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Life at 16... Note on Page 34 - IMP!!!!!! (Page 33)

~Sirius*Ysh~ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2007 at 7:00am | IP Logged

Originally posted by Naughty_n_nice

Wow!!! Lovely chapter!!! This line is lovely::

were not bereft of anything and he was able to see her true eye color… he had never realized that she had blue eyes… and her face sans makeup showed a new glow that day and the smile on her lips, subtle and so… inviting…

Especially the "bereft" part.. Omg, HIlly is just like me!!! Except that when i get calls on Sundays at that time, i just pick up n say "bye" Embarrassed Embarrassed

i can imagine LOL it was mostly u i had in mind wen i rote that LOLLOL

Really nice, coz i hope Ryan and Alex become good friends, then ... then more Wink

totally...bt i want the chemistry between them to b thre constantly if u knw wht i mean... a good mixture of both..

Ahahaaaaaaaaa, rhea is too cool... And Ratty seems hot LOL

rattys gonna sizzle the place up! trust me!!!

So long, farewell, i still want longer chapters!!! Big smile

well ill try Wink

-Jamesie LOL LOL LOL


Originally posted by SpoILed BraT

u updated!! yey!! i loved the chapter (wen do i not?)


feel bad for rhea tho... stuck with a snotty cuzin... haha

wait till u actually meet this cousin Big smile

ryan-alex! ryan-alex! ryan-alex! Wink

ur soo typical ROFLHug

update soon!! Big smile

will do so Blushing

Originally posted by Nitu

finally.... LOL LOL thank u , I was waiting for this for a loooooong time Embarrassed

awwwwHug sorry for the long wait Unhappy

I loved this chapter like I always do Embarrassed
bechari rhea LOL
waitng for ur next update Tongue Wink

will be soon now unt wry Big smile

Originally posted by Halshuu

Awww very cute chapter LOL LOL Loved the beach scenes, interspersed with the grumpy Rhea and grumpier Hilly's fone convo LOL LOL LOL

thankkieeeeHug i wanted the spotlight u knw a little more away from ryan alex bt still on them if u knw wht i mean Big smile 

I loved the ending Embarrassed Nice to leave it like that...as a cliff hanger-ish thingy LOL I know I should be like mad u left a cliffie but I'm not Wink

im lucky i coght u on such a nice day...b t no ur nt worried bout my cliffe wen ur too bz thinking bout DH LOL

Nice description of Alex through Ryan's eyes!

yea well i wanted dat Blushing

Now I know where the Harvard thingy popped in LOL LOL


Great chappy...though I think you'll not be posting anymre chapters..atleast for a few days

duuhhhh!!!! tht turned out to be a loonnggg few days Big smile

(Hint hint:You better post on this Saturday Wink LOL LOL ...it's a completely normal, boring day you know LOL )

i quite agreee :-"

Originally posted by coolniyu

~Sirius*Ysh~ wrote:

Rhea dialed Hilly's number and prayed that she would pick up. So what if it was a Sunday morning? She had better be available! After 15 rings a groggy hello sounded through the earpiece.

"Great you're awake now. Look I want you to be here in another half an hour because that's when ratty is arriving and no I am NOT meeting her all by myself and also now that I have to show her around the place I will be stuck with her for the whole day which I don't plan to be and therefore you will have to get dressed and come right over to help me out!" and that was Rhea's one sentence in one breath. There was a pause at the other end after she had finished talking.

"Uhmm wrong number!" was all she heard before Hilly hung up on her. And that left rhea fuming. How rude! She dialed Hilly's number again and this time she picked it up within 2 rings.

"Any call before 10 on a Sunday morning, especially those that involve in me having to wake up, is a wrong number. Good night!" said Hilly in a mechanical voice, making it sound like a recorded message.

Rhea glared at the receiver in her hand. It made her feel so nice to be surrounded by such loyal friends!


u had me laughing for so long thnx to this!!

aww Blushing u knw i lyk it wen ppl laff at wht i ryt Hug i mean if dey r intended to be laffed at Stern SmileStern Smile

but yeah..is it a direct hint, missy? Angry cos if it is im not gonna take it u kno LOL sleep is everyones birthright [-(

huhhhh it isnt cos #1 u dunt have a cell and #2 u dunt have a cell Smile

neway ryan alex were hot Embarrassed u nd ur cliffhangers :-L u do kno how mch i hate u fr them dont u [-(

yesh i do Blushing i luv dem too Blushing

cont soon Tongue

podi dog!

Mini786 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2007 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Missed ya loadsss!!
Well I caught up and read the chapters i missed...
and they were awsome, i mean you really blew me away... Your descripitions and everything
But they were a little ya know Small
Im still favoring Alex and Ryan thou
Alex has a lil feelings for Kevin you say?
Ahhh well...continue soon na yaar..
OHHHH yea Congratzzzzzzz on becoming a viewbie man!!!
Anyway me has to go catch up on other thousands of things i missed over the long period of time i was gone *sigh*
Big smile

-Tanu is Back Babyyyy!-
coolestme7 Newbie

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Posted: 17 August 2007 at 6:47am | IP Logged

Well sorry for the (greatest) delay (ever)!!! Well u can't blame me.. I sit so close to you that these days I just forget that we are connected through other ways (websites in this case Cry )

So to the review... Amazing...!!!!!!!!!! Seriously... I love the way you describe Alex... so pretty...!!!

Oh and loved the phone conversation too..

On the whole.. One of your BEST!!!!

Keep going gal Clap Clap

~Sirius*Ysh~ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 August 2007 at 3:15am | IP Logged

Originally posted by tannuuuHugShockedHug

Missed ya loadsss!! me tooo [>D:<]Hug
Well I caught up and read the chapters i missed... awww [>D:<]
and they were awsome, i mean you really blew me away... Your descripitions and everything Embarrassed thank u for dat EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
But they were a little ya know Small yea i knw i hv bin sooo busy i jst havent had the time to write at all!!!!
Im still favoring Alex and Ryan thou me too ;;) me too
Alex has a lil feelings for Kevin you say?  did i now :-? i thought it was David hu got that impression :-?
Ahhh well...continue soon na yaar.. posting now Wink
OHHHH yea Congratzzzzzzz on becoming a viewbie man!!! yeaaa... triple times too Embarrassed
Anyway me has to go catch up on other thousands of things i missed over the long period of time i was gone *sigh* well yea and one of the first thingsd u do is PM me Wink illg et u d gossip in a min WinkSmile
Big smile

-Tanu is Back Babyyyy!-

-Ysh is dancing babyy!-

Originally posted by appyyyyHug


Well sorry for the (greatest) delay (ever)!!! Well u can't blame me.. I sit so close to you that these days I just forget that we are connected through other ways (websites in this case Cry )

true true ;)) considering u hardly cum on dese days Unhappy yyyy Cry... bt well i cnt blame u cos i knw wht ur going thru cos its wht im going thru u get me dunt u???

So to the review... Amazing...!!!!!!!!!! Seriously... I love the way you describe Alex... so pretty...!!!

tankeee EmbarrassedHugHug

Oh and loved the phone conversation too..

remember dt fone incident wid aishu i told u about? well eya it sort of started from dat!!!

On the whole.. One of your BEST!!!!

and dat means a hale load cuming frm u EmbarrassedHug

Keep going gal Clap Clap


luvya my best friend Hug

~Sirius*Ysh~ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 August 2007 at 3:33am | IP Logged



This was it. Rhea braced herself for the grand entry. She heard a car pull up in the driveway and exchanged a look with her father. Her mother ran out to greet them. Well almost, because she stormed right back in to glare at the two of them, a look that made them hurry after her at once. The white Benz shuddered to a stop in their driveway and they heard the switching off of the engine. There was a click and the doors opened simultaneously, and three people stepped out.


Rhea screwed up her face as she spotted Ratty. Stepping out from the back of the car, Robin's face was hidden under her large sunglasses and even larger glasses. Rhea tried her best not to laugh at somebody who wore a hat inside an AC car. Robin approached her and at a nudge from her father she pasted a smile on her face. A smile that froze right there…




It was a beautiful thing, sunrise was.  Alex could see the emergence of more and more shades of blue, violet, red and orange and the way they merged into one another and together painting the sky… she had never seen anything more beautiful in her life. She realized that she had never forgotten how it looked. It was just that she had locked up that part of her life inside her and stowed away the happiness of it… And today she felt that she had opened every lock in her. That she had nothing to put away and nothing to chain her within herself. She was freed from the chains that she had bound herself with…




Robin removed her large sun hat and out came tumbling her mass of thick, blonde hair. And if that wasn't enough, the hair was so long that it reached her hips and had the right amount of wavy and straightness to it. She removed her sunglasses and tucked them in her belt. She gave Rhea a smile and said –


"So we meet again!" with a shrug. Rhea noticed that her voice was a lot changed. It was much softer than she had remembered. The Robin she knew had a loud voice and an eccentric way of dressing, with all loud colors. But this robin was dressed in proper clothes with not too many accessories but just enough and her voice was so much softer, and a lot deeper. And instead of a haughty flick-of-the-head she was actually smiling.




Ryan couldn't believe the thoughts that were going through his head. He couldn't believe that he had, for that one moment, wanted to kiss… Alex! He chalked that momentary lapse up to the mixed emotions he was feeling. But that didn't help much either, he thought as his eyes caught her lips once more and he didn't seem to be able to turn away. The added glow in her face seemed more sparkled by her blue eyes that were lightening by the second.


So involved in his thoughts that he didn't anticipate Alex turning her head. The moment was so sudden that he was thrown back, staggering a few steps away from her. It took him a good few seconds to collect himself. He thought he saw a flicker of confusion cross Alex's eyes but that was gone the moment he looked at her.




"I guess!" said Rhea, not wanting to look stupid standing there and gawking at the change in her cousin. And there was tension in the air as both of them didn't know what to say. Rhea noticed that her father was taking the luggage from her uncle and leading them inside while her mother and aunt had already gone inside.   


"Sorry to be crashing in on your weekend!" said Robin at another attempt at a conversation, "I guess I made you get up real early today!" she grinned sheepishly. Suddenly Rhea felt at ease, though still a little dazed.


"Are you kidding! Mum made me go to sleep early and guess what, I missed F.R.I.E.N.D.S!"


"Poor you!" mock-exclaimed Robin, "but guess what, I have my entire collection of ten seasons right here!" she said, patting her backpack.


"No kidding!" said Rhea with obvious surprise.


"Bless my friend 'cos I leant it to her and it escaped the fire!"


"Well if there is one thing you can't afford to lose that's friends!"




Was… was Ryan trying to kiss her? She had felt his eyes on her and had turned around\, only to find herself almost banging into his face. But thinking over, it probably wouldn't have been the wisest thing to do, at least judging by Ryan's expression. He was looking at her with a dazed expression and somehow that made her feel a little odd. He had never looked at her with any expression remotely like that.


"So… I guess we can set off now!" she suggested, trying to put some ease between them.


"Yea sure…" he said, his voice back to normal and they walked towards the car park together.


"What's going on Ryan?" she asked him quietly, "why were you here this early in the first place?"


"I… well wanted to some thinking…"


"Is everything all right? I mean you are doing some thinking voluntarily and so…" she added at his inquisitive look. He gave her a LOOK and kicked some sand onto her feet. She dodged them and he tried kicking more sand onto her.


Soon he was chasing her across the beach and she was trying to get away from him. Alex reached Ryan's car and leaned against it to catch her breath. Ryan caught up with her just a couple of second later, leaning next to her against his car, laughing and breathing hard at the same time, just like Alex. Every time one stopped laughing to catch their breath, the other would start laughing and it would start again.


"Why the hell are we laughing?" panted Alex when she stopped laughing.


"I don't know…" said Ryan leaning back against his car with a satisfied smile on his face. He rolled his head to his right to face Alex, "you look pretty!" he said suddenly, his voice sounding gruff from all the laughing. She looked at him in surprise, her face flushed from all the running and the fresh air.




"Wow! Your room looks amazing! I love the view from here!"


Rhea was amazed at the new Robin. Once she had gotten over her amazement. She had begun to have a great time with her. She found out that they had a lot in common.


"Yea, the early morning sea breeze is just too good!" said Rhea.


"I am going to LOVE staying here!" said Robin, "We are going to have a lot of fun!"


"Nothing like when we were kids I hope!" muttered Rhea. Robin didn't notice it as she was too busy looking around the room.


"Hey great photo!" Rhea looked up to see robin looking at a photo of her and her friends she had stuck on her wall.


"Yea…" she walked over to stand next to Robin, "That's Hillary standing there next to me, and Ryan next to her, trying to tickle her. He's Hilly's step-brother. And that sandy haired boy next to me is Kevin," and Rhea couldn't help but feel a sense of possessiveness as she introduced him to her. And she was only pointing out his photo! "And he has his arm around Alex… Alexandra."


"Alex… Alex… I think I remember her… isn't she the gothic rebel?"


"You don't say!" said Rhea grinning at the way Robin put it. She wasn't going to set her right. For the surprise she had given her, Rhea wanted to give her one as well… for she knew very well that the last time Robin and Alex had met it had ended in nothing short of a disaster.      




so guys, what do u think... and agen and agen sorry for the delay EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Mini786 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 August 2007 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
Note: This post will b written in third person by Tanu...
Tanu is the first reviewer Babyy!!Dancing
And Tanu is really excited about that!! Dancing (<-Tanu being excited about being first..
Tanu really liked this chapter! Embarrassed
She feels Ryan and Alex are meant to b! Even if they are fictionous characters Embarrassed Wink Day Dreaming
Tanu thinks this Robin Character isn't so annoying..well you did make that pretty clear in the chapter!
And Tanu is really ahppy that you used F.R.I.E.N.D.S in this chapter considering it is one of Tanu's favorite shows..and she knows its one of yours too!!
Tanu dearly with her heart hopes that you continue soon Wink
Tanu feels Ysh is a Star And Tanu hopes again that her Maskaaa is working Wink
And Tanu is glad that Ysh is dancing...*why she is so glad taht she herself starts dancing* Dancing (<-Tanu dancing like an idiot)
And Tanu has loads to tell Ysh about things...which she will PM her about in a few minutes Question (What are those things? Read the PM)
Tanu loved your descriptions...keep it up!!
Big smile

-Tanu left a long review!!-

Edited by Mini786 - 19 August 2007 at 8:54pm
coolniyu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2007 at 8:56am | IP Logged
ur gettin profesional honey!!
love ur words..theyre beautiful..flowery at the same time not overdone..just perrrfect Clap
n the romance...*sigh* as usual too good!!
nd robin...darn if only shed been bad id have njoyed seeing her being bashed Big smile but lets c hopefully she will sight kevin n sm1 will get j-ealous!! Dancing
cont soon LOL
Eloquent IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2007 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
Great chapter! My only complain is: too short. I want more [-(

and regular updates..that'll make it seem more like the sensible daily show on tv and less like the once-in-a-blue-moon movie on star movies.

I liked Robin as I knew I would! Wink LOL
and yayy...progress on the alex/ryan front! Hah..I always love this stage...the confusing confusion when they're bashing a person one moment and admiring them the next second :-p it's hilarious! LOL LOL LOL

Yeah, the descriptions were great! Your style's improving all the time! Embarrassed

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