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Thursday September 9, 2004

Show starts when DK notices girl that looks like Disha from the back. He goes right behind her and hesitates for a few seconds, then taps her shoulder. The girl turns out and he is surprised to see its someone else. He apologizes.

Inder and Gautum are still waiting for Disha to get ready and Inder says that all they need is an appointment with Dushyant (DK), then they will get their chance.

Meanwhile at the disco, there is a promotional party going on for DK's company. DK and the disco owner are standing on a higher level. The disco owner tells DK to come and join the party, but DK is not interested.

Gautum and Inder are fully confident that they will get the contract as Disha comes in wearing a black suit. Gautum jokes about what Disha is wearing, and she says she wears what she wants.

At the disco, Sonyia unsuccessfully tries to get DK to join the party. Shw vows she will get him to join her.

Disha, Inder, and Gautum arrive at the disco. Disha stands at the entrance, and is very hesitant to enter, but Inder drags her in.
She tells Inder and Gautum to go enjoy themselves, she will be alright. So Inder and Gautum go to the dance floor. Disha is clearly uncomfortable being there and Inder keeps looking at her. Gautum asks him whats wrong and Inder says maybe he should bring Disha to the dance floor. Gautum says that will never happen. So Inder and Gautum make a bet that Inder can get Disha to dance with him in 10 minutes. If he does, Gautum must dance with the girl Inder chooses.

Inder goes to Disha and tells her to come and dance with him. She says no, and he says then he will go and dance with someone else. Disha says thats fine and that she is very uncomfortable. Inder looks back at Gautum, who points at his watch as the time is ticking. Inder gets ticked and tells Disha that Gautum was right, it was a mistake to bring her and that she has spoiled his entire mood, and leaves, leaving Disha hurt and not knowing what to do. Gautum tells Inder he knew she would not come, and Inder tells him he still has 5 minutes. Disha watches Inder for a while and finally comes onto the dance floor and asks him to dance with her. Gautum is shocked and Inder is vvveerryy happy. Inder tells Gautum he lost the bet and points out the girl who he must dance with, who happens to be Sonyia.

DK is watching from above and is about to leave, when he sees Disha. Gautum goes to Sonyia and introduces himself, while Sonyia completely ignores him. Then she notices DK looking at her, and decides to make him jealous by asking Gautum to dance with her. So DK is continually looking from Sonyia to Disha as Sonyia is gettign vvverrryy happy because she thinks he is only looking at her.

He finally sets his eyes on Disha and leaves. Sonyia glances again and notices DK is gone, but finds him now on the side of the dance floor and she gets excited. Yet DK is only watching Disha. Sonyia looks to see who DK is looking at and is shocked to see its Disha. Meanwhile, Inder and Disha are dancing together. Disha waves to Gautum and he waves back. Sonyia asks him who that girl is and he tells her that Disha is his sister. She says they dont resemble each other. Disha and Inder are still dancing and different guys keep bumping into her, much to the annoyance of Inder. Finally, he shoves the last guy away and drags Disha off the dance floor. DK is watching them very closely and is about to go to them when he is stopped by Sonyia.

Meanwhile outside, Disha is asking why Inder stopped her when she had finally begun to enjoy herself. Inder is furious and tells her that the guys there kept bumping into her. Disha says guys will be guys. Inder is even more furious and asks her when has she become so bold. Disha just keeps smiling and tells him it was because of him that she even went on the dance floor. It was him who forced her to dance and even became angry at her when she refused. Inder is caught speechless and asks her whether she did all this just to teach him a lesson, as Disha just keeps smiling.

She is leaving and Inder is about to go with her when his phone rings. Its ranu. She asks why he hasnt called and he says hes been busy. She mentions she tried to get a hold of Disha, but could not because of bad reception. They talk about the rishtaa and still Inder does not figure out that he is gonna be marrying Ranu :roll:..

Meanwhile, Disha is waiting for Inder when DK approaches her. She is very uncomfortable as he asks her if they can talk. She says ok and he asks whether they can go to the lobby. Disha is becoming more uncomfortable and looks around for Inder. DK asks her if they can go for some coffee then and they can talk there. Disha refuses. DK tells her he wishes for her to be a model for his company, which Disha flatly refuses. DK is about to give her his card, as well as tell his company's name, but again she refuses. She is about to leave when her dupatta is caught. She turns around and slaps DK :shock: as she thinks he grabbed it. DK is furious as Disha said that is the consequences for such people. She is about to leave again when her dupatta gets caught again. She swerves angrily around again to yell at him when she notices that her dupatta was actually caught on the bush. She is shocked and wishes to apologize, but DK is gone. She looks very ashamed and keeps looking for DK, but he is gone. Inder comes and asks her what is the matter, and that they should hurry as Gautum is looking for them. He leaves, leaving Disha alone as she is so confused on what to do.


The latest Update on Tumhari Disha....episode 10

DK is sitting in his Office and thinking about the incident at the Hotel where Disha had slapped him. Meanwhile his assistant comes in and says that he has not been able to locate the girl whose photo DK had liked and hence he is resgining from his post. DK tells him that the girl is staying in the same hotel and asks him to find out why has she come here. The assistant (I think his name his Raj) calls up Disha and tells her that DK is ready to see them for the presentation. Inder, Gautam and Disha are elated and go for the presentation. When the three of them are sitting in the conference room, DK comes in (Inder and Gautam are facing DK when he enters), Disha swerves to wish him and is shocked to see DK as she remembers he is the guy whom she had slapped. DK does not show any sign of recognizing her and very cooly tells them to begin the presentaion. Disha is at her wits end and totally messes up the presentation. DK tells them that they should come back when they are better prepared for the presentation and leaves even as Inder and Gautam are left bewildered by Disha's blunder. Inder and Gautam start blaiming Disha and tell her that she should not have committed herself to the presentation if she wasn't sure of herself. Disha starts telling them about the incident in the Hotel when DK's assistant comes and tells them that the contract is theres. Inder and Gautam are totally elated while Disha is perplexed.

Disha, Inder and Gautam are celebrating their success, but Disha is not able to enjoy with them as she keeps thinking about the hotel incident. She walks out of the restaurant and goes into her room where her other self tells her to go and apologize to DK for her misbehaviour. Disha goes to meet DK late at night and apologizes for the slap. DK just listens to her without any reaction. Disha says that she will repay his favour (of awarding the contract to their company) in any which way she can. As she is leaving, DK tells her that there is one way in which she can repay him and as Disha looks on shocked, he makes her an indecent proposal...as in he tells her to model for his company...wearing just jewels and (gulp) nothing else. (I thought that this was the moment where Disha should have actually slapped him!!!) He gives her the contract papers for the modelling assignment and tells her to sign it or else he will take away the contract from her. (I really liked this scene, because this is where DK's shrewdness comes across clearly...he deliberatly awards the contract to them so that when the contract is taken away from them, they will be totally shattered) Disha sits alone somewhere and keeps thinking about how important this contract is to her family as they are in heavy debt and only this contract will help them regain their business back. She thinks about it and goes back to DK, who asks her what she has decided. She refuses to do the assignment as she tells DK that even though this contract will mean a lot to her family it won't be more than her family's honour. She tears away the contract and throws it on him. DK tells her that she will have to come back to him when she has to face the realities of life (as he is aware of the state of affairs of Disha's family business). Disha walks away as DK looks on.

episode 11

Disha, Inder and Gautam leave from Kanaka City towards their home. Inder and Gautam are very elated as they have got the proposal and are busy chatting away about how good it will be for their Company. Disha is very subdued and does not join them in their conversation. Inder insists upon Disha to tell them what is bothering her. She tells him to stop the Car and recounts the entire incident with DK in his Office. Inder and Gautam are shocked and decide that they will not do the project with Kanaka at Disha's cost. Gautam tells them that they should not mention this to anyone at home since everyone is busy preparing for Inder and Disha's engagement and that they can tell them after the ceremony is over. Disha is not in favour of this but she agrees after Inder and Gautam insist on this.

When they reach home, there is a party going on in honour of getting the Kanaka Contract, everyone is really happy. Disha is very depressed and starts to tell the truth of her father, but Ranu butts in and takes Disha way to her room. Inder calls up Disha and tells her that it is a very happy day for him as he is going to be officially engaged to Disha and tells her to cheer up. Disha decks up for the party and goes with Ranu.

Vijendra and Anupam (Disha and Inder's father's) then make an announcement that they are going to become in-laws from today onwards. They announce the engagement of Inder with Ranu. Inder, Gautam and Disha are shocked. Inder is wisked away to the podium to stand with Ranu and Disha tries to control her tears.


episode 12

After the marriage of Inder and Ranu is announced, Inder tries to protest, but no one seems to hear him. Ranu forces him to meet her friends, but he is very rude to her. Ranu as usual does not take the hint! Gautam tries to tell Ranu the truth, but Disha stops him from doing so. Disha then goes to her room and breaks down. Inder comes looking for her and tells her to stop crying. He says that he loves her and not Ranu and that he is going to tell this to everyone. Disha tells him that Ranu loves him and she doesn't want her heart to break. Inder says that he doesn't care a damn for Ranu and that he has always loved Disha and is going to marry her. Disha tries to stop him but Inder is furious and goes to the party to announce that he is in love with Disha and is going to marry her.

Suhasini hears this conversation and comes to the room and emotinally blackmails Disha by telling her that if Inder tells the truth to everyone, then Ranu will sacrifice her love for Disha as she loves Disha immensely. Disha is overcome by what Suhasini says and tells her that she will never come in the way of Ranu's happiness.

Inder announces at the party that he has something to say, everyone looks at him, as he is going to say that he won't marry Ranu, Disha takes the mike away from him saying that if he wants to announce something, he will have to throw a party and say that. Inder is frustrated and looks at Disha begging her to let him tell everyone the truth. But Disha does't let him do so.

In the next scene, Ranu is telling Disha how happy she is that she and inder are getting married and that she has always been in love with him. Disha tries hard to fight back her tears and tells her that Ranu will have all her dreams fulfilled.

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------

I kind found Inder to be a sissy till now, but after watching yesterday's episode, I really liked the way he supports his love for Disha even though she does not let him speak his mind! The way the story is progressing, I think that Disha will have to end up marrying DK so that Inder will have no option but to marry Ranu! Poor Disha, I really felt bad for her when she breaks down in her room in front of Inder and then her mother (who is quite a bitch, I must say!!!) Chhavi Mittal who plays Disha acts really well, she is quite a natural. She looks very pretty and feminine at times and quite ordinary sometimes.

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