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Love At First Sight....AK Pt 44 Pg 32 (Page 6)

angullgrl91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2007 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
hey. i just caught up in ur fan fic.its awesoem. cont soon. Big smile

nerdynerd Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2007 at 12:59am | IP Logged
aww poor angad Ouch
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2007 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Thanks for liking it
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2007 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Part: 9

Naina updated last evening's event on Dadi's request as she was attending some temple meetings. Everyone noticed Angad's red eyes representing sleepless night. Naina left for club meeting ordering Angad to stay home early in the evening as Bose family is coming for dinner. "Mama! Please give me enough time to meet anyone next time" Angad left for his room without having breakfast. Dadi asked Aaliyah the details of Angad and Kripa conversation as she was there with them in the room. "Dadi! Main Kripa ko bhaiyya ke paas chodkar chali gayie thi. Mujhey nahi pata un donon keey beech mein kya baat hoiee" Aaliyah explained about the situation. Dadi asked to bring Angad into her room.
Angad approached Dadi's room behind Aaliyah.
"Aao Angad! Kripa kaisi lagi?" Dadi started conversation. Angad smiled at her and blushed "Khubsurat."
Aaliyah surprised for his smile as he was sad till then.
"Hmm! Main samajh gaiee thi ki tumhey Kripa pasand hai jub tumney ussey upar bulaya tha. Agar Kripa ko tum pasand nahin theey tu wo ayi kyon?" Dadi is thinking aloud.
Angad shrug his shoulders and thinking about Kripa
"Dadi! We both know each other before. I met her in this last trip" Angad explained how they met.
"Tu yeh baat hai, tabhi aap itna kar rahey theey aur aap ney uss din gana sunakar taal diya tha" Aaliyah teased him.
Angad smiled "Dadi! Pata nahin kyon Kripa ko mein pasand nahin. Shayad wo kissi aur sey pyar karti hogi"

After few minutes Angad approached Kanan's room "Bhabhi! Ek baat poochna hai"
"Haan Angad! Batao" kanan forcefully brought smile on her face.
"Main Kripa sey baat karna chaahta hoon agar aapkey paas contact number hai tu…"Angad paused as he waiting for the number.
"Angad! Kripa ney kuch baat ki?" Kanan was worrying about the conversation in Angad's room.
"Nahin bhabhi wo kuch baat karti tu main samajh leyta. She was silent. She might be loving someone else" A disappointment in his voice.
Kanan dropped her hand on his "Aisi kuch baat nahin hai Angad! Wo naraz hai humsey" Kanan explained about her differences of opinion on Naina's behavior and Khannas relations with her maayka. Angad relieved with Kanan's explanation and decided to get Kripa at any cost.
"Bhabhi! Abb main ussey samajh gaya hoon. I'll change her mind, it's my promise. Main ussey iss ghar ki bahu banakar laaoonga." Angad reassured Kanan.
Kanan got tears of happiness and excited as if Kripa already coming to the Khanna house.

Morning at breakfast Gayatri started whining for Kripa's action but Suryaban kept silent as he gave word to Kripa for not forcing her for alliance with Khannas.
Prithvi called Kripa while mom and daughter are in fighting mood, and asked if she could join him to tour Mumbai for next two days and she agreed.
"Agar wo Prithvi hi pasand hai tho wo bhi batado. Hum uskey liye bhi raazi hain. " Gayatri turned her topic onto Prithvi. Kripa looked at Suryaban to help her. Suryaban held his ears as he wants to stay away from the topic. Kripa disappointed and turned to Gayatri to handle her. "Maa! Aisi baat hoie tu main zaroor bataoongi"
"Kyon abb kya dair hai?" Gayatri intervened Kripa. Kripa hit her head, "maa please! Thodasa waqt dein mein pehley Prithvi key mann ki baat tu jaanloon" she pleaded Gayatri as she needs some time. Suryaban surprisingly looked at Kripa and Kripa winked at him and he smiled as he understood that Kripa wants to buy some time from her mom.
Kripa went out when Prithvi came to pick her up.

While Prithvi and Kripa were at Church Gate Angad saw them but hesitated to meet as last evenings experience was still fresh in his mind. He watched them closely if there is something between them so he could decide his fate with Kripa. Prithvi and Kripa had lunch together and left. Angad got call from Aaliyah to come home and he decided to go home without following Kripa.

Around 6 Damini and Misthy came to Khanna house. Naina warmly received them. Angad came and joined them in conversation. As Misthy is already his co-performer they both went upstairs and chatting. Naina enquired about Prithvi and requested to join them. Prithvi told it would be late as he has to drop Kripa home. Naina told he could bring her also and Prithvi agreed. Kripa didn't know where Prithvi is taking her but followed him.

While reaching Khanna house she refused to come inside and told that she would go home but Prithvi insisted as it's his responsibility to drop her home and promised she will be home soon. Kripa agreed reluctantly and walked into the house with him.

Aaliyah took both of them upstairs while Naina is busy with Damini. She now knew that Angad is in love with Kripa and she wants to bring them together.
"Bhaiyya! Prithvi is here" Angad is surprised to see Kripa along with Prithvi.
"Hi bhai! Hi Kripa!" Misthy wished both of them.
Angad felt happy to notice jealous in Kripa's looks whenever Misthy laughs and leans on Angad while talking. Prithvi showed some interest in talking closely with Kripa but Her response is not encouraged him much. Aaliyah also noticed Kripa's jealous looks on Misthy and smiled in her mind.
All five got together and chatting till Naina called for dinner.
Naina showed special interest in Misthy while dining and Kripa felt she took right decision by staying away from Angad. Kanan took Kripa into her room after dinner.
"Mahi! Yeh batao tumharey aur Angad keey beech kya hua us din? Tumney mana kiya kya?" Kanan eagerly asked Kripa about the day before meeting with Angad.
Kripa didn't show much interest in the talks and started playing with Bali. Angad entered into Kanan's room leaving Misthy in Dadi's room with Aaliyah. Kartik took care of Prithvi on Aaliyah's instructions.
"Hi bhabhi!" Angad sat besides Kripa in the sofa stretching his body and dropping his left hand around Kripa..
Kripa annoyed and got up to leave and Angad grabbed her and made her sit with him.
Kanan is surprisingly looking at Angad and Kripa for their intimacy and remembered Angad's explanation about their meeting in the flights.
"Bhabhi! Main kuch dair aapki behen sey baat kar sakta hoon?" he sounded he needs privacy with Kripa and Kanan left the room with Bali.
Angad put his hands around Kripa as soon they left the room.
"Kripa! Abb batao tumhari problem kya hai? I heard tum Mommy sey naraaz ho. Iss mein mera kya kasoor hai? And I promise mei tumhey palkon pur bitha kaar duniya bhar ka pyar doonga" Angad took her face into his hands.
Kripa tried to release herself "Please Angad! Chodo mujhey. Yeh shadi nahin hogi."
"Kyon nahin? Yeh tumhari zid hai bas. Ek baar sab kuch bhulakar mujhey apnalo then you will find your love" Angad brought her face closer.
Angad tied her in his hands tightly as she is struggling to release herself. "Apney pyar ko chupaney ki koshish kyon karti ho" he rubbed his lips all over her face.
"I don't love you, please leave me" Kripa still struggling.
"OH Really? Then wo jealousi kyon thi tumhari aankhon mein?"Angad teased her.
"Jealousi? My foot. Mein kyon jealous honey lagi tum sey?" Kripa denying.
"Mujh sey nahi, Misthy sey. I noticed jealousy in your lovely eyes, meri jaan!" he kissed her lips passionately. Kripa reciprocated after struggling for a moment.
As Angad moved to her neck Kripa realized her temptation and released herself and ran to the door by pushing him back. Angad startled but broke into laugh after realizing her passion and love on him. She stopped at the door and grinned on him and ran down.

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miss_neha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2007 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Awesome part... so now he is tryin to patao her!!!! LOL LOL LOL
angullgrl91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2007 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
great part. loved it. hope ak get together soon. Big smile
sidra01 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 March 2007 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 March 2007 at 6:55am | IP Logged
Part 10:

After all guests left Kanan came to Angad's room.
"Aaiey Bhabhi!" Angad showed her seat.
"Angad ! Ek help karogey?" Kanan asked.
"Hukum bhabhi jaan! Abb aap hi ek raastha hai mere aur Kripa ki beech mein. Jobhi maangiengi wo poora karunga" he smiled with .
Kanan squeezed his ears and smiled.
"Main ney mamma papa ke liye ek apartment liya tha aur mujhey wahan jana hai unki help karney. Tumko Baali ko school sey lekar wahan shaam ko chodna padeyga" Kanan explained.
"Bhabhi! Aap aisa kyon nahin karti? Main shifting mein help kartha hoon aap Baali ko lekar shaam ko aajaiey aur we can come back together" Angad gave his plans as he wants to spend more time with Kripa.
Kanan understood his intention and agreed.
After Kanan left Angad planned how to handle Kripa.

Angad came to the hotel and took Sharmas to new apartment and helped to settle them. Angad didn't leave a single opportunity to touch Kripa, twist her, and tease her.
Kripa tried hard to escape his teasing but caught most of the times in his arms.
"Aunty!" Angad came into the bed room thinking Gayatri would be in the room but saw Kripa setting something. He slowly closed the doors and walked to Kripa.
"Angad! Why did you close the doors? Mama, papa ney daikh liya tu?" she warned and walked towards to the doors to open them. He grabbed her "uncle tu neechey gaye hain kuch khareedney aur aunty pata nahin ghar mein kahin bhi nahin hain. Shayad padoswalon sey mulakhat karney gayi hain"
He started caressing her back and Kripa getting irritated. "Angad! Haath apney paas rakho, chodo mujhey" She is struggling to release herself.
Angad didn't stop,"ek baar confess karo keey tumhey mujhsey pyar hai phir choddoonga". Kripa knows he never leaves her alone when she confesses and she doesn't want to commit as she has to deal with khannas.
"Nahin karti, Okay?"Kripa pushed him away from him and ran to the door. He followed her and both ran around the house and ended in kitchen. Since it is small room Kripa thought she was almost trapped by him. She ran to the corner of the room and him slowly approaching her with a villainy smile.
"Angad! Please! Chod do" Kripa is pleading him.
Angad slowly walking to her "confess karo" teasing her and she knows confessing with him would bring more troubles to her. She is thinking the ways to escape him but didn't stop pleading. He came close to her and put his hands on either side of her face. She is looking with fearful eyes as she expecting he might do some naughty like last night in Kanan's room. She has immediately covered her mouth with her two hands. Angad laughed and blew air on her face and whispered "itna kyon darti ho? It was just a kiss, I gave a sample to you. Agar tum ney confess nahin kiya tu aur kuch bhi kar sakta hoon." His naughty dialogues made her shiver through spine and her face became red. He moved a little away from her "chalo, bhaago, main ney chod diya" he put his hands on his waist. She unbelievingly looked at him and took slow steps passing him without removing her hands out of mouth and checking him periodically. She slowly passed him and walked fast to the door and turned to see him. He is standing leaning to the wall, crossed his legs and folded hands and a big smile on face. She grinned at him and walked out. After a moment she slowly bent into kitchen to see him still standing with same pose. She smiled at him and gave a flying kiss and ran. He was surprised and ran behind her. Before he catches her the bell rang and she opened the door to see Gayatri at the door.
"Mein padoswalon sey milney gayi thi, wo papa ko jaanetey they koyi jaan pehchaan key loog hain…" she continued updating her stay outside. Kripa is not paying any attention to her but watching mischievously at Angad. Angad is smiling at Gayatri as he listening to her but steeling eyes from Kripa.
Suryaban came into the house and all had lunch together. Prithvi came afternoon to pick up Kripa for rest of Mumbai tour and Angad also went with them as Suryaban insisted him to go along with them. Kripa is maintaining distance from Angad and talking mostly with Prithvi. A few hours later three of them went to an open air fast food restaurant.
Prithvi is telling about his plans for next few days and Kripa is listening interestingly with a smile on her face. Angad is getting irritated for her ignorance and wants to send away Prithvi but is not getting any chance to do so. While they were waiting for their order to come Angad stretched his left leg and pressed her feet. Kripa suddenly jerked and Prithvi asked if anything is wrong. Kripa felt something stuck in her throat as Angad moving his leg up to her knee and nodded her head as 'no'. Kripa angrily looked at Angad and he rubbed his neck and turned his face away hiding his smile.
Prithvi who couldn't notice all this got up to bring something to drink for Kripa. Angad took her hand into his and squeezed softly. Kripa tried to take away her hand but Angad tied it more. "Prithvi" Kripa said loudly and Angad let her hand and Kripa broke into laugh. Angad also smiled nodding his head and whispered "Dekhloonga baad mein".
Prithvi came with drinks and their food was also served.
While they finishing their eating Prithvi got a call and hurried to leave. "Kya hua Prithvi? Is everything okay? Shall I also come with you?" Kripa worried about him. Angad also asked the same anxiously. Prithvi warned and told them that someone broke into his house and he could handle it as Misthy was already there. Both Angad and Kripa worried and Prithvi left handing over Kripa's responsibility on Angad.
Angad took Kripa's hand to leave the place. She pulled away her hand"touch kiey bina nahin reh saktey ho?". Angad smiled mischiviously "Tumhey pehley sey hi pata hai key mera tumsey door rehna mushkil hai wo bhi itna khareeb aney ke baad."
"Kya matlab?" Kripa angrily questioned.
"Abhi flying kiss tak tu aagaie ho, real kiss deney ki hudh tuk tu ley kur h jaonga" his tone and eyes filled with mischief and passion. Kripa blushed but pretended she is innocent and walked towards exit. Angad followed. She took a taxi to home and Angad requested to go somewhere else as it is still day time. Kripa turned her face and climbed into the car silently. Angad sat besides her as there is no alter. After a few minutes, while Kripa seriously stuck her looks out of the window, Angad took her left hand in his and pressed softly and started caressing them. Kripa got goose bumps all over the body but didn't pull her hand as she knows her every action gives reaction in Angad. Her silence also gives him reaction…she realized just now….he pulled her close and dropped his right hand around her shoulder. "Kripa! I love You" he whispered in her ears. Kripa didn't respond but lowered her eyes to hide her expressions. He rested his head on hers holding her close till they reached house. Kripa silently kept close her eyes and enjoying his heart beat and warmth in his hands. Kripa pulled herself away from him and ran into the house. Angad paid the taxi and followed her.
Kanan wished them and they reciprocated her. Kripa took Bali into her room and Angad updated their day. Gayatri walked into the kitchen to make some coffee and Kanan gestured about Kripa and Angad showed his thumb up and whispered on the way.
Kanan and Angad spent some more time and left for home.

Khanna's house:

"Batao Aaliyah!" Angad received a call from Aaliyah in the night after dinner.
"Kya batao? Tum batao aaj date kaisi rahi?" Aaliyah sounded teasing.
"Date? Kya matlab?" Angad surprised as how she knows about he spending day with Kripa and again thought Kanan must have updated her.
"Bhaiyya! Aaj jab main humarey press key saath jaarahi thi tab aapko Kripa aur prithvi ke saath daikha tha, aur main ney aap ki woh shararat bhi dekhi" she giggled and continued, "Then I thought I should help my cute bro and Prithvi ko bhaga diya" she laughed.
Angad surprised to hear that Prithvi got call about theft from Aaliyah.
"Yeh buri baath hai, Aaliyah! Why did you do this?" Angad felt happy but scolded Aaliyah.
"Hmm…mujhey daant rahey ho aur mann mein laddu phut rahey hai…Bhaiyya! Humey pata hai aap Kripa bhabhi ko kitna chaahtey hain. Issiliye itna kiya aur baad mein Prithvi ko sorry bhi kaha tha, ek journalist ki taraf sey without revealing my identity"Aaliyah explained.
Angad laughed "Acha? Yeh bhabhi kya laga rakha hai? Usney tu abhi tak kuch positive bath bhi nahin kee"
"Karegi bhaiiya! zaroor karegi aur jaldi sey karegi. Abb batao kahan ghoomeney gaye they?"Aaliyah is excited for them.
Angad sighed and told as they went back home on Kripa's decision. Aaliyah also disappointed.
"Don't worry, Bhaiyya! Kal ussey kahin bahar lekey jaao" Aaliyah gave her ideas.

Angad liked the idea and hung the phone. He walked into Kanan's room for another help. Angad sat on bed and started playing with Bali.
"Kya baat hai Angad! Kuch help chaahiye?" Kanan asked him.
"Bhabhi! Aapki behen aap ki jaisi bohut achi si kuon nahin hain bahut manana padeyga" Angad smiled and told his plans and asked Kanan's help.
Kanan nodded her head as she agreed.

Next morning at 8 O'clock, Kripa is surprised to see Angad at door. "Itni subah subah aap yahan kya karney aaye hain?" mischievously rolled her eyes.
"Tumhey pataney ke liye kuch bhi karna padta hai" Angad bend to kiss her but Kripa stepped back to escape him. She showed his right thumb up mischievously and grinned with his tongue. She walked inside as Suryaban came to see the door and wished Angad.
Gayatri brought coffee and wished him as Angad took her blessings by touching her feet. Angad told he wants to take Kripa to Goa and invited her parents also. But they said that they wanted to go to Bhagwat Geeta phaath with Dadi as Dadi already planned in the morning before Angad came. Angad thanked Kanan in his mind and was waiting for Kripa to get ready.
Kripa has no choice and got ready in mango yellow chudidhar with black floral print bottom in an hour and followed Angad on his bike.
"Angad! Can you be little slow? Gir jaaoongi, I'm not used to ride on these bikes" Kripa is yelling from behind.
"Kass key pakad lo darling! Nahin girogi"Angad pulled her close with his one hand.
Kripa understood his plans and pinched on his waist from behind. Angad screamed with pain and Kripa laughed. Kripa held his shoulders and screamed in his ears "Kyon laga kya".
Slowly drizzle started on the way before they reached Goa. "Angad! Humey kahin rukna padeyga" Kripa showed her fears watching the clouds in the sky. Angad continued riding bike at same speed. Kripa got mischievous thoughts and slowly moved her right hand inside his shirt and tickled. Angad shouted and put sudden breaks to the bike on the shoulder.
"Kya hua Angad! Are you alright?" Kripa got down the bike and asked innocently hiding her smile.
Angad nodded his head and stared at her. Kripa tied her hands together behind and mischievously looking at him.
"Kya hua? Abhi batata hoon?" He started taking steps towards Kripa. Kripa burst into laugh and started running away from him. He caught her from behind and tied his hands around her "You naughty! Aisa phir karogi? Wo bhi bike chalatey hovey?" he bit her ears. She turned her face and looked at him "Kyon abb samajh mein aaya jab tum mujhey chootey ho na mujhey bhi aisa hi hota hai"
Angad released her and stared at her. Kripa showed her forefinger at him "Phir kabhi bhi baiwajah choney ki khoshish mat karna" and walked to bike turning at him in the middle.
Angad smiled at her naughty action and took his bike. Both started talking friendly soon
On the way Kripa suddenly yelled to stop him. Angad stopped the bike on the side way "Abb kya hua?"
Kripa showed mango cart and showed her interest to have one. Angad nodded as 'no, dress kharab hojaayega, kaisey khaogi? Wo tho cut fruit nahin hai"
"It's okay! I'll eat, bahut din hogaye US mein tho kutey hovey fruit miltey hain. Please Angad" Kripa pleaded dearly and Angad melted for her request. He bought one for her. "Only one? dono kaisey khayengey?" she asked innocently.
"Donon nahin tum akeley khaogi. I don't like these mangoes" Angad took his bike and started.
"Thoda rukh jaayengey, main yeh mangoe abhi khana chaahti hoon" Kripa said as a little baby.
Angad smiled and agreed. He parked the bike under a tree and stood leaning on bike while Kripa eating the mango passionately. She offered him to have a taste while he is staring at her without blinking his eyes. He nodded his head from left to right and showed as he about to puke. Kripa grinned and immersed in enjoying the mango. She walked to him "Ek baar chakho na" Angad again nodded his head for her request giving same expression.
"Hmm……… pyar ke liye itna bhi nahin kartey ho" Kripa teased him. He longingly looked at her and smiled. She raised eyebrows as asking the reason for his smile. He walked slowly to her and dropped his hand around her shoulder. Kripa is surprised at him. He bent and licked her nose "Pyar ke liya chukh liya" and winked at her. She blushed and lowered her eyes. "Chalo jaldi karo, jaana hai, barish bhi lagta hai honey waali hai" Angad hurried her and went to buy a water bottle. She washed her hands, mouth and nose with the water. Both started again towards Goa.
The rain became heavy while they reaching Goa. They ran into a bungalow to hide themselves parking the bike in front of it.
"Mainey kaha tha na, ab daikha tumharey mango ki wajah sey humey yahan rukna pada" Angad showed his disappointment.
"Tho kya hua? Kuch bhi ho hum ek saath hi to hain" Kripa defended herself. Angad surprisingly looked at her. She realised what she said and bit her tongue and turned her face away from him. "Phir sey kaho"Angad whispered in her ears and she lowered her eyes. He walked closely to her. She moved away from him to hide her feelings. He grabbed her hand with right hand and walked towards her. He put his left hand around her waist from behind.. He bent and kissed her right ear hangings. She put her hands on his left hand and hid her face in his neck and closed her eyes. Both silently are enjoying warmth in each others closeness and listening to the song which is played nearby tea stall……

Yeh humko kya hua hai
Yeh tumko kya hua hai
Hum bhi Samajh rahe hain
Tum bhi samaj rahey ho

Yeh dil ki meherbani
Yeh pyar ki dua hai
Hum bhi samaj rahey hai
Tum bhi samaj rahey ho………………..

Sharmo hayaki chadar sey
Hum phigal rahey hai
Kehkey hai paaon phirbhi
Hum tho samaj rahey hai
Tumney hamarey kas ko
Aankhon ke yoon chua hai

Betabiyon ko dekho
Kitna karaar raye
Bahon mein aakey teri
Har dard bhul jaaye
Teherey jahaan sey na hume ?
Lamha vahi ruka hai....................................................

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