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once again my thanks to navirae from bollyteens
episode 5 - September 1, 2004

Show begins with Disha thinking about Inder and then to Ranu also thinking about Inder and how he beat up the guy for her.

Meanwhile, DK is lifting weights when the guy who showed him the pic of Disha comes in and thinks about how to tell DK that he was thrashed trying to take those pictures. He tells DK that taking more pictures of the girl would be difficult, if not impossible, and its not even certain that the girl would agree if they did meet her. DK gets extremely angry and attempts to get up, and when the guy helps, he pushes his hands away and says he can get up himself (for those who dont watch, he cannot walk on his own because of one of his legs). He looks at the treadmill and vows that one day he will run on it.

Its early morning and Disha comes in to Ranu's room only to find that Ranu is not there. Disha begins to panick as Ranu didnt tell anyone where she went.

Ranu is at temple and says that even though there is a puja at her house today, she doesnt want to ask something in front of everyone, so she came here. She says all she wants is Inder, and if Inder responds positively to her letter, then she will fast for 14 days.

Inder is in his room when he notices the letter in his files. He is about to reach for it, when he knocks over a glass of milk there (extremely clumsy fellow, no?) and spills it all over his files and the letter. He goes for the letter, but because of the milk, the ink is all messed up and he cant read a thing.

Disha once again enters Ranu's room and really begins to panick because Ranu is still not home and everyone thinks she is still asleep. The mother comes in and scolds Disha for not giving medicine to her dad on time...Ranu comes in and Aai reminds her that there is a puja today and not to make other plans. Ranu tells her that Disha has already instructed her on that and please not to do so again. Aai gets pretty angry and leaves. Disha grabs Ranu's ears and asks her where has she been as she was worried sick. Ranu tells her she went to the temple. Disha is amazed and asks if its about her secret "Rain Man". Ranu smiles and says yes. Disha wants to know when she will meet him, and Ranu says that once her wish comes true, she will introduce Disha to her "rain man".

Inder and his father have breakfast together as Inder's dad says he knows Inder is in love and to whom. He begins giving clues, but when he gets to the girl's name, Inder stops him, as he thinks his dad already knows its Disha. Inder's dad asks if he should talk to the family about the rishtaa, but Inder is quite embarrasses and the dad says they should, as they have to go there anyways for the puja.

They arrive and meet aai. She tells them she held this puja for the children. They meet the rest of the family and Ranu and Disha come downstairs....Inder looking at Disha and his dad looking at Ranu. When the puja starts, Inder's dad talks to Ranu and tells her he knows that it is she who Inder loves and pretty much tells her that she will be his future daughter-in-law...Ranu is very happy.
During the puja, Inder closes his eyes and tells Disha that she looks beautiful, only to find that Ranu is standing there...hes embarassed again.
After the puja, the dad has two announcements. First he calls his wife, Suhasine to him and tells her that he knows she sacrificed alot for him and that he wants to thank her for being with him all this time by taking her on a world tour. His second announcement is that he is retiring, which does not go well for everyone. Yet he says he will always be there to help the children. He announces that he wishes Disha to be the company's official designer, which shocks everyone. Then he announces that Disha and Gautum will be partners of the company...which shocks everyone even more...especially the mother...ep ends
episode 6: Thursday Sept. 2, 2004

Show begins at the puja. Sushasini is furious about Vijeyandra's decision. Her sister-in-law comes to her and tells her that now Disha has also become the heir to not only their company but soon to their property as well.

Everyone else congratulates her as Ranu teases her that she now she can get more pocket money from her. Vijayendra notices Sushasini upset and walks to her and asks her what she thinks of his decision, but she does not answer and looks upset. Disha, as well as everyone else notices this and also are concerned. Sushasini leaves and everyone gets even more upset, especially Disha.

While driving home, Inder's dad is looking upset and Inder asks whats wrong. Inder's dad says it isnt that he doubts Disha's capability, but she should not be partner of the company. Inder is confused as to how his dad can say that, and that Disha will do fine. His dad still looks upset and Inder asks whats really wrong and again his dad dismisses it, saying he was thinking of the puja. Inder tells his dad that he noticed aai's attitude and did not like it. Inder also mentions how aai's behaviour is so different between Disha and Ranu. To Disha, she is very indifferent and with Ranu, she is normal, as if Disha isnt even her daughter. Inder dad gets a little upset on hearing that and again dismisses it, saying that parents usually always pamper the youngest child. Inder's dad looks even more upset and Inder asks what is wrong. Yet Inder's dad just states that he is just upset because he didnt get a chance to say his announcement, which Inder replies he is happy because he doesnt want to talk about the marriage too soon.

Ranu is combing her hair and thinks back to when Inder's dad told her that she will not have to call him uncle for long and has figured out why their were so many calls from this house on Inder's mobile. He tells her he knows they like each other...Ranu smiles...

Sushasini (aai) goes into her room and is very upset. She thinks about what her sister-in-law said about how Disha is going to be the heir of the company and the Bhosale property. She thinks to herself that she will never let this happen.

Meanwhile, DK gets a phone call from a girl named Sonyia, who tells him that Singapore (or was it Sweden?) is very nice, but she misses India and will be there soon. DK isnt too pleased. She apologizes for calling him because she knows he doesnt like being called on Sundays. She also says she misses him very much and asks if he misses her, to which DK does not answer.

At the jewelry shop where Disha, Inder and Ranu were the day before, the guy who works for DK comes by and tells the owner that he will be rewarded if he can give him some information. He asks the address for the girl who came yesterday who was very innocent looking and was wearing suit. The owner plays along and repeats what the guy described her as...the guy gets excited and says yes yes...only to be met with a smack from the owner and threat that he will get the police's address instead. The guy is back at his house and wonders what is he going to do.

Disha and Gautum are talking and Disha is very hesitant about being a partner of the company as she has no experience. She requests Gautum to take responsibility of the company alone. Gautum is shocked and asks why she is behaving this way, as this is not her. He also says that her dad probably took alot of thought into it and knows that she can do it. Disha says that Ranu has also almost completed college and that very soon she cant handle the business. Gautum asks her what is wrong if she takes responsibility until then? He tells her that everyone will be there to help and not to worry, she will not disappoint anyone. Disha is still upset.

Sushasini is in bed and Vijeyandra comes in and asks her what she thinks of his announcement, and that he was right. Sushasini says, no he isnt right. Vijeyandra looks confused and asks her she isnt happy about the world tour, then? She gets angry and tells him that she doesnt like his announcement about Disha. Vijeyandra looks confused and asks what did Disha do? Sushasini says that it is time to get Disha married. Yet he says that Disha is still too young for marriage and that there is plenty of time. She tells him when Disha and Ranu were children, he said that they should not differentiate kids, so she didnt. When he gave Disha Ranu's room, she did not say anything. When he insisted that Disha go to Ranu's school, she again didnt say anything and let them both have equal education. But now he is making Disha his heir and she does not agree with that and tells him she does not support his decision and that he better change it. Vijeyandra looks hurt and goes to her and asks her why she treats Disha like that, as Disha thinks of them as her parents, and that they should treat her equally. He also tells Sushasini that she should forget the past . This makes her even more angry and she tells him she knew he would say this. She says she will never forget what happened in the past and she will not let Disha steal Ranu's destiny. Vijeyandra tells her Disha will do no such thing, but Sushasini gets mad and leaves.

Disha is sleeping and is having a dream of a child running and a man chasing after him. A truck is coming and hits the child. Disha wakes up and is scared. She looks at the pic of Sushasini and her and Ranu as children and is confused.

The next morning, Vijeyandra is getting dressed and Disha comes in. She asks him whether she ever got into an accident when she was a child. Vijeyandra gets furious and asks her how she could say that and who told her such a thing. Disha tells him to calm down as she was just curious and tells him of her dream. Vijeyandra gets a bit relieved and tells her that she should not be having such dreams, and should be having sweet dreams. He tells her she had no accidents.

Sushasini comes in and scolds Disha as to where is breakfast. Disha says everything is ready and begins to leave. Vijeyandra stops her and tells her that she should start focusing on the company, to which Sushasini is very angry. Disha notices this and tells her dad that she doesnt feel that she is qualified and that Inder and Gautum both got MBA's. Vijeyandra tells her that he is asking her to be a creative designer, and that requires talent, which she has. Disha keeps looking at Aai and trying to get out of it, but Vijeyandra is adamant. Disha reluctantly agrees and leaves. Sushasini also begins to leave when Vijeyandra asks her if she told Disha anything. Sushasini says she didnt tell her anything. Vijeyandra tells her that Disha dreamed of the accident that happened 16 years ago. Sushasini is very upset and asks him how dare he thinks that she told Disha about that accident, and as to why he always thinks she is against Disha. Vijeyandra says he is sorry as he is still upset about last night and tries to comfort her, yet she is very angry at him. He tells her he is sorry and finally she lets her comfort her and he leaves. Sushasini is clearly upset...
finally got everyone's name so here are the list of names, as well as the episode for today!

Disha Bhosale - lead, eldest daughter
Vijeyandra Bhosale - father of Disha and Ranu
Sushasini (Aai) - mother to Ranu and Disha
Ranu - youngest daughter of Vijeyandra and Sushasini
Inder - Vijeyandra's friend son; in love with Disha
Sukanya - Vijeyandra's sister-in-law
Hrishikesh - Vijeyandra's brother
Grandfather - dont know his name
Gautum - Sukanya and Hrishikesh's son
Anupam - Inder's dad
DK Saigal - owner of Kanaka Empire

episode 7: Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Show starts the next morning. Sukanya, Hrishikesh, and Ranu are having breakfast. Sukanya gets mad and yells for Suman (servant), who did not make the tea the way she liked it. Disha comes running in and apologizes and tells her Suman probably made a mistake and has already told her to make another cup. Sukanya tells her now that she has responsibility in the business, she has stopped bothering in the kitchen. The grandfather comes in and yells at Sukanya, as this is no way to talk to Disha. He tells her to sit down quietly and eat breakfast, and if she wants things her own way, then to make it herself. Sukanya is furious and Disha leaves.
Vijeyandra and Sushasini come in and sit for breakfast. Hrishikesh jokes with Vijeyandra as he asks what he told Sukanya about the world tour because now she is forcing him to go on a tour of India. Sukanya gets furious and tells him that it would be enough if he could just take her to the nearest temple. Everyone laughs. Disha comes in and Sushasini is still upset. Gautum also comes in. Hrishikesh says that if it werent for Disha, Gautum would never be seen around the house and would be eating pizza everyday. Hrishikesh asks Disha if she is comming to office today. Disha looks at Sushasini, who is looking upset, and says not today. Vijeyandra tells her if she isnt coming, to at least get the details of the presentation from Inder and Gautum.
Grandfather also jokes that if not for Disha, even Ranu would not be seen until noon. Ranu says its cause she studies hard all night. Again, Hrishikesh teases Sukanya and she gets angry again and questions whether he thinks she is afraid of Disha? Disha looks very uncomfortable as Hrishikesh says that is not what he meant. Vijeyandra quickly tells her that what Hrishikesh means is that Disha always tries to get them to eat together, as a family who eats together, stay together. Grandfather says thats exactly what grandmother said as he smiles at Disha.
Sushasini is still upset and thinks back to the previous night where Vijeyandra told her that Disha thinks of them as her parents and that she loves and even respects them, and that they should love as that much as well, they are destined to be together, and to forget the past. Back to the present, Sushasini notices Vijeyandra looking at her and he looks away. Sushasini smiles and says that now they have to look after the business. Everyone is happy and Sushasini wishes Disha luck. Disha is very happy, and everyone is also, except for sister-in-law, Sukyana. Sushasini glances at Vijeyandra, who looks happy, and tells Disha to come and sit next to her, as Disha gets more happy and sits with her. Sushasini (aai) serves her food and everyone is happy

Inder's dad, Anupam, is talking to Gautum and telling him that even though Vijeyandra has retired, they should still work according to his wishes. Gautum tells him that they cant work without his experience and guidance. Vijeyandra comes in and apologizes for being late, and asks where is Inder. Anupam tells him that he is in the car. Vijeynadra asks how he is and sense he is upset, so tells Gautum to go wait with Inder. Vijeyandra then apologizes for the decision, as he did not discuss it with Anupam...he just wanted happiness and knew that they would get happiness in seeing their children succeed. Anupam agrees and tells him his decision was good and he is proud of him. They get ready to leave and Vijeyandra tells him that he fixed a meeting for the kids.

Disha is paxking for the presentation as she gets the pic of Aai and her and Ranu as kids and smiles. She continues packing as Ranu comes in and tells her she learned from Aai that Disha is going out for a few days, and hopes she enjoys herself. She tries to help packing, but looks mad at what Disha is taking. She tells Disha why is she taking her old clothes, and Disha says she is comfortable in them. Ranu tells her she is going to do a presentation for the "Hot" (her words, not mine :wink: ) DK Saigal, and she should look nice. Disha says that DK is not going to be looking at her, but the presentation. Ranu leaves and comes back with a dress and tells her this is what corporate dressing looks like. Disha questions her as to how she knows what corporate dressing looks like if she isnt even interested in that stuff. Ranu says she gets them from magazines and says whether you know anything or not, the dress makes a huge difference.

Disha takes the dress. She tells Ranu to take care of everything while she is away. Ranu says that the house can take care of itself. Disha gets upset and says that she knows there arent any kids, but still..Ranu tells her she is only going for 2 days to Kanaka city, and to relax. Disha says who will wake Ranu up then? Ranu says she is grown up and can wake up herself. Disha smiles and tells her its just that she has never left home before. The two hug and Disha again asks about Ranu's "rain man"...Ranu tells her that she will be the first to know, when the time is right.

Inder's dad is mad because they are getting late, as Inder is still getting ready. Inder's phone begins to ring, but by the time Inder's dad gets the phone, there is one missed call...its from the Bhosale residence, as Anupam smiles.

Disha is praying and saying she is very scared and to support her and her family and that she trusts him.

Vijeyandra is on the phone when Disha comes in. He asks if Inder is here, she says no, but he is coming. He wishes her luck. Aai also comes in and wishes her luck. Disha says all she needs is their blessing, and Vijeyandra tells her she has it. Aai tells her that her father trusts her alot and not to let him down. Vijeyandra assures her Disha will not.

Inder, Gautum, and Disha are driving to Kanaka city and the music is very loud. Disha is trying to look through her files, but keeps losing concentration and tells them to put the music down. Inder and Gautum just shake their head and ignore her. She asks them if they think they are going on a picnic or something. Inder says shes acting as if she is going for an exam as he and Gautum laugh. She says she will see whether they will be laughing during the presentation. Gautum says that they will win this time.

Inder's dad (Anupam) is at the Bhosale residence as Aai brings him tea. He asks whether she is missing Disha, and she says yes, as Ranu is always in her room all day studying and talking on the phone. Anupam's face lights up as he tells her that inder too is the same, as he is always on the phone...he tells aai that he thinks that Inder and Ranu are talking to each other. Aai gets shocked and asks Inder and Ranu? She is very happy, and he tells her not to tell anyone. He will wait for Inder to come and confess to everyone. Anupam says that Ranu will be his daughter-in-law, as Aai is overjoyed.

DK Saigal is sitting, as Sonyia comes from jogging. She sees him staring at his support stick (ha ha..bad at vocab) She asks if he is still adamant about walking, and he tells her if he wasnt adamant, his empire would not be here. Sonyia says she is not interested in his empire and asks what are his plans for the evening. He tells her he has work. She gets mad and tells him she came all the way from India to see him and he isnt even interested in her. He tells her she knows how he is and gets up and leaves. She thinks "No, DK, i dont know you" and that it is difficult to know him.

Ranu looks in the mirror and starts combing her hair. Suddenly Inder appears as Ranu gets excited. He touches her on the shoulder, but when she looks back, she sees its just Aai. Aai asks what she was thinking, about Inder right? Ranu is surprised and just smiles. Aai asks her why she never told her, as Anupam Bhai has told her everything. Ranu and aai hug and aai says she is very happy for her. Aai leaves and Ranu jumps up and down and thanks god for everything. She decides to call Disha.

Disha picks up and hearing Ranu, asks her if everything is ok at home. Inder jokes as how the house can be fine if Ranu is there. Both he and Gautum begin to laugh. Disha is getting annoyed as the reception is bad as well. But things clear up and Ranu tells her to guess who her rain man is...Disha does not understand and Ranu tells her....who is the god of rain? Lord Inder....Disha is still confused as Ranu says "Inder"!!! Disha is completely shocked and stares as Inder, as Ranu is pouring her heart out to Disha...and Disha can only look shocked. End of Ep.
episode 8: Wednesday Sept. 8, 2004

We return to Disha and Ranu's phone call and learn that Disha did not hear a word of Ranu's confession and they lose reception. Disha gets very irritated and tells Gautum to turn down the radio, as she is having enough of a difficult time hearing the phone call..Gautum tells her its no use cause the network is very bad here. Disha says "oh" and that she didnt realize it. Inder jokes that it is this type of person who were entrusting our company and presentation to. Disha says she will see who does wonders during the presentation. She also says that they are doing wonders right now, as they are half and hour late for their appointment. Gautum tells her its her fault cause she isnt letting them drive fast. Disha tells them ok, but stop blaming her.
She tells them she has very interesting news. Gautum jokes if its that there was too much salt in the curry yesterday, as both Inder and Gautum begin laughing and Disha giving them a cold stare. Gautum apologizes and asks her whats up. She tells them that Ranu is in love. They both are shocked and ask who, but she says she does not know and hoped one of them knew. Gautum says he knows who it is. Disha gets excited and asks whether she knows him...he says only by name...Disha gets more excited and asks who...Gutuam replies "Dustin Hoffman, from the movie Rain Man" and both he and Inder begin laughing again.

Inder tells Disha he remembers how she punished him on the terrace once and Disha tells him to be quiet, as she does not want Gautum to know about them. He looks in the mirror and apologizes, and asks Gautum whether they should call Kanaka. Gautum says not to worry, as this is India, and its normal to be 1-2 hours late in Indian Standard Time. Disha prays nothing goes wrong. Meanwhile, Inder is not paying attention to the road and does not see the car coming right at them. Gautum and Disha scream and Inder just barely dodges the car. They stop at the side and Inder apologizes.

Ranu is trying to call Disha, but is unsuccessful. Shes disappointed as she wanted to hear Disha's reaction and know whether or not she told Inder yet. She sees Aai behind her and tells her that she wanted to tell Disha, but cant get through. Aai is overjoyed that this is happening. Ranu tells her she cannot believe that God helped her so quickly and Aai is surprised to hear she went to temple. Ranu tells her she went for the first time on the day of the puja and is gonna go again today. She runs off and bumps into Sukanya (Vijeyandra's sister-in-law). Sukanya tells Sushasini (aai) that Ranu looks so happy and Sushasini hopes that she will always be happy. Sukanya tells her that Ranu is destined for happiness.

Gautum has gone for a mechanic and Disha and Inder are waiting. Disha is not looking or talking to Inder, and he apologizes again. She asks him what would she do if something had happened to him as he is her life. They hug and he tells her she is his life and that they'll be together. Gautum comes and Disha and Inder quickly separate. Gautum notices they look a bit too happy and asks whether he came at a bad time.

At the company, the receptionist refuses to let them in, as they are a whole 2 hour late and that they cannot have another appointment for a month. Disha pleads with her to at least let them talk to DK on the phone. The receptionist refuses but tells them that if an appointment is cancelled for next week and if DK wants to see their presentation, then she will give it to them. They are happy.

Dk meanwhile is absorbed in watching the pics of Disha on his computer (kinda psychotic looking). Sonyia comes in and notices him staring at the pics. She says that ever since she has come, she has noticed that he is too busy with that girl's pictures. Dk asks her what she thinks of the girl, and Sonyia says shes ordinary looking, and why, whats so special about her? DK tells her that this girl will be their new model for their newest brand, which totally shocks Soniya. She is even more shocked when DK says that he has never seen such a divine face.

Meanwhile, Gautum and Inder are checking them in to a hotel. Inder scolds Gautum for telling them that it was ok if they were 1-2 hours late, and Gatum apologizes. They see Disha very upset and go to her and ask what is wrong. She tells them that their father has trusted them a company and they could not do a small task of coming on time. Gautum tells him that it wasnt their fault as the car broke down, but Disha dismisses it saying that they were already late. Gautum tells them that they should stay here for a week. Disha cant believe what he saying, and Inder tells her that they too are disappointed about the appointment and to relax. She tells them that if they keep carrying on this light attitude, then they will neither get the appointment or the contract. She keeps going on about how her dad will feel if he learns about it. Gautum tells her that they will just tell him that DK postponed their appointment and that he will understand. Disha says she cannot start a task with a lie. Inder says everything will be alright, but Disha is still upset and leaves.

Ranu is at temple and thanks god for doing everything so quickly. She also thanks him on behalf of Inder and says that since everything happened so quickly, she will fast for 18 days rather than 14 days.

Gautum is getting ready to go out and tells Inder to hurry. He notices Inder left his wallet out and gets angry as Inder never takes care of his stuff. He is about to close it when he sees a pic of Disha (personally, this pic is as un-Disha as it gets...she has a bit more revealing attire). He is shocked and goes to see Disha. He asks her to tell him the truth about her and Inder. She tells them that they are in love and Gautum is very happy, much to the surprise of Disha. She asks how he knew and he shows her the pic. Shes surprised and tries to get the pic from him, but he runs off, as he is gonna corner Inder next.

Meanwhile, Inder's phone is ringing, and since Gatum is not there, Inder comes out (with only a towel :shock: )
Its his dad. He tells him about what happened and Inder's dad says its ok, and also tells him that he told Sushasini everything and she has given permission for Inder to romance her daughter. Inder is very happy and decides to tell Disha. He is leaving (in only his towel again :shock: ) when Gautum walks in with a serious face and asks him where is he going like that. Inder tries to get by, but Gautum shows him the pic and tells him how he could do this, and that he has broken their trust. Inder is looking devastated, as Gautum cant take it anymore and smiles and tells him that he is happy for him and that he will tell everyone at home. Inder says that they already know as Disha comes in (he has put on a shirt but still has the towel on), and she cant believe that everyone knows. Gautum decides its time to celebrate and they should go out for disco. Cue Disha's reaction, as she is not remotely thrilled. Inder sees this and tries to get out of it. Gautum says that its either disco or nothing. Disha finally agrees and goes to change. Gautum jokes that they should just leave her here and bring food for her later, as Inder gives him a mean look.

Meanwhile, DK has entered the hotel and sees a girl (who is looking away from him) who looks like Disha as DK is looking shocked....ep end 

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