Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi Dec 6 Update

jammy Goldie

Joined: 28 September 2004
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Posted: 06 December 2004 at 10:53am | IP Logged

       The Daily Dose of Comment , Todays episode can be named Jassi goes to psychiatrist  LOL. Seriously these guys cant even copy from the original script. Also There were alot of unwanted scenes thanks to them trying to strech the show.

Todays Episode.

 It starts from jassi's shocked look, Armaan looks at her and informs her to not to worry as he just said it so that she feels comfortable with him and she shouldnt worry . Armaan tells jassi that he brought her here so that she can talk to him and that he is her friend. Armaan tells jassi that he has something special for her that will make her smile. Jassi (Ok here she is annorying again crying!!!) She tells him that she is doesnot deserves all this because she is udly thats why, armaan tells her its not so, jassi tells him that she knows what she is saying and she tells did you say how the gaurd behaved with her, it was because of her looks, She says the gaurd must not be used to watching you coming here with ugly girls like her. Armaan tells her that she is not ugly, Jassi tells him that god hasnot given her good looks but he has given her good brains(Yeah right! Please dont disappoint God and use your brains). We are then taken to mallika and pari in her car, mallika tells pari that what is she doing with armaan why is she behaving so irractically with him, mallika is worried as to why she always behaves so insecure with him and why does she feels that she will loose him. pari tells mallika that she isnt doing anything wrong because armaan is going to meet someone behind her back and thats why she is so insecure, and pari tells mallika not to behave like a typical middle class girl in love. mallika tells her that she is not middle class but yes she is a girl in love and she loves only and only armaan. In the house armaan tells jassi that he doesnot thinks that she is ugly, and thats why he brought her here to make her know that those who know her dont think so about her and that he has never thought her to be ugly, and he knows that those who know her will think the same (now I am sure this is Purabs aatma in armaans body, I mean if I remmember it right then didnt armaan always dreamed of loving the horrible looking jassi in his nightmares!! )  she knows how she looks  he takes her to the dinner table. At the dinner table there all kind of stuffed toys (and I thought he cannot get anymore sweet!!!) Jassi inquires as to what this is sir is all this for her, Armaan tells her that no its for him because he is used to eating his dinner with these stuff toys. Jassi smiles , armaan is very happy to see her smiling , armaan pats his own back and say oh very good armaan suri atleast now jassi is smiling, jassi hears this and her smile fade's once again (Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop me from breaking my T.V). Armaan then tells oh chali gayi. At jassi's house Billu is very worried as to why jassi is late and he is standing at door, bebe tells amrit sarcastically that its true that the girls parents always need to worry about the girl, and then she tells billu not to get worried as jassi is a very responsible child and that she hasnt done anything worryfull till today (everyone needs armaan the psychiatrist, everybody seems to be forgetting past). Billu tells bebe that today jassi did a worryful thing she hasnt informed anyone where she is going and this is so late and he has even called bindyaa, and bindyaa is yet to call with the information. just then the phone rings and billu picks up the phone and he says hello bindyaa, its jassi she tells billu that its not bindyaa but its her and that she called to inform that she will get late and that she is with armaan sir, amraan looks from far her speaking with billu and is pleased about jassi taking permission from papaji.  Jassi tells billu that she is safe and they she is busy and will come late. billu suggests her that can he come to pick her up as she will get late jassi tells billu not to worry about her and that armaan sir will drop her home, armaan is again happy to hear that. Billu tells jassi to take care and hangs up the phone. Armaan tells jassi that he is very happy when he sees her talking to her papaji.

Armaan then straight out of blue asks her that jassi knows eveything about him but he doesnt know anything about her, jassi tells him as to why he is asking this, he tells her that he wants to know about her, (yeah and he will charge you by hour for it). Jassi tells him that she is afraid when somebody tries to come close to her or somebody tries to like her or love her because she knows that she is not made to be loved, armaan tells her that she can tell him everything because the walls of this house are like her friends and if he didnt treat her like a friend then he wouldnt have brought here. jassi tells armaan that she has been lin relationship with someone, thanks to a bet. Armaan tells her bet!! Jassi tells him how she was in school the most odd girl and that she was always sarcastically called the most beautiful girl and then one day a new boy came in the area . from here we go into flash back in the middle jassi keeps coming tell him story but most of it is flashback it seems that she is has also taken out the old jassi cloths from the closet Bandh gala types!! the group of the area is standing and jassi is shown walking towards them and then they intro her to the new guy samir and she says hi and then he shakes hands with him and is very shy to touch his hands and samir is shown smilling at her.  jassi then goes on saying how the guy used to come  to her house and woe  her with flowers and gifts we are shown this while jassi is speaking. she then says how billu was very insecure about her and how he used to be very protective about her as he thought her to be his princess, (scene) samir comes in home and billu is with bebe he tells her who is this intruder, bebe tells him that not to worry so much and that he is a very good friend of jassi and he is new. bebe tells billu not to worry and that they will just talk. samir and jassi are shown talking and billu leaves. Jassi then says that how she used to dream about samir and we are shown her drooling over his photo (right out of actors portfolio) jassi is telling how she thought she had found the love of her life, jassi tells armaan that how one day samir comes to her house (scene) samir comes to her house and tells her how difficult its for him to say this but he knows that even jassi has sensed this and that he loves her, jassi is very shy and she goes and stands at the window, samir goes and stands besides him and inquires does she feels the same, jassi doesnt says anything. samir says that if she cant say it then atleast she can hold his hand as a gesture of yes. Jassi very shyly catches his index finger (LOLLOLLOL Ok she is very little in love with him!!!). he then takes her both the hands in his hands and looks into her eyes. jassi is then shown talking to armaan sir , that day samir told me that he will take me to movie but he didnt came that evening and didnt came the next day and for many other days, armaan inquires as didnt she get to meet him, jassi says no that she even went to his house, scene jassi goes to someones door and rings the bell a women opens the door and jassi inquires about samir, the women rudely replies that samir is no longer there and she shouldnt come back again there inquiring about him. jassi is shocked even armaan is shocked, armaan tells jassi didnt you find him at all, jassi tells armaan that she did find one of his friends, scene jassi talks to a girl and inquires for samir, the girl replies to jassi that didnt she get it?? that she was being used, jassi is suprised and used for what, the girl says that she was a part of bet and now she should forget about samir, jassi asks the girl what bet what is she talking, the girl tells her that she doesnt has time to explain but it would be better if she forgot samir.

Armaan then asks her once again that did he never met you anywhere, jassi says that yes one day he did, and that he was standing with his friends, scene jassi goes towards samir and infornt of everyone asks samir as to why he is not getting in touch with her and what is everyone talking about them and she tells him what the girl said, samir doesnt replies but his friend does and he tells jassi that does she doesnt even has brains to understand? he tells her that thanks to her he has lost money to samir and then goes on to tell how samir made her his girlfriend just to win the bet and that she was insane to even think that a handsome (uggh!! redifining handsome) guy like samir would make her his g/f for someother reasons. jassi is shocked everybody laughs and then leaves jassi standing there. Jassi then informs armaan how she was in shock for so many days, armaan is angry as to how can he do it to her ( like you didnt do it!!). armaan then gets extra angry why you jassi,(yeah why you why not him, in that dress with maddy brought for himWink). He then goes on to say now he understands as to why billu is so protective about her and he asks her did she tell billu about this. jassi says no that she was very shocked and that happiness had left her for many days and she would stay in her room crying. scene jassi is crying and billu comes and hugs her (this hug looked more real than the hug armaan gives jassi later). jassi then says that billu didnt knew exactly what happened but he did understood her sadness and supported her, armaan then inquires maa(Confusedmaa!!), didnt maa knew about it , jassi says that maa didnt knew and only bebe knew about it and till date she hasnt asked bebe as to how she came to know about it. Armaan inquires for nandu, jassi says that she had informed nandu and that only he was the person who was her true friend and in him she confided everything and thats why like billu even nandu is very protective about her, armaan remarks yes and thats why initially nandu was very annoyed/anrgy on him.  jassi then tells armaan that she knows that somebody can only love her for some reason and not by his heart. there is always something that they want to gain when they would love her and for her love has always been a joke and that she knows that she will never be loved and thats why from that day she had promised her self that she will not love someone and not even be attracted to someone. Armaan just looks at her, jassi is crying (fresh supply from balaji!!) she then tells him that she will not get anylove in her life and she is crying and then armaan touches her shoulder and then hugs her (both actors look uncomfotable!!).

psychiatrist session ends there (bill 1500 Rs!!)

Edited by jammy - 06 December 2004 at 11:08am

FreshAir Groupbie

Joined: 07 July 2004
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Posted: 06 December 2004 at 11:02am | IP Logged

oh god oh god oh god.

Thanx for the update Jammy.. I just don't quite know if I should watch it tonight or wait for 2morrow's update.

I wonder if, come Thursday, Mallika will walk through the door with the same shocked expression she always has. Thats always the climax to any Armman-Jassi scene.

anitha.b IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 September 2004
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Posted: 06 December 2004 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Thanks Jammy

It is nice to see armaan so concerned and caring.
Even though it is kind of not digestable. Wink

But to show the care why did he have to bring her to Raj's place only...they could have even gone to a restaurant and spoke...why all that drama in Raj's place....is he cooking italian again?Wink

pujas Senior Member

Joined: 14 September 2004
Posts: 938

Posted: 06 December 2004 at 11:19am | IP Logged
So Jassi had totally forgotten about Purab. Remorse over some other guy and What about her heart break after Purab left her. I mean this doent make sense at all. A broken angagemnet didnt make a difference on anyones face in Jassi's House. I mean it is like they woke up and forgot abt it. I am so furious on Jassi.
cutereems IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 October 2004
Posts: 4891

Posted: 06 December 2004 at 11:20am | IP Logged

Thanks Jammy. nice update.

Why this sudden flashback??Confused 

from that day she had promised her self that she will not love someone and not even be attracted to someone.

To phir Armaan se jo Pyaar kiya vo kya hai.LOLLOLLOL 

Daisy Senior Member

Joined: 07 August 2004
Posts: 976

Posted: 06 December 2004 at 11:20am | IP Logged
The last scene was beautiful.
Jassi is inconsolable.She is crying desperately.Armaan's look is nothing but pain.You can almost see tears in his eyes.He comes close to Jassi...holds her arm tight..Before they realize,Jassi falls into his arms and he holds her...

Daisy Senior Member

Joined: 07 August 2004
Posts: 976

Posted: 06 December 2004 at 11:24am | IP Logged
It's so weird...Jassi seemed more hurt because of her school love-break than Purab.
Btw,was there a character similar to Samir in BLF and does Betty tell Armando abt him?
Welcome to the forum gr8smileyface. Smile
lakshmi_maruthi Goldie

Joined: 07 May 2004
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Posted: 06 December 2004 at 11:25am | IP Logged

thanks Jammy.. hmm.. yet another episode to drag the makeover..

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