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Love At First Sight....AK Pt 44 Pg 32

vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 9:56am | IP Logged

On request of janoos I'mposting another ffEmbarrassed basically I wrote this thinking Maayka in KYPH relation.............Hope you like itEmbarrassed

Part: 1

Khanna pariwar:

Dilip Khanna is a huge and famous industrialist in Mumbai.
Naina Khanna is a good mother, house-wife, friend to his kids.

Nishant, 34 is the eldest son who married to Kanan, 32 for 10 years with a son of 8years. Nishant manages some of his father's companies. Kanan is a silent partner in Nishant's companies and stays home most of the time as per Khannas custom.

Kartik, 32 is the second son, most eligible bachelor in the City, finished his studies and helps both father and elder brother. He is sharp in studies and business but keeps away from girls as he dislikes marriage after seeing his elder brother's confused life between mother and wife.

Anittah 30 is the eldest daughter married to Raj 32, who behaves like ghar-jamai, for 11 years. Both interfere in every matter whether it belongs to them or not. Though they live in different house for name sake, they spend most of the time in Khannas' house. They have two children a son and daughter of 9 and 7 respectively.

Aaliyah, 26 is the second daughter happily married for three years to Shabbir 30 who manages Angad's schedules and good friend to him. They are planning to have kids this year. They live nearby to Khannas' house and Aaliyah works as journalist against Naina's wishes. She keeps distance from her mother. She is a loving and pampered daughter in the family.
Because of her soft heart whole family respects Shabbir though he is a middle class lawyer by profession.

Angad became close to Shabbir after Aaliyah fell in love with Shabbir. Because of his softness Angad made him his CEO for his musical affairs.
Devayani Khanna, the elderly person, mother of Dilip stays along with them but spends most of the time with her prayers, mythological meetings in the city. She started staying away from household matters after Nishant's marriage as there are quite big differences of opinion grown among the family.

Naina is trying to get Angad married soon as he completed his 27th year recently. Both Dilip and Naina tired to convince Kartik for marriage as he stubborn on his decision.

Sharma pariwar:

Gayatri Sharma is an obedient and respectful housewife. Suryaban Sharma is a CPA for a well noted company. He moved to US ten years ago on his brother's help and force.
Kanan, 32 and Kripa, 25 are their daughters. Kripa gives Kanan motherly respect because of the age gap between them.

Gayatri and Naina were born and brought up in the same town in Punjab and married to respective families who live in another town in same neighbourhood. Both families lived as neighbours till Nishant was 6 years and Khannas moved to Mumbai as Dilip growing his business. Sharma remained in the same town until Kanan got married.

Kanan joined Nishant's company after her MBA and fell in love with Nishant.
Though Naina thinks Sharma family is not in equal status with Khannas she agreed for the alliance as she cannot hurt her children anytime. Dadi also another cause for the alliance as she loves and respects Sharma family.

After kanan's marriage with Nishant, Suryaban moved to States to keep away Gayatri from her sorrow for not spending anytime with her elder daughter, Kanan.


Kanan and Nishant declared about their love affair to their parents.

Gayatri opposed the alliance as she knows the pride of Naina and Dilip about their status. Suryaban convinced her as Kanan was not in a mood to listen to change her decision.
At the same time Dilip opposed the alliance as there are 100s of alliance from equally rich families in queue for Nishant. Naina convinced him as she didn't want to loose her eldest son for a girl.

The wedding is fixed and Khanna came with baraath to Sharma's house. Sharmas received the baraath with all formalities.

Gayatri and Suryaban gave all gifts they suppose to offer at the time of baraath's entry into the mandap.
Naina is not happy with the gifts as they are not at her standards and loosing her tongue indirectly to inform Sharmas about her status periodically.
Dadi is defending the situation and trying to suppress the anger in Sharmas with her elderly advises.
Kartik, 22 who just finished his MBA is helping Dilip all the time. Anitah, 20 who married few months ago is reminding her 'nanand' status all the time to all the guests. Aaliyah, 15 is keeping herself away from her parents to enjoy with the girls of her age in bride's family. Raj is ordering work to the bride's relatives in his "jamai raja" status.

Kripa,14 and enjoying the dances, songs along with her cousins, Harshini, Sheetal who are at her age while all elders are busy in fulfilling the formalities to the groom's family

Kripa brought Kanan to mehendi mandap and started dancing and singing along with her cousins and friends. Gayatri is keeping all the items aside to be taken to the mandap at the time of wedding. Dadi, Aaliyah came to see the bride and enjoying the dances.

Kripa is wearing green silk kurta with red bottom with red chunni tied to her waist. Kanan wore a yellow silk sari with red border all over embroidery. All girls are shining with their nice dress-up.
Aaliyah is excited and took permission from Dadi to join them. She is also equally glowing with her blue silk Punjabi suit.
Doli uthegi dholak sajegi……. ing.html
rishton ke mehndi…….

chalirey sajani chali saajanake sang sang sang
bajane lage hai dhol lagaarey chang chang chang

rishton ke mehndi aaj lagi hain sajani teri haath mein
tu khush rehna bas khush rehnaa
tu khush rehna bas khush rehnaa apni sajanaa ke saath mein

chanda jaisa mukhadaa pyaara ghunghat mein jab muskaaye
chumke sajanaa kaa chehraa phool ke jaise khil jaaye

maathe pe bindiyaa chamke haathon mein kanganaa khanake
tu chali hai sajani ab to saajan ke khusiyaan banke
tu khush rehnaa bas khush rehnaa
tu khush rehnaa bas khush rehnaa apni sajanaa ke saath mein

aankhon mein hai aansu leke nind mein hai ye khushii
aaj sab ki laadli ke nayi duniyaa basii

baabu yeh de duwaaye maa ki mamta samjhaye
tu jis ghar mein bhi jaye woh ghar swaarg ban jaaye
tu khush rehnaa bas khush rehnaa
tu khush rehnaa bas khush rehnaa apni sajanaa ke saath mein

After few songs Angad, 16, came with his cousins Josh, Manek, and friends and some other boys and joined the girl's crowd.

Josh and Kartik are at same age and he is a singer by profession.

Manek is Naina's sister's son and lives with Khannas.

Dadi tried to stop the boys from teasing the girls but Angad is determined to stay in gathering and dancing along with the girls.

"Rehney deejiey Dadi jee! Hum bhi daikhein ladkey kaisey gaatey hain" mischievous Kripa told to Dadi.
Angad shocked for her daring personality and winked at his group to direct continuing. Dadi smiled and went back to her seat. Naina, Anittah and some more groom side people joined other audience to watch the mehendi rasam.

Angad started singing dancing around Kripa. All others are dancing around them. Kripa also took it as challenge and danced along with him. Dadi felt their pair has charm when Anittah muttering something about Angad dancing with Kripa in Naina's ears. Naina stopping her to comment anything as they are still young for her fears. on_2.html
Ladki waalo ho ladkey waalo
ladki waalo ho ladkey waalo

ladki tumhari kanwari rehjati
ladki tumhari kanwari rehjati
key maano humara ahsaahn
key ladkey ney haan kardi
key ladkey ney haan kurdi

ladka tumhara kanwara rehjata
ladka tumhara kanwara reh jata
key maano humara ahsaan
key ladki ney
key ladki ney haan kurdi

Naina gave expensive diamond set and silk sari to Kanan. All Sharma's guests murmured among them and praised Kanan for having such a rich alliance. Naina looked at Gayatri with pride and Gayatri ignored to avoid unnecessary irritation. Naina asked to wear them at that moment only to show off though it is not necessary for her changing her make-up.

After dinner all groom's guests spent sometime with the bride and left for preparing for next morning wedding time.

Before going to the mandap Kripa hid groom's shoes along with other girls as a custom. She ran to Nishant and asked for money to release his shoes. Nishant and his brothers are requesting her not to be mischievous and give back the shoes. Kripa didn't leave her zid "Jijoo saheb! Yeh riwaaj hai aap ko humey kuch bhaari money hi dena padega, nahin tu……."All girls started yelling, screaming and making the groom side to bargain. Meanwhile Naina reached the spot to find out the delay for moving to mandap and got irritated to see Kripa being pampered by her would be jijoo.
"Nishant! Yeh riwaaj hamarey yahan nahin hai. I don't like all this nonsense now. Chalo Ladkiyan! Yeh paisey lelo aur chaley jaao" she tried to give a lumpsum to them. Kripa is hurt for her impolite behavior and tried to give her back. Angad who is standing behind her till then stopped her by grabbing her hand. Kripa looked at his grip and changed looks at him. She saw a polite request in his eyes not to become emotional. Kirpa's eyes filled with tears and turned to hide them from everyone. She brought shoes and cleaning with her chunni "Jijoo! Hum didi sey bahut pyar kartey hain. Aur wahi pyar aap ko bhi baantna chaahtey hai. Kuch log paisey ke bina yeh pyar ko nahin samaj paaiengey" She gave angry looks at Naina and left with other girls.

The wedding took place at right time in grand manner and all guests blessed the new couple. Khannas took the bride after 'bidaayi' inviting Sharmas for 'muhdikhayi' rasam and 'Satyanarayan puja' at their house.

At Khannas mansion every where it's showing their richness and Naina didn't forget to taunt Sharmas with her pride. She didn't allow Kanan to wear the sari and jewelry given by Gayatri and forced to wear her own choice. She showed off all her gifts given to Kanan at marriage to the guests who came for 'muhdikhayi'.
Naina showed the gifts she gave for Anittah at her wedding and the jewelry she saved already for Aaliyah's marriage.
Dadi warned Naina to speak politely with Sharmas. "Naina! Tumharey paas paisa hai aur tum yeh sab tumharey bachon ke liyey kar rahi ho.Kahin duniya ko sudhaarney ke liye nahin kiya. Kyon baar baar unlogon ko neechey dikhaaney ki koshish kar rahi ho?"
"Maa! Hum bhi Suryaban jaisey kabhi they magar aaj itni mehnat kee aur chaar chaar bachon ko iss status pe rakha. Aur wo do ladkiyon ko parwarish bhi theek sey nahin karr sakhey" Naina showed her opinion on Sharmas.
Suryaban who is passing by their room heard the entire conversation and felt bad but couldn't tell anything to Gayatri.
"Kanan ko saath lekar humarey ghar kuch din rehney key liey aana beta!" Gayatri and Suryaban invited his new son-in-law along with her daughter.
""Aap hi kabhi kabhi aatey rehna Gayatri! humarey bachon ko A/C ke bina sonay ki aadat nahin hai" sounded full of pride. "Abb Kanan bhi hamari beti jaisey hai. Ussey milney key liye zaroor aatey rehna"
Gayatri felt bad and got tears.
Gayatri called Kanan week after they went back to their house. Naina didn't allow Kanan to come online and she only answered and informed everything about the new couple.
Nishant and Kanan went to states on business for one year after honeymoon and Sharmas were expected to visit Khannas periodically even in Kanan's absence.
One year passed with similar events. Kanan is never allowed to go to her maayka and Naina never entertained whenever Sharmas visited her.
When Kanan came back Gayatri requested Naina to send Kanan and Nishant for some days as she is missing her daughter but Naina refused to send them.
Kanan tried to convince Gayatri for not taking the matters seriously at heart as she is happy with Nishant and now Khannas are her family. Kanan's adjusting personality hurt Gayatri more as she expected her to convince Naina and visit her maayka.

Gayatri became sick as she missing her daughter very much and no one could console her and suppress her pain.
Kripa grew hatred on Naina and Nishant after seeing Gayatri's pain
Kanan is never allowed to visited her mother even in sick times.
Suryaban also felt bad for these developments but never expressed in front of Gayatri as it might worse Gayatri's health. He decided to move his family to US to avoid all these disturbances.
Gayatri tried to divert all her thoughts and wishes on Kripa all these ten years. She calls Kanan on her mobile only at certain times as per her instructions. Kanan also calls her mother when there are no Khannas around her.
Kripa stopped talking closely with Kanan as she thinks her marriage is the cause for Gayatri's ill health.

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khushi19 Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
great starting it's very different pls write the next part soon
Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
hi amazing part
your fanfic ''s are really great
i really enjoyed reading kyph reverse gear and mere jaisey kahani and kyph -love at first sight looks as if this will be brillant as the others.
loved the way u described how angad and kripa where at the wedding and the part was really detailed which helps to imagine the story it feels as if i can see exactly what is happening.
poor gayathri i feel really bad for her she cant even meet her own daughter.Naina as always is after her status.
cant wait 2 read the next part hope 2 read about angad and kripa quickly
your really doin an amazing job.
miss_neha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Awesome cont soon
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
Thanks Samina, neha, kushi

Next part coming soon
berkeleygirl818 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
WOW!!!! interesting, continue soon!!!! Tongue
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
ThanQ rutu...
vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2007 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
Part 2


Angad started to check-in through security in London Heathrow after checking his luggage and proceeded to his gate.
Angad Khanna, the international rockstar, and most pampered child of Khannas travel foreign countries a lot on his concert schedules.
Angad checked his seat and placed his belongings in the cabinet. He is waiting to plane takeoff so that he could chat with the air hostesses. He is very friendly, talkative, flirt, what not all habits that could a pampered rich guy could have. He made friends with all flight attendants in most of his planes because of his regular travel. His communication skills, beautiful smile, fair and handsome personality attracts all ages of women. He is very friendly with one middle aged woman, Ruby Albuquerque whom he meets regularly in his travel. He recently is growing attraction for a flight attendant, who is around age 21, and started her career recently six months ago. He met her couple of times in the last six months and remembering her all the time till now.
Angad closed his eyes once and remembered the girl and wished he could see her again in this trip. His luck favored him and he heard a sweet voice to bring him into this world. "Could you please fasten your belt, Sir! " Angad wished her with his raised eyebrows and winked at her and fasten his belt. She left smiling but cursing inside "God! This guy is here again!"
"Is everything okay? Miss Kripa!" A middle aged colleague asked as soon as she went back after checking all the passengers. Kripa smiled and directed her eyes at Angad's seat. Tha middle aged woman nodded her head "OH" and smiled too "Don't worry I'm here. Once you make friends with him you find him cool guy" she winked at her. Kripa rolled her big eyes at her and turned back.
After usual routine announcements the plane took off. Angad got up from his window seat and passed two people and walked to the air hostess's cabin. Kripa sighed on seeing him and turned to pretend busy. The middle aged woman noticed the situation and stopped Angad. "Hi! Mr.Angad! How are you? How can I help you?"
"Hi Ms.Ruby How are you? I'm glad to see you again….hmm…...if I could have just a glass of water" his eyes checking Kripa to see her face but couldn't succeed till he got his water. "Anything else Mr. Angad" asked Ms.Ruby noticing his eagerness to flirt with Kripa. Though she likes his friendliness she keeps distance because of her profession.
Angad turned back disappointedly and Ruby smiled at Kripa.
Kripa relieved. "You will get used to this type of people. They get bored in air travels just wanna pass time with us" Ruby shared her experiences in her entire 15years service.
Kripa relaxed with her companion and got into her duty in serving snacks to the passengers.
Most of the passengers went into nap after 2 hours. Angad got bored sitting idle. The total journey is 6 hours to New York. He usually travels along with his troop but this time he is alone coz of the availability of tickets. He doesn't have any good habits like book reading, playing video games, watching movies. He listening to his albums and pounding to see the air hostess who attracted him in first meeting..
He checked the whole plane and walked to the cabin. Ms Ruby is probably on other side and he couldn't see her in the cabin he walked in. Kripa is reading some book in her chair and lifted her head to check the person entered into her cabin. She expanded her big eyes and brought a forced smile "Can I help you? Sir" She is praying Ruby to come and rescue her from the situation.
There is a reason for her to dislike Angad. She doesn't like his flirting personality as he was trying to touch her and talking closely at their first meet in their trip from Washington to London a month ago. She tried to complaint but ignored on Ruby's advice thinking she might not be seeing him again. But unfortunately, as per her opinion, second time they met two weeks ago, while traveling from London to Washington. He started talking in Hindi as he noticed she is from Indian origin. Kripa didn't like his unpleasant friendliness. His eyes check all over the body from head to toe when he talks and it gives some irritating feeling to Kripa.
"Kripa Sharma" Angad reads her name out by stroking her badge. Kripa came out of her thoughts.
Kripa backed off "Would you like to have something Sir? You could buzz from your seat" sounded there is no need for him to walk into the cabin. Angad noticed her irritation and folded his hands leaning to the wall that separating the cabin to the main passenger area. He silently checked her from head to bottom as usual to find out what is attracting him so much towards her.
Her dark navy blue skirt and shirt uniform bringing down her actual age. Black pointed high heeled dress shoes covered her foot and transparent stalking showing lean and fair complexion of legs. French bun doesn't show the length of hair but must be long as it has thick and dark base over head. Some strands hanging on left side of face while a big lump hanging on right hand side. Penciled eyebrows stayed like rainbow right on bright and dark big eyes. Dark eye liner is showing eyes bigger than actual. Light orange lipstick tempting to touch once. He couldn't trace but everything in her is attracting him.
He saw lot of girls in his profession as fans, friends, co-singers but no one attracted him like this girl.

Angad came out of his thoughts and set the curtain between the cabin and the main passenger area and took seat in front of her and crossed his left leg on right. He grabbed the book from Kripa into his hands.
Kripa is surprised for his behaviour and thinking how to reject him politely to avoid any mess in front of other passengers.
"NEVER LET ME GO-Author: Kazuo Ishiguro" Angad read loudly the title of the book that Kripa is reading and brought kripa into this world "You like reading?"
"Why do you care?" Kripa is cursing in her mind.
""Fiction, you like thrillers?" again asked Angad.
"You are not allowed to sit here Mr. Angad!" Kripa took courage and informed softly.
"I could serve at your seat, Sir"
Angad nodded his head and returned her book. He still holding her book in his hands and Kripa tries to pull it.
"Dosthi karogi? Haftey mein chaar din yahin hawa mein main bhi udta rehtha hoon. Kahin na kahni zaroor mulakhat hoti raheygi"he stretched his hand.
"Who cares? " Kripa talked in mind and gave a fake smile to Angad "You are welcome Mr.Angad!" She showed his way out. Angad also smiled and winked his right eye at her.

Ruby interrupted them, "Sorry for disturbing you, Mr.Angad! It's time for serving lunch" politely sounded requesting Angad to leave.
Kripa felt relieved and thanked Ruby with her eyes. Ruby smiled softly. Angad came back to his seat disappointedly.
Kripa tried to be polite whenever he tries to interact with her. Plane landed at New York after 10 hours fly.

After winding up from her duty Kripa came out of the gate with her rolling bag and small hand purse. She noticed Angad is talking to a group of artists who are holding respective instruments. All look like waiting for somebody else to join them. A girl of same age group is leaning closely on Angad and laughing loudly. Angad moved her away from him when he saw Kripa passing them. Kripa pretended ignored him but Angad noticed she is checking the girl with him. Angad couldn't turn his eyes till she left from his site.

"Mamma! Pappa!" as soon as Kripa reached home started yelling for her parents.
"Aagaiee Maahi beta! Kaisey ho? Kyon yeh job kartey ho? Kya zaroorat hai idhar sey udhar udney ki? Ghar sey bahar na acha khana, peena" Gayatri started her chanting of scolds softly. She doesn't like her daughter to stay away from home for days long. She calls with the pet name "Maahi" as her mother suggested her to give the name. But Kripa changed her name in the school without telling her mom. Sometimes Gayatri taunts for this and Suryaban defends his daughter.
Suryaban came and hugged "Kripa! "Kaisey ho beta? Bahut miss kar rahey they. Iss baar bohut din hogaiey theey tumhey dekh key"
"Kahan papa! Ek hafta hi laga hai" Kripa smiled.
"Ek hafta bhi bohut zyaada hai Maahi! Padhai kartey waqt ghar sey baahar, abb job ke bahaney baahar?" Gayatri complained for Kripa staying away from home.
Kripa finished her under graduation in commerce and took air Hostess job with US Airways out of her interest in roaming around world. She studied in Washington University, Virginia and stayed away from home for four years. She taught music both vocal and instrumental in private music academy for two years and took training for flight attendant simultaneously. Gayatri wanted her to take up job in nearby university in New York but Kripa joined airlines as she developed interest in the job. Suryaban always supported Kripa and trusts her decisions. Gayatri most of the time seconds Suryaban's decisions but always fears if Kripa falls into wrong hands.
"Maahi! Harshini ka phone aaya tha. uski shadi fix hogayi hai aur chahti hai key tum uski shaadi zaror attend karo, Chandigarh Jaaogi?" Gayatri asked at dinner.
"Harshu didi ki shadi? Wow. zaroor jaaoongi. Magar kab? Chutti nahin milegi maa sohna padeyga" Kripa excited first and again disappointed as she recently took up this job.
"Maahi! Shaadi June mein hai. Tab tak tumhey kuch days ki chutti miljaayegi" Gayatri gave advice.

Gayatri got call after Suryaban and Kripa left for sleep.
"Hello! Kanan! Kaisi ho beta" Gayatri answered the call.
"Maa! Main theek hoon aap ney baat karli Mahi sey?" Kanan asked curiously.
"Nahin beta! Wo thak gayie hai sorahe hai. Anyways wo jub Harshu ki shadi par Chandigarh aayegi tu tab baat kar leyna" Gayatri replied.
"Tab tak tu bohut late ho jayega maa. Bahut saarey rishthey aa rahey hai. Chey mahiney hai Harshu ki shadi ke liye" kanan trying to convince her mother.
"Bata doongi Kanan! Aur abhi tu time hai na." Gayatri spoke for some more time and hug the phone.
Gayatri turned and saw Kripa standing at the door and watching her.
"Kya hai mahi! Neend nahin aayi?" Gayatri tried to cover her embarasement.
"Maa! mujhey maloom hai aap Kanan didi sey baath kar rahi hain, aur papa bhi jaantey hain phir bhi kyon har baar uncomfort feel kartey ho?" Kripa went to the fridge to take water.
Gayatri doesn't reply.
"Kya keh rahi thie Kanan didi?" Kripa asked putting her hands around gayatri's neck. Gayatri caressed her face "Yaad dila rahi thi key tum badi hogaie ho"
Kripa understood Gayatri's intentions and turned to go her room "Phir wahi baat maa! Mein aap ko aur papa ko chod kar kahin nahin jaaneywali hoon. Main shadi nahi karongi".Gayatri couldn't talk any more as Kripa already left. Gayatri sighed and left to sleep.
"Maahi sey baat kee?" Suryaban asked Gayatri.
"Aap soyey nahin? Sub mujh sey kyon poochtey hain? Kanan, Nishant, aur aap bhi. Kyon aap apni laadli sey khudh nahi pooch saktey hain?" Gayatri annoyed for all the enquiries.
"Mujhey pata hai wo Khanna khandaan key logon sey nafrat karti hai, aur Kanan bhi yeh baat janti hai tu phir wo kaisey soch sakti hai key Kripa uskey deevar key liey haan karey gi?"Suryaban questioned Gayatri to suppress her irritation.
"Mujhey bhi pata hai uski nafrath key baarey mein magar mein chaahthi hoon dono beheney zindagi bhar ek saath rahey" Gayatri trying to defend her intentions.
"Gayatri! Maahi kabhi bhi Kanan key devar ke saath shadi karney ke liey raazi nahin hogi, tu baikaar mein uska mann nahi kharab karo" Suryaban advised and turned otherside to sleep. Gayatri fell into her thoughts how to convince Kripa.

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