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Love At First Sight....AK Pt 44 Pg 32 (Page 2)

canadiankudi Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
awesome update

which devar are they talking about angad or kartik......i hope its karthik cause then haha to angad.....and they can realize their love for each other...

continue soon

Simiran Senior Member

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 7:18pm | IP Logged
That was awesome please contuine soon I love this story a lot.
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 7:38pm | IP Logged
ThanQ canadiankudi and simiran
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 6:52am | IP Logged
Part: 3

"Maa! Aaj kuch shopping ke liye jaana hai. Aap meri saath chalengi?" Kripa asked at breakfast.
Gayatri agreed immediately since she is waiting for an opportunity to talk about her marriage.
"Hi! Kripa! How are you?" A handsome guy came to Kripa in the mall while Kripa and Gayatri having coffee.
"Hi! Prithvi! Aap yahan. meet my mom. Maa! Yeh Prithvi! Mere saath kaam kartey hain" Kripa introduced each other..
"Meri aaj duty nahin hai. Aaj kuch shopping karney aayi" Kripa gave explanation for being in the mall.
"Oh! Mein ney bhi aaj chutti li hai. meri behen ka ek programme hai raat ko. Wo pehli baar yahan aayi hai. Oh I forgot to inform you will you be interested in such programmes?" Prithvi explains about programme.
Kripa took all the details of the programme and left with Gayatri.
"Lagta hai acha ladka hai. Kis family sey hai?" Gayatri started enquiring about Prithvi.
"Maa! Not again please, kahin bhi ladkey ko dekho aur meri shaadi yaad aajaati hai aap ko" Kripa annoyed.
"Jab tum maa banjaogi na tab samaj mein aayega" Gayatri laughed.
"Mujhey patha nahin maa. I met him at work and we never gone through personal details. Waisey bhi wo ground engineer hai aur main flight attendant, zyada Indians nahin they work mein issiliye hum jaldi dost bangaye but I hardly see him. " Kripa explained." Haan magar uska last name tho 'Bose'. Hai.
Gayatri nodded her head "Kahan rehthey hai? Aur uskey parents?....." Gayatri doesn't seem to leave Kripa without getting complete information about Prithvi.
Kripa annoyed and angrily looked at Gayatri "Pata nahin."


"Maa! Mein jaa rahi hoon" Kripa yelled while stepping into shoes.
"Kabhi ghar pey bula lena donon ko" Gayatri sounded both Prithvi and his sister.
Kripa smiled for her mother's determination and left for the programme.


Prithvi is waiting outside the auditorium and received Kripa warmly. Kripa informed Prithvi before she reaching the auditorium as she never went to such programmes. Prithvi took Kripa to green room as there is some more time to start the programme. The whole auditorium is packed with fans and their screams about their favourite stars.
"Kripa! This is Misthy, my sister. Misthy! This is Kripa! My colleague" Prithvi introduced each other. Misthy is in her costume and full make-up and ready to go on stage. Misthy checked Kripa from head to toe. Kripa is looking slim, beautiful, attracting in her white based green floral georgette knee length dress. Transparent black tights are covering her legs under green belt sandals. She is wearing a long woolen fur coat to cover from the cold outside.
Both shook hands and exchanged smiles. Kripa greeted 'best of luck' to Misthy and walked out to the main hall trying to recollect her memories to recognize Misthy as she felt seen her before.
After few minutes the programme started with a big performance of two main lead and 10 co- performers.
Dhoom Again……….

"Yeh kaun hai kahin dekha hua lagtha hai" Kripa asked Prithvi about the guy performing with Misthy.
"Oh! You don't know him? He is a big rock star. He's been here for every four months since last four or five years. He is very famous in India. He gives performances even in London. I'll introduce him to you after this item. You must meet him" Prithvi gave a brief introduction.

He took Kripa inside to the green room after the first item.
"Hi! Angad! Meet my friend Kripa!" Prithvi introduced her.
Angad turned back and surprised to see Kripa. "Hi! How are you?" he stretched his hand.
Kripa also surprised to see the guy who annoys her all the time in the flight, now in front of her eyes. "You, Mr.Angad?" and gave her hand.
"Haan! Mein Mr.Angad. Surprised to see me again here is tarah? I told you we get to meet again" Angad winked at her still holding her hand and pressing tightly..
Kripa smiled and tried to release her hand but Angad held it tightly. Kripa looked at him as felt embarrassing in front of Prithvi.
Angad kissed her fingers and released it "Enjoy the concert".
Now she understood that Misthy is the girl who was closely leaning on Angad in the airport.

Next item is done by Misthy alone with co performers…
Javaani jaaneyman..remix……….

It was late when show finished and Prithvi offered to drop Kripa home. They are waiting for the car to come out of valet parking
"Phir kab milengey?" Kripa turned back for the sudden voice close to her ears.
Kripa rolled her eyes "Angad!!!.dara diya na.... I donno" shrug her shoulders.
"Kal ek party hai humarey liye. Aajao mere taraf sey" Angad sounded ordering her than requesting.
"Aap ki party mein? main? Nahin. We can meet some other time. I have to go on duty from tomorrow again" Anyway thanks for inviting" Kripa said.
Angad disappointed "Mein aur kuch din yahin rahoonga. Call me when you get free time" he gave his visiting card.
"OK. Bye, take care." Kripa left with Prithvi. She surprised to notice a disappointment in Angad's eyes.

"Why don't you come along with Misthy? Mommy bhi pooch rahi thi" Kripa hesitated to invite him inside at that late night and offered coffee for next time.
"Zaroor. Misthy aur kuch din yahin rahegi. I let you know" Prithvi turned his car to his home.

Kripa is tossing on bed and is remembering the evening she spent in the concert. "He looks so different while performing. Very dedicated and professional. How could he be so naughty and flirt other time? Is he attracted to me? Why does he want to make friends with me?" she is remembering his dialogue in the flight "dosti karogi?" A smile sparkled on her face. She turned and hid her face into the pillow "I shouldn't come into these temptations. Agar main chaley gaye tho mama papa ko kaun dekhega? Koyi mere saath mere ghar mein rehney ayega? Mama nahin maanegi. Daantegi zaroor" Kripa smiled with her thoughts and fell asleep slowly.


"How do you know Kripa?" Suddenly Misthy asked Angad while going back to their hotel rooms. Angad wondered at her curiosity and answered "wo flight attendant hai US Airways mein"
"OH! Air hostess!" Misthy sighed as she got a cheap opinion at instant and left into her room bidding goodbye.
Angad surprised for her behaviour and changed his dress and tried to sleep. He is also tossing on bed remembering Kripa.
"KRIPA SHARMA…Yeh naam kahin suna hua lagtai hai? She looks like brought up here and I never met her here before for sure. Kahin Kanan bhabhi ki maayka wali to nahin. Haan Kanan bhabhi ki ek behen hai magar uska naam?.pata nahin bhabhi sey hi poochna padeyga? Nishant bhai ki wedding album dekho tu bhi kuch information mil sakti hai." he is trying to remember where he could have met her before. He fell asleep while deep in his thoughts.

Kripa's house:

"Mahi! Hum tumsey ek baath karna chaahtey hai beta!" Suryaban started conversation at breakfast.
Kripa surprised seeing her father also serious about her marriage now. Kripa knows Suryaban calls her "mahi" only when he supports Gayatri and that would be always about her marriage in recent days.
"Bataiey papa!" Kripa is praying it should not be her marriage topic and silently cheweing bread.
Gayatri came with strawberry milkshake "Tumhari shadi key siva kuch baat kur saktey hain hum loog?"
Kripa exchanged eyes from both parents. Suryaban nodded his head "Haan beta! Mama chaahiti hai tumhari shadi iss saal karwa dee."
Kripa sighed in her mind and kept silent "I'm expecting this sometime".
"Kanan ney kahan hai key Naina apney chotey betey ki shaadi karna chaahiti hai aur kanan tumhari baat uss sey chalana chaahiti hai" Gayatri spilled all her thoughts.
Kripa stunned after hearing about Khannas name. She about to open her mind but Suryaban took his turn to explain. "Beta! Main nahin jaanta tum kissey shadi karogi magar main bhi chahta hoon ki tumhari shadi iss saal hojaay"
"Kyon chupana chaahtey hai aap? Mahi! Dekho beta! Main jaantha hoon tum Khanna kandaan sey nafrat karthi ho aur kanan didi sey naaraaz ho. Main bhi naraz hoon un logon sey, magar iss mein kanan ki kya galthi hai? Wo Nishant ko khona nahin chaahti hai. Chalo in guzri hoie baaton ko chodo. Tum batao Angad sey shadi ki baath chalaiey?"
Kripa startled "Angad?" aur ek Angad?" She came out of her thoughts "Maa Aap jaanti bhi ho phir bi yeh keh rahey ho? Main us kaandaan sey koiee rishta nahin rakhna chaahti hoon."
Gayatri tried to stop her but Kripa continued "Aap logon ke saath tho main zindagi bhar rehna chaahti hoon, magar aap meri shadi karna zaroori samjhtey ho tu main maan loongi magar aap logoon sey hamesha ke liye door honey key liey kahiengey tu main kabhi shadi nahin karoongi."
"Magar is ki kya guarantee hai Mahi Keey jissey tum shadi karogi wo achey hongey? Khanna khandaan ko tu hum jaantey hain aur humey issey kushi hogi ki donon beheney ek saath rahey"
Kripa got up from chair to keep her empty plate in the kitchen sink and thinking how to stop her parents from their decision.
"Maa! Mein ek haftey ke baad aaoongi aur sochiengey. Tab tak aap koiee khadam nahin uthana. Kanan sey kehna mujhey uski proposal manzoor hain"

"Mahi! Kanan kehti hai Naina sudhargayi" Gayatri is stopped by Kripa in the mid sentence "Sudhargayi? Kabhi nahin hogi. Unkey jaisey log kabhi nahin sudhartey. Phir bhi maa abhi tak aap ke saath kya kya guzara hai main akeli jaanti hoon. Unsey nata rakhna aur sochna bhi bekaar hai. Please Papa! Aap mama ko samjhaiey"Kripa confirmed her decision.
Kripa paused to take breathe. "Papa! Waisey bhi India key ladkey sey kyon nata jodey? Kahin yahin kissi ko doondliengey." Kripa thinking she will get some more time to think.
Gayatri is surprised and remembered Prithvi and thinking if Kripa has interest in him. "Wo baat hai tu Prithvi key baarey mein pooch taach karlein".
This time Kripa surprised and bit her tongue for not thinking about possible problems.
"Oh God! Mama! Mera matlab yeh nahin hai. Prithvi ke saath? Please mama don't embarrass me. I don't have him in my mind"
Suryaban is surprisingly watching both wife and husband and puzzled about Prithvi.
"Mama! Mein chalti hoon. Do bajey flight ka time hai aur mein do ghantey pehley wahan pohanchna chahti hoon, aur abhi mujhey tayar ho kur nikalna bhi hai" Kripa didn't give anymore scope for further conversation and left to her room.
Gayatri updated about Prithvi how she met him in the mall and how Kripa went to his sister's concert last night.

Kripa is thinking about the conversation at breakfast while going in a cab to the airport. "Angad!!" kya, yeh dono Angad ek hi hai? Hai tu? Hai tho kya mein phir bhi na karoongi, zaroor karoongi. Uss Khanna khaandaan sey no more relations" Kripa relaxed with this firm decision and walked into the airport.

Two months passed without any pressure, tensions. Gayatri and Suryaban decided to wait till Kripa goes to India for Harshini's wedding. Kanan also promised Gayatri not to settle any match for Angad till Kripa comes over there. Kripa is surprised for the silence with her parents but suspected if they planning something till her India trip.

Kripa got used to her job and felt comfortable with all types of passengers and learnt how to handle them.

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Zainoo1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 8:26am | IP Logged
grt part
Zainoo1 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 July 2006
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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 8:26am | IP Logged
grt part
Zainoo1 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 July 2006
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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 8:26am | IP Logged
grt part
miss_neha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Awesome parts... jus read da last 2 parts, i think she is gunna meet angad now!!!

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