up and tries to get away from him when DK holds her hand and says that tonight is the happiest night of his life for him as he has broken Disha's arrogance and spirit and has not just made her sign the contract for modelling but also made her his wife.

Disha is unable to bear DK's harsh words and breaks down, he then flings the property and other loan papers on her face and tells her that he has kept his end of the promise. He tells her that he has never been interested in her in any other way than getting her to model for his company, so she can go to hell for all her cares. He leaves her in the room and goes away. Disha sits on the floor and cries her heart out.

Dev sees DK walking out of his room and asks him where is he going. DK throws a really cold look at him and tells him that he has never given this right to him that he ask DK where he is going. Dev splutters that today is his wedding night, why is he leaving his bride along. DK controls his irritation & asks Dev with whose permission was his room decorated. He tells Dev that nothing has changed, everything will go on as normal, his marriage does not change the way this house has been functioning till now. He tells Dev, that he wants his room the way it was before and that Disha should be put up in a guest room. Dev is shocked and taken aback, while DK leaves the house. Dev goes to Disha and returns back silently when he sees her crying sitting alone in the room.

The Bhosale house is in a frenzy as Disha has vanished for the past 24 hrs or so. Inder is worried sick and so is Ranu who keeps crying for her sister. Anupam says that they have to report to the police about Disha missing, Ranu gets very worried and says that nothing will happen to her sister and that she will surely come back home. Inder goes to the police station and remembers Disha, he cries thinking of her (felt really bad for him, poor guy!) and begs her to return back to him.

DK and Sanya are sitting in her room, where Sanya congratulates him on his wedding & tells him that he has given her two surprises in a single day. She says that the first news is about his marriage, she says that never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that he will get married. And the second is that why is he with her when he should have been with his wife tonight. DK tells her that how and why he married Disha and says that this arrangement is only for a period of six months till Disha completes his work, then she can go her way. DK says that he hates the word marriage and it is nothing but a business deal between two people, he says that neither he nor Disha have any feelings for one another and they are both compromising for getting their respective work done. Sanya tells him that after 6 months, he will be free from his wife, DK replies back saradonically that when was he not free, he says that no one in the world, least of all a woman, ever hold him back to anything. He tells Sanya that she should be happy, that he has always been with her, when he was single and now when he is married. Sanya is very happy and tells DK that she will die if he ever leaves her. DK choses not to reply to this and then both of them, well to put it delicately, MAKE OUT!

The next morning, Disha stands in front of the mirror (looking very, very pretty.....I am sure DK will notice that!) with Sindoor in her hand. She asks herself why is she filling her Maang with DK's Sindoor, then she involuntarily fills it up. She takes the property and loan papes and leaves for the Bhosale house. Dev sees her leaving early in the morning and asks her where is she heading in the morning, Disha does not reply back. He says he has laid out the breakfast and that she should eat something before leaving. She says that she doesn't feel hungry and she has some urgent work to complete, Dev says that it is unlucky to leave the house without eating anything. Disha says that she cannot be more unlucky than she is now. She says that since he is insisting, she takes a glass of water. Dev very apprehensively tells her that he has got her stuff shifted to the Guest Room, Disha is visibly cheered up by this and says that she will move there immediately. Dev is taken aback at her reaction and wonders what is going on between DK and Disha.

The Shraddh Ceremony is going on at the Bhosale house, where the priest asks for Vijay's eldest child to do some rites, everyone stares at each other, as Disha is missing. Suhas asks Ranu to get up and do the final rites instead of Disha, Ranu very reluctantly gets up and tells her mother that was her sister's right to do this. As she goes to the Priest, Disha arrives inside. Everyone is shell shocked looking at Disha with a Mangasutra & Sindoor!
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there rest of the updates are on the forum

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