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Love At First Sight....AK Pt 44 Pg 32 (Page 3)

vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Thanks za7n4b, neha

Kripa already met Angad but dsnt realise the Angad of flight passenger and Angadof Khannas are takes time to know it Embarrassed

vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
Part: 4

One Early Morning around 3 O'clock US Airways JFK, New York to London……

"Welcome aboard" "Good morning" Kripa is greeting all the passengers one by one with a cheerful smile. Her smile vanished when she saw a cheerful guy comes in front of her.
"Hi sweety" Angad winked at her. He handed over his ticket as if asking to show his seat. Kripa irritated for his acting though she comes across such passengers everyday.
Kripa brought a forceful cheer and showed his seat and continued welcoming other passengers. Angad's heart is jumping to see her again after two months gap and waiting for an opportunity to talk to her.
After take off the flight, refreshments started being served. Angad is getting impatient. Kripa is observing him from corners of her eyes as his name reminds her Khannas. She is also waiting for an opportunity to know if he is the Khanna kandan 'Angad'.
After sometime some of the passengers taking nap, some listening to the music, some watching the video. Angad checked all over and walked to Kripa's cabin. Kripa is busy cleaning and setting right the cabin. She turned back as hearing some sound behind her. Kripa sighed and folded her hands after seeing Angad. Angad smiled and winked saluting her with his right hand. Kripa waved her hand as what he is doing there. Angad tied his two forefingers as he wants to chat with her or tie with her. Kripa rolled her eyes and showed to go back to his seat and showed all passengers. Angad settled in the right side seat and folded his right leg on left leg and folded his hands.
"Angad! Aap yahan nahin bhaith sakthey" Kripa whispered as she doesn't want to disturb other passengers.
"I know. Par kya karoon? Dil hai maangtha nahin" he puts his right hand on his heart and turned his face sad. Kripa couldn't stop laughing and turned other side as she couldn't make him leave.
He is happy for seeing Kripa and enjoying watching her. Kripa turned to him after finishing her work. Angad seems lost in his dreams but his eyes are at Kripa only. She walked to him, bent and snapped in front of his eyes "kahan kho gaye hai aap? Mujhey bhaitna hai". Angad smiled and stared at her. Kripa is also looking into his eyes. Angad is searching something in her eyes thinking again where he would have seen her before. Kripa is wondering why he is attracted to her. She blinked her eyes "Chaliyeh aap key jagah par" She is still bending and looking straight into his eyes but hands are showing the way to out of the cabin.
"kuch baathey karley" Angad expecting some time with her.
Kripa nodded her head from left to right "Sorry Angad! Main duty pe hoon aur app yahan sey gaye tho main kuch der ke liye bhait sakthi hoon"
"Oh! baitney ke liye tho jagah hai na" he pulled her into his lap.
Kripa shocked "Angad! Koyi dekhlega" she got up as quick as he pulled her.
Kripa is still embarrassed and little shivering for his act and checking if any passengers around. Angad got up and set the curtain properly before other passengers notice them. He walked closely to Kripa and looking face to face "Aap mujhe achche lagne lage magar lagtha hai aapko pehle bhi kahin dekha hai. Do you also feel the same?" Angad asked softly.
Kripa nodded her head confusingly and thinking "He must be definitely the same Khannas. Shall I ask him? Nope if so Kanan didi ney kahi hogi alliance ke barrein mein. Let me keep quiet". She is still thinking in her mind keeping her hands folded.

Angad softly blew air softly on Kripa's face to bring her out of her thoughts. "Jawab nahin mila" His hands are in his pockets and eyes giving naughty expressions which made Kripa's heart beat go up. Angad checked her chest rising up and down "You feel the same as I feel. Nahin tho tumhari dhadkan itni thej kyon chal rahi hai?" He has the same naughty expression. He moved his hands on either side of her shoulder touching the wall. His warm breathe is touching her face and she could feel his heart beating fast too. She surprised and checked his chest. She couldn't make out much as he bent forward while keeping his hands on either side of her shoulders. She moved her looks onto his both hands and came out of tension "A …. Angad! Koyi dekhega, Please keep your hands off me. Seedey baath karo" Her voice came low and softly shivering. Angad whispered"okey" and moved a little away from her. He stared at her and noticed her pleading him. "Main London sey Dubai jaa raha hoon. Aur ek mahiney ke baad India phir do theen mahiney thak US nahin aaoonga. Jab tak soch kar batha dena ki hum kab kahan miley hongey. Tumhari paas meri har kisam ki contact details hai" Angad told about his trip and warned softly about contacting him.
Kripa nodded her head as agreeing for his deals. "Please chaley jaao koyi dekhega" Kripa again pleaded in low voice. "Remember! Hum kahan miley they?" Angad said without sound pointing his two hands on both of them according to his dialogues. Kripa pinched her neck as she promising him to fulfill his wish.
Kripa sighed closing her eyes after Angad left. She checked herself when heard a buzz from a passenger. She is walking by checking the aisle where the attendee's light glowing. She is surprised to see that Angad buzzed her. She annoyed for his teasing but asked how she can help him. This time Angad got aisle seat and a father and daughter sharing side seats. Angad said in such a low voice that Kripa has to bend on him to listen to him. She could hear him properly upon her repeating pardons. She became red but couldn't say no as the girl on window seat constantly observing them. She felt glad that it is dark around them so the girl could not notice her red face. Kripa left fast to hide her feelings. Angad got up and followed her seriously. Kripa turned angrily to him in her cabin"Kyon aayey ho?"
"Tumney kahan yes" Angad innocently replied hiding his smile behind his tied lips.
Kripa blushed she caught by him. "Mainey poocha 'Bore ho raha hoon mein tumharey cabin mein aajaaoon aur tumney 'yes' kehdiya" Angad explained as if he has no fault on him. Kripa lifted her head hiding her anger "Angad! This is not fare. Tum wo ladki key saamney poocha aur I have no other option. I cannot say no to the passengers."
"Wo ladki humarey hindi nahin samaj thi. Tum naa bhi keh sakthey ho. Yeh samjhoon ki you are interested in me" Angad bent on her tying his hands back to him. Kripa backed off and folded her hands and thinking how to get rid of him.
"Chalo baath karo aur do ghantey hai land honey ke liye" he seated in the chair and folded his hands behind his head, legs on top of each other.
Kripa is still giving same looks in the same pose.
"Tumharey barein mei bathao. Tum yahin paida huyi thi? How many siblings you have?" Now Angad is asking relaxingly. Kripa refused to say her personal details.
"Okay" tell me about you. Your studies, interests, like dislikes" Angad trying to know more about her.
Kripa kept silent for a moment "Angad! Mere barrein mein kuch bhi jaanney ke pehley ek baath suno. I'm not interested in your friendship" she is stopped in mid sentence when Angad pulled her close to him. The force of pulling made her fall on him "Angad! Mujhey tumharey barrein mein complaint dena padtha hai. Please control" Kripa got angry for the embarrassment.
Angad got up "Sorry! I did a bit over" left without turning back. Kripa settled in the seat and held face in her hands. She rested her cheek in her right hand and kept thinking till the time of serving lunch.
Angad didn't bother her till the flight landed in London but kept steeling eyes from her. He chatted with some other passengers especially with ladies and kids. Kripa observed that he was hurt but ignored to maintain distance to stop his flirting.

Two months passed Kripa became busy in her job and shopping for India and Harshini's wedding. Kripa's parents promised they will join her at wedding time. Kripa talked to Harshii and arranged her vacation and trip to India.

The day before her travel she got call from Kanan. Kripa reluctantly refused to talk to her but took the all on her parent's force.
"Bolo Kanan!" Kripa asked with dry tone.
"Didi kehney sey bhi nafrat karthey ho" Kanan's voice trembled.
Kripa offended but says "bolo dee".
"Maahi! Mein Delhi airport mein tumhay leney aaoonga mana math karna. Bahut saal hogayi tumhey dekh kar. Meri pyarisi behen kitney badi hogayi hogi? Poora India trip mein tumhari saath hi rahoongi Promise" Kanan got tears and her voice is shaking with emotion.
Kripa also got tears "Okay Dee! But yeh math kehna ki tumhari pariwar sey miloon. Mein Harshu ki shadi pe maza karney aa rahi hoon aur wo bhi dus saal ke baad India aarahi hoon. Yeh trip ko meri liye ek sunhasa pal rakhna chaahithi hoon. Aur bura math maan na jiju ko bhi math lao. Aur ussey na bathayey tho behetar hoga" Kripa hanged the phone after giving her instructions and warnings.
Gayatri wiped her tears and turned and Kripa stopped her "Maa! Main nahin chaahithi hoon meri shadi ki baath iss baar wahan ho. Mein kabhi uss kaandaan ristha nahin rakhoongi. Bus Kanan humara khoon hai issiliye ussey miloonga par mujhey koyi janzhat mein math daalna" She left for final touches of packing.

Both parents send off her at airport after giving all instructions of her care in India and reminding to call them back as soon she reaches the destination.

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Shazii Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
just read and its awesome i love it pls cont soon Tongue
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 7:18pm | IP Logged
i just started reading.. great part.. at kripas part she is rite.. i would never forgive the person who hurt my mom! but she will forgive them, eventually cuz she has o fall in love with angad.. ritee Wink

continue soooooonnnn
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 7:31pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by brainychild92

i just started reading.. great part.. at kripas part she is rite.. i would never forgive the person who hurt my mom! but she will forgive them, eventually cuz she has o fall in love with angad.. ritee Wink

continue soooooonnnn


She wont forgive Khannas esplly Naina...but how she falls in love ...wait and readEmbarrassed


This story I wrote predicting Maayka story when it was not yet airedWink so this ff runs through Kripa grudge on KhannasTongue

vallanki IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 September 2005
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Posted: 16 March 2007 at 10:16am | IP Logged

US Airways Flight to London, night around 6 PM:

Kripa places her roller bag up in the cabin and sits in the window seat and starts watching outside. She is excited to visit India after so many years. She is remembering all her childhood and Harshini, many other things and is planning her trip in India.
"Hi Sweety!" Kripa surprises to see Angad sitting besides her seat.
"Aap yahan?" Kripa asks him. Angad removes the middle arm rest and leaned to her crossing his legs on top each other.
Kripa sighed "Phir shuru hogayi aap? Kahan they? no see for long time." Kripa smils and pushes him away.
Angad settles "Haan Boston aya tha for a short trip from Dubai and going back home thru London. Tum kaho, ek bar bhi phone kyon nahin kiya? Kaisey ho? Looks put on little wait" checking her from head to toe with cheerful smile on face.
Kripa is in blue jeans and short sleeve black T-shirt, tied hip long hair with a black clip.
Kripa smiles and nods her head. "I'm fine. Thanks"
"Kahan tak jaa rahey ho? Today as passenger kuch ajeebsa lag raha hai" Angad softly asks again leans against her.
"Haan chutti mananey India jaa rahi hoon" she bits her tongue inside her mouth for slipping her mind.
"Wow! Then we can be together. I show you the whole India. Kabb tak rahogey?" Angad seems excited.
Kripa smiles "nahin bathaoongi. Bahut bother karthey hai aap" She pretends angry.
Angad pushes close her holding her left hand and staring at her eyes"Such bathao. Am I really bothering you? Arey thodasa friendly rehna chaahtha hoon. Humaray deshi ho. Khubsurat ho." He winks at her with naughty smile on face.
Kripa is searching words to reply to him and Angad continues "Chalo main tung nahin karoonga" he turns his face leaving her hand.
Kripa is trying to hide her laugh and mischievously looking at him. Angad gives side glances and couldn't stop himself to talk to her. "Nahi bathana chahthey tho mathbathao. Main abhi sey terey saath hi rahoonga.. Even you don't wanna friends with me, atleast India tak tho saath rehthey ho" sounded she cannot escape from him and leans again towards her.
The flight attendant asks both to fasten belts and drop the arm rest down. Kripa smiles at Angad and drops down the arm rest and both fastens seat belts.
Angad takes her left palm in his right and pressed gently. Kripa tries to pull her hand but stopped when he tightens his grip.
Kripa requests with eyes to leave her hand but Angad refuses "Bathao India mein milogi ya nahin? Kahan rehthey ho. Then I'll leave you". Kripa knows him enough in these last few meetings and keeps silent.
Angad presses her palm softly and leaves. Kripa relieved for sometime.

The flight took off and all passengers are served snacks. Kripa takes out a book from her back pack and started reading. Angad starts bugging Kripa again.
"Itna mota books kaisey padh lethey ho. Kuch baathey karona main bore ho raha hoon".
Kripa sighs and smiles.
"Har baar main tho aap ke saath nahin rehthe they. Phir kaisey time pass karlethey they aap" Kripa showed her curiosity.
"Main kissi aur ko tang kartha tha" Angad answered innocently. Both laughed.
"Tumharey barrein mein bathao. Kahan rahogey India mein?" Angad asked pulling book from her hand.
Kripa ties her hands "Angad! Yeh kya jabardasti hain? Kyon satha rahey hai. I don't feel like talking, let me read my book" She requests in low tone as most of the people are silently watching video and taking naps.
Angad moves his head from left to right "No, you are already accused me that I bother you so why not I really bother you" he tries to hide his smile. Kripa rolled her eyes.

Angad slowly leans on Kripa after removing the middle arm rest. Kripa pushes him but could not succeed as Angad is also equally pushed back her. When the third person in the row starts observing them fighting Kripa stops and leaves Angad to continue harassing her.

"Shall I thank that guy?" Angad about to bend to say something to the third person Kripa stops him by holding his right shoulder. Angad takes her hand and kisses softly and holds in his left hand near his right shoulder. Now Kripa's both hands are stuck in Angad hands one with his right hand in his lap and other in his left hand near his right shoulder. Both are facing each other closely.
Angad stares at her eyes "Bathao Kripa! Why can't we be friends? Tum kuch bathao apney barrein mein aur main kuch". Kripa lowers her eyes without replying him. After a moment she asks "Aap bathaiye aapkey barrein mein".
Angad nods his head "Pehley yeh 'aap' nikalo aur 'tum' kaho. Aaj sey hum donon friends." Kripa smiles as she agrees with him.
Angad starts telling about his family, "I have both parents. Father is big industrialist. Two older brothers, one is married and other is single. Two younger sisters, both married. All stay together in Mumbai. You know me. I'm a singer bus aisey hi ghumtha rahtha hoon most of the time. I spend more time with friends than family. I love my dadi, she is adorable, lovely, affectionate. Now you tell me about you"
Kripa's hands are still in Angad's hands and he is not thinking of leaving them any time. Kripa changes her looks at him and hands and Angad understands her. "jab tak tumharey barrein mein bathaogi main yeh haath nahi chodoonga"
"Jab main such batha doonga na tum kabhi chodney ki naam bhi nahin logey" Kripa is thinking in her mind suspecting him as Kanan's devar.
Angad shakes her hands and rubbed her right hand against his cheeks "Kya soch rahey ho?"
"Yahi, what makes you to touch my hands like this" Kripa seriously answered sounding little anger.
Angad smiles "Main bhi wahi soch raha hoon. Tujhmey aisi kya baath hai main tumhey apna samjtha hoon. Nahin, mehsoos bhi kartha hoon ki tum merey ho. Jabsey tumhey dekha I'm wondering about this feeling."
Kripa lowered her eyes for his statements. Angad releases her hands and folded his hands and staring at her. Kripa took her hands close to her heart and turned to window to hide her . She didn't turn for few minutes as she is feeling his looks touching her body.
Angad doesn't notice how long he kept staring at her and Kripa doesn't notice how long she is in her own dream world. Kripa slowly fell into sleep and leaning forward in sleep. Angad slowly moves her head on his right shoulder. Kripa takes nice nap until the dinner served. Angad spends the whole time watching her cute face, her big eyes closed innocently, thin lips stretched with a cheerful smile, expressing enjoying her dreams, her warm breathe touching his neck and giggling his spine, giving him a wonderful experience. Angad prays that this moment stays with him forever.
The flight attendant asks softly if she can serve Kripa's food later but Angad asks to serve him also later.
Kripa broke her sleep for the sounds of the serving plates and lights on. She blushes noticing she rested on Angad's shoulder. Angad reciprocated her with soft smile.
After dinner both fell asleep for 2-3 hours resting each heads together.
When flight is about to land in London airport both broke their sleep. Both kept silent till they came out of flight.
When Angad is heading to his gate Kripa says "Bye Angad! Mujhey uss taraf jaana hai"
Angad surprised "Why? Tum bathaya nahin kahan jaa rahey ho" sounds disappointed.
Kripa smiles "Aisey baath nahin hai. Main Delhi jaa rahi hoon."
Kripa again says after seeing his disappointment "Phir milengey. Main waqt milthey hi jarror iss baar phone karoongi."
Angad nods his head "I don't trust you. You are avoiding me, I can feel it. Chalo kahin kuch coffee pilethey hai" He starts walking without waiting for her consent.
Kripa smiles and follows him. Angad tries to take her roller bag but Kripa warns and stops him. Angad buys coffee for both and sits in front of the coffee shop.
"So, kaun hai Delhi mein?" Angad asks sipping his coffee.
"Meri didi. Mein meri cousin ki shadi pe jaarahi hoon" Kripa frees herself after seeing his disappointment.
"Chalo abb kuch baath tho batha diya. Mein itna bura bhi nahin hoon Kripa! Unless you call I don't meet you in Delhi" Angad put his face innocently but sounding he is hurt.
Kripa is looking at him unbelievingly and Angad laughs "I'll try". Both laughed.
"Mein dhoondloonga tujhey kahin pe bhi chup jaao." He winked at her.

After finishing coffee Angad drops Kripa at her gate "See you soon." Kripa smiles and thanks him for coffee. "I thank you for bearing with me. Remember me if you need help"Angad smiles back and leaves for his gate.

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miss_neha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2007 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Gr8 parts!!!!
Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 16 March 2007 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
amazing parts hope they meet soon

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