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episode 13

The night after the party, Ranu is sleeping and Disha is thinking about Inder. Just then Inder who is completely drunk drives down to the Bhonsale residence. Disha comes down to meet him. Inder breaks down in front of Disha and begs her to let him tell everyone the truth. Disha too cries her heart out and promises Inder that she will sort everything out in some time and tells him to keep quite till then. Inder says that he will try.

Anupam is worried about Inder's whereabouts and when Inder comes home totally drunk and drenched, Anupam questions him on where he was. Inder just stares at his father with anger and walks away.

The next day, DK is shown in a meeting with one of his clients who tells him that Kanaka is dealying the publicity of their jewel collection and they should finalize their model. DK coldly answers back that no one tells him what is to be done when. DK's assistant Raj tells him that since Disha has refused to do the modelling offer why is he still persistent on getting her to do the assignment. DK tells him that he wants no one else but Disha for that assignment and he says that he will make cicumstances so difficult for Disha that she will have to do the assignment and he knows how do to that. Raj just looks on silently wondering what sort of a man is DK.

In the Bhonsale residence, Vijendra is sitting with his banker, Sheena Roy and discussing the modalities of the loan that he is going to take for the Kanaka Project. Disha comes in to talk to her father about herself and Inder and is shocked to see the amount of money her father is going to borrow (50 crores). She tries to tell him about DK's terms and condition but Vijendera is so excited about the project that she is unable to speak. Sheena Roy notices Disha's uneasiness over the whole thing, but keeps quite. Disha goes and speaks to Gautam and tells him that they have to tell the truth to Vijendra before he goes ahead with the loan. Gautam tells her that they will tell everything to Vijendra including Inder and Disha's realtionship. Disha says that this is not the time to talk on that and she will herself speak to her father about that.

Ranu butts in and takes Disha away for shopping. Meanwhile Vijendra and Suhasini are talking to each other about Ranu's wedding to Inder and how the Kanaka project will help revive their company's fortunes. Vijendra tells her how much he loves and appreciates her support to him throughout the years.


The latest update on TD:

Ranu takes Disha to their room and shows all her jeweller and wedding dress that she has purchased for her wedding with Inder. Suhas comes in and asks Ranu if she has purchased anything for Disha also, Ranu shows her her a beautiful Lehenga and some jewellery that she has brought for Disha. Shuhas tells Ranu that Anupam has called up for her and Ranu runs to speak to him. Suhas tells Disha that she will never forget this favour that she has done on Ranu and her by sacrificing her love for Inder. Disha and Shuhas hug each other and break down. Ranu comes in and says that she is the one getting married then why are Suhas and Disha crying. All the three have an emotional moment together. Ranu tells Disha that Anupam has invited Disha, Gautam and herself for Dinner at thier residence. Ranu is very excited about going to Inders house.

In the next scene, DK is sitting in his Office with his assistant and Sheena Roy (the banker who is giving the loan to Disha's father). DK tells Sheena that she has to get her bank to approve the 50 crores loan to Vijendra's company somehow. Sheena (who looks smitten by DK) says that she will get the loan approved without any problem but asks DK why is he so interested in Vijyendra getting the loan. DK throws Sheena a cold looks and tells her to mind her own business. He says that she is being paid for her services and that she should stick to her part of business. Sheena looks very offended and DK judhing that Sheena;s face, says softly that it is for her own good that she should not ask him unwanted questions. He says that he wants the loan to be given to Vijendra but as per DK's terms and conditions and that Vijendra should never come to know that DK is involved in this whole business. Sheena then places a call to Vijendra and tells him something. What they talk about is not shown the in the serial, only Vijendra's thoughtful expression is shown. When Sheena keeps the phone down, she tells DK that the work is done as per DK's wishes. Raj says that he will get drinks to celebrate. DK stops him rudely and tells him that hastiness in not good in business. Sheena and Raj look at him wondering why he is saying that. DK then says that they should not plan to eat the fish before even catching it. He says that they will celebrate when his victim (read Disha) is caught in his net. Raj and Sheena have obviously no idea that it is Disha whom DK is interested in and not Vijendra's company!

Disha and Ranu go to Inder's house for dinner. Inder comes down to join them but is pretty obviously in a very bad mood. Ranu is shown mooning over Inder but he keeps throwing looks at Disha who looks very uncomfortable. Disha leaves Ranu and Inder alone and joins Anupam in the kitchen. Anupam says that anyone who has a daughter like Disha should consider themselves very lucky. Disha feels very bad and keeps praying that Inder should not say anything to hurt Ranu. Just then Ranu is shown crying hysterically (what's new!!!) and is running out of Inder's house. Disha and Anupam come out of the kitchen and ask Inder what is wrong. Inder does'nt answer, Disha is furious and tells Inder that if anything happens to Ranu, she will never forgive him. Disha runs after Ranu and when they home, Ranu shuts herself in her room. Suhas and her sister-in-law are shocked why Ranu has come like that. Shuhas guess that Inder must have told Ranu the truth. Shuhas bangs on the door and begs Ranu to open it. Disha comes in running and Suhas screams on Disha telling her that if something happens to Ranu, she will never forgive Disha the way she has never forgiven her father. Disha doesn't understand what Shuhas means by that. Meanwhile Ranu opens the door and Disha asks her what happened. Ranu tells her that Inder doesn't love her. Disha is shocked and scared thinking that Inder has told Ranu the truth about them. Ranu says that Inder told her that he need more time to think about their relationship and that he is not yet ready for marriage. Disha is relieved and explains to Ranu that it is normal for everyone to have pre-marriage jitters and that Inder and Ranu are experiencing the same. Ranu breaks down in front of Disha and tells her that she loves Inder dearly and that if she is not able to marry him, she will probably die for him. Disha is heart-broken to hear this and promises Ranu that Inder will marry no one but Ranu. This makes Ranu very happy and she hugs Disha. Suhas is very worried and is sitting alone when her sister in laws joins her and asks her what is wrong. Suhas avoids her somehow but she guess that Inder is in love with Disha. In the meanwhile Inder tells Anupam that it is Disha whom he is in love with and not Ranu. Anupam is shocked, Inder recounts the entire incident at Kanaka also to him and tells him that Disha has made him promise not to tell anyone of their truth. Inder tells Anupam that he loves Disha and will not marry anyone but her and if anyone comes in between them, he will not stop at anything to get Disha. Anupam is overcome by Inder's declaration and promises him that he will sort out things for all the three of them (Disha, Ranu and Inder). He says that he will speak to Vijendra about Disha and Inder. Inder is very happy, Anupam tells him to keep this thing to himself till other matter are sorted out. He says that they now have to keep Ranu in mind as she is very sensitive and they should not do anything to hurt her. Inder agrees and says that Ranu is a dear friend of his and he wouldn't dream of hurting her but his love is only for Disha.

Disha is shown sitting alone in her room at night and is wondering about Suhas's outburst at her. She cries as she realizes that Shuhas called Ranu her daughter and Disha as someone else's.
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AND YES, WHOEVER GUESSED IT FINALLY, GUESSED IT RIGHT. MY NAME IS DISHA!!! Navs, it took you ages to that, though!

As I was driving back home from work on friday, my Car stood at a traffic signal where I just happened to glance at a billboard advertisement for LG Electronics, I think! Guess who the model was, yes our very own DK!!!!!!!!!!! He looked really different in the billboard, grinning widely, but he was DK nonetheless!!!

I tried to take a photograph of the same with my Phone camera, but the traffic moved and anyway it looked really stupid taking a photo in the middle of the road, that too of a billboard!
episode 15
Suhas goes to Disha's room and asks her if she has finally chosen whom she wants, Inder or Ranu. Disha says that she will answer this once Suhas has answered her queires. Disha asks why is that Shuhas has always lavished love and attention on Ranu and never on Disha, why is that all sacrifices are meant for Disha and not for Ranu, why is that Disha is the one who has to be more responsible and mature and not Ranu. Shuhas is shocked by Disha's outburst, especially when she says that inspite of knowing that Inder loves her why is that Suhas is asking Disha to make the sacrifice and not let Ranu get out their way. Just then Suhas wakes up from her sleep, unnerved. She wonders if she actually confronts Disha, will she react in the way that she has just imagined.

In the Khosla household, Inder tells Anupam that they do not have the Kanaka Contract and tells him that Kanaka will give them the project only if Disha agrees to DK's terms and conditions. Anupam tells Inder that he does not believe that a man like DK would ever put up such a condition. Inder tells his father to believe him and that he is speaking the truth. Anupam says that why didn't any one the three tell Vijendra & Anupam the truth when they came back from Kanaka City. Inder says that everything happened so fast, that they did ot have any time to react. Anupam says that he will have to speak to Vijendra immediately and tell him to stop the loan processing that they are taking. Inder asks him if he will also talk about Disha and himself to Vijendra. Anupam says that this is not the time to speak about all this and that once this Kanaka problem is solved, he will himself speak to Vijendra.

Vijendra is shown in a meeting with Sheena Bose (his banker) who is insisting on Vijendra taking the loan right now. She tells him that their Bank Policy is changing from tomorrow onwards and that he will not get the loan of 50 crores if he does not take the loan today itself. Vijendra is in a fix and tells Sheena that he cannot take a decision without Anupam's concurrence. Sheena tells him that he has to take a decision there and then. Vijendra thinks about it and tries to call Anupam, but apparently Sheena has jammed the phone lines and Vijendra is not able to get through to Anupam. Vijendra then decides to go in for the loan and signs his papers. He also gives his house papes in lieu of the loan amount. Sheena congratulates him on his quick decision. She processes the loan for Vijendra by entering it in his system. It is then show that there is a chip hidden in Sheena's table whereby DK can hear their conversation. He smiles to himself wickedly after he hears Sheena telling Vijendra that the bank has given him the loan. Now Vijendra is actually liable to Kanaka Industries and not the Bank, as Sheena & DK have manipulated the situation in such a way. Vijendra is not aware of anything.

Anupam is worried about the whole state of affairs and rushes to see Vijendra at his home. There Suhas is shown worried about her Husband's whereabout. Anupam says that Vijendra has called him at his residence. He then says that he wants to talk about Inder, Ranu and Disha to Vijendra & Suhas. Suhas is very tense when she hears that, Anupam then goes with Suhas to another room to talk about what he wants to.

Inder is sitting alone in the living room, when Gautam's mom comes and ask him if he is waiting for Ranu. He asks her where is Disha. She is very surprised and tells him that she will call Disha. When she goes towards Disha's room, she stops by the door to listen to Gautam and Disha talking. Disha tells Gautam that she has decided that she will not marry Inder and that she has her priorities clear and she values her family more than Inder. Gautam is very upset with her and tells her that why is that its always Disha who makes sacrifices for the family. Disha tells him that now noone can make her change her mind and requests Gautam that he has to explain to Inder that she cannot marry him. Gautam refuses to do that. Disha cries in front of him and tells him that this is as tough a decision for her as for Inder and that she is counting on Gautam's support. Gautam is in a dilemma. Just then Gautam's mother enters their room and pretens that she has not heard anything. She then tells Disha that Inder has come and is waiting for Disha and Gautam. Disha is shocked and looks at Gautam.
episode 16
Gautam's mom (can't recollect her name, quite a horrible character though!) tells Disha and Gautam that Inder is waiting for them. Disha and Gautam goes out to meet them, Inder apologises to Disha for being rude to Ranu. Disha refuses to speak to him and is very upset. Inder says that he has told the truth to his father and that Anupam is now going to speak to Suhas and Vijay about Disha and Inder. Disha is visibly mortified. Just then Vijendra comes home in a very jubiliant mood and asks everyone to join him in the living room area. Anupam is just going to talk about Disha & Inder to Suhas (and Suhas definitely doesn't want to hear what she already knows) when they hear Vijay's voice. All of them gather together. An excited Vijay says that the bank has approved the loan of 50 crores for their company (I think its called Diamond's forever) and now they can fulfill their dream of doing the Kanaka project which will entail a lot of profit for their company. Anupam, Disha, Inder and Gautam look on shocked. Anupam is just about to tell Vijay that they do not have the Kanaka Contract, when Gautam's mother very spitefully tells him that they do not have the contract and that Disha had lied to them. Vijay is shocked beyond words and questions Disha who is unable to explain anything at that moment. Inder tries to put in a word but judging Vijay's reaction, Anupam holds him back from saying anything at this moment. Vijay is extremely angry with Disha and screams on her saying that he had trusted her the most and that she has let him down so badly. Disha is shattered to hear this from her father and keeps mum, unable to say anything at the moment. Suhas then tells Disha that she is unlucky for everyone and that she eclipses every happiness that comes to their family. Inder and Gautam are shocked to hear this, but are not able to say anything at that moment. Anupam goes to Vijendra's room and tries to tell him what Inder had told him, but Vijendra is so upset that he tells Anupam to leave. He says that he did not have much expectation from Inder and Gautam, but he had trusted Disha more than his life and he cannot believe that she had lied to him on such a big issue.

DK and his assistant Raj are shown celebrating in DK's Office. Raj gleefully tells DK that now they have Vijendra's house with them and that they can pressurise Disha into doing anything. DK tells Raj that he is overeager about everything, but then breaks into a rare and unexpected grin and says that it is actually time to celebrate. Raj brings him a drink and they cheer. DK then says to Raj that since now they have control over Vijendra's house and business, Disha will have to pay up for her arrogance and now she will come to him in desperation and tears. He then says that Disha will have to agree on whatever he puts across to her. Raj wonders what his boss is upto.

The next day at the Bhonsale house, Disha is seen sitting along in the Verandah and crying to herself thinking about what her father has said to her. Inder calls her up and tells her not to cry and says that he is coming over to her and is going to tell the truth to Vijendra. Disha does not reply to anything and just keeps the phone down. Inder is very upset.

Vijendra is sitting alone in the garden thinking about what will happen to his business and house when Suhas comes to him and convinces him to have his breakfast. Vijendra very reluctantly agree to have food. Disha is serving breakfast, when Vijendra comes to the table, when she serves water to him he walks away. Suhas is furious with Disha and says that why is she after their family's happiness and why doesn't she leave them alone. Ranu is very upset over seeing her sister humilated like this in front of everyone. She tries to pacify Disha, but Disha breaks down and walks away to her room.

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